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tv   The War On Afghan Women  Al Jazeera  August 30, 2019 1:33am-2:00am +03

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that they needed to be colonized they needed to have whatever the colonial system would offer them to buy in them in. free basics is just one of facebook's many initiatives across africa. facebook's latest push here in kenya is called express why 5 companies teamed up with local internet service providers to in-store why 5 hotspots like here in the mass i town of eagle are on the outskirts of my neighborhood. jerry number is a hairdresser who signed up as of into facebook's express why. he gets a commission on every dot a bundle he sells his customers say they look like they do his 1st book because even myself i use it and they find their bundle keep the cheaper. compared to i've done it works you get the 1st round of the 1100 in biz for free yeah. the 5. years they do they find it cheaper to fund it and then the doctors don't express
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why fi has been an undeniable success here it is made web access cheap of the people living in underserved locations then there are so many people living i don't want to connect at the. however for those studying the activities of facebook and other big tech companies in kenya it's impossible to ignore the huge potential for data mining. last year facebook was pushed to admit that it had added its own software to the wife i access points that enabled non facebook data such as customer names and phone numbers to directly flow to the corporation while facebook says the purpose of the software eastern shore that hotspots of functioning well there's no clarity on just how much additional data is being collected and how that's being used a lot of these companies aren't african they're not even based in kenya in africa forget kenya or longer so what is a kenyan citizenship or if you do want an american company uses their data yourself their data markets it you know as a product and without their consent without their ability to intervene to appeal to
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a court system that's kind of the gray area that we're falling into it a lot of these big you know tech companies. facebook isn't the only big tech company playing the connectivity card here in cannes last year alpha that the parent company who's most famous brand is google signed a deal with telecom kenya to quote connect the unconnected using billings. billings loon is a path breaking project that's been 8 years in the making and the idea is deceptively simple use high altitude balloons to revive internet connectivity in remote and hard to reach parts of the world kenya is where luna is making its commercial debut i spoke with charles merida he doesn't represent loon but it's more well known sister company google google's mission from the get go was to really get a lot of the africans who are offline online and to make sure that they get online in a more affordable and better cond content as well as relevance and the mission around
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noon is to ensure that we are able to deliver connectivity to the most remote part of the continent and around the world so i am proud to say that here in kenya is the 1st commercial agreement between noon our sister company and telco kenya worry . to be seen is what standards of. accountability there will be where they mean that people are restricted to only using google esque sites for instance that remains to be question what data will be collected in the process of connecting people i put some of these questions to charles he made it clear he couldn't say much more about learning after all he doesn't work for that company he did tell me this though about google's approach to darkly. so what we do at google is we ensure that we have employed a user trust that is something that's really important and that users understand exactly what we're doing with the data that we have on them we also ensure that
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they're able to manage and control so transparency ability to manage and control the data that we have on our users is really critical and when it's so transparent people get to enjoy the magic of google charles uses a lot of positive p.r. speak especially when it comes to discussing matters relating to data that doesn't come as a big surprise because data ownership access privacy is an incredibly sensitive legal and political issue across the world governments and regulators have been looking at their data laws more and more seriously but perhaps the most widely publicized is the european union's general data protection regulation otherwise known as g.d.p. which set a global benchmark for strengthening individual rights of the personal data that's really the discrepancy that we're seeing here is that western governments western societies have more space to keep these companies in check and to force them to
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abide by their local social standards and countries in other parts of the world and that's where the corner is a label really starts to become evident there is not enough space for ordinary african citizens to push their governments on these issues there is not enough space for us to actually demand. different standard of treatment in july has a point just take a look at the state of data regulation around the world and you'll see how stark the imbalances are what cording to a study by the law firm deal a pipe our north american or australian or much of europe and china have what they would classify as heavy will robust regulation for many countries across africa regulation ranges from moderate to 0 the kenyan government says they're working on it but the speed at which they are developing policies is being outstripped by the speed at which private players are revolutionizing telecoms and internet connectivity i don't think there's anything particularly wrong with our private
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sector actors taking a lead role if especially again they have the resources and the wherewithal to be able to do this the question is where are states in this game to keep them in check because of the narrative around how any and all digital development is a positive or a net positive asking critical questions is almost seen as being an enemy of progress and therefore the risk is your people in the community so will miss out so because of that nuanced and problematic notion being created very few politicians and by extension government actors want to step up to the plate to play this game proactively. which come to think of our data as being within us ready to be extracted like oil can be extracted from the earth i certainly used to think of my daughter that way before i began doing research and interviews for this episode but i've since come to realize that our lives locations family members our preferences our dislikes all of this is really data and to create algorithms that can convert
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every single human being into a collection of bits that money can be made off of so this myth that the somehow the oil or they call it the day to exhaust naturally within a switch is naturally there to be used by corporations it happens for their profit is certain. credibly important myth to say there's nothing we can do about this this is the way things are but go back 203040 years this was not the way things were we need to hold on to that to remember it to pass on the memory of that. in order to show that this remains the myth the digit the core of the colonial project so we're not just talking about the big players facebook google amazon in china by do. cetera the social quantification sector is a larger industry sector that's composed of the big players as well as all sorts of hardware manufacturers software developers all of this platform interpret new words
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as well as data analytics firms and data brokers so all together they. constitute the. sector that provides the infrastructure for making this extraction possible structure of data from our human social life we are the bodies producing the data but we're not necessarily the ones who benefit from that so at stake here is people's ideas people's dreams people's hopes people's frustrations being used to sell things back to them where do we actually get our money back we're not saying no attack in africa we're not saying you know just jump over africa as you're thinking about and i internet that it's it has done a lot of really good things in africa it's made a lot of connections possible that were not possible even 510 years ago the question is how do you mitigate the harm how do you make sure that you protect the good and you corral the bad the model that we have now isn't doing that i think we
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should be bored enough and brave enough to go back to the drawing board and challenge ourselves to think differently about this model is there a better way of doing this thing is there a more humane way of doing this connectivity thing that we're trying to do through all of these corporations. technology is neither positive and negative or neutral it will always intrinsic motivation that exists in a community where it's being deployed one practical tip that i've found very useful is to keep myself informed and bring in as much critical for it and questioning of when we are told you know technology x. is the solution and is the disrupt. you know to question how we were arrived at that conclusion supporting actors who are making their day to day lives to ask
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these things is one way to also keep making sure your views your concerns are represented and educate you know not to give into their fear we can still figure out how to heal the society technology could help with that but it's dead teaching us that we and we need to go back to the basics of how we form societies how we find consensus and how we quite exist in this world children who are now 5 years or younger growing up with toys which are in fact robots algorithmically programmed which operate by tracking everything they do and playing back to them in forms that help the child grow everything they say we don't know what happens to that data but it will be probably impossible in about 10 years time to say to the child who is now by that stage but grown up adult you can live in a world without being tracked algorithmically at every moment of your life it's therefore very important we start in a sense speaking the truth to
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a very new type of power as he's walking the face of the i think it's easy to forget you know a time even before all of our lives were ruled in a certain sense might all of these for the military and yet when i talk to young people. encourage by the sense that they really don't think all of this. and they are actually less deterministic that i am when i think about technology. and when i hear them. talk about their changing perceptions towards facebook toward social media how they're becoming more critical and how they're becoming more. literate consumers in terms of reading the terms of service in terms of trying to make sense technically the mystic language i think that gives me hope. that people can become more active consumers and participants think that it's really
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important for us as we're thinking about the issues of their personalities and the challenges the technology presents to remember about human beings. and human nature is very it's very true and it's very repetitive we've actually been here before with other forms of communications technology we think about radio and the role that radio played for example in the 2nd world war when you think about the launch of television and you know the fears around advertising in the fields around how television would change society but these are all conversations that have actually happened in the past and so for me the big lesson is let's learn from what has already happened in the past let's not be afraid to look back there's nothing radical you so radically different about internet technology that human beings haven't really grappled with before. around the world council and is a way to manipulate and influence us trolling the sports take you just algorithms
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that a team developed in designed to push content that says click me every click we make is value in software and in the trade of a 5 part series i did raise in mexico examining how propaganda shaped. all the algorithms on the. this is a dialogue let you decide not to have children to save the planet but the stake is really human survival everyone has a voice that i start with our community because of course this is a debate and it's a he did want this is a little be patient literally be able to do a ph d.
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ideally join the global conversation with people i think if only they knew what is happening to oil or muslims they will be with us and they will be outraged on out is iraq in afghanistan the taliban is renowned for its violent repression of women now a new deal with the u.s. could see the group return to power one o one a student best to gates of afghan women who paid the price for pace on al-jazeera. culture a dance thrives here every day generations of tibetans continue to embrace and maintain their cultural heritage it's a reminder of who they are and whether. this is a suburb of the idiot capital new delhi tibet so be refugees here since 964 buttons here have been defined as migrants are not refugees because india hasn't signed up to the 1951 un convention on refugees so tibetans here have been able to access the indian welfare system so they've become self-sufficient setting up over
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a businesses and looking for work independently but for some it's not enough. al-jazeera. and 3. 6 6 heavens you recognize government blames the u.a.e. for air strikes that help separatist fighters regain temperature in aid. of the m g m i don't know this is just the red line from doha also coming up several members of colombia's former farm rebels and as the new offensive after withdrawing
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from the peace deal. italy's new coalition of contradictions the populace 5 star movement and the center left democratic party join hands to keep the far right a material sowed levy at. a south korean court orders a retrial in a corruption case involving a former president and a top some some executive. a warm welcome to the program yemen's un recognized government and separatist forces appear to have divided control of aden as fighting continues between the 2 sides in several areas of the city the government is accusing the u.a.e. of launching air strikes against its troops in the coastal city at least 40 people have been killed in aden and in sindh in the side of according to its information ministry well in a statement yemen's foreign ministry says the government of yemen condemns the u.a.e. bombing of government forces in aden there moratti bombing has resulted in deaths
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of our soldiers and civilians we hold the state responsible of targeting. legally and against international law and we asked the saudis to stop the unjustified military escalation well the has the latest. 6 separatist celebrate near the entrance to the city of aden. yemen's internationally recognized government says the u.a.e. conducted strikes targeting government positions which allow the separatists to retake territory they've lost to saudi backed government forces 24 hours earlier the separatists pulled in troops from the front lines fighting the. bard and. we managed to retake all of aden and we are now clearing the city of sleeper cells we urge all residents in every district to hand over all elements from those sleeper cells they are invaders we don't want traitors among us. separatists from the
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southern transitional council are part of the saudi u.a.e. coalition that's fighting against the he. bought in a dramatic twist less than 3 weeks ago they took over the city of aden the city to the saudi backed internationally recognized yemeni government. wednesday government forces recaptured the city both sides say they're now in control. the violence has exposed an apparent rift in the saudi u.a.e. coalition with each country backing opposing sides in southern yemen is caught in this awkward limbo whereby it does not necessarily want to discard its alliance 5 with but it knows that if yemen divides then the humiliation will be on saudi arabia and not necessarily on the u.a.e. saudi arabia knows if yemen splits between north and south so it is likely to be north is likely to be pro iran saudi arabia is the party that produces. government forces say they're sending reinforcements to aden 60000 people have left the city
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but tens of thousands remain in harm's way as the fighting intensifies victoria gate in the al-jazeera. the u.n. security council has been meeting to discuss the key man this hearing crisis that continues to unfold across syria the un special envoy for syria to particular attention to the growing numbers of dead displaced people mike hanna has the latest from the united nations the council heard from the u.n. humanitarian chief mark alcott who pointed out that it looked in particularly in the northwest among 3000000 people living there half of this number of children one and a half 1000000 children living in what is an ongoing conflict to the humanitarian chief pointing out that the ceasefire that was agreed to at the beginning of august was broken she even before it could be put in place the council also heard from the special envoy for syria get peterson who once again expressed deep pessimism about the situation in. syria as
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a whole pointing out that there has been no agreement in any area and the situation there continues to deteriorate this is what he had to say the. violence and instability in syria is extremely alarming we have an ever rising civilian death toll millions to supply on tolls tens of thousands detained or missing large parts of the syrian territory prime and between different actors confrontations between states on multiple axis research and i saw him stepping off tanks and not yet been warned of a real political process. these dynamics. must change there were also questions about the agreement between turkey and the u.s. on establishing a safe zone in northwestern syria the humanitarian chief saying that there had been
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no consultation with the united nations on this matter also a blistering attack from the u.k.'s political envoy to the council insisting that the council itself had failed the people of syria saying that while the council remain divided there could be no approach to a political situation within syria itself and he pointed very strongly to the 12 vetoes in the council that have been exercised by russia when it comes to the syrian crisis that's been and hezbollah is promising to retaliate against israel after accusing it of being behind in attack by self destructive drones last weekend domestic rivals of long queues the group of making security and military decisions on its own dragging the country to war but this time lebanese officials are rallying behind hezbollah has more now from the woods. the israeli army has pulled back from its positions close to the border with lebanon it's on high alert awaiting hezbollah's promised retaliation for the killing of 2 of its operatives in
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airstrikes in neighboring syria. since the 2006 war the israeli military has largely refrained from targeting hezbollah inside lebanon instead it has been facing off against the group and its backer iran and syria that changed over the weekend the lebanese armed group is accusing israel of sending armed drones that crashed and exploded on a mission to attack in its stronghold in the sudden suburbs of beirut it is promising to confront drones that violate lebanon's airspace and it has the support of the lebanese state everybody is aligned everybody rejects this israeli operation with raising premiums what the truth will always wanted to have. states the lebanese states are going to stick is the truth and perhaps the majority of the lebanese people. lebanon's army and government officials described the drone crash incident as an attempted attack and
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a violation of the country's sovereignty president michel who called it a declaration of war chaired a meeting of the higher defense council which stressed the right of lebanese to defend themselves by any means to deter further israeli attacks before the election or around there was always a margin. a margin of space if i may say between. official position of the lebanese state and the law profession as a resistance the sportin are. recently has has been. diminished or has. become smaller hezbollah and its allies now hold political power in lebanon its opponents accuse it of doing iran's bidding in the proxy war with israel. the months long war in 2006 was sparked by a cross border raid in which has valar killed and captured israeli soldiers there is now the possibility of a new confrontation hezbollah says it will not reveal details of its. planned
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retaliation and its timings but there are those who believe it will likely be a calculated response in order to avoid all out war. israel's response is not guaranteed back in 2006 the lebanese government disavowed itself from hezbollah today it is a different dynamic and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is warning the lebanese state it will be held responsible for hezbollah's actions. beirut former members of colombia's revolutionary armed forces or fark say they'll take up arms again this fight a landmark peace deal signed 3 years ago ivan marcuse who was a high ranking commander of the rebel group made the announcement in a video posted on the web and say he says a new phase of armed struggle will begin and accuses the government of not sticking to the 2016 agreement the deal ended more than 60 years of conflict where we live
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and when we signed the agreement of havana we did it with the conviction that it was possible to change the lives of the humble and the dispossessed but the state has not fulfilled even the most important of the obligations there is to guarantee the life of its citizens and particularly to prevent the a murder for political reasons all of this this truck this betrayal this perfidy the unilateral modification of the text of the accord the unfulfilled commitments on the part of the state the judicial sit ups and insecurity have obliged us to return to the mountains i listen to ramp here he has the latest now from. this is obviously a major blow to the implementation of the peace process the peace deal which already had been quite complicated things the signing of the deal 3 years ago it had become even more complex with the new government and right wing government of a president who cared who has openly campaigned to change many of the point of
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this peace deal so in many ways what even marcus and his 2 sons 3 to use the former commanders of the 5 who are now calling for a restart of the arms struggle they're making something their points about the government trying to undermine the peace through the question is of course here what they are expecting to do what will they be able to do how many people do they really represent how many former combatants that are willing to pick up again and restart their fight against the colombian government and the colombian the state that we don't know what will happen of course in that sense in coming days we've heard from the current leader of the fact that today is a legal a political party in the country saying that slit their announcement is a shameful and that was illegal and going you're the leader of the fact that he is
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very sorry that this is their decision but that the great majority of the former rebels have disarmed and are speaking are committed to push forward a peace agreement to end its implementation in columbus still ahead here on al-jazeera opposition m.p.'s in the u.k. indicate their push for an emergency debate and legal challenges mind against the suspension upon and the haves and have nots a new report looks at the difference in life span between the witch and poor in the us. despite the fact the monsoon rains are retreating every now and again to give a boost just to tease.


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