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tv   The Listening Post 2019 Ep 32  Al Jazeera  September 8, 2019 5:32pm-6:01pm +03

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regularly just 11 time in the day you know because you know they cannot eat they get they have to participate in the online games and they cannot find the time to eat something you know and the because of the you know the they sometime with lose their weight and suffer from malnutrition and so those kind of things if i try school a school boy spends. they. clearly stoop to 3 hours the computer if not more gaming. and that number of hours could go all the way up to 16. on his days off we'd you consider that child an addict this is called tolerance you know when we start to play games you know they are satisfied with playing only 2 of us but in the course of time you know they cannot be satisfied with just you know play for 2
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hours or so then they have to increase the number of games. and this is part of the this is the part of the cyst symptoms which is typical of addiction we cannot in a say whether he is addicted to gaming or not by just looking at number was. games would you say that it is a source of concern and needs to be monitored because if at 12 years old. he or she prefers to stay at home not go out and have very little social life and play that it could develop into something much more severe in a few years or do you think it's just maybe. that age when you turn from child to pre-birth t. and you know every boy or girl or trouble that if we diagnose
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you make diagnosis of a game we disorder the patient needs to show at least pretty fundamental or or can a characteristic symptoms you know one is loss of control i think you know if we play 16 hours you know you may say you may think that he loses you know control over gaming and the 2nd these the gaming is prioritize prioritize in life of course you know if you ask him what is the most important thing for you in your life he he will respond to you gaming gaming 1st and then the 3rd the 3rd or you know symptom is the you know to continue in cleese the gaming be here despite the veto by the problem he has there's another credit which is.
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because of gaming he suffers from severe functional impairment in school. and in the family and life so you've met many of such patients. behind that is there a deeper issue i mean sometimes from what i understand when you speak to drug addicts or alcoholics it is a way to to now maybe some deeper and deeper separates you think gaming is the same thing or gaming is actually much more superficial as an addiction nearly 80 percent of patients with gaming do soda are either genea were senior high school students in the ratio. or boys 2 girls is usually 88 to one or something and so they have
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a little limited experience you know in life so they usually do not have the deeper you know background you know why they become you know addicted to gaming and then when we see a patient with gaming a disorder home or wait with other mental disorders such as a d h d and you know the asperger syndrome we need to take care of not only giving abuse of the but also you know other mental health disorders what is the success rate to get someone out of this addiction and how long is that process very good question. we have not conducted you know outcome study. so again or tell me any i could at the you know estimation but. when we see a patient with a gaming disorder we strongly recommend him or her to give up
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play games anymore if they agree to do that the usually their outcome is quite good but if they do not want to stop gaming completely and they want if they want to reduce the amount of hours and games the outcome is in this a good it isn't typically the problem of addiction whether it's alcohol drugs or now gaming is that you tell a person you need to stop and he's mentally maybe they know but they're not able to isn't that one of the core issues yes that's right but in the case of gambling or in the case of our core dependency to do my jury patients are told they can't understand the situation they are put in and they need they can understand why they have to stop drinking and stopping the gambling in the so force but in the case of
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you know schoolboy girls they cannot understand that if we push too much they were drop out from a treatment so this is the very big issue for us. and. we we have to think about the balance between you know how how do we push at the same time we need to you know avoid the patient. from. looking at us. she was so cool right i started gaming when he was in kindergarten he has effectively played his entire life and he sometimes can't find time to do anything else then membered your normal day how does it look like. they're so.
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sick of possible people still game a lot so you know you know. juniors you could get the mother needed and if you play every day a little bit must listen another coup on a disc you don't. mind if they go up but he seems ok so what would be the shortest amount. you play and what would be the longest. the one who took you know more than paul whenever. he's used to conduct are. just sitting at that desk for 20 hours. plus all the. monies you counted to start out because you can son's your god so you just move to go to the bathroom or maybe to get a glass of water. listening and you do anything else do you work do a study do you do anything else you will toss
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a night do you think this amount of time you spend gaming is good for you you could do what he. does and i don't want that also known. so many in the how this game where you took this it was as you can that was and that. you couldn't manage and i got them when you feel happy. and what exactly do you like about the games. so you need to know that my union i don't. know we did a nothing of it then the calm of the storm he shows. us you not them with us do you think that because of all this time you spend gaming you are missing out on other things in life. so you don't think that sometimes instead of playing you should be out with your friends being in the fresh
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air you should maybe be travelling you prefer to stay here and a monstrous needing of us can know it but you need to. keep. coming you couldn't and i cannot them doing that and what did your parents say. about it and your girlfriend well you know between them to me tonight she doesn't prefer to go out with you she likes to wait for you here while you're playing. to think you are more so no game way at the end of statistics medically doctors say that people who play as much as you do are somehow addicted do you feel that you are addicted. you don't think that all of this could be negative for you. and tonight you can escape.
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some commas in the data. you set up the. game that you studies to. know that. i don't play if you were to tell me. or tried to convince me to start gaming this scribe to me was it is. difficult to buy a business buddies and. my studio must as a new york you're going to go there so never have to look out. at the. door do it in when you see. there was another type of god in the game and i got there and so as you steal a book or scuse me or i spend 3 hours in front of a computer my eyes hurt my head is like this flashing you don't get that. it's what's getting some coming around i got many times that he needs to go that's
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also getting there what are you if you were to give advice to someone young who also loves gaming what would you say ma game place or box. i mean i don't know. but being cuticle is a county so the more it's in there the book as he says with their team are. all stand there so no more fun or they're being you're being killed game a game where it's. loneliness. and it's got more to the higher good as medicare cuts and so game of those you can think you need this but the challenges they're facing right was parents are hopeful they will be able to work with their son to make sure he can live a normal life reader to give you a myth. because.
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every believe in god going to bring to the team to do it again with sort of a new school the deputy give him up we're made out of a.b.c. and you were telling me earlier that you were concerned that he was changing a bit he was maybe slightly more aggressive. in. his own. kind. but. you're also giving him the house i wanted to hold into and i hope. it's not not in the. book so that. if i say go back to. the. us just looking ahead what do you feel that. you have the power to change things you know how to change things. must.
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pass. so. to most of us who are not it. this is not. connected but another thing to point out all this is much of their. so called on to have but it. must come to. the. he must get them. over the decades millions of arabs have moved from the middle east many refugees but others economic migrants taking their skills abroad. al-jazeera world meets 2
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doctors who force near lives in a struggle and the u.s. . never forgetting their roots. but each committed to building a new life helping others. arabs abroad the surgeons on al-jazeera. if you want to learn what the world might look like very soon regards 100 and hungary's in the stream example of the predicament the whole world is going through. since mass immigration story we had haunch clashes with you because yours and the problem is that the culture of that is. harsh so it's a rating the us is or is not comfortable with european culture this is not by food fascist. triumphal march. dreams of conquest and of global tried. this is very very uneventful
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collide towards the precipice without resistance we are past the danger has already happened. it was then just 10 years ago. now this is it. a new political sitcom after 27 years of dictatorship that going to destroy them that we have can we overcome it challenges here looks at the new democracy in ethiopia is fast changing political landscape through the stories of food diversity of europeans simply this is my studio where i shoot the sitcom. my ethiopia on al-jazeera. latest news as it breaks the problem is that in many cases those fires get out of
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control with detailed coverage to protests just didn't seem to be fighting and neither does the police's determination to suppress the movement from around the world most of these vehicles carry syrians fleeing from the south of the border and the influx causes a huge traffic jam in the all of the overloaded city of ethnic. donald trump says his counseling a secret meeting with the u.s. in the u.s. with the taliban and the afghan president because of an attack in kabul. play watching al-jazeera with me fully back to board live from doha also ahead a new rx it problem for u.k. prime minister boars johnson
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a 2nd cabinet minister quits accusing him of political vandalism. wanting washington's attention thousands march on the u.s. consulate in hong kong calling for congress to pass a bill that could help their protests and peace returns to nigeria's umpire region after decades of violence that killed thousands of people. thank you for joining us donald trump s council secret meetings with taliban leaders because of a bomb attack which killed 12 people including a u.s. soldier the u.s. president tweeted unbeknownst to almost everyone the major taliban leaders and separately the president of of afghanistan were going to secretly meets with me at camp david on sunday and fortunately in order to build force. leverage they admitted to an attack in kabul that killed one of our great so soldiers and 11 other people i immediately called off peace negotiations and the taliban claimed
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responsibility for thursday's suicide bomb attack saying a foreign military convoy was the target the blast destroyed cars in chops not far from the u.s. embassy and the headquarters of afghanistan's intel international military force has been no letup in attacks despite taliban and u.s. to negotiate is reporting progress in months of talks hosted by qatar and the afghan president he has praised the efforts of the united states and other allies to try to bring a lasting peace tony berkeley has more from kabul. privately i think the afghan government is pleased that these talks are being canceled but officially they are thanking the americans for their efforts in these peace negotiations and they have stressed that the only way to getting and meaningful peace in afghanistan is through nonviolence they want the taliban to stop fighting they want to ceasefire something that has never been agreed between the americans and the taliban and they want to hold direct talks with the taliban this is something the taliban has always
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refused they call the afghan government a puppet of the americans and they refused to talk to them of course with this draft peace agreement if it was signed it would then lead to direct talks in some form with the afghan government but there are concerns now the afghan government wants an end to the what the fighting it wants then meaningful talks to go ahead and the big question is where does this now leave us the taliban we understand that having high level meetings of their own they can go 2 ways they can either say yes hang on the americans are serious let's go back to the negotiating table with something more to offer because so far they could see did very little or it can lead to an escalation of the conflict everyone here has been concerned at the pace of these peace negotiations that have 9 meetings in a year quite an achievement getting them around the table in the 1st place but the americans have being accepting too little from the taliban that's the overriding opinion so they want more from the taliban before we will get
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a meaningful peace but there is still here now an edge to this city people are concerned that the attacks which have increased in the recent days and weeks may increase even further. let's get the feel of in designer kadima now he's director of center of the center for peace and development studies and he's also former a former advisor to the afghan high peace council he joins us live from kabul thank you very much for being with us the taliban have been carrying out attacks throughout the negotiations with the u.s. so what do you make of this tweet from the u.s. president calling off the meeting because of thursday's attack how big of a setback is it. i think the snarky and hawkish tweet from donald trump is not something new for afghans and for the word do you have such kind of experience. with kim jong. un in pakistan they call him friend and. i think he would have you back his comment guarding that piece i would
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not call it love because it's a cancellation or termination i would call or suspension of the talk it would go back but it's more psychological from the u.s. government over the taliban to concede a number of incentives for the government of the united states so it's momentary from donald trump in it will go back to normal situation so you think this is just a negotiating tactic from the from the americans but the afghan government reacted a short while ago by saying that he's committed to a permanent peace it must be some what we need though that this meeting was canceled. well the taliban leadership and also the american side and also the of going to go to all of these 3 sides committed a number of strategic dog in the stakes neither side are decent truly so far in that peace deal all of them are saying that peace should be my way
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or highway there should be option or no option that's a mistake committed by all but now if we want to have a permanent peace a last in peace as you said we have to be conceding incentive for all all the time we say what do you have done instead of asking what we have done what are you are giving we are giving so these critical questions are not asked by by each other so we have to be a little bit sober or indecent in such kind of complicated conflict situation it's not happening right now so who whose you know decision is it makes who and what do you expect the next step of the taliban to be are we going to see an escalation of the conflict as a result of this pause. taliban has never see their violence is in afghanistan i think the recent village in 2 attacks has been the sign of violent. acts and attacks in afghanistan they will do what they would like to do in able to
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do what the united states in the afghan government are doing these 2 sides are also not playing their role sometimes to keep all the things dark with themselves some time. defining things in an indirect way which is not clear for the nation i think it's a it's a very mixed signal situation for all the sides taliban are doing what they have to do but it doesn't mean that we have to stay all the time in a way to see attitude we have to change your mood to in come up with the right to be that is responsive to the need thank you very much for speaking to us in design live there in kabul thank you for your time. another british government minister has resigned in protest at the break said strategy of prime minister boris johnson work and pensions secretary amber right to quit both the government and the conservative party she voted to stay in the european union during the directed referendum 3 years ago she told the b.b.c.
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she resigned because 80 to 90 percent of the government's planning is going into a no deal break said i have not seen enough work going into actually trying to get a deal when earlier in the week i asked number 10 for a summary of what the planning was for actually getting a deal i was sent a one page summary so it's the combination of the fact that there's not enough work going into actually getting a deal which is i think is not what the prime minister signed up to try to do and secondly the expulsion of 21 of my colleagues who are more to conservatives alex to roy to is director of the center for breakfast studies at birmingham city university he says boris johnson is running out of options and may be forced to resign. if you really want to put it in context the previous significance of this would be in person of a conservative party it's that. group i have the longest serving in 3 of stuart's conservative group is life has made it clear he would rather support jeremy coogan as labor leader. prime minister at least
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a part of france in paris really is that severe the upshot of this is there is no economy entry make smart or don't get the rx he wants next up the bill an amendment to get the extension from processed into chien or use a sort of minimum looks set to become law on monday so he's really a face that 2 options and he can either be signed and go to the queen and ask it of . us very cool to try and form a government in a great program or cryo. or great lord great defeat needs to go down the line that you are if you see it because you know across from extensive across new york city is really running out of i think the very narrow groups residing in programming that who are going to try and form a majority to stave off feel a bit of an election to hong kong now where thousands of protesters have marched to the u.s. consulates they want u.s. politicians to pass legislation allowing sanctions to be imposed on hong kong made as sunday's marcelo's more violence between police and protesters on saturday
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that's despite chief executive carol lam borrowing to months of pressure and abandoning the proposed law on extraditing suspects to china let's get an update from our correspondent in hong kong diego patten i so did you what's the turnout like this sunday and what's been happening with these protests at the u.s. embassy. indeed foley i need to 1st explain to you what is happening right here behind me just not long ago i would say 2030 minutes ago we saw thousands of peaceful poor protesters here protesting towards the u.s. consulate marching with their families and children people of all ages but since then they have been really replaced by the young radical protests that we have grown so used to seeing what they're doing is so on my right side they're pulling out the bricks from the road on my left side they're smashing a railway station breaking the windows there they say they're doing this because
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some of the protesters today have been arrested now i can't verify that but they say that is the reason why they are doing this they're also been clashes with riot police at the train station earlier so that very peaceful protests which tens of thousands of people could a march has now changed into what we've been seeing might be what has been might these scenes here of these young radical massed unhelmeted protesters facing off destroying public property and then later on facing off with police so far they have been as i've said trying to pull out bricks from the roads they've been gathering over here we've also seen them spray paint words on the streets and along the walls calling on or saying to liberate hong kong. what is the protesters try to now david because the government has met one of their key demands which was to withdraw the contentious extradition bill and yet still protesting
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what is a strategy and what is there and game. this is the thing foley it's really hard to figure out exactly how they're playing this out because there is no need or to this protest what we saw today was momentous probably the largest number of protesters in recent weeks marching peacefully calling on the u.s. to be part of hong kong's push for greater freedom center preserve itself on me now that's been really replaced once again by these radical protestors who are destroying public property who are very willing to face off with wide police calling on the government for accountability the focus of the process has moved dramatically in the past 3 months it started off with that extradition bell with people protesting against that bill that would allow hong kong suspects to be tried in mainland china since then that the months have grown and they've grown into hong kong being able to choose its not only chooses.


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