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tv   Adel Chihi New Heights  Al Jazeera  August 31, 2019 8:33am-9:00am +03

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community supported donald trump of the 2016 election encouraged by pledges of social conservatism and the protection of religious minorities abroad a nearly 90000 county and registered voters he won the state by 10000 or so so absolutely can it could impact the election and it's not just iraqis like jimmy who face deportation to countries with which they have no connection several asian and african countries are being pressured to accept deportees even though they too would face an uncertain future income trees they don't murder and one other thing i wanted to say about about jimi is that you know we were speaking to him shortly before his death he really wanted to share his story as a way to make sure that other people wouldn't experience what he experienced she never turns the al-jazeera detroit michigan. 2 months after sunni security forces raided a city and killing more than 100 protestors dozens of people are still missing families are demanding answers but are losing hope that ever see their loved ones
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again morgan has a report from cottle. forests and his family every phone call from an unfamiliar number brings a bit of hope before he dies again. they're hoping to hear from their brother adam is my who's been missing since the deadly attack on the city outside army headquarters in her tomb in early june his sister says they've done all they can to find him. we filed a report at the police station then we went to the hospitals and they referred us to the morgues we didn't find him so we went to other morgues but so far we didn't find a trace of him or where he could be. this it's in came after months of anti-government protests demanding the country's longtime president already bashir stepped down he was ousted by the military in april but the sit in continued as protest leaders and the military negotiated a transitional government. at least 100 protesters were killed and more than 400 injured in the attack in june at. into the central committee for sudan's doctors
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which supports the protest movement the military puts the figure at $87.00 killed. families reported relatives had gone missing on the day of the attack and also after like all made a comment his uncle says went missing 2 weeks later. this is neglect from the authorities this is the truth omar has disappeared since june 20th and up to now there is no trace of where he could be where is he and where all those who went missing with him but 2 weeks on there are few answers if any to those questions the number of people taking part in the city who went missing is not here with more people being reported almost every week at the state that's because many came from outside for and with the confusion and fear during the attack and in the days after it took some time for families to realize that their loved ones weren't in hiding but had disappeared also put down the phone number of the family so activist groups have launched campaigns on social media to try to get people to search for those
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who are missing and connect them with their families if they find them but that method has its challenges to reseal a trip force because some of these family don't really have that access to the social media social media was working on this and. presenting their evolution the most more than any all the same and they are living in different states in a country that i wrote and maybe some families they don't know about facebook they don't know that reporting about the missing people and for the family to come over and report as an ian says despite hearing nothing from her brother she believes he's still alive and one day him find his way back home he before going to her its own. climate change campaign a grettir fan burke has taken her campaign to the gates of the united nations a 16 year old was joined by large crowds holding banners and giving speeches for the world to do more to to limit global warming. sailed across the atlantic on
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a 0 emissions yacht to speak at the u.n. climate action summit next month mike hanna was at a rally was. a one. climate change activists regularly protest outside the united nations but the situation is different to stop on a 16 year old greek sun bird. who has just sailed a boat to cross the atlantic to address the climate change summit that will take place at the u.n. next month. some fuses to fly arguing that agree to take the solar powered boat with its lack of carbon emissions globally beating around the bush and playing these political games in code in it we don't have time. so you need a strong voice. we've got to get serious. some argue though it's not just high profile public arguments of great use awareness about climate change saying that any action
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by every individual would help a mite on the cusp of the social media generation i would like to think that i make noises about doing things personally but it seems like there's this need for the social media to the new i'm not sure on the value of the bigger philosophical question i think. on the scale the 16 year old was unwilling to speak to the media as she entered the un building apparently content to wait to have her say when she addresses the climate change summit in a matter of weeks. coming up makes sense for say former major league baseball.
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in peru have the giant fossil of a prehistoric animal resembling a rhinoceros the discovery was made in the city of your 700 kilometers southeast of the capital lima. talks about on a long stand mammal that once from latin america. thank you very much 23 time grand slam champion serena williams has stormed into the u.s. open 4th round with a resoundingly rectory on friday in new york the 37 year old world number 8 was up against carolina much of the czech republic but she showed very little resistance as williams swept her aside in straight sets 6362 the american faces petra
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martin of croatia next. second seed ashley barty was also a winner on friday the french open champion defeated greek 30th seeded maria to cari in straight sets 7563 although the former world number one did need some help from hawkeye right at the end to confirm the victory there is so carrie's challenge ultimately more in hope than anything else elsewhere czech food seed catalina push cover is also through to the 4th round her match on friday was not a straight forward of that of williams robotic to his years on. pushed klitschko over to 3 sets the czech eventually triumphing 614664 she will meet britain's you had a concert in the last 16 of the she defeated. in straight sets. i think the serve india was better and save me some great points and i was just able to hit lower 1st serves which was important and i and senior good so it was
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a big fight not for sure not the best feeling but i want so it's good. on the men's side 20 time grand slam champion roger federer overpowered britain's world number 58 dan evans in straight sets the 38 year old showed no mercy as he crushed 11626261 the match lasted just 79 minutes federer has won the title at flushing meadows 5 times before but not since 2008. former spain and barcelona manager luis enrique is mourning the loss of his 9 year old daughter so are many other football teams barcelona held a moment of silence for the former coach of the daughter who died from bone cancer and left his job with spain's national team in june because of his daughter's illness other teams managers and players have been sending their condolences to the enrique family. or would you try to find a reason why the existence of the reason why this kind of thing would happen is not
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argument for 9 years old little lovely daughter. lost her life so hopefully he can feel is american can firmly from mencia sit in my service patiently and make only myself that we are hearing from fairly soon i can see human telling her i love him but defending league champions will resume the league duties on saturday with a trip to offer sooner so far they have won one and lost one you know messi will likely still be out recovering from a leg injury. and just as they were tame that attack a lot in our area a rival against which you mustn't get distracted i guess they'll try to take advantage of their supporters to move their game forward to them it's party time because they just returned to 1st division there euphoric and have made a good start to the season manchester united had unlucky picks on friday with games in kazakhstan and serbia busy in the europa league but the team must know focus on
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the next premier league game on saturday against southampton this is on the back of a 21 home defeat by crystal palace last saturday we hope to go down there and. look stronger at the park it's something that we've always. needed at this club you can't just expect to score 3 in 4 every game because you won't and it's going to be a busy weekend for the premier league after the manchester united fans can also look forward to seeing manchester city and chelsea playing home games while liverpool are away from home at burnley. a dominican court released former major league baseball pitcher octavia did sell on bail on thursday he spent 9 days in detention of allegations of money laundering that charge has now been dropped he still faces charges for illegally possessing several fire on. the origin of the tells money can be comfortably justified i believe it is
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a reckless adventure on the part of the public ministry that should not have fallen on a citizen. england for sport or james anderson has been ruled out of the rest of the ashes series against australia because of a cough injury the 37 year old only bowled 4 overs in the 1st says before he was taken off it's a blow to england with the series level at $11.00 with 2 matches still to play. top ranked golfer jinyan coach who was known for perfection until today that is the south korean just ended her run of $114.00 consecutive holds without dropping a single shot she finally made a bogey in the opening round of the portland classic she beat the record held by tiger woods and the al p.g.a. . rory mcilroy was highly distracted going into the 8 goal of the european masters 2 paragliders were swooping in to land just above a man amounts of course these ball didn't hit the pilots or the hole that veered off track and landed in
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a bunker. that's where we'll leave it for now we'll have more sport for you again later see you then. thank you very much that's it for this news hour on al-jazeera but just stay with us for kaplan time a while news coming up after this very short. the ultranationalist marks connected with one of the world's worst humanitarian crisis we dealt as staff illegally maigret joining with the military to impose a deadly political agenda we have 2 photos of our nation what has happened to their
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engine that's one of the biggest stains on the country as a whole. as another religion this is the politics me and mark an unholy alliance on al-jazeera. when the news breaks. when people need to be heard and the story needs to be told pretty 3 month old daughter that we had died last weekend crossing from mexico to united states with exclusive interviews and in-depth reports we can live according to their tradition but life is exceptionally algis iraq has teens on the ground to bring more award winning documentaries and light means. you know afghanistan the taliban is renowned for its violent repression and we now a new deal with the u.s. could see the group return to power one o one a student mr gates of afghan women who paid the price for peace on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. with and for you. russia and mounts is a ceasefire in rebel held in syria and protests syrians protest on turkey's border demanding the fighting and once and for all. fully back to boyer watching al-jazeera live from doha also coming up we hope hope people won't give up and won't be scared released on bail pro-democracy campaign as
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in hong kong declared they won't surrender after being arrested in a protest. legal and political challenges mount against british prime minister boys johnston's decision to suspend pot amend and deficiencies in the u.s. state of florida warning residents to prepare as hurricane dorian approaches its shores. russia says it's syrian government will observe a cease fire within hours in rebel held it late province the army backed by russian air power has been waging a crushing offensive there for months early a syrian civilians rush towards the border with turkey demanding a complete end to the fighting but it's made 3 fourths of nantucket. all. this was a desperate dash for the turkish border by syrians hemmed in to the shrinking corner
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of their country still under control of anti acid fighters. but turkey isn't letting any more syrians in. and i know you do not want to create chaos we just want to express the oppression we feel we just want them to look at our situation hard that them good this is a warning that we are coming to turkey and europe if turkey does nothing an increase in shelling and bombing of it led by the russian backed forces of the syrian regime has according to the u.n. pushed up to a 1000000 syrians towards turkey they have no shelter food or sanitation but from a saturday morning the russians say the offensive will stop for now this is not the 1st ceasefire and i'm afraid not the losses for all the previous as far as fate was the scene so the terrorists immediately brought this is fire i hold and this one will last but. given the situation that that is there but let's hope let's keep our fingers crossed. russia has more special forces on
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the ground now in syria according to western intelligence sources that's helped assad's forces make recent territorial gains in ad lib it shows the extent regime is regaining control is really exerting so for an hour and ultimately it's the final nail in the coffin of opposition groups who ultimately lost the war they lost to assad with this russian iranian and his club backed forces turkey's president says that it teary orating environment in the north of syria is a humanitarian crisis. and also says that the situation in a blip is not at the point we want but it must also know that the outside regime is likely to eventually resume its push to retake the final part of territory still under the control of a hard core of anti regime fighters burnitz an al-jazeera and taqiyya.
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eisel says it's carried out a suicide attack in the many port city of aden killing at least 3 separatists feiss recent battles around the city of expose growing rift in the saudi and iraqi coalition yemen's internationally recognized president accuses the u.a.e. government ally of supporting the separatists by bombing government forces in iran dayton is urging saudi arabia to intervene the u.a.e. insists it's only targeting terrorists. jani is a journalist based in aden and he says forces loyal to the government have all but disappeared is a. body the scene is now open for the southern separatists and most of aden and the forces of the legitimate government a clearly not present to protect the citizens from violations abuse and being arrested anger is increasing among the residents of aden because the southern city protests are targeting the national army on the outskirts of the city people expect that the army to arrive and control aden in order to get rid of the separatists the
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national army was forced to retreat by the road leading to shop. present donald trump has denied the united states played a role in the failure of an iranian rocket launch and wished tehran luck in its future tests iranian official said a technical fault was behind the missile exploding on its launch pad at the human home in a space center 200 kilometers east of tehran on thursday the u.s. has long warned iran against launching satellites fearing the technology could also be used to launch nuclear warheads iran has denied that came john hendren has more from washington. satellite images of iran suggest a rocket exploded on its launch there we have satellite images that show plumes of smoke and signs of water being spread around that site that is a site that iran has previously used to launch satellites now the united states says that any launch from iran. a u.n.
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security resolution that says iran is allowed to launch no ballistic missile capable of carrying nuclear weapons or bomb of course says that this is missiles are not capable of carrying nuclear weapons but what is interesting is that the white house president trump specifically tweeted out a picture of this site and said the u.s. had nothing to do with it he said the united states of america was not involved in the catastrophic incident during final launch preparations for the severe s.l.b. launch at some on launch site one in iran its bets interesting for a couple of reasons one because as far as we know no one has accused the u.s. of sabotaging that launch and for 2 of the wording of that tweet is so specific and so unlike anything donald trump regularly says it suggests that the tweet was vetted at the white house so the big question is does the u.s. have any reason to believe that others believe the u.s. sabotaged that launch or is president trump just trolling iran we don't know the answer. in other world news joshua wong and agnes child 2 of the 3 activists
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arrested in hong kong have been released on bail they say they won't surrender as police try to rein in weeks of anti-government protests from hong kong reports. joshua one and agnes chao left police headquarters on their way to cause the founders of the pro-democracy party. have been charged with inciting and taking part in an unlawful protest outside police headquarters in june the court appearance was brief both were released on bail we shall not surrender and i urge international communities who send a clear message to a presidentially sending troops or using emergency ordinance is not the way out we will continue our fight opposition politician changing tie a member of the hong kong legislative council was also detained and on thursday the leader of the band independence group and a chair and was arrested before boarding
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a flight to japan he's been accused of rioting and assaulting a police officer in july police have now confirmed 7 arrests over the past 2 days critics call it a case of white terror by police intimidation and an attempt to silence protests the demonstrations began more than 3 months ago prompted by a controversial extradition bill but they quickly morphed into a wider discontent what is seen as china's growing influence in hong kong the fear it's all these iconic young leaders arrests together could send out to some chilling effect around the hong kong to scare people from taking to the street to morrow we arrest a person as soon as we have to get a sufficient evidence to prove his or her friends the allegation that is high in our arrest is totally false a mass pro-democracy rally planned for saturday has been care. after organizers
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filed to get the go ahead in the hong kong court of appeal a wednesday night chinese military were filmed driving through hong kong what was described as a routine rotation of soldiers from the mainland on friday state owned media warned if the situation in hong kong worsens chinese soldiers would have quote no reason to sit on their hands and it says the people's liberation army garrison in hong kong was not merely a symbol of chinese sovereignty over the city despite the arrests and the cancellation of saturday's rally some pro-democracy groups are urging protesters to go ahead and demonstrate over the weekend they described the police action as white terror and what residents to maintain pressure on the government to dump this bill the government has suspended the proposed extradition all but critics want to officially train out more than 900 people have been arrested since the protests began in june and these latest arrests are likely to discourage people from
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continuing to express their anger at the hong kong government sarah clarke al-jazeera hong kong. the leader of its least 5 star movement has worn the tentative coalition deal with the center left democratic party because they all fall apart political leaders have been meeting prime is said to separate contest to see if they can cobble together a government the previous one collapsed when matteo salvini pulled the support of his white wing likud party hoping to trigger a new election in a 1st the will to live in the country is in a very delicate phase we must get out of the political uncertainty triggered by the government crisis as soon as possible it will be a government for the good of the citizens to modernize the country to make our nation even more competitive in the international context but also more just more supportive and more inclusive. several legal cases have begun in the u.k. challenging the government's decision to suspend parliament prime minister boris johnson opponents say it will mean they won't be enough time to properly debate
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frank said increasing the chances leaving the e.u. without a deal on october 31st need reports from london. the prime minister spoke at the boarding school in the next generational good governance while the crisis surrounding his decision to suspend parliament deepens. boris johnson told the children he hadn't always wanted to lead the country he wanted to be a rock star bowie bono or boris back to practice it we're not going to worry about bret's we're going to go on anyway and do all the things that we think the u.k. needs right now johnson's opponents are getting ready to find his decision to produce or suspend parliament and prevent a no deal breaks it and moved on some believes will only make leaving the e.u. without a deal in ever to pull the maulvi parliamentarians try to block the new deal breaker more likely it is that we'll end up in that situation so the best thing now is for
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us to get on and make our points to our european friends with clarity and with vigor and that's what we're doing a string of legal battles underway to challenge johnson's decision to suspend parliament and scotland 74 politicians from different political parties urged scotland's highest court to halt the suspension the judge refused to immediately put the brakes on johnson's plan but he did agree to a full hearing next week to look at the legality of the suspension more closely if we do not ultimately win this case what does it say about the british constitution a prime minister with a majority of one and with nor majority for not he will break say can simply suspend parliament to get what he wants that's.


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