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tv   Sports Doping The Endless Chase 2016 Ep 1  Al Jazeera  September 5, 2019 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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we understand is raising concerns not only in the afghan government which is not party to the talks but also from the european allies who are a bit concerned about what is being agreed some people believe that the americans are adopting a cut and run policy and want to get out as soon as possible and perhaps are promising too much some of those process promises include withdrawing $5400.00 american troops and closing bases within 5 months of the peace agreement being signed in return the taliban is being asked to stop foreign fighters using afghan soil to launch attacks and to comply and negotiate with the afghan government there are concerns here about where those talks will go what is being promised and are the americans promising too much too soon mr kills out who's the architects of this agreement is going backwards and forwards he said 9 rounds of talks to the taliban we understand there are probably a few sort of other things that he is being told to asked for by the afghan government and he's gone back to doha to discuss with the taliban we understand but
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the real beautiful talks will happen once once these and initial agreements are made in all slow in october when the taliban and the afghan government representatives will meet face to face for the 1st time and that was something that the taliban said they would never do tony burley there in kabul all right still ahead when we come back after destruction across the bahamas how it can dorian threatens the east coast of the u.s. . and we take a look at why more women than men are affected by alzheimer's in the u.s. . how it was still got some showers across southern parts of china we have got to feeling just off the side of our screen here that's making its way up that western
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side of the pacific to was the korean peninsula through later on in the way for china itself it does stay dry will be a little line of showers there was a said down towards hong kong perhaps a little drive in hong kong as we go on into sas day for the showers never really to have a positive could see some showers down towards the high now that i was towards the southwest a chart of possibilities wish i was here to slide in the way into northern parts of vietnam and into a laos but he has showers across india presently say some really heavy rain once again of the western ghats this is mumbai where we have seen further heavy downpours leading to yet more flooding showers along with spells of rain they remain in the forecast as we go on through the coming days so we have got more wet weather affecting that western side of india eastern areas also seeing increasingly wet weather pushing up across the plains and that will be the case as we go on through saturday up towards the northwest it generally stays dry and sunny and staying dry and sunny to across the arabian peninsula here in doha around $39.00
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degrees celsius but a little bit of clout there towards a man. 3 months of protests some unprecedented scale have virtually power lies tong kong what began as opposition to an extradition law has escalated into a broader pro-democracy anti-government movement. so how and why has this crisis developed what the protesters want. in the 1st of 2 special reports people in power traces the dramatic evolution of hong kong summer of defiance on a just 0. hello
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again you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour british prime minister boris johnson's plans to break the deadlock over a break that are facing more headwinds his brother joe johnson announced his resignation as education minister and britain's high court is deciding whether to hear a case bank by former prime minister john major he says johnson suspension of parliament is on more from. iran's president has an rouhani says his country will operate its energy program without limits supporting to work on advanced centrifuges which would allow it to enrich uranium foster. nato says a u.s. service member and a remaining soldier have been killed in a suicide car bombing in afghanistan's capital the taliban claimed responsibility for the kabul attack that killed at least 10 people and wounded dozens more. are the number of people killed by hurrican dorian in the bahamas now stands at 20
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and is expected to rise further the storm has regained strength and is now our horak is now a category 3 hurricane and is threatening the east coast of the united states the wind speed when it dorian made landfall in the bahamas was the highest on record the baja maine the bahamian prime minister hubert minnes says rescue operations are in full swing and has warned against looting. if the stories undercurrents of using the disturbances. behavior and distrust. anywhere. we loot and for is a disaster for those affected by this tragedy we will. be the person to do this. for a good dinner for the extent of the year. a man will drop below is in the village of a black widow on north abaco island in the bahamas so manuel tell us what's happening
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there right now. yes just to reiterate we are in the community of blackwood on the island of abaco this is one of the most northern most islands of the bahamas and subsequently one of the worst hit areas by hurricane dorian again this was a category 5 hurricane wind gusts oprah's of 350 kilometers per hour this is about as bad as hurricane damage can get give you a sense of what we're looking at right now i'm just going to step aside if you guys can see this behind me is the home of teresa a woman that we met earlier this morning who's lived here for 50 years you can see there's nothing left of her home and all morning we've been seeing people sort of walking up and down this road sifting through the debris some people some people walking toward the airstrip waiting for disaster relief to arrive from the main island of nassau we were we arrived here at abaco on wednesday evening and were
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lucky enough to be taken in by a family so we did have a place to stay last night despite there not being any electricity or running water or any way to communicate with with the outside world basically apart from the sat phone that we're using to speak to you right now but this is this is this is widespread destruction it's estimated that more than 13000 homes have been destroyed so we can confirm that at least 20 people have died as a result of this storm but there is an expectation that that number is going to grow given that search and rescue operations are still ongoing in a lot of the people that we've spoken to have said that they're still looking for loved ones that there are still people that are unaccounted for i do want to mention that there is another concern here and that's the shortages of food shortages of water shortages of medicine we heard earlier this week from the united nations saying that without immediate action by the international community this is a crisis that's only expected to worsen. and how bin how's the community
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men will been coping jan given the fact that there is as you say still waiting for some substantial help from some of the authorities. absolutely the behaving people are are are incredibly resilient and in fact still even even in the depths of their despair they're so welcoming to 2 to outsiders that are coming in we've been taken in as i mentioned by a family they gave us a place to stay. out of the kindness of their hearts given that there are still thousands of people that had nowhere to sleep last night left homeless desperately waiting for help to arrive from the outside there is an expectation that disaster relief will begin to arrive today we know that the that the royal navy and the u.s. coast guard have been flying have been flying cargo airplanes into the bahamas at this point but until now we can't confirm whether or not any of that a has arrived
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here at the island of abaco people are sort of just getting their bearings right now the waters of the flood waters have only started to subside the airport was just cleared on wednesday for for charter planes to land that's how we were able to arrive here and abaco but again the people are incredibly resilient and for the moment they're waiting for help to arrive but they do understand that this is a crisis that could get worse all right. in blackwood in the bahamas. south africa is shutting down its diplomatic missions in nigeria after a prize of attacks on south african businesses that followed a wave of violence against mostly foreign owned stores in johannesburg and pretoria i don't know tassel reports. that nigerians angry about anti foreign attacks in africa protest outside the surf going on store in a crisis they want the government to do more to protect nigerians living in south africa government debt parental support. supports what is the protect life and
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property of the people our mind you know people are our people are dying on a daily basis this interface things are slowly getting back to normal after a few days of rioting and looting many foreign owned businesses were targeted. from mali he says he's lived in target for more than 20 years and can understand why some locals feel foreigners are taking their jobs. all. 6 those who know what it was that i. know it did me you know what. someone figure as raises from ethiopia he's nervous about speaking about attacks on fine nationals in case a story is targeted some people say why speak poverty and inequality i said blame for the violence all of us. but souls of. 3 things like.
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confidence i don't know but. what i don't know is all of. north. america but we came from africa this is one thing. something africans believe criminal gangs are responsible for the recent violence why i took it i was on our own africans why are we living behind you why do why do i need. if we're really really does bring it all up it's only after 4 here where we are getting all the i want all. attacks so many african foreign nationals happen regularly entire africa many who come here are competing with locals the skills jobs and government services some shops and businesses have an opened for days many owners are afraid they could be more violence and looting this area in downtown johannesburg is where many of the
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attacks happened with the country's an employment rate at nearly 30 percent and the phone a sentiment will likely continue had meters out 0 chance. of the turkish president richard type one is threatening to quote open the gates and allow syrian refugees into europe that's unless negotiations with the us and in the creation of a safe zone in northern parts of syria turkey is hosting over 3 and a half 1000000 syrian refugees and planning to return 1000000 there are one said turkey has been left to shoulder the burden of syrian refugees a lot of them because solid has more from istanbul. turkey is present project so far down threaten the west and united states with opening the doors to the syrian refugees who are in turkey who are fleeing war in syria and trying to find a safe haven't in western countries mainly european countries he said that turkey wants a 30 kilometer deep safe zone in northwestern syria which is a debate between the united states and turkey for
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a while they seem they have agreed on some details but the white p.u.g. is only 5 kilometer deep safe zone he said that the safe so should best stablish as soon as possible and housing facilities should best tablet in that safe zone so that at least 1000000 syrian refugees who are currently living in turkey can go back don said that the last day for the safe zone is the last week of september actually a couple of days ago he had said that the upcoming united nations meeting in new york is the is is the deadline for the united states to decide and turkey believes that united states is trying to gain time and is playing between the white b.g. which troops considers as a terrorist organization and turkey don said that it is not only turkey who should be the one carrying the burden of the syrian refugees but other countries should be in world as well and he said that he will open the doors for
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the serious who flee the war from syria to western countries the chinese the chinese and american trade negotiators are meeting for talks in october to try and put an end to the trade war between the world's 2 largest economies the latest round of tariffs between them went into effect on sunday mike hanna has more from washington. the announcement of a new round of talks came from the chinese commerce ministry in beijing apparently this followed a telephone conversation between u.s. treasury secretary steve newton and the chinese vice premier they've agreeing that lower level negotiators will meet during the course of this month to set an agenda for the high level negotiations that will take place in washington during october it does appear to most observers that this is a consequence of the leaders of both country realizing that there is no benefit whatsoever to the ongoing trade law both countries have suffered major economic
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impact because of this increase in tariffs but within the u.s. as well there has been a political impact president trump's advisers have been cautioning him about the impact the terror of said pads on his bedrock support the rural areas the farmers just one example of the export of soybeans from the u.s. has dropped by more than 50 percent since the same period in 2017 so certainly there are both political and economic factors at play here in both countries it's the 80th anniversary of the chinese communist party next month and president xi certainly looking as well for something to be able to celebrate a new research is telling us why women in the united states are more likely to develop alzheimer's nearly 2 thirds of those with the disease are female and understanding why is key to improving the treatment process kristen salumi has moved from new. margaret alexander didn't fully realize what she was up against
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when her mother 1st began to exhibit symptoms of alzheimer's disease even though she had seen similar symptoms in her aunts they had the same kind of symptoms they were forget they would get confused disoriented and repeat just like mom now a member of the family is always with the 96 year old the one time that cause us the greatest concern is when she walked out of the apartment at my in her nightgown . it was a rapid decline for a woman who had raised 2 children been active in her church and worked outside the home a factor now known to help stave off memory loss one new study shows the average memory performance for non-working women between 60 and 70 years old declined twice as fast as women who were working outside the home 2 thirds of people living with alzheimer's in the united states are women experts used to attribute that to the fact that women tend to live longer than men do but new evidence suggests that's
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not the entire story and in fact women's brains are different. the latest research on the subject presented by the alzheimer's association shows that women with the disease have higher levels of brain metabolism compared with men which may account for their superior verbal memory performance what they found was that the top protein is much more likely to accumulate in these areas in women and this is important because this area is really prone to spreading the disease though a protein related to the disease tends to spread more quickly contributing to what appears to be a faster decline in women but there is an impact on detection knowing that the disease can present differently and progressed differently in men and women the medical community doctors need to recognize that in part maybe be more sensitive to the differences between how women present with early disease worse as men it's
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useful information for families too but it's reassuring to have that information because without that information you don't know what to do as those with a parent or sibling without timers oh say i got a are themselves more likely to develop the disease christian salumi al-jazeera and as always lots more on our website al-jazeera dot com plenty of news and analysis all they're for. all right well let's get around then of the top stories pritish prime minister boris johnson's plans to break the deadlock over brags that are facing more headwinds his brother joe johnson announced his resignation as education minister becoming the latest casualty in the political crisis and britain's high court is deciding whether to hear a case backed by former prime minister john major iran's president has enron he
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says his country will operate its energy program without limits its preparing to work on advanced centrifuges which would allow it to enrich uranium foster. as we didn't reach our desired result the atomic energy organization will now immediately start what are you with the technical needs of the country in the field of nuclear research and development we will put aside all commitments made in the field of research and development all kinds of new center futures and everything we need for enrichment are the number of people killed by hurrican dorian in the bahamas now stands at 20 and could rise further storms regain strength and is now a category 3 hurricane strength in the east coast of the united states wind speed when dorian made landfall in the bahamas was the highest on record the bahamian prime minister hubert minute says rescue operations are in full swing and has warned against looting. the stories on the council building are the disturbances. behavior and distrust. that any were.
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going to and for the search for those affected by this tragedy we will. be the person to do just. progress to the full extent of the u.s. . and nato says the u.s. service member and a remaining and soldier have been killed in a suicide car bombing in afghanistan's capital the taliban claimed responsibility for the kabul attack that killed at least 10 people and wounded dozens more but last was in an area close to foreign embassies and government buildings. turkish president richard type one is threatening to quote open the gates and allow syrian refugees into europe that is unless negotiations with the u.s. end in the creation of a safe zone in northern parts of syria turkey hosts 3 and a half 1000000 syrian refugees and it's planning to return 1000000 of those are the
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headlines we're back with more after the stream. stories generate sounds like. separate the spin from the facts the misinformation from. the listening post. protests in moscow continue for the 8th straight weekend as president vladimir putin's control of russia slipping on some u.k. and i'm really good you're in the stream whether you are in russia or outside joining us via twitter or our live chat on youtube. thousands of russians in moscow have taken to the streets this summer devolving a democratic process during sunday city council elections protests began in july
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after 30 opposition candidates were disqualified from running the council itself holds little power but a rival victory could look bad for poutine few $900.00 russia party after police crackdown on demonstrators and arrested thousands more people began attending the events out of solidarity the protests are now considered some of the biggest moscow has seen since putin returned to the presidency in 2012 meanwhile while footage of police abuse including of a student being punched in the stomach is fueling public outrage the demonstrations come at a critical time for russia as its economy is hurting from sanctions and low oil prices poutine whose popularity is sinking how does one protesters that nor an order will be maintained so who will blink 1st well joining us to discuss is retaliate milan or in st petersburg russia b. tally is a member of the better or simply russia also with us a romantic cutoff
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a robot an aids activist journalist for russian publication the insider he's based in last. battles coming in clapham ukraine finally we have yet i'll go to host and researcher at columbia university yanna is russian canadian and specializes in russian politics and i guess welcome it's going to happen ron i have to austin moscow movie i think you will know who i am doesn't seem to be that big until why i thought bone protests stop the protests of wrath violence this is for a city council why with that being such an operation i'll be taking your wife's go ahead driving test well this is really very interesting question because if if we just. measure the. most cost artists who would let a positional kind of this to participate well i think 5 or 6 maybe 10 candidates all would be in moscow busy all by them it is still
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a minority so i don't think that it would really influence russian politics so there were no real risk for the government but it's just a rule for the government so they just can't let a position or serial opposition as i mean those who can criticize putin criticize the regime they just can't let them but i suppose because it was a legitimize their slogans to legitimize opposition so i think that this just by logic alone reflects the will that these people dissipate and this why. so many people felt that they had deceived and i think for most of us these elections are not important themselves so it's just one of the reasons to go to the street and protest against the effort there and the regime itself not just because of election of friends but because because the dushan is valid everybody and freedom of the press freedom of assembly is use all of the mission more than 1000 people
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were arrested during the process. just so it's. right with constitutional rights being at the heart of it i understand from you but i think there is still some confusion online among some people about what protesters demands actually are represented in this week from margaret just that she says what are they asking for i haven't seen one article that explains that so we have a video comment or who tries to do just that this is so if you are the senior program manager for europe and eurasia at freedom house here in the u.s. and here's her take on what these protests are about i think what we're seeing at the core of these protests is a reaction of indignation thousands of people are legally told that the opposition candidates that they want to see on the ballot for the moscow city legislature are not allowed to run and therefore potentially represent the citizens so what's coming up next the election day is this sunday september 8th it's going to be
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a true test for the electoral system ahead of big girl election for the parliament and we need $21.00 and for the president 2024 so yeah she explained it pretty clearly there but can you give us the backstory to why some of these candidates wouldn't be allowed to run. gray yeah so the issue kind of began earlier in the summer when a group of oppositionists tried to register to be candidates for the selection and it started out registration they are obligated to collect nominations signatures because they're running as independents and not on behalf of little party so they need to collect the signatures of about 3 percent of residents in their districts which is about depending on the district between $5.60 people and they managed to do that in the end it in the signatures to the electoral commission in their districts along with all the other work and the commissions turned around and
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basically found fault with signatures either saying just for a fake signature and writing experts. where they said that these people don't accept. that these are dead dead souls these are dead people they were residents and so they deny all the independent opposition candidates in their registration and that caused a great deal of outrage from its supporters of the opposition and some of whom resorted to reporting comments they posted on twitter you know so and so and i signed on behalf of the skin and in my signature i'm very much alive i'm very much a resident. and so that brought more attention to this election that i'm on so. you know in general are very interested in regional elections the selection traditionally has about 20 percent turnout so it's not a really important contest but this those kneejerk reaction to disallow all
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independent candidates all potential opposition is for participation really. got people kind of eager you know involved well i'm sure. you know of move off so paul. was talking off the people who were. on. in contention for both local moscow and actions and she has been very vocal on twitter on talking about calendar she's been arrested many times she's been trying to go to the protest at one point this takes us back a couple of weeks into august she asked during our recording and i'm going to show you what happens i don't want to spoil what happens next so she is on high. alert with just such a young you by use the mighty surprised pressure of the species when we would look at them with a dash of that if you see so please if you can still. listen to somebody you
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know we're going to hear about that from. ron what you make of the waiver the police and the authorities are dealing with protesters and some of i would think i see legals but some of the most prominent independent politicians who are not allowed to compete for lunch and this coming sunday. but i think could to better understand it we should compare it with the situations when we faced the same refusal for independent get it is to be dissipated for example 10 years ago busy me myself also tried to dissipate in most elections and also they say that all the signatures i gathered were falsified that i'm not allowed etc etc but we didn't see such kind of. police violence we did see such a big protests i think what what changed is that a number of very different environment to have that. have hundreds of thousands of
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people who are ready to go to stories we see that also would his approach approval rating fell down to around 30 percent though that used to be around 60 percent so it's another environment where the government is frightened. and this why is this so emotional reacting to anybody who is trying to bring people to streets because stand a stand that it can be dangerous. people so but it was one of the candidates what she's very close to the scene about it one of the leaders of the protest so this is why. the government really feels bad because they you know how it. ended in ukraine i mean here georgia in other countries when people went to the streets after electoral fraud they just don't with their own busy authoritarian regimes. you mention that the government seems like they are afraid of these and this is what mohamed replies on twitter he says russian authorities are now blaming western
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meddling which is ultimately cause unrest in moscow but so far the protests are seen much larger than what they had been in a few years vitaly i want to bring you in here on that point the fact that these are such large protests and much larger than they have been and many many years what do you think the reason is. up one i'm. on the road. here. woman's made by so-called opposition but you have mentioned some unknown politicians a young politician sexually. a lady called said well. she has managed to collect signatures from the dead man to put her list and. because of debts schorsch was unable to participate but we had a bunch of a position candidates right now in moscow are trying to ready achieve some goals
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and social we welcome it's hard to. say to discuss this question's with those who are looking to rush right now some of them living in permanently in the west some of them fugitives in some. aggression total a tear in states like ukraine but. frankly speaking no i don't i don't see the point you know full discussion. there there's a huge but a huge number of opposition guys trying to attract the hearts of moscow citizens but all in vain because they're useless they cannot offer any interesting if agenda for the people that's why the. they're not in need and. i think that this is you know actually staged by a subaltern who are well friends so vitale's legally and we have appreciate you
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taking part in a discussion that you don't see any point of but maybe romantic perhaps you can help the tali a precinct but at least the people in russia who do. it have hired to vest the stash and get in here 1st of all outside the response on a simple sentence 1st he said that he. something to stand by this topic is discussed by the people of iran the sport is so opposite page it's the old the protests and. mr millet leaves in another city so he also does why he doesn't understand who is he speaking about well i don't know all personally old people who were arrested and i know all of it they have no signature of signatures on dead men as he said even the government is not saying that the books obit and got some signatures from dead men is only madonna's theory so i assume your question so why let it wait is different right now why so many people go into this
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research right now and it's really you're right this is the biggest protest since 2011 because there were around 60000 people on sort of square. so i think it's a sign of all busy the mood of the people is changing it's not only about moscow we see the same in other regions such as. going to school or moscow region or even in. faraway see it is in. north caucasus we see a lot of different regional purposeful bit of a different presence so i think it's just situation is changing something in the air is changing and most delicious is just one of the reasons why people get them together so point in counterpoint i hear you saying something in the air is tempting and sounds like there's a little bit of hope in your voice but i want not to diminish that help but i want to share
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a comment from someone who thinks the opposite so this is arrant but acosta he's the assistant director of her russia and eurasia program at the fletcher school of tufts university and here's his idea. the recent protests in russia have been touted as some kind of turning point in russian domestic politics by many experts but there's little indication at least not yet that any real changes are coming the protesters love growing in number are still no match for the government the authorities remain unwavering and have responded with mass detentions and propaganda according to the levada analytical center whose approval rating has sunk to as low as 64 percent this year and approval for the government has dropped to around 39 percent but the kremlin has faced similar public sentiment back in 20132000 baht there is little reason to believe that
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2019 will be a watershed moment for the system so yeah and i actually want to bring you back in here on that point because he says these protests might be significant but nothing frontals. yes so 1st just going back to the previous discussion as then to say and i you know it's been an old sort of go to lying through the regime to say that all the opposite she can do is go out and scream in the streets and of course ironically when they actually participate in the political process when they try to be candidates when they start trying to run for office they're disqualified for ridiculous reasons. it doesn't even mean that they would win a majority b.c. if they just means that they have some level of support and we got 20 some a percent of the vote in the mural action in moscow 2013 so there is some level of electoral support for the opposition in moscow i think in terms of the protests we're conflating too much here protests don't mean regime change protests you need
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a little kind of radical change but they are important this is again a very low level kind of not very interesting election traditionally has been a not a very interesting election to have between 50 and 60000 people come out early august and and protest and show their support among the people who showed up were a lot of famous rappers musicians bloggers artists actresses who were supporting. this movement and the protest and had this dual message. double space that it was both in support of the pentagon as there was also in support of the people who had been detained and who had been. in the protests before and that. and people had an emotional reaction to this detention and kind of violence used against people who came out to demand something that's that's very
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elementary just to demand to have. the right to candidates all kinds of candidates up here on the ballot. i have to say that you may you may have caught it just a little bit earlier we had a problem of a connection vitali it's unfortunate we're not able to bring him back into this conversation we will keep trying because he's worse is very important but i feel that we have lost him but what is really important is to get the perspective from president putin in august he was in france and he was asked by the international press about the protests in moscow and this was his response. and there has been you know our citizens have a right to peaceful demonstrations according to the law and authorities should ensure the realisation of these rights but no one not the authorities or any group of citizens has the right to violate existing laws bringing the situation to an absurd level or to clashes with authorities is
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a violation of the law and those who are guilty of these violations should be held responsible to see if i was that was you all present talking about the violence and the violence in the process but he wasn't really talking about my door behind him and the push for independent candidates to prolong what to actually stand i'm hearing more from the president about that now but the reason behind the protests well 1st of all i would like to absolutely agree with the president putin of the those people who are responsible for the violence should be bringing to be brought to justice and now we understand who these people are very well because during the latest protest which happened several days ago we so also like i thought dozens of 1000 people marching through the city but this time there was not police around for some reason that we know what are the steps why but this time there were no police and it went absolutely peaceful there were no arrests no klesha no one broken
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window so now we understand what makes changes so as soon as police appears in the city as soon as they start their arrests we see clashes with we see. a lot of fun rest in the city and a lot of problems so police and lots been put in of those people who were responsible for violence. and i think that they should be brought to justice and i assume your question about like a bigger reason i think that actually wasn't wouldn't understand it's very well he just doesn't want to mention it but bigger reason i think one of the biggest reasons well for these changes is a generation. will change because young people they don't watch t.v. at all not just because of propaganda but just because they don't use it because it's i would they did so that because human from ation differently then it becomes of propaganda and that's why it's very difficult it wasn't wouldn't kremlin to impose. their. usual story and to make these people
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believe that our country is like a democratic country which is progressing very quickly so so so because of this generational change and we see more and more people in the holding of these protests and on the streets you'll showed the pictures and you can easily see that most of these people are like between 17 and 25 very very young people still at 70 percent of the people who are students or even. studying in polish somewhere. and it's very difficult for the government to or to stop this threat. i hear what you're saying there i want to bring this in from yosh on twitter yes of the beam who has an interesting thread that he says that we can share on the stream for our audiences yasha writes the story that you won't read in the press is this there's almost no real ideological or political difference between neo liberal clan of all the guards and security gains and the liberal
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opposition that's now protesting against putin's rules like a lesson about me and his people he goes on to say that i talk to all sorts of people from the center of moscow from 17 to 70 year olds and if you have any real faith that the liberal opposition to putin will be any less corrupt or trustworthy than the current government if they come to power so ya know i will give this one t. you what do you make of this perspective that people don't actually think that there is any real difference. well i'm not sure that i buy into those anecdotal talking to the people on the street 1st of all the opposition in russia in so much as a it's united it's united in its pursuit of trying to participate and all it takes in russia to add plurality to all text. to make elections fair and to be able to compete in a lot of. less fraud in elections those are their overarching goals then they have
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different goals they have different political beliefs they have different political up forms i dig all of that kind of get swept away because they're just excluded from the political arena i think obviously internally like you know other places internally the opposition has its differences some people are supportive of sort of a nationalist agenda some people are not supportive of a nationalist agenda but you know various kind of different opinions on economic programs i think that's all natural that that should that should exist in a democratic country. just being looking at this twitter feed and we're looking at what's been happening to protesters who've been jailed or arrested said howard k. on my laptop i'm just curious as to what is happening to the protesters who have gone to jail so we've got one protest that surprise ratings and then looking at verses from the. russian news in the english language and the other thing
11:44 pm
a day of verdicts in moscow's case against opposition demonstrators and as a mixed bag for russia's opposition where do you think this protest might go next the elections are on sunday will they will they just stop once the elections have happened. well we see something that we already saw several years ago i would say thought was 12th after we also have this big crisis of demonstration and after that we have a lot of criminal investigations against actually random opposition or so those people who were arrested one of the leaders of the position mostly but just to the random people who were arrested for something that wasn't even well ation of the law or like this time also among these 9 people who are still in prison of those who are just an old a paper cup you know policeman or someone who just. touched.
11:45 pm
this helmet of bullets but he didn't he did he just dusted and that was enough to put him in jail and now he can be in prison for 5 years so this is how the system reacts they want to make it very clear signal to everybody that absolutely random person that so any one of you can be arrested and imprisoned for 56 years 6 years without doing anything wrong without any by elevation of the law ok but everybody should be afraid so that this is how they want to stop it just allocating some random people in prison so my man wanna thank you so much for tawny for the proof time we have to thank you very much as well but i want to leave us with this to mohamed who says russian federation cannot meet the demands of the status suppressed mass uprisings before it got too but i'm hopeful for a constructive dialogue so let's see. i must go i mean it's
11:46 pm
a poem auctions top post on sunday if you start to fall albums on i don't com for the latest after watching for next. thank you.
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thank. you. around the world powerful entities are working to manipulate and influence us trolls thoughts taking out the rhythms that athena developed and designed to push content that says click me every click we make is a value that's sought after but one and in the 3rd of a 5 part series i did raise in mexico examine how propaganda and proper shape content all through the algorithm on a jersey. there is grown in of a short time to be a trusted news source wherever you are in the world he would want to know what's going on there and find out very quickly when not looking at the news some nations
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prison. we are probably international everybody will learn something watching our coverage. be showing that we can be the best in international news and the trust and source of stories that people actually can't find elsewhere and that's going to continue. this is al-jazeera. 11 joe however when i'm come on sons of maria and this is the news hour from al-jazeera boris johnson travels to approach that region to talk up elections after the british parliament the rails his call for a new poll also in the news al-jazeera deigns exclusive access to an iranian
11:49 pm
nuclear research center as president rouhani says more commitments to the 2050 nuclear deal will be scaled back and south africa shuts its embassy in nigeria following the violence triggered by attacks on foreign owned businesses in johannesburg and pretoria and in sport my. oh yeah makes history in the asian qualifiers for the 2022 football world plus a straight sets win for rational and reached the semifinals at the u.s. open ended. so another rollercoaster day for the u.k. prime minister barak's johnson less than 24 hours after parliament both his brags the strategy and blocked plans for a snap election but johnson seems to be in campaign mode anyway is visiting a town in northern england which overwhelmingly voted to leave the e.u. and earlier he hosted the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and u.s.
11:50 pm
vice president mike pence you guys retire. so we're very grateful that the free deal is one that works. briggs it also got personal for mr johnson when his brother joe johnson announced he's quitting the government as well as parliament because of what he called torn loyalties and later another challenge this time a court hearing about the prime minister's decision to suspend parliament for 5 weeks at the end he brags that campaigner gina miller has accused him of an unlawful abuse of power off we go to westminster now here is jonah it just does not get any easier for the prime minister doesn't. no the government could hardly have got off to a worse start after the summer recess boris johnson now head of a minority administration and has no way of effectively governing in a hostile parliament he's lost 4 votes out of 4 his core campaign promise to take
11:51 pm
britain out of the e.u. on october the 31st in jeopardy now because of an opposition sponsored bill that seeks to force him to get an extension from the e.u. on october the 31st what next what more for boris johnson let me bring in my guest john mcternan former director of political operations under tony blair the labor prime minister boris johnson needs an election he needs one badly now the problem is the opposition labor party thus far refusing to give him one of your sons some mates a schoolboy error he said leaving europe by october 31st for him was do or die and he said to the labor party john i have an election you want to do and they said you know what i would rather see you die and that's his problem he opened distrust and said the labor party or my opponents can you help me out and they went you know will will leave this one so i think his problem is miscalculation he thought his momentum he's authority is an issue been taken across the finish line and now
11:52 pm
what's he got has now got his brother turning on him. they've got a big decision to make up to date in labor and these are all the opposite families really where the next week because we expect this law now to cross whether this when it's all going to be election motion comes back whether to support it next week or whether to try and hold off an extra law for after october the 31st well it's the alliance of the opposition plus tory m.p. tory revels has been around one proposition let's stop and no deal we also know the tory rebels and the opposition benches don't trust oras johnson so the thing is if they want to stop no deal that's the priority stopping the deal is the thing they have to do that's for the legislations for once no deal is definitively been stopped then they can have an election what's the urgency from the opposition's point of view it's not the opposition's got from passing legislation of the opposition who are in government or in office benoit power i think it's interesting
11:53 pm
that all the poorest got left in this cupboard is to shout chicken well it doesn't matter to the labor party they're the opposition boris johnson meant to empower the more he looks impotent the longer looks impotent i think the better for all the opposition parties labor liberal yes m.p. even and so much of his problems now come down to a real crisis of trust you pointed out their job joe johns and his brother stepping down today that's a gift to the labor party who were able to say look not even his brother trusts him but we know how much the labor party were damaged by the fact that people suspected that david miliband didn't trust brother edward on the leadership relation now we've actually got joe johnson saying i'm going to stand down to spend less time with my family because i don't trust my own brother know that he a negative character reference and there's nothing better than the somebodies in their own family saying i don't trust that man trust used to be the issue that corbett had a problem is no circling round horse johnson and in the end i think what we're
11:54 pm
dealing with is truth which is that since 2017. we've had a minority government and every time on the trains in may when she tried to x. so she had a majority she was humiliated boris johnson comes and says it's different with me he still likes things got majority he hasn't and he looks humiliated and that is the problem that the government having come have an accepted if they want to make peace they make peace in the middle ground but by expelling your own m.p.'s you're you don't seem was gone for majority of one was on sunday to majority of minus 49. client achievement in your 1st 40 days of his promises to reduce a majority at once for it and in the meantime now boris johnson as he tries desperately to get his election hemmed in on all sides even by his own promise to probe parliament next week which limits any other options he might have he's going to take every opportunity he can including this afternoon to stand up in front of the country in front of voters and rubbish jeremy corbin rubbish the opposition
11:55 pm
opposition parties and tell voters that only he can deliver bricks the problem for boss johnson is twofold one is the votes have taken their own view of the labor party down to 22 percent of the polls of the liberal party up to 20 percent in the polls and of the tory party and the tory party is from is not generally carbon the tory party from is nigel farage on 12 percent in the polls standing up for no deal breaks it boris johnson has to tell the country and parliament he wants a deal because that's a betrayal have no deal have a diff i mean if you want no deal breaks in vote for me how can boris johnson make knowledge of frosh go away he can't see it from you'll be in wakefield the south to name a leave voting constituency in the solid labor majority the only way that boris johnson's one party and one that is if they can get breaks that party voters vote for them a break to party vote has always already think boris johnson's betrayed them breaks a party voters want the real deal they want knowledge of raj. thanks for your
11:56 pm
insights and as john was pointing out we expect possibly within the half hour or so to hear johnson speaking way back to you and we'll bring that to you live on al-jazeera thank you jonah hole in westminster as we mentioned earlier boris johnson also met the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. greed on the need to stop iran from getting a nuclear weapon but you know his office had already said the 2 leaders would discuss how to repel quote terrorism and iranian aggression the trip to london was only announced on wednesday as he boarded his flight netanyahu told journalists the meeting was perfect timing to increase pressure on iran meanwhile iran's president says his country's energy program will now operate without limits to hands preparing to take its 3rd major step in scaling back its commitments to the 2050 nuclear deal to the united states imposed new sanctions for the 3rd time in a week or so rounds are preparing to begin work on advanced centrifuges these would
11:57 pm
allow it to enrich uranium at a faster rate that would shorten the time it needs to have enough material to build a nuclear weapon if tara chooses to do so in july iran abandoned 2 of its other nuclear commitments that was the increasing stockpiles of enrich uranium and a cap on how pure those stocks could be so runnels announced it would step up its production of uranium back in may but denied it had any intention of building a nuclear weapon here is the latest from president hassan rouhani. as we didn't reach our desired result the atomic energy organization will now immediately start what he with the technical needs of the country are in the field of nuclear research and development and we will put aside all commitments made in the field of research and development all kinds of new center fusion and everything we need for enrichment that al-jazeera has also been granted rare access to the only a nuclear research for. the in iran where the controversial 20 percent enrichment
11:58 pm
uranium is being used dosage of already has this exclusive report from the teheran nuclear research reactor. this is the reason iran says its nuclear program needs 20 percent enriched uranium to keep its 1st nuclear reactor working. the center of the 5 megawatt reactor does all the work its source is a number of chemical elements which scientists here call a fuel assembly before it came into use in 2009 iran had to import 20 percent enriched uranium from argentina you know i go back to this reactor originally used 90 percent of fuel in the past produced by an american company that it was realized reactors likeness could work with 20 percent fuel as well so to change all reactors in a way to use 20 percent field including our reactor in 1903. but since iran began producing its own uranium rival powers have objected their concern to without technology
11:59 pm
reaching those higher grades of enrich uranium above 90 percent would mean being able to produce a nuclear weapon would be achievable during this tightly supervised visit officials repeatedly state iran's government is only interested in nuclear energy and not arms several nuclear scientists have been assassinated and employees here hide their identity for safety the higher quality chemical elements or isotopes iran says it needs are made here they've arrived through an underground tunnel from the main reactor by the radio isotopes are produced here in these cells when they're sent back from the reactor it is cuts in solid number one and sent to the episodes according to the type of radioisotopes and the process continues that in some cases we have to extract the main material from the original material the isotopes then come here for further purification they are all then packed in special containers and sent to medical facilities in iran and to other countries. these radioactive
12:00 am
isotopes can be used to detect blood clots and to treat and kill cancer cells and officials here say they're used to treat more than a 1000000 patients in iran each year the international atomic energy organization regularly visits the site and says iran has been complying with the 2015 nuclear deal agreed with 6 world powers until now it stopped after the united states withdrew from the group last year and impose additional sanctions on iran officials here say the european signatories have yet to uphold their commitments and say that's why iran is scaling back on its obligations but there's another reason too this reactor was built in the late 1960 s. but the nuclear agreement that was signed in vienna 4 years ago means that it's improvements were put on hold now its future could very well determine whether iran stays in the 2015 agreement a future for this nuclear program.


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