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tv   West Africas Opioid Crisis  Al Jazeera  August 30, 2019 6:32am-7:01am +03

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i think our viewers have been watching now for a couple of weeks the forest fires in the brazilian amazon but it's important to put this into context these forest fires here in this part of bolivia began a month ago that is 10 days before they began in brazil and they have been spreading and spreading not just to the bridge not just to the bolivian amazon on the border with brazil but to this part of the country this is known as a dry tropical forest it has much lower trees and it has a cushion of very very very flammable material leans to an exe scenes from coconut trees which extremely flammable and there's nobody really to put them out we've been watching volunteers policemen a few soldiers trying to wrestle with what you see behind me which used to be a forest and it's just been spreading and spreading and uncontrollably i can tell you what we've seen in there there's smoke everywhere and i'm like in lots of brazil here what you have mainly is smoke because the fire is spreading to slowly
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underneath the surface and firefighters are going to go out at night a little bit later it's start it's starting to go down the sun now to try to see if they can spot the actual places where the flames are burning better be in the darkness and all that using to put out the fire of bottles of water like this they really have nothing they have no problem issues no proper match for the most people have been coming in and out of here for meeting with headaches intoxicated by the smoke that is really a dramatic situation and the government has just now 3 weeks after all this began and said that it would accept international aid but it hasn't yet made a formal request and given all of that it sounds like a horrific situation lucy how is that likely to affect the upcoming elections we were talking about or no campaigning has been suspended for the moment but how is what is happening with these fires likely to have any effect on that election.
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well you know it's very interesting politically we just heard from daniel schorr i'm there my colleague in brazil the point of view of president also now to president obama and his would be is politically at the opposite extreme me as a left wing revolutionary but me such certainly seems to see eye to eye with both are not a one in that he believes that the agricultural frontier needs to be expanded in this part of the country where it was never ever allowed for farmers to come and clear this particular area by using fire but he only needed to create on the 10th of july nicking that possible is going to certainly or it's expect that it that there will be a political price for having made that decision and also for the slowness of trying to ask for help because this country which is one of the poorest in south america certainly but what we can see does not have what it needs to try to cope with the situation you see here in august thank you. an iranian rocket has exploded on its launch pad for its planned launch at the am khomeini space center
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200 kilometers east of terror on iranian officials say the explosion was caused by a technical fault and scientists have been working to fix the problem the u.s. is long warned iran against launching satellites fearing the technology could also be used to launch nuclear warheads a claim that iran denies president donald trump has launched a new pennsic an c'mon dedicated to warfare in space it's viewed as a step towards a full space for military branch which still needs approval from congress the force would be responsible for planning and executing space operations just as we have recognized land air sea and cyber as vital war fighting domains we will now treat space as an independent region overseen by a new unified geographic combatant command. the establishment of the 11th combatant command is
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a landmark moment this is a landmark day one that recognizes the central of the of space to america's national security and defense let's get more on this now from john hendren in washington d.c. president trump's obviously very proud of it but what actually is its main aim do you think well it was one small step as they say for the president to announce that but it's really a giant leap for the pentagon to actually carry it out it's not just an 11th combatant command which in itself is a big deal the last time the u.s. created a new one was in 2009 where it created this cyber command but it is also it also seeks to create a 5th military branch now that would require approval from congress where that would be the space for so you've got the army navy air force marines and now if trump has his way it would be this space force as well and it's been ridiculed by
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critics as this base farce but analysts say there's really good reason to join the race for the military base in the solar system in that's because russia and china are already there france has announced its own military operations in space and the worry there is that in the same way that countries have been launching cyber attacks against each other in recent years you could have countries trying to disrupt satellites that could disrupt the u.s. economy it could also have military applications is well so that is what the u.s. is looking to create here if he only has to have support from all sides of congress . the the u.s. congress would have to approve this space for so if they're going to create this 5th force they would have to approve that the president did have a secretary defense sign the creation of the u.s.
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space command but this is an ambitious project this is probably the most ambitious thing that a u.s. president has announced in this respect since john f. kennedy's moon shot after he became president in 1961 this is a massive this is a massive new thing that would be created and nasa has actually cut back money for space exploration in the civil realm this would be a completely different thing for the u.s. to do all right john hendren in washington d.c. thank you. it's crazy that he's making his debut at this weekend's prix they will have more.
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with us. thank you felicity world number one and defending champion naomi osaka is through to this year's u.s. open 3rd round after beating magda linette in straight sets but top seed won this match 62 and 64 against her polish opponent may have won in straightforward fashion but only landed 47 percent of her 1st serves that is something she'll want to improve upon as she approaches the leader. but 2 time wimbledon champion patrick of it over was dumped out of the tournament on thursday germany's andrea petkovic sweeping to a 6464 victory at flushing meadows contests and at least merton's have also progressed to the 3rd round of this year's competition. well i think i think the
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whole match was on a pretty high level today and i was i was very pleased with how i played and i was also pleased with how the match went i think petra played well i played well and i just the few opportunities that i had i was man i managed to to really seized and take them and i was very pleased with that. over on the men's side germany's 6th seed alexander is vera of it was pushed all the way against american francis awful needed 5 sets to defeat the world number 45 it was a seesaw battle in new york between a 22 year old and a 21 year old the german won the 1st and 3rd sets while the american took the 2nd and sort of eventually won the match by claiming the 5th set 60. 3 to appear to pan football's biggest spending clubs have been drawn against each other in the champions league group stages on thursday. and real madrid will do battle in group a alongside a club in. 5 time champions byron munich and last year's runners up at tottenham
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hotspur have been drawn against each other in group b. manchester city might feel they have a straightforward task in group c. while you ventus and athletico madrid find themselves paired together in group d. liverpool and we will meet in group group looks like a group of death featuring barcelona brucia dortmund and in milan all 3 have won the champions league before then it been a feat and will all fancy their chances in group g. while chelsea i.x. and valencia are the big names in group h. . group like always you know the stage goes like that. we are confident we are given those. and we're looking forward to do it's to start well the champions league and as you know it is a difficult position to win but we are very confident for this year also at the
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champions league draw in monaco liverpool defender virgil van dyke was named the u.a.e. for player of the year the dutchman beat out luna messi and cristiano ronaldo for the award they were the other 2 nominees vandyke help to liverpool to win the champions league last season. spin the it's been a great year. and to obviously get recognition for his standing and so credit. you know to everyone that now with everyone at liverpool. iran has helped me along the way is also great. a football match in france was suspended after fans displayed homophobic banners a referee stopped play in the game between nice and marsay for 10 minutes along with the signs there were also offensive chants it's the 2nd time this month a match in france has been stopped because of homophobic behavior by the fans there were other incidents in last week's fixtures at brest and monaco.
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i think the referee was totally right when he decided to drop the match i think these things are an acceptable and the message has been clear the refried didn't have a choice maybe he should have more time to the supporters to take away those bene's but he explained to me that he didn't really have a choice which is something i understand i think he made the right cool and formula one's leading team are sadie's confirms that their driver valtteri bottas is going to stay for another season the 30 year old finn is currently in his 3rd year at the team after replacing nico rosberg in 2017 both us has won 2 races this season but did struggle to keep up with this teammate lewis hamilton who is on track to win his 6 world title on top of all that if one announced that next year's calendar will feature 22 races making it the longest season in the sport's history and red bull's latest driver is 23 year old toro rosso star alex all but the tie
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racer will be joining max for stop and team at spa this weekend at the belgian grand prix he said his phone phone blew up when he got the news. obviously lot of excitement. i would be lying if i said there was no bit of nerves as well as a big hand there's a lot of people. and yes i mean you can ignore it but at the same time it's a chance to kind of prove myself and moving on to lead us in major league baseball the cleveland indians tore up the detroit tigers on thursday francisco had a home run and drove in the other run for the tribe who got shut out the win was cleveland's 14th straight over detroit improving their record to 151 against their divisional rival this year even with impressive moves like this one tigers are still the worst team in the week indians went in 20 it's going to get underway here shortly. all right that's it for me here in doha and back to felicity in washington
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. thanks so much for that. spot it for me and that is our team here in london but we're going to be back again a couple of minutes time with much more of the day's news of the that provide. all jazeera explores prominent figures of the 20th century and how libel reigns influenced the course of history was the cuban revolution communist no way feel castro is a feudal east another commie stuff custer wanted his country che wanted international revolution became
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a point when the relationship came to an end the icons of revolution who changed the course of latin american politics. and fidel castro face to face on al-jazeera . setting the discussions police in cape town has struggled to looking steadily diabolo and examining the headlines now and the president flew to russia is making a push to engage explore an abundance of world class programming designed to inform motivate and inspire news but. it's almost 2nd nature and i also know what they see the world from a different perspective on al-jazeera. a nation where corruption is endemic embroiled in a battle to hold the powerful to account. how does this radical transformation occur. i mean nobody i mean if you want to shedding light on the
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romanians pressing for changed. and the unconventional methods to eliminate corruption remain people on al jazeera. this is the opportunity to understand the very different way where there. is a we don't 6. yemen's president urges saudi arabia to intervene to stop the u.a.e. backing the separatists his government is fighting for control of aden. and again on tuesday barred you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up. italy's prime minister pledges a more united country asked for my phone has agreed to govern together to block
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a power grab by right wing leader mikhail sell the. colombia's president offers an almost $1000000.00 reward for the arrest of fox top peace negotiator after he vowed to take up arms again. and as wildfires still ravage brazil's amazon region across the border bolivia president ever morales is taking matters into his own hands. yemen's un recognized president as a saudi arabia to intervene to stop the united arab emirates supporting southern separatists fighting for control of the port city of aden they solved the u.a.e. launched as strikes on government forces killing at least 40 people the u.a.e. says it was targeting what it calls terrorists well the trains and backs the separatists who want to return to an independent southern yemen that's despite both
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supposedly being members. of the saudi led coalition which supports the yemeni government of president hadi but the army has never fully supported harvey allegedly of his ties to yemen's muslim brotherhood since 2015 the coalition has been fighting the rebels who are aligned with iran they ousted president hadi in 2014 seats in the capital sanaa in the north and forcing him to move his government to aging victoria. 6 separatists celebrate near the entrance to the city of aden. yemen internationally recognized government says the u.a.e. conducted strikes targeting government positions that allow the separatists to retake territory they lost to saudi backed government forces 24 hours earlier the separatists pulled in troops from the front lines fighting the. but. we
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managed to retake all of aden and we are now clearing the city of sleeper cells we urge all residents in every district to hand over all elements from those sleeper cells they are invaders we don't want traitors among us. separatists from the southern transitional council are part of the saudi u.a.e. coalition that is fighting against the heathy you. bought in a dramatic twist less than 3 weeks ago they took over the city of aden the seat of the saudi backed internationally recognized yemeni government. wednesday government forces recaptured the city both sides say they're now in control. the violence has exposed an apparent rift in the saudi u.a.e. coalition with each country backing opposing sides in southern yemen is caught in this awkward limbo whereby it does not necessarily want to discard its alliance 5 with but it knows that if yemen divides then the humiliation will be on saudi
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arabia and not necessarily on the u.a.e. saudi arabia no. if you meant splits between north and south south it's likely to be pro u.a.e. north is likely to be pro iran saudi arabia is the party that produces. government forces say they're sending reinforcements to aden 60000 people have left the city but tens of thousands remain in harm's way as the fighting intensifies victoria gate in the al-jazeera. they were beset enemies but now 2 of the city's largest political parties have joined forces to create a new government and a prime minister to. the move fast the far right league party pushing its controversial leader but they are salvini into opposition he pulled out of the previous voting coalition to try to trigger early elections and win a majority of the gamble backfired as need explains
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a seismic shift in italy's political landscape the established center left democratic party and italy's anti establishment 5 star movement have agreed to put aside their differences and join forces to form a government the outgoing prime minister political independent giuseppe conti who resigned last week returns to the top job so don't go there will be a government for the good of the citizens a government which will help modernize the country and make our nation more competitive internationally but also. more supportive and more inclusive. the surprise partnership puts an end to the 1st post-war populist government in western europe. italian politics imploded earlier this month when deputy prime minister vini withdrew his league party turbulent alliance with the 5 star movement the right wing firebrand had hoped to exploit his party's popularity to trigger
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snap elections and become prime minister if successful it could have led to the creation of a fully far right government but the plan spectacularly backfired salvini is furious accusing brussels perlin and powerless plotting against him. we've been direct and honest with the president to whom we've expressed wouldn't the boredom and not just of our party but of millions of italians looking on at this ridiculous political show a game of power has been going on for days between the democratic party and the 5 star movement salvini strong fierce criticism and one support for his crackdown on boats trying to bring stranded migrants to italy putting relations with other e.u. members under strain he described african refugees as an army of benefits the criminals once the most influential man in government salvini is now the most
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powerful man in opposition and the leak still remains the country's most popular party but the new coalition is united against a common enemy he will need to hold firm to keep salvini at bay leaves barca out 0. british m.p.'s say next week could be their only chance to prevent a no deal bracks sits if follows the decision by prime minister boris johnson to suspend polman for 5 weeks in september limiting the time for debate on the u.k.'s exit from the european union well the announcement has fought protests across the u.k. legal challenges and a petition with more than one of the half 1000000 signatures with davis and the popular lead at the scottish conservatives. confirmed she's quitting after 80 s in the job and labor party leader jeremy corbin has now issued a joint statement with other parties in parliament and the prime minister to reverse the decision or allow in peace to vote on it. what we've got them out is
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a group of experts from trust the political parties taking legal advice looking to see next week whether we can use the introduction of legislation to prevent. him our well being the boss johnson does try and trigger a general action on his own terms but we'll make sure that if there is a general election it will be on our terms as well and also part will make the decision about the timing of that we won't be dictated to anymore by a dictator in numbers and parliament now is reasserting the traditional centuries old democratic rights of the people. out there as long as lee has more now from london. well of all the fireworks of wednesday and boris johnson's announcement that he's suspending parliament for a fall 5 weeks all the pressure now is on the anti breck's its side the side that doesn't want to the study doesn't want boris johnson's version of brecht's it to figure out what they're going to do to try to block him and the main problem they
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have against them is the absolute lack of time because with parliament being suspended from just over a week from now there are only about 3 parliamentary sitting days for them to come up with something their main line of attack continues to be to try to pass a law that would prevent a no deal breck's it at the end of october and ask for an extension from the european union but the problem with that is that if they want to pass a law they have sue amend a government bill going through parliament and if the government doesn't propose any bills go through parliament then there is nothing for them to amend and as it stands at the moment there isn't anything for them to amend in parliament next week and so how then can they pass a law if that doesn't work their other alternative is to force a vote of no confidence in the government next week which they could do but if they want to do that they have to propose an alternative government with norton it's of prime minister because if the government of the day were to lose a vote of confidence then the opposition would have 2 weeks to form
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a new government. colombia's president has announced a reward of almost a $1000000.00 the arrest of a former commander of the rebel group who says he's taking up arms again even more planes the government for betraying the implementation of the peace deal. has more from. that it's a painful reminder of the past colombians will carpenters they too have video posted online by former senior fike rebel commander even in green fatigues surrounded by armed fighters and now seeing a return to war i don't. think we announce to the world that the 2nd market has begun under the protection of the universal right that assists all the people of the world to rise in arms against oppression this is the continuation of the rebel fight aunts or into the betrayal of havana peace accords. marcus was a key negotiator of the landmark 2016 peace agreement but also one of the group's
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more radical fighters he went missing last year with other commanders eluding drug trafficking charges colombia security forces believe they found shelter in neighboring venezuela. denouncement alone there is another blow to a deal that has been slowly in raveling when more than 13000 fighters designed after the 2016 agreement hundreds of former rebels and human rights activists have been killed since funding for a key piece reforms have been lagging and the current right wing government of president openly criticize the accords trying to change them unilaterally. but despite all the difficulties in dangers the president of the now legal fire party says the great majority of former fighters remain committed to peace in the courts need to be protected from the. fighting in colombia today is a terrible mistake millions of competitors are clamoring for
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a country at peace we disarmed rebels left our weapons for peace convinced that war has ceased to be the way forward the vast majority fight today for legality and to peacefully ensure the implementation of the havana agreement. colombian president rejected accusations that is government is to blame for undermining the peace process and said the dissidents will be crushed genesis called on those who choose the route of crime will suffer the full weight of the law this is a time for colombia to unite against terrorism and crime the only enemies of peace are those who pretend using terror against our country that this events announcement poses the most important trait to the already beaten peace process the break away fighters remain a minority but they could inflict damage and also convince a number of these illusions ex fighters to join the struggle a scary prospect they can't.


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