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tv   Che Guevara and Fidel Castro  Al Jazeera  September 2, 2019 9:00am-10:00am +03

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i think the thing will be together here it's not no one should be alone forecasters are warning that dorian may slow down even as it grows in intensity summer describe the storm as textbook others say it's a lingering monster that will threaten lives for days at a gallacher al-jazeera miami florida hong kong is set for more disruptions on monday unions have called for a 2 day general strike as part of the ongoing demonstrations against beijing's influence secondary school and university students are expected to join in the fall as a weekend of violence after protesters targeted the city's airport is wayne hay. this isn't the welcome people expect when arriving to check in at hong kong airport was for the 2nd time in 3 weeks and government protesters tried to block access to one of the busiest terminals in the world in some areas they succeeded confusing and worrying travelers and you cannot go back to the place where you wanted to go.
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and the people are afraid because of what's happening here i called orders in place designed to prevent protesters coming anywhere near here it clearly didn't was that legal action was taken after their last raid on the airport which saw people camp inside the terminal for several days. all they do is all hong kong airport is very important to the economy we chose here to try to paralyze it and make our point instead of randomly picking street talk e.p.i. it's most better to come here. i this time the sight of the police moving in was enough to force a retreat for most arabs those not quick enough were arrested was in the end the protest to stay at the airport was a relatively brief one but again they proved they can strike at what they say is a soft target before the police moved in to retake you're. still it would be
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a long time before transport began to return to normal meaning long walks for many travelers the demonstrators may have moved on but they weren't done seemingly frustrated by the closure of a nearby train station they vented their anger leaving it in disarray as night falls the protesters fanned out to different locations and the police don't seem to be able to match the agility of those down trying to chase was and when it's time for a police retreat loitering protest is in many people living in areas where some of the violence has taken place find their voices ago. and as the officers leave the not she it is keepers of the peace instead jeered as the enemy and symbols of a system many here are trying to change wayne hey al jazeera hong kong. time for a short break here al-jazeera when we come back mexico's president promises to tackle violence and corruption but it's not enough for angry protesters.
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and the far right resurgence in 2 german state elections but the mainstream parties managed to hold on today. hello there still some more heavy rain across much of a southern china as well as that we are watching the possible development of 2 storms one in the south china sea to the west of the philippines and one a further towards the east now regardless of whether they develop into trouble storms we will see some very heavy rains throughout monday beginning to really push out from the south choose a just and gulf thing much of the region all the way in china from you now province right the way round on towards shandong so to invent will trample is actually the forecast for the next couple of days further to the south always those rains
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extending further out towards the southwest but you can see again on the satellite here all this cloud we have now it's not just the last few days we've had some very heavy rains across luzon a particular for the last several weeks so not surprisingly we have got some areas that looks like this there's more rain in the 4 calls from those storm systems further to the south we've got the usual showers and thunderstorms but as we head into cheese day it's a mostly dry picture across much of this region maybe some thunderstorms of course across into singapore then on towards india very heavy rains again particularly up into the northeast of the country i'm natasha's well nepal very catty situation as you can see here and again some more areas under water this is a slam and there's more rain in the forecast. the weather sponsored by countdown. it was a big problem because it was different people admired him he was the center of night life in beirut and he married miss universe hugh was a buoyant character on the other hand a ruthless operative fighting for the palestinian cause some israeli intelligence
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sources claim that hollywood planned the operation and knew him for years these are really trying to find him and kill him al jazeera world examines the life of ali has son salaam the hunt for the red prince. welcome back a quick amount of our top stories here on the al-jazeera the u.s. says it fully supports israel's right to defend itself after fighting between the israeli military and the lebanese based on group hezbollah the group says it targeted an israeli military vehicle israeli forces hit back by shelling a border village in southern lebanon. airstrikes by the saudi and iraq led
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coalition in yemen have left at least 70 people dead the strikes hit a detention center early on sunday at the coalition says it targeted a site storing weapons. and hurrican dorian has become the most powerful storm to make landfall in the bahamas with winds gusting up to 350 kilometers an hour the category 5 storm is battering the islands with torrential rain. the death toll from saturday's mass shooting in a desert texas has risen to 7 police have identified the man responsible as 36 year old seth at all but he say he hijacked a mail truck and opened fire at passers by after being stopped by officers offending to signal a left turn he was eventually shot dead by the police. well u.s. president donald trump has again dismissed the role of background checks to help reduce gun violence despite it being the 2nd major shooting in the state of texas in less than a month. so when looking at a lot of different things we're looking at a lot of different. ideas concepts it's been going for
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a logo background check i will say that for the most part sadly if you look at the last 4 or 5 going back even 5 or 6 or 7 years for the most part as strong as you make it back greg jack they would not have stopped any of it though it's a big problem it's a mental problem it's a big problem. castro joins us live now from washington d.c. hi you said president trump there saying that background checks wouldn't have prevented the shooting how is this playing out politically. well 1st aaron it's unclear exactly how the president drew that conclusion because the police in middle and has said that it hasn't determined whether the assault rifle used in this shooting was legally or illegally illegally acquire they haven't released that information but trump appears to be talking not just about the shooting but the state of shootings that we've seen in the u.s.
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and his line of thinking is very much in keeping with what the national rifle association the powerful gun lobby has been has been preaching to republican politicians and they are very fearful of crossing the line and losing the endorsement of the powerful and are a as far as the previous shooting you mentioned in texas that happened just 4 weeks ago in el paso when a gunman shot 22 people in that border city in a wal-mart and in addition to that the very next day there was yet another shooting of your remember in ohio where an additional 9 people were killed following those incidences there was a push here in washington for congress to take some action the lower house controlled by democrats had already passed a bill requiring background checks on gun purchases however even after those 2 shootings republican leaders in the senate refused to take up the bill for
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consideration congress went on recess and then we have exactly what happened yesterday yet another mass shooting that took more lives and the irony to you look specifically at texas derren that in this state just today a spate of new pro-gun laws just happened to take effect these are laws that were passed months ago but they're out it's actually easier today for someone to carry guns onto school property into houses of worship and even into foster homes within texas area and hardly the police now say they've identified the shooter in the death so what will they even say. that's right and they were hesitant at 1st to say aloud the name of the shooter they did release it in print later they say he was 36 year old so a tour a local resident who had a criminal record that included some trespassing still the motive the police are saying is unknown but they did rule out terrorism we also learned some more about
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the 7 victims who were killed by the shooter they ranged in age from 15 years old to $57.00 then there are the additional $22.00 people who were injured they include 3 police officers as well as a one year old child who was shot through the mouth the mother of that child has said she does expect her daughter to recover their right to how does the castro there in washington d.c. how do you thank you. president has vowed to tackle violence and corruption in the 1st state of the union address of his presidency despite an increase in violence and a weakening economy and less money loppers obrador still enjoys a high approval rating by over apollo as more from mexico city. during his 1st speech about the state of the nation mexican president and this one window piece of the road so the mexican people are pleased with his accomplishments of the spar. a majority of people support our efforts and they're happy happy
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with the work we're doing but as he was speaking hundreds of people were marching protests down mexico city's main avenue where i got the. demonstrations criticizing the president also took place in several other mexican cities at the same time i was there many places where insecurity is extreme the president says we're happy but i'm not happy with the report the president is boasting all he has done but really leaves much to be desired the top complaint among critics of president lopez obrador is the country's detour. rating security situation $2900.00 is expected to be a record setting year for violence in the country surpassing the nearly $35000.00 homicides that took place the year before what we're hearing from people on the streets of mexico city apart from concerns over escalating violence nationwide is a general distrust of the president's rhetoric and criticisms over how the
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government is managing a stagnant national economy mexico central bank forecasts economic growth at 0.2 percent for 2019 barely avoiding recession despite the many challenges president look is a bit of a tone in approval rating between 67 and 72 percent according to the latest national polls presidential fact checkers like daniela mentalism see the president's popularity could be linked to rhetoric that often misrepresents the facts especially when it comes to the economy the bullet hit a cunt tell you the only 40 percent up to president statements are very fired up and 60 percent of what he says is either all misleading the president refers to his administration as mexico's 4th transformation placing his government reforms on par with the 910 mexican revolution was. ok. but a continued failure to rein in nationwide violence and improve the economy could
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eventually erode the mexican leaders' overwhelming support and dizzy to mexico city . sajan support for a far right party into german state elections results show that alternative a germany has made gains in both brandenburg at the expense of chancellor angela merkel's party coalition dominic cain. and brandon was the if he had hoped its far right agenda would persuade east germans to put it 1st in the event the party came a close 2nd but more than doubled its vote in the process and struck deep into the mainstream parties hard yes i i would have hoped the cake we would become the strongest party but this result this exit poll shows one thing they have to has come to stay. no longer be possible their opponents in saxony with the center right christian democrats who've governed there since 1990 but who lost more than 80000
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votes to the f.t. and yet still emerge clear in 1st place for them there now begins the difficult process of trying to build a coalition with parties of the center and the center left out of this shaft we did it and this is a message that we send from saxony a large majority of people want to represent a state in a positive way and want to achieve things differently side of saxony has won. it was also a difficult night for the social democrats who are on the center left of german politics they've been pounding ever since the fall of communism 30 years ago yet on sunday they lost votes and were very nearly beaten by the far right as. it was a tough election campaign it was an intensive discussion and i would like to thank all of you that we succeeded in showing that the state has one party which people trust and that remains brandenburg. one of the key factors for voters in this election had been nostalgia 30 years since the fall of the berlin wall how did
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people view the past 3 decades of democracy and there was the role of immigration even though the. 2 states have relatively small immigrant populations compared to the rest of the country this result shows the a.f.d. is now a force to be reckoned with across east germany and although it will not enter government its presence will make coalition building difficult and it throws up one more central question with so many voters now desert ing the 2 main parties how long can their grand coalition continue at a federal level dominic came al-jazeera in brandenburg germany's president has asked poland's forgiveness for nazi crimes best ceremony to mark the 80th anniversary of the start of the 2nd world war frank made the plea alongside his polish counterparts in the city of vienna where the 1st german bombs fell about $6000000.00 polish citizens were killed in the conflict including $3000000.00 jews
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that droughts can sometimes have surprising benefits such as helping archaeologists discover a 3 and a half 1000 year old city in northern iraq a sun a binge of a it has the story from what was a kingdom in one of the world's oldest civilizations this more than department and the hope is busy these days these items are from their latest creation under leak one by most of them the palace of communal overlook the tigris river and can be dated to the time of the maternal empire a kingdom of the ancient near east iraq's northern kurdish region is home to some of the world's oldest civilizations and this site is estimated to be nearly 3 and a half 1000 years old getting the importance of such a place called his sucky home is derived from the ancient cuneiform texts and clay tablets he found we also reached the palace of one of them a tiny kings and found. of the lost kingdoms grounds. in german archaeologists have found fired brick floor slabs and murals painted with colored
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pigments. him a tiny empire ruled over a vast area from modern day syria to the eastern mediterranean and in the east to iraq but little is known about it the city is believed to have existed for more than 400 years. it was discovered in 2010 but archaeologists were only able to excavated when a drought caused water levels to drop but now it's submerged once again we are now on top of the submerged city of kimono fishermen here have been telling us about the erratic water levels that they have seen in many years the water went to the lowest level a few months ago now at its highest jihads ancestors have lived here for centuries he says it's hard to know when the area may suffer a drought or a flood very very. i saw the city of kim early this year i'm one of the guards assigned to look after it normally during summertime the water levels will decrease and the city would appear only to be
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submerged during winter this summer it's quite the contrary. archaeologists such challenges are making it hard to carry out their work properly in addition to climatic changes being recorded by aid agencies in the area there's limited money available. nowadays we wait for the water levels decrease said that we continue at excavation we call on international community to help support us in order to continue our work in the city the exclusion has opened a rear window into a lost kingdom but those working here say they will need help if the historic significance and value of the site is to be fully realized. down to 0 at the ancient city of commune. time for a quick check of the headlines on al-jazeera the u.s. says it fully supports israel's right to defend itself after fighting between the
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israeli military and the lebanese based armed group hezbollah the group says it targeted an israeli military vehicle israeli forces hit back by shelling a border village in southern lebanon. by the saudi and iraq led coalition in yemen that left at least 78 people dead the strikes hit a detention center early on sunday the coalition says it targeted a site storing weapons for andorian has become the most powerful storm to make landfall in the bahamas with winds gusting up to 350 kilometers an hour the category 5 storm is battering the islands with torrential rains and the prime minister of the bahamas says people on abaco are no longer able to evacuate. if you're ready and the water. is you cannot judge the difference. as to the beginning of the street which is very emotional begins. to be in get.
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back to the strong. average of what this brain cannot mean any man. and they're in a state of readiness. the death toll from saturday's mass shooting in a desert texas has risen to 7 and police have identified the man responsible as 36 year old seth atl police say he hijacked a mail van and opened fire at passers by after being stopped by police for failing to signal a left turn he was eventually shot dead by the police support for the far right alternative of germany party has surged into state elections in the east of the country exit polls indicate the f.d.a. has come 2nd in both brandenburg and saxony at the expense of chancellor angela merkel's party and her coalition partner and germany's president has asked poland's forgiveness for nazi crimes at a ceremony to mark the 80th anniversary of the start of world war 2 frank made the
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plea alongside his polish counterpart in the city of villains but the 1st german bombs fell well those were the headlines at the news continues on al-jazeera after inside story stations and somewhat. thank. you thank. you. indians no more almost 2000000 people in the state of assam become stateless that's after they were excluded from a controversial register of citizens so is it a means of cracking down on illegal migrants just a ploy to target list lives and how much is it just plain politics this is inside story. thanks
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. hello everyone i'm hasn't seek a welcome to the program imagine living in a country or your life and then being told you're not a citizen there that's what nearly 2000000 people are suddenly facing today in india they've been excluded from a list of citizens in the north eastern state of ask them in a process the government says will weed out the illegal immigrants critics say it is an attempt to deport millions of muslims who make up a 3rd of the state's population those excluded now have 4 months to prove they're not foreigners or face detention the national register of citizens was 1st created in 1951 to determine who came to the state before neighboring bangladesh declared independence from pakistan we'll be speaking to our guests in a moment but 1st priyanka gupta reports from assam's largest city guwahati.
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an anxious saturday in the south people lined up since early morning to find out if their names are on the state's final list of citizens 47 year old lee general ham on a farm and probably village is on the list but his wife and 3 children are. very worried i feel bad in my heart i am very sad. this and really couple that go hearty also trying to understand what went wrong 71 year old son was born in assam and has lived here all his life his entire family is on the list except him and his 2 daughters i want to get the number 3 who are on the list submitted the same document my daughter and i submitted that as well so how can we be excluded those excluded from assam's final register of citizens will have to appeal and foreigners tribunals like these with 120 days wide scopes including amnesty
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international are calling for transparency as they have been several reports suggesting that some proceedings have been biased and discriminatory. the group that spearheaded the protest movement against foreigners the all the some students' union says the list should belong to business where it is not new to be all of it declared regard by the government to be going to us and we expected more. that's our feeling so we're not happy. so you feel that there maybe somewhere or in the process. and the answer is not complete so for remedial misery we liberals to be honorable to be good again. and the hindu nationalist b.g.p. the ruling party in both you tell us some state says it's alarmed it says it will appeal to india's high school to revivify the documents of indians living in a muslim dominated part of districts the b.g.p. tried to pass a law earlier this year to allow citizenship rights to persecuted minorities from
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neighboring countries muslims were left out the proposal provoked protests by coops that want illegal immigrants to be india. as the arguments would now because of religion grow a protracted legal battle faces nearly 2000000 people a defeat as he gets. out 0 quality. or let's bring in our panel now joining us from our sam via skype. pressure altie deputy editor of the wire from new delhi desh nigam a member of the rushed area so i am 70 sang the ideological parent body of the ruling b j p and from london ronan li visiting scholar at queen mary university of london's international state crime initiative welcome all of you to the program. if i could start with you then just give us
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a sense of the challenges the people there are dealing with because i know you've you've spoken to many of them and what sort of recourse do they have to address this issue that they're facing of not being on the list. ok i need today i was like in a village earlier not very far from the capital of assam go ahead of us about 50 kilometers have been some villages and i met so many people who are out of this this and there are most of them are poor people and not much educated or not you know financially all right and also there is not available information as to what next you know what it rates them so there is certainly a feel there is lot of confusion among peoples in people's mind and.
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you know many of them see you normally they just one thing is that some members of their family are in the list some are not so this is actually creating a lot of confusion among people and i feel in the women you know but equally among the muslim community the most of the women are the worst sufferers because the have not been able to establish any link with their parents so that is actually causing a lot of trouble on the ground lot of confusion and they have they were told to give some sort and people as of the local bodies but mean many cases the peoples have not been accepted but in some cases they are so there's so much confusion about you know there's no uniformity to the sea on the ground so what i would see at this point is that the structural problems are actually a lot and that is causing a lot of harassment a lot of confusion among people. state governments for their part are saying
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that the this whole process is being very meticulously carried out in a transparent manner they say and every opportunity is going to be given to people who are not currently on the list. to to prove that they are there they belong there and that there will be a due process at every stage how does that square with what you're saying oh yes i understand i've seen all of that but that has come quite late because the already these issues are there in the media you know reports and we see that so just come march a towards the end you know but already some nice wee sights of happened still you know this is very much there staring at your face but the other thing is also you know now what so many of them will have to pull through the final strike when all the entire mechanics and that has been put in place and they will have to show the
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same papers that they have so they're all wondering what what what more will they be able to provide and so that is one pig and the other thing is also that the supreme court's recent. the odds are that after 3 years they'll be taken out of the detention camps so they're wondering whether if you feel the test and the tribunals will be put in the detention camps then after 3 years you come out is that a mccann isn't that has been put in place the government does not spelt it out clearly about that and the other thing is that once you come out are you a citizen or non-citizen or how on what basis will you be kept so do those things are very much there and ice can see that on the ground royally what in your view is is the purpose of this register since the purpose of the. well well the purpose it serves is effectively to create statelessness it's
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important i think to understand the context that this registration process occurs in it occurs in a context where the recent indian general election was fought and won by the nationalist prime minister modi on a watchman security based nationalist platform in recent times this been the annexation of kashmir and now in assam we're seeing a group of residents primarily muslims being targeted by by this registration process i mean this this appears on many levels to be designed to create statelessness to change the demographics of assam and to unfairly exclude non hindu religious and ethnic religious minorities and what do you say run into those in india who argue that this is
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a perfectly normal process that goes on in many countries throughout the world that you have to be able to prove that your a citizen and people are being given ample opportunity to do that. well again context is important if if there was a genuine attempt to confirm who is who is a citizen of of india and who is not then perhaps the place that you would begin that process wouldn't be a psalm and you'd begin the process by outlining to the people who have been required to participate in it that it's not targeting the muslim population that muslims will be treated fairly and you would reaffirm india's secular founding principles as a country that's multi religious and multi-ethnic that has in the what's occurred associated with the registration process in assam has been a lot of noise from hindu nationalists have already expressed the view the finance
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minister understand today of a psalm is already expressed the view that he is unhappy with the outcome that there are not enough people who have been excluded from the muslim population and he expects that those hindus that have been listed on the the list as not not legitimate citizens of india that they will be given some solace through government processes soon i don't think there's anyone that would believe sincerely that this is not a process that is designed to change demographics and to target the muslim population in assam. nigam what's what's your take on this what do you you've heard the criticism that's been made of this and how do you tell someone who was born and raised in india lived their whole life and in many cases their parents their grandparents came from india to suddenly be told that they're not indian at all. see you have to see case by case basis to every country has
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a right to maintain their record of their own citizens and they also know that there's a huge amount of illegal immigration that was taking place from bangladesh both in those and muslims so as rightly pointed out by the london guess is they're both hindus and muslims have been left out so it negates the fact that it was directed against one particular community we also know that from our past experiences that huge amount of illegal immigrants out there and assam is one dejan and this being all is another from where they moved to other areas of the country so just it is absolutely legitimate for india to have its own deckard of citizens and they have started from assam and it'll be an all in b. exercise in future the last one was done in $1051.00 so it is high time that the must know who are who are citizens of this country and who are the illegal immigrants yes we have a robust system not the entire exercise is very transparent it is being monitored by the chief justice of india and there is a due process for. some of the grievance so you can go to the foreigners tribunals
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then you have the high court then you the supreme court and therefore nobody can complain that they do not have the grievance mccann ism any country democrat and democratic country should have to address a mechanism which is also in place in india so i don't know why this kind of a criticism of biased criticism which is being done. against us over in democratic country who has its own rights busy under the constitution of india what do you say yes to those who argue that the burden of proof on the this and r.c. is so so strange and so. partisan an arbitrary in many cases that the entire exercise seems to them geared to exclude people rather than any any genuine effort to sort of create a roster of indian citizens and there are many examples of this weapon. a father was branded a foreigner in the draft an r.c.
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but his son was declared in india and in another case a 6 year old got go past the citizen ship test but her twin brother was found to be a foreigner there's numerous other cases of spelling errors. typo in your grandfather's documents could mean you lose lose your citizenship none of this seems fair does it. so let us be very clear in the 1st draft mistake to come out the 4000000 people were left out not the final list only 1900000 people have been left out and and the cut off date history and the 5th of march of the 1971 so anybody who's come before is allowed and anybody who comes after that is not allowed and therefore they have been very carefully to start spreading to yes there could be mistakes here and there but do you have a progressive mechanism in place like in any other country you can question india's motives anybody who's questioning india's motives here has a lot of explaining to do because that is their right india has
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a right to maintain its own register of citizens how can you criticize india's right to maintain its own register of citizens when and the world has this even the us is trying to limit the illegal immigration and we have you know scarce natural cygnus sources and we have a huge population of 1370000000 people so one has to balance and india has always been a very calming host country but not that that you know generosity was being misused by the people from across the border and they were coming in holds and that has changed the you know demo kind of feeling stick social and cultural identity of many districts in the region where the indigenous culture district and now all of you also know that there are problems there are many many people who are who are not supposed to be year have been including their $4030.00 thickish and then the identification and thing will be a continuous process it is not an end all of busy a situation so law is dynamic yet it discontinuous
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a tomato somebody if it is found that somebody has used for dealing documents forged documents to get the citizenship here then that person will be taken to task in the legal process from the start against a person so i do to give both describe a motive to this exercise i think it's too far stretched. sankey to your response to that people should not be questioning the motives behind this. see the it's a very old problem you know from the british colonial dime and that a lot of smaller communities which reside not just in assam but in the rest of the northeast also the smaller benito in some communities they'll be only a 1000 people so 50 people you know this see coming to it's an issue so those things are very much there on the ground and the other issue what i see when i roam around the ground the people from all the communities the been affected by this but considerably i see the muslim community getting affected a lot more but yesterday you know since yesterday they've been getting so many
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calls messages that saying that people from all communities including the s m e's and the indigenous communities also so that sort of that again takes us to the question of the structural problems which you also spoke about so that this is something that needs to be taken seriously and the other thing is also. about you know giving that confidence to people you know i believe that this is not the end of the door not not finding one's name in the list itself doesn't meet one status you 2 will to the entire process but but still you know you are thinking about you have to think about the small oh the poor people we really get so much money to fight these cases there's been so many litigations now and even if to go to a tribal you need at least 25000 indian rupees and these are very very poor people even to go you know last month from one part of the state to another party not for revenge if occasion of their documents many of them had to sell their cattle or
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they have to put their land on morgridge too so that they could hire a bigger vehicle and dick and that family there so this is the situation we are talking about so it does a lot of human duchesse required at this moment yeah let's put some of that back to desha then the criticism there that much of this discriminates against poor dealers and they don't have the means to you know to go to the various offices to pay for transport to get all the to get all of the documents and so on what do you say to that. see the fact remains it just started yesterday so it's just too early busy to comment on the process because this process is slow to slowly take off the ground the farm mistry bills are being increased the state government has also promised legal aid to the people whose name has been left out and they will help them in due process of time and one can understand but but it is the duty of the nation to prepare their record of citizens and their food it is an exercise which had to be
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taken although it has taken late but it should have been done by the previous governments long time back but the fact remains the state governments are doing busy providing legally other things also in the process and that is a due process available to them and service centers you know what we call c. walk ins are being open to help them so i don't think it is just yesterday it started and nobody you know. busy should be you know it does not that then does a possum nothing is happening so slowly slowly people will approach the service centers they will go to legal aid centers there are really facilities please wait have patients run in lee up to now we mostly been talking about how this. process is taking place in the state of ass and but the government has made it clear that they want to expand this nationally if that want to happen what what are your fears about this. well my fear is is that my fear is that we will see
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a replication of what's happened in other parts of the region just nearby in me and not. an oppressed muslim minority the key element that began their oppression in myanmar was an aggressive citizenship verification process during the $970.00 s. and from that time on their rights were increasingly restricted and then some decades later they were forcibly deported from from me and ma and there's now some 1000000. residents in refugee camps in bangladesh but there's also rich in camps within me and ma and then not allowed to leave concerning lee prime minister modi visited me and mine at the time that the forced migration was taking place during 2017 and he was supportive of the government of me and mas approach so
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in that context it must be chilly when people in the somme who found themselves not on the citizenship register noice that there have been detention camps built in assam and that the government intends to build 10 more detention camps within some those people not on the n.r.c. today must be deeply concerned that the future they face could well be some something very similar to the to the face of the wrecking. you mention there how you know everything every country has has the the right and the need to to get a register of all of its citizens to to to update this and so on. but i want to ask you about the context in which this is happening a little bit more and the timing this is being carried out by a government and a ruling party that has its roots in hindu nationalism and there has this been this climate of of hindu nationalism in india over the last few years.
9:43 am
what mess if you believe that india is a state. that belongs to all to people of all faiths what message does this send to non hindus in india so india belongs to people of all feet and that is given in our constitution and therefore we have a vote it been posed to muslims in india but illegal immigrants are illegal in immigrants it respectable religion so illegal immigrants have to be concerned about it and they should be concerned about it because we have discussed natural resources i think you need to have a very uniform policy the universal policy where you know the entire countries of the world take the burden busy of the illegal immigrants or the refugees that come not india we have huge number of in estimated to separate busy from 1951 we have had about a 120000000 you know people coming into india so it becomes the universal issue and
9:44 am
a problem in every country must you know share the legal immigrants already to fiji's that are coming having said that this issue started giving the congress time there was an accord between the some students union and the government of india that government of india and then the it was decided that there will be there will be a register of citizens so it's not. the gypsies are the present garments. it just going to mean from the past and this promise to the people of us was being deferred to our very day and that created a huge problem if you've had been done in going to talk about it then we would have a bill to look on in the problem then and there we've got about a minute left i'm going to give what's probably going to last what now to. well and just. from what i see on the ground as i said there's a lot of fear out there is lot of confusion and i expect at the you know incoming
9:45 am
times that the government will also come to the aid of dispy people and that is one thing and the other thing i want to it is. you know there's a little difference between what the s.o.b.'s the majority community which i also come from. thinking at the moment and what the government is thinking which is the b.g.p. led government in the state and the sentence would be should be government if there is certainly and a communal overtone or not is into this but what i see among the community and my conversations with a lot of intellectuals and the student leaders the other of course the us who is a little worried about you know it or not a not too happy with the number that it got yesterday so that's also because you know all at various points of time the parliament in the parliament various ministers have given out some numbers though does not scientific basis to those numbers are they are saying this but that but what i see is that the the people here the people are looking at it as a migration issue they're not looking at as a human the muslim issue yet we're going to look but in coming days we don't know
9:46 am
what which turned it tuesday we've got to leave it there thank you to all 3 of your psyche to appreciate r.t. desha rotten nigam and ronan lee thanks very much for being on inside story and thank you as always for watching remember you can see this program any time by visiting our website and is it a dot com and for further discussion you can go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter handle where it's at a.j. inside story for me hasn't taken a whole team here by finale thank. you .
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this is a. very different way where there. is and we don't leave. hello i'm down jordan and doha with a quick reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera the u.s. says it fully supports israel's right to defend itself after fighting between the israeli military and the lebanese based on group hezbollah the group says it targeted an israeli military vehicle israeli forces hit back by shelling
9:49 am
a border village in southern lebanon and strikes about a saudi and iraq he led coalition in yemen that left at least 70 people dead the strikes hit a detention center early on sunday where the coalition says it target the site storing weapons. arkan durian has become the most powerful storm to make landfall in the bahamas with winds gusting up to 350 kilometers an hour leaving some parts underwater in the u.s. the south carolina governor has ordered the evacuation of the states and time coastline gallacher reports now from florida a durian is due to hit next. hurricane dorian packing sustained winds close to 300 kilometers per hour is battering the bahamas this is one of the most powerful storms to hit this nation and it's predicted to linger for hours with coastal surges in excess of 6 meters despite pleas some residents have decided to ride the storm out a decision officials say could put their lives at risk that is not
9:50 am
a good idea they're asking you to reconsider that decision and to seek shelter in the rest of. the weather becomes too severe to come into freeport this is not a time for us to seek to resist forecasters say dorian should turn north hugging the east coast of florida once it passes over the bahamas but risks remain florida georgia and the carolinas are making last minute preparations even if dorian remains on its predicted path strong winds heavy rains and storm surges could have a catastrophic impact even the slightest deviation with a storm this large ferocious and slow moving could be deadly this storm at this magnitude could really cause massive destruction and do not put your life in jeopardy by staying behind i when you have a chance to get out and you still do have time to prepare yourself and to make sure
9:51 am
that you and your family are safe states of emergency have now been declared in parts of florida georgia and the carolinas and the dangers will remain for some time the eye of hurricane dorian may remain off the coast of florida but much of the state is still inside the cone of uncertainty. from its formation dorian has surprised forecasters strengthening significantly on sunday morning the 1st outer bands are expected here late on monday and into chews day all millions can do now is watch and wait as this huge storm creeps closer to the u.s. all eyes are on the bahamas with significant damage is already being reported the next few days could prove devastating i have tried everything but my house which i still don't think up one now but we don't know how long we're going to be so we have to take whatever precautions have an award or whatever will nitpicks we can have but i think if things will be together here in the no one should be alone forecasters are warning that dorian may slow down even as it grows in intensity
9:52 am
some of describe the storm as textbook others say it's a lingering monster that will threaten lives for days and gallacher al-jazeera miami florida. fairbairn scuffles on the hong kong's train system as protesters had to another day of demonstrations police were out in force in an effort to prevent violence thousands of students are expected to skip the 1st day back from summer holidays to attend a rally at the joined by union members and other protesters who started a 2 day general strike. the death toll from saturday's mass shooting in a desert texas has risen to 7 police about $10.00 to $5.00 the man responsible as 36 year old seth out saw they say he hijacked a mail truck and opened fire at passers by after being stopped by police offending to signal a left. support for the far right alternative of germany party has surged into state elections in the east of the country exit polls indicate the a.f.d.
9:53 am
as come 2nd them both brandenburg and saxony at the expense of chancellor angela merkel's party and a coalition partner. well those were the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after al-jazeera world station. who has a 7 year 10 you know presence in the. grass and said alternately there and i can feel it. and at the end door look better than this one of the mossad.
9:54 am
he was young very handsome very impressive maybe very close minded person. allie has sansa lama joined to the palestine liberation organization the p.l.o. in 1963 he was born in 1940 near jaffa into a wealthy family. his famous father has sand had been a commander in the arab revolt against british rule in the late 1930 s. . give power to earth a 3rd supported him in r.c.m. medically silly me what are. the biryani killer show them to father most allow one of their journey orlean on to shaquille j. she shared look at this. and hasn't set any shows up in her other as jaish what you thought i'd give you order money up will be a lot i live as a seller most of them are some of well do a lot are lax on the law the law doesn't sell
9:55 am
a mass of how cool it was of. his son allie is probably best known for founding the armed p.l.o. group black september which killed 11 members of the israeli a limb picked team in munich in 1972. to israel made the list after the 72 operations of 12 i was thing and figures who were involved in this operation in munich and her son was one of them who was in the list and for years the israeli tried to find him and to kill him. he'll also gained a reputation for his flamboyant lifestyle enjoying the beirut night life to the full. call we were free to walk and if so you gradually. what you called shockley and now. what killed salama was being on a mossad most wanted list but his extravagant beirut lifestyle did make him an
9:56 am
easier target. but it emerged after his death that there was more to his role in the p.l.o. and his relationships with foreign journalists and the americans than was clear at the time. this is the story of a major p.l.o. figure of the 1970 s. the man the israelis called the red prince. alley has sansa lama hardly knew his influential father but he did seem to inherit some of his daring. the old palestinian soldier for jewish militias in the 1940 s. and some of those missions were quite all day shoes. cousin salami he was joined with some other palestinians from some german part troops and they are pressured into israel into palestine this was. struck by the gestapo and by the german military
9:57 am
intelligence believe he was part of a scheme. awful scheme to poison the water resources of tel aviv. listen i'm tired of me he kept i couldn't touch any how. can right now confuse and couldn't before i. could get up the money because from. what i can move i went to the man. who use. them if you have no natural to let him down fresh hostler money. instead of my sebastian distance of a cannot present. that hamilton. said it had much mccomas. mitt romney no i thought it would not make it cheerful to happen. and. if someone had me on the battle which
9:58 am
is a less than one line. and this is. literally a news station the couple of the lottery for my wobble money been a whole it's my gun. battle. with the her 3 m. for thought all we really bothersome at several out of every. shot. you had. an effect but the other the other was a need. for a market loss and i am. sure you can see jenson's can listen to. her 30
9:59 am
minutes or wait there for the next can get on the bus or madame. you can head he can feed you i leave here today title you know a lot of women had us well we can't. have been handed enough to do that and there are. no hike my going into a line i'm manya for can i have that. the foreman went over to shift my hands for that one interesting and that's because until. they start with. jani. is a mania. the left in the sense of they're. all bad they're not as you are par hara firm oh my what i only thought anyone down with shame on my. bad mad in. our finest in e.u.
10:00 am
militia men i should lift them up mammography. among the palestinian nationalists who founded what became the pillows fatter party was yasser arafat sometimes known as abu ahmed. a senior for. the mosque one mark. you heard i will be heard clicking on some often seen in a law equates kuwait's. how to win is ahmed the one. i looked at in one from sitting in for the. big project and in no i would. go in the moment we're in the shift pattern solaire me much. rather style or what i said yet which at. the top. some form removed. cynthia glenn.


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