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tv   Myanmar An Unholy Alliance  Al Jazeera  September 1, 2019 9:00am-10:01am +03

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oid at the same time as it's picking off these groups it's worried about the humanitarian. consequences of syria's recapture of this region it doesn't want an outflow of refugees its allies saudi arabia turkey israel do not want syria to be strengthened. and the united states wants to roll back iran so it wants to weaken our side as much as it can but at the same time it wants to destroy these jihad ists but it doesn't want assad to destroy them so it's a it's a bit of a confusing policy i must say of course this is own where the turks want a buffer is the american zone it's the 30 percent of syria that the united states controls with its allies the syrian defense forces which are largely kurdish and anti turkish so turkey does not want them there it doesn't want the united states there it doesn't want the united states arming these turkish allies and it's it's threatening to move into this region in order to create
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a buffer zone of the united states doesn't cooperate and do it with them so it undermines u.s. efforts to destroy isis and to destroy hideout in this it liber area hurricane dorian remains a notch category 4 storm it's currently east of the bahamas and remains at threat to the u.s. east coast in florida dorian hays also seen as a test of new nursing home regulations were put in place have to 12 people died when at conditioning failed during 827000 storm and to get a half a story. now a category 4 storm with sustained winds in excess of 230 kilometers per hour or again dorian is edging closer to the u.s. the southeast coast in florida a state of emergency has been declared in dozens of counties as people board up their homes fuel their cars and brace themselves in case a hurricane makes landfall after 12 residents of a nursing home died from heat exhaustion during hurricane irma in 2017 the state's
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and acted strict guidelines for florida's many assisted living facilities hurricane dorian is being seen as a vital test for the new laws we're hopeful that this generator will be a ochs c.e.o. catherine kastner installed a state of the art generator and says the care industry is much better prepared i think today given the. devastating loss of so many lives that everybody is very pool still for that at all costs resident martin caden has lived through hurricanes before and tells us he feels safe as dorian busy lingers of the east coast moving is very secure. you know we're very close to the very. very likely. i lived through a lot of. stories for just this past few t.'s to change residents of the bahamas
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are under a serious threat as they brace for impact on sunday the still may not make a direct hit on florida but the governor is warning against complacency if it bombs further east that obviously is positive if it bumps just a little west then you're looking at really really significant impacts and so don't make any assumptions remain vigilant and be prepared the key phrase now is a cone of uncertainty which places florida georgia and the carolinas in the potential path of hurricane dorian forecasters and residents are watching closely this remains a powerful storm with an unpredictable path and people are preparing for the worst and hoping that dorian skirts the east coast sparing millions from what's being described as a monster storm the states in the potential path of dorian have been hit many times before all remain vigilant all are prepared now it's a case of watching a slowly moving storm seems to be only getting stronger as it tracks through the
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warm waters of the atlantic gallacher all the 0 miami florida still ahead on al-jazeera an anxious wait tends to devastation in india is up to 2000000 and they could be made stateless past huge numbers turn out embrace since announcing the prime minister's decision to suspend comment weeks before bracks. elegant welcome back to international weather forecast we have seen a lot of clouds and some showers here across parts of turkey those are making their way more towards the east over here towards baku and those have been thunderstorms across the area so things are improving here. in turkey we're going to be seeing just some scattered showers here across the southeast part of the black sea but not
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a bad day for you at 30 degrees there down towards aleppo at $36.00 and beirut here on sunday at 31 tempers really stay in the general area and those thunderstorms across parts of the black sea stay in there as well for quite city though it is going to be a very hot day with a temperature of $47.00 degrees across the gulf of course unity is still up we're not going to see it come down still for many weeks to come now until we get into september but over here to be expected see a temperature of $38.00 degrees or towards miss got not a bad day at $33.00 on sunday and as we go towards monday maybe a few more clouds along the coastal areas but for sun more sun in the forecast as well at 27 degrees there and then very quickly across much of southern africa a lot of clouds along the coast also some clouds appear a lot of the eastern coast as well but for johannesburg your temperature is coming down to about 20 degrees that frontal boundary is pushing through durban isn't looking quite nice as well at 20 maybe on monday going up to 22 and towards madagascar a 25 degrees there. the weather sponsored by qatar and.
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explores prominent figures of the 20th century and how liable reigns influenced the course of history was the cuban revolution communist away feel castro has a few least they're not a communist i'm just really into this country each a mix of international revolution became a point when the relationship came to an end the icons of revolution who changed the course of latin american politics. and for del castro face to face. welcome back a recap of our top story on al-jazeera this hour at least 5 people have died following a mass shooting in odessa texas at least 21 others were injured police have
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reportedly shot and killed the suspected gunman. rallies in hong kong have once again turned violent demonstrators hurled petrol bombs at police who retaliated with tear gas and i want to count on spraying blue dye riot officers also stormed metro stations hitting and arresting people they described as radical and the u.s. a. training camp in syria's rebel held province it happened not far from it live city at least 14 people have been killed the syrian army and its. have been waging a crushing offensive to recapture it. to india now where nearly 2000000 people have been excluded from the register of citizens published by the state of a sob they now risk they're now at risk of being declared stateless and will have to prove they're not foreigners or face detention for younger gupta reports largest city guwahati. an anxious saturday in the south people lined up
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since early morning to find out if their names are on the state's final list of citizens 47 year old lee general ramón a former bribery village is on the list but his wife and 3 children are. very worried i feel bad in my heart i am very sad. this elderly couple to go harty also tried to understand what went wrong 71 year old son was born in assam and has lived here all his life his entire family is on the list except him and his 2 daughters i want to get the number 3 who are on the list submitted the same document my daughter and i submitted that as well so how can we be excluded those excluded from a sam's final register of citizens will have to appear in foreigners tribunals like these with 120 days wide scopes including amnesty international calling for
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transparency as i have been several reports suggesting that some proceedings have been biased and discriminatory. the group that spearheaded the protest movement against foreigners the all the some students' union says the list should belong to business where it is not new to be all of it declared regard by the government to be going to us and we expected more. that's our feeling so we're not happy. so you feel that there maybe somewhere or just. announced is not complete so for remedial misery we liberals to be honorable supreme court of india. and the hindu nationalist b.g.p. the ruling party in both new delhi in assam state says it's alarmed it says it will appeal to india's high's court to review the fight it documents of indians living in a muslim dominated border districts the b.g.p. try to pass a law earlier this year to allow citizenship rights to persecuted minorities from
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neighboring countries muslims were left out the proposal provoked protests by groups that want illegal immigrants to believe india. as the arguments of the numbers of religion grow a protracted legal battle faces nearly 2000000 people and defeat as indians the dizzier quality. a judge in sudan has formally charged deposed president all mob a share with corruption and the illegal use of foreign funds to share told the court he received $25000000.00 from saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin salman but that he had not used the money for private purposes as she is lawyer says his kind denies all charges against him so don is in the process of transitioning to civilian rule following a power sharing deal between protest leaders and the generals who ousted omar al bashir was we did not supply the money to the bank of sudan because we meant to hide the source and we did so because this was the desire of the prince and i had
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hoped that this would have been a secret court in order not to show the name of the prince he did not want his name to appear anywhere which is why he sent the money on a private plane with a private on a boy this was his wish for it not to be known that the head of the united nations has visited the front line of the ball or epidemic in the den. cronic republic of congo antonio terrace met health care workers and peacekeepers in north kivu province where the latest outbreak began a year ago the world health organization says 2000 people have died from the disease attack some clinics have killed dozens of health workers and slowed treatment deford's. greet me greece is transferring refugees from its islands to the mainland and will speed up the deportation process for asylum seekers whose applications are rejected there's been a surge in the numbers of people trying to reach greece via turkey and it's piled pressure on already overcrowded island camps such as the one in les paul's people
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still want to stick security my activists watch spork on the island have told me that the lot of them are from afghanistan but there are also syrians coming it's so i suppose they really really feel scared that they don't consider turkey to be a safe country for them as women tend repeatedly so this is where they're seeking the safety and the deal has made the island open prisons for the people who are stranded there and then your governor has not transferred quite many of them since it came into power so that transfers were diminished through in the summer so that has also caused this kind of very difficult situation where we have nearly 11000 people stranded in the morea hold sport in dire conditions. but livia's president says he's open to accepting international aid to help fix the damage caused by for aspies the braes has burned out of control for
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weeks now and has doubled in size since they say it's destroyed one and a half 1000000 hectares a forest and is heading south towards power why. they've been protests in cities all over the u.k. against prime minister boris johnson's decision to suspend parliament just weeks before bracks it they gathered under the slogan stop the coup accusing johnson of trying to silence parliament in order to leave the e.u. without a deal the government denies this and says the suspension is nothing unusual at babbo was at the protests in london. with this large and noisy demonstration outside downing street is one of dozens across the u.k. on saturday many will be funded over the next week gives you an idea of the strength of feeling after boris johnson said he would try to suspend parliament for several weeks no result even is that it's a no will procedure to get ready for a queen's speech before laying out his legislative program the people here say it's
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a clear power grab trying to stop all of them from doing its job and to play to his bricks the whole incision avoiding or no deal broached now some of the organizers here are affiliated to the opposition labor party in syria labor figures are said it's clear what boris johnson is realise what is insured by the mechanism that is used and the dates that he's chosen is that it is almost impossible almost impossible to get legislation which would bind the government into asking for an extension but you ask why i don't trust the reason i don't trust this man is because just recently he loved about whether he wanted to probe parliament he said he didn't believe in such procedures he lied about the $350000000000.00 pounds that would be coming to the n.h.s. as a result of levy. complete nonsense accepted now that it was just a lie and this is a man who is a serial liar and we cannot trust our democracy to know the answers not just on the
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streets there are a number of legal challenges going on it england and scotland under northern ireland that due to rockport next week and in parliament itself and these we were really worried about a no deal brought so much trying to figure out the best talk to us in the 1st instance they've agreed to try legislation to force the government perhaps to seek an extension to article 50 beyond the end of october but it still might come to a vote of no confidence in the government a number of conservative politicians say they will vote against their own government but it's unclear whether they do at the moment have the numbers and that's why so many people here are extremely angry about what the government's doing right now. and donald trump vowed to boost u.s. sex for so china and fix discrimination against american firms since making those pharma says his escalate is a trade war with china triggering fears of
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a global slowdown as washington professes sit down with beijing for more trade negotiations in september our white house correspondent kimberly hocket looks at trump's record on trade. on the campaign trail donald trump boasted that no one strikes a trade deal better than he does and we need a truly great leader now. we need. a leader that wrote the art of the deal but after more than 2 and a half years in office terms negotiated only one major deal that hasn't been approved 2018 he withdrew the united states from the north american free trade agreement or now after a deal to replace it known as the u.s. m.c.a. has been signed but has still not been passed by the u.s. congress i think if we're looking at. trade. policy. with the global economy we have to see that his trade policies have been.
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trucked last month announced a deal to sell more american beef to europe but he's untag and eyes europeans with levies on foreign steel and is threatening tariffs on cars at a recent g 7 meeting floated the possibility of a free trade deal with britain after breck's it but he's offered no specifics having heard. you very very many of them also with the recent g 7 meeting trump announced a deal with japan on agriculture in e-commerce but until signed even in trump's words it remains just an agreement in principle i'm not saying they're stupid i'd like china. i believe they want to do a deal the terror of so hard in a fairly short period of time china and the united states of raise tariffs on one another in a back and forth trade dispute that continues to escalate and threatens the global
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economy so why is it so hard for president trump to completed a deal he has shown himself to be not. a credible negotiating partner and that's not how you close deals but how that's how you get people to walk away from the table president trump's record on trade has become a political liability with fears of a global recession investors are nervous and u.s. farmers hit hard by chinese tariffs are losing hope that's a problem for trump and unless resolved could hurt his chances for re-election kimberly help at al-jazeera the white house. now again i'm fully back to deal with the headlines on al-jazeera at least 5 people have died following a mass shooting you know desa text says at least 21 others were injured police have reportedly shot and killed the suspected gunman. civilian casualties we have at
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least $21.00 victims $21.00 shooting victims and at least 5 deceased at this point the situation started about $317.00 the surf to noon when a d.p.s. trooper attempted to stop a gold honda when the leap years troopers got the car stopped he was shot by the occupant of the car rallies in hong kong have once again turned violent demonstrators hurled petrol bombs at police who retaliated with tear gas and a water cannon spraying blue dye their wide offices also stormed metro stations hitting and arresting people they described as radical the u.s. says it's hit an al qaeda linked training camp in syria's rebel held it late province it happened not far from city at least 14 people have been killed the syrian army and its russia have been waging a crushing offensive to recapture. in yemen who feel rebels say saudi fighter jets
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have targeted if a city holding prisoners of war loyal to the un backed government with the official say a prison in dumb are which holds hundreds of military and political opponents was attacked by saudi forces on saturday it comes after a surgeon saudi u.a.e. coalition attacks on yemen in the past month the u.s. special negotiator for afghan re conservation says he is close to making a deal with the taliban to reduce violence in the region a special representative says the latest round of talks with the taliban have finished in doha he says he'll head to kabul later for consultations with the afghan government it's a 9th round of negotiations brokered by the u.s. to try and end 18 years of military intervention and a judge in sudan has formally charged deposed president omar bashir with corruption and the illegal use of foreign funds bashir told the court he received $25000000.00
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from saudi arabia's crown prince but he had not used the money for private purposes or shares lawyer says his client denies all charges against them you're upset with headlines on al-jazeera coming up next here it's inside story. our columbia's fog rebels returning to war former commanders issued a cold to arms accusing the government of betraying the 26 the beastie what have you called the saved or will pay for the shattered again this is inside story.
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hello everyone i'm come on santa maria welcome to inside story we're talking colombia today which for the past 3 years has looked to be on the path to peace after more than 50 years of war with the phunk leftist rebels but that peace is now under threat from one of the same men who agreed to it let's rewind to 2016 the signing ceremony where the fuck the revolutionary armed forces of colombia agreed to lay down their arms and i historic deal with the government colombia's president at the time was one manuel santos the whole thing even earned him a nobel peace prize while the fox lead negotiator even marquez promised colombians a new era of hope but now just 3 years later he is urging fog members to pick up their weapons again saying the government has betrayed the deal. he must have. when we signed the agreement of havana we did it with the conviction that it was
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possible to change the lives of the humble and the dispossessed but the state has not fulfilled even the most important of the obligations that is to guarantee the life of its citizens and particularly to prevent the a murder for political reasons all of this this truck this betrayal this perfidy the unilateral modification of the text of the accord the unfulfilled commitments on the part of the state the judicial sit ups and insecurity have obliged us to return to the mountains. colombia's current president meanwhile has announced a special army unit to find and arrest the phone rebels soldiers killed 9 members in one raid on friday. i authorized the joint commandos special operations to carry out an offensive operation against this gang of narco terrorist criminals who were residuals of what was known as the fuck and who are part of the criminal structures and now seek to challenge colombia well last night thanks to meticulous
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and strategic work could choose a leader of that organization was killed. so that was even to yvonne marquez who you saw a moment ago was a cane negotiator in the peace agreement which was signed almost 3 years ago around 13000 members demobilize that included around 7000 soldiers who laid down their arms as part of the deal they were promised help reintegrating back into civilian society frank was also turned into a political party it was assigned 10 seats in colombia's congress but hundreds of social leaders human rights activists and former fark members have been killed in the past 3 years and some analysts say the fire has also fallen short on its commitment to justice the leadership's been accused of continuing to traffic drugs and failing to provide their victims with reparations.
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so here is today's panel all joining us from bogota the capital of colombia on skype we have got sergio who is the director of columbia risk analysis we have jorge atmosphere per the director of set uk the conflict analysis resource center and also on skype daniel got to see opinion who is the professor of political science at the national university and a former high commissioner for peace of colombia gentlemen welcome to all 3 of you i am conscious that the story of the rebels and the peace deal is not something all of our viewers are going to be completely up to speed on so i just want to spend a few minutes with you sort of explaining a bit more about some of the main players and what's happened in the last 3 years sergio i'll start with you tell me about even marquez tell our viewers about even our kids and particularly right now how strong is his voice how influential is he does he have people numbers on his side. thank you and
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thank you for inviting me good morning to forehead and i mean it it's a pleasure to be here to begin you not this is a person that has a very long political background he used to be a member of the house of representatives under the new but to pick up party back in the day in the 1990 s. before he returned to conflict with the fark. in the late 1990 s. he participated in the negotiations in and got one and then was the lead negotiator of the negotiations you know on a so this man is a person who has a very long standing political background and is well versed both in letters but also in fighting he's believed to be very close with venezuelan president nicolas muddle as well if you look at the video and if you look at the numbers the
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video we had 2 things to say 1st it was an aspirational video it demonstrated that the far it wants to reach out to other members of society particularly their former fighters this drug will be members of civil society living in rural areas who feel that they haven't been dealt the right cards under the peace agreement for instance with last reparations or with a change in the drug policy except for so he's casting a wide net more importantly he also reaches out to the young men but this is an important point his video doesn't suggest that he has an alliance with the 11 or he has important support from these members he's not demonstrating it if the video is a show of strength in terms of military might having 30 people armed to the teeth in particular about. some creature isn't going to be very scary although in the
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video there's individuals like and yes and bison who belong to very fearful and they'll be looking for your column which was responsible for a lot of terrorist attacks and very intrusive but it doesn't it doesn't demonstrate capacity in and of itself ok thank you for all of that let's go to jorge now jorge . marquez said in that video said a lot of things but one of the things he said. the patrol from the government has obliged us to return to the mountains what exactly does that mean. well i mean 1st thank you very much for having us hello to said he'll and then we'll i reckon that. it's basically trying to. instill fear in the colombian population but this is a thread that still has not materialized and all he's discours it's basically
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a very well stage composition in order to. resend himself as a leader of an emerging gorilla but one has to be really careful in assessing these are correct i do believe that there is a higher risk but nevertheless what they are trying to accomplish with these is basically to avoid persecution by justice authorities for transitional justice here in colombia but also from the justice of the united states. it's accusing one of them. and maybe himself even magic is forward market trafficking international narco trafficking crimes then basically i reckon one has to be very very careful in not overstating the level of threat that these group poses to the colombian society and economy ok and daniel let's bring you into the
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conversation as well i wonder if you can tell us about the other event even to kay who is now the colombian leader he did not sign the peace deal obviously that was his predecessor but can you again explain to us what his position on the deal has been because now he is speaking with a very strong tone and saying we're going after the fuck. well yes 1st of all thank you and also on a similar to what he said you know doubt that even though he was elected president by a coalition that came together to oppose the peace process the number that are back in 2016 the referendum in the country and the coalition that the voters know and was able to win their vote was precisely the same color that he led did but do get says assuming the presidency he has modified that the discourse that he had during the campaign of doing away with the remit that is has at
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a. one on one hand has been committed to fulfilling the agreement as far as the real corp of the fort rebels but as far as the broader aspects of the agreement the issues it will have reform issues of of the drug trade and political reform there has been no movement whatsoever and on the contrary to earlier this year. a president who gets right to veto parts of the transit zone justice. system the little bit that was overturned by the overridden by the congress but nevertheless there is this is clear that the government does not have. the commitment to the process and on the contrary many of the actions of the party government simply have gone against you so this ad on the part of you are marked as it is move. it will strengthen the discourse of the government in their their military action
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against against these new fort rebels who will no doubt increase the tension within the country and also. it is the the the if this. gentleman will suck up some of the reasoning that now that we've sort of laid out some of the background out there that the reason. marquez says the government has betrayed the deal the government would say of the how you've continued to traffic drugs you've continued to to betray the deal as well is that one of things i'm going to go to her head because you're a you're shaking your head there tell me why. i mean because one can say the government if you want to get has betrayed the agreement or has repudiated the agreement not in the in the 3rd nor in its part although you know implementation it's quite complex institutionally organization and financially economically it is rather. huge thus one has to say
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and that will take at least 50 years in terms of the implementation although there has been attempts by the government party which is a minority party in congress to take apart by pieces specially the jurisdiction for peace the transitional justice system that wreford one cannot say that there is. a concerted effort to be able to tear apart or to recreate the agreement and this is very important that does not justify the rearming of these group of ex fark leaders one has to be very careful again with that in terms of not created a new discourse for the coming back to violence here in colonia that's why i shake my surgery let me come back to you then maybe it's just or maybe i'd like to comment on what jorge said but maybe it's also just that you know after so many
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years of war there's just an inherent distrust between both sides and that they're not going to say i know and they don't come to believe the other side can can can stay true to the deal. look i'll say this the blame on returning to war lies solely on the fark in their decision to rearm i think said that i disagree with what jorge saying in the sense that i do think that the government has been lukewarm in its support of the entirety of the peace agreement the government is very supportive of the disarmament it will be satiated and we were gratian component of the agreement but is much less enthusiastic about the chapter on land reform the chapter on the trade of illegal drugs the political participation of 4 members as well as the justice component which was mentioned earlier i think that both sides have some legitimate
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claim to attest that the counter party is not making the tool for the compliance with the peace agreement but it would be far fetched to say that they'd both share an equal amount of blame i think that in their decision to rearm before it is definitely. taking a heavy stance but they're also condemning themselves and they're they're putting it at risk a lot of the former combatants who are still incorporating the process who are participating in politics and who are campaigning for the local elections which are taking place on october 27th coupled with the kid in the social hop and in cologne get this in dangerous them all down nearly all thoughts is it going to i mean you're coming from a position as well as
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a former high commissioner for pace and colombia i'm guessing and correct me if i'm wrong but i'm guessing you would place more blame on the fall care in the way that such a has. well i forgot i think it's very important to be very very careful and i don't think you talk about a fart or even mike as the leader of a fart in the fridge in that africa this is a splinter group he represents piskies small faction of the for the vast majority of art is is this with the peace process close more than 90 percent of the fighters are committed to the peace process the leader of the 14 will change who has come out very very clearly in favor of supporting the process so i think is a very. i would be very careful not to allow monitors to monopolize the the the name of art the former is with the peace process it's a splinter group relatively small group part of the group that has decided to rearm
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but i think it is it is vital to an a for everybody to understand that the best majority of work and to for leadership. was exceptional of marcus and sent these and others but the vast majority of them are committed to the to the process and are a few minutes to. to continue in the political process of the democratic process so i think that that that is that this is not me that this is not a poor blow to the process there's no doubt that politically speaking the message that he by monitors is giving is going to definitely hurt the the process but i think would be. not correct to to. give the give the this the the right to speak in in of the fort they are trying to live the farther you're trying to somehow. rekindle the love is that led to the to the rise of for the 50 years ago but i think that's a day the traditions of the country the the vast majority not only of the fart
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members of the colombian society reject the armed struggle and in hope that the the the. majority of the fort members will continue with the peace process or how you're edging to get in there go ahead. yes if i may i want to reinforce that point in the following way this is not that we're going back to conflict this is not them mergence of a new guerilla group what is happening here is that there is a very small group of commanders a minority the most radical of them those that feared the most from prosecution either from transitional justice here in colombia or from the international justice in the united states for not prosecuting crimes and what they're trying to put forward is a discours to try to instill fear in the colombian society while they. try
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to organize these escape from justice and something which is very important is that they are doing these from venezuela from the border from an asylum maybe because that is their hideaway there that is the way that they can organize these crimes but we are not going back to conflict we are nort seen the emergence of a new guerrilla group we said here mentioned we are not seeing these alliance with the lame. in itself we are not seen yet violence and we have to be aware of the reasons but not throw away the baby with you know it's more than 95 percent of x. combatants and i would say the entirety of the leaders but for these one full of leaders of the fark are committed with peace and do trust that the colombian
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society has put on these peace process i will say rather slowly it. this that not the of peace is not threatened by the emergence of these groups ok so in that case i'll put this to all 3 of you if i may come all just just quickly senator he there's a nomenclature issue because the name far when our group made the peace deal with the government big they started a political party and they could have named political party whatever it is that they wanted to mean to name it and there was a discussion internally and then they decided to name the park and that even marcus is starting to splinter groups like then you pointed out they chose to go with exactly the same name so that there is a lot of room for confusion here and i think that that we do have the responsibility to distinction to make the distinction between all that maybe this still leads to the point i was going to make rather than all of this being about
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the risk of returning to war let's flip it on its head and say that there's an opportunity here if even duke i ran on the idea of renegotiating the deal is this actually a chance to do that to renegotiate it to firm up what you were just saying jorge the fact that the a lot of people still support the steel and it should all just fall apart because of one man daniel i'll start with you what is the it is there a is there an opportunity here. i think there's not an opportunity that's a really good shit but it was agreed upon the agreement establishes only as the of i have to do with the recruit region and i think you know even with the other members of the panel that if they brought the government present it as committed to going forward with that report which will just give the the green on that but i voted it really is not only about me reaching the agreement included a very important aspect of of land reform this is the conflict that has to do with
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you as a user. of dispossession of land and rights for the peasants that issue has been this completely ignored by the government issues that have to do with drug trade with political reform so i think is an opportunity for the government to understand that the best way to move forward is to implement and to actually. not only for the fork of the that or any time look at the agreement as an agreement that this is his favorite fork or who reported favorite part but the really as many things that are in favor of columbus's and specially the presence in the countryside and that is where i think the government has to act more more. clearly and theater of the of implementing the queen and i think that would be the best way not only to put the club in a state to a full filesystem it this but also to give take away all these arguments that even
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mark is it is it is and it is i have signalled out to justify i suppose of the their decision to take up arms so i think that is an opportunity unfortunately we have not seen the that the government ruling to move forward on the other piece for us is but i do i do believe that it is the situation as in fact the more chamber leader of the 4 acquitted out is that this is a very bad use of. the culture but there was a good side but it cleared the terrified who's with the process who was not with the process and i think the now you can has a responsibility to with the fort be assured that it was the peace process that is committed to continue with the peace process to refine it move forward if you will the change jorge can do this on his own you know a i don't like this way but bilateral you know between the government in the father or does there need to be a 3rd party some sort of broker. well i reckon there is though interest or
9:44 am
political capacity in the center and look at the cold war over him and the party of . it nor capacity of the association in his government to to move forward towards try to open up the agreement also they agree many squatty 128 legally constitutionally even by international standards to do the thing that we're going to see changes for a renegotiation he's on the other side not on speaking terms a party level with the party i reckon going back to your previous question or line of question in the d.c.c. indeed an opportunity that the colombian society has to catalyze an acceleration of the implementation of their government especially on those areas in terms of real reform development plans that are needed to sustain these building
9:45 am
areas in the regions that have been affected by the conflict and other forms of violence. rather than less optimistic about the role of transitional justice old dog there is also pressure now increased pressure for these transitional justice system in all its components truth seeking. proper justice persecution and the police appeared to be much more quicker to act much more quicker. i reckon that we have a very really badly designed justice system call them including the transitional justice system then on that side i'm less optimistic and if something is going to fail on these peace process i reckon it's going to be justice. gentlemen it's been a min lot in discussion with you started wondering about the prospects for war but
9:46 am
finished it by thinking about the framework still being there for pay so i want to thank you all for your contributions today i really enjoyed it and thank you as well for joining us for this edition of inside story plenty more a few online inside stories in the show's section at al-jazeera dot com if you want to see this story any of our discussions again we're also facebook dot com forward slash inside story we're on twitter at a.j. inside story i'm at come on if you want to message me directly from the whole time thanks for joining us.
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september. with ethiopia taking its 1st steps into democracy al-jazeera meets for diversity europeans who are reshaping the country's political landscape world
9:48 am
leaders gather in new york for the united nations general assembly global issues are on the table the listening post dissect the world's media how they operate and the stories they cover global warming and possible solutions to climate change all on the agenda of the united nations a special 2 part series explores how human activity has damaged much of the planet and call some of the biggest environmental threats to mankind september on al-jazeera. hello i'm fully back to bill with a look at our main stories here on al-jazeera 5 people are dead and at least 21 injured after a mass shooting in the u.s. state of texas says at least one shooter drove around the city of odessa firing at police and they say that suspect has been killed. as well from washington.
9:49 am
odette says police chief says the suspect was a white man in his mid thirty's this scene apparently happened when this man was pulled over by a police state trooper in his vehicle for some reason the suspect shot at that officer then shook off driving in his car shooting at people randomly on the road at some point the suspect then was able to leave his own car and steal a mail delivery vehicle continuing to drive and shoot and kill people before engaging with police outside of a movie theater and it was there in an exchange of bullets that the suspect was killed police say they're still not releasing any information on a possible motive but 3 police officers were also among those who were injured rallies in hong kong have once again turned violent demonstrators hurled petrol
9:50 am
bombs up police will retaliate it with tear gas and a water cannon spraying blue dye riot offices also metro stations hitting and arresting people they described as radical the u.s. says it's. training camp in syria's rebel held province it happens not far from midland city at least 14 people have been killed the syrian army and it's been waging a crushing offensive to recapture a live bonus smith has more from how taney the turkey syria border. u.s. led coalition is confirming that it targeted a building to the east of city that it says was connected with a group linked to al qaeda or a training facility in al jazeera sources on the ground we've spoken to sources who confirm that they say that this was a training center for this group connected with al qaida it encourage people from all ages young boys to teenage men to older men to come to training that's why we we have seen video where at least there is clearly one injured child in the video
9:51 am
but that it was the issue with the scent of the all age groups that it was believed to be this training center for this al qaeda connected group and it's an indication really of the concern not just that turkey hasn't of the russians have but also that the americans have that in this last rebel held part of syria the northwestern part of syria there are these hard core groups resisting conducting a last stand with the rebels say saudi fighter jets have targeted a facility holding prisoners of war loyal to yemen's u.n. backed government who feel fishel say a prison in demar which holds hundreds of military and political opponents was attacked by saudi forces on saturday it comes after a surge in saudi u.a.e. coalition attacks on yemen in the past month the u.s. special a go shater for afghan lee consolations says he's close to making a deal with the taliban to reduce violence in the region special representative
9:52 am
sound says the latest round of talks with the taliban have finished chain doha he says he'll head to kabul later for consultations with the afghan government a judge in sudan has formally charged deposed president omar bashir with corruption and the illegal use of foreign funds and she told the court he received 25000000 dollars from saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin salman but that he did not use the money for private purposes. we did not supply the money to the bank of sudan because we meant to hide the source and we did so because this was the desire of the prince and i had hoped that this would have been a secret court in order not to show the name of the prince he did not want his name to appear anywhere which is why he sent the money on a private plane with a private on a voyage this was his wish not to be known and bolivia's president says he's open to accepting international aid to help fix the damage caused by forest fires the
9:53 am
blaze has power and control for weeks and has doubled in size since those say it's destroyed one and a half 1000000 hectares off forest those are the headlines face to face is next on al-jazeera. custer wanted to say wanted a different future castro want to do is country che wanted international revolution for a long time those parallel objectives can sit alongside one another and drive each other forward but there came a point when obviously they not only did that at that point the relationship and their political project came to you and. i thought on the face.
9:54 am
of say 10 already upset you are now what i am or not overfilled what does he feel cut through i want to see how our blood libel calcium could. buy him i'll be out of they come yeah out of the. a chair no. joke today with a. capital truly. the focus of. this. new openness to look at. but you know only. to know the real cause already becoming a rebuttal but i. 955 mexico is a sanctuary for intellectuals and political refugees young argentinian has found
9:55 am
refuge here on this fateful evening of july the night he has plans to meet some cuban friends. the good day in its present if i got blown a walk. there will be sure there is a there of could take. me don't you that you are making up by the dog brain body deep be in place example suppose she tells us the whole evolution give us a veil of. illness to give our need. and people on the ballot believe. in knowing all the people going to. make here these reports. to give is still a medical student born to an argentinian middle class family he decides to travel across south america shocked by the poverty of his continent he blames american
9:56 am
imperialism. with his 1st wife an ardent communist he subscribes to the philosophies of marx and stalin he dreams of a revolution but hasn't for yet. only campanella we sure do remember we can see you know the meeting up on the cement cup on theme put it in the montage. since the future. unlike video castro has taken up arms. on the 26th of july 1953 the young lawyer prepared an armed attack on the moncada barracks in santiago de cuba castro is determined to overthrow them dictator for consumer but he still unfortunately for construct is arrested and tried now must flee must say speculating that roams yet how will they face then i will see only this is the last
9:57 am
outcome on balance. so. this is the moment a feeling of a blank judge. the young lady inclusive i mean they will see really how they want the money as you that in fact. fidel castro is sentenced to 15 years in prison is granted amnesty just to hear slater. on the evening of the 9th of july 1955 for del castro joins his cuban supporters in mexico he wants to set up a new insurrection in cuba as quickly as possible but things really click with the young argentinean and they spend 10 hours sharing their revolutionary ideals she wants to free latin america and castro suggests they start with cuba.
9:58 am
has fallen under customs. i took all night we failed and in the morning i had become the doctor of his new expedition to tell the truth after my experiences across latin america and we don't need much more to release for a revolution against a tyrant. but i was particularly impressed with hugo assert his optimism we needed to work to struggle to materialize our beliefs stop whining and fight. the good for the bust of good daughter and her rich if he then e.t.i. in as president do a. short hop. want that. has joined the ranks of the movement created by castro the m 26 they train side by side in mexico.
9:59 am
fidel is beginning to sort out is organization the m $26.00 is looking for funds he's seeking out ammunition weapons and making plans inevitably they come under the mexican security forces raid on. it or just a little more. needed to live he's also more of the all. give us your. name dosemu more producer. this week you do the. kiva because your lead to the norm was any. makes again say colonel. bond say give up. if you don't get tory. luci it would cheer you but you keep us in the certainly not the less was if i love if you had guessed for shoes if you had guessed for d.c. the that don't go into too fair. to give ella
10:00 am
a valid legal guys to give out just. to move to clearly will for you that he. nodded in when you are 40. caesium was firm and i can still hear him say i will not leave you this was his this and he never the park to throw me. into that fidel's for the ones he cared about his key to the fanaticism looked around. if you have here to use principles you appear to be so personality and doubts what makes these rebel army an indivisible block. just 3 months later in mexico pradelle castro and she give out aboard the grandmas a boat packed with 82 revolutionaries on the morning of december 2nd 956 in a food store the boat reaches cuban.


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