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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 2, 2019 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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in theme they're calling for the total withdrawal of this extradition bill now about a kilometer down the track to the west of hong kong where we are now there is another rally and is the students who are boycotting the 1st day back of school this is a 2nd the students as well as a university students are certainly there's a large group of people still showing a huge amount of support for the total withdrawal of this extradition bill and i were expecting to to have the general strike tomorrow to go ahead despite these this commentary coming out from beijing. we are expecting at the 2nd day of the general strike to go ahead now it's hard to gauge how many businesses are actually involved or certainly taking this strike action but certainly we've seen some big major hospitals here we've seen a number of businesses have been closed and the numbers here behind me which as i mentioned are growing is an indication that there's still a lot of support which means the 2nd day of the general strike is likely to go ahead or will go ahead and we just lots of figures come through from the police department as well about all from the the the various rallies over the weekend they
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say between friday and sunday 159 people in total have been arrested the age groups are between 13 years of age and 58 years of age so you can see the huge different or different generations of people who are part take your participating in these rallies they said the various charges or the reasons for their arrest as they unlawful assembly positions of weapons and breach of injunction so that's not from the what we saw some very violent clashes between the police and protest over the weekend of course the chaos the communiqué else we saw at the airport last night but some are certainly a 2nd day of the general strike is expected to go ahead ok sara thanks for that we'll talk to look from sure let's talk now to lawrence maher in hong kong on skype chairman of the hong kong legal exchange foundation and a member of the political party sign the majority for hong kong so lawrence margins looking at the significance of those live pictures today if kerry thought day one of the new academic year would mean the protesters would go away caroline was wrong
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. oh yes i mean need the. we i wouldn't say that she will expect them to goal weight because of the start of the school terms and there has been. belief that students will call back to school as normal and but and today there are of course a lot of students are not want to go back to school don't go back to school only there are a few you know a bit of a couple 100 of them but i actually put this a painting of the program progress but i think the large majority of the students do we soon. as the signaling from beijing now tipped over or pivoted over into being a warning i mean some editorials this morning your time talking about the protesters as being crazy and vicious yes there was some vandalism we saw it we saw it live but that was a very very small percentage of tens of thousands of people who've been out on the
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streets now for the best part of 12 weeks and yes the. of course the violent protesters. are happy to see that they have been arrested counted to about that wasn't. i think some of them have been charges on. but that means that there of course are a lot of 1st what for the for the top of the of. the central governments and the tory i don't think that's carry much weight in hong kong because not many people do read the news in the mainland china at the target. because they're all focused on local atmel daily news and not going to send out so i don't think many of the progress that i don't get the news and toro has in. actually. it makes people come up to protests more i want to you has that
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tremendously fact now as i'm. ok briefly to the students represent a particular problem for kerry and also of the central government in beijing i mean beijing has been critical of teachers for not in co-creating courts patry arctic values in hong kong brainwashing the young people well i'm sure hong kong and cons inflammations pretty one sided they or many of them wants that and the. hardwood elite which has been pretty handy government now and has and where savage. has been very critical and that is very popular and people read that and they about a month by month year by year many of them have you on the anti-government sentiment was optimistic or any kind of al of emotion and drive for them to
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over from the government or have an anarchy or cancel or don't want it and if you have got worse they will be stabilize the central government in beijing or as much in hong kong thank you very much. in the museum police in the province of popular have been seen shooting at protesters who appeared to have their hands over their heads the video was filmed last week but has only been made public by local activists said protesters wanted to enter an administrative office peacefully but the police suddenly began shooting 6 bodies were found in front of the building and using official say one soldier was also killed. the united nations is calling on israel and hezbollah to exercise restraint after cross border exchanges of fire yesterday as all of fighters in lebanon fired anti-tank missiles towards an israeli military vehicle on sunday israeli artillery responded with around 100 shells or a force of reports now from northern israel. on sunday afternoon the tense
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week long waiting game was over the strike that hezbollah had been promising was underway antitank missiles fired an israeli army base near the community of avivim just south of the lebanese border hezbollah's t.v. claimed an israeli tank it being destroyed and soldiers killed but the israeli military said while its base had sustained hits there had been no casualties pictures of an apparent emergency evacuation were later reported by israeli media is a diversionary trick apparently to try to convince hezbollah that it carried out a sufficiently damaging attack. israeli artillery and air strikes targeted lebanese border areas but reports from there said the shells hit mainly empty areas no casualties were reported on either side less than 2 hours after it began the israeli army said the confrontation appeared to be over and. we were attacked by
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several anti-tank missiles we're tally it with about 100 shells from the area and by other means were holding consultation concerning the future i ordered them to be prepared as you know for any possibility we have no casualties not even a scratch the latest escalation started a week ago hezbollah said an attack on a stronghold in southern beirut last sunday was carried out by israeli drones it followed in israeli as strike that killed 2 hezbollah fighters in syria israel said it had prevented a drone attack being launched from there. and the hezbollah's leader hassan nasrallah warned then and repeated on saturday that his forces would strike back and he denied israel's justification for its recent attacks that hezbollah and iran were assembling precision guided missiles inside lebanon. it's. a pretext netanyahu is using to attack and i said on many occasions that we
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have enough guided missiles for what we need but not precision guided missile factories benjamin netanyahu insists iran's growing threat necessitates an expanding israeli response it's just over 2 weeks until the israeli elections forceful action backs up his carefully nurtured image as israel's mr security at ascent into full scale war on the lebanon border less. in the weeks since hassan nasrallah gave his warning of a retaliatory strike all of the messaging from both sides all of the analysis suggested that neither israel nor hezbollah wanted an escalation towards all out war and in their actions earlier on sunday they appear to have proved that right limiting and calibrating their military actions to satisfy their domestic audiences without for now at least triggering a broader conflict so hurry to get the sense where you are that what we saw yesterday was in effect an end to it. i think an end to this round
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certainly that's what the verdict of the u.n. monitors of unifil in southern lebanon has been this morning we saw a u.n. helicopter flying over the border area just behind us when we arrived at this position a few hours ago and yes the it does seem that both sides have managed to act within the scope that does not lead to a big outbreak of violence this time around however if that tactical exchange has now been completed there is this strategic problem that remains from both sides hezbollah has made it very clear that it has a red line of israel breaching what it understands to be the rules of engagement from 2006 ins in place since that last major war between israel and lebanon so if there are further attacks and strikes which it considers to be breaching those then presumably it will have to make a similar response as for israel it says that iran and hezbollah are
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a cooperating especially in the realm of precision guided missiles in a way which is a growing threat to israeli security and it has been making the case that it needs to keep continue to act in this most forceful way so that is a recipe for further outbreaks of this kind of violence down the line and what do we make of these claims reports circulating this morning your time harry that israel was involved in this this alleged kind of decoys putting out a signal saying well actually some of our soldiers were injured so that that was a tactical victory for hezbollah but we think maybe that didn't actually happened. well it certainly would go to explain some of the actions and messaging that was happening during the course of this exchange on sunday afternoon because quite soon after the initial anti-tank missile attack from hezbollah we were hearing from
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a cabinet minister you of galant saying that as far as he was aware there were no israeli casualties at the same time as there had been these pictures emerging of this evacuation under way and very quickly after that there was a message from the prime minister's office that ministers should not talk about casualties so it was all a bit mysterious and then we had the confirmation from the israelis that there had been no casualties netanyahu in that report saying not even a scratch so the only explanation as far as the israeli media concerned and certainly not being denied by the israeli military is that this was an elaborate way of signaling to hezbollah that it had carried out an attack in which israel had sustained casualties a way of potentially limiting any further action from hezbollah. continuing beyond a certain point now of course the as far as the israeli narrative is concerned the reality then did come out whether that comes from the hospital answering on asli
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reporters' questions about casualties whether it comes from the israeli senior brass not wanting to mislead the israeli public about casualties is not clear as far as hezbollah is concerned though it's t.v. this morning monday morning was still broadcasting those images and saying that it was evidence that they had managed to create casualties on the israeli side and talked about netanyahu who's insisted that there would be no casualties really as claims ok harry will be there many thanks. state sorry can dorian is pounding the bahamas wrecking homes downing power lines islanders being warned to remain in emergency shelters until a category 5 storm passes by weather experts are hoping the hurrican won't directly hit the u.s. state of florida and it is in miami. hurricane dorian packing sustained winds close to 300 kilometers per hour is battering the bahamas this is one of the
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most powerful storms to hit this nation and it's predicted to linger for hours with coastal surges in excess of 6 meters despite pleas some residents have decided to ride the storm out a decision officials say could put their lives at risk that is not a good idea they're asking you to reconsider that decision and to seek shelter in the rest of. the weather becomes too severe to come into freeport this is not a time for us to seek to resist forecasters say dorian should turn north hugging the east coast of florida once it passes over the bahamas but risks remain florida georgia and the carolinas are making last minute preparations even if dorian remains on its predicted path strong winds heavy rains and storm surges could have a catastrophic impact even the slightest deviation with a storm this large ferocious and slow moving could be deadly this storm at this
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magnitude could really cause massive destruction and do not put your life in jeopardy by staying behind i when you have a chance to get out and you still do have time to prepare yourself and to make sure that you and your family are safe states of emergency have now been declared in parts of florida georgia and the carolinas and the dangers will remain for some time the eye of hurricane dorian may remain off the coast of florida but much of the state is still inside the cone of uncertainty from its formation dorian has surprised forecasters. strengthening significantly on sunday morning the 1st outer bands are expected here later on monday and into choose day all millions can do now is watch and wait as this huge storm creeps closer to the u.s. all eyes are on the bahamas with significant damage is already being reported the next few days could prove devastating to have brought everything but my house which
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i still don't think up water now but we don't know how long we're going to be. so we have to take whatever precautions have an award or whatever picks we can have but i think it will be together here as well and i'm not no one should be alone forecasters are warning that dorian may slow down even as it grows in intensity some of describe the storm as textbook others say it's a lingering monster that will threaten lives for days at a gallacher al-jazeera miami florida well in just a moment i'll be joined by kevin with all the latest international weather news for you also still to come here on the news hour why a dairy farmer in india has become one village victims of the attacks. and vietnam monks 50 years since the death of the communist leader who she knew will take a look at his legacy and on a man full night for real madrid stock out of jail. we'll explain in the sports news in about 20 minutes.
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well you just saw the images from the ground of the catastrophic damage of the storm is causing this is from space as the storm was making its way towards the bahamas and the i notice how large it is there now this is the largest storm from north to south but it has been very impressive on some other things such as it is now they say tide as the strongest wind speed storm to ever make landfall in the atlantic anywhere we're talking about states or anywhere else so are $225.00 claims for when it made landfall all it on as well it has the eye of the storm $23.00 climbers wide that's actually wider than the grand bahama island itself and that's what they were dealing with now in terms of the winds well the winds have come down slightly since making landfall well $270.00 climbers right now but the problem with
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the storm is it's now basically gone stationary over grand bahama island basically just moving at one climber per hour we're seeing storm surge with the storm at 6 to 7 meters and because of that very slow moving pace we're going to be seeing widespread damage continuing across much of the bahamas it's going to stay a category 5 today by the time we go towards tomorrow with think it's going to be dropping down but of course that is where the question lies will be making landfall in the states or will continue to push up to the north so will be watching that very carefully. sponsored by countdown. around the world council and it is a way to manipulate and influence the. trolls books they can use algorithms that it's being developed in designed to push content that says click me every click we make these values into the software but what and in the further of a 5 part series i do agree is in mexico examining how propaganda and profit shape.
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all the algorithms on just. the nature of news as it breaks a speed that angry creases into the fiber then that would mean. rosie for. with details cover each man i was once known as the colder 15 and that's why people are not used to this situation. from around the world. it's been over a decade since before you had seen had grand. welcome back welcome if just joining us you're watching the news live from doha
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mining's peter told me these are your top stories the u.n. special envoy to yemen is calling for accountability from the saudi led coalition air strikes killed 65 people in the city of bombs hit a detention center early on sunday the coalition says it was targeting a weapon store. thousands of students in hong kong have skipped classes today to keep up pressure on the government change and to reduce chinese control protests organizers of called for today general strike to further those demands. on the united nations is calling on israel and hezbollah to exercise restraint after they exchange cross border fire yesterday his ball of fighters in lebanon fired antitank missiles towards an israeli military vehicle on sunday is really up to the responded with around $100.00 shells. the international criminal court is set to rule on whether israel should be prosecuted over the killing of 10 people in the gaza flotilla raid in the year 2010
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a prosecutor decided not to proceed with an investigation 5 years ago despite what was called a quote reasonable basis to believe crimes were committed by the israeli military now what was called the gaza freedom flotilla hope to deliver. aid to palestinians besieged in gaza 9 years ago 6 ships joined the effort organized by a turkish charity intending to break israel's blockade israel said it had repeatedly warned organizers to abort their mission as the convoy approached gaza israeli commandos stormed the and opened fire 9 turkish activists on board the mavi marmara were killed a 10th died later from his wounds a un investigation found what it called quote clear evidence to support prosecutions against israel for wilful killing and torture experts said israel had violated international law and forces showed incredible violence the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu apologized to turkey in $24.00 teen for errors that
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might have led to those deaths and in 2016 israel agreed to pay $20000000.00 to the victims and their families let's get more on this joining us now is the international lawyer diyala jihadi from tripoli she is a former legal outreach officer for the arab region at the international criminal court hearty welcome to the user here in al-jazeera does this even come under the i.c.c. as purview we're talking about a turkish vessel probably registered in the us islands or maybe not registered there according to one particular report that's doing the rounds today. well this is a very this particular information whether or not this vessel was it is just there under the union of colorado's is very crucial for the jurisdiction of the i.c.c. as the komodo states is the state party to the i.c.c. and it is on this basis that in 2013 and and low
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slow firm every pretty good in the business and the governments of corman's has submitted an application referring this matter to the office of the prosecutor as long as the office of the prosecutor and its members of the ice is not its own firm whether it's the initial information was it has to use their concert there as ballots or. jurisdiction of the i.c.c. and their. on the incidents and the curing them if it's in 2010 on. some of this comes down to the legal definition of gravity i.e. if there is enough gravity with the basic charges and in part the i.c.c. is self-explanatory definition of legal gravity one of the people who died reportedly died because he was shot at from a helicopter and was dead on the deck when other people were trying to get all the
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ship if that's not gravity in the legal terms or if it's not gravity in terms of how the i.c.c. defines gravity what is it. move the concept of gravity from a legal point of view especially within the text you get text of the i.c.c. has not yet been defined clearly enough we're going to the community and other moon there are no quite yet now that really sets it find of the mission for elements of gravity for instance. in 2007. over 7 soldiers from their you and peacekeeping mission in darfur sudan were killed by men who were and this this abstract was also the rave you know the nature of the act that because it has starved its peacekeeping mission peacekeeping mission was brave enough to consider that it's i'm going to the jurisdiction of the i.c.c. and to open a case and to try the people who are present their responsibility for its end this
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case is still ongoing before the i.c.c. when it comes to them on the matter in 2010 in the o.t. p. point of view they consider that the crime was not sufficiently great because of the number of the people killed on smokey love from on one hand on another hand. their explanation enclosed and 2013 and also in 2007 team losing by their own to their preliminary examinations on the issue. highlighted some action russian. this is how they describe it's committed by the turkish peaceful activists against the east or any soldier in a way or another they also saw the prosecutor also there although some evidence that war crimes were committed by the israeli soldiers in 2007 on this ship also.
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on the other hand the onset of that due to the number of the people. killed and also to the manner in which the full. activists doubts with this and students element it's of rabbits he does not is not is not installed and is not confirmed in this in the space particular situation and it is still on that a lot of controversy and he based not only on the on the legal international community best but only as with then the i.c.c. and the most important evidence on this is that it sound retreats rights and then also that the assembly has plus of the that there ought to be who's ins lacked a patently sufficient legal basis and this is why they requested it's to be there this is an ok one final point the prosecutor's office can if i'm wrong the prosecutor's office in the hague has been asked twice already to reconsider taking
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this case to its natural conclusion quite brief point why or what are the individual components involved in this that mean it hasn't gone to that stage already and surely there's almost like a kind of a statute of limitations here you know they can't keep on revisiting this at some point the i.c.c. has to say yes we will do it or no we won't you don't get a double jeopardy by to the apple on this one. well the sat and most can always ask and there is no limitation to the numbers of the genders would ask the o.t. p. to review certain decision especially when they're excluded was made by you state or to direct to the office of the secure this state park i mean according to their own stated that it sort of has to be have to be made to the office of the problems . for which. the while were and the mandates also the oath on backing it never really meant examination is is limited to organ and people and the same time it has
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never i mean the i.c.c. has never listeners such a situation rare that sandberg's our incomes have been with the o.t. . since for for 2 or 3 times there must be some sense in my opening to the o.t. people whose ins or at least to the manners in which they have been preaching specially also get limits of gravity and we don't know if it's embers would go to another especially the priests right sam to go to another the can accept with the union of a modalist by the following the mets are made to the security council that some want or by even trying to that's numbers them south west in no case and of and this geisha at some came down and see how to thank you so much for joining us here on the news up. i don't think killed the latest case of mobile lynching in india human rights watch says at least 44 indians died in brazil and he attacks between 20152018 most muslims accused of slaughtering cars which are considered sacred by
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some hindus and shelve aura of the story. so bono has lost all hope she will ever get justice 2 years off to her husband battle khan was beaten to death by an angry crowd a court in the indian state of august tom acquitted the 6 accused citing a lack of evidence. belew was a dairy farmer who was transporting cattle on the day he was killed accused of buying cows for slaughter. some hindus consider cows sacred. his son is shot saw the attack he says despite the fact that the killing had been filmed on a mobile phone by a bystander. and that his father had given the names of his attackers in his dying moments the perpetrators were released. figures and when the investigation began it started on derby doobies government order with the police have done it has done
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under b.g.p. governments pressure. a local non-governmental organization the center for the study of developing societies in india recently conducted a survey on police attitudes they found that nearly half of india's police force feel that muslims are prone to crime and one 3rd said it was natural to punish those engaged in slaughter earlier this year the u.s. state department released its annual report on religious freedom secretary of state mike bell refer to it as a report card on the performance of different nations india did poorly and from what the people in the villages here tell us it has been consistently getting worse they describe it as a politics of hate instilling fear and sowing division. this analyst says the law enforcement agencies are beholden to the government of the day here is a clear sense that the police or the mob has the license of the ruling government
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was in part and it will be no prosecution the governing b.g.p. says it is committed to enforcing the law and will punish those responsible for these attacks so it is not good for hindu muslim or for that going to anybody it is it is a crime and the person who has committed a crime should be punished without any 2nd thought. back in belo khan's village the family has now decided to take the case to a higher court and cautiously hopes to find justice. but many muslims in constant strict feel abandoned by the police and targeted by the fringe groups they say are supported by the central government. al-jazeera india. an investigator says a journalist abducted in the maldives 5 years ago was killed by a local affiliate of al qaeda well one was reporting on corruption and armed groups when he disappeared in 2014 the commission investigating deaths and disappearances
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under the previous government says real one was forced into a car at knife point before he was killed at sea. vietnam's marking 50 years since the death of its revolutionary leader he's regarded as the father of the nation and the founder of the communist party there. also falls on vietnam's national day florence levy has more from the capital hanoi on what ho's legacy means for the country. the mausoleum of. the founding father of modern vietnam these people are here to catch a glimpse of his embalmed body. to all vietnam years uncle ho is a great person i have been here twice but they are brought to my younger siblings here to express our gratitude and love to uncle ho. he dedicated his career and his life to building this nation it's an honor to be here to visit the mostly him. uncle ho as he's affectionately known let the vietnamese nationalist movement for
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nearly 3 decades 1st fighting japanese in vegas then french colonialists forces and later u.s. troops in the vietnam war he died on september 2nd 1969 and did not live to see the end of the war nor the reunification of north and south vietnam cochairmen is still very much revered in vietnam seen as the man who brought independence to the country but he is also viewed by some as the source of authoritarianism the communist party which he founded in 1913 still rules vietnam to this day but over the years the vietnamese communist party has slowly implemented reforms mostly economic the country's growth is almost parallel to china's a communist a one party state that embraced market reforms and capitalism in the early 1990 s. that policy has led to boom times in vietnam its g.d.p.
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is forecast to increase around 6 and a half percent this year and next but alongside economic success come new challenges because we have developmental lot of people have more voice more and more representation they might not be happy with one party rule so you know it would be a good man doesn't really have a civil society but there will be more dissent there'll be more criticism as we have now managed. there's also geopolitics to contend with china has staked a claim in the south china sea building military installations on artificial islands and occasionally clashing with vietnamese vessels it's a delicate balance for vietnam standing up to a powerful adversary who's also an important trade partner and one time ideological ally. communist teachings may not be as relevant to the nation now but the founding fathers sense of patriotism and resilience.


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