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politics here in hong kong and she said that it would give hong kong a way forward she also said that this study that she's commissioned would investigate the political crisis she hoped that this would give the community a platform for conversation she denied that she was under pressure from china's central government and she said they respected and understood her decision to withdraw the extradition bill she's also rejected accusations that this independent study into this political process is meaningless she said the international representation on this body would give all deliver credible outcomes as for the other 5 demands other demands that the protesters want met she's refused their request for universal suffrage she's also refused to bow to their demand to introduce or commission a an independent investigation into police behavior and until all those demands are met by protesters those protesters are bowing to go ahead with their demonstrations of thousands of university graduates in iraq are protesting outside government ministries in bank they're demanding jobs unemployment for young adults is
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a 22 percent of the government admits it is not done enough to get large numbers of graduates employed charles traffic reports from the iraqi capital. roanoke and her fellow engineering graduates have been tempted opposite iraq's oil ministry for almost 2 months there's just a few of the thousands of young iraqis with university degrees protesting outside government buildings in baghdad and they are demanding jobs on the other but i feel a volcano of anger inside me and i'm sad because it's my country and all i'm asking for is my rights iraq has so much oil it's like water from a tent and i'm sitting on the pavement up to 16 years of study. every year 150000 iraqis graduate from university and they are eager to work in their chosen fields but unemployment among 15 to 39 year olds is around 22 percent
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much says it's in the government's interest to act but we see. none healthy message to the community here because we make them know that education is not the solution for this country the government sector is much bigger than the private it's tripled in size since 2003 and now employs more than 4000000 people. yet new government jobs are scarce iraq's all minister admits the country's 2019 budget didn't make sufficient provision for employing large numbers of graduates in the ministry but he says iraqi leaders are working call to create jobs in public companies the planning ministry says the government needs to focus attention on and coverage in the private sector to now the government has to find alternative solutions the ministry of planning is focused on our 2030 vision which will also create space for the private sector it needs empowerment supported by lords it is vital for the
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country's development of them off the decades of conflict and political instability iraq has yet to win the confidence of foreign investors. many graduates say foreign companies often bring their own employees from abroad and demand years of work experience from iraqis before offering them jobs they hate in baghdad in the song even at night is almost unbearable but in recent weeks graduates like the have been sleeping on the pavements in areas opposite ministries across the city and it shows just how determined these young iraqis are that the government listen and respond to their demands. we are all determined. and we will not leave this place until we get our rights in recent years iraq's population has been increasing annually by about a 1000000 young graduates like one might have studied most of their lives with the aim of ensuring a better future for themselves and their country but without jobs they say that
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simply can't be done. 0 back dad. still ahead on a rugby world cup japan was another upset again south africa. thanks.
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thanks. again you are such as telling us why women in the united states more likely to develop alzheimer's 2 thirds of those with the disease all female and understanding why is key to improving the treatment process kristen salumi has more new. margaret
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alexander didn't fully realize what she was up against when her mother 1st began to exhibit symptoms of alzheimer's disease even though she had seen similar symptoms in her aunts they had the same kind of symptoms they were forget they would get confused disoriented and repeat just like mom now a member of the family is always with the 96 year old the one time that cause us the greatest concern is when she walked out of the apartment at my in her nightgown . it was a rapid decline for a woman who had raised 2 children been active in her church and worked outside the home a factor now known to help stave off memory loss one new study shows the average memory performance for non-working women between 60 and 70 years old declined twice as fast as women who were working outside the home 2 thirds of people living with alzheimer's in the united states are women experts used to attribute that to the
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fact that women tend to live longer than men do but new evidence suggests that's not the entire story and in fact women's brains are different. the latest research on the subject presented by the alzheimer's association shows that women with the disease have higher levels of brain metabolism compared with men which may account for their superior verbal memory performance what they found was that the top protein is much more likely to accumulate in these areas in women and this is important because this area is really prone to spreading the disease though a protein related to the disease tends to spread more quickly contributing to what appears to be a faster decline in women but there is an impact on detection knowing that the disease can present differently and progressed differently in men and women the medical community doctors need to recognize that in part maybe be more sensitive to the differences between how women present with early disease versus men it's useful
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information for families too but it's reassuring to have that information because without that information you don't know what to do as those with a parent or sibling without timers oh say i got are themselves more likely to develop the disease christian salumi al-jazeera. let's get all the sport now here's joe pass thank you so much rafael nadal has blasted his way into the u.s. open semifinals for the 8th time with another straight sets victory one in the win straw andrea s.k. became the 1st teenager in a decade to reach the last 4 david stokes reports. you know about your conviction roger federer gone the door was open for rafa nadal of new york just one set dropped all week the 2nd seed was up against argentina's diego schwartzman the shortest man on top at 5 foot 7 but also one of the fastest i was
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with so it's been very hard but on the coach that mattered most it was the doll who came up with the goods. i was the spaniard edge the 1st 2 sets and run away with it in the 3rd roughing up victory in 2 hours 46 minutes i i the dow's clearly fired up if he does go on to claim his 4th u.s. open field move to 19 grand slams i roll just one short a federal he says he's feeling good. of course now a little bit tired long day 1300 middle and the lot is late but i really believe that i i don't i mean which happens if it does feeling fresh his semifinal opponent is likely to be a bit tired. i was peace and matteo parity and epic 5 set match. both men would pick points in the deciding tie break but in the end it was better to be a tally of the birds victorious was although he could barely stand all talk
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afterwards. was. i. right no i don't remember any points just the match point you know. i the big story in the women's draw is canada's 19 year old bianca and rescue. she fought from a set down against elise buttons to reach her 1st grand slam 7 final the 1st teenager to reach the new york so it's caroline wozniacki 10 years ago she'll play belinda bench but is already guaranteed to move into the world's top 10 next week for the 1st time in a career i'm honestly speechless i need someone to pinch me right now is this and this is. another big day awaits at flushing meadows the semifinals begin on thursday with serena williams 1st up against the u.s. for 10 leader david stokes 0 steve smith continues to lead us straight its creators
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against england on day 2 of the 4th test in manchester smith's at the crease having made a century earlier his 3rd in 4 innings he also survived being called off a no ball australia now $395.00 the 5 match series is level at $11.00 african countries have taken their 1st steps on the rights to cattle 202228 bottom line teams have begun their world cup qualifying campaigns among the winners on the opening day of competition were my beriah supported by former world player of the year and now president george when they were up against sierra leone but needed 2 penalties to beat him 31 liberia had never qualified for a world cup finals before djibouti the only other home winners in 8 ties on wednesday they edged a swat team in 21 in 74th minutes after a goal mouth scramble it's a beauty seconds away and in 12 years. south sudan were playing in khartoum
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as their stadium is being refurbished they beefed up their team with players from australia where a launched refugee community settled during sudan's civil war melbourne victory's kenya to set up their equaliser as they drew 11 with equitorial guinea there were also wins from amid the mozambique and give the south plenty more african and asian qualifiers a coming up later on thursday. the spanish police have found the body of former olympic skier blanco fernandez a cho after days of searching the 56 year old was found in the mountains close to madrid she's been missing for almost 2 weeks and authorities are now trying to determine the cause of her death fernandez was the 1st spanish woman to win a medal at a winter olympics which took bronze at the 1992 games in album. 15 days now until the rugby world cup and host japan are preparing for their warm up game against south africa the team that they shocked at the last world cup known as
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the brave blossoms this was the japanese team training at the cooma gaius stadium in england 4 years ago they pulled off the biggest upset in world cup history beating the springboks $34.00 points to $32.00 they say their game plan is simple all of our plan and see the world cup are going to be bigger than us so you know our point of difference and the way we want to play the game is going to be based around spade and you know how fast we can play the game and i think if we can do that we can see other side of a lot of pressure and you know very nice hopefully you know made of 4 years ago. it's going to be a big match for japan forward peace love a shocked me who will start against the country of his birth never got called up by south africa and there's no doubt where his loyalties lie this week. i love south africa i love the people there but i'm part of this team and i really want to represent japan to the best of my ability. that my teammates my family but also the
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people of japan all right that is all his fault for now pharo have wolfie a little bit later great thanks joe and that is it for this news i'll be back in a couple of minutes with more of the day's news they want. to strengthen the good you have to shore do good all the more with your game still fight against corruption. new cierra which heroes like know who are bad or who refuse to $15000000.00 brian the achievement of heroes like him to showcase by the international ace award it shines a light on these heroes because the best way to fight a dark used to shine a light let's make the world a better place nominate your anti corruption hero now. a
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modern and open minded woman who feels ethiopia is poised to develop rapidly al-jazeera goes on a journey with the 1st woman appointed to the position of chief justice in ethiopia i knew that this was going to be a difficult assignment complex paid have to be corrected and we went. to more of them wanted to be. in my ethiopia on al-jazeera. september. with ethiopia taking its 1st steps into democracy al-jazeera meets. reshaping the country's political landscape world leaders gather in new york for the united nations general assembly global issues are on the table. dissect the world's media how they operate and the stories they cover global warming and
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possible solutions to climate change the agenda of the united nations a special 2 part series exposed how human activity has damaged much of the planet and caused some of the biggest environmental threats to mankind september on al-jazeera. boris johnson's brother the latest u.k. minister to resign over the break. off the parliament rejected the prime minister's call for a general election. also coming up against exclusive access to an iranian nuclear research center president
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rouhani says his country will scale back commitments under the 2050 nuclear deal. the taliban claims responsibility for an explosion that killed 10 people in afghanistan's capital look at what it means for a proposed peace deal. south africa shuts its embassy in nigeria after a dispute over attacks against foreign owned businesses in johannesburg. below british prime minister boris johnson's plans to break the deadlock over break that are facing more headwinds his brother joe johnson announced his resignation as education minister becoming the latest casualty in the political crisis and britain's high court is deciding whether to hear a case backed by former prime minister john major he says johnson suspension of columns is unlawful m.p.'s voted down his attempts on wednesday to trigger a snap election but also back to bill blocking the possibility of
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a no deal exit from the european union so let's bring in our correspondent now who joins us from westminster in london so lawrence what bring us up to date with what's been happening this thursday after the dramatic developments on wednesday. well up there i mean at the moment boris johnson is from simply trying to get back on the front foot off this absolute torrents of bad news that he's had over the last 2 days since parliament came back he just met mike pence the american vice president at downing street there was a post of a news conference which was cancelled without any proper explanation mike pence said that the u.s. was ready to a trade deal with the u.k. straight off the brics it's sidestepping the leave the actual point that he can't say that because of the congress to decide in a trade and congress has already said that say we won't do that if there's a problem with the northern border. and boris johnson's office off noon to northern
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england way he's going to give an address to the nation at which he's going to say that jeremy colbert in the opposition which will obviously succeeding at the moment in trying to block bricks it's at least delay it's from the end of october are all cowards because they're in the process of deciding that they won't take part in a general election in the middle of october might even delay it until after that breaks it deadline is expired and the new extension begins so if you look back at this week it has been absolutely disastrous for johnson in the last 3 votes in the commons he's also a huge section of his own parliamentary party who he summarily dismissed after they refused to back him on his on his brakes of plan and he's now lost his brother as well as his education minister the people been saying usually when people resign is because they said they want to spend more time with the families joe johnson his brother said he's doing it because he want to spend less time with it with his family so it's just bad news all round and all the momentum and the impetus is now really with the opposition. and it does look at this point all of this deadlock
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that still the most likely scenario at this point is a snap election it's just a question of when. yeah and the calculation because all the power is now with the opposition the calculation of them making is house avoid boris johnson winning an election and coupled with that because he's basically simple taney us house avoid to happen at the end of october the thing that worried about is if they agree to an election the middle of october which will johnson once if johnson's party wins that which he could he might simply revoke the legislation to delay bracks at the end of october and simply go through to anyway and so based on that it seems to me from everything i've been hearing from m.p.'s this morning that there the talks they're having behind the scenes with the view when they come back on monday and have to make this decision to refuse to have the election october and wait until after the bracks a delay happens at the end of october with a view to having it at some point after that the question then arises as we've been
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asking is well if boris johnson the said out loud i will never ask the european union for an extension does he then resign if he's true to his words you would expect him to have to do that if that happens you'd have yet another conservative leadership contest which would put election back even further so these things are all going on behind the scenes and will continue to do so through the weekend parliament will sitting on friday but it'll be monday then when this comes back to the boil again all right for the common law asli life 1st there in westminster let's cross over now to charlie engineer who is at the high court in london where judges are hearing the legal challenge to the prime minister's decision to suspend parliament. this case is starting to focus on the question of power and whether the prime minister abused his in planning to suspend parliament for $23.00 days the longest period since the $930.00 s. now supported in this case by former conservative prime minister john major their
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lawyers are arguing that the prime minister misled the queen in justifying the need for such a lengthy suspension he claimed it was to get a handle on domestic issues to look at the n.h.s. to start tackling the violent crime but lawyers here argue the real reason was to run down the clock in parliament and basically squeeze out any opportunity for more debate on bricks it now on the other side arguing in defense of the prime minister noise saying it's also an issue of power the power of these courts and they're saying these courts do not have any power on this issue it is a constitutional matter they cannot intervene or undo the decision and that is what the judges are going to have to look into. iran's president says his country's energy program will now operate without limits in his words it's prepared to begin work on advanced centrifuges which would allow it to enrich uranium foster that would shorten the time iran needs to have enough material available to build
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a nuclear weapon if it chose to in july iran abandon 2 of its other nuclear commitments that raised its stockpiles of enriched uranium iran said it would step up uranium enrichment in may but denied wanting to build a nuclear weapon. t.j. in march as we didn't reach our desired result the atomic energy organization will now immediately start what he with the technical needs of the country in the field of nuclear research and development and we will put aside all commitments made in the field of research and development all kinds of new center fuses and everything we need for enrichment that. has been granted rare access to the only a nuclear research facility in the country where enrich uranium is being used those body has this exclusive report now from the tehran nuclear research reactor. this is the reason iran says its nuclear program needs 20 percent enriched uranium to
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keep its 1st nuclear reactor working. the center of the 5 megawatt reactor does all the work its source is a number of chemical elements which scientists here call a fuel assembly before it came into use in 2009 iran had to import 20 percent enriched uranium from argentina you know i go back to this reactor originally used 90 percent of fuel in the past produced by an american company that it was realized reactors likeness could work with 20 percent fuel as well so to change all reactors in a way to use 20 percent field including our reactor in 1903. but since iran began producing its own uranium rival powers have objected they're concerned that with that technology reaching those higher grades of enrich uranium above 90 percent would mean being able to produce a nuclear weapon would be achievable during this tightly supervised visit officials repeatedly state iran's government is only interested in nuclear energy and not
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arms several nuclear scientists have been assassinated and employees here hide their identity for safety the higher quality chemical elements or isotopes iran says it needs are made here they've arrived through an underground tunnel from the main reactor by the radioisotopes are produced here in these cells when they're sent back from the reactor it is cuts in seoul number one and sent to the episodes according to the type of radioisotopes and the process continues that in some cases we have to extract the main material from the original material the isotopes then come here for further purification they are all then packed in special containers and sent to medical facilities in iran and to other countries. these radioactive isotopes can be used to detect blood clots and to treat and kill cancer cells and officials here say they're used to treat more than a 1000000 patients in iran each year the international atomic energy organization
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regularly visits the site and says iran has been complying with the 2015 nuclear deal agreed with 6 world powers until now it stopped after the united states withdrew from the agreement last year and imposed additional sanctions on iran officials here say the european signatories have yet to uphold their commitments and say that's why iran is scaling back on its obligations but there's another reason to this reactor was built in the late 1960 s. but the nuclear agreement that was signed in vienna 4 years ago means that it's improvements were put on hold now its future could very well determine whether iran stays in the 2015 agreements the future for this nuclear program of growth or neglect and politics over the nuclear deal aside it's that that may determine what steps iran takes next door such a pari al-jazeera at the tehran nuclear research reactor nato says a u.s. service member and a remaining in soldiers have been killed in
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a suicide car bombing in afghanistan's capital the taliban has claimed responsibility for the kabul attack which killed at least 10 people and wounded dozens more the blast was in an area close to foreign embassies and government buildings to anybody has more from kabul. it was carried out by a suicide bomber 10 people were killed and $42.00 injured including women and children and also 2 of the residents support troops one of them was an american this underlines that even though peace talks are going on a draft agreement we understand has been drawn the taliban is still exercising its military might and showing that it can strike at will wherever it wants this time it was in the capital a few days ago it was a 300. it is north of the capitol where they held the center for a number of hours before being pushed out but it showing that there is a peace agreement peace talks going on but still there's a war being fought and unless they come to an agreement it will carry on the draft agreement we understand is raising concerns not only in the afghan government which
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is not party to the talks but also from the european allies who are a bit concerned about what is being agreed some people believe that the americans are adopting a cut and run policy and want to get out as soon as possible and perhaps are promising too much some of those process promises include withdrawing $5400.00 american troops and closing bases within 5 months of the peace agreement being signed in return the taliban is being asked to stop foreign fighters using afghan soil to launch attacks and to comply and negotiate with the afghan government there are concerns here about where those talks will go what is being promised and are the americans promising too much too soon mr kills out who's the architect of this agreement is going backwards and forwards he said 9 rounds of talks to the taliban we understand there are probably a few sort of other things that he is being told to asked for by the afghan government and he's gone back to.


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