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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 1, 2019 6:00am-6:34am +03

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a sudanese judge has formally charged president tomorrow bashir with corruption and possession of illicit currency a share told the court he received $25000000.00 from saudi crown prince mohammed bin sell mine but that he had not used the money for his own benefit it will morgan has been following the trial from the sudanese capital hard to. in the 3rd session of his corruption trial ousted president obama gave his 1st statement today judge. and admitted receiving $25000000.00 from saudi arabia's crown prince but said the money from him had been sold mine was a personal gift and that none was spent personally but given as donations for the judge denied his lawyers request for release on bail. for the judge also formally indicted bashir of illicit financial gains and illegal possession of foreign currency his team of more than $120.00 defense lawyers pleaded not guilty on his behalf. but they listen to the prosecutors it's the
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turn of the defense now we have a chance to present all the evidence so all the charges are baseless that we prove that the charges of illicit financial guys against the former president. bashir was ousted by military leaders in early april after months of anti-government protests there were sparks by rises in the price of bread and the poor state of the economy days after his overthrow millions of dollars were allegedly found in bashir is home in its worst of fates most of the laws that backed the charges against the former president were drafted during his 30 years in rule and they were passed by the former head of parliament after me they brought him up to her who is now head of the defense team the most recent laws were included in a state of emergency bashir declared in february when he banned anyone from possessing more than the equivalent of $3000.00. she was the only serving president to be indicted by the international criminal court for work crimes and genocide in the western region of darfur some analysts say while there are reasons as to why
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bashir would receive money from foreign leaders the corruption charges are just a distraction from what he should really be prosecuted for whoever is. putting out this they are trying to deflect the attention of the public from seniors issues that my. bring those who are already empowered to try and i mean in the will we know that the doona site has no being committed by a lot of bushehr himself and there are many other to see included in this scene for now prosecutors are painting a picture of a former president illegally receiving millions from a foreign government while his people suffered an economic crisis and dozens were killed demanding his removal from power people morgan al-jazeera heartsome. 60 tons of humanitarian aid has been sent from cattle to sudan to help victims of the recent floods there more than 60 people have been killed in fountains forced to abandon their homes off to 2 months of heavy rains one involving ports now from
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heart him. the military cargo bay behind these old by qatar and europe or something has just landed on the airport to come to him it is the 1st shipment to have right here from qatar to help the victims of the flooding that's not in this country over the last several days hundreds of thousands of people have been affected by these bodies about 200 i mean either killed or wounded also about 60000 homes will be destroyed this shipment lutes 4 tons of medical supplies 15 tons of like it's wilting tons of food supplies the also other material easy good there are other shipments are expected another probably like this is expected to land here on monday. turkish reza russia has plans are in place to set up a turkish led operate in to secure a safe zone in northeast in syria in the coming weeks meanwhile at least 13 people
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have been killed and at least 2 dozen injured in an attack in syria's province but it's myth has more from has a near the turkey syria border. u.s. led coalition is confirming that it targeted a building to the east of city that it says was connected with a group linked to al qaeda or a training facility in al jazeera sources on the ground we've spoken to sources who confirm that they say that this was a training center for this group connected with al qaida it encourage people from all ages young boys to teenage men to older men to come to training that's why we we have seen video where at least there is clearly one injured child in the video but that it was the issue with the scent of the all age groups the good it was believed to be this training center for this al qaeda connected group and it's an indication really of the concern not just that turkey has a move the russians have but also that the americans have that in this last rebel
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held part of syria the northwestern part of syria there are these hard core groups resisting conducting a last stand in india nearly 2000000 people have been excluded from a citizens' register in assam and are at the risk of being declared stateless they will now have to prove that they are not foreigners or face detention the national register of citizens was created more than 60 years ago to determine who came to the state from what was then east pakistan now called bangladesh during the partition of india priyanka gupta reports from gore hati. an anxious saturday in the south people lined up since early morning to find out if their names are on the state's final list of citizens 47 year old lee general ham on a farm would probably village is on the list but his wife and 3 children are out of us. i'm very worried about in my heart of your very sad.
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this elderly couple who go hearty also trying to understand what went wrong 70 people not was born in assam and has lived here all his life his entire family is on the list except him and his 2 daughters i wanted you to know the 3 who are on the list submitted the same document my daughter and i submitted that as well so how can we be excluded those excluded from a sam's final register of citizens will have to appear in foreigners tribunals like these with 120 days wide scopes including amnesty international calling for transparency as i have been several reports suggesting that some proceedings have been biased and discriminatory. the group that spearheaded the protest movement against foreigners the all the sub students' union says the list should belong to business where it is not new year to be all of it declared triggered by the government of india going to us and we expected more. that's our feeling so we are
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not happy. as lawyer feel that there may be somewhere or in process. and the answer is not complete so for a remedial mr willett to be honorable supreme court of india. and the hindu nationalists b.g.p. the ruling party in both new delhi and assam state says it's alarmed it says it will appeal to india's high scored to rivero fide it documents of indians living in a muslim dominated border districts they b.g.p. try to pass a law earlier this year to laos. citizenship rights to persecuted minorities from neighboring countries muslims were left out the proposal provoked protests by groups that want illegal immigrants to be a big deal. as the arguments would now because of religion grow a protracted legal battle faeces nearly 2000000 people a defeat as indians the all to 0 quality. i'm joined now in the studio
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by dr. who is a senior lecturer in international nations at university of westminster and of course we're hearing reports about the national register of citizens. this is a list of people who are able to prove their citizenship just explained to us is this will be a very difficult very worrying time for many people in assam right now what it means for those who find their names and not on this list. well it means that there's a deliberate creation of statelessness for the people who are the most vulnerable and marginalised because of the way in which this is happening people who would not be able to prove that they have documents going back decades are more likely to be people who are the poorest people who are who happen to be women and the way in which this has also all the you know the 1900000
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a very large number of people who will now have been made state state less they have a recourse to appeal within you know within the next 120 days and the tribunals have to settle everything in 6 months and in the meantime there will be given given the level of just just what you mentioned given the bureaucracy in the country how likely is it that this is going to be settled straight away they have a 120 days to appeal or to try and establish their lineage but presumably they're not going to be declared status straightaway well i think it is important for your viewers to understand that this is not just about enforcing citizenship norms this makes sense within the wider context of the meant of the idea of india as a hindu nation as the report just mentioned the citizenship amendment bill that the government wants to bring we make it possible for people who are not muslims to be able to claim citizenship so at that time this is a beautiful practically in neighborhood social death kind of a situation where
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a large number of already most marginalized people are being excluded and these and you know it is also a bang up of the hindutva the idea of transforming india into a hindu nation it's a bang up of that project with within the state of assam the anti immigrant sentiment so it's a bang up of these 2 ideologies for political profit for the rightwing in india and these people and it's ironic that in prime minister prime minister narendra modi has headed this policy in this ideology. much public support does he have in the country to do this well india right now is going through a huge change where the values of secular democracy are under grave threat and we have to also remember that the current home minister of india has previously the cia referred to these people who are all classified the think of them as basically immigrants from illegal immigrants from bangladesh so that's how they referred to
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and he's referred to them as vermin and as termites so this is a kind of dehumanization of an entire group of people based on their identity and to deny them their rights and as you were saying with you know with the bureaucracy it imposes an additional and possibly unmanageable burden on the state on the people who are already very poor and on the judiciary itself the point of it is really to send out a signaling mechanism like with what's happening in this we're it's a signaling mess mechanism to intimidate people from marginalized backgrounds to say that we are going to do this because we can and there's there's really no strategy to it other than to achieve this this purpose of the hindu nation and to target already marginalized population in her circle thank you very much. well over here protests have been taking place in cities across the country of a prime minister boris johnson's move to suspend parliament just weeks before the brics it deadline thousands turned out in the capital and other major cities as
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well under the slogan stop the coup one left wing group a mentor called on members to block roads and bridges across the country. has more . ways large and noisy demonstration outside downing street is one of dozens across the u.k. on saturday and many more being funded over the next week gives you an idea of the strength the cleaning up after boris yeltsin said that he would try to suspend parliament for several weeks now he's all given is that it's a normal procedure to get ready for a queen's speech before laying out his legislative program the people here say it's a clear power grab trying to stop haldeman from doing its job intent by teaching his praxis policies and avoiding a no deal price it now some of the organizers here are affiliated to the opposition labor party and senior labor figures who said it's clear what boris johnson's really base what he's ensured by the mechanism that is used and the dates that he's
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chosen is that it is almost impossible almost impossible to get legislation which would bind the government into asking for an extension but you ask why i don't trust the reason i don't trust this is because just recently he laid about whether he wanted to probe parliament he said he didn't believe in such procedures and he lied about at the $350000000000.00 pounds that would be coming to the n.h.s. as a result of leaving the e.u. complete nonsense accepted now that it was just a lie and this is a man who is a serial liar and we cannot trust our democracy to know the action is not just on the streets there are a number of legal challenges going on it england and scotland under northern ireland that due to wrap up next week and in parliament itself and these who are really worried about a no deal price it trying to figure out their best tactics in the 1st instance they've agreed to try legislation to force the government perhaps to seek an
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extension to article 50 beyond the end of october but it still might come to a vote of no confidence in the government a number of conservative politicians side will vote against their own government but it's unclear whether they still at the moment have the numbers and that's why so many people here are extremely angry about what the government's doing right now . well now the bolivian president evo morales says he would welcome international aid to combat fires burning across his country's amazon region fies have doubled in size in the past week a rescue operation is now underway to save trapped wildlife volunteer veterinarians of set up emergency shelters to treat the injuries as a latin america and italy seen human reports. a team of believe in veterinarians traveled to the reserve forest fires have been raging for weeks.
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their mission is to try to rescue wild animals which may have been injured. this was the scene the previous night the fire destroyed everything in its path. but a few animals were saved like this today old wild pig whose mother died in the fire . the nature is extraordinary the way the allows these creatures to adapt in the face of danger and stress and find. enormous with burnt eyes a hawk recovering from smoke inhalation along with a boa constrictor they're all receiving treatment at the shelter. today the rescue is hope to find more survivors riding in the direction. which indicates sometimes when there's a fire and we can tell because of the large number of butterflies that are flying away. this area has already burned to the ground and there's no sign of life.
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pokes around a serpent hole if it's deep enough he says the snakes may have survived. if you can see this is apocalyptic there's nothing left these are part of the world's longs now it's nature that's disappearing next it will be. there's no sign of firefighters here as you can see the wind here is absolutely fierce and it's fanning the flames again in this direction the plan is to bring a super tanker helicopter here in the next couple of days to leave water for the animals that have survived but that helicopter is also needed to put out the fires to save human life from the fire remains out of control a thick layer of smoke and ash fills the air making the sun grid. it's too dangerous to stay in the veterinarian sir upset that they couldn't save a single animal i mean. i feel impotent because people are and seen how the amazon
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is burning how burning alive and no one is doing anything. while much of the world focuses on the fires raging in the brazilian amazon the devastation here in neighboring bolivia is receiving far less attention. even though assistance is desperately needed not just to put out the fires but to regenerate this fragile and diverse eco system so that what has survived will still be able to live here. well latin america editor you see it joins us live now from sun in nassau in eastern bolivia and conditions are very difficult there at the moment the fires are spreading and growing in size how are the firefighters dealing with this do they have the right equipment the right gear. hello mary and when i'm right by the plaza here inside the natural which is a colonial town that that dates back to the late sixty's hundreds but right now
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it's become the operations center for the firefighting effort and we've been seeing truckloads of soldiers mainly and young volunteers all of them clean them between the ages of 16 and 22 going out to try to fight the fires with very very little of the equipment that you would expect they are not professionals firemen they don't have the proper shoes that won't melt in the heat or under the flames they don't have the proper masks to protect themselves from the smoke inhalation so they've been coming back here to get treatment in the health center that's now being that's now operating in the building you see behind me suffering from coughing bronchitis and all the all kinds of things and the same is true for the people that live in this area they're being treated they're getting medicine and food and water from the authorities here in the communities here haven't been any human has a minute to been told yet but a lot of the animals as you've seen have been killed and there's a there are
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a lot of cattle here and they need water they need food there's just not enough help and the law the government of the country is doing all it can it clearly needs international aid and the president has been criticized because he took too long to react he is accused of doing that and also of not having declared a state of emergency but there is help coming in from the latin american countries but it's not enough material from sun in a few in eastern bolivia thank you very much for latin america editor lucy any minute joining us. well there's more to come for you on this news hour russians are running in just fine must start using mornings right opposition candidates to run in upcoming local elections also hearkened dorian is strengthening is in barrels towards the southeast u.s. coast states emergencies have been declared now in several states.
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hello again welcome back we're here crossing europe we are looking at a frontal boundary that is pushing through the u.k. and that is going to bring a nice change of air mass as me and this summer and start to get towards those fall months when we see winds coming into play as well so for london time just coming down to about $1000.00 degrees windy conditions there paris at $22.00 but ahead of this front we are going to be seen from the storms here across northern italy possibly in the alps as well those storms will extend down across much of italy but we are going to be seeing some very nice conditions here across much of southeastern europe temptress still hovering into the low thirty's with plenty of sun across the region so for bucharest $32.00 degrees there in athens at $32.00 degrees as well well stormy conditions are also going to be here across the northern part of africa all dealing with that same system just to the north so for algeria as well as tunisia expect to see coastal thunderstorms and that could lead to some localized flooding as well by the time we get to monday things get
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a little bit better still strong along the coastal areas but over here towards the east we're looking quite nice but gazi see attempt of 31 cairo at 36 and then down the nile we are going to see us one at $42.00 degrees over here towards the west though we're going to be seeing some rain showers which could possibly lead to some localized flooding as well across parts of morocco it is going to be a nice day in robot at $25.00 degrees and rajah's expect a temperature of $29.00. rewind returns with a new series. and brand new updates on the best about using these documentaries. to meet any. green wind continues we have to be announced dan i never thought of it and i read a lot and this is though the proudest day up i go by like that was a real turning point for those that give them a lot of confidence that they can beat any team in
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a shoe on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks each week that causes angering creases into the fiber the government grows deeper. with detailed cover each month i was once known as the coldest city in venezuela and that's why people are not used to this situation. from around the world. it's been over a decade since multi-year had seen her granddaughter to the she that. welcome back look at the headlines at least in hong kong have stormed the city's metro
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station targeting pro-democracy protesters demonstrators and riot police clashed near at the territories government headquarters. in sudan the deposed president has been formally charged with corruption and possession of illicit currency. says he received $25000000.00 from the saudi crown prince mohammed bin salon but that he had not used it for his benefit and turkey's president wants as plans are in place to set up a turkish that operation to secure a safe zone in northeastern syria in the coming weeks based as at least 30. people have been killed in an attack in italy province. or the taliban has started a new offensive in kunduz one of afghanistan's biggest cities to spy on going peace talks with the u.s. military reinforcements have been rushed in to prevent the taliban taking control of the city at least 3 civilians have been killed according to local health official and the government says at least 30 taliban fighters were killed. a spokesperson for afghanistan's president ashraf ghani says the attack shows the
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taliban doesn't want peace. the taliban's attack on those contradicts what it's saying in doha the tech shows that the taliban still isn't ready for peace they continue to fight. the leader of the lebanese armed group hezbollah has been speaking about the response to a recent israeli drone attack the israeli military has ordered extra forces to its northern command as tensions with lebanon escalate ground and navy and intelligence forces have been deployed in anticipation of potential clashes with hezbollah. the issue now is in the field but it is in the hands of the field commanders there you know what they have to do and how. the. tracking data has shown an iranian oil tanker at the center of a dispute between washington and tehran is no longer heading towards turkey and has
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no specified destination the adrian daria one has been sailing around the mediterranean since it was released from the british territory of gibraltar earlier this month the u.s. has blacklisted the vessel saying it has reliable evidence to say that the tanker is on course to syria washington says tehran is trying to sell oil illicitly on what it describes as a line activities iran near an iranian foreign minister mohammad javad zarif has accused the u.s. of engaging in piracy and threats. separatists in the yemeni city of aden say they have arrested dozens of people loyal to the internationally recognized government of president. hadi government forces withdrew from the city after as strikes by the united arab emirates and reports. separatist fighters in the port city of aden after they pushed back government forces they were helped by u.s. strikes. but fighting the terrorist groups that destroyed our southern forces are in control of the city and we're now on the outskirts of shock. and will advance
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towards the province of abyan in the coming days. recent battles around the city have exposed growing breaks in the saudi coalition yemen's president of the bradley manso heidi has accused the u.a.e. of supporting the separatists by bombing saudi backed government forces in and around aged he's urging saudi arabia to intervene residents of aden say they desperately want the fighting to stop. we hope the future will be better and safer nothing is better than security and safety we want to be able to leave our homes and return safely this war is a big problem in. 4 years since the saudi amorality coalition began its military offensive supposing the yemeni government against who the rebels but since then yemen's war has evolved into something even more complicated the fighting has had a devastating impact on millions of yemenis. disease is everywhere because of the
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war peace and security must be brought back our leaders need to arrest all the saboteurs and deport them from aden. the saudi backed government and the u.a.e. backed separatists both want to control aid in ahead of possibility to end the war yemenis fear that means more fighting and most suffering victoria gate and be al jazeera. thousands of people have defied authorities by joining protest marches in russia's capital moscow demonstrating against the exclusion of some candidates from local elections next month opposition politicians have requested formal permission for saturday's march but were turned down the protests the largest show public dissent more than 5 years and thousands have been arrested since demonstrations began in july step vasan has more from moscow. free to cut of for if that's what they're shouting it's quite a remark right here where they go from a sort of could probably not only was i don't find out what he had. no not me but
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this course you'll have to put this strange logic interim lines that we need 3 in our sit in that they can refuse to give permission to our events by law we only need to notify them about a rally and not to ask for their permission the fact that there were no provocations from the government should be normal people from all walks of life but especially also young people a 20 year old student has been dating for a couple of weeks already for what the police described as rioting and a lot of people said it was just peacefully protesting and you are calling on people to join the protests on the you tube channel and that's also one of the reasons people are here not only to ask these prisoners to be to release but also for their rights to be able to speak out the anyone who wanted to smoke they're not listening even though i work for the state as a teacher i can't stay silent they pressurize they don't just speak out i can't keep scientists and i keep seeing people being arrested you cannot think they violate our constitutional rights by fabricating articles. when the boom in them
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states up the police stood back for a while and that thousands of people protest during this uncensored rally half an hour ride and have the minds of people to be dislocation and they're about to put everyone. on sunday voters in the state of brandenburg will elect a new parliament survey suggest a tight contest with 5 parties closely matched the far right a.f.p. thinks it's leading the race and if that proves accurate when the votes are finally counted it would make brandenburg the 1st state in the whole country where a far right party tops the poll john mccain explains. on a warm summer evening in you even these people have come to hear from the far right party the speaker is and they are skull bits the party's lead candidate in brandenburg and according to german media a man linked to neo nazi groups he denies some but not all of the claims the f.d.a.
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is popular in several areas of this state where unemployment remains higher than the national average and towns like lugar have an aging population although the immigrant population here is tiny his message is uncompromising on their product than still are we demand criminal so-called refugees who can eat imported must 1st be in prison it one thing is clear integration means you adapt to the country it does not mean the country adapts to you. the f.t.'s closest rival is the governing social democrat party whose vote share has been shrinking for years when silent of i in our state needs reliability cohesion and strong leadership i stand for that let's stand together to make sure our land stays in good hands in the future and polls show the race in brandenburg is very close perhaps nowhere more so than here sure and i say by barely a little commuter town of over 12000 people in may's european elections the top 5
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parties were separated by less than 2 percent of the votes. which explains why national party leaders have come to press the flash the green party's annalyn a bell book being the latest to push for votes. democracy survives on people talking to one another they argue and think wait maybe the other person is after right and they say yes when energy is great length earned about the health consequences i would like to believe people go home and think about how we can address these problems together. and then there is the left party whose political ancestors ran the old communist east germany and have governed with the social democrats for the past 10 years they hope their call for solidarity will energize the electorate and for them like all the other parties the key to winning this state lies in winning places like this dominant cane al-jazeera in brandenburg
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greece has agreed to new measures to deal with migrants and refugees after nearly 600 people landed on the island of lesbos on thursday the largest landing since 2016 refugees currently living in overcrowded migrant camps on greece's eastern islands will be transferred to the mainland and asylum seekers have had their applications rejected will be deported without appeal the government also plans to activate a maritime surveillance system which had not been put in place under the previous government it also wants to reunite more than $100.00 unaccompanied minors with family members already residing in other european union countries people continue to cross from turkey to greece despite a 2016 deal between turkey and the european union well earlier i spoke to research on greece and cyprus at amnesty international he said she says that these measures by the greek government won't stop people from coming as many don't consider turkey to be a safe country. people still who want to stick security my activists
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watch spork on the islands have told me that the lot of them are from afghanistan but they're also syrians coming it's so i suppose they really really feel scared that they don't consider turkey to be a safe country for them as women tend repeatedly so this is where they're seeking the safety. the deal was made the islands open preserves for the people who are stranded there and then you government does not transfer quite many of them since it came into power so that transfers were diminished through in the summer so that has also caused this kind of very difficult situation where we have nearly 11000 people stranded in the morea what sport in dire conditions in the u.s. hurricane dorian is gaining power and forecasters are warning that a category 4 storm is likely to grow even stronger it's expected to bed down on the bahamas early next week before skirting along the florida coast and then making its
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way up the coast of georgia and the carolinas it is draining top wind speeds of 230 kilometers per hour raising fears that dorian could become the most power.


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