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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 3, 2019 7:00am-7:34am +03

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in the 1st of 2 special reports people in power traces the dramatic evolution of hong kong summer of defiance on a. door and bears down on the bahamas destroying neighborhoods and killing at least 5 people. to start a tragedy. and we shall carry this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. their own circumstances in which. the russians to do that the british prime minister fights to win support for his plan and threatens to call a snap election. under pressure hong kong's later forced to defend
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a leaked recording revealing she went if she could. in argentina imposes currency controls as the country faces a deepening financial crisis. came to orient as ravaging the bahamas after it made landfall as a category 5 storm at least 5 people had been killed and thousands of homes have been destroyed but it may be hours before the full extent of the damage is no the storm has weakened slightly but it's still considered life threatening and it's expected to make its way to the southeast coast of the u.s. and gallacher reports from florida. completely fishing to get these cars hurricane dorian hit the northwestern part of the bahamas as one of the most powerful storms ever recorded in the atlantic wind gusts reach 350 kilometers per hour roos ripped off and storm surges flooded streets. in homes this is the direct canal that's
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right behind us and you can see the waves are just raging as if we were at sea before the storm hit many residents decided to ignore warnings according to the red cross more than 13000 homes have since been destroyed communications are down on some of the islands even as dorian lingers as a still deadly storm. in the midst of a disturbed tragedy imbalance of the northern bahamas. mission and focus now. is search and rescue and recovery. ions for the press for those in effect today areas and for the 1st responders it's expected dorian will remain over the bahamas until at least tuesday morning before heading towards the u.s. is east coast. in florida mandatory evacuation orders are in place as much of the state remains under threat forecasters say the eye of dorian should run powell to
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the florida coast but authorities here are taking no chances but we are in a situation where the storm is stalling very close to our coast it is going to make a movement and the movement that it makes is going to have a lot of impact on floridians and so please listen to the instructions heed the instructions do what you need to do to keep you and your family safe other states too are preparing for the worst as dorian's path is projected to bring it close to georgia and the carolinas from its formation dorian has been unpredictable it may have slowed slightly but the threat of landfall storm surges and strong winds remains this storm is still moving its masses i would not take any chances with this one you know continue to move in reverse and so we're not thinking dorian is still a powerful storm and the u.s. is east coast is bracing itself for a days long event that predicted north and is the best case scenario for the entire eastern seaboard authorities here in florida
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a warning residents to watch forecasts closely even the slightest deviation could be deadly. the main focus for now is on the bahamas any rescue efforts of being hampered by conditions on the ground but it seems that widespread destruction and loss of life is likely if dorian sticks to his predicted path millions may be spared but no one here is taking any chances and gallacher al-jazeera puts an lucie florida the british prime minister is raising the stakes or brecht's it boris johnson is threatening to call a snap election on october 14th of rebel m.p.'s from within his own party vote with the opposition to stop a no deal brax it and says the u.k. will leave the european union by october 31st with or without a deal or enslave reports parliament has been on holiday for 6 weeks but boris johnson and his aides have been working flat out to make good on level that brics it will happen find of mba with or without any agreed plan with the european union
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to show our friends in brussels that we are united in our purpose m.p.'s should vote with the government against cool beans pointless denying. i would everybody to know their own new circumstances in which i would ask russians to do they. but since he has a majority of just war in parliament it doesn't take many rebels from his own conservative party to cause him problems and they are so concerned about a no deal bricks it's that they're ignoring threats to kick them out of the parliamentary party and it seems at least some will back a plan right to order the government to delay breck's it yet again i have decided that in the interests of my constituents are best represented by outlining the perils of no deal and continuing to do what i've done since 2016 which is urge the government to make a deal so that we leave the e.u. in the best possible way both for the u.k. and the e.u.
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if they succeed johnson has a number of options and they are all incendiary he could either choose to ignore the will of parliament and push on with it anyway and face accusations of being dictatorial or more likely because called a national election which would in effect become a 2nd referendum on brics it is the big fundamental calculation that someone boris johnson's come from a king is that currently he has the opportunity to unite. supporters of brecht's it under one ticket and the boris johnson ticket while there remain parties there were democrats the labor party the green party the nationalist parties remain completely divided and that's the big fundamental calculation that someone boris johnson's making whether or not that will pay off remains we see all this means there is enormous pressure to on the main opposition leader jeremy corbin much less personally popular than johnson on monday the former labor prime minister tony blair notably failed to offer corbin his own backing in backing away from the idea
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of himself as a caretaker prime minister gerry corbin is behave responsibly and if he continues to put country 1st he will benefit the country and himself he can now play a decisive role in how briggs it develops. but you should see elections before briggs it is decided for the elephant trap the days everyone here is gearing up for what feels like one of the most important moments in modern british political history which will help determine whether brics it will happen that's all and if so under what terms for some time the parliament and in particular the conservative policy have been tearing themselves to pieces maybe this eventually will be the defining moment the e.u. is sitting in waiting watching for any piece of movements to clarify what's will happen they like everyone else want an end to this lawrence leo 0 in london
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hong kong chief executive kerry lamb says she would quit her role if she had a choice she says she has caused unforgivable havoc by igniting a political crisis that single thing the city following the introduction of a controversial extradition bill or comments were made last week to a group of business people and an audio recording was leaked and also told the group she has very limited room to resolve the crisis because the end rest has become a national security and sovereignty issue for china. for a chance. to host this. is. in the 5 charges 1st thing is to. is to. so. many of. us adrian brown joins us live from hong kong so
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a train has now given her weekly briefing what does she have to say about this link . well reshelve here in hong kong they've just put up the typhoon signal number one which means we're in for strong winds and rain the softer noon but certainly on shoes day morning we had a political typhoon which really heats more embarrassment on top of humiliation for beijing because here was kerry lamb having to say emphatically it was never my intention to resign even though there was now a leaked recording of her saying just that i think that leaked reporting recording the show was very much a sort of unofficial apology to the people of hong kong but once again it demonstrates that the hands of the chief executive are tied that the people really calling the shots of the leadership in beijing and kerry is there to do their bidding now caroline has said that the leaking of this audio recording was
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inappropriate and she says that these were comments made at a private meeting with her officials as well as local business executives what we don't know of course is who leaked this recording carrie lamb insists it wasn't anyone from her department but let's listen more to what this him battle chief executive had to say just a short time ago. i have never i have never attended a resignation to the central people's government. i have not even contemplated to discuss a resignation with the central people and. the choice of not resigning is my own choice she has attempted to explain that as an individual. given the very difficult circumstances might be it was an easy choice to leave.
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well i think the key comment very show was saying the choice of not resigning is my own choice well a lot of people would say actually that is not the case if beijing wants to get rid of her they will do just stop but they have decided that for the moment for reasons of face she has to stay in place they have said this is a mess in a sense that you have created and you kerry have to sort it out so the situation that you have just described and what does that say about how much power she actually does or does not have. well she is in day to day notionally and day to day charge of the hong kong government the administration the civil service but she does have one important area where she could exercise considerable power and that's if she decides to invoke emergency powers unlikely to do that without beijing's approval but if she does decide to do
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that with beijing's approval it would give her the power to censor the media to basically ordered the arrest of anybody she wanted to and take control of the transport system but these emergency powers have only ever once been used since 1022 and that was in 1967 now i think if things do deteriorate to the degree where these emergency powers are needed that for beijing would be preferable to soldiers from the people's liberation army or chinese paramilitary police coming in with the latter in many ways represents sort of the nuclear option and at the moment china wants to avoid that at all costs especially as they have this important october the 1st national celebration coming up to show us what's going to strikes and the protests are in the midst of a 2 day straight cracked. yeah quite a bit going on here on shoes day rachele a number of people who've been arrested have been appearing in court at the start
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of what is going to be quite a lengthy legal process i'm at the moment in time are parked right in front of the parliamentary complex and right beside the local headquarters of the people's liberation army yesterday some 40000 people gathered here to mark day one of a 2 day strike by workers here in hong kong we had workers from more than 20 different sectors mainly from the financial insurance sector as well as people like chefs well today the organizes all that 2 day strike say they expect even more people to come here today i remember those who do turn up here is shell are in a sense taking an enormous risk because employers have warned there will be retribution for those who take part in what they see is an authorized protests. there from hong kong thank you. so head on al-jazeera 8 dead and dozens
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missing a fiery tragedy off a southern california coast. and turning back the page why the era of the virtual book is virtually over. she's had some very welcome late season right in the cloud hasn't gone away yet in pakistan to be much more if any more to be honest and apart from the usual showers we see spark up in the caucasus around the caspian every now and again it remains still fairly dry which isn't a surprise to ron studies i'm sure that he was about right and baghdad's come down to $43.00 there is still heat in iraq i mean you know it is down in kuwait $45.00 and i've seen reports in the last year so 50 or $51.00 and that sort of area so the
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heat is still around for most places not ecstasy extreme as it walls but it's still where it should be for late august or early september which is around the 40 mark with humidity around the coast that's what it feels like every morning in doha slightly dress a lot hotter inland in riyadh and across in mecca and representing still the edge of the monsoon which is the southwest breeze cloud and drizzle the greening of somalia southern africa we've been watching every now and again for the last week because of dramatic changes in temperature but it's cotton down 26 is nice to be on the high side and jo'burg around the twins to mark kate turns in the sunshine at least for tuesday come wednesday any change not much. was sponsored by toning. around the world title and is a way to manipulate and influence. trolls to let's take you just algorithms that if developed and designed to push content that says click me every click we may have
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found you just saw. one and in the throes of a 5 part series i did reuse in mexico examining how propaganda shaped. hole through the algorithm on the jersey of. the top stories for you right now on al-jazeera at least 5 people have died as hurricane dorian smashes the bahamas it's been downgraded to a category 4 hurricane but remains life threatening bringing winds of up to 230 kilometers an hour officials say about 13000 homes have been destroyed. britain's
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prime minister has threatened to call a snap election on october 14th that rebel m.p.'s from within his own party vote to block a no deal price it forced johnson is insisting the u.k. will leave the european union by october 31st with or without a deal. at all kong's leader says she has never considered resigning despite a leaked recording of her saying she would quit if she could the comments were made last week to a private gathering of business people and territories but in the grip of anti-government protest for 3 months now. argentina has imposed currency controls in an attempt to stabilize its markets and prevent the country from sliding further into economic crisis on the 1st day's trading under the new measure. the pacer recover some of its value against the u.s. dollar and. the government was forced to take drastic measures often already weak peso has in recent weeks taken a pounding against the us dollar central bank reserves
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a dwindling as it consistently keeps propping the currency up. what the controls do is precisely to maintain those reserves putting limits on eventual dollars ation with unfettered availability of the equity of each arjan time. president. cabinet meeting monday to publishing the new measures over the weekend in the official government bulletin for both the markets and most times crave is a stable economy what they have a certainty both economically and politically that they suffered and overcome some of the crisis before it's at the moment of the little consolation. argentines is still haunted by memories of the 20012002 crisis when savers were prevented from withdrawing their own money from banks thousands of businesses went on a 1000000 slid into poverty. the whole country is now watching and waiting
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nervously to see with the new measures will work but. it takes you back to earlier times in the 2001 default you start distrusting banks if you have money then perhaps you want to take it out you withdraw from the bank you take it home and you hold on to it out of concern because we've had similar situations in the past. i don't have deposits in dollars i have savings in dollars but i haven't deposited them because 2 years ago i started to sense that something smelt wrong. was supposed to be argentina's market friendly salvation to tackle rampant inflation what this government did was prioritize inflation above everything else and we have what we have today so you have the economy at a standstill you have. of technical default you have a run on the. you're in the worst of all possible worlds. add to that it's growing unemployment and poverty and a huge debt to the international monetary fund the electorate spoke of primary
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elections last month suggesting mackie's economic policies have failed and that they want to return to a more socially conscious government in october's presidential elections the president is meanwhile trying to convince both the argentine people and the markets that he can do in just a few weeks what he's not been able to do in the past 4 years that shrine there al-jazeera one of cyrus 8 bodies have been recovered after a diving boat caught fire off the southern coast of california dozens of people are still missing u.s. coast guard says 5 crew members sitting on the top deck of the commercial vessel were rescued robber and also reports on los angeles. the 1st distress call came in the dead of night a crowded boat on fire and. by the time the 1st rescue vessels arrived the ship was fully engulfed in flames department crews were fighting the fire when the vessel sank 20 yards off sure in 64 feet of water. 5 people were
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evacuated aboard a good samaritan pleasure craft known as the great escape the rescued people were all crew members who had jumped into the water 2 were hurt but their injuries were not life threatening the boat called the conception was anchored in the channel islands 50 kilometers off the california coast it was specially equipped to accommodate diving and was well known to diving enthusiastic in southern california dozens of passengers were asleep in the lower compartment when the fire broke out people who have been aboard the ship say it was a cramped space with bunk beds stacked 3 or 4 on top of one another the close quarters may have made escape difficult if not impossible for many of them rescuers comb the area right now they're conducting shoreline searches for any any any available survivors it's not yet known what caused the deadly fire the f.b.i. has been called in to assist with evidence recovery teams and divers officials say
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the conception was in compliance with maritime safety regulations investigators will now search the charred wreckage to find out just what went wrong robert oulds al-jazeera los angeles. medics have pulled dozens of bodies from the rubble of a detention center in yemen our city after city led airstrikes targeted the building on sunday the red cross says about 100 people were killed in the center and by whom the rebels that attack has been described as one of the deadliest in more than 4 years the saudi marathi like coalition has fought iran back to 3 since 2015 and face international criticism for attacks and if his schools and hospitals . isn't home our city. the them out of hospital we can see the red crescent has found today and dig deep inside the degrees and 37 dead bodies they have found them with the fall dead bodies under the debris.
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the now to spend them into the morgue of the hospital we can see also the hospital now is fall this fall with the with the dead bodies some of them. on the ground as this barak has its hands over past its capacity inside the morgue also there are over 50 good bodies from previous times but they have received yesterday 50 did bodies now with 37 we have a route around 38 bodies that have been officially confirmed but when we visit these sites of the present we found that there are more than 20 did bodies the red crescent people here or risk yours told me that the expects over 30
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bodies to be dig out tomorrow the taliban has claimed responsibility for a large explosion in afghanistan's capital that killed at least 16 people 119 others were injured and that attack a guest house was targeted in the city's highly guarded green zone are said warry has the latest from the afghan capital. but because a message explosion the photograph the car both were a truck full of explosives or exploded close calls agree village green already very secured with the color and it was especially for the western nationals. which is that the minister of interior told us security forces especially special forces arrived at the scene and cordoned off the area. has also come from to us that 5 civilians were killed and more than 50 injured in this explosion from other security sources also told me that around 200 students were injured in this
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explosion who were taken to the number of hospitals here in kabul we're witnessing . attacks not only here in kabul but also across the country that is taking the life of the innocent of then sue williams this is happening the. other one is claiming responsibility for this attack. on his farm and he handed over the graphic event to the of the prison here in kabul to discuss that. question for the problem is that this driver exuberant well will only help the u.s. citizens here and abroad are some of the paralyzed. as a car mentioned in that attack happened as the u.s. special envoy was in kabul to meet with president to discuss the draft deal with the taliban. completed the 9th round of talks with taliban representatives and kawthar over the weekend trying to reach an agreement that would say about 5000
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u.s. troops withdraw from the country and exchange the taliban would agree not to allow armed groups to use afghanistan as a base for attacks. yesterday and today the president met with. he came and he briefed the president on what he has done. and what was his mission for the boston months in terms of working on a peace process that would eventually take us to 2 and next stage our next phase that will be a direct negotiation between the government and the taliban. so he today when he came. he talked about the details of that potential agreement of framework of that agreement that is going to be signed. in the future or near future. america's love affair with electronic books seems to be over for the 4th rosales of ebooks are down and print copies are selling better and
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dependent bookstores also seem to be thriving. takes a look at why the paperback is making a comeback. it was a shared love of books that brought derek young and remained a large young together many years ago i experience his work i want to poetry readings we're going to bookstores is hanging out and talking about different subjects with his business and social justice before long the 2 were married and now they fulfilled their dream of owning their own bookstore the jewel carefully selects each title to reflect the richness of the african-american community cultures but some of that's a part of our whole life my husband and i it's been in part to share our culture to share our history it's now have a space that really has the faces that reflect ours the stories of reflect our our legacy a nice focus like this is unique to local independently owned bookstores like mahogany books it's a reason they're thriving even as other brick and mortar retailers have suffered in
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this age of online shopping it appears that independent bookstores are bucking the trend the american booksellers association reports a 50 per cent increase in such bookstores in the last decade and an increase in sales of books i mean real books the kind that you can ruffle through and smell that's on the rise for 25 years people have been talking about the death of print but it it really does have an enduring quality richard ray has got a line is executive director of the d.c. public library he says while patrons continue to check out e-books in large numbers the high prices publishers charge libraries to license those books make their offerings limited libraries have to pay sometimes. 5 or 6 times as much as you would pay for an e-book we would have to so if you're paying $10.00 for an e-book we might pay $6070.00 or $80.00 for an e-book overall e-book sales in the us market
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have been on the decline since 2015 author did need around 3 green says that's not surprising she says physical books are just as important to a community as physical bookstores people want to read books we want to be able to have relationships with authors and people who are really doing things and opening our eyes to things we want to bring lation ship with those people and that only really comes from a printed book and maybe a discussion and a place to have all of those things house together some things just can't be replaced castro al-jazeera washington a census of seal pups in the u.k. has returned some promising results the count by scientists at london zoo found 138 harbor and grey seal pups have been born in the thames estuary this year the river thames was declared biologically dead and the 1950 s.
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after oxygen levels fell to 0 and some researchers say this latest tally is proof the waterway is now. good news website al-jazeera dot com and keep it right here we haven't set up headlines for you i never said it right. these are the headlines on al-jazeera at least 5 people have died as hurricane dorian smashes the bahamas it's been downgraded to a category 4 hurricane but remains life threatening bringing winds of up to 230 kilometers an hour about $13000.00 homes have been destroyed. in mid century to start a tragedy. mission and focus now. is search and rescue and recovery. for the prayers
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for those in affected areas and for our 1st responders. the mission to tell it. is that the devastation is unprecedented and extensive. they are deeply worried. the images and videos we are seeing. breaking. many homes and. businesses and other buildings have been completely of passion destroyed. britain's prime minister has threatened to call a snap election on october 14th the brother from his own party vote to block a no deal breck's it forced johnson is insisting the u.k. will meet its deadline to leave the european union with or without a deal and he's urged m.p.'s to back him to show our friends in brussels that we are united in our purpose m.p.'s should vote with the government against.
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pointless delay. i would everybody to know their own circumstances in which i asked to do their will leaving on the 31st of october gives its leader says she has never considered resigning despite a lake recording of her saying she would quit if she could the comments were made last week to a private gathering of business people the territory has been in the grip of anti-government protests for 3 months in argentina as oppose currency controls in an attempt to stabilize its markets and prevent the country from sliding further into an economic crisis. so the headlines keep it on al-jazeera another bolt out of the top of the hour the stream as up next. week what guarantees would you give to the people will be attending the workshop we listen i'm supposed to explain apologize for someone it's also terrorizing me
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we meet with global newsmakers and talk about the stories that matter. how i welcome to the stream mothers and fathers often find the 1st few weeks of family life with a new baby are among the most demanding that many find that parental leave policies are insufficient in the precious early days of parenthood i'm femi oke and i'm really good returning to work after having a child brings a new set of data day challenges right now to a damo as part of our online community and suggested the stream take a look at how parents can get a better balance so send us your experiences and challenges with childcare and we'll do our best include them in this show chat with us live on you tube or on twitter at a.j. stream. he went.


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