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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 1, 2019 3:00am-3:33am +03

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with people on the street then down the hill behind me is the beijing leon liaison office that was heavily fortified you could hear sirens around here protesters had tried to come here and then decided they wouldn't because the police had surrounded the area so that focal point was more to the city center where thousands of people had allegedly marched and gathered and towards the end of the day what we saw were the men radical and the protesters there were certain firebombs molotov cocktails setting think gunfire as well. why police and their reinforcements being trying to push them back and so what you saw was the package that we've been seeing in the pocket where protesters are said to be life was very very fluid so they come up the public come in large numbers raise a lot of noise and then suddenly disappear again and this time they were disappearing down into the train line and so police also started shutting down those great minds and going in to the post office that are bringing the station is
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now where a lot of those have to gather them this time and are as the police they say police have not only tried to clear them out of the public transport but i've also been hitting civilians or pushing out the 1000000000 also a lot of people have gathered in areas like monk off alongside these are the poorer areas the more densely populated areas of hong kong and we're hearing that it's not just protesters there but a lot of the people the residents in the area and anger against the police once again even more permits to leave so what you're seeing is once again for a. while but. by and then disappearing again and then showing up again buries areas but what we've also seen is the break up the ante of the protests before they were much more feet. you would be very much a proud if you don't grow now you're
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a buyer of the new again with a rubber bullet with what they call bean bag and water and then the by the they can later on i don't buy the. vehicle pollen there joining us with the latest from hong kong you can see more head on the news hour including the far right is predicted to make strong gains in germany state elections we report from the state that surrounds parliament. taliban fighters attack the afghan city of couldn't do this even as talks with the us continue in qatar to 2 of england's most famous teams throw away leaves set in the premier league on saturday peter will be here all those stories and more late. thousands of people have taken to the streets across the u.k. to protest again prime minister boris johnson's move to suspend parliament more on
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that let's cross to marry him and the team at our european broadcast center in london area hi there judy that's right the government is that it's just standard procedure but boris johnson's decision to prorogue or suspend parliament has infuriated m.p.'s who want to avoid a no deal breaks it because it gives them less time to debate and to scrutinize government policy now protests have taken place in several major cities. has more now from the protests in london. ways large and noisy demonstration outside downing street is one of dozens across the u.k. on site today and many will be handed over the next week gives you an idea of the strength of feeling after boris johnson said he would like to suspend parliament for several weeks now he's argument is that it's a noble procedure to get ready for
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a queen's speech people are laying out his legislative program the people here say it's a clear hollow grab trying to stop haldeman from doing his job in just biting his bricks in a hole as he said avoiding a no deal price it now some of the organizers here are affiliated to the opposition labor party and senior labor figures have said it's clear what boris johnson's really means what he's ensured by the mechanism that these unions time date dates that he's chosen is that it is almost impossible almost impossible to get legislation which would bind the government into asking for an extension but you ask why i don't trust it the reason i don't trust this is because just recently he lied about whether he wanted to probe parliament he said he didn't believe in such procedures he lied about that the $350000000000.00 pounds that would be coming to the n.h.s. as a result of leaving the e.u. complete nonsense accepted now that it was just a lie and this is a man who is
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a serial liar and we cannot trust our democracy to know the action is not just on the streets there are a number of legal challenges going on it england and scotland down in northern ireland that due to wrap up next week and in parliament itself and these who are really worried about a no deal bright said i trying to figure out their best tactics in the 1st and since they've agreed to try legislation to force the government perhaps to seek an extension to article 50 beyond the end of october but it still might come to a vote of no confidence in the government a number of conservative politicians side will vote against their own government but it's unclear whether they do at the moment have the numbers and that's why so many people here are extremely angry about what the government's doing right now. well elsewhere on sunday voters in the german state of brandenburg will elect a new parliament survey suggests a tight contest with 5 parties closely matched
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a f.t. thinks it's leading the race and if that proves accurate when the votes are counted it would make brandenburg the 1st state in the whole country where a far right party tops the poll done when it came reports on a warm summer evening in lieu than these people have come to hear from the far right party the speaker is and they are skull bits the party's lead candidate in brandon bork and according to german media a man linked to neo nazi groups he denies some but not all of the claims the f.t. is popular in several areas of this state where unemployment remains higher than the national average and towns like lugar have an aging population although the immigrant population here is tightly count it says message is uncompromising on their part than still are we demand criminals so-called refugees who can only deported must 1st be in prison and one thing is clear integration means you adapt
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to the country it does not mean the country adapts to you. the f.t.'s closest rival is the governing social democrat party whose vote share has been shrinking for years when silent thought of i don't need reliability cohesion and strong leadership i stand for that let's stand together to make sure our land stays in good hands in the future. polls show the race in brandenburg is very close perhaps know what more so than here sure and i say by barely in a leafy commuter town of over 12000 people in may's european elections the top 5 parties were separated by less than 2 percent of the votes. which explains why national party leaders have come to press the flesh the green party's annalyn a bell book being the latest to push for votes. democracy survives when people talk
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to one another they argue and think wait maybe the other person is also right and they say yes when energy is great burning cerned about the health consequences of i would like to believe people go home and think about how we can address these problems together and then there is the left party whose political ancestors ran the old communist east germany and have governed here with the social democrats for the past 10 years they hope their call for solidarity will energize the electorate and for them like all the other parties the key to winning this state lies in winning places like this dominant cane al-jazeera in brandenburg the me more from london a bit later on and the but i said now back to chile and. marion thank you taliban fighters have attacked the northern afghan city of could setting off hours of gun battles even as peace talks with the united states continue in qatar afghan military reinforcements rushed in to prevent the taliban taking control of the area
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the government says at least 30 fighters were killed 3 civilians are reports the dead were taliban had seized quintus twice earlier before being forced to withdraw a spokesman for afghanistan's president ashraf ghani says the attack shows the taliban doesn't want to use. the taliban's attack on condo's contradicts what it's saying in doha the attack shows that the taliban still isn't really for peace they continue to fight. in india nearly 2000000 people have been excluded from a citizens' register in now at the risk of being declared status they will have to prove they're not foreigners or face detention priyanka gupta reports now from guwahati. an anxious saturday in the south people lined up since early morning to find out if their names are on the state's final list of citizens 47 year old lee general ham on a farm and probably village is on the list but his wife and 3 children are.
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very worried i feel bad in my heart i am very sad. this elderly couple who go hearty also try to understand what went wrong 71 year old son was born in assam and has lived here all his life his entire family is on the list except him and his 2 daughters i wanted you to know the 3 who are on the list submitted the same document my daughter and i submitted that as well so how can we be excluded those excluded from assam's final register of citizens will have to appeal and foreigners tribunals like these with 120 days wide scopes including amnesty international are calling for transparency as they have been several reports suggesting that some proceedings have been biased and discriminatory. the group that spearheaded the protest movement against foreigners the all the some students' union says the list should be longer. where it is not new to be all of it
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declared regard by the government to be coming to us and we expected more that's our feeling so we are not happy. no you feel that there maybe somewhere or just. announced is not complete so for me bill ritter we liberals to be honorable to be whatever. and the hindu nationalist b.g.p. the ruling party in both new delhi and assam state says it's alarmed it says it will appeal to india's highs court to review the fight it documents of indians living in post and dominated border districts the b.g.p. try to pass a law earlier this year to allow citizenship rights to persecuted minorities from neighboring countries muslims were left out the proposal provoked protests are signed by groups that want illegal immigrants to defend. as the occupants of the numbers of religion grow a protracted legal battle basis nearly 2000000 people
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a defeat as indians the dizzier. pakistan is hosting a 3 day international sea convention at least 50 participants attended the event and touched on a variety of topics including the ongoing tension in indian administered kashmir has more now from the horror. despite the tensions over kashmir. saying that they want to better they scored a goal which is also the corded goal for peace now progress on the. number of delegates from the sikh diaspora from canada from the united states from the united kingdom in order to tell them about preparations that are underway to complete the corridor door at qatar for we're going through a time that is terribly concerning we have forgotten what unites us and have been
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focusing on what divides us when in fact what unites us is so much more important for the sick community especially the diaspora it's going to be very important for them as well that they have access to this quarter that we haven't. been able to go to so many years and. the pakistanis warned that the sikh community should be able to travel with their free across that corridor door regardless of what being in government attitude is at the moment we want to cut you to take steps. to reach out to the indian people to the sick community and the entire indian people and to tell them what a real intentions are which ought to establish east for centuries hindus muslims christians and sikhs live side by side but partition in 1947 uprooted the person there why did the foreign job. was born on the pakistani side in qatar food that is where he is. the sikh community around
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award or number almost 30000000 will be commemorating the 550th birthday of. on the crest of november august on that despite tensions red india. that no matter what happen. i thought. the quarter door will be open on time direct of course. it's now up to new delhi. separatists in the yemeni city of aden say they've arrested dozens of people loyal to the internationally recognized president. and government forces withdrew from the city after airstrikes by the united arab emirates victoria has the story. separatist fighters in the port city of aden after they pushed back government forces they were helped by u.a.e. airstrikes. by fighting the terrorist groups that destroy our southern forces are
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in control of the city and we're now on the outskirts of shock. and will advance towards the province of abyan in the coming days. recent battles around the city have exposed growing breaks in the saudi amorality coalition yemen's president have a grab him and so heidi has accused the u.a.e. of supporting the separatists by bombing saudi backed government forces in and around aid and he's urging saudi arabia to intervene residents of aden say they desperately want the fighting to stop. we hope the future will be better and safer nothing is better than security and safety we want to be able to leave our homes and return safely this war is a big problem in. 4 years since the saudi amorality coalition began its military offensive supposing the yemeni government against who the rebels but since then yemen's war has evolved into something even more complicated the fighting has had a devastating impact on millions of yemenis. and diseases everywhere because of the
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war peace and security must be brought back our leaders need to arrest all the sutter's and deport them from aden. the saudi backed government and the u.a.e. backed separatists both want to control aid in ahead of possible negotiations to end the war yemenis fear that means more fighting and most suffering victoria gate and be al jazeera. iran's foreign minister has accused the us of engaging in piracy and threats to curb iran's oil sales zarif was responding to earlier comments from u.s. secretary of state might pump ale who said he had reliable evidence of iranian oil tanker is heading to syria adrian daria one has been sailing around the mediterranean since it was released by the british territory of gibraltar. still ahead here on al-jazeera the race is on to save the livius forest they are on fire and have doubled in size in 2 decades. we need. a
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leader that wrote the art of the deal. donald trump's deal bravado translated into results we look at at his success rate just ahead of the latest tariffs in the trade war with china. and in sport peter will be here with the story of number 4 to making his presence felt in switzerland. hello again it is a relatively clear picture across much of the middle east now we have been seeing one of 2 months in showers across into southern sections of pakistan even some flooding into the city of karachi itself to say quite a bit of work its way a relief from the essentials of the black sea across tools the caspian sea one of 2 showers on sunday across this region but actually
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a monday that is when we like to see more in the way of rainfall particularly across into the caucuses and i stay in the bucket 26 degrees will be my go to 45 a not quite as hot as it has been and really that's the case further to the south across here a bit into the temperatures also loves you very high but not quite as high as they have been the humidity levels or also a little bit improved 41 degrees celsius in doha not fairly as bad as it has 39 degrees on monday and pretty good along the south coast particular cross into oman a nice on shore flows the good with a high of 27 and then down into southern africa has seen quite a bit of rain in the forecast the last few days particular cross into we've got more systems just sitting around the cape but it should be mostly dry and to cape town 16 celsius on sunday temperatures a bit lower and but it is coming with some good sunshine. and actually by monday but to 21 degrees celsius and not as hot in johannesburg.
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it was a big problem because it was different people admired him he was the center of nightlife in be rude and he married miss universe hugh was a flamboyant character on the other hand a ruthless operative fighting for the palestinian cause some israeli intelligence sources claim that he planned operation and for years that was really trying to find him and kill him al jazeera world examines the life of ali has and salaam on the hunt for the red prince. when the news breaks. when people need to be heard and the story needs to be told pretty 3 month old 2 to about every year died last weekend crossing from mexico to the united states with exclusive interviews and in-depth reports we can live according to the fishing man's life in a section called al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you more room mood when documentaries and live news.
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you're watching a quick reminder of our top stories this hour police in hong kong stormed metro stations targeting protest is accused of vandalizing property as well as hours of violent confrontations near the government had courses the police fired tear gas and water cannons to disperse the crowd. sidney's judge has formally charged the pool's president obama bashir with corruption physics is possession although illicit covered the share told the court he received $25000000.00 from saudi crown prince muhammad solomon but that he didn't use that money for private purposes at least 13 people have been killed and another 2 dozen injured in a u.s.
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air strike in syria's eclipse conference the u.s. says it was targeting. greece's announced plans to transfer refugees on its islands to the mainland of speed up the deportation process for failed asylum seekers let's cross over now to the area in london that's right judy these new measures are part of efforts to deal with a recent resurgence and my group flows from turkey to greece nearly 600 people landed on the island of lesbos on thursday the largest landing since 2016 refugees currently living in overcrowded migrant camps on greece's eastern islands will now be transferred to the mainland asylum seekers who've had their applications rejected will be deported without a pale. the government also plans to activate a maritime surveillance system which had not been put in place under the previous government also wants to reunite more than 100 company miners with their family
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members already residing in other countries it will continue to cross from turkey to greece despite a 2016 deal between turkey and the european union. right well let's get more on this now i'm joined in studio by leo gogu he's a researcher on greece and cyprus at amnesty and to national and if i can stop by presumably have been speaking to some of your colleagues who are there on the ground in greece what has been the initial reaction to among refugees about these deportations and there's a lot of concern at the moment i don't think refugees are so much aware about the new measures announced by the government the quite vague regarding toward the forms that would include the cost of the talk about. repealing the 2nd stage of asylum procedures which means they're told to take if they mean that the right the front effective remedy for fair a sudden pushes for
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a few gees this happened before in 20092014 that reason greece was convicted by the european court for human rights and returns to greece and the dublin rules for that were suspended with cod a suspension of the dobbin returns if this measures get effect that effect that again and the 2nd stage of. appeal gets suspended and repealed in legislation it means that people will be deprived of the right before the remedy they'll be sent foster back to bear we already know they won't be able to appeal to again if this is what their statement means because so far it's quite vague we're asking for clarifications human rights community increase its severity can send we returning back to the situation of 2009 so that is why we're asking of the vehicle for this to give us go on these 2 give us garry fick asians what they mean by the statement why might they be trying to implement a measure like this now. would assure him this is in the context of implementing
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the there could deal or they say turkey isn't holding up its end of the bomb because if you see it in the corn text of war and these measures have been announced are in the context of you know or population more if you population r r ving over crowding but we shouldn't we shouldn't forget also that this crisis is a european 46 crisis is the result of the deal itself so we should be forgetting about it but i suppose the problem from greece's point of view is that it's been left to deal with the situation on its own you had about $600.00 refugees arriving by boat that i think is the largest number of arrivals in a single day for some 3 years what might be behind this influx it at this point in time people still want to stick security my activists watch spork on the islands have told me that the lot of them are from afghanistan but they're also syrians
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coming it's so suppose they really really feel scared that they don't consider turkey to be a safe country for them as women tend repeatedly so this is where they're seeking the safety the the all cars made the island's open preserved for the people who are stranded there and then you government does not transfer quite many of them since it came into power so they transfer the word the minister in the summer so that has also caused this kind of very difficult situation where we have near 11000 people stranded in the morea hold sport in dire conditions and indeed as you say overcrowding and very difficult contention is honorable been in these amps yet thank you very much really appreciate your thoughts on this gogu from amnesty international thank you. of thousands of people have defied authorities by joining protest marches in russia's capital moscow they are demonstrating against the exclusion of so. candidates from local elections next
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month opposition politicians had requested full permission for saturday's march but were turned down protests are the largest show public dissent for more than 5 years thousands of been arrested since demonstrations began in july start boston has more now from moscow. trade because i don't care if that's what they're showing it's quite a remarkable sight here in moscow they don't have for most americans would probably not want to buy don't find out what he has. no not really what is going to look they have put this strange logic into our minds that we can't really in our seat in that they can refuse to give permission to our events by law we only need to not to fire them up to rally and not to ask for their permission the fact that there were no provocations from the government should be normal people from all walks of life but especially also young people of 20 year old student has been retained for a couple of weeks already for what the police described as rioting and other people said it was just peacefully protesting and you were also calling on people who
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started to protest on the you tube channel and that's also one of the reasons people are here not only to us these presents to be to release but also for their rights to be able to speak out the anyone who wanted to it's not they're not listening even though i worked for the state as a teacher i can't stay silent they pressurize they don't just speak out i can't keep psion to and i keep seeing people being arrested you cannot think they violate our constitutional rights by fabricating article 6. of our when the boom in them spent young off the police stood back for a while and that thousands of people protest during this uncensored rally they have now arrived and they have. to be this location and they're about to push everyone away. from london coming up in about 20 minutes time now back to chile in doha. lariam sunk you the amazon in brazil continues to burn despite president both putting a 60 day ban on fires in the region to ease a ball reports now from board to veil in rundle in your state. joe you will not or
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may have banned fire using amazonia in an attempt to discourage people from setting the forest in place. despite the precedent 60 day decree on friday when i were away from the city of port the wheel in the stadium from the nia fire men struggle to contain the flames yonder nearest told us the situation is desperate. f.l.l. for how the garden at the moment this is our life these days fighting one fire after another we still don't know whether this is criminal or not but it's happening all the time. it's located in the center west of brazil thousands of hectares of forest have already been destroyed it's an example of how the agricultural frontier continues to grow in spite of regulations in place to protect it. the increase of deforestation under president has generated an international outcry. it's difficult to know how this fire began whether it started
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naturally because of the time of the year or whether it was setup land in this part of the amazon rain forest is precious for agribusiness and in many cases fires like this one are started in order to take over the land. land is like real state here and once deforested am burned it can be sold for thousands of dollars. you will see weighs a farmer he believes this fire was intentional he says he's worried that the world will stop purchasing brazilian beef to punish walter nat'l. people are exaggerating or raise cattle or sell meat and milk and now because of the far as i'm going to stop selling it i want the criminals to suffer we're here to work for a living. the government says they're winning the fight against the fires and that there's been a drop in the past days but inspired the latest effort the brazilian amazon continues to burn. many say call to develop the region is to blame.
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the president says he's now willing to talk to leaders of the european union that have condemned his environmental policy or as the preview is about if one of those i mean a phone call with angela merkel wish to put a day she began with a certain tone but then went back to normal i'm ready to talk but some people accept the idea mccraw alessi apologizes about our sovereignty over the amazon then i'll talk to him. international pressure is what has forced the president to take some type of action to prevent intentional fires in amazonia fires that until now nobody seems to be able to stop they settle. down will trump sold himself to republican voters as a self-proclaimed expert deal maker he said he was 1st u.s. exports to china and sex discrimination against u.s.
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firms says that his escalate as a trade war with china and triggered fears of a broader global slowdown well as the u.s. prepares to sit down with china for more trade negotiations in september white house correspondent kimberly help it looks at trump's record on trade on the campaign trail donald trump boasted that no one strikes a trade deal better than he does and we need a truly great leader now. we need. a leader that wrote the art of the deal but after more than 2 and a half years in office terms negotiated only one major deal that hasn't been approved 2018 he withdrew the united states from the north american free trade agreement or now after a deal to replace it known as the u.s. m.c.a. has been signed but has still not been passed by the u.s. congress i think if we're looking at the broader trade uncertainty that trumps
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policies have imposed upon not just the u.s. according to the global economy we have to see that his trade policies have been. trucked last month announced a deal to sell more american beef to europe but he's untag and eyes europeans with levies on foreign steel and is threatening tariffs on cars at a recent g 7 meeting floated the possibility of a free trade deal with britain after breck's it but he's offered no specifics having heard. you very very good and also with the recent g 7 meeting trump announced a deal with japan on agriculture in e-commerce but until signed even in trump's words it remains just an agreement in principle i'm not saying they're stupid i'd like china. i believe they want to do a deal the tariffs of hit them very hard in a fairly short period of time china and the united states of raise tariffs on one
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another in a back and forth trade dispute that continues to escalate and threatens the global economy so why is it so hard for president trump to complete a deal he has shown himself to be not a credible negotiating partner and that's not how you close deals but how that's how you get people to walk away from the table president trump's record on trade has become a political liability with fears of a global recession investors are nervous and u.s. farmers hit hard by chinese tariffs are losing hope that's a problem for trump and unless resolved could hurt his chances for re-election kimberley help at al-jazeera the white house believe is president obama says he's open to.


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