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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 28, 2019 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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turkish troops aren't targeted in the so-called deescalation zones to yemen now the un recognized government has launched an attack against u.s. backed southern separatists in aden where they have taken control of the international airport is the latest move to recapture the port city from the separatists who 2 weeks ago after they lost control of it all flights at the airport was suspended because we were evacuated and the u.n. says at least 40 people have been killed in several days of fighting and hundreds more been injured this week now the hockey mound mess mari editor of the yemen place he's joining us now from santa and i can tell us what you know it seems very much as a government forces are making rapid progress in trying to retake aden that's well yes it did not start you did it started 3 days ago in shop what province and then down to the and today. it's unbelievable how quick they lost and
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how quickly they return it but the separatists are feeling the blow by the united government just a week after they felt that they were victorious so this is a very. unpredictable country where you know when you're up what they're down but the government forces led by president of the our entire aid right now rushing to the gates of eden and hopefully or most likely. this is all coming to an end by the end of the day write a post i read 3 months a month so the terrain of this this area like i mean the un's reporting at least 40 people have already died out of this perhaps hundreds have been injured all ordinary civilians in in the way as these 2 sides and are exchanging heavy fire these are have releasable are. civilian populated areas so there are hundreds of thousands of civilians in their areas yes. this one at least $50000.00 believe
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where evacuated from those areas of the clashes but again this is a highly populated civilian area and we do expect the most of the capital to be severely the tell of the random shooting and random but barring that happening by force i hope it comes when within the next days and how far does this clash over the possession of of aden between the southern transitional council backed by the u.a.e. and the government the u.n. recognize government backed by saudi arabia how far does this represent a divergence of interests between these 2 coalition allies it's unbelievable the separatists in aden are doing the same thing that you. did where they were condemned the world light but when the separatist group against the government very rarely do we hear any. condemning from the un or national power so it's.
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it now makes sense that these separatist backed by the u.a.e. are fueling re. creating a coupe of the yemeni government which is expected to end this week all right hakim thank you for that how came how mass mari editor of the yemen pace talking to us live from sanaa we've got a lot more to come here it out is there including a hong kong based airline becomes a target for protests. and the families in indian administered kashmir desperate for information on the people who've been jailed under new restrictions. hello again welcome back to your international weather forecast well here across japan it is still going to be quite rainy over the next few days and that's been
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the big problem here with flooding going on across much of the area all the way down towards the south the flooding has been so bad that we have seen some deaths associate with the flooding in as you can see here on thursday more rain associated with that area with tokyo see a very rainy day at $34.00 degrees their rain continues on friday dropping down to about $31.00 and the rain to the north makes its way towards the the russian maritimes and we're going to sing la vie stuck into the high teens for you for seoul it is going to be nice day with a tempter of 26 degrees well across much of china we're going to be seeing some scattered showers across much of the area but our concern is going to down towards the south this is tropical storm puddle making its way towards the west now it's moving quite quickly and we're going to be seeing that storm making landfall here and parts of vietnam probably the northeastern part of vietnam as we go from thursday into friday storm surge flooding as well as heavy rain is going to be a big problem over the next few days up towards the north though all along the southern coast we are going to be seeing some rain for hong kong as well as for my name and then down here across parts of indonesia nerd dry across much of the
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region for jakarta it is going to be a few showers there but over here towards bali a very nice day few up towards pollute though 30 and coaching attempts are of the victim. it was a big problem because it was different people admired it was the center of nightlife in be rooted in the married miss universe he was a little boy in character on the other ruthless operative fighting for the palestinian cause some israeli intelligence sources claim that the plan for rationing for years there is very trying to find him and kill him al jazeera world examines the life of ali hassan salaam the hunt for the red prince.
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prison take a look at the top stories here it out in syria the u.k. prime minister boris yeltsin has announced he'll suspend parliament until mid october and many are seeing this as a bid to ensure the u.k. leaves the european union by the end of october deadline the opposition has called the move or saying it leaves little time to debate it. hamas has declared a state of alert in gulzar after 3 police officers were killed in 2 separate suicide attacks in so they were carried out by groups linked to eisele. yemen's un recognized government has launched an attack against southern separatists in aden where they have taken control of the international airport all flights have been suspended and workers evacuated because of the fighting. now brazil says it will except international aid to help fight the fires that are ravaging the amazon as
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long as it can control how the money is used president job also mary had earlier rejected an offer of 20 $1000000.00 from the g 7 accusing them of treating brazil like a colony despite the environmental concerns the brazilian president is pushing ahead with plans to develop and farm protected indigenous reserves which is illegal daniel schorr and that has more now from puerto valeo in brazil's amazon region. president job says the situation is under control he said to the army in the rainy season has arrived brazil he says will solve its own problems well look after the amazon. god willing to get there will find a solution to these fires and give such as faction to the rest of the world and people who think like mr mccall sure thing 2 or 3 times before wanting to get out. of a complicated situation like he finds himself with an enormous rejection rate in this country and wanting to damages. after meeting in brazil you're with amazon the
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state governors ball scenario even suggested there should be more developments in the amazon region hours later a congressional committee approved to the membership to allow commercial agriculture on indigenous reservations something that is currently prohibited still will get us out yeah we're winning this war with the support of you all to show what the amazon region is to show its potential and the benefits of can bring to all including our brothers dean d. and. also naro has the support of the u.s. president with whom he has a close relationship and the shared love of tweeting. reaction in brazil to their president's handling of the crisis has been mixed in game. no one can live completely alone no one grows alone any help is always welcome as long as it's well intended. cannot be linked to any kind of submission to foreign countries brazil must have autonomy over the amazon we cannot accept this internationalization of
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the amazon any further development of the amazon will be met with strong opposition from around the world however it's the indigenous communities who live in the forest those with the most to lose who will react the strongest but for the people who live here in the amazon region this is normal natural they burn and they will burn again next year because they believe with the backing of their political leaders that this is the best way to develop this land. also nora believes this is brazil's land to develop and resents foreign interference but the international community feels it can simply watch as the so-called lungs of the earth burn down a shrine or al-jazeera to veil northwest of brazil at least 33 people have been killed in an attack on a bar in mexico it happened on tuesday night in the southeastern city of. course the attackers started a fire which injured 13 other people police say the blaze may have been lit with
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gasoline bombs. afghan officials say the taliban has killed at least 14 members of a pro-government group in the west of the country it happened in the head at province the attack comes as the taliban and the u.s. are working on a deal which would facilitate the withdrawal of american troops from afghanistan. thousands of kashmir. and ordinary people have been detained in indian administered kashmir since india and india revoked the region's autonomy earlier this month but the government is refusing to say exactly how many people are being held 1st tamil reports from the main cities trying to go of indian administered kashmir. outside tree huggers main jail people wait for news of their relatives inside there the families of people detained by security forces since new delhi revoked the region's autonomy. begum and her family travel every 10 days from about 100 kilometers north
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of srinagar where her husband was detained by security forces for being a separatist activist she says officials told her he would be released shortly then he was sent to srinagar. it's really difficult to get inside and meet because we have to get frisked at least 10 times we even have to open his shops and nothing is allowed to be taken inside we have to wait for hours. to 20 minutes police. says his son was taken in the middle of the night from his home near but hasn't had any case filed against him now he's learned his son is no longer in the region. in the. big decision that was sent to jail africa keeping him at a local station for 5 days now i have been told he's been moved to august. that's a city more than a 1000 kilometers away where many political leaders have also been detained others are being kept here at this resort hotel turned prison indian officials declined to
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comment on how many people have been detained human rights groups say because of the restrictions they can't investigate do you mean people are being continued unprecedented to how much figure we have. from different. people who have been detained on intelligence. there have been accusations of torture al-jazeera spoke to this 22 year old man who doesn't want to be identified for fear of reprisal he says he was picked up by security forces when the restrictions 1st began and i was beaten for over an hour. i was a story i told them i don't know if they have a shred of evidence and go ahead and beat me but they didn't listen and then gave me an electric shock then they said give us a memo for a story i told them i don't know anyone but they didn't listen
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al-jazeera can't independently verify those accusations but human rights groups have documented cases of torture in the past meanwhile more people are being detained how long political leaders and an unknown number of local people will be detained indian officials won't say all the relatives can do is queue outside prisons and hope for news. indeed and mr bashir. and protests is in hong kong have turned their anger towards the airline cathay pacific after 12 weeks of rallies that's the scene live in hong kong right now demonstrators have gathered as you can see in the central financial district after more than 20 of the carrier staff were fired for protesting follows a weekend of violent marches where petrol bombs and brits were thrown at riot police beijing has demanded the airlines suspend staff involved in or support rallies wayne hay has the latest from the rally. the people protesting here say
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they want accountability and transparency in the workplace and ultimately for those who have lost their jobs throughout the course of this anti-government protest movement to have those jobs reinstated as not just can't they perceive it but can't they pacific certainly is the most high profile example of what the people here say is increasing interference in the hong kong business world by beijing cathay fired several star members after they made comments on social media circus or 2 of the protest movement or attended rallies themselves the official reason given was that it was for security reasons the aviation authorities in china saying that they didn't want people working on planes flying into the air space who may be emotionally unstable because of certain political views and therefore they could be a threat to their security or the people here say that's simply not true they say it's about beijing and saying to hong kong businesses corporate based in hong kong
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that if you want to continue doing business with or in china then you need to distance yourselves from the protests and ensure your employees do the same if will is interior minister has banned another charity ship from entering italia morse's the german vessels carrying more than $100.00 people rescued from the mediterranean within the past month. has also grounded planes used to search for bin. it's in distress rescuers are still searching for around 40 people after a boat heading for europe capsized off the living coast at least 5 people drowned and $65.00 others were rescued but jose bennett ente is a spokesman for the non-governmental organization volunteer he says his team met its legal obligations before launching its operations while in talked we were quite surprised because from the beginning of the when we learned the project in fact more than one a year ago now we of course can all the legal aspect and then more recently after
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receiving the information from the civil aviation authorities from italy we are even cross-check are going to use 2 lawyers and apparently from them there is no reason for our flight to be to be stopped what i wanted to say as well is that we are we are now operating seems more than a year we have been before forming more than 80 flight during the mission we were able to work support $71.00 board close to $6000.00 people on board and then up to no nobody was talking us to were to do is decide to be so indeed we are definitely not understanding why these book which is coming at a particular time where as you have been mentioning just before the situation remained critical and then we saw more people trying to use a desperate crossing and you know at any cost now dizzier i can reveal doping amongst kenyan athletes who are training alongside some of the world's top runners the country's officials say they're doing their best to stop it but banned
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drugs like the blood here are easily available and as katherine sawyer found out when she traveled to kenya's rift valley they use is an open secret here's exclusive report. it hanny's popularly known as the home of champions not only does the small town boast of producing some of kenya's greatest athletes thousands of others from around the world come here to train because of its high altitude but in recent years kenya's prominent image in the world of athletics has been tainted by doping allegations we talked to accolades who admitted to doping and told us it's common practice this rana asked us not to reveal his identity he said he felt under pressure to succeed here he's filmed receiving an injection while training for a big race. i know doping is bad but as runners we have to support our families through whatever means the 1st time i went for it i lost and that prompted
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me to take the risk because this is my livelihood. athletes we talked to said it's quite easy to get e.p.o. in many families it's a controlled drug mainly used for a many patients back to the right price doctors not as a pharmacist provided for honest this pharmacist who also asked to keep his identity he then sobs runners who give him a card from their awnings we sent him to buy this dose of e.p.o. which he did within hours despite it at leats. given to 6 outlets we also met as boca prop one of dozens of athletes banned by the world anti-doping agency has won 3 world championship titles but tested positive for using e.p.o. to prop maintains his innocence it's had. his hands and you know which i believe there must be if it is not a. conspiracy. kenya's doping
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money to say with thousands of athletes and stretched resources keeping checks on everyone has been a challenge we need to clean up. even. so that if the core values of competition. the spirit of sports. still happy that they completed their. number 100 but i finished the half marathon that is the pretty one to prove. that this is a lucrative sport and some of those we talked to said as long as this corruption and ran as willing to risk everything to make money copping cheating on his be difficult.


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