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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  August 28, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm +03

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and a lot of dona and thought you are a man. of 2. 3 a national missile. defense and a very had. at about that the carrier you know look in the name of submarine masella had always e.s.e. built what the hell if i had a clue what and he looked many ways around that is i met a sighted w.r. out our side lot of them had a llama surgery here fears was ian rush that all the missioner feet on the denial the man eloquent and assess it for about an hour later tennis is a balance of after a minute. so we shot him and left. data
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on this organization develop very specific that we stick very specific my thoughts of fact that when you look at them there's nothing with what happened in jordan and maybe the most famous version of this organization was the. operation in munich during the olympic games incident. by september 1972. with security had a factor and chief of operations of black september. he was not on the ground in munich but as a leader of the organization he's likely to have been involved. in her only mother at the fullest and 9 at harvard. he
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optum flooded the room with a bank and. limits of how most who were left a lot. of us think. well what the colleen the debt and then michael mccann how difficult that can have ever. been as a little are utterly bogus where the perspective those are not political prisoners like terrorists some of them work or drink operations aren't people and by the israeli public opinion and by the israeli leaders there was no reason why 2 to exchange them could damage no one does that is someone. who are in charge or been there and. maybe they're not you know. yes and i can when my met can not help out of crystal city the wonderful city. puppetland when he had over libya and from moscow rushed right around. one of the if you will some of
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them had. one i didn't know he had shot at the. climate stuff commission you have missed and mentions with that you have much of vs you have military home in there as they have a money palestinians brought in clint destin lee weapons and operatives and this group of the tough people today in they attacked the israeli sports threads they were in big village they killed some of them and they kidnapped the rest of them to the 1st book which was a military airport because they thought they would get the plane. to leave germany with the hostages for egypt but the chairman's who were not very experienced at that time they. wanted to stop it by all means black
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september killed 2 israeli athletes in the olympic village and abducted 9 others. they wanted to leave germany with the hostages but the german authorities secretly planned to foil they get away by helicopter that was the 1st time that these valleys had to negotiate for someone else with palestinians and while that made us prime minister clare the chief one and she put all the responsibility over to germans that they had to go cheat. although they came to her and said we need for the names we need the palestinian demands to change prisoners but call them if you just make any negotiation and head for the aim of it look at the mittal almost as you. treasure at the net the check anything . but 2 black september operatives were shot by german snipers at the airport but not before they'd also killed the ninety's really hostage is waiting in
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the helicopters with grenades and machine guns. when i think most of us. never thought or. there. were 5 nominees this issue from. the 1st accusation against his involvement in $72.00 operation well presented by a german magazine few months after the operation the magazine had presented the early for a sense element as the leader of the organization and a little over the planet of the old ringback ringback operation though later on the israeli media and some israeli intelligence sources continued disparity event
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claimed that a lead by himself actually planned. their operation in munich something that i have some doubts about it because as far as i know he was involved but he was not the planner and it was not the leadership. for them to really cut them this is a ticket back and. forth to. munich which would halt. munich enraged israel and gold them a year and they launched operation wrath of god in retaliation. one of its 1st missions was what they called operation spring of youth when my side intelligence agents landed in lebanon by boat to attack p.l.o.
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leaders in beirut and sidon. i wasn't. around him was when. i knew when the special alarm on has you look at the list and it hasn't and there's the 2nd jimmy. just one upsets can kill him when i say i don't. want to play sailor or i said i'm going to have a set let's have a set. mission one can live with the other of loving people so there. are tents on the moon and back then i'm going to finish up. the sun was able to take out 13 palestinians in in europe in of course at the tip of that effort was operation felt on a person string refused to to be able to come to be root in the middle of the night
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and strike t 3 palestinian prominent figures in their houses. that in the heart of the. 67 words that spelled promise for one people. but disaster for another. the pledge to be establishment of a jewish homeland at the expense of the palestinians. the story of the british declaration that changed the middle east now for seeds of discord on al-jazeera. there is grown in a very short time to be a trusted news source wherever you are in the world he really want to know what's going on there and you can find out very quickly with no look you can use some
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nations prism. we are probably international everybody will learn something watching our coverage. be shown that we can be the best international news and most trusted source of stories that people actually can't find elsewhere and that's going to continue. to make stories generate fountains of headlines it seems that much the media is still struggling with how to deal with it with different angles from different perspectives how do you hold to account separate the spin from the facts. the misinformation from the journalism how careful must you choose your words but some tough stuff has to be said for some critics have to be made the listening post on al-jazeera. al-jazeera where ever you.
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and i have a problem in doha with the top stories on al-jazeera u.k. prime minister abbas johnson has announced he'll suspend pollin meant until mid october when many see it as a bid to ensure the u.k. leaves the european union by the end of october deadline the opposition has called the move a code saying it leaves little time to debate breck's it. this is a new government with a very exciting agenda to make our streets safer we very important we bring violent crime down we need to invest in our fantastic n.h.s. we need to level up education funding across the country we need to invest in the infrastructure that's going to take this country forward for the decades and we
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need to deal with the cost of living moving to a high wage highly productivity economy which is i think what this country needs to be and to do that we need new legislation we've got to be bringing forward new and important bills and that's why we are going to have a queen's speech and we're going to do it on october the 14th well opposition leader jeremy korb and says johnson's moves up an acceptable. it is a constitution that rage this is an attempt by the prime minister who was elected by a very small number of people in the country is served to party membership to ride roughshod over parliament and prevent any legislation or debate that would stop this country leaving me you without a deal and all the problems that it will cause he seems to want to run headlong into the arms of donald trump with more determination to sing the notes before this is extraordinary he needs to be held to account by parliament not by shutting down
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parliament but by attending parliament and answering the questions and other news hamas has declared a state of alert in gaza after 3 police officers were killed in 2 separate so aside attacks it's thought the attacks were carried out by go along to i so. yemen's un recognized government has launched an attack against u.s. backed southern separatists in aden where they've taken control of the international airport all flights at the airport were suspended and syrian government forces have attacked a turkish military observation post it comes after turkish president the one held talks with person to make sure that turkish troops weren't targeted in so-called deescalation zones well those are the headlines on al-jazeera al-jazeera world the hunt for the red prince continues next. ali her son salama rose to the top of the p.l.o. as fatah party in the 1960 s.
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and seventy's to become one of yasser arafat's most trusted men. he also founded the black september armed group which killed 11 israeli athletes at the munich olympic games in 1972. this put him on an israeli hit list and mossad attacked the p.l.o. in beirut in april 973 killing 3 senior figures but they failed to get to either arafat or salama. however mossad continued to target salaam and in the process committed a major blunder in july in 1973 in what became known as the lillehammer affair. of the mossad another in a hot moss off of its. house and so there me. muslim i thought of them up on the medina. little hole of the little.
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small. creek that on their bill. as you look at the bottom of it was she killed how you will. learn up at the level where there's a lot and again i'm did launch the diplomacy. he. was you had a sense that. there tomorrow who are afraid i'm going to feel for william. and. phil and if you have. item let him send you thought you can give us your currency. is funny thing yes. bob i'm going to town. i'd lizard say in who the hell i wish to mind who.
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now there is question why after a little i'm married but i've been in the mid seventies days where he waited till 79 to kill him and there are some political reasons and explanations for that you must understand that during $79.00 that was also the earl of bacon is a prime minister in israel and that was after the end big embarrassment of. that after that embarrassment israel could not operate freely in the same. way that he did for europe. for years the israeli were not really afraid of the palestinian but the black september make a change it made them you change because because of the. folk that was. covering the old a parisian because of the big question mark that stands behind most stands behind
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the operation and put the things who sponsored them who work for them. that was one of the reasons that made looks at them before the israeli public opinion more dangerous and unique and that it was and saddam is one of the leaders of this organization was also very very very unclear and unpredictable stargate will become a year. 188. abi who booed how eat. we need when you see with. well little but. he was a big although it was a big problem because he was different he was fluent in the european languages he was handsome it was about a guy he was used to travel used to travel a lot in europe and people admired him also in europe not just an indelible bahasa
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so much full of that as you have got a feel for you read the heart of the muslim heart a lot of big names have been in full steam because feel belittled to keep because. he was an item he was the center of nightlife in beirut and he married miss universe is a lesion. disc in his eye was medically jamila. he knew how to make people follow him and he was a buoyant bohemian. character that had all these symbols of being a leader he was quite a mysterious person on one hand a very elegant guy like a dandy like a playboy on the other hand a ruthless operative who is fighting for the palestinian cause that sense he was a big friend for the israelis he could speak for the europeans who could speak for
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the western world and present the palestinian cause and effect clear and very different way than the previous leaders and i believe. this i'm going to say yes when i would ask it of others you have to agree and this and one can have to put into practice the how to act to mad dash to the demand of fia can you not get at. him the richest man half. that yemen and those in the other doesn't foresee as of this but the death that it will. i think god and. frank sinatra by then elvis presley. respects become one who have worked year. i can hold you can all my bad softly but. i can should i am i need to be in.
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it beyond ability yeah. oh yeah now come salvaged a rose a brouhaha a cinema or binge a half a minute and. annually in north. fork and check around the esteem. this trouble. is it's the other. well that's where it. was. from jordan the p.l.o. had moved to lebanon where yasser arafat was now based but when they gradually took control of the south of the country and of west beirut this upset lebanon's fragile political balance. arafat had the support of the lebanese national movement led by kemal jumblatt. but arafat wanted relationships across the political spectrum and
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made a show of reaching out to figures like pierre gemayel of the christian party whose power base was in east beirut almost shura had a little sin to let us have a bad genesee john as a shot of me or i will had a thought it all fell out sale at get in but. only when i want. to look at one mug. shot. and again to see you are the only news. fit one says so he hides. so we need. we hate and it out over never do stuff with females and. me and less. well i had
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a new house and. the whole mess on a commercial block around the truck had had a clue what the only the urine is up. there you. and. me would not have known you should be a scary well. you know how. but whatever arafat envisaged civil war broke out the p.l.o. fought the good tired christian militia in the streets of beirut dividing the city into east and west. militias and splinter groups proliferated hundreds of civilians were killed the lebanese army was split and the leading factions user to many of the functions of government. however the war gave ali hassan salama a key role one that would take him into the heart of the pillows opponents inside
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and outside lebanon and ultimately into a dialogue with the americans. he started by approaching pierre gemayel son bashir it will be bashir who has us who we in new and i'm with him to come on a war mark and why men neck in. america matter. where now. some time you were committed to love god of what to me or anti coming message get the message he meant that. if their land and. after learning that the when you ask it in school if. he left family cannot. gain new machinery and military food under. way for my diet if you have an issue to me why zabol and bit mass in the lewd it's not to be bait you were
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caught by and blood to which it is male will you know we are of what i sense a let me start that 100 but she does you may have got arab give but she was made to do for the law to be a very little rough and i will not have been a yard full. of what was once a limb you are the coolest the mayor we have a man a home but has been much time are mean is a bit the a spanish an me on the. planet have him and then his own brasil own land but she is married a lot of the military there's been a lot of it but said that some of our feet. rather. than the hymn book. he had had the money early in our commission on annual and a monument to an ambiguity and i can have bill fee as it had really built. but i'm good now should be more a millionaire can be mcadam up with killin us give up the facade how about of short
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allowable hasn't but let's call her look to use. a hack of a house there's around about a lot as she has nailed a slave. melodist very easily with him did the kind of month. has been to. them did the minimal about them had. so far has a new store that is now out of a bottle or slowly in a licorice to live in the bush. daughter lily of a hasn't had any. caught the law my bubble. has become the leader for the whole world court. america in. the lab where david souter were delighted to connect. a new g. now i'm in my nexus a newer minority agassi is the old minority. that. we're not the fact
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the new model so far let me to sit here let me know we who came a lot of on the month got called got a b. and a month back on the site i lay amicable for us to meet the new newsy ballard sofar and immediately called. one mark was what a house koloff was unsettling me and no yammer there and need not to seem to suffer at all where you can be a mean i'm a sufferer had made him a at the dear a lawyer i meet again for help but harley was the only and there was a caucus a few of the traumas and almost a little yahoo at the sol michael willow mission to sol c.c. but don't decide where to look for it cannot lead a local fia to learn about a form of lost mean and look out for new if you help if you don't you feel strongly
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you don't what could really. care what a liberty. by bush too bad for the use of you and the market will be plainly heck no credit only sure by the country feels too near to look upon and. you will be really shocked at what the frick of it for create a new yam to his them and you know what i mean with your machine. lou is unfortunately there you know. him she feels. this was the start of a dialogue between salama and to cia intelligence officer based in beirut robert ames. aims spoke arabic and understood the region it's possible his back channel would salaam or might have influenced long term relationships between the arab world israel and the u.s. if both had lived from the point of view of israel to have the cia.
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conduct an intensive dialogue with their number one adversary is like oh the united states learning that israel has secret channel with osama bin laden from the point of view of israel this is not alison sameer dept i was not less evil then any of the one of the most wanted terrorist that the united states are seeking to kill now that it's in i think that if the americans would hear that israel would do something like this they would turn this as nothing less than a severe betrayal of trust but nevertheless the united states continue with their i am convinced that. we are on the road on the way to the right road that we really can draw closer to their golden age of peace prosperity and brotherhood i
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would say that the president ronald reagan plan from 1982 was the 1st time when the us. truly acknowledged the rest of the peace people. this plan would have been written and published without the influence of robert ames that was influenced by and it doesn't stop. when the israelis discovered this dialogue was going on they acted decisively to shut it down and the dr yeoman. if d.f.a. you can make known i surely enjoy it can one thing any genuine millard bindi if only she follows how the candidate of the 3 years a cinema. i know who yeah i didn't know how didn't get it she interrupted she but managed to fit theme of yes different but no. and no one on solid all here why do you not to be in. america.
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champ know as a result brittany kind of. kabul bay to what had died and that he way the lesson from of how much some are vile and the dark though some. more are. one has. she was able to study him very closely and you found out his habits she could oversee part of the street set i guess will set a shadow of that. is or have to his chef it was a different ship it. was in a bit issue for the. family if you have talked with him when you been here with these various tribes for a long time locate to locate and to kill the director princeton in lebanon and in
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some other countries the tea leaves before finally they got information from a palestinian that lived in beirut and was a member of one of the palestinians but he's a chance he delivered some information about the life of riley in the will there israelis for a few months made a plan how to reach him and to kill him basically the right to know a little bit and say it's a disease let them set off to. i was rooting for the party though the little birds who fit. in there and how with the election will affect them the elephant that i'm in to unite them feel is what is mish mash my jelly on the end of it going to look at the u.n. about how many was that there in the middle of it the lemon the fellas if you don't feel that they are perfectly out on.
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a list to run into i'm an italian a lawyer what are your duty in a. shoe fits. the definition been me a listener see a. man i've been afan minicon have seen a thought routinely in a game and i sure. don't want la you want it to he. will know what down killing me hey key in all. our best d. aerobic software and don't win nothing if a mess amistad jani is a. man and a mistake learn not only money at a time when it was clear that he's walking with a lot of bodyguards so approaching him inside this is just the middle of the street and shooting him even if this is successful would be likely to end up in the capturing of the assassins which is a disaster so they decided to use
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a huge amount of explosive that would hit him while being in his convoy and would likely kill him and his bodyguards meaning does not allow his bodyguards to react and do something she was male only can have finally come in learned that he had to know has that done a 50 elephant debate heaney. it's a loser i'm sure the process has to look and. i'm not truthful. and really behind hard with. who. i smatter and if i'm a man bashir isn't and can hasten the mission when i'm at it's a moment. that actually all that will you said in bashir is where you were you had
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our sense of them and their fear how are luckier in your oh yeah but whatever but they are not i wish they were no senator warner said liberalism and a bit of a set over seo that i have said before i'll sort of she's call him out on the torso or that it will hit and itself look up since i didn't ever show that it's over the cliff and cut it. smack and fish are good i'm a business. i'm a hotly how am i done sub exactly 111 say in normal. in
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has on my playin hard to look out you go on a bit of a laughing on mass market had like it and might want to kill me when i had that i.b.m. i feel enormous sudden or decide me yani i'm not good damn i tell you how you can blame can you not limping in with the stock in. can feel jet. how. dull and license when you have to go through a no eve is not up to you muslims to happy when you have to battle a new muslim at the lower level has me feel horrible be sure to hassle free your little talent i think mossad had a greater motivation to kill a lethal army after they failed in the home and this was an in none close circle
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and unclose the count they wanted to close their 2nd they really thought that he was involved in munich where this is true or not but they really believed and they believed to this day 3rd the fact that he was to contact person to the cia and the american administration was and i quote one of the mossad operatives participating in that oppression was like our sticking a finger in our i honestly wonder but the shorter the willy nilly a catalyst for learned in law duck on will condemn a boxer in the poll we know this but a lot of it not only the. wrong but our cars are there let me and it directly to the it. when we sense that there's no couldn't you know he's right i'm consistent. in their community had him can swear they had him since then.
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ali has done salama was killed on the 22nd of january 979. robert angus died in the suicide bombing of the us embassy in beirut 4 years later that killed 63 people including 17 americans. some believe that if saddam had lived he would have been able to pass intelligence to the americans and fought the attack. longer term if both aims and salaam had lived the u.s. relationship with the middle east over the past 40 years might also have followed a different course.
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welcome back to international weather forecast where here across south america it is the temperatures over the next few days that we are going to be talking about they are on the way up particularly in the inland areas we're talking a sense eon 33 degrees here on wednesday is the forecast high but by the time we get towards thursday 35 degrees so we're talking well above average temperatures for this area dry conditions across much of the amazon over here towards rio it is going to be a fairly nice day with a temperature of $24.00 of course we are watching what is happening with tropical storm dorian making its way across the caribbean and it is going to be making landfall in puerto rico as a tropical storm we do have the watches in the warnings up across much of that area a lot of rain is going to be falling so localized flooding is going to be a big concern as well as on that southern part of the island we're talking rip
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currents as well as storm surge there after that as we go towards thursday we're talking the turks and caicos as a tropical storm as we go towards friday it is going to be a hurricane that would be watching making its way towards florida well here across parts of the states of course we're going to watch that storm as well but we're going to see some clouds down here towards the south a lot of active severe weather has been a big problem there that is now moving out dallas will still stay a little bit wet attempted there of 30 degrees but a nice day in chicago with a temperature of 24. the weather sponsored by qatar airways. and new perspectives can change your world. for one chin is ian what began as a hobby has grown into a passion a way of life. peaching the next generation to strive for a higher level. and in so installing in his country and sense of freedom and strength. new heights my chin is yeah on al-jazeera.
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the nature news as it breaks each week that the angry creases and the divided government grows deeper. with detailed cover each month i was once known as the cold the 15 venezuela and that's why people are not used to the situation. from around the world. it's been over a decade since morphy yet had seen have branded with a machine that played. explores prominent figures of the 20th century and how liable reigns influenced the course of history was the cuban revolution communist away feel castro was a feudal eastern not a commie stuff just wanted his country che wanted international revolution became a point when the relationship came to an end the icons of revolution who changed the course of latin american politics. and fidel castro face to face on al-jazeera
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. this is al-jazeera. and i welcome to the al-jazeera news hour live from our headquarters in doha with me elizabeth purana coming up in the next 60 minutes. to be bringing you an important. speech. the 40. the u.k. prime minister confirms parliament will be suspended just weeks ahead of the brics a deadline the opposition calls it a code. get in the government forces launch an attack on u.s.
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backed separatists and control of agents international airport. a state of alert in gaza after 3 police officers were killed and so was heart attacks linked to eisel. and brazil agrees to accept international aid to fight the amazon forest fires but insists it will decide how to use the money. with the sports including an open secret al-jazeera uncovers doping amongst kenyan athletes training alongside some of the world's top runners. we begin with breaking news on bricks that have the u.k. prime minister bars johnson will suspend parliament until mid october when many of seeing this is a bid to ensure the u.k. leaves the european union by the top of the 31st deadline the opposition is calling
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the move a coup saying it would leave members of parliament little time to debate for exit pharmacy johnson insists that this is the right thing to do. this is a new government with a very exciting agenda to make our streets safe for weeks very important we bring violent crime down we need to invest in our fantastic n.h.s. we need to level up education funding across the country we need to invest in the infrastructure that's going to take this country forward for the decades and we need to deal with the cost of living moving to a high wage highly productivity economy which is i think what this country needs to be and to do that we need new legislation we've got to be bringing forward new and important bills and that's why we are going to have a queen's speech and we're going to do it on october the 14th and let's get more on this our correspondent joining us live from london opposition criticism coming facon far florance including from within his own party so how is promising johnson
9:43 pm
going to navigate this what's his plan. well look it all comes down to that the central conundrum of breck's it which is if you're a brick and you support it then you say well the people voted by a majority of the european union and the only job there then for the government is is to execute that plan parliament doesn't need spin volves we voted to support for and i'm not it's not a parliamentary decision all we want is for the government to see through and seen over the course of months or months or months is parliament not being able to make its mind up about what he wants to do and so if you take out all the stuff that boris johnson saying about new sets of policies and things like that plainly what he's trying to do is to move m.p.'s house of the way in order that he can do some form of brecht's it by the end of october which he has vowed to do. and just shovel
9:44 pm
him out of the way and so but if you if you're a parliamentarian you'll say well that's outrageous we want to say in what sorts of bricks that we think people voted for but in doing this job is effectively calling their bluff and saying do you dare now to try to unseat me in whatever form get rid of me get rid of my government some potentially overthrow the referendum results and so you know how these absolute standoff between him and states a plan of leaving and those and those m.p.'s who are now screaming constitutional outrage at all this and lawrence can bar. the m.p.'s out of the way what is a democracy for those who again. been washed away options here. well increasingly limited not simply because he's reduced the amount of pots on the parliament sitting and therefore reduce the amount of time that m.p.'s can do anything to try to overthrow his plan now that they're that the 2 things they've
9:45 pm
been thinking about are either passing a new law to delay brecht states potentially to call a general election as well but at least to go back to the your opinion this a place we have yet another delay to come up with some some some best and most suitable plan or if they can't do that which is looking increasingly unlikely because he's reduced the amount of time they've got to call a vote of no confidence in these governments which in turn would trigger a national election the problem even with that though is that downing street. office is saying well look if even if even if you voters down in a confidence motion then we're still going to bret's it and we'll have a general election in november of 2 bricks it happens you don't say con stop us so that just trying to shut off every single laugh in you that those program main m.p.'s have but what you heard over and over again m.p.'s on air is still there some of the sets so that's in that constituencies but it's going to twitter and loads and loads of them it's a constitutional outrage this is what the opposition leader jeremy coleman had to
9:46 pm
say about it it is a constitution that rage this is an attempt by a prime minister who is elected by a very small number of people in the country who's served to party membership to ride roughshod over power mint and prevent any legislation and debate that would stop this country leaving the e.u. without a deal and all the problems that it would cause he seems to want to run headlong into the arms of donald trump. more determination to see this before this is extraordinary he needs to be held to account by parliament not by shutting down parliament but by attending parliament announcing the questions. the other person has been dragged into this to much anxiety here is the queen who is supposed to be politically neutral and yet by being suspend parliament is having to make a choice between the supremacies of the executive government or parliament in in the way i was outlining earlier on and so people are saying this puts her in the
9:47 pm
most invidious of positions and to make things even worse not only is boris johnson written to say please can you suspend all of us jeremy colby in the labor leader has also written saying he was have a meeting with her as well to try and change your mind and this is what people mean when they say that the u.k. is now in this democratic process lawrence thank you very much for that finale with the latest live in london. let's take a closer look at how we got here boris johnson and to downing street on july the 24th and his 1st speech he told the u.k. that the country would leave the e.u. by the end of october with or without a deal just days after that he set out on a tour of the u.k. where he received a mixed reception in scotland wales and northern ireland some calling his breakfast approach dangerous and having a deeply disturbing lack of detail last week johnson held talks with german and french leaders he were new to schools to scrap the irish board a backstop plan but the answer was no and this week bars johnson joined other g 7
9:48 pm
leaders and from where he said bush and could easily coach with a no deal for exit let's stay with the story were joined by phil katz me he's a senior lecturer and politics at kiel university mr caton very good to have you with us on alan is there a story we've heard from the chief breck's that representative for the european parliament is he tweeted taking back control has never looked so as sinister taking back control of course the city has montreaux during the referendum i mean what do you make of this move by prime minister johnson. well it was telegraphed throughout the summer that a move like this was on the on the cards. dominic. new foreign secretary outlined him self as a whole. and when we heard this morning that the chance to extract it was bringing forward the date of the autumn budget then we had to know something was in the
9:49 pm
offing but the timing of this is what is disconcerting many people the length of this. proposed pit post period probation is extremely long. as modern history shows so it's it's it's not surprising. but it is certainly devastating in terms of the impacts having on the constitutional position the u.k. and the crisis we're in at the moment so what can those who are against it and there are many do now i mean can the opposition get the numbers it needs to pass legislation to stop annoying deal break that in the very small window that they have now. well the labor party for a while had been. setting out its position but yesterday the opposition parties the main opposition parties agreed on a legislative route to try and block no deal they said they had planned to do this which is probably what triggered the announcement of the probation today. so the
9:50 pm
opposition party is now deciding what they're going to do with this level very short window and they need to persuade many conservative m.p.'s to vote with them interestingly when you look at some of the twitter accounts of leading conservatives who have been opposed to the most vocal against probation it's rather sudden for the moment dominic grieve the former attorney general of the u.k. has come out to said this is acceptable. whether he's going to vote to bring down the government or not is another question so the opposition does not currently have probably have the numbers to do this they need quite a significant number of top conservative m.p.'s to vote with them to get to get any kind of pledge to tive things through and they need to very quickly when you look at the window that's open any legislation that starts it before probation falls with probation and when they come back on the 14th to have again a very short window then to get the legislation completely through the chamber both chambers so the window is very very small and the opposition parties have to be
9:51 pm
very clear on what they are going to try and achieve in this period and what about other avenues of had a group of parliamentarians ask ottens top civil court to block johnson's bed to suspend parliament and what are their chances. will the all progressives is is not challengeable by the courts what can be challenged by the courts is the advice the prime minister has given the queen now one piece of advice that the they might go after is the length of time that mr johnson has asked the queen to get parliament the recent years we've seen the average period of probation last 40 years really has been under 3 weeks unless they can figure difference be 92206 days 2065 days 20153 days so mr johnson might well argue other think he's probably right to argue that if he's going to try and get new legislation yes the perogue parliament could
9:52 pm
that's a given in our constitution but the length of time is another matter he could approach one day. and then brought forward his queen's speech he didn't need to have 5 weeks now he'll argue that the the queen of the party conference ceases complicates this but as we've seen from the reaction of an pays the city are unhappy so in terms of the legal aspects of this the part of the program itself to be challenged the legislation can change the product of powers the timing of elections after all is now given by fixed term parliaments have that used.


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