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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 242  Al Jazeera  August 31, 2019 10:32am-11:01am +03

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accompany him. deep down in him as a new one and then you would know by now that our old one that has it. so will table 1. 1000000 above your. teenage d. day mean it didn't. even. a d. got. all those stayed in it and up the dinning long on the name that end of it is in. the me i'm our minister of religion is at great pains to justify his government's policies regarding the range of prices to the leader explaining that any concessions were enacted reluctantly. oh i'll do what i. am.
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in my. 5. 0000 to get a lot. of. our own good news. out of the hole go go go go.
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they started off to get a lot of signatures on the petition. supporting. what we call the. interfaith marriage laws and because of support. huge never and i think this was a way of trying to test the waters. this happens in the offices now. so in the past it was the power of the gun and now it is the power of the vote and the legislature is really dominated by the u.s. to be party a. pass those laws. and so of our. in straight. you know 2015 elections the votes are really tried to play a political role. and to explain that we're too he has visited sri lanka many times and i think it is a game and his role model of the monks not sit at the park but i kind of.
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and according to the new 3 lankan constitution. there's a party composed of what is monks is committed and then they also entered the election and got elected. most in sri lanka because of the general emergency. the buddhist monks became very active in politics the same thing is repeated in your mind the political role the nationalist role and the colonial role you know. but i would say sri lanka was peds in politics so militant monsters extremist monks in yemen now look at sri lanka as a kind of role model. so the full power doesn't exist anymore you know
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that initial gong so they have to find something. and they say that the same thing for them in the military they need any means to justify their big budget cinema and their existence. there is the love evidence that made public that the military was supporting them about the them and the other is flush with cash but lots of money. who were to loot is also because adding $0.05 for the budgets they say that you have to prepare yourself for the next elections. so in 2015 there where i think any backing this set and candidates for election i think they will do the same thing in 2020 but on the biggest cayle. i really doubt any. doubt
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any. do the next time. i am. even. though i don't like. this call stop result i got was not possible.
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we fall river roya and good on the 7th because of software revolution against a military system everybody one the freedom everybody round in my right everybody want democracy. one day the military army come and shoot a lot of people on the street i visit scary we go i never saw we kill each other from me. i v so sight and i v so angry in same time. after that what can we do we have no power here nor up on are about the news that uses can speak out to use power to fight back we can screaming. for the human right. person is why. one should do a long job. less is. mostly who hate islam be better is that.
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no other told me the 1st 6 months this is not religion this is a politic. religion. i don't understand the policy. i only understand about humanity i cannot change the war i cannot change even my country i'm going to think my stuff around me as this. revolution cannot exist without a left to lose in with the lead this minute violent i would also are losing you cannot see changing because of or reason is the change must work you invest time.
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with out of it a little bit of the money why didn't they just you know need it or be idealists you know. whom nobody. but you know johnny now you know you're going to. hit the. sand out of anonymity double. the money on a. cell of government owned you run. the protection of buddhism and the current government inspired devotion among many of me and most people. but there are voices challenging the status quo there is an emerging dissenting youth movement calling for another revolution. for authorities it presents a new challenge. for others who say they want to preserve myanmar's fledgling
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democracy it offers a void. it's awful. dad was always feared to us you know who brought you ideas and new concepts and who called friend with the cause of it to people august. 20 of us minimize to where the projects like the voice of the youth. we are bringing people together from different communities different religious backgrounds from music. so you know it is clearly that. they don't know want to see any more conflicts they want to be together they want to be peaceful they want to be developed you know they want to catch up with the war and they want to. you know they want to celebrate this freedom.
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and so our job is to let them be aware of how they can influence the future of the future for that. i will not say have freedom of expression now. now we can say whatever i would want but it doesn't mean they would not risk. in just a new outfit by the same dockings inside. i. want
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. you. to.
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sleep. i'm not. normal flow that ok the. dog and. the moment. some of the difficulties. they don't know about it don't you know and i know to hold your own money well. you have to state your position family at a time like this when the country is divided on this issues she has are
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a very unglamorous very strong vocal you must add your voice against its soul by giving science i think you also. part of the picture that means you have also i would say. you know one day we all would die for sure mom or congress and the. soul. everyone should other star question months are. all money pertain. to just try our home i think. if we are good to their back no wrong. the whole wrong is done. no light so we will not complain about doctrine and. we will not create our own light to visit our revolution.
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hell i was a talking of cooler coming across the prairies of canton tucking into the northern plains of the us all mad cold front now the difference in temperature isn't huge but we've got thirty's in this side from the southeast and twenty's the north no one is generates huge thunderstorms new saw a big pool of cloud middle there to be of nebraska move further north than that but
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i was showing you this because this little detail here which looks so insignificant where you are so temperature in denver as we try to introduce the southwest monsoon which is rain down the southwest corner of the u.s. and he's just trying to show with a few showers so it often is introducing warmer air pushing more rain north was 36 in denver is a forecast on sunday and yet the showers have not developed into anything much of the you know such spinning this time there is a hurrican taking much of the energy of the atmosphere that is going to be a significant risk over the coming weekend and it's labor day weekend to the bahamas 1st of all and then to florida it's a major howard and it will cause major damage but if you're not in that area enjoy generally fine weather there is an increase in showers or even proper rain in honduras and mexico.
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a new perspective can change your world. for one chin is even what began as a hobby has grown into a passion the way of life. teaching the next generation to strive for a higher level. and in so installing in his country and sense of freedom and strength. new heights mine chin is here on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. fully back to go this is in use our lot from a headquarters in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes russia an ounce is
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a ceasefire in rebel held it led syrians protests on turkey's border demanding the fighting and one cent for all. the u.s. says it has information that any rainy and tanker is bound for syria despite assurances it wouldn't say oh they're also this hour hurricane dorian grows into an extremely dangerous category 4 storm as it powers towards the u.s. east coast and the websites that have allowed caucus to quietly access up a life. thank you for joining us russia says it's syrian government da lies will observe a cease fire in rebel held it in a province it's you just start one hour from now the army backed by russian air power has been waging a crushing offensive there for months syrian civilians rushed towards the border with turkey demanding a complete end to the fighting but it's made reports montage. this
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was a desperate dash for the turkish border by syrians hemmed into the shrinking corner of their country still under control of anti acid fighters. but turkey isn't letting any more syrians in. who do not want to create chaos we just want to express the oppression we feel we just want them to look at our situation this is a warning that we are coming to turkey and europe if turkey does nothing an increase in shelling and bombing of it led by the russian backed forces of the syrian regime has according to the u.n. pushed up to a 1000000 syrians towards turkey they have no shelter food or sanitation but from a saturday morning the russians say the offensive will stop for now this is not the 1st ceasefire and i'm afraid not the losses for all the previous as far as fate was the seam so the terrorists immediately brought this is fire i hold and this one
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will last but really have doubts given the situation that that is there but let's hope let's keep our fingers crossed. russia has more special forces on the ground now in syria according to western intelligence sources that's helped assad's forces make recent territorial gains in ad lib it shows the extent regime is regaining control is really exerting so for an hour and ultimately it's the final nail in the coffin of opposition groups who ultimately lost the war they lost to assad with his russian iranian and his plot but forster's turkey's president says that it teary orating environment in the north of syria is a humanitarian crisis. and also says that the situation in a blip is not at the point we want but it must also know that the outside regime is likely to eventually resume its push to retake the final part of territory still on
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the control of a hard core of anti regime fighters burnitz with al-jazeera and taqiyya. u.s. secretary of state mike compare says he has firm evidence that any raney an oil tanker is heading to syria despite iran promising it wouldn't the adrian diarrhea one previously named grace one has been sailing around the mediterranean ever since it was released by authorities in the british territory of gibraltar made the allegation on twitter saying foreign minister zarif guaranteed the u.k. that the iranian revolutionary guard corps oil tanker grace one adrian daria one would not head to syria we have reliable information at the tanker is under way and headed to ta to syria i hope it changes course he says it was a big mistake to trust sorry now here's a quick reminder of the movement of the ship that was seized by british forces off the coast of gibraltar in july the crew was accused of taking on oil to syria in
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violation of e.u. sanctions about 2 weeks later iranian forces seized a u.k. flag tanker in the gulf a move widely seen as an act of retaliation and that ship is still being held at gibraltar court release a grace $16.00 weeks after it was detained satisfied with iran's assurances that it wouldn't go to syria the time to set sail under its new name adrian dario one let's bring in john hendren live for us in washington d.c. so john the u.s. secretary of state says he has reliable information that this tanker is headed to syria. fully it's hard to overestimate the big tench will for conflict here this is big tension leave a match that could ignite a major conflict between the u.s. and iran one might pump a oh the u.s. secretary of state issues this warning i hope it changes course there's an or else attached to that we just don't know what the or else is but what he's essentially
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saying is that the united states will not allow this ship to dock in syria so that is a blatant threat from the u.s. secretary of state in this growing conflict that has grown ever since the u.s. pulled out of the iran nuclear agreement a multi-party agreement in 2818 that this conflict is just continuing and right now it all began with his seizure order from the british government in gibraltar when it feared that this ship would be headed for syria the british authorities say that they were assured by iran that it would not take that ship to syria so they allowed it to go meanwhile the united states issued its own sanctions against that ship for violating u.s. sanctions against transporting oil and now here we are at this potential conflict again and that the treasury the u.s. treasury has announced sanctions on the ship's captain as well. that's right it's true the u.s.
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had already announced sanctions saying it had the right to seize that ship because it was violating u.s. sanctions now it is including the captain and it's expanded that threat to include anyone who aids this ship specifically saying anyone providing support to the aid and daria one risks being sanctioned so this is this is 2002000000 barrels of oil that the u.s. thinks is bound for syria and it thinks that based on a number of suspicious moves that it says if this ship is made 1st of all as you pointed out it was originally called the grace one it was under a panamanian flag now it's called the adrian daria one and it's flying under the iranian flag it has changed its destination a few times recently 1st going to greece then it said it was going to turkey the turkish foreign minister said in fact that there was no plan for that ship to dock there that turkey doesn't buy oil from iran the lebanese energy minister said that
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lebanon does not buy oil from iran that it has no place to refine that oil and both of those places of course are very near to syria so what happens now is really anyone's guess but there's the potential for a significant conflict here thank you for that john hendren in washington and president donald trump has denied his country paid any role in the failure of an iranian rocket launch and the main official said a technical fault cause a rocket to explode on the launch pad on those say the u.s. has long wanted iran against launching satellites ferry that technology could also be used to test ballistic missiles the iran denies that. i so says it's carried out a suicide attack in the many port city of aden killing at least 3 separatists fights as recent battles around the city have exposed growing rifts in the saudi and iraqi coalition yemen's internationally recognized president accuses the u.a.e. a government of supporting the separatists by. bombing government forces in the iran date and his urging saudi arabia to intervene the u.a.e.
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insists it's only targeting terrorists. jani is a journalist based in aden he says forces loyal to the government have all but disappeared. friday the scene is now open for the southern separatists and most of aden and the forces of the legitimate government a clearly not present to protect the citizens from violations abuse and being a recent anger is increasing among the residents of aden because the southern city protests are targeting the national army on the outskirts of the city people expected the army to arrive in control aden in order to get rid of the separatists the national army was forced to retreat via the road leading to shop. in other world news hurricane dorian has strengthened to a category 4 storm which forecasters described as extremely dangerous it's gaining momentum as it tracks towards the u.s. skulls with wind speeds of more than 180 kilometers per hour evacuations have been
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ordered in the bahamas while a state of emergency has been declared for the u.s. state of florida and d.c. correspondent jay gray is on cocoa beach in florida with more. it looks like landfall at this point will be sometime late in the morning or early afternoon tuesday the storm has slowed down significantly and that's bad news that means it's gathering strength it's forming and getting more solid i really could intensify significantly before it does make the turn and head toward the florida coast here we have seen winds around grocery stores lines at gas stations home improvement stores packed with people buying supplies generators were sold out for a short time here more have been moved in fuel is going to be an issue across the state according to the governor and right now there is a high tension for millions up and down the coast because we just don't know at this point where this storm is going to strike look and it has been a storm that's been very difficult to predict it's ramped up very quickly in the
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warm waters of the atlantic and a lot of people now worried about where dorian could go next no evacuation orders and the main reason according to 1st responders and officials is they don't know where to evacuate they don't know where this storm is going to make landfall what we do know is they'll likely open some shelters to more of the people who don't feel safe at home but at least start to move in there what they've told everyone else is pack what you will need if you're going to have to leave if you feel like you're going to leave regardless of an evacuation order do it now go all the roads aren't packed if you're going to wait for us to tell you to leave don't wait to pack once you get that word be ready to go and get out quickly. they've been clashes between protesters and security forces in indian controlled kashmir crowds build tension and gone after friday prayers to demonstrate against the ongoing lockdown forces attempting to stop the protests were pelted with stones they have retaliated with tear gas the new delhi revokes indian administered kashmir special autonomy status so most 4 weeks ago and huge crowds in pakistan have backed the
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prime minister's call for a nationwide show of solidarity for people in indian administered kashmir cities across the country have observed what imran khan called kashmir our prime minister says pakistan will stand with kashmiris in testing times. in hong kong joshua wang and i miss child 2 of the 3 activists arrest said have been released on bail they say they won't surrender as police tried to reign in weeks of anti-government protests from hong kong reports. joshua one and agnes chao left police headquarters on their way to cool the founders of the pro-democracy party. had been charged with inciting and taking part in an unlawful protest outside police headquarters in june the court appearance was brief both were released on bail we shall not surrender and i urge international communities to
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send a clear message to a presidentially sending troops or using emergency ordinance is not the way out we will continue our fight opposition politician time.


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