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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 29, 2019 8:00am-8:34am +03

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put under the spotlight it's not just cathay pacific that's coming under pressure from beijing there's a wider atmosphere creeping into the hong kong corporate world that if you want to continue doing business with china then you should distance yourself and your staff from the protests last week it was the turn of accountants to take to the streets to reject interference from beijing staff from major firms like a pm. had earlier taken out a newspaper ad criticizing their companies for ignoring hong kong people and the reasons for the protests after pressure from beijing the company's released statements distancing themselves from the ads cathay pacific declined al-jazeera is requests for an interview but the reason given for the action against staff is security chinese aviation or 30 say they won't allow cathay flights to enter their isp ace if they are operated by anyone who has participated in or supported protests effect that kept those aircraft. don't need to fly into china's in space
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that china's entitled to ask them to live by their rules as far as we are concerned we totally support the freedom of opening was freedom of opinion continues to be expressed on the streets but in the workplace it's becoming increasingly difficult when hey al-jazeera hong kong. phantom or head on this news hour including. i'm following the other than most of the elderly what's being done to deal with human remains like this scattered in the old city. plus what was once a lush forest where inside the scorched amazon as it continues to burn. and roger federer does not have it all pay its own way at the u.s. open in new york we'll have the actions.
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2 years after the battle for the city of mosul many people are still looking for their relatives human rights groups are calling for d.n.a. testing on bodies recovered from the rubble to help family members who remain in limbo osama bin javid reports from mosul and a warning his report contains pictures some may find disturbing. these children never bolivia's to the dangers which surround them and most of the old city their families have returned but many areas in their neighborhood are peppered with unexploded munitions we had to stop of the law from picking a bomb that's he says are in that tub close to where his children were playing not far from that spot are human remains still there 2 years after isis defeat of the learn his sister are looking for their father they're not sure whether he's under custody or under the rubble or yasser doesn't want to reveal her identity she wants closure gives out on neighbors told us after that our father was dead civil defense staff must have removed his body with all the dead bodies all we know is that how
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father might still be under the rubble this graffiti warns people that bodies are still under these homes human remains like this can still be found scattered in the old city of mosul although civil defense says that most bodies of bin exuma what i cannot show you about this place is the very strong stench that people in this area have to live with it's hard to breathe but some residents are used to the smell parents are concerned about safety and the spread of disease from decomposing corpses 800 bodies of children have been examined up to human rights commission wants to help ministry to expedite d.n.a. tests of the thousands of recovered bodies. besides closure missing relatives means many legal problems in mosul from reclaiming your house to seeking compensation for victims of the war in the neighborhood still looking for his mother and sister the names in the middle are the ones whose bodies have been found more than 400 people
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went missing in the old pepsi factory myself my prison was shooting civilians as they fled and i got separated from his mom and sister in the mayhem he believes they were buried in the roads were cleared by security forces along with others including isis fighters. we asked for their last rights and a death certificate we can't even start the process without the death certificate and they won't give us one until they have a body the bodies are now decomposed and probably mixed with i saw bodies under the rubble i'm not alone this is a collective issue that needs to be addressed the cleanup will take millions of dollars and the local municipality has lost more than 70 percent of its equipment during the war even after 2 years it's an overwhelming task. has become a city of rubble we have formed a committee to deal with the old city and it'll start working soon to give us an inclusive outlook for basic ordination in finding effective mechanism. during the
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intense battles in mosul small graveyards were formed those who suspect their relatives are under the rubble also want proper burial and possible closure of some of. the old city of mosul. in yemen saudi fighter jets of bomb some 9 following a who theater time on the airport in the saudi city of early on wednesday the spokesman says a cruise missile was used to target hangars which led to traffic being halted at the airport who things have launched repeated s. trying. meanwhile yemen's u.n. recognized government says it's back in charge of aden after a brave offensive against southern separatists the separatists withdrew from several positions 2 weeks after taking control victoria gates and every force on the 2. 2 yemeni forces loyal to the internationally recognized government of president added robin mansell heidi celebrate victory in 8 in the presidential
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palace. in a sudden offensive lasting just a few hours saudi backed government forces recaptured control of the city from the u.a.e. backed separatist fighter is the government's offensive started on choose day in yemen's east in abyan province by wednesday mooning its forces were on the outskirts of aden. as they retook the push towards the center of the city it's reported they faced little resistance from the separatist fighters that's led some to conclude a deal was done between saudi arabia and the u.a.e. ahead of a possible negotiation to end the war it's a. cheap tactic immoral cheap tactic by the legitimate government who is. using sleeper cells to activate them and to to cause chaos in the city all in. 4 or
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negotiations. separate is from the southern transitional council a part of the saudi u.a.e. coalition that's fighting against these bought in a dramatic twist 2 weeks ago. they took over the city of aden the seat of the saudi backed yemeni government some of the separatist fighters are refusing to surrender the governments want civilians to avoid military camps and areas where this fighting. at least. were evacuated. by the. 1000000000 area we do expect the most. random shooting at a random but bartley that. yemen has not always been one country north and south yemen came together in 1990 after years of conflict but it's not been an easy union and the war is deepening the divide victoria gate and be out there.
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and u.s. secretary of state my home pale has met with deputy defense minister has been summoned to discuss a resolution to the dispute in aden the u.s. state department released a statement saying the secretary and the minister agreed that dialogue represents the only way to achieve a stable unified and prosperous yemen the secretary and the minister also discussed a broad range of bilateral and regional issues including the need for a stronger maritime security in order to promote freedom of navigation the iranian regime's destabilizing activities in the region and human rights of more and those that saw speak to 5. is a non resident scholar at the middle east institute in the us and is also a former congressional fazli so at the many embassy in washington thank you so much for being with us on al-jazeera 1st of all what do you make of these developments in aden this had threatened to open a new front in what is an already very complex war is it good news of the
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government back forces are reclaiming control of the city. perhaps it's too soon to say that this is all over because the southern transitional council have called their forces to mobilize and come regain. control of the cities again and actually maybe 5 or 6 hours ago it's been reported that the southern transitional council forces have also acclaimed the airport so i think this collation on the tension still remains and it's still a volatile situation at the moment what is it going to take for hardee's government to have full control of aden and the south as a whole i mean the consul secession didn't really start with this war they go way back what can the government do to address the secessionists consents.
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and the the government simply would need to talk to the succession us and find a way to include them in perhaps even for the government to resume its full full functionality in the south of yemen part of the grievance that the southerners have aired before is that the government of yemen has been stationed in riyadh for a very long time and that as such they haven't really taken care of public services they haven't really delivered they haven't even delivered on security that's why it was so easy for the southern transitional council to take over the few government institutions that were left there that were controlled by that image government of yemen so the yemeni government needs to try to build trust with the southern communities try to listen to the southern transitional council demand it's not a very popular concept for the government at the moment but i think you know dialogue is the only way. and the only thing that the government should focus on at
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the moment unless there is going to be further problems down the road the southern as you mentioned it's not the southern desire for secession is not new and it's going to remain a chronic problem regardless of who is in situ who's in control if the the government. retains control of aden if they're able to successfully retain control of the city how big of a setback would this be for the u.a.e. they have been backing the 7 separate is for years now and where would it leave the saudi u.a.e. aligned in yemen's conflict. the 1st thing that just sounds a little bit strange is if the government would retake it. so it's sort of hard because i mean it's it can take the south from the southerners so effectively who are saying there are the southerners themselves but if the government manages to
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reclaim the state institutions that are there it cannot happen forcibly it can't happen she was right about this how do you in your minds years where does this leave assad do you your lines have been a lot of downs and a lot of questions about this aligned for the past few weeks since this offensive and true. true i think one of the major disappointments for the government of yemen is that the saudis have not really taking a stronger position to condemn the southern transitional council i think that's what the government of yemen expected they were hoping that the saudis would be as laudable in their opposition to the c.c. as the hootie is but when that didn't happen you know a reality check set and especially today after that meeting between. been some on and the secretary of state pump arrow there there has been a call for dialogue and this will basically mean that the government of yemen the
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saudi backed government of yemen will have to somewhat come into terms with this with the u.a.e. backed separatists the so i think you know ultimately the saudis and the u.a.e. knew what they were doing in yemen all along and the saudis have let the united arab emirates cultivate its relationship with the south i think the saudis want to keep all diplomatic channels open because they can't really afford to open a new front with a new group in yemen thank you so much for speaking to us thank you for your insights who. is from the middle east institute in washington thank you for your time. moving on in funding for the prevention and control of fires in the amazon has dropped by nearly a quarter under brazil's president balsa morrow or his news agency says that that includes a hefty cut to the budget for forest fire fighting. his brazil will only accept international aid to help fight fires if they can control how the money is used
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that they've been nearly 80000 psi is this year and 85 percent increase on last year that is simple visited the aftermath of one in the state of mato grosso. these are the images brazil's president jade was one adult does not want you to see . he says the fires that have been affecting the amazonia region happened in the forested areas but this place proves him wrong this is a father. national park in the state of much the little east 32000 years of could touch territory the problem now is that 11 percent of it has been devastated by the fire but the government has banned members of brazil's environmental agency from talking to the press or gram them access to locations like this one. who are here waiting has been living here for over 30 years he
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says this is the 1st time this area has been affected by fire. i don't know why but there are branches nearby maybe the fire came from the air what's behind it is the attempt by a group as nurse to grow soya bean it's very sad because this place is filled with life they want to turn the forest into money and no matter what gets in the way many here fear the president words when he insists he wants to open up the amazons for business this area is known as the doorstep of amazonian the whole region includes 7 states in brazil the fires are still ongoing i'm not sure if you can see but there's some smoke right over there been a little muddy morn has been studying the rain forest for years he says amazonia meats to be protected this tree like this. this size this trunk we have tolerance of carbon dioxide is storage into
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trees this act as a few of credible byock sites from that for this. for us to. compensate all. in missions of latin america the man says brazil's culture of death arrest in the region needs to change because we have a disco to slosh i'm born to create new year areas for agriculture pastures to produce meat and to produce so i've been discovered sure we have to change this culture because slash and burn is a very primitive form to use the land each time the forest burns it loses its capacity to absorb the carbon dioxide blamed for global warming thousands of actors of forest have already been devastated for now it seems the force of nature will endure the question is for how long did he said war i was just feeder shaped by the
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only more days brazil. still ahead on al-jazeera we'll tell you what happened at the pentagon today that used to be a nearly daily event last the families in indian administered kashmir desperate for information on people who've been jailed under new restrictions and brain sans wife alice last of them has more with more wild updates from the latest surf competition into haiti. hello there plenty of scattered thunderstorms across much of the southeast actually across the northeast united states little bits of the cloud showing up on the satellite system will work its way across the south as we go through thursday it will clear quite rapidly and then we've got some pretty good conditions on the final things washington d.c. a nice couple days ahead of warming up in d.c.
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on friday 31 degrees celsius more rain working its way across the central plains and still dry and very warm out across the west and father heat advisories in place 29 is the high los angeles on friday that we had the tools the the caribbean in particular this is what we're focusing on this is tropical storm dorian it is set to make landfall in puerto rico throughout wednesday into thursday a head of there in the dominican republic preparations underway there putting together hold of these packs of emergency food supplies and this is the full cost track so by thursday it's moving quite swiftly out towards the west northwest of course the closer it gets it is actually going to begin to impact the turks and caicos islands and also as it works its way really through rico it'll head to the east to the dominican republic so we could see some very heavy amounts of rain concerns over city for flooding landslides and mudslides a look at this by friday this storm as it continues its journey to the west northwest it could become a hurricane we'll keep you updated. and
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new perspectives can change a wild. for one chin izzy and what began as a hobby has grown into a passion a way of life. teaching the next generation to strive for a higher level. and n.c.o. installing in his country a sense of freedom and strength. new heights my chin is yeah on al-jazeera. 67 words that spelled promise for one people. but disaster for another. the bled to the establishment of a jewish homeland at the expense of the palestinians. the story of the british declaration that changed the middle east bound for seeds of discord on al-jazeera.
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you're watching the news hour on al-jazeera with me fully back to bill a reminder of our top stories british prime minister boris johnson has moved to suspend parliament until the middle of october this leaves his opponents very little time to push through legislation preventing the u.k. from crashing out of the european union without a deal saudi fighter jets have bomb some international airport in yemen following a typewriter with the rebels on the airport in the saudi city of earlier wednesday the spokesman says a cruise missile was used to target hungers and brazilian president jalal sonera
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says his country will accept bilateral aid to fight the fires in the amazon also narrow has agreed to chile's how to fight the blitz. more now on our top story and u.k. prime minister voice johnson's latest political maneuvers and what they mean for the brics it process the queen has approved johnson's request for rogue or suspend parliament so that will happen sometime between september 9th and 12th it is normal for a new government to close polman for a short period in the run up to the queen's speech on october the 14th a speech that says some plans for the coming year but the prime minister wants polly meant to shut the normal it'll be out of action for 5 weeks to nonis suspension since 1905 and that limits the amount of time m.p.'s have to brock and no deal breaks it or table a vote of no confidence in the government with the u.k. due to leave the e.u. just 17 days later a sabet is the bracks
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a commissioning editor at the telegraph newspaper in london he says boris johnson's move is legitimate and could spark progress with e.u. talks. well certainly boris johnson's announcement came as a surprise to many indeed allies of his of tolls i'm a of my colleagues that you know the stagecraft for this was something they compared to like napoleon zz military tactics of the ground are may when it sends a part of his army in different directions to distract people who have no idea what is or do next in the same way ministers jacob reese morgan his colleagues were sent to travel separately up to balmoral to see the queen because if they travel together up to her majesty's highland retreat then tongues would wag people would wonder what on earth are they going to ask her about and indeed now we know it's too prorogue parliament this is the official term for suspending parliament which happens when a session is over we must remember that the current session of parliament has been sitting for basically the last time it sat this long we have to go out 350 years
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the english civil war by this goes the highest constitutional authority her majesty the queen the head of state has and doors this is legitimate is a constitutional procedure so all the sort of 100 unconstitutional gripes. there they've been dismissed by the queen she finds acceptable we know there's no greater authority than her and you know why then they're so shrill and this is because they've been surprised they've been blindsided this spent days now very loudly telling everyone we've got a plan to stop or no deal we're going to have m.p.'s voting for legislation we're going to do it next week we're going to next week and they're just surprised that boris johnson has a you know stick in this game as well and he's lost a preemptive strike and they just don't like the key thing for you leaders as they want to see that boris johnson is ready and able to take something through parliament he can take on m.p.'s and so in some ways this may encourage a quiet hope that he's worked out how to do this because amid all this froth about dictator and constitutional arguments and all the excitement one thing is being
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missed that with the queen's speech that boris johnson wants to have to kick off the new parliament there's the withdrawal. bill that's he wants to have this this means that he could pulse withdrawal agreement something that he couldn't do on the job but his rules given the green was previously rejected 3 times not to the speaker the house of commons rules you can't have another go with the same legislation facebook is tightening its rules on political ads before next year's us presidential election the social media firms introducing a confirmed organization label for advertisers in the united states those who don't comply risk counting their ads cut off online platforms have been under scrutiny from regulators to be more transparent after allegations russia use social media to meddle in the $26000.00 u.s. election we know there's going to be tampering probably already has been in the democratic primary as well as in the national elections not just presidential but also all the house and senate races so i think they're going to have to make
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a show of doing something because the company has enough reputational headwinds that they don't want to be implicated in any kind of misadventure of any type around 2020. india has been detaining. the region's autonomy was revolting this month but the government is refusing to say how many people are in custody. outside tree huggers main jail people wait for news of their relatives inside there the families of people detained by security forces since new delhi revoked the region's autonomy. begum and her family travel every 10 days from about 100 kilometers north of srinagar where her husband was detained by security forces for being a separatist activist she says officials told her he would be released shortly then he was sent to srinagar. it's really difficult to get inside and meet because we have to get frisked at least 10 times we even have to open to his shops and nothing
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is allowed to be taken in site we have to wait for hours. to 20 minutes. says his son was taken in the middle of the night from his home near srinagar but hasn't had any case filed against him now he's learned his son is no longer in the region. in the. big decision that was sent to jail after a keeping him at a local station for 5 days now i have been told he's been moved to august. that's a city more than a 1000 kilometers away where many political leaders have also been detained others are being kept here at this resort hotel turned prison indian officials declined to comment on how many people have been detained human rights groups say because of the restrictions they can't investigate do you mean people are being continued unprecedented to how much figure we have. from different.
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people who have been detained on intelligence. there have been accusations of torture al-jazeera spoke to this 22 year old man who doesn't want to be identified for fear of reprisal he says he was picked up by security forces when the restrictions 1st began and i was beaten for over an hour. he says i was a stone i told them i don't know if they have a shred of evidence and then go ahead and beat me but they didn't listen and then gave me an electric shock then they said give us an e-mail for storm through i told them i don't know anyone but they didn't listen al-jazeera can't independently verify those accusations but human rights groups have documented cases of torture in the past meanwhile more people are being detained how long political leaders and an unknown number of local people will be detained indian officials won't say all
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the relatives can do is queue outside prisons and hope for news. indeed and mr bashir. and india is easing foreign investment laws in domestic manufacturing coal mining and digital media to boost its flagging economy the country's unemployment rate is at its highest level in decades the government is hoping more investment will reverse months of sluggish growth. the united nations says a 1000000000 children around the well live in poverty and then not just the poor in the poorest countries in the united states california has one of the highest child poverty rates and a lot of affordable housing is making it worse rob reynolds reports from the town of watsonville just outside san francisco. less than 50 kilometers from the vast wealth of silicon valley the shell basara her daughter and granddaughter who live in a dilapidated trailer without running water or indoor plumbing think died we have summer
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to stay you know because also hardest part we've been going everywhere to the shelters in every place trying to find somewhere to live 3 year old phoenix is one of millions of american children living in poverty a family asked us not to show the toddlers face to protect their privacy we basically told they were going camping for the summer so that's she's thing she thinks we're going you know that we're here camping nearby a community service organization called loaves and fishes serves free meals on thing that does help bishan army shelter it's really hard especially i have 3 kids one way ph it's hard to get the president gets rid stoute raymond conoco runs the watsonville social services organization community bridges it's really you know 2 things it's the rising cost of housing and it's the stagnant wages the reality is
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that the needs are systemic there systemic based on a capitalism that has gone awry the amount of affordable housing for very low income families fell by my. more than 60 percent since 2010 the trumpet ministration has proposed slashing $8000000000.00 for subsidized housing and to triple rents paid 570-0000 of the poorest public housing residents in local elementary schools here most children receive free meals $30000000.00 u.s. children get free or reduced price meals at school recent proposed changes by the trumpet ministration would strike half a $1000000.00 from the program nationwide there are nearly $13000000.00 kids living in poverty according to the activist group the children's defense fund that's nearly one out of every 5 children in the united states poverty affects kids ability to learn the number one indicator that actually affects unit education
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level and they keep that level of poverty raising a family in poverty is an emotional burden for caregivers like michelle but sarah and i think i was already a pretty humble person but now i just feel degraded you know and just look down on . humiliation hunger and homelessness in the wealthiest state in the wealthiest country on earth rob reynolds al-jazeera watsonville california u.s. defense secretary mock asper has held his 1st press briefing since taking office and the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff general joseph dunford spoke about a wide range of issues from iran to north korea rossing jordan has more from washington. it was the 1st on camera briefing for mark asper the new defense secretary at the pentagon he and general joe dunford who is the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff wanted to update reporters on some of the major issues facing the pentagon as asper starts his tenure of course those issues include the ongoing
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war in afghanistan the ongoing tensions with iran dealing with threats from north korea russia and china and then finally something which esper says is important to him as a veteran dealing with the physical and mental well being of service members and their families when it comes to the ongoing war in afghanistan which has been going on now for nearly 18 years esper and down for it agreed that conditions will dictate how and when u.s. forces are pulled out of the country but they said that they were very much in support of all going u.s. efforts to broker some sort of peace accord between the afghan government and the talabani as for iran the it both pointed to the standing up of what they're calling operation sentinel the coastal operation to ensure safe passage through the strait of hormuz as far as whether the crisis with iran is over as for said that so far so
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good but he wasn't willing to say that things have actually been resolved when it comes to the matter of dealing with russia and china as for stressed it's very important to understand that the priorities of the u.s. military have to be focused on dealing with those as well as other unknown emerging threats in the future. at least 26 people have been killed in an attack on a bar in mexico it happened on tuesday night in the southeastern city of course. the attackers started a fire which also injured several other people police say the fire may have been late with gasoline. police in south africa in the city of for toria fired rubber bullets at protesters after several small businesses were set on fire a local newspaper reported the fighting began after taxi drivers fought with drug dealers in the area protesting taxi drivers blamed foreign nationals for what they say is widespread peddling of drugs in the city.


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