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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  August 29, 2019 5:00am-6:01am +03

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percent of india actually goes to appear to watch it for the large majority of indians to watch his films on television. if too many shows in india especially in news channels that engage in a good a sieve journalism which is essentially intended to embarrass on needy or or know somebody and it should be assured that draws in the largest possible audience to discuss the issues that deal with all of us as indians in common. except the means at the pleasant counter breaking in that sense that it brought very i'm comfortable questions into the drawing room. massage any sexual
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assault lack of access to education. and mischa's things like dolly being huge amounts for the groom for manage women being burnt to death at the v.a. gangaji. justices very fight and we. have been talking about them in changing swimming getting educated women getting jobs been men realizing that they will be men fighting for this women fighting for that and a look at a dating so lord ancient are doing to have him in their heads what their aspirations are warned there will be one day fugitives and what may not willing to allow them to make them and hold back the engine is leading to a lot of these atrocities. we had several drums of meetings 1st and don't you been
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with the army and essentially what i mean and got is just to do is he said why don't you guys woad and put your towards your research on camera and let's see what life is throwing at us. name or not even limited. by india to tell us that's when you. made the study
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clearly are there on. their going to enjoy. belly pregnancy if he. wanted the tea was clearly teeth. relatively but even that didn't. feel but the men. but all people are just barely. been a hero. insulin official pregnant. in march. and 11 i think one of the men whose. name on them was in my. league. even though.
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getting by to feed on the shore was very very important she had no idea that anything to do with this act or with the decision happened aboard i think i've been on the shore i called her and i had a long chat with her and she said but can you pulling a fast one. of these over the this. is. when the 1st episode went on air there was such an immense sense of expectation the streets were empty and people waiting and watching what is on the coming with.
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the most crowd are the obvious wrong with the so there may have joked it. up so we go. for it if you thought it a real start us have you yeah but. i don't want their. houses near the park area. jericho so bob would be better served a psychiatrist if we had medical mask he would. if i thought that i did that he would love that as yet i was never a part of me so low and knows that there could be useful people as
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a work. in sign if you know how you took the loss of your sign. you know but we know i remember when i met her she came across as a person who was very strong and very self-assured someone who had been through a very traumatic period but had come to really strong so she was some someone who actually really inspired a lot of people in the shore came out in the group and they heard a historian and they heard her she used to be and how she educated itself and how she's looking after herself and her you know and her children. you. know met out there and you have learned he needed that i phone by name. for making the mother of. the 11. bag of video come join
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with the. navy think bit the american. on the 1st episode 1500000 people responded to us and initially everyone will see our movie love you on the radio the greatest you're the best you're my hero but within. the quality of the messages have changed and they were about the issue people were starting to talk about why is there so much massaging the wire goes not wanted. we very early on realized that this shaw was actually more than television and since these were issues that were live in rio and there was a possibility of actionable stuff so we did pick up one actionable agenda point with
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every episode and we pushed for people who vote on that subject so that we could pick but asians for government are the right authorities and he look can you please do this now. when you want to sell ability when you have such a huge fan base and people just follow you without questioning you need to be more careful with the facts that you present you need to do more careful of the act was something to apply to create this show actually contributed implementing it at the last year which vilifies men which puts men negative being a woman complaints were supposed to have is the man that's a kind of sin that you are that is trying to put some men what did that just about or you're a k. be trying to be pretty sure that you need 95 percent in so good a market be to. see more of the guy hot with. issues
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like you should not be coming up on national television there are children watching would you like your daughter or your son to our school that he what is the rape how is it done even if such things are there people who have undergone this agony and this pledge really is implied for you to bring them on to the television to disconcert things if you claim that it has and is in the. just but it. on the market looks almost the. entire show is sold on the concept that aamir khan is the anchor and he is doing a very good job of it and he uses his cure glance to great effect by crying all the time and by impress izing that may not surprise you but he is using it as a commercial gimmick to make the show or commercial success celebrities are about this on the one hand they try to show different things in their films and on the
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other when they are coming on a reality show there is this big schism and their identities and it's very difficult to find out that where the actor ends and the person begins. so we just give it a mini. me. of. maybe i'm mean or. have been here was a manic appeal get broadbent. you know the last. product at the last took up on putting up monica mcneal in the back up and got there about one government got tom look at the. machinery that was working in the digital to be famous. there were photographs of
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me. somebody religious looking people muslim would be labeled as under the condit muslim terrorist it's dogs minorities new born want things to change who don't like what assures revealing. i'm a bit of the fact that i'm annoying a lot of very powerful lobbies and a lot of people from. these are small in number but that extremely powerful and i'm aware that i'm doing more than buying that i am affecting them economically sometimes i'm setting them in many ways. but that just tells me that i think it on the right track because there are people who benefit a lot from things that are meaning that we do. but i do get the necessity precautions in case of looking after myself and my family i do want to be stupid i don't want to be seen in books.
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it's hard to get washed. down. like they did. with. that. but you. just said to me we did. see the end run outta here. i saw a 2nd or doing this it was very hurting me really but. my the now yes edna. melech there said damage yet is a lot longer fadlallah barcelona get allowed blood but me. started here you
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can only. guess i. am in again naming cushnie has said going to don't. begin it that cannot really here in the game eric is at those dishman said what. that should be enormously because again oh well there's always a cost i mean i know that there were times when it was quite frightening especially when he was doing things about camilla zation of politics and things like that it was very tricky for us as a family and fairly well known criminals have been spoken about and you know one is always wanted that there could be a backlash anything that you do especially in a country like india is bound to find some criticism especially a sure like this which was taking on so many you know institutions it was taking on you know powerful people and powerful existing establishment was going to come up
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against some criticism was. that a project outside mumbai resident koppen have a better sense of insecurity in the country and that his wife has even suggested leaving india during the week of their child we don't really to the people is what's happening we see the news what's happening and certainly i want to be alone i can't deny that i've been alarmed by. by a number of incidents. you know it's what any society. it's very important to have a sense of security it will be collector's item at the head site the card with the hat on and by that i should give a piece of it but he is so magical jordan. but it could be i just some odd maybe i didn't use a bob not with a final eagle was but it could be a call up now will say look ok. while you were there she talked at the paper about ya in case you know my gave it to. you on the other hand was.
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all put their children down a 2 year. indemnity ticket did not take him. to . dimes when he feels very dejected and depressed and you feel you know what why are we doing this nothing's going to change like this you know it entirely and we've only said to maybe get done 2 films in this period but i'm going to television sure economically it's a loss for me to be really honest. and swat the other day just to be as a good sort of a diode and to stop doing the show. it's a bit lazy and it's very emotionally traumatic for me as we go to material which is
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very difficult to absorb and understand and come to terms with but for me to understand what a person goes through i have to seed it's very ready. oh . so. right now in the middle of total finishing one season. so i don't as i mean. i should. i said we should take a break so i. i think if you take a break you know some day. i'll
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just earaches pros prominent figures of the 20th century and how liable reigns influenced the course of history was the cuban revolution communist no way feel castro is a feudal eastern not a communist or just for want of his country che wanted international revolution there came a point when the relationship came to an end the icons of revolution who changed the course of latin american politics. and fidel castro face to face on al-jazeera . i remember the 1st time i walked into the newsroom and it felt like being in the general assembly of the united nations because it will so many nationalities. just that we all come from different places but it's one that gives us bank gives us the ability to identify the people who may live the other side of the world but we can understand what it's like to have a different perspective and i think that is a strength for al jazeera. it was
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a big problem because it was different people admired him he was the center of nightlife in be ruled and he married miss universe hugh was a long buoyant character on the other hand a ruthless operative fighting for the palestinian cause some israeli intelligence sources claim that the plant operation and for years the israeli try to find him and kill him al jazeera world examines the life of ali has a son salaam on the hunt for the red prince. hello i'm barbara sara lunde then with the top stories on al-jazeera u.k. opposition politicians say a constitutional kuku is underway after the prime minister barnes johnson moved to suspend parliament for 5 weeks ahead of the bracks
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a deadline protests against the situation have been held outside parliament in london it means johnson's political opponents will have very little time to push through any legislation stopping the u.k. from crashing out of the european union without a deal but the prime minister says the move is necessary this is a new government with a very exciting agenda to make our streets safer with very importantly bringing violent crime down we need to invest in our fantastic n.h.s. we need to level up education funding across the country we need to invest in the infrastructure that's going to take this country forward for the decades and we need to deal with the cost of living moving to a high wage highly productivity economy which is i think what this country needs to be and to do that we need new legislation we've got to be bringing forward new and important bills and that's why we are going to have a queen's speech and we're going to do it on october the 14th. yemen's un
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recognized government says it's now in control of aden after a brief offensive against u.s. backed southern separatists recaptured the port city from the separatist forces 2 weeks after it lost control of it earlier all flights at the airport were suspended and workers were evacuated due to the fighting the u.n. says that at least 40 people have been have been killed in several days of the dispute and hundreds more have been injured. how mass says they cleared a state of alert in gaza after 3 police officers were killed in 2 separate suicide attacks i saw fighters and sympathizers are being blamed mass arrests have taken place as a mass says it will not tolerate attempts to destabilize the territory from within . italy looks set to have a new government after a breakthrough in coalition talks the head of the opposition democratic party says he is ready to govern with the 5 star movement he called a doesn't get it the says his party will accept a 5 star can that ensures that the quantified prime minister once again the
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president mark that i love has given the parties until wednesday night to strike a deal on all those stories on the news hour that's coming up in less than half an hour coming up next witness continues. but there could. be discussing. a dollar bill this month please. show me. why you would is the largest food in production industry in the world inducing about 1000 feet and i. took that as a macho image is concerned i made cotton is not the only want to have want to go to the march we meet in fact he is driving the mob dream it from the others they have already said who is number one to sell bangkok he takes off his chart at the dock. i think the films are becoming very very packed you are going to wait even
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a. woman. there's nothing wrong in being sexy beautiful but the concern is that just gonna be the only expectation from him that you just have to go on for a song and just shake your ass and then just get out and the rest of the work is done by the main protagonist. i mean we did have more opportunities than one woman going to object to and there were a lot more opportunities but somewhere in the eighty's and ninety's it just got really bad and women were just reduced to mere sort of sex object.
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i. chose to be the villain the bad guy you know aggression. 2 words of inman were common in initial for its reduced all of the reduced a lot. worse namely i dislike all those individuals who have done or do any kind of aggression towards them. those individuals are to be looked down upon and punished but since cinema is a make believe we are acting we are not truly truly harming anybody their colleagues of mine friends of mine those female costars of friends of mine you dug the mick jagger up out of. the mighty johnny but i don't look at any.
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way we used to be so many tips earlier on the audience and we're dealing with a very strong woman who has indeed been the one who knows our mind and wants to do her own thing that be of any i'm comfortable with. and if a woman in a movie for example in a bollywood story is very independent people in the film she needs to be punished and probably do something to oppose justification she had coming. repairs need portrayed in different ways but in recent times we are not seeing the portrayal of real because there are other things which are replacing rape and even in a film like 3 idiots the same army of khan who is running a reality show like september jad t.v. he's talking about against domestic violence he's talking against child sexual abuse monks talking in a 100 different things and at the same time the same amida communist c.d.'s uses
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the word about the cattle in guinea which we every even if they're talking about laughter without trouble after a leg they mean use is one part of the energy army of a woman's body to make a joke about. actually but the son. e's college me but not. in the club it's about it's about. me r.g.p. could. be your you're. the inside of. me. and everybody has a good laugh at it and even the woman in the audience laugh at it we don't realize in that it is reducing the whole concept and the whole reality of rape to stupid joke so it is glorifying the repressed and it is abusing the rape victim 2000.
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i think with a better understanding of the politics you know gender politics the learning experience for me and today i want to have the things on i mean a lot of the things that i do know that are a lot of things that i really feel unhappy about all about and i think that when people see me on the shore i'm hoping that a lot of young boys when they see me on the show would would would get affected by the fact that this is how i am in real life when i'm doing a film i'm playing different characters and when i'm going to show i'm i myself that's been. set up recently about the 1st. journey to 20 years in the good you know remember the you go through. every job you. could think of the of us made
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economy a pretty box cheat sheet for the victim job he had. so then jordan went to a body one night to have a drink with friends and then she was leaving some people off i got a lift for the short distance that's right don't doubt to be fitted. and then says it became the victim of a broken gang to be the shoved a pistol in the home moms. the. be told violently brutally they were about to head in chunks and finally when they taught that she was unconscious and she would die the too hot out of the moving god.
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i was there in the middle of it all my jeans wound up lost a limb practically naked i was in shock i didn't know record they'd come back and run me over and i just stood up and i ran. and i ran and ran and ran and diamond ran as fast as i could. so this happened on the 6th money and on the 9th i went to the police station and i tried to hire and fire because i did file for they tried to rush it off they made me feel humiliated they made me feel like you know you went to the michael drank you drink you deserved it . backstreet me message for the victim said i've been here make in san disk eeks in the kitty and when it isn't. for me to come out and speak about it i want women to feel that way to feel
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color is to feel strong to feel that they're don't have anything to be shameful for dead they can get their lives back once they start doing that they will break the ice. with them it would look to be a body fine because with the warm got to such arrogant the example of the 17 last time it isn't the other fighting we've got a lot of the big white it's against women. the idea of the other ones of the person becoming got that it was the minister of the minute. she's the last that she's one stop the press and that's what the country actually made all hostages was that abyssal. we let you meant is that it made so many people doing work in the field made them nor it made
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a change that we don't have to live with problems solutions are possible and in some cases where the government responded for example i nor off the medical tests done on rape victims that are waivers. because of the public opinion because of your no the recommendations made i will not say bias at the may with the recommendations made by the people of india who saw that the baby jet. t.v. this week was for going to the what i don't even think what town one of the borders for what they want to know on the exam when one is down the aisle nazi. and you can buy i will look at me and i will find that and i will at that point if we do you mean we had to. cut back with you heard rock the caucus for.
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who can thank you. or us how many l. got to be willing to have access to the. market at an r.v. then again i asked an avenue. that it may give me the near light tactical advantage of the hot spot but in one attack a cannot return to the meetings and the key to not display at the end of the nazis and only school to get everybody i see. every 20 no minutes you know one demon is raped here in india i am looking for all you know prices you know like i said in every every district around india toilets for women so that you know we can reduce the numbers intervene into the ground level the ground reality is not changing i know that you are making people socially
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aware as important but as an activist i would prefer that what the victim is given a lot of that sure. yeah. the live aboard. the war to be happy to charge a minute. that he would want to be sure that it didn't just take the smoking good enough today which. is a maniac and cheney released golf. i mean kind of but the cigar. that. they decide
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is it kind. of looks it then. their. eyes how many that there. husband anybody that it is. not but a child maybe the. small. boys no this is a look at. the. daughter was she going to be assured. the order was there was such a. woman. what about it georgia for gomer john if you know if you see i don't he. subset breach in tokyo and he guesses. somebody's head to we are
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all rich i think it's a good game but. you have some money. but it was sheer chaos to support the little . bit that you need to be jewish but keep it that takes up not. let your word jump into any particular year gordon. comes to tell you yes. of course but i think that some of the. 55 kilogram macs to be the peace of mind. so. you think your comment please spell come commonwealth gold medalist you talk of marty and the comedy.
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the opening with the dog gone with the little. wrestling with the would be up and he had gone on. about his other clinical. charge. mulder they could get a little cable out of the law and this is a key issue as to. the letter carrier waffler never going to be awfully hard. to call them could you link is that he was in san simulink didn't give you disagree that would be the champions many in the mojave for good singer. marwood you know this guy that he was there obviously but you get really should look to our particular. action their whole turnover in broad. lot of moderate. was to get a lot of what. they wanted
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a little game in your course only had. a very good show out there was a little deeper down and they resent it a little bit but i don't even as i. want to thank you but. i'm gonna. actually. my next choice is a film called bungle which means wrestling the typical mainstream for. i think the film is trying to see that you have to empower our girls and when you do that you know a girl is as good as a guy in every way and that's what the thrust of the film is. so you want to say
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nothing. but me so you know that. mr you know. an action figure man who is rather unusual he is happy to train his daughters and wrestling take them for wrestling from village to village in the local market wrestling that happens in india it's called the gods. i think that the whole mojave it is as a person i'm hoping will affect a lot of meals feeling and when i meet him and i spoke to him he said when i had my 1st daughter i felt happy and satisfied i didn't want any more children. because in india usually when you have a daughter that you want to know the child will be gets a boy and then another charge up it's a boy. in
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my opinion is as a commission from canada at the same time it is as a nice film should be but i'm here because it has all the ingredients of. a classic family of a mission the sense that it's telling a story which needs to with told it has more to put it is you know it's not just a part of an important it's a lot to do with a man his belief his love for the country it's a boat in the mindset of atsic to. be god in a box and you don't need to go. so i mean that inspiration coming from of a small town and achieving what they've achieved. i feel very lucky to get if and make this because otherwise you would get
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a food which is very. where you play and. sing and that's not how i saw myself. in most of the bad in india its like you should stay at home you should go inside you should do house then you should not go out. and get the opportunity to even go outside and study. it was dave's happen and then you see you had a politician thing that she went out at 7 pm 7 pm in the evening so it's ok today but the boys are being boys but how mentality like that that was where you're coming from.
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didn't have to change to be that big but i would say it's not just the men i think it's anyone who was a bit patriarchal thinking and even a woman would have to think. you have to understand that human beings should be due to equal respect and love and i'm hoping that a lot of young girls will see hope. and get inspired from them you know be able to dream big and try and fulfill their dreams. if you're. to be a church and. you know we've been growing up watching to see if we hear or smoking
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people start smoking if i you know is reading it is clear as in no other way they would be that probably somewhere in a small town a father would say maybe he's right i think even i should promote my daughter or push my daughter to a board that was she wants maybe i think i should supporter because i'm a candidate. now i spy with my little something see. i spy something. that bus.
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no individual can change society individuals can give way and yes and then it depends on the people the public on the governments on the bureaucracies on the police or off them have to pull together in this in that each. am i bringing about change this just treatment to me so i'm saying i'm attempting to change the look at things and feel about things but not from above and i don't want to have a memo which tells you that do not kill your daughter i want you to emotionally. and in every other way. start feeling that you know i really love my daughter and i don't want to kill my daughter or the doctor that i'm about i want to be looking forward to having a daughter or changed to be you feel towards a girl child. so
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i think you have to go through the various neighborhoods in in the revealing of the children and what kind of influences we expose them to what kind of writing we expose and what kind of stories we tell them. ok now you know what i want to do i want to break the streak. and we see the kite going only. you know there are poor children. would love to have like the. gift.
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hello that we have got not by conditions here across in the southeast australia yes i do catherine it's been streaming across the great bite and also the house but it . taking the weather with it now it's not exactly warm but 13 celsius in adelaide 11 in melbourne and it should stay dry for the next couple of days sydney doesn't call it 12 degrees celsius not about day thursday in perth have had quite a warm couple of days but by friday the next front slice through brings the rain
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showers and slightly to time it a bit low as well it just 17 degrees celsius meanwhile supply sunshine in prison 21 degrees and again friday maybe some showers in sydney with a high of 40 fairly mixed into the south island of new zealand pretty good though in oakland for the next couple of days the system coming in across the tasman sea tends to linger there already so keep the right mostly offshore 16 degrees in christchurch on thursday maybe with a shower and then dry and clear as we head into friday cool of the 11 degrees out best for you in christchurch that we had of tools japan we have had some torrential rain showers for the last several days across much of the west of japan and particular honshu but also this is an image of from that this is the saga prefecture and there is a lot of water as you can save we've had mudslides and landslides 2 people have died people had to be evacuated in the rain stays in the 4 calls those in friday by then heavy across into harsh.
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legally prescribe for the pain relief of the sick but taken in life threatening doses by millions in search of the 6. huge illegal shipments of the opioid trauma don't clog the west africa. people in power goes to nigeria to investigate the devastating to addiction epidemic that is even fueling the boko haram insurgency. west africa's opioid crisis on a just a you know it's my privilege to name al jazeera english the broadcaster of the year the cartels are fighting each other and we've been told that we can run film here this is still our just demonstration that's been held by to refugees since over 700005 year. some of the emerging losers on the planet earth hear all the things the big plus the to. 0 english from precipitant of the new crystals gold coast of the year lord of the sun. a nation where
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corruption is endemic embroiled in a battle to hold the power to account. has this radical transformation occur. every day nobody really gives you much shedding light on the remaining pressing for change and the unconventional methods to eliminate corruption remain the people on al-jazeera. this is 0. hello i'm barbara sarah this is the al-jazeera news hour live from london thank you
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for joining us coming up in the next 60 minutes anger in the u.k. after the prime minister suspends parliament for 5 weeks limiting the time politicians have to block a no deal breck's it yemen's u.n. recognize government regains control of the city of aden after it was captured by southern separatists backed by the u.a.e. . hong kong protesters dressed in black to condemn alleged police sexual abuse against female demonstrators and in the war torn iraq the city of mosul could d.n.a. testing help to give grieving families the closure they so desperately want. and i'm really a heart in doha with all of your sport former u.s. open a runner up came isha cory for. which is it the u.s. open a 3rd round will have plenty of action from flushing meadows the leader. there
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is big outrage in the u.k. after the prime minister boris johnson move to suspend parliament a controversial decision which affects the ability of opponents to block a no deal breck's it opposition politicians are calling it a constitutional kuwait and this is how it will all play out the queen has approved boris johnson's request to prorogue or suspend parliament so that will happen sometime between september 9th and 12 now it is normal for a new government to close parliament for a short period in the run up to the queen's speech on the top of the 14th a speech which sets out plans for the coming year but the prime minister wants parliament to shut earlier than normal and it will be out of action for 5 weeks that's the longest suspension since 1945 and that limits the amount of time that m.p.'s have to block a new deal break set or table a vote of no confidence in the government with the u.k. due to leave the e.u. just 17 days later lawrence lee has more. brix it was is and remains an
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idea about the british parliament taking back control of the agenda setting its own laws and making its own rules so what to make of the decision by the new prime minister to block it from sitting at all for a 5 week period at the most crucial moments in the entire process with one eye on a very possible national election boris johnson insists it's about setting out his new government's plans and that m.p.'s are not being frozen out of having their say over brics it will be ample time on both sides of that crucial october 17th summit ample time in parliament for m.p.'s to debate the e.u. debate breaks it and all the other issues ample time but those m.p.'s who have vowed to do anything in their power to block a no deal bricks it's even threaten to set up an alternative parliaments if their views are ignored describe the johnson move as nothing short of
5:52 am
a constitutional outrage a step on the road to dictatorship it is a constitution that rage this is an attempt by a prime minister who was elected by a very small number of people in the country is served to party membership to ride roughshod over parliament and prevent any legislation or debate that would stop this country leaving me you without a deal and all the problems that it will cause he seems to want to run headlong into the arms of donald trump. and more determination to see this before this is extraordinary johnson had been thought to have been getting on better with european leaders of late and hope had not been lost among them that some new deal could be found but time is now extremely short and there's a genuine sense of crisis among those who fear the hardest of bricks it's the great conundrum of a brecht's it has always been whether it should simply fall to government through execute the will of the people or whether parliamentarian should have some kind of
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. final say to determine what sort of breck's it they think people actually voted for by taking m.p.'s out of play at such a crucial time jones is effectively testing whether they have the will the resolve to try to overthrow him his government and potentially the referendum result as well that attempts will now probably come sooner rather than later national elections will almost certainly follow something surely must happen now to resolve this sense of democratic crisis in the u.k. lawrence lee al jazeera london all these barker has been monitoring reaction and protests at westminster. and past 2 years since the bronx referendum the conversation the public discourse surrounding leaving the e.u. has grown uglier and uglier who would have thought only a few years ago that the word coup would be used in relation to britain's democracy but that's exactly what these demonstrates the calling the decision by boris johnson to suspend or paroch parliament next week know how boris johnson of course
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sees it he sees it very much in somewhat procedural terms as a way of making sure that m.p.'s are out of the way not in the equation anymore to make sure that the british government can pass much needed legislation when it comes to the humdrum day to day stuff of running the country things like roads education health care and so on and so forth but these people and those opposed to leaving the e.u. without a deal strongly disagree with that standpoint point believing very much that boris johnson wants to keep leaving the e.u. without a deal on the table until the dying moments just before the 31st which remains of course in legislation when the u.k. still will leave the european union according to m.p.'s the knives boken to including hilary ban the prominent opposition labor m.p. who is the chair of the cross party committee on leave in the european union they
5:55 am
intend when m.p.'s return to palma next week to challenge the position very much in the same way that they challenge to resume a and her vision of bricks it is what every band had to say a little earlier i think the priority is to prevent or no deal breaks it because that's the reason that he is doing this he knows that isn't probably a majority in the house of commons to support him for a no deal breaker set and he's trying to make it very difficult for m.p.'s to stop him from achieving that the only problem is that time is running out m.p.'s only have a matter of days next week to coalesce around a single idea boris johnson believes that he's delivering the will of the people all knowing the results of the referendum but parliamentarian say that they represent the real will of the people they will fight this to the end. well they said bennett is breck's a commissioning editor at the telegraph newspaper and he joins us now thank you so
5:56 am
much for joining us here on al-jazeera so boris's move has been described as boris johnson's undemocratic a coup constitutional outrage a dark day for democracy telegraph of course a progress newspaper but how if you seen his actions of the past 12 hours well certainly boris johnson's announcement came as a surprise to many indeed allies of his of tolls i'm a of my colleagues that you know the stagecraft for this was something they compared it to like napoleon's military tactics of the ground or may when it sends a part of his army in different directions to distract people who have no idea what is the do next in the same way ministers jacob reese morgan his colleagues were sent to travel separately up to balmoral to see the queen because if they travelled all together up to her majesty's highland retreat then tongues would whack people would wonder what on earth are they going to ask her about and indeed now we know it's too prorogue parliament this is the official term for suspending parliament which happens when a sessions over what we must remember that the current session of parliament has
5:57 am
been sitting for basically the last time it sat this long we have to go out 350 years seeing the civil war which may be a fitting parallel but i say yes divisions are definitely you know obviously a lot of people who don't follow the u.k. politics it's not uncommon i mean it usually is suspended in the weeks leading up to the queen's speech yes never often quite for this long and obviously these aren't normal times so to people again who say this is not constitutional undemocratic i mean do you think they have a point well look i suppose by this because the highest constitutional authority her majesty the queen the head of state hasn't dorce this is legitimate is a constitutional procedure so all the sort of 100 unconstitutional gripes not just they've been dismissed by the queen she's finds acceptable we know there's no greater authority than her and you know why then they're so shrill and this is because they've been surprised they've been blindsided this spent. days now very loudly telling everyone we've got a plan to stop or no deal we're going to have m.p.'s voting for legislation we're
5:58 am
doing next week we're going to do it next week and they're just surprised that boris johnson has a you know stick in this game as well and he's lost a preemptive strike and they just don't like it because this is all about for many of the parliamentarians and the remainder is of course to definitely stop and no deal breaks it shortens the time that they have lessons it to to try to fight against it and of course 17th of october is when boris johnson will actually be meeting the rest of the europeans for the last european council summit what do you think this move does to the actual negotiations you know whatever is going to happen at the summit when it really matters on the 17th of october the key thing for you leaders is they want to see that boris johnson is ready and able to take something through parliament he can take on and pays them some ways this may encourage a quiet hope that he's worked out how to do this because amid all this from about oh he's just dictator of the constitutional arguments and all the excitement one thing is being missed that with the queen's speech that boris johnson wants to have
5:59 am
to kick off the new parliament the withdrawal agreement bill that he wants to have and that this means that he could possibly draw agreement something that he couldn't do under john buckers rules given the dream was previously rejected 3 times not of the speaker of the house of commons rules you can't have another go with the same legislation and so actually it's perfectly possible the in the final few weeks this all comes down to is a fall a few weeks the heat of the 11th hour where the elites will can just enough they can present something to parliament and say look you need to vote for this and the labor m.p.'s right now who are staring down the barrel of a no deal they all think boris yeltsin could actually go ahead so ironically you think that this could make a no deal bracks it less likely well it depends on the boss wants to play this goes if he reaches across the aisle to labor m.p.'s then they could break and back a deal but tory breakfast is not be so keen or equally who does go full throttle for no deal give these prepared to do basic whatever it takes no matter how. it is to ram this thing for me it really does show that since the brakes vote the debate
6:00 am
more than with brussels has always been internal and we see now a divided parliament that even a country in many ways of the fight a party as well whatever kind of breaks it there is assuming that there is one how do you see the country recovering from this 6 months one year after the break so there is a palpable mood among the public just to get this done and that's certainly why i think boris johnson and people who are open to no deal with all of you that is a merit in that sense and yet the ironic thing is that you know bret's it's not just for christmas it's for life in a sense even if you did do no deal you're going to be going into trade negotiations with the e.u. and then discussion the trade offs continues in a sense so it's not going away in britain any time soon i'm afraid do you think you will have damaged the fabric of british society in the long term while the sun breaks itself this is the vision i think it's more this is a massive referendum which is a binary outcome remain or leave someone has to win in a sense and certainly i'm sure to reason when she comes to write her memoirs will have to reflect on how she's now.


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