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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 5, 2019 11:00am-11:34am +03

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visit by israel's prime minister to the occupied west bank and we'll have all the sport we'll hear from a tennis player who's just reached her 1st ever grand slam something that's all still to come. the number of people killed by hurricane dorian in the bahamas has risen to 20 the storms slammed into the island as a category 5 hurricane but is now weakened united nations is warning 70000 people are in need of aid in half of all homes in the 2 worst affected islands were damaged or destroyed the speed of the winds that hit the abaco islands when dorian made landfall with the highest on record the prime minister you but minister says rescue operations are in full swing and does warn against looting on the island. of distilleries on the council building and it just needs to. be. distressed. that anyone. would look and for is
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a disservice for those affected by this tragedy. to. be the person to do this. to the full extent. what money was in grand abaco island that's one of the areas devastated by dorian. just to give you an idea of where we are we just arrived in trace treasure key this is on the island of abaco one of the but more snow there goes the island of the bahamas you could say that this is pretty much ground 0 of where hurricane dorian most affected this island nation it took 36 hours for that hurricane to get a category 5 to make it across the the northern most islands of the bahamas winds upwards of 350 kilometers per hour what you see behind me this is actually what's left of the airport terminal again with just arrived when you're flying in you can really get a sense of the devastation there's a conifer forests all around us is acres and acres of trees literally split in half
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it sounds cliche to say this but it but it looks as though a bomb went off here if you were to drive a natural action now that the waters have subsided you arrive at marsh harbor there are thousands of people who live there the latest estimates that we heard were somewhere around $13000.00 homes that were practically leveled by by this hurricane there's no electricity there's no cell phone service or dozens of people here effectively. effectively homeless waiting for evacuation waiting for supplies that again is another concern the potential shortage of food shortage of water and shortage of medicine the united nations on tuesday evening had already said that this is a crisis that can only be made worse if there isn't immediate action by the international community when after wrecking parts of the bahamas hurricane dorian's heading to the u.s. east coast while florida could be spared a direct hit the slow moving storm could make landfall in the carolinas or georgia later this week it's still packing winds of up to
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a 165 kilometers an hour. our east coast certainly is within the cone still and people need to remain vigilant if you're ordered to evacuate you need to do that from palm beach county all the way up to nassau the florida georgia border all. those coastal counties they have issued evacuation orders and and it's important that residents heed those calls you know get out now while you have time or there's fuel available and you'll be safe on the road the u.s. is impose new sanctions on iran for the 3rd time in a week iran immediately hit back though by announcing its plans to scale back its commitments under the 2015 nuclear deal as a result and jordan has more now from washington d.c. another day another round of u.s. sanctions against iranian officials hezbollah and businesses in india singapore and the u.a.e. but wednesday sanctions included a twist the u.s.
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is offering a $15000000.00 reward from a fund meant to find alleged terrorists to get information about the people running what officials call an illegal scheme to sell oil on the world market these people they say are members of iran's islamic revolutionary guard corps coots force or i.r.g.c. this network has moved hundreds of millions of dollars worth of illicit oil that money is then used to fund terrorism in recent months the shipping network used more than a dozen tankers to export nearly $10000000.00 barrels of crude oil largely to syria to support assad even before wednesday's announcement had been emailing the captains of a dozen iranian tankers offering them millions in cash if they would sail to ports where the u.s. could then seize the vessels one of the captains targeted is at the helm of the
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iran owned adrian daria one which u.k. sailors recently seized near gibraltar who are trying to move well illegally to syria the tanker has now gone dark somewhere off the syrian coast perhaps in a bid to transfer its cargo to another vessel in the mediterranean. iran's reaction to the new sanctions in a tweet foreign minister jobs a reef said having failed at piracy the u.s. resorts to outright blackmail deliver us iran's oil and receive several $1000000.00 or be sanctioned yourself serif comment comes as his government is indorsing a french proposal to extend a $15000000000.00 line of credit so telefon can pay its bills the u.s. is not in favor of such an offer and says it may violate existing sanctions even so the u.s. president is keeping open the chance of a face to face talks with haasan rouhani it is possible. they would like to be able
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to solve their problem got a big problem they're getting killed financially but iran isn't focused on talks it says it's downgrading its compliance with the 2015 nuclear deal that means after the decree is issued today or tomorrow the atomic energy organization will rapidly speed up its activities in order to reach its goals threats met with counter threats and no signs of either side relenting rosalyn jordan al-jazeera washington meanwhile iran has released 7 crew members of a british flag the oil tanker seized in the strait of hormuz in july the swedish owned in paris was detained for alleged marine violations 2 weeks off of the agent area one was seized by the british territory of gibraltar claims against the stone piro anomic on their way through iran's courts. the president of the national iranian american council he says as washington escalates its sanctions iran is
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quietly violating elements of the nuclear deal. what we're really seeing is an attempt i think to scuttle any chance for talks which hardliners here in the united states view as premature until the u.s. can actually impose maximum pressure which would look a lot like an embargo of iran which would require that europe and the rest of the world actually come onboard which right now they are on the other side of the united states when it comes to iran policy so iran is playing this balancing act in which it is attempting to meet u.s. pressure with counter pressure but in so doing it also is trying to be careful to not alienate europe and the rest of the international community that is currently on iran side so as the united states escalates its sanctions is taking steps very patiently and almost pragmatically to violate elements of the nuclear deal and i think it's very interesting that the steps that were announced are actually less
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grave than what had been previously expected there was an expectation that iran was actually going to raise its enrichment levels closer to weapons grade they're not doing that but i think some of these new sanctions may actually at least be an attempt to go to iran to do something that does cause you want to lose the support of the international community i do think donald trump probably does want to deal probably thinks that this would help him but on the other hand i think that donald trump has talked about the possibility of war being a political winner and for the iranians i think they want to deal as well but if that's not something that's going to happen they will likely escalate at a time when it's very crucial for the u.s. economy to be successful for trump and so there's a very dangerous game that could play both ways and could actually put the risk of war at the highest level that we've seen leading up to the u.s. elections. hong kong's chief executive has agreed to it one of the main demands of the long running protest movement carol lam has announced the complete withdrawal of an extradition bill that would have allowed criminal suspects to be sent to
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mainland china for trial but protest leaders are not willing to call off their demonstrations when hey has more now from hong kong. it's what millions of people have been demanding for months the complete withdrawal of an extradition bill that many in hong kong had come to view as a symbol of a much larger problem the government will formally withdraw the bill in order to allay public concerns. the secretary for security will move a motion according to the rules of procedure when the legislative council rescind the billet to months of protests that have at times paralyzed parts of the city seen hundreds of arrests and regular violence with police the honorable mr kerry lunch and previous overtures from chief executive kerry lamb to suspend the legislation in june and then announced that it was did in july failed to end the unrest there are more large rallies planned in the days ahead which is when we'll find out of kerry lands decision will have the desired effect or of protest as
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believe it's come way too late the protest is viewed debil is just another example of mainland china's growing influence on hong kong so its withdrawal could be seen as a rare concession by beijing demonstrators demands have evolved into broader democratic reforms and an independent commission of inquiry into the crisis and the actions of police i rarely organizes say the legislation's withdrawal will be celebrated briefly but it's not enough to end the crisis and by not agreeing to all the demands they believe kerry has proved again she's out of touch with her people caroline herself irrelevant she already proved so many times too many times to all people that she really doesn't care about own people if a leader behaved like that i hope people will not care about at all the announcement came less than a day after a private conversation was leaked to the media in which lamb said she had resign
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and apologize for the chaos if she could that was seen as an indication that it was china that would decide her fate and that of the bill even some pro-government politicians believe withdrawing the legislation is the right thing to do but it's too late if you ask anybody in the street still remember what that there was about i think probably 20 percent. yes the protesters are going to be prepared to say remember this one about to be aware the ball which is likely to mean that the city's crisis is far from over when hey al jazeera hong kong time 7 o'clock joins us live now from hong kong sara so is caroline like you going to face the media on thursday to respond to reaction to the bill being dumped. the chief executives office kerry lambs office has just announced that they will she will be meeting the media in just over an hour now this will be the 1st show and i said sion since she announced the withdrawal of the extradition bill that
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withdrawal announcement was made by a pre recorded televised message of a not so it was wednesday evening so this would be the 1st time that she could be questioned on the reasons behind her decision to withdraw the bill and so did the questions from the media is why why now why did she not withdraw this bill 13 weeks ago to avoid some of the extraordinary violence we've seen in the streets of hong kong of the last 13 or so weeks of protests here in hong kong now there have been a number of demands that the protesters want they've said that this is a small measure of what she's done by withdrawing the spill and if she carried on talking to appease the public in a pays the people of hong kong a she certainly hasn't so this is the 1st time that thailand will be put on the spot and some of the questions that the protesters want to answer and server is she lied to them to bow to the on the demands from the protesters. well one of the other kid demands was that the apprentice is want an independent
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investigation into the police actions there's been a lot of accusations that the the police actions have been hostile and they've been overly intolerant to the protests with regards to the number of arrests and their behavior we've had more than 1100. 13 or so weeks including some as young as 12 years of i assume certainly she's by no means indicated that she will appease to any of the other demands but again that will be something that will be right at this press conference which is happening in just over an hour but this has morphed into i want to move and it's not just about the extradition bill anymore this is become very much a movement to push for greater freedom and freedom of speech and freedom of democracy here in hong kong i should also say that kerry has announced that when this particular bill does come back before the lips of counsel when it resumes you know talk about they'll be no voting or device on this matter and caroline is also leaving to china the softening up to one g. and southern china this is the 1st chip she's my outside the city since these
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protests began right to sarah clarke there in hong kong sarah thank you italy has a new government the prime minister giuseppe conti has presented the list of his new cabinet to the president will swear them in on thursday the new coalition is an unlikely alliance between continents until as congressman 5 star movement and their former rivals the leftist democratic party and it ends a month long crisis triggered off to the hard right leader matteo sound vini who bowed to the coalition government. the youngest son of the late former egyptian president mohamed morsi has died of a heart attack abdullah morsi passed away in a hospital in giza south of the capital cairo in a queue security officials of being behind his father's death who died under suspicious circumstances during a court appearance in june adela morsi was detained last year accused of spreading false news he also spent a year in jail after the coup in 2015 during which his father was ousted. time another short break here now to 0 when we come back as many as 17 states in the
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u.s. are trying to reduce gun related violence we'll tell you how plus. and i'm here on the streets of but as i resist option tina will tell you why i'm glad almost all the colombian footballer making a big entrance at his new club more nuts that's. hello again welcome back to your international weather forecast we are watching typhoon ling-ling right now make its way towards the north and you can see just to the east of taiwan that massive clouds right there over the next few days it is going to be strengthening pushing through the recovery islands and brings a very gusty winds and storm surge across much of that area taiwan you'll also be experiencing that storm surge as well maybe some bands of very heavy rain and some
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localized flooding as a system moves through from thursday into friday now after friday it does make its way probably toward south korea where we do expect to see a landfall across that area across much of the south and into the south west here across parts of vietnam it has been raining very hard over the last few days we are going to be seeing more of the rain and potentially a lot of flooding across much of that area but for hong kong it is going to be rain off and on for you with a temperature of $33.00 degrees well here across parts of thailand the rain has also been very heavy for you and that will continue as we also end the week heavy rain across much of the area with many clouds pushing through showing a lot of thunderstorms across much of that area that will continue here on thursday bangkok with a temperature of 30 degrees heavy rain continues as we go towards friday but down here towards the south it is going to be dry we do expect to see thing in singapore at 32 degrees as well as jakarta with 32 degrees as well. the weather sponsored by cats owns. a modern and open minded woman who feels ethiopia is
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poised to develop rapidly al-jazeera goes on a journey with the 1st woman appointed to the position of chief justice in ethiopia i knew that does this is going to be able to go to simon to make space you have to be corporate troops and be once a chance to morrow they want to be. seen my ethiopia on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks the problem is that in many cases those fires get out of control with details coverage of the protesters don't seem to be fighting and neither does the police's determination to suppress the movement from around the world most of these vehicles have a syrian splaying from the south of the border and that influx causes the hooves traffic jam in the only the over no that city at that.
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welcome back a quick reminder our top stories here on the news hour the british prime minister's attempt to hold a snap election before the break that deadline of october 31 has been rejected by in peace as johnson had called for the early poll after the lower house of parliament voted to block the possibility now of a no deal exit from the music. chinese and american trade negotiators will meet the talks in october try to put an end to the ongoing trade war between the world's 2 biggest economies and axis round of tit for tat between the 2 countries went into effect on sunday. and the number of people killed by hurricane dorian in the bahamas has risen to 20 storm as now we can though and is moving slowly towards the
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u.s. the east coast which could make landfall in the carolinas for the state of georgia later this week. argentinians of held protests against the government's economic policies they're angry at high inflation president muckers attempts to steer the country out of a worsening financial crisis stories about reports from one of us. thousands of people took over the center of one of sides to demand more government help. they want the administration. to implement a food emergency program to help those who are struggling with the ongoing economic crises. come here to announce today off the hunger the problems we are facing because of the policies of the i.m.f. we would like the government to receive us and to help us fight the difficulties people are facing today. i didn't know me has been struggling in the past year. in 2018 a lack of investor confidence forced. argentina to request and over $50000000000.00
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loan from the international monetary fund it was the largest bailout in the history of the organization. last month primary elections showed a 15 point lead over a lot of the for the man this who is running mate is former president cristina fernandez. the possibility of a comeback from the center left scared investors away. the results of the primaries were like a tsunami the possibility that a populist government coming back generated more uncertainty the earthquake reduced to 0 most alternatives of finance for the government in an economy that is already in an extremely complicated situation. since then people have been heading to the bank to get their savings out. argentines remember the 2001 crisis all too well when banks froze all accounts for 12 months clashes between people and the police and did with several dead and precipitated the fall of the government.
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that made it 100 percent in the past year and in this country that immediately translates. placed on the government has taken measures in order to help those in need like increasing minimum wage and reducing the tax basic food items that people here say it's not enough. they don't want to be known or has been without a job for years he wants the government to change. we see more poverty i hope the situation changes the next president could help us. early this week the government announced a currency controls that have stabilized the pace or at least for a while the problem are the consequences on the population especially those who are struggling to get by the way he said well i'll just see that when a scientist. there's growing outrage after a series of xenophobic attacks on foreign owned shops in south africa nigeria as
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vice president says his country will not boycott the world economic forum in south africa. as more from johannesburg. nigerians are angry about anti foreign attacks in africa protest outside the surf going on store in the us they want the government to do more to protect nigerians living in south africa government debt parental support. that's what is up to protect life and property of those people while our mind you know people are dying our people are dying on a daily basis. inserter things are slowly getting back to normal after a few days of rioting and looting many foreign owned businesses were targeted. from mali he says he's lived in turkey for more than 20 years and can understand why some locals feel foreigners are taking their jobs 8 year. old. you know what it was that i. know it did me you know what. someone figure
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us raises from ethiopia he's nervous about speaking about attacks on fine nationals in case a store is targeted some people say why say poverty and inequality i said blame for the violence all of us. but souls of. 3 things like. confidence i don't know but. what i don't know is all of. north. america but also came from africa this is one thing. some surfer believe criminal gangs are responsible for the recent violence why are taking i walk on i walk on africans why are we different behind you why do whites. if we're really really does think it's on upwards of 4 it's only after 4 pm when we are getting only our full.
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attacks i mean the african fine nationals happen regularly into africa many who come here are competing for the local discus jobs and government services some shops and businesses have an open to 4 days many owners are afraid they could be more violence and looting this area in downtown johannesburg is where many of the attacks happened with the country's unemployment rate at nearly 30 percent and he found the sentiments were likely continue had a. chance been. have been reprisal attacks on south african shops and nigeria prompted police there to say that they will increase security for embassies and foreign business is the inspector general of police to monitor what he called water tight security so the africa has a large number of economic interests and businesses in nigeria many of which are now under police protection more than 100 people have been arrested for looting in lagos what is the lead partner of s.b. and intelligence and when i was asian providing analysis on nigeria's social
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political and economic situation he joined us earlier via skype from abou j. he says south african politicians have stoked xenophobia perception here in nigeria is that they begin. an opportunity to push that's over 4 days but i mean the lead the effort i mean so the request going down unemployment starts with the sense to the prospect of leaving the poor enough for the problems of people something that some sort of are going to be shots of opportunity made use of there is a video we have speculated on social media here in nigeria it's been that we've been since yesterday it before you would create a cabinet member in the government of whom i think he was the deputy police minister something of the sort. but typically believe me or enough for the programs of south africa in that regard should not the other is for enough of that video
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that went viral beyond what's up there yet in nigeria are really help to be popular about be sure sagarika one of the hazards of the on the continent probably underworld when you nominate your house is very high inequality here it does well and that it begins below just on city streets so people to go their professions in different manners it's how does china that if there is a question here now syria's war is having a devastating effect on civilians and president bashar al assad's forces and their allies i'm mostly to blame that's according to the un's human rights chief michele bashfully who says more than $1000.00 civilians have died over the past 4 months 304 that's nearly a 3rd of the casualties which children almost all those deaths are said to be caused by as strikes and ground attacks by the syrian government and its allies in the rebel held areas of adlib and hama only $58.00 of them were due to what bobsled
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called non-state actors. it is weak to take control of territories there appears to be little concern about taking civilian lives any further escalation will only result in further loss of life and these plates and civilians who have already been forced to repeatedly freeze situation both dire humanitarian conditions so i appeal to all parties to the conflict and to those many powerful states with influence to put aside political differences and hold the candidates. well google has been hit with a record $170000000.00 fine for violating children's privacy regulators say you tube which is owned by google illegally collected personal information about users under the age of 13 without parental consent the tech giant then use that data to target advertising to kids with the settlement is the largest children's privacy case in the united states in addition to the fine google says it will make changes
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to previously rules on you tube well the company now says it will limit targeting of ads on videos meant for children but critics say that puts the responsibility on content creators to label them and material as child friendly you tube service for children called you tube kids requires parental consent before kids can use it it only tracks what children are watching so they can recommend more videos on the us nor parents must give their consent before companies can collect and share data on kids under the age of 13 so most tech companies banned them entirely or asked them not to use the service or joining us from san francisco via skype is in afraid she's the chief technology correspondent at access a news website a record fine of $170000000.00 but some observers will say that fine's not big enough given the huge amounts of money that google makes. yeah u.s. authorities just don't have the ability to find these tech companies any amounts that really make
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a difference i mean obviously $170000000.00 isn't nothing but it's not very much to google and it certainly is a drop in the bucket to the amount of revenue that you tube is bringing in we see much more significant fines when europe takes action but even still the fines themselves tend not to be the deterrent that one would want so really what you have to look at are the changes to their business contacts to see if this is going to make any sort of difference you know so what is the key issue here is it that you tube was knowingly allowing children to view content that was taking unsuitable for children i mean how could that have happened if it if if that was the case so that's not the issue the issue isn't so much and that might be an issue but that's not the one being confronted here about children watching information and shows not intended for children it's actually almost the opposite basically what we're talking about here is programming that's clearly designed for children but isn't labeled as kids content and therefore has targeted advertising and you tube saying
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they're going to take 2 big steps to try and address this one they're going to insist but you know we'll see how strict they are that content creators label content that's intended for children and then also that they're going to use their own machine learning and artificial intelligence to try and decide and surface and notice what is children's content and then you know take action to not serve targeted advertising against that type of content and the issue right now is that there's tons of kids on the main you tube site there's a separate site called the you tube kids but that's not where most kids content is watched as you say many privacy advocates say that unless the fines a big one for us companies like facebook and google to change their behavior but all fines the only way to tackle this problem i mean what about regulation on legislation. i think definitely the rules are the bigger issue and for relying on fines we're doing it wrong now granted bigger fines might have
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a bigger difference but the real cool the real key here is if you want things to happen a certain way you need rules that dictate that the rules in the united states are not coherent they're overseen by a variety of different agencies so some tech companies fall under the f.c.c. so under the f.t.c. sometimes it's the justice department but none of these agencies are effectively regulating the tech industry and i think what you're really seeing is the demand for a more cohesive and coherent set of rules and even the tech companies themselves are starting to say hey look you know if you want to certain set of behaviors were open to legislation or not to in a free and thank you very much indeed for talking to lodges. thank you at least 22 people have died in an explosion at a fireworks factory in northern india the blast caused the building to catch fire and collapse at least 15 people were injured in the incident and the town of batali in punjab state the indian media said the factory was illegal and had been working
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for years without a license. binyamin netanyahu has become the 1st israeli prime minister to give a public address in hebron and the occupied west bank that the new yahoo visited the city as part of his campaign for the september 17th election a palestinian authority called the visit a dangerous escalation and at securing right wing votes hundreds of jewish settlers live in the israeli controlled part of hebron under the protection of the israeli army alongside 40000 palestinians. we are not coming to dispossess anyone but nor will anyone dispossess. hebron will not be cleansed of jews we are not strangers in hebron we will remain there forever but palestinian protesters accuse netanyahu of using them as a prop in his election campaign the national come walking in the last in the way as palestinian citizens are angry about netanyahu storming the city of hebron we feel provoked to be used as palestinian citizens for our city to be used for our mosques
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to be used for our properties to be used as part of this political election campaign by newton yahoo so he would gain the votes of the extremist israeli right well akiva eldar is a columnist for al monitors israel policy says netanyahu is main concern now is to have his party emerge as the biggest winner in the upcoming election. we are now 2 weeks before the general elections and he will. do much to get such coverage. is he is. even really general public park the consensus was the holy sites of the. jewish quarter so he really may get. good coverage in this context of the elections talking to his constituency and trying to grab extra.


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