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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 1, 2019 5:00am-6:01am +03

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a scene in the veterans on colonel the mosque a wal-mart i wish we had i will be looking on since some often seen in a law equates worthily kuwait's them see all it but no matter how to win is ahmed the really one i could damage it if. i like that you know of and from still if not the. big magick and no i would almost sign. a oh i don't know in the moment or in the shit happens tellin me much i'm dumb left out i've been a stellar militant ever to yet. top. them family moved out of. sympathy little city built on china accent of our city are highly quids fallen star will be the shabby human as want to exhausting. him are off
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and know how to get father mother boss mob them. other how to get that easily they can a sheet but that can look bad so last hustle it has in some house a dean with the you had the tickets that some did a thing you had to have some source of the in this about 16 of our modern left one is a la buffalo bill bia art on them how to get for the production of us there are the . deal with the field whether it's all of them. but a small city in front of the mosque and 80 shuttles you would measure how this a lot of the bill for i'll be but mentally. the medical model of the monster well the mashad of love the loss of a homeowner in need were alone jani the thought of was it at the top are. our
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modern issue or was it at least up on vaso either. one of their job the most or at them my us not the i'll let that be the dumbest c.s.e. . in which i did know who were up to an equity strategist work in mn lee had the ra i will has answered any of the 100 and he's gotten. in there. and they were not in and i'm sure that doesn't help the hopeless your marketing. if you know how to interest me but i would want to have a rational approach and. one of i made it to finish please. or. no could. that she had done that. i mean. hey did.
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you hire a house and said to me now little men there are thousands in a shabby. and in another you some measure hasn't lost a market i don't walk on a justice. has of us the word that well you know lemmy neighborly about e's she has a last one to me no i hear are a man lost are all. but most of the question. can the soon or never been for what kind of person says that a man who was. over there another none the less a lot of the later. he did. what he should. look after her just a. lady has. done. in the
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last. in march $968.00 palestinian fighters known as fedayeen joined jordanian forces against an israeli raid on a p.l.o. camp in the town of karama the camp was lost but the israelis took heavy casualties and the battle was widely acclaimed in the arab world and i have a. sin to dean i thought america the car thought should burn cathedral in color how tickets that feel or. have them a look meant. i had. done well or what. some full story i don't bother. or dounia on bill at the moment or don't need a lot of. people with c.s.e. . by then i thought. fatah and the
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p.l.o. had gradually gained strength in jordan and some of them began to call for the overthrow of king hussein's regime itself. in mid september 1970 hussein decided to oust the fedayeen from jordan his forces surrounded cities with a high p.l.o. presence like amman and outbid and attacked the fighters in the events known as black september it took 3 years for jordan to expel the militias leaving the p.l.o. feeling betrayed faith was supreme since then. and in a much more mature with nestle fashion come from what i saw in houma. it an example that wal-mart. or filter. will start with under $32.00 of the football a horrid london with an orderly what is tamara
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a little to the fullest and they are going to hear. about. a spot if you don't get fed and mess to see you know from the top now. the government as a guess i now. hold a little lot of eyelet i've been sure that some of the measures listen listen or be s.f. at that. in here and. i wish. we had a set up a spa feel some of us. had already. because i'm going to take it doesn't look. forward what model.
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on the show tempting mrs sullivan for terms of question and then there's a time traveler say have a plan that can. and then i think you can see what internet and action as a couple when there's a. charter and a lot on a talk. treatment if you're at damage as for. the. you could watch him walk in. one of them in a lawless what. symmetry you had a cat for to the heart of pond. but a little a slug a listen meticulous a half a block septum but a woman. with a lot of the what's with that because it was the had been the jordanian prime
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minister during the black september events in 1970 to salaam he was a symbol of our a betrayal. and a lot of donor and you are up man. what. a national missile. defense and of they had who was happy about that the you know look in the center there was a brain muscle or a small had always easy but again what the hell if i'm out how to get what i need you look many ways around that is a myth aside. a lot of them had a large city near field house was ian rush did it all in order missioner feet on the inside the united them and of connecticut and assess it for to know about and i mean you know tennis is a balance of strategy after
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a minute or so we shot him and laughing. they go on this organization the fellow very specific that he's taken specific metals of act. but when you look at them there's nothing with what happened in jordan and maybe the most famous person of this organization was the. operation in munich during the olympic games incident. by september 1972 alley has sense a lama with security had a factor and chief of operations of black september. he was not on the ground in munich but as a leader of the organization he's likely to have been involved. figure out an
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aliyah to munich. home limits the bar for the strain of 9 and a hobbit. he up them flooded the room with a bank and hope to climb a little lean medicine. who it left a lot. of legal as well martha clean the deck and then michael alarm aliya mccann had a file cut the can had ever. been as it locked actually by the israeli perspective those are not political prisoners victorious hts some of them were caught during operations on the people and by the israeli public opinion and by israeli leaders there was no reason why 2 to exchange them could damage look and wonder if there was someone. who in this was in charge or can be met and. maybe they're not
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you know his 2nd one my met kevin and how about a 5th of the wonder. woman he had over libya and moscow russia writes rather. well about it if you will some of them had a. plan that he had shot at the. climate stuff you should do you have a mental issue with that. you have much of vs you have military home in there that's the one you palestinians brought in contests in the weapons and operatives and this group of the tough people today in the attacked the israeli sports athletes they're in big village they killed some of them and kidnapped the rest of them to the 1st book which was a military airport because they thought they would get the plane. to leave
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germany with the hostages for egypt but the chairman's who were not very experienced that term they wanted to stop it by all means black september killed 2 israeli athletes in the olympic village and abducted 9 others they wanted to leave germany with the hostages but the german authorities secretly planned to foil they get away by helicopter that was the 1st time that these valleys had to negotiate for someone else with palestinians while the meat was prime minister clare the chief one and she put all the responsibility over to germans that they had to go she ate. although they came to her and said we need for good names we need the palestinian demands to change prisoners but because of if you just make any negotiation and held for
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a mother to do it look at the new follow mr sheen has at the net the check anything . all but 2 black september operatives were shot by german snipers at the airport. but not before they'd also killed the ninety's really hostage is waiting in the helicopters with grenades and machine guns. when. muslims. in the middle you. know that or. not there. were 5 nominees this is. the 1st accusation against his involvement in 72 operation well presented by a german magazine few months after the operation the magazine had presented the
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early for since elam as the leader of the organization and a little over the planet of the old ringback ringback operation till later on the israeli media and some israeli intelligence sources continued disparity event claimed that a lead by himself actually planned. their operation in munich something that i have some doubts about it because as far as i know he was involved but he was not the planner and it was not the leadership. that sat there for them to leave but them this is a hick attack and. thought it. would halt. munich enraged israel and gold them a year and they launched operation wrath of god in retaliation.
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one of its 1st missions was what they called operation spring of youth when mossad intelligence agents landed in lebanon by boat to attack p.l.o. leaders in beirut and sidon. i wasn't. around in those woods. finally when the structure of a llama has you look at the list and it hasn't and there's the 2nd german. one upsets him when i say i don't know if you want to play sailor or send them a lot of us at. the notion of a 2nd. mission one can live with deal with a lot of love and people say there. are 10000 of them all and jack their little. son was able to take out 13 palestinians in
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europe in of course at the tip of that if it was operation vote on a person suffering a few too to be able to come to beirut in the middle of the night in strike t 3 palestinian prominent figures in their houses. was no less than a stab in the heart of the people. to strengthen the good you have to shore the good all the more with your gums to fight against corruption. this fire needs heroes heroes like no who are about to be refused a $50000000.00 bribe the achievement of heroes like him to showcase by the international ace award it shines a light on these heroes because the best way to fight
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a dark be used to shine a light let's make the world a better place nominate your anti corruption mirror now. dizzier explores prominent figures of the 20th century and how life will raise influenced the course of history was the human revolution communist away feel castro is a feudal east the not a communist that custer wanted his country che wanted international revolution became a point when the relationship came to an end the icons of revolution who changed the course of latin american politics. and fidel castro face to face on al-jazeera . a nation where corruption is endemic embroiled in a battle to hold the power. has this radical transformation occur. to me that if you want to shedding light on the remaining
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pressing for change and the unconventional methods to eliminate corruption remain people on al-jazeera. i know i'm. in london with headlines when he's in a home call storm the city's metro station targeting pro-democracy protesters who are accused of vandalizing property the operation disrupted train services and left several people injured this comes after a violent confrontations near the government headquarters where police fired tear gas and water cannon against demonstrators who were throwing rocks and petrol bombs saddam's deposed president has been formally charged with corruption and possession
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of illicit currency a moral bashir says he received $25000000.00 from saudi crown prince mohammed bin salmond but that he had not used it for his own benefit. no the numbers of those who are muslim are we did not supply the money to the bank of sudan because we meant to hide the source and we did so because this was the desire of the prince and i had hoped that this would have been a secret court in order not to show the name of the prince he did not want his name to appear anywhere which is why he sent the money on a private plane with a private on a voyage this was his wish not to be known. turkey's president says plans are in place to set up a turkish led operation to secure a safe zone in northeastern syria in the coming weeks this as at least 13 people have been killed and at least 2 dozen injured in an attack in province taliban a started a new offensive in kunduz one of afghanistan's biggest cities despite ongoing peace
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talks with the u.s. military reinforcements have been rushed in to prevent the taliban taking control of the city at least 3 civilians and 30 taliban fighters have been killed protests have taken place across cities in the u.k. of a prime minister boris johnson's move to suspend parliament just weeks before the break that deadline government has said the measure is standard procedure but thousands turned out in london manchester are still in leeds under the slogan stop the coup. and thousands of people have defied authorities by joining protest marches in russia's capital moscow they are demonstrating there against the exclusion of some candidates from local elections next month position politicians had requested for permission for saturday's match but that was denied protests are the largest show of public dissent for more than 5 years i'll have more on all those stories for you in the news hour that's coming up at 2100 g.m.t. in about half an hour's time do join me then.
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ali her son salama rose to the top of the p.l.o. as fatah party in the 1960 s. and seventy's to become one of yasser arafat's most trusted men. he also founded the black september armed group which killed 11 israeli athletes at the munich olympic games in 1972. this put him on an israeli hit list and mossad attacked the p.l.o. in beirut in april 973 killing 3 senior figures but they failed to get to either arafat or salama. however mossad continued to target salaam and in the process committed a major blunder in july 973 in what became known as the lillehammer affair.
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another in the hot moss off of its war a bomb also. has and so there me. remarked that of their mark on the imagine it will hi i'm a. little hole out a little. small. creek the land will get there will be able to see you look at the bottom of who she killed how you're able. to learn up at the level where there's honor and again i'm that longish lee diplomacy. he. was you had a sense of that. who are the 1st i miss you when you. can . go and you has item claims and the funny thing is those who can't sing. here's a funny thing yes. bob i'm going to town but if i had lizard
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say in who the hell i wish to mind who. now there is a question why after a little hi mary. i've been in the mid seventies days where he waited till 79 to kill him and there are some political reasons and explanations for that we must understand that during 79 that was also the er of begging as a prime minister in israel and that was after the end big embarrassment of. that after that embarrassment israel could not operate freely in the same. way that he did for europe. for years the israeli were not really afraid of the city but the black september make
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a change that made them you change because because of the. folk that was. covering the all the parishioners because of the big question mark that stands behind most stands behind the operation would be things who sponsored them who work for them. that was one of the reasons that made black september for the israeli public opinion more dangerous and unique and that it was and saddam is one of the leaders of this organization was also very very very unclear and unpredictable stargate will become a year. 188. beav who booed how eat. we need when you see with. well little but. he was a big although it was a big problem because he was different he was fluent in european languages he was
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handsome it was about a guy he was used to travel used to travel a lot in europe and people admired him also in europe not just an indelible sense of muscle at that event as you have got a full photo you read on your heart of the muscle hard. place have been in full steam because feel belittled to keep because. he was an item he was the center of nightlife in beirut and he married miss universe is a lesion. disc in his eye was medically jamila. he knew how to make people follow him and he was a long buoyant bohemian. character that had all these symbols of being a leader he was quite a mysterious person on one hand a very elegant guy like a dandy like a playboy on the other hand
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a ruthless operative who is fighting for the palestinian cause that sense he was big fred for the israelis he could speak for the europeans who could speak for the western world and present the palestinian cause in a very clear and very different way than the previous leaders and i believe. this i'm going to say yes but i'm going to ask a lot of. interest to very and to sound good but then after a bunch of crap i had to act too mad dash to the demand of fia can you not get at. him the richest man half. brother not the civil but young and those in the other doesn't foresee there's a risk but the death of that it will. i think all they have booked years frank sinatra then elvis pristiq did i manage with basic human who have worked years.
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william i can hold you can know my bad stuff a baccalaureate i can shoot a money in. it beyond a mini yeah. vigorous brew have a cinema where ya been half a minute and. genuinely in. this trouble. this it's rather. hopeless for it. can't work you. haven't. from jordan the p.l.o. had moved to lebanon where yasser arafat was now based but when they gradually took control of the south of the country and of west beirut this upset lebanon's fragile
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political balance. arafat had the support of the lebanese national movement led by kemal jumblatt. but arafat wanted relationships across the political spectrum and made a show of reaching out to figures like pierre gemayel of the christian party whose power base was in east beirut. shura had a close and let us by genesee join as a shot of. where i am and had a. lot of sailors got in but. only when i went. to look at wal-mart. and she should get a lana. and a gander cod. head of 1. 100 says
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so we hike. to the mid east do we hate and hate that or never does of morphine us and that will come in and. i had a new house and the. whole mess on a rock around. the only the urine is up. in the year. and. then you should be as. well as. you know how to live. but whatever arafat envisaged civil war broke out. the p.l.o. fought the good tired christian militia in the streets of beirut dividing the city into east and west. militias and splinter groups proliferated hundreds of
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civilians were killed the lebanese army was split and the leading factions user to many of the functions of government. however the war gave allie has an salama a key role one that would take him into the heart of the pillows opponents inside and outside lebanon and ultimately into a dialogue with the americans. he started by approaching pierre gemayel son bashir it will be bashir who has us who we in new and i'm with him come on a war mark and what i mean necking. america mantra. well now. that we know some time you were committed to love god of. n.t. can message get the. message for you when you give their land and. after that the when you ask if. he left family cannot speak again
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bashir in elizabeth under. way for my diary had an issue. where that were and bit mass in the nude to be bait you were caught by and blood to which it is male will you know we are what i sense a let me start that $100.00 but she does. give but she does maybe do for the law to be a very little right now i have been a yard all the men. and so let me. have a man a home but has been much time are meanies about the spanish in me and the one has unbuilt lama have him and then it all brasil on land but she is married a lot of the military there's been a lot of it but said that some without a feet. and a hymn book. he had had them up early in our commission on our you and him and you
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want to be an ambiguity and i can have bull fi as it had really built. but i bet national but more a 1000000. give up before so how about if sure allowable hasnt but lets go on hey look to. the hacker who has. a law she has made a slave. with him did that kind of month. is going to. the man did the minimum for the betterment of the show. so far has an awful lot of going about offers a bottomless well you know because i used to live in the bush. but the daughter really of a has and so let me make sure i look for the law my are public here that. is because i believe for the whole world court my america.
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lab why didn't the south were allowed to connect. a new g. now i'm in my nexus a new woman or like a cease fire the old man would have let me win not the fact and nodded so far i made a key yes if he'd let me know we who came a little on the month i called got a b. and a month back on the site i lay amicable for us to meet a new initiate ballard sofar immediately called. one mark was what a house like a laugh i was and so he had me in oh yeah i'm there and need not to seem to suffer at all when he can be a mean i'm a sufferer had made him a at the dear a lawyer i meet again for help but holly was the only and there was a kiss a few new traumas. almost a hurdle yaml a solid markel well ok
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a mission to solve c.c. but don't decide where to look for it come out. a local fear you learn about a form of lost mean and look out for new life you help if you don't be false to me you do more could really. care what a liberty. bud bush too bad for to this of you and america will be friendly heck no credit she really sure about a country free feels too near to look upon and for you will be really shocked at what you figure it for create a new yam to his them and you know i mean wish machine. glu isn't physically there you know. him she feels. this was the start of a dialogue between salama and to cia intelligence officer based in beirut robert ames. ames spoke arabic and understood the region it's possible his
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back channel would salaam or might have influence long term relationships between the arab world israel and the u.s. if both had lived from the point of view of israel to have the cia. conduct an intensive dialogue with their number one adversary is like i know the united states learning that israel has secret channel with osama bin laden from the point of view of israel this is not oh alice doesn't stop me that i was not less evil then any of the one of the most wanted terrorist that the united states are seeking to kill now that it's in i think that if the americans would hear that israel would do something like this they would turn this as nothing less than a severe betrayal of trust but nevertheless the united states continue with that i
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am convinced that. we are on the road on the way to the right road. that we really can draw closer to their golden age of peace prosperity and brotherhood i would say that the president ronald reagan from 1980 was the 1st thought when the us. truly acknowledged the right of the peace people. this plan would would would not have been written and published without the influence of robert ames that was influenced by and because of something. when the israelis discovered this dialogue was going on they acted decisively to shut it down and the doctor you know many. if d.f.a. you can make known i should enjoy it can one thing any genuine been t. . always for you know they had that camera to 3 years a cinema. in a wholly yeah yeah i didn't mean i don't have been good is she in
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a p.c. but none of the filthy a mafia defend us national. and woman and so little here why do you not to be in. america mary champus know what is and muzzle brittany going to toppling fuchsia mecarbil bay to what had died in the year and who way the lesson from of how much some are but on the doubt those some look at $100.00 more are a bit of a hassle so. she was able to study him very closely and you found out his habits she could oversee part of the street set i guess will settle. there. is i have to. check. my sins in british if the.
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family of you have talked with him on you then you would have this very strident. fall a long time locate to locate and to kill. the red prince in lebanon and in some other countries that they leave before finally they got information from the palestinian that lived in beirut and was a member of one of the palestinians but he's a chance he delivered some information about the life of riley in the will there israelis for a few months made the plan how to reach him and to kill him basically you have to know a little bit and say if you don't see it written him so often go. i was rooting for the party though the little birds who fit. in there and how would it if the election will affect them to do with the fact that i'm going to unite them fees
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or is mish mash my jelly on the end of it going to look at the local issue and an argument was that they're in the middle of a dilemma dotage tell us get them visas feel that they are perfectly on. a list to. italy on a regular what are your duty in a. shoe fits. the definition been me a listener see a. man i've been afan minicon have seen a thought routinely in a game and i should. meet you at law you want it to he. will know what down killing me hey key in all. our best diego but suffer and don't win nothing if a mess and amistad. and i'm a stand alone not only might be the victim when it was clear that he's walking with
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a lot of bodyguards so approaching him inside the just the middle of the street and shooting him even if this is successful would be likely end up in the capturing of the assassins which is a disaster. so they decided to use a huge amount of explosive that would hit him while being in his convoy and would likely kill him and his bodyguards meaning does not allow his bodyguards to react and do something she was male only can have finally come in learned that he had to know how that got down to 50 alex hunter but keeney. it's a loser i'm sure the process would kill it and. i'm not truthful. and really behind hard with. my whole.
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life smatter and if i'm a man bashir isn't and can hasten the mission when i'm at it's a moment. that's really all that when you said i've been bashir is where you were you had our sense of them and their fear our let your luck in your oh yeah but what about that why they are not bush they want to know so little to say liberalism and a bit of a set over so you know that i have said before i'll sort of she's pull him out of course or that it will hit and it's up like a situation that ever so that is with the best and cut.
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snatch and fish market obviously. the most hotly for you and i don sub executive 111 say in normal are my own in-house on my client hard to look out you go on a bit of a laughing on mass market have academic one to kill me when i had that i.b.m. i feel enormous sudden or decide me yani i'm not good damn i tell you how you can blame can you not limping in with the stock in. canfield jet that. how. dull and why asks the new not to do nor even are to you muslims to happy when you have to battle a new muslim at the lower level has me full heart of would be sure to hassle free
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relate to tackle him i think mossad had a greater motivation to kill a lethal army after they failed in their home and this was an in none close circle and unclose the count they wanted to close their 2nd they really thought that he was involved in munich where the business true or not but they really believed and they believed to this day 3rd the fact that he was the contact person to the cia and the american administration was and i quote one of the mossad operatives participating in that oppression was like our sticking a finger in our eye and if they were the but the shorter the willy nilly a battle it for learned in law and good luck on will condemn a bit of them with but we know this but that animal is not only that but their own heart but as our libyan it directed to vietnam when wilson said there's
5:44 am
no. reason right. i'm consistent. in that. they had instances of an. alley has since a llama was killed on the 22nd of january 979. robert ames died in the suicide bombing of the us embassy in beirut 4 years later that killed 63 people including 17 americans. some believe that if saddam had lived he would have been able to pass intelligence to the americans and fought the attack . longer term if both aims and salaam had lived the u.s. relationship with the middle east over the past 40 years might also have followed a different course. over the decades millions of arabs have moved from the middle east many refugees but others
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economic migrants taking their skills abroad. al-jazeera world meets to doctors to forge new lives in a strange land and the u.s. . never forgetting their roots. but each committed to building a new life helping others. arabs abroad the suttons on al-jazeera. to strengthen the good you have to show the good all the more with the calm still fight against corruption. this fight needs heroes heroes like no who are about who refused a 15000000 dollar bribe the achievement of heroes like him to showcase by the international ace award it shines a light on these heroes because the best way to fight a dark piece to shine a light let's make the road to
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a better place nominate your anti corruption nero now. hello again it's good terry back we're here across australia we are going to be watching back to back fronts making their way across much of the by 1st of all let's go over here towards the west and you can see these areas the clouds pushing through so adelaide one is coming through here on sunday for perth you can be seeing one as well so with that expect to see some stormy and windy conditions as we go to sunday night and into monday they do move quite quickly though as we go towards monday and you're not going to see much of
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a break in terms of space between the fronts but adelaide it's fair to see more rain here on monday as well to the north it is going to be quite nice in townsville with a temperature of $25.00 degrees well cross and rather the south island of new zealand dollars into bad now but those same systems coming in from the west will be affecting you as we go into the weekend as well for sunday monday expect to see off and on showers but not looking too bad in terms of the rain maybe some clouds of towards auckland with a temperature of 15 degrees and as we go towards monday maybe a little bit more winds as well where gossip and it is going to be rainy over the next few days and that is going to continue and we're going to be seeing some flooding probably down here toward the south the ground is already saturated crossed much of this area in here and sunday we're going to be seeing tokyo at $31.00 degrees but by the time we get towards monday more rain pushing into the forecast but over here toward seoul it is going to be mostly cloudy for you with a temperature of $27.00.
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al-jazeera. hello i'm maryam namazie a very warm welcome to the news hour live from london coming up the actions of hong kong police once again in the spotlight as pro-democracy protests descend into violence. sudan's ousted president tomorrow bashir is charged with corruption and
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the illegal use of foreign funds. 2.2000000 people could be made stateless off to india or excludes them from a citizenship register in assam state. b. to sit in doha with all your sports it will be an all ferrari from for the belgian grand prix while lewis hamilton will start from food after a crush almost ruled him out of qualifying at spa. riot police in hong kong have stormed a metro station targeting pro-democracy protesters who are accused of vandalizing property the operation disrupted train services and left several people injured it comes after violent confrontations near the government headquarters where police fired tear gas and water cannon against demonstrators who were. throwing rocks and petrol bombs to al-jazeera when has the latest now.
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this has become a weekend ritual in parts of hong kong street battles breaking out between anti-government protesters and police. but this was one of the most intense rounds of violence since the protests began almost 3 months ago. the day had started peacefully the police rejected an application from organizers to hold a rally additionally it was just small religious and student groups that defied the ban we need to pray for home sold off and some of them are 1st on the they also have the same idea but the numbers grew throughout the day as people paralyzed some of the city's busiest roads turning them into walkways oh by doing so they risked a rest but there was safety in numbers they shouted their familia cries of stand with hong kong and left their mark as they went but it was inevitable that this day
5:51 am
would develop like so many others have in hong kong recently the violence started when some people stopped at the offices of the government which adjoins hong kong's parliament this is a building that they stormed back on the 1st of july so clearly once they came to this building the police were in no mood to muck around no mood to allow them to stay here and throw things at the building so that to get started fairly quickly. the protesters have developed a relatively new and dangerous tactic of throwing petrol bombs along with bricks and other objects on the other side police fired tear gas and deployed water cannons this time laced with dye to try to mock those who had broken the law eventually those demonstrating moved on but the fight wasn't over. the protesters have retreated from the area around the legislative council conflicts but not very far coming to a place close to the headquarters of the hong. concrete lease the blocks this road
5:52 am
this intersection here and sit fire to the barricade taking things to a new level directions were designed to send a clear message to the police and the governments far from being afraid their intensifying they came pain and in doing so the city's crisis is worsening when hey al jazeera hong kong. i want to get more on this story now i'm joined via skype by sharon hom executive director of human rights in china and the sort of deepening anger in tension in hong kong right now is really reflected in some of those scenes that we were just seeing in wayne hayes report from the metro station and police storming the metro station can i ask for your thoughts what did you make of that footage. so i think it's very consistent with the escalating police violence and that this is part of what is fueling the ongoing political crisis and it's also a human rights crisis the police storming the metro station which terrified
5:53 am
passengers including demonstrators trying to get home is because they had then closed down 5 metros. what are called lines including prince edward so the reason the police did that were called as i understand it because i've watched most of the twitter feed and the videos that have now been gone viral is that there was a man threatening with a hammer the protesters who were on the train about trying to go home and so the police were called and just like what they did in the union i think you can see the same parallels is that they did not protect the citizens who were being threatened in the case of you long by triads and in the case of the subway by somebody wielding a hammer trying to attack the demonstrators and instead the protesters were beat savagely does this does seem to be a hard line group of protest is within the pro-democracy can the throwing break
5:54 am
bricks petrol bombs today they set fire to a barricade which they erected just outside the police station now does more need to be done to discourage this method of protesting. yes i think that this is very important as you said that the it is a small very small percentage of the protesters who are resorting to these more extreme tactics of violence against property that we should not lose sight of 1w2w and the ongoing other demonstrations which are completely peaceful so what more can be done is just this week we have another call from the u.n. independent experts 3 experts on freedom of expression human rights defenders and on torture and on peaceful assembly and they all what was made public this week was a message they sent to the chinese government saying they were extremely concerned about the excessive violence being used by the police and that echoing
5:55 am
a previous statement by the un high commission on human rights the police did not seem to have adequate training in crowd control where the main guidelines are there to deescalate not escalate and there to reduce harm not increase and create harm so i think one thing that can be done immediately is there should be some recognition that the police are willfully untrained to deal with crowd violence and not the crowd violence the small segment of violence and they clearly are not trained adequately to in crowd control tac toe if there is a pin on it for now the government in beijing wants to would rather the police in hong kong dealt with the situation because they would rather not not intervene me at this point in time but that we have now this deadlock web beijing doesn't want to grant the protest as concessions and pro-democracy made as
5:56 am
a not backing down i the so dramatic and troubling scenes like those we saw today going to become the norm so it's not about backing down or not these are not co-equal sides and the government in beijing is in fact just the party the communist party of china. and so let's look at the one demand that has absolutely been echoed by international experts including the u.n. experts and independent mechanism to investigate these very disturbing use of force that would help a great deal so it would stop escalating and of course it needs to be independent because the current commission reports to the chief executive then and i think she has lost all credibility all trust and faith from the population once it was caught i just ask you know i understand that it is very important for there to be an independent inquiry into the way the police have handled this and their inadequate training and the use of force the wrongful use of force bought beyond to reach some
5:57 am
sort of resolution how how disturbing is it that there doesn't seem to be any sort of back channel of negotiation between these 2 sides there's just nothing. well i think it's very disturbing and i would say that in fact beijing is not sitting back and watching their very clearly front and center sending messages to their dissent from ation campaign through the threats of the military to p.-l. a assembling across the border so i would not see it as beijing waiting they are clearly calling the shots backed by military power and what i think the way forward as it were is that 1st we really must tackle the question of the violence is not taking that aside carrying them call that 1st we must have peace and then we can have dialogue that's ludicrous 1st you must have you cannot have peace in this situation where is clearly rampant violence and i would characterize it as urban
5:58 am
guerrilla warfare that is state sanctioned by the police against the population you can also see not in these you know very compelling zooming in on the violence of a small group but if you look at the bigger footage in the bigger picture the the residents the community residents every sector of hong kong society the business community the social workers the medical workers the journalists community the accountants the legal community have all stood firm and said what we need to move forward is we need an independent investigation of these clearly disturbing acts of state sanctioned use of force and we clearly need a complete withdrawal since she clearly had lied that it was dead is clearly not dead the extradition bill must be fully withdrawn because that is what is exposing everyone to the threat in the danger of the owsley it was very nervous as yet you know it is good to get your thoughts on this thank you sharon home executive
5:59 am
director of human rights in china thank you. well there is much more to come for you on this news hour from london fountains of timed out in cities across the u.k. and arst johnson's plan. parliament just ahead of a crucial deadline. the dark cloud you see behind me is actually smoke i'm in the reserves in bolivia where out of control forest fires are destroying all the wildlife in their path. and 2 of england's most famous teams in the premier league on saturday will be here at story. a sudanese judge formally charged president tomorrow bashir with corruption and possession of illicit currency a share told the court he received $25000000.00 from saudi crown prince mohammed
6:00 am
bin salmond but that he had not used the money for his own benefit about morgan has been following the trial from the sudanese capital hearten. into 3rd session of his corruption trial ousted president obama gave his 1st statement to the judge. and admitted receiving $25000000.00 from saudi arabia's crown prince but said the money from him had been sold was a personal gift and that none was spent personally but given as donations to. the judge denied his lawyers request for release on bail. the judge also formally indicted bashir of illicit financial gains and illegal possession of foreign currency his team of more than $120.00 defense lawyers pleaded not guilty on his behalf. listen to the prosecutors it's the turn of the defense now we have the chance to present all the evidence so the oldest charges are baseless.


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