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tv   Halima  Al Jazeera  September 3, 2019 6:32am-7:01am +03

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i have not even contemplated to discuss a ricin nation with the central people and. the choice of not resigning is my own choice. attempted to explain that as an individual given the very difficult circumstances might be it was an easy choice to leave britain's prime minister has threatened to call a snap election on october 14th if rebel m.p.'s from within his own party vote to block a. orse johnson's insisting the u.k. will leave the european union by october 31st with or without a deal keep it here witness is next. on counting the cost $15.00 of the most polluted cities in the world are in india we look at the cost of people's health also antigovernment protesters a warm hong kong could be plunged into recession and
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a trillion dollar fortune built on oil and gas know what faces up to climate change . counting the cost on al-jazeera. the way your love but i mean. i've never really fit into any or any group i've heard it all like you're not so long enough you're not a good muslim you're not american and. have multiple identities multiple things that make me what i am. that's one makes me. easy going to be when the world wants me to be like one thing or the other. i am
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somebody i make all the fashion industry by told i leave a day job will be mortal signed by a major mourning agency to date which achievements for a girl who was once a week she's not. trust one of. this cannot be my life. they were going to be open to go. you know. what happened. i'll never quite. get that start. just go go. and. if you look at what.
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i. 2 think use or perfect receiver turned on the p.c. so thinking that what he's thinking is one people who need to play some stuff and. use everything happening it's like february but then it literally goes new york london milan. peris been going for weeks now around and then back to back and i don't know what will be a part of the mind of the privy thing finally it's still not something.
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the 5 year plan the page that i was on. some guy drumming to our big. bar-b. all of this will be and after this. the winter of flame unmannerly was a just one and that her german high and the humble that's a. first you ask me what i talk about. when i'm at
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school on the spoke to the nice we have lots of opportunities that come out of the fact that she's such a good speaker now and people want that story as you build a name for yourself and opens our own kind of an opportunity to build a business out of it mother. money to go move i lost so many way money when money so just like with how i progress you know on the go but on other little. son i. can do you. have the money you know how. besides the modeling she said you know i think i can just work or do something else besides modeling like is there a way to just be like ok. i think all of those things that we are spreading out
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into kind of become something that's full time because modeling isn't going to always be very good. but i was one of those it's the word model it's like everything i know are fake i can mock the most although she doesn't like that but they don't like yours they don't get the word when i was. you know macquarie welcome to the milligram of. the mughal our i had a look at of moco house if you did i don't know what i learned a because small fear in a day of my life has shattered then i'm out there used to people saying ok i've been taken off the hejab and i'm going to be a model but there are other i don't where do you. have because. you have but i. didn't want to damage. you. because. i'm happy
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why i like you happy me here at the same time because that about happen that i know the end of the day i walk with the black one hasn't got our liking and i hasn't family go well for us really want me hasty you know had we have had good. her. husband. but are going on to what we were fake god because he vowed not to get out you know . why are going so. good i'm good i'm going to bring him home yeah yeah i mean i already knew where she stood with the whole i mean we have been going to you can't i mean i. can't i think in all like all groups somebody has to go out and be the 1st you know that's not a bad thing is just it's not easy.
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ladies and gentlemen welcome to the 27th she miss it assumes you are serious you are safe i don't live for me i'm sitting here but i'm still so let's begin by living in satsuma florida title of this riddle some of us just 6. know my roommate the most brutal i was if you don't know all i was like 12 time looking i never sit down with them and that's holy shit so i can't see any of the right mr nice wallet. and there isn't anyone yet but. i know now that i could like ok so. i put myself in this position so other people can see our human side but with that also comes
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a lot of responsibility. i know that one long stab it can potentially change how a lot of parents see girls. was no marks no one not that did not know who. well i would if someone was watching. that's how they got it. i think look the other took the money in my mouth but i. want to swear to god i was so much it was just good. to see and feel grateful that was one world. i'm. going to. let me. 6 be here. so those girls i love you and support you so much but i just
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wanted to warn you you shouldn't wear takeoff because this shows your body and that is not part of. this is just advice from someone who wants the best for you along. so much for caring enough to be me but modest. personal preference and i really like that dress. going down. to the small i would museum of. the goods. this is a song from a glass of vintage someone new woman. oh my gosh
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more somali been. that's how the bush would like. to see. my gosh i remember this yes this is. our 1st home was actually half of this and if the repeal. this is actually like luxury really good this is a must sort of birth form for the family but. a lot of like the younger generation because we were born in the post from our we war our families had one by the time we were born so none of us really have much luck alicia you know from only our memories there because we've never been. i want to go back on my trip was. actually right that's 3 guys i'm more oh yeah i would love this is a baby i most wanted like the people i made them had produced that's right by the
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desire to leave. here you know. leave the. election. when you want that's what we need so even if your strides take a little longer. don't know run your feet one of the priorities that i have during the week is that she is able to walk at least in one show. you're in charge but enjoy that moment last season there was a lot of interest unfortunately they couldn't figure out a way to meet that clothing and. let it get to that that maybe only you know change i mean it was really good but you just bought it and you will hopefully get options and since this is winter fall clothes and you know a little bit easier probably to work with the clothes.
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oh my gosh i love you know your i love the environment i love the house so everything's back to 1st and that's so it out. to cast for the future if you're. not going to think that. i might have been the 1st jolly high fashion model i don't know if it's just a trend in that state. or the 1000000 other girls so you kind of have to take the initiative and be like you are here. yeah. i mean
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i mean it underneath i didn't hear. you say that any. yeah i mean i. did. i think we have to reflect do you think. i'm good for you that me and so are you want to make it shows that you have to be ready when you think out. and really want to make that 1 was that it was a dream in l.a. or do you or i would like my mom got laid out there like you know back my tears are. excited i want to know oh yes i want the funny.
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so. they can hear all that has to come tomorrow ok for. me. to have any more. we still don't have a show booked and confirmed but we're still here. like one rejection is worse than love her. it's just sometimes when it's stuff that i can't control my height i can grow 6 inches i know that you know. there is no one to look at you know somebody like a reference. not
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welcome to. my. thank you. but. i would love to see myself like doing more catwalk reinforces your spot in the industry like ok you're a high fashion model that's why you wake up and do everything to get to that point to be there.
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for you and i think. many. of. us. old guys i'll leave it. up.
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i. don't. really know because i heard. 3 the scene was actually i'm backstage here in l.a. i'm in this morning those shows during new york fashion week that is quite literally out of the snow nothing on when you want an article that everything about the school in 3 to one and.
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that was by far like who long this runaway have ever done in my life. and one side of my brand like ok powerful want to lose that but then also it's very important to know exactly where to want to lead one wrong turn in the last one so that robot. but it's also about ok i have this incredible opportunity to represent my community to like show people this is a new face i feel like i would be doing a huge disservice to myself and to all the little girls that are looking up to me if i didn't make this the most that i can.
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good morning. good morning welcome everyone my name is denise wallace heitkamp and i'm your state director i promise not to teach you any choreography as. i know i got it going on but i won't be to them do you. oh the honesty i appreciate that and those people when they feel a little bit of fear they left back here caroline's but you did. on the other hand jones to be here least once you've done this on. a stronger and better version of your authentic self than you would want.
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to be here. was a little. i don't. know. what's the betting. that be very similar and you're going to find a lot of those so-called 8 so my girls to see are. a lot of people never thought to do a pageant and with the job but obviously like you know now they see it nothing's stopping them and it's great. love that i was. if i just know your moment. are you excited what's on the list. marcy it's a small i know i know i'm not you know i own it everyone or something i mean you don't think so and it looks like quite insane to think that exactly one year ago that the pageant was little. i know of. yeah i mean. yeah i
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got it right last year it was really difficult. my mom didn't understand it and it was a big no from my community. and then they saw that i didn't change last minute and that's. their off my job. so now i see parents like supporting their daughters to go into pageants. but my mom she doesn't agree with it. that way i'm never going to say i don't understand where she's coming from because i get it. i've always told my mom like you want me to stop i'll stop. but she's allowed to make this choice for myself. i just can't believe like how much my mom has changed except in she's become.
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she's actually very supportive she's so happy for the other girls. i know it's not easy for her but the fact that she's sitting here with me like it just goes to show like how much she really cares we would like to have especially young lady present this next to her she stood on this very stage is a contestant last here she is an example of how the pageant provides a. easily spread powerful message. thanks. wolf if i were. to. go. on the other welcome to. the mall because i don't.
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to be a storm of life. war on some where the. hell had the. madame a balcony who are hurting and cannot connect. him and i reckon kind of money working for him come reckon k.-man it's up to toward an opportunity. mark as to how good our dad was you know. i know when i do go back that.
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i met him that. night. sarrasin was like i was born here and was. such an honor to be here like you may say so excited it was me and to feel welcomed and see them in its own small. if i was back in the refugee camp. i know i would have appreciated someone coming back and just telling me. ok i was a kid here but now i'm doing this. it hasn't been an easy path there star a lot of unknowns and i think that's what that's what told you to fall. police
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suspect a lone gunman is behind 15 unsolved shootings in the city all targeting immigrants an ethnic minority an attempted murder on a young life friday evening police were out in full force again after another man was shot out there cycling disillusioned with the state prosecution of the victim sisters strikes up an unlikely relationship with the accused in letters to a serial killer a witness documentary on al-jazeera. when the news breaks. when people need to be heard and the story needs to be told pretty remarkable due to that earlier died last weekend crossing from mexico to the united states with exclusive interviews and in-depth reports we can live according to the fishing life is just shipped to al-jazeera as teams are on the ground to bring you more award
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winning documentaries and live news. it was a big problem because it was different people admired him he was the center of nightlife in beirut and he married miss universe hugh was a buoyant character on the other hand a ruthless operative fighting for the palestinian cause some israeli intelligence sources claim that the plant operation and for years that was really trying to find him and kill him al jazeera world examines the life of ali has sent. the hunt for the red prince ah. 3 months of protests some unprecedented scale have virtually paralyzed hong kong what began as opposition to an extradition law has escalated into a broader pro-democracy anti-government movement. so how and why has this crisis developed what the protesters want. in the 1st of 2 special reports people in power
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traces the dramatic evolution of hong kong summer of defiance on a. hand or embarrass down on the bahamas destroying neighborhoods and killing at least 5 people. in mid century to start a tragedy. and we shall carry this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. there on new circumstances in which. we ask brussels to do that the british prime minister fights to win support for his plan and threatens to call a snap election. under pressure hong kong's later of course.


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