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tv   Che Guevara and Fidel Castro  Al Jazeera  September 1, 2019 4:00am-5:00am +03

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this elderly couple that go hearty also try to understand what went wrong 71 year old son was born in assam and has lived here all his life his entire family is on the list except him and his 2 daughters i wanted you to know the 3 who are on the list submitted the same document my daughter and i submitted that as well so how can we be excluded those excluded from assam's final register of citizens will have to appear in foreigners tribunals like these with 120 days wide scoops including amnesty international are calling for transparency as they have been several reports suggesting that some proceedings have been biased and discriminatory. the group that spearheaded the protest movement against foreigners the all the sub students' union says the list should belong to business world is not new to the already declared regard by the government are we not going to ask them we expected more that's our feeling so we are not happy. so you feel that there maybe somebody
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or and just. announced is not complete so for a remedial missouri liberal to be honorable to be would have been i and the hindu nationalist b.g.p. the ruling party in both new delhi and assam state says it's a long and it says it will appeal to india's high's court to review the fight it documents of indians living in post and dominated border districts they b.g.p. try to pass a law earlier this year to allow citizenship rights to persecuted minorities from neighboring countries muslims were left out the proposal provoked protests are signed by groups that want illegal immigrants to be of india. as the occupants who are now because of religion grow a protracted legal battle faces nearly 2000000 people are due fate as indians. are dizzy or hearty as he was allowed on the program thousands time now in cities
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across the u.k. prime minister boris johnson's plan to suspend parliament just ahead of the bracks it deadline and residents returning to mosul began the long and difficult task of rebuilding their lives and their city. hello again welcome back we're here across europe we are looking at a frontal boundary that is pushing through the u.k. and that is going to bring a nice change of air mass as me and this summer and start to get towards those fall months when we see winds coming into play as well so for london time has come down to about $1000.00 degrees windy conditions there paris at $22.00 but ahead of this front we are going to be seized by the storms here across northern italy possibly in the alps as well those storms will extend down across much of italy but we are
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going to sing some very nice conditions here across much of southeastern europe temps are still hovering into the low thirty's with plenty of sun across the region so for blue cross $32.00 degrees there in athens at $32.00 degrees as well well stormy conditions are also going to be here across the northern part of africa all dealing with that same system just to the north so for algeria as well as tunisia expect to see coastal thunderstorms and that could lead to some localized flooding as well by the time we get to monday things get a little bit better still story along the coastal areas but over here towards the east we're looking quite nice but gazi see attempt of 31 cairo at 36 and then down the nile we are going to see us one at $42.00 degrees over here towards the west though we're going to be seeing some rain showers which could possibly lead to some localized flooding as well across parts of morocco it is going to be a nice day in robot at $25.00 degrees and rajah's expect a temperature of $29.00. it was a big problem because it was different people admired him he was the center of nightlife
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in beirut and he married miss universe she was a flamboyant character on the other hand ruthless operative fighting for the palestinian cause some israeli intelligence sources claim that he planned. for years the israeli try to find him and kill him al jazeera world examines the life of ali hassan salaam the hunt for the red prince. welcome back a quick look at the top stories now police in hong kong have stormed the city's metro station targeting pro-democracy protesters demonstrators and riot police
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clashed me of the territories government headquarters. deposed president has been formally charged with corruption and the possession of illicit current sea laura bush says he received $25000000.00 from the saudi crown prince mohammed and sell a month but that he had not used it for his benefit and turkey's president of egypt has plans are in place to set up a took each led operation to secure a safe zone in northeastern syria in the coming weeks as at least 13 people have been killed in an attack in a province. well now protests have taken place across the u.k. over prime minister johnson's move to suspend parliament just weeks before a crucial deadline fallon's of people turned out in london and other major british cities under the slogan stop the coup one left wing group momentum called on members to block roads and bridges across the country. ways large and noisy demonstration outside downing street is one of dozens across the u.k.
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on saturday and many more ponder over the next week gives you an idea of the strength of cleaning up after forest johnson said that he would try to suspend parliament for several weeks now he's all human is that it's a normal procedure to get ready for a queen's speech before laying out his legislative program the people here say it's a clear power grab trying to stop haldeman from doing its job just by cutting his praxis policies and avoiding a no deal price it now some of the organizers here are affiliated to the opposition labor party and senior labor figures who said it's clear what boris johnson's relays what is insured by the mechanism that easy this time the dates that he's chosen is that it is almost impossible almost impossible to get legislation which would bind the government into asking for an extension but you ask why i don't trust the reason i don't trust this man is because just recently he lied about
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whether he wanted to probe parliament he said he didn't believe in such procedures and he lied about at the $350000000000.00 pounds that would be coming to the n.h.s. as a result of leaving the e.u. complete nonsense accepted now that it was just a lie and this is a man who is a serial liar and we cannot trust our democracy to know the actions not just on the streets there are a number of legal challenges going on it england and scotland under northern ireland that due to wrap up next week and in parliament itself and these who are really worried about a no deal price it trying to figure out their best tactics in the 1st instance they've agreed to try legislation to force the government perhaps to seek an extension to article 50 beyond the end of october but it still might come to a vote of no confidence in the government. a number of conservative politicians will vote against their own government but it's unclear whether they will at the
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moment have the numbers or not why so many people here or that story really are angry about what the government's doing right now. bolivian president evo morales says he would welcome international aid to combat fires burning across his country's amazon region the fires have doubled in size in the past week a rescue operation is now on the way to save hundreds of trapped wildlife volunteer veterinarians in the tropical forest near the border of brazil and paraguay of set up emergency shelters to treat injuries from where our latin america at its n.b.c. any human reports. the team of believe in veterinarians traveled to the nimby us to reserve a forest fires have been raging for weeks. their mission is to try to rescue wild animals which may have been injured. this was the scene the previous night the fire destroyed everything in its path. but
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a few animals were saved like this today old wild pig whose mother died in the fire . the nature is extraordinary the way the allows these creatures to adapt in the face of danger and stress and find. enormous with burnt eyes a hawk recovering from smoke inhalation along with a boa constrictor they're all receiving treatment at the shelter. today the rescue is hope to find more survivors riding in the direction. which indicates sometimes when there's a fire and we can tell because of the large number of butterflies that are flying away. this area has already burned to the ground and there's no sign of life. pokes around a serpent hole if it's deep enough he says the snakes may have survived. if you can see this is apocalyptic there's nothing left these are part of the world's
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longs now it's nature that's disappearing next it will be us this is no sign of firefighters here as you can see the wind here is absolutely fierce and it's fanning the flames again in this direction the plan is to bring a super tanker helicopter here in the next couple of days to leave water for the animals that have survived but that helicopter is also needed to put out the fires to save human life. the fire remains out of control a thick layer of smoke and ash fills the air making the sun grid. it's too dangerous to stay in the veterinarian star upset that they couldn't save a single animal i mean. i feel impotent because people aren't seen how the amazon is burning how burning alive and no one is doing anything. while much of the world focuses on the fires raging in the brazilian amazon the devastation here in
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neighboring bolivia is receiving far less attention. even though assistance is desperately needed not just to put out the fires but to regenerate this fragile and diverse eco system so that what has survived will still be able to live here. elisia joins us live now from sun in yes in eastern bolivia and lucy has some very a grim scenes in your port of barren land what's it like where you are there at the moment no matter what we're actually in the town of san ignacio this was actually declared by unesco as a world heritage site because of its. just with missionaries emissions which stayed back to the late 16 hundreds but as you can see i mean there are tents this is being used now and hope colonial area as a connection and coordination area or the fire effort to put out the fires in this area in a 500 square kilometer. radius more or less and. the armenians here there are
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volunteers a lot of people are trying to pitch in but there isn't really and not i can tell you that the fires continue to rage out of control the mayor told me a short while ago in fact that about a week ago they had reduced them to about 132 fires and now they're back up to 500 so you can imagine how they are multiplying because of the streams heat the drought that continues to strike this area and of course the fact that there are such strong winds here than it does blows the fire from one area to the other almost in circles making it very difficult to predict where it's going to go next mehram right conditions are very tough and as you say fines of doubled in size in just the past week alone how well equipped all the firefighters that to deal with this. well madam from what i've seen they're not well equipped at hold fire fighters is
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a very loose term you know because we haven't seen firemen we've seen soldiers very very young soldiers and volunteers who've never even been in a fire before going out there doing their best being very brave i would say but they don't have the right boot they melt in just a couple of hours in the heat and they don't have the proper masks to protect them from smoke inhalation that's not enough water we saw the other day putting the soldiers putting out flyers with bottles of drinking water that is a leader other times so you can imagine how far that's going to go it's just a drop in the bucket they are just getting food medicine and some water to some of the local communities that have lost their crops and their livestock but again this is not enough this is an enormous task that's before bolivia right now and they do need help thank you very much our latin america editor lucien human with that story from the sun ignacio there in eastern libya. well now greece has announced plans to transfer refugees on its islands to the mainland and speed up the deportation
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process for failed asylum seekers these new measures are part of efforts to deal with a recent resurgence in micro flows from turkey on thursday 13 boats carrying more than 540 people arrived on last boss 32 others were rescued at sea and brought to the island the increase in arrivals has added pressure on the country's already overcrowded island camps. tracking data has shown an iranian oil tanker at the center of a dispute between washington and tehran is no longer heading towards turkey and has no specified destination the adrian daria one has been sailing around the mediterranean since it was released from the british territory of travolta earlier this month the u.s. has blacklisted the vessel saying it has reliable evidence to say the tanker is on course to syria washington says to her on is trying to sell oil illicitly to fund what it describes as malign activities iranian foreign minister mohammad javad zarif has accused the us of engaging in piracy and threats.
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unexploded bombs are just one of the problems in rebuilding mosul in northern iraq the battle to evict eisel fighters from the self declared caliphate 2 years ago left the city in ruins some iraqis are returning now to rebuild but it's going to be a slow and expensive task as some of binge of aid reports. in the. mind of the importance of perseverance after defeating. these blacksmiths in city living . i came back for the love of my city and my people and i wanted to carry on my forefathers profession. as people children in this neighborhood spend their summer at the center and escape from the destruction around them. and also a chance to catch up on education they missed and. helping thousands of people to
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get identity papers and other important documents lost during the war with the group but going through the bureaucratic system and tighten security means it can take up to 6 months to get an identity card and death certificates property ownership papers and compensation is even more complicated. unfortunately still suffering we have money problems like electricity and water health care and other basic services including paved roads. it's been 2 years since iraqi forces took back. and reintegrating close to half a 1000000 people is a major challenge. there are many reasons hindering the return to mosul social political and security as well as economic reasons there are areas that need services for instance we have coordinated international actors for how we're also planning to create job opportunities. not everyone can afford to rebuild and getting help isn't easy a u.n.
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estimate puts the yearly cost of rebuilding at $1800000000.00 it's hard to imagine how people will come back to destruction like this many try to come back and rebuild their lives but they have to return because there was nothing there for them. o'reilly left the refugee camp but after house raids and inability to afford a century of she returned to her tent her son was a nicely fighter now she says the shia militias aren't much different she's bitter about being considered a criminal by association when she had no other choice of derisive rule but to accept their tyranny. there is no integration they consider as an infectious disease we had nothing to do with all of this it was a calamity which affected all muslims in our area or the children women are left now the men the most of them are either in detention centers on the the rubble we are close to the delivering that the. people here say it will take a lot of effort to rebuild mosul and they need international help as well for some
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it's too much but others say they're here to stay and build a new future some of a job with al-jazeera mosul well there's more on everything right here including our top story you have been more clashes in hong kong between police and protest protest as this on the 13th weekend in a row of demonstrations we were seeing footage of police storming the metro station and using batons against some of the demonstrators there. so let's just bring you a bit more on this story out of hong kong that police there have a stormed cities metro station as you were saying targeting pro-democracy protesters this is the 1st stage that's been emerging earlier on demonstrators riot police clashed near the territories government headquarters as well
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saddam's deposed president has been formally charged with corruption and possession of illicit current see laurel bush says he received $25000000.00 from saudi crown prince mohammed and soundman but that he had not used it for his own benefit. go get out of those. we did not supply the money to the bank of sudan because we meant to hide the source and we did so because this was the desire of the prince and i had hoped that this would have been a secret court in order not to show the name of the prince he did not want his name to appear anywhere which is why he sent the money on a private plane with a private on the boy this was his wish not to be known. turkey's president want to same plans are in place to set up a turkish led operation to secure a safe zone in northeastern syria in the coming weeks this after at least 13 people were killed and at least 2 dozen injured in an attack in a province the taliban a started in your offensive in kunduz one of afghanistan's biggest cities despite
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peace talks with the u.s. military reinforcements have been rushed in to prevent the taliban taking control at least 3 civilians and 30 taliban fighters have been killed in protests have taken place across the u.k. over a bar stanton's move to suspend parliament just weeks before the breaks it deadline thousands turned out in the capital and other major cities under the slogan stop the coup. thousands of people have defied authorities by joining protest marches in russia's capital they are demonstrating there against the exclusion of some candidates from local elections next month opposition politicians have requested formal permission for saturday's march but would turn down and greece's announced plans to transfer refugees on its islands to the mainland and speed up the deportation process for a failed asylum seekers these new measures are part of efforts to deal with a recent resurgence in my current flows from turkey all those are the headlines this hour coming up next on al-jazeera it's the listening post.
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not that. i'm. not oh well that's. a tough question because. i'm. on. my way. out of my. hello i'm richard just bird and you're at the listening post here are some of the media stories we're covering this week the communications shut down in kashmir how can journalists get the story out when the block of means most kashmiris can't even communicate with each other with 4 reporters murdered over the past month mexico is
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now the deadliest place in the world to be a journalist politics mixes with organized crime in albania and reporters there are in danger plus the internet. where the online search for a cure can be worse than the imaginary disease so we began with one of the most sweeping and lasting communications blackouts of the internet age india's attempt to silence the people of kashmir when prime minister narendra modi made good on his election promise to revoke article 370 of the indian constitution he swept away what little remained of kashmiri autonomy the region officially called jamuna and kashmir in india is now set to come under complete control of the government in new delhi more indian troops are flooded in and communications have been cut off a near total shut down of the internet mobile phones and landlines a blackout that is now into its 4th week 2 distinct news narratives of since summer
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. indian outlets particularly its plethora of 24 hour t.v. news channels say the situation in kashmir is under control and there has been a little resistance then there are the handful of indian outlets and numerous international news organizations including this one saying that that is definitely not the case our starting point this week is the kashmiri capital. region locked down. millions of people with their communications blacked out. kashmir was already heavily militarized when the indian government sent in 10000 more troops in early august because of what it called an imminent terrorist threat it turns out the modi government had other reasons. days later the media after
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imposing a communications blackout new delhi announced it was stripping kashmir of its autonomy. over the next few days we had our producer in srinagar film reactions from kashmiris in this age of instant communication it took us 2 and a half weeks to get the video because with no internet no connection to the outside world our producer had to fly to new delhi to upload the interviews he conducted however are in no way dated because very little has changed. because. of. the engine ordinance here it's accompanied by. it. right now and you are not. i mean
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this or that they want to go out again but i need. one of them. in. no government blocks internet access is frequently as india's does $159.00 times over a 3 year period far more than pakistan syria turkey iran and egypt combined according to the delhi based software freedom legal center more than half of india's regional internet blackouts have been imposed on kashmir including 55 this year alone what is unprecedented however is the scope of this one and the duration 3 and a half weeks and counting. sometimes sometimes a couple of days even if they cut off broadband live in other ways of getting through this is the 1st time that everything has been landlines. mobile phones
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while internet broadband. nothing so what used to happen is when there was an encounter between you know pakistan sponsored terrorist and the jane give police all the army they used to shop in that of that particular district all that particular area but this time without considering that there could be some kind of violence into that it was shut down forms were shut down and it's been more than 3 weeks now so yes the severity certainly is massive and never seen before. ever since 947 when india and pakistan gained their independence from britain kashmir has been disputed territory in 1950 india agreed to amend its constitution to grant the part of kashmir that it ministers india's only muslim majority state a degree of autonomy. one. prime minister narendra modi has consistently appealed to nationalists by promising to rescind that part of the constitution
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article 370 and allow him. india to take full control of kashmir modi's brand of hindu nationalism gets turbo charged on the indian airwaves by hundreds of 24 hour t.v. news channels most of which have echoed the government's narrative on this story that the situation in kashmir is called and peaceful. like normal has become the key word a kind of mantra almost. treats. the question. if you are a border protein you shall know and you've been given very specific by your channel by our editors or what you can and cannot be sure you're not obviously going to dig for stories more than that some of our colleagues spoke to these t.v. journalist and ask them if they had been to several of the areas have seen
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a good that we were visiting and they all said no so if you are not visiting more than a few specific areas you're obviously not going to report on protests you're going to say that everything is normal indian media from the time of independence was part of nation building project and has been part of india's nation building exercise all through all the last few years nationalism pretty autism militarism. as one of the see if you're not with ours if you're against us. in the news channels do not limit they're with us or against us approach to india so they use the same tactic against other news organizations trying to cover kashmir international war so i think new york times al-jazeera and britain's b.b.c.
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the b.b.c.'s. seems to me it's been caught redhanded. how much of the point at the borders junction. in time management the b.b.c. should meet them yet again 4 days into the blackout the b.b.c. reuters and al-jazeera all reported that security forces in srinagar fired tear gas and rifle pellets at crowds of protesters the modi government through its ministry of home affairs called that story fabricated. after the b.b.c. posted video of the armrest complete with the sound of gunfire the government changed its tune but only partially admitting there had been a small protest involving miscreants but that no shots had been fired. in government at the time decided to call it it's a fake radio the b.b.c. stood by this they said this is a real offer to protest from fema
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a lot of the indian media especially the electronic media especially the t.v. media was saying everything is normal and me for consumption of the indian masses that because that's what the messaging from the state is we have done this and that is not a distance to this which is just the opposite as that video showed a new york times or the washington post of the b.b.c. or the us is eat up we'll immediately show you would you also while lens of stone belting people being. it's not like that since august 5th this is into the open article 370 there hasn't been a single death due to any of the so-called human rights violations of the security forces so how can any international publication be didn't give your print justify their report. the short answer is because we don't really know who's been killed or how many that's what communications blackouts do they stop the full story
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. from getting out what few images the world has seen kashmiris protesting hospitalized blinded by pellet fire put the lie to the modi government's normal narrative the one parroted by so many news outlets falling over themselves to support a government in new delhi they are supposed to hold to account it's not just me if you want to see if the history of what these channels have been seen on significant issues in the last few meals they seem to have begun mouthpieces of the government its ideology and strategy. they're not any longer or sort of independent observation watchdogs or information given as you often hear indians describe themselves as the world's largest democracy you'll hear that from government you'll hear that from me given the way the modi government is behaving and the way the media has basically lined up behind the car the 4th stage is this really
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the world's largest democracy is it acting like ford is it has never acted as it has. carefully proven that in the diverse country the size of a continent you know nomadic could be it has been the world's largest democracy but i once read an indian writer very good and right describe india as the world's greatest experiment but that also said that sadly the world's greatest experiment in democracy is great. we're discussing other media stories that are on our radar this week with one of our producers tarek enough tarak anyone reporting on the media knows how dangerous mexico can be for journalists more than 150 media workers have been killed there since the year 2000 and this past month feels like it's been open season on reporters there that's right richard last weekend never scotland had
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a meal was found dead in his hometown of to go about an hour's drive from mexico city he was stabbed to death qantas ran a local news site called observatory 0 does thought he is the 4th journalist killed in the past month one of 12 murdered this year and the august $2900.00 will only 13 become the deadliest year on record for mexican journalist and the problem isn't just the rate at which reporters in mexico are being murdered it's the virtually no one is being held accountable and punished the human rights organization article 19 puts the impunity rate for crimes against freedom of expression that's almost 100 percent i spoke of anna christina a well of from article 19 on the issue of impunity. we say here in article 1000 that the imbue needy. is sad bear pit 2 is way to go against and threat
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the germ is because they are killing not only the truth of the journalist they're also killing the truth about their debt and it's a message of silence for all of their colleagues every day with local men that at least 3 aggressions i guess started at least 48 percent of those aggressions come from agents of the state the level of impunity is almost 100 percent this 99.3 percent and these because the state is not investigating the jails in every case of journalist aggression there is no objectivity or excess deviousness in the investigation because there's actually an investigation that is done by the sayings that went against a journalist and. while you might think that it's the drug cartels that pose the greatest threat to media and mexico it's often local or federal officials who are complicit in and in some cases allegedly directing attacks on reporters in mexico and the line between the state and organized crime is
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a blurry one and both sides benefit from financing critical journalism ok thanks daryn. turning now to a country that doesn't get a lot of news coverage albania and a story published by 2 digital news outlets that confirmed what many of their have long suspected that the relationship between politicians the judiciary and organized crime is far too close for comfort the story broke this past january the balkans investigative reporting that work and voice of america published a series of leaked recordings phone calls between government officials including prime minister eddie rama and crime bosses colluding to wriggle actions in both 20162017 there were the kind of revelations that usually come with consequences however the ruling party has dismissed or deflected the charges and none of the senior officials implicated has been arrested let alone taken to court instead the judiciary has gone after those who leaked and published the material the listening
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posts johannah who's now from tirana on politics crime journalism and the few reporters who are still covering a story the albanian powers that be are trying to kill. they mean criminal network in a senior state official discussing voter intimidation or 227000 general election. the government official. prime minister. crime books promising the ruling socialist party electoral victory.
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and member of the albanian mafia congratulate mr downer connection. these are just the tip of the iceberg of a set of explosive wire taps that sent on pena into political chaos when you hear this conversation and they sound like italian mafia movies where of they decide who should rule the country and therefore the country should be ruled by their people and not through fair and independent elections or. this was explosive evidence showing that criminals not only they enjoy total impunity but they are also poor both government in the sounds of helping us supporting supporters from in this case socialist who remain in power that is going to arm say this illegally by criminals it was done with the cooperation of local
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officials and also high officials of the state which makes it incredibly clear not just how our government functions but also who is governing us never before have i seen criminal groups use such sophisticated tactics to influence the will of the electorate and that's why i and my colleagues at berne and v.o.a. decided to investigate this phenomenon again the financial force the store will publish focused not on the ties of this work has to politicians and members of organized crime but also the failure of the judicial system the prosecutor's office to properly investigate this this leaves various people have been indicted which were mostly low level officials and members of organized crime but the part which involved their ties to the local politicians and let's say the for electoral fraud process that has now been properly investigated. the fact that byrne albania
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voice of america and later german newspaper billed were the ones to break this story isn't surprising these outlets. receive their funding from outside of dania giving them the kind of editorial independence that allows them to cover issues most elastic news networks are reluctant to touch. us media space has opened up significantly since the end of decades of dictatorship in the early ninety's. condit is actually rely on the mainstream news networks for hard hitting investigative reporting especially when it comes to corruption and the intersection of politics and organized crime when it was your top story pro. splurge of coverage initially and then most of our being in the news outlets virtually silent one of the. in terms of media freedom there is a kind of self-censorship. they get a job with the mainstream television station or it means. they know that there was
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conflict between the government or a construction company that wants to. know something like this so they have to try to follow that particular to. stay away from certain stories because they could be gone like that when this was revealed by voice of america and i think for local media it's kind of easy to republish because this way they detach themselves from the contra and then just say this is what has been reported even in this case i think some of the media tried to downplay the importance of this revelation however when bill started to publish similar wiretaps that they didn't have a choice right of a hat to report this otherwise in the eyes of the public it would be very clear very are so pro socialist that they are not even able to through a cover of this explosive material. there are a few journalists to continue to cover criminal groups and their relationships with
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politicians but it's become a dangerous beat and never getting the complexity of reporting. country whose political system and even parts of its media industry are intertwined with organized crime scene self-censorship is hardly journalist biggest worry. one night in august last year the house behind me the family home with journalist claudia was sprayed with bullets no one got hurt but lara who's been reporting on the relationship between politics and organized crime for over a decade says a clear message was sent that night to scare her into silence team she was injured because she wished you to be quite honest i find it very difficult to speak about that incident because my family and i are trying to completely forget about it i have tried to have a strong journalistic voice to investigate and expose the links of organized crime to politics and to denounce the power of 2 little groups while the authorities try to argue that this shooting was the result of some sort of family feud i think no i
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don't think i'm convinced that there is no other reason for my family to be targeted than my reporting but the attack has had no effect at all professional work i covered difficult stories before and i will carry on doing this in the coming years i was told to prophesy on evan we did our share we know very little about the people committed as those attacks because unfortunately there isn't been proper prosecution as the prime minister promised at the time i think the political will from the political leaders may say they're not supporting brave prosecutors and law enforcement officers to find who's responsible for this kind of ads because of course this can also lead to them this is kind of attacks against journalists will go unpunished certainly would push more journalists to toward self-censorship and not you know at brave being courageous the best for journalists dan is in reporting. the war against critical journalist isn't just waged with
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bullets more often it's waged with words. threats smear campaigns and online harassment have become the tools for those in power to fight dissenting voices. alice taylor is a toronto based journalist earlier this year was the subject of a far reaching this marriage campaign that she says was orchestrated by the government this was a result she says of her critical coverage of the wire taps and corruption in the ruling socialist party i made a comment to russia today a factual comment on it happening with the political situation. and then suddenly my phone started going crazy and i started receiving messages from people sending me links pro-government media had started saying that i was a russian spy they publish my face hey you said that i was paid by russia and all
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the opposition party to undermine democracy. that i was a traitor to the albanian people and they then started publishing my partner's face saying that he was a wanted criminal filing militants i mean it spread like wildfire i have received abusive street as well being heavily pregnant it got to the point where i didn't leave the house without someone with me. prime minister idiot on mars has become very known internationally as someone who. directly against every single germ that he does not like when you have a powerful person naming and shaming journalists then of course for the public it's very easy when they needed journalists. to kill them before he was killed in bratislava the former prime minister over whom journalist slovak prostitutes. before dawn on i've only found one skilled in. the prime minister all for doesn't
4:45 am
organize smear campaign put in the picture of the. billboards throughout the country if we compare ourselves with them we are not of their fortunately however there are indicators and there are practices where after the smear campaigns were organized journalists were killed so i would not be surprised unfortunately if something like this happens. and finally a public service announcement from a doctor with an electric guitar and a band it's about something that we've all done you get a tickle in your throat or a minor rash maybe you're having difficulty sleeping and rather than going to see the doctor you go online because you know better a diagnosis treatment and reassurance are all just a few clicks away all online self diagnosis is now a common condition as is hypochondria or as this phenomenon has come to be known
4:46 am
cyberchondria a swedish doctor henrik v. to get away has a prescription for that which comes in the form of a music video that's gone viral it's called never google your symptoms will see you next time you're listening. to your. first. elaine. if you google combine diagnosis to do a good job or you loss' any google femur and or read you got it wrong and soon will be dead. and you will i ever brought in go see it see itself your brain is leaking juice and you will get shampoo program no says the law make
4:47 am
sure your psych coldest so. you're just so. used to. the old. talk to al-jazeera we are going to give them to the people who will be attending the minima workshop we listen i'm supposed to explain apologize for someone who is also terrorizing we meet with global newsmakers and talk about the stories that
4:48 am
matter. these stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world. al-jazeera. hello i'm maryanne demasi in london with a quick look at headlines right police in hong kong have stormed a metro station targeting pro-democracy protesters who are accused of vandalizing property the operation disrupted train services and left several people injured this comes after violent confrontations near the government headquarters where police fired tear gas and water cannons against demonstrators who were throwing rocks and petrol bombs in hey brings us the latest.
4:49 am
this is become a weekend ritual in parts of hong kong street battles breaking out between anti-government protesters and police. but this was one of the most intense rounds of violence since the protests began almost 3 months ago. the day. they had started peacefully the police rejected an application from organizers to hold a rally additionally it was just small religious and student groups that defied the ban we need to pray for home sold off and some of them are 1st on the they also have the same idea but the numbers grew throughout the day as people paralyzed some of the city's busiest roads turning them into walkways oh by doing so they risked arrest but there was safety in numbers they shouted their familia cries of stand with hong kong and left their mark as they went but it was inevitable that
4:50 am
this day would develop like so many others have in hong kong recently the violence started when some people stopped at the offices of the government which adjoins hong kong to parliament this is a building that they stormed back on the 1st of july so clearly once they came to this building the police were in no mood to muck around no mood to allow them to stay here and throw things at the building so that to get started fairly quickly. the protesters have developed a relatively new and dangerous tactic of throwing petrol bombs along with bricks and other objects on the other side police fired tear gas and deployed water cannons this time laced with dye to try to mock those who had broken the law eventually those demonstrating moved on but the fight wasn't over. the protesters have retreated from the area around the legislative council conflicts but not very far coming to a place close to the headquarters of the hong kong police of bollocks this road this intersection here and sit fire to their barricade taking things to
4:51 am
a new level directions were designed to send a clear message to the police and the governments far from being afraid there are intensifying their campaign and in doing so the city's crisis is worsening wane hey al jazeera hong kong. sudan's deposed president has been formally charged with corruption and possession of illicit currency bashir says he received $25000000.00 from saudi crown prince mohammed bin sound money but that he had not used it for his own benefit though the numbers of those who are muslim we did not supply the money to the bank of sudan because we meant to hide the source and we did so because this was the desire of the prince and i had hoped that this would have been a secret court in order not to show the name of the prince he did not want his name to appear anywhere which is why he sent the money on a private plane with a private on a voyage this was his wish not to be known. turkey's president says plans are in
4:52 am
place to set up a turkish led operation to secure a safe zone in northeastern syria in the coming weeks they says at least 13 people have been killed and 2 dozen injured in an attack in province the taliban has begun a new offensive in one of afghanistan's biggest cities despite ongoing peace talks with the u.s. military reinforcements have been rushed in to prevent the taliban taking control of the city based 3 civilians and 30 taliban fighters have been killed. and protests have taken place in cities across the u.k. over prime minister boris johnson's move to suspend parliament just weeks before that crucial breaks it deadline at the end of october the government has said the measure is standard procedure but foul zones of people turned out in the capital london and elsewhere birmingham manchester glasgow all demonstrating under the slogan stop the coup well that brings you up to date without top stories coming up next on al-jazeera it's out of their world.
4:53 am
ult. slowly. slowly. oh has a 7 year term you know hasn't. hasn't settled really is i'm going to come for you. and at the end door look but i'm going to use one of the mossad or. he was young very handsome very impressive maybe very close mike person. allie has sansa
4:54 am
lama joined the palestine liberation organization the p.l.o. in 1963 he was born in 1940 near jaffa into a wealthy family. his famous father has sand had been a commander in the arab revolt against british rule in the late 1930 s. much shorter to give power to a 3rd supporter the men are c.m.'s then he sill me thought what are most allow the biryani killers shall the father must allow another johnny orlean on the shaquille j. she shared with us ok and hasn't set any shows up in her other as jaish what you thought i'd get your order money up will be a more highly hasn't selema started to sum up well to a lot or lacks are in the law the law doesn't sell a mass of how cool is it that each was of a little. his son allie is probably best known for founding the armed p.l.o. group black september which killed 11 members of the israeli
4:55 am
a limb picked team in munich in 1992. to israel made the list after the 72 operations of 12 i was thing and figures who were involved in this operation in munich and her son was one of them he was in the list and for years the israeli tried to find him and to kill him or healed so gained a reputation for his flamboyant lifestyle enjoying the beirut night life to the full. call we were free to walk and if so you gradually. walk you called shockley and now. what killed salama was being on a mossad most wanted list but his extravagant may rude lifestyle did make him an easier target. but it emerged after his death that there was more to his role in the p.l.o. and his relationships with foreign journalists and the americans than was clear at
4:56 am
the time. this is the story of a major p.l.o. figure of the 1970 s. the man the israelis called the red prince. alley has sansa lama hardly knew his influential father but he did seem to inherit some of his daring. the old palestinian soldier for jewish militias in the 1940 s. and some of those missions were quite all day shoes. cousin salami he was joint with some other palestinian and some some german part troops and they are pressured into israel into palestine this was. struck by the gestapo and by the german military intelligence believe he was part of a scheme. awful scheme to poison the water resources of tel aviv. listen i'm tired of me who kept our common
4:57 am
touch and. can ride no confusing before i. can feel up the money because no. good can move a winner home and therefore should not use. them if you had on their front of him down fresh faced with hustler money. instead of mice and bush distance of a cannot because. i wish that 500 isn't as to how. they have said it had gotten from us fear me wanting to know i thought it would not make it cheerful to happen. how an. exception might have been you're going to have it all which is a good lesson. and this is. all
4:58 am
the fairly i need is the shit the couple are the lottery for my wobble money then i'm a whole it's my gun. battle but then with the huffy and for thought the really bothersome at several out of every. shot if you thought of the skillet you had a mind of that but the other the other was a neat. modoc emotional or a market loss and i am. sure you can. johnson's canisters of for 30 minutes or wait there for 10 minutes less can get on the bus or madame you can head you can elect if you had treated her at all in the little mini and had
4:59 am
us well we can't. have been handed enough to do that and you know how less you cedras no hike my going into a line i'm manya for can i have that. little man one of them have to shift my hands for that one interesting and that's because until. i. start with. jani. is a mania. the left in the sense that. they're not as you are par hara for mamma what i only think anyone down to a mom like i cannot have a. bad mad in a salad or such salad i follow skinny you militia men i should lift them up mammography. among the palestinian nationalists who founded what became the pillows fatter party was yasser arafat sometimes known as. a sissy in the further.
5:00 am
the mosque one mark. heard i will be heard clicking on some often seen in a law courts worthily kuwait's. but no mitchell how to win is on the one i could. learn how to deal with and from still further. but that get in no i would. go in the moment we're in the shift pattern solaire me mark them down last hour as a stellar monitor of a 2 year project. top. some form removed. since that little 16.


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