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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 241  Al Jazeera  August 30, 2019 3:32am-4:01am +03

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enormous you know have the legacy the whole legacy of the pa system 30 years of. corruption. inefficiency were clues we see we see land you know they're about to dock. despite the skepticism many sudanese share with the hope of a new land of promise but they know that if it happens it's going to be a slow and difficult road ahead 105 or dizzy or cutoff health workers in the congolese city of goma are warning the ball i wake based spread because people are having difficulty finding clean water the 1st cases of the virus were confirmed in the city near the border with her wanda last month alexia bryant has more. the laiki views shores are always busy as people from around goma gather their daily water supplies for some this is the only water they can find for drinking and
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washing. and keeping planes now even more important in this daintily populated city after the 1st cases of the a bowl of virus were confirmed last month was a stands of being set up outside public buildings and at the busy border crossing with rwanda you and british out war because of the a bowl epidemic we have to wash our hands all the time but the problem is water isn't easy to find here in goma every day alice can walk e. queues for hours at public taps like many in the democratic republic of congo she doesn't have running water a home not the right in that there are 4 of us at home every morning i wake up at 6 in order to get to the fountain because i live a bit far from here it takes about 5 hours to get access to the tap we suffer a lot because we need at least 5 cans perhaps hold. the ball a virus begins with a fever and vomiting and often leads to massive internal bleeding and day it's
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spread through direct contact with body fluids so good hi james vital. even the dead in their coffins a sanitized before being beret a bolo while it's not caused through water having access to water is really important for prevention efforts ensuring that there's good hygiene practices hand washing is another main means of prevention and so. water is not the cause it's still a really important for helping to curb this epidemic nearly 2000 people have been killed so far and what's the longest and deadliest outbreak in the country's history there's been no new cases reported in going with this month but many in the city still fear how they'll be able to avoid the disease if they don't have a. to wash their hands. brian al jazeera. the gap in life expectancy between the rich and poor in the united states can be as many as 30
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years and it's not just limited access to health care that's causing the less well to die earlier john hendren has more from chicago. in america where you live can determine how long you live you give me anything and. yeah i can consume you some heart problems. to some extent the lifespan gap between rich and poor exists everywhere but when new york university medical center studied the us the biggest disparity was here in chicago that gap is surprisingly wide even where the distance is short on the north side among the gleaming high rises of the city's streeterville neighborhood the average lifespan is 90 years 15 kilometers away in impoverished englewood it's 60 that is larry richards age but you know in englewood you beat the odds right all my life and money which leads to better health care or no health care least
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a better food better diet and rich people are just more aware of their bodies than poor people or they care more about others and they can afford the health care exactly in streeterville residents have easy access to medical care a healthy foods and a safe place to exercise here you can essentially buy a longer life because here is segregation in poverty go hand in hand people in the south have been hit by. all the ills his society gun violence is off the charts a lot of depressed you have. this running rampant on the west and south of kabul some blame access to health care some blame a lack of healthy foods but researchers say the biggest cause of shorter life spans stress has what they call a weathering effect chronic disease sets in earlier people have a rough life and pushed around their whole life and are being bullied their whole life and so what you get is a physiological reaction to being in some ways
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a victim of a lot of the social distribute. status in our society and there is a element of class to this and there's an element of caste meaning rates is that divide remains researchers say so will a lifespan gap john hendren chicago hurricane dorian aside moving away from the u.s. virgin islands. and flooding across the caribbean forecasters warn the hurricane could strengthen as it heads towards the u.s. main that florida has already declared a state of emergency expected to hit the state over the next few days. still ahead here on our. way from a mere player of the gear in the world to here with that story in a little bit. it's
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time to get all the day's sports news here julie so a 2 of european football's biggest spending clubs have been drawn against each other in the champions league group stages on thursday. and real madrid will do battle in group a alongside that club group and got a tussle rye 5 time champions byron munich and last year's runners up tottenham hotspur have been drawn against each other and group manchester city might feel they have a straightforward task in group c. while you ventus and athletico madrid find themselves paired together and group d. liverpool and napoli will meet in group and group f.
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looks like a group of death featuring barcelona dortmund and milan all 3 have won the champions league in the past then it's been and will all fancy their changes in group g. while chelsea i.x. and valencia are the big names in group h. . also at the champions league draw in monaco liverpool defender vergel virgil van dyke was named player of the year of the dutchman on a messy and christian over and although for the award they were the other 2 nominees vandyke helped liverpool to win the champions league last season. a football match in france was suspended after fans displayed homophobic banners a referee stopped play in the game between east and mar say for 10 minutes along with the signs there were also offensive chants it's the 2nd time this month the match in france has been stops because of homophobic behavior by the fans there were other incidents in last week's pictures at brest and monaco.
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i think the refrain was totally right when he decided to interrupt the match i think these things are an acceptable and the message has been clear that the refried didn't have a choice maybe he should have more time to the supporters to take away those bene's but he explained to me that he didn't really have a choice which is something i understand i think he made the right call. to tennis now and world number one naomi osaka is 3rd to this year's u.s. open 3rd round after beating mug of the nets in straight sets but 2 time wimbledon champion patrick veto of a will not be adding to her collection of grand slam titles at least not for now she was dumped out of the tournaments in the 2nd round on thursday germany's andrea pads for dick sweeping in a 6464 victory at flushing meadows there were no major shocks on the wind it won wednesday with the likes of serena williams roger federer and novak djokovic it's
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all progressing as david was so reports. this wasn't what novak djokovic wanted in just the 2nd much of the week the defending champion needed 3 pats of treatment on his shoulder but battled through to a straight sets victory ever want to see out of barrow it's a 71st win at the u.s. open during a level with his hero pete sampras pain aside djokovic sure brains on track reese for what u.s. open title and 3rd grand slam of the season it was an easy obviously playing with the pain but you have to find a way. you know to to fight and hold that you get some lucky shots you get some. opportunities when they're presented you have to step in and you know take them. roger federer again got off to a slow start losing the outing set for the 2nd match running this time he gets posen is damaged. but he didn't panic and came through in 4 sets. of the federal showing the grit that seen him win in new york 5 times before it was
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a bit frustrating morning anything special and level is that low and there's not many errors there and the energy is not kind of there but. he can only do better which is a great thing you know you know. serena williams continues to look for that record equalling 24th grand slam she was pulled at the start of her match against teenage wildcard katherine mcnally have plenty of frustration for the 6 time champion as the 17 year old took the set 75 was but experience won out in the end serena came roaring back into the match and won one of the best rallies of the day to level things up one set told was she then dropped just one game in the decider to book her place in round 3. was syrian i you made way too many errors today were
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you thinking i am but it's ok i'm alive i'm still here i am happy to be on this court somehow i had was you better how was seeing his sister venus has won twice at flushing meadows with there were signs of the old magic but not enough of it. the 39 year old eventually fell in straight sets to the 5th seed from ukraine alina spitz and lena. australia's 2nd seed actually bossie the french open champion is also into round 3 as our fellow seeds count me in a position of about a seguin he's brain wiped out she's on day 3 so there's a packed show jewel on thursday as organises play catch up with rafa nadal the headline act against australia as the nessie kokkinakis david stokes al-jazeera formula one's leading team mercedes confirms their driver that he booked us is staying for another season the 30 year old thin is currently in his 3rd year at the
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team after replacing nico rosberg in 2017 but us has won 2 races this season but struggle to keep up with his teammate lewis hamilton who is on track to win his 6 world title on top of that f one announced that next year's calendar will feature 22 races making it the longest season in the sport's history. the rugby world cup is just a few weeks away and hosts japan say they're ready to go head coach jamie joseph announced his 31 man squad in tokyo where they will play russia in the opening game on september 20th nicknamed the brave blossoms that japan beat south africa in the last world cup and there are a mean even higher this time our team is seeded goal to make the top 8 for the 1st time. in history of japanese rugby we understand it's a very difficult challenge that has been done before i can guarantee that the players and staff will give 150 percent. whether that will be enough and tom will tell well we'll see if they can do it already well that's it for me i'll hand you
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back over to julie. that is it from being let down by the team in doha for this barbara sarah will be back in just a 2nd with much more of the day's news by. this is a dialogue which you decide not to have children to say that it's what the stake is really human survival everyone has a voice but a start with our community because of course this is a debate and it's a he did want to visit a little be patient literally be able to do
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a page and i fully join the global conversation with people i think if only they knew what is happening to we were muslims they will be with us and they will be outraged on al-jazeera. an army of volunteers has come together to help with the influx of tens of thousands of evacuees. but their retreat to a church shelter has brought new challenges an outbreak of norovirus and other gastrointestinal problems. smoke from the massive wildfires now blankets much of northern california leading to some of the worst air quality in the world but with more than 12000 structures lost in the wildfires concerns remain about long term accommodations jobs and medical care. local officials say there isn't enough housing stock available. a nation where corruption is endemic embroiled in a battle to hold the power to account. has this radical
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transformation occur. i mean nobody really knows who was shedding light on the romanians pressing for change and the unconventional methods to eliminate corruption remain the people on al-jazeera. thank. 6 6 separatist celebrate recapturing some parts of aden from yemen's government which is accusing the u.s. of launching air strikes on its troops. thanks barbara starr you're watching al-jazeera life from london also coming up on the program for more fark commanders who negotiated the peace deal with colombia's
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government say they're taking up arms again italy's prime minister pledges a more united country as former foes agreed to govern together to block a power grab by the right wing leader. and were in chicago where life expectancy in the downtown streeterville neighborhood is 19 years but in impoverished englewood it's just 16. thanks. welcome to the program we begin in new yemen were control of aden is now divided between the un recognized government and southern separatists now this a day after the government said that it had captured the vital port city it's accusing the united arab emirates of launching air strikes against its troops in aden and zinjibar killing at least 40 people now the u.a.e. backs the separatists who want to return to an independent southern yemen both are
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supposedly members of the saudi led coalition which backs the yemeni government of president of the rebel months old heidi but the u.a.e. is never fully supported allegedly over his ties to yemen's muslim brotherhood since 2015 the coalition has been fighting the who the rebels who are aligned with iran they ousted president heidi in 2014 seizing the capital sanaa in the north and forcing him to move his government to even big toyah gate and he has more. 6 6 separatists celebrate near the entrance to the city of aden. yemen's internationally recognized government says the u.a.e. conducted strikes targeting government positions which allow the separatists to retake territory they go to saudi backed government forces 24 hours. the separatists pulled in troops from the front lines fighting the. we managed to retake all of aden and we are now clearing the city of sleeper cells we
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urge all residents in every district to hand over all elements from those sleeper cells they are invaders we don't want traitors among us. separatists from the southern transitional council are part of the saudi u.a.e. coalition that's fighting against the he. bought in a dramatic twist less than 3 weeks ago they took over the city of aden the seat of the saudi backed internationally recognized yemeni government the 2 on wednesday government forces recaptured the city both sides say they're now in control. the violence has exposed an apparent rift in the saudi u.a.e. coalition with each country backing opposing sides in southern yemen is caught in this awkward limbo whereby it does not necessarily want to discard its alliance with but it knows that if yemen divides then the humiliation will be on saudi arabia and not necessarily on the u.a.e.
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saudi arabia knows if yemen splits between north and south so it is likely to be pro you eat north is likely to be pro iran saudi arabia is the party that loses. government forces say they're sending reinforcements to aden 60000 people have left the city but tens of thousands remain in harm's way as the fighting intensifies victoria gate and be al jazeera a. british m.p. said next week could be their only chance to prevent and no deal breaks it it follows that the situation by prime minister boris johnson to suspend parliament for 5 weeks in september limiting the time for debate on the u.k.'s exit from the european union the announcement has sparked protests across the u.k. legal challenges and the petition with more than one and a half 1000000 signatures ruth davidson the popular leader of the scottish
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conservatives has confirmed meanwhile that she's quitting after 8 years in the job and labor party leader jeremy corbyn has now issued a joint statement with all the other parties in parliament urging the prime minister to reverse of the situation or allow m.p.'s to vote on it. what we've got them out is a group of experts from across the political parties taking legal advice looking to see next we whether we can use the introduction of legislation to prevent. my well being or boris johnson does try and trigger a general election on his own terms but i will make sure that if there is a general election it will be on our terms as well and also part will make the decision about the time we have that we won't be dictated to anymore by a dictator in numbers and parliament now is reasserting the traditional centuries old democratic rights of the people. or in 3 has more now from london. well of all the fireworks of wednesday and boris johnson's announcement he's
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suspending parliament for a fall 5 weeks all the pressure now is on the anti bricks its side the side that doesn't want to those certainly doesn't want boris johnson's version of bricks it to figure out what they're going to do to try to block him and the main problem they have against them is the absolute lack of time because with parliament being suspended from just over a week from now there are only about 3 parliamentary sitting days for them to come up with something their main line of attack continues to be to try to pass a law that would prevent a no deal bracks it at the end of october and ask for an extension from the european union but the problem with that is that if they want to pass a law they have sue amend a government bill going through parliament and if the government doesn't propose and the bills go through parliament then there is nothing for them to amend and as it stands at the moment there isn't anything for them to amend in parliament next week and so how then can they pass
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a law if that doesn't work their other alternative is to force a vote of no confidence in the government next week which they could do but if they want to do that they have to propose an alternative government with norton it's of prime minister because if the government of the day were to lose a vote of confidence then the opposition would have 2 weeks to form a new government. they were a bitter enemies but 2 of a sleaze largest political parties have joined forces to create a new government and the prime minister just epic wanted the move ousts the far right league party pushing its controversial leader met their 70 into opposition he pulled out of the previous ruling coalition in their attempt to trigger early elections and win a majority a big gamble backfired as neve barker now explains. a seismic shift in italy's political landscape the established a center left democratic party and italy's anti establishment 5 star movement have agreed to put aside their differences and join forces to form
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a government the outgoing prime minister political independent giuseppe conti who resigned last week returns to the top job so. it will be a government for the good of the citizens a government which will help modernize the country and make our nation more competitive internationally but also just more supportive and more inclusive. the surprise partnership puts an end to the 1st postwar populist government in western europe. italian politics imploded earlier this month when deputy prime minister. withdrew his league party turbulent alliance with the 5 star movement the right wing firebrand had hoped to exploit his party's popularity to trigger snap elections and become prime minister if successful it could have led to the creation of a fully far right government but the plan spectacularly backfired salvini is
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furious accusing brussels perlin and powerless plotting against him. we've been direct and honest with the president to whom we've expressed it would've meant the world meant not just of our party but of millions of italians looking on at this ridiculous political show a game of power has been going on for days between the democratic party and the 5 star movement. salvini strong fierce criticism and one support for his crackdown on boats trying to bring stranded migrants to italy putting relations with other e.u. members under strain he described african refugees as an army of benefits the us and criminals once the most influential man in government salvini is now the most powerful man in opposition and the leak still remains the country's most popular party the new coalition is united against a common enemy he would need to hold firm to keep salvini at bay.
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al-jazeera. the spanish coast guard has rescued more than $200.00 migrants from the mediterranean sea in the last 24 hours they were picked up in an area east of the strait of gibraltar and one of the most common crossing to europe from north africa the migrants have been taken to a temporary facility. so far this year the interior ministry says more than $14000.00 migrants have arrived in the country by sea and that's down 42 percent compared to the same period last year. former members of colombia's revolutionary armed forces or far car threatening to resume their 5 decades of armed conflict despite a landmark peace deal signed 3 years ago the announcement was made by even marquez who was a high ranking commander of the group he says a new phase of on the struggle will begin and accuses the government of not sticking to the 2016 agreement more than 200000 people were killed and nearly
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7000000 displaced during the 50 years of conflict between the fart and the colombian government. when we signed the agreement of havana we did it with the conviction that it was possible to change the lives of the humble and the disappears east but the state has not fulfilled even the most important of the obligations that is to guarantee the life of its citizens and particularly to prevent the america for political reasons all of this this trick this betrayal this perfidy the unilateral modification of the text of the accord the unfulfilled commitments on the part of the state the judicial sit ups and insecurity have obliged us to return to the mountains. well even marquez was a key negotiator in the peace agreement signed in cuba almost exactly 3 years ago around 13000 fark members of the mobilized including around 7000 soldiers who laid down their arms as part of the deal they were promised help reintegrating into
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civilian society fark was also turned into a political party and the signed a number of seats and colombia's congress but hundreds of social leaders human rights activists and former fark members have been killed in the past 3 years and they're also unhappy a president even took his attempts to change the painstakingly negotiated deal since his election last year well he is following events in columbus capital bogota and joins us now good to see you i mean obviously the stephanie complicates a situation what does it actually mean though for the peace same plantation if i mean is there any hope of that now. well barbara this is the biggest blow yet again to the implementation of this landmark to have peace you know and it was a nightmare that came true for many colombians when they woke up on thursday.


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