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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 251  Al Jazeera  September 9, 2019 10:32am-11:01am +03

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up niamey in no doubt of it i'm a could see anywhere you look thought he had a child as love most would and the professor that robbed me i laser. i think that as an instructor's professor one of the greatest achievements we can have as teachers is to have a student that becomes better than us to give that student the tools to learn and to build upon what we have taught and mohamad has been one of the street students he has taken the skills that i have taught him that he learned from his other mentors at new york university and he has gone out into practice and he has begun to do these procedures and he's done very well seizures so as a professor who has had the opportunity to teach somebody like that in to see him develop into an incredible young physician and take these skills and treat patients and save lives is think greta's joint i can have as of us.
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on the southern shore of lake eddy one of america's great lakes mines cleveland being so far north close to the canadian border it is also one of the called the cities in the united states. cleveland has a reputation as a center for medical research at tracking specialists from across the world including jordanian cardiologist dr mohammed has seen. a lot of undefined and stumbled in no chill out the clear up that in yemen our best so artemov year at the monitor going to learn. a lot of theater. and of course see how. but if there are blue flares of the year then mr manager at this western or charlotte daniel here is the i.d.f. one of the most horrid film just him. will cast a hit at that i bought it. kawai if i lift your amily afghan attire to scare mina
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one of them in homely who is a very general pearson who can. be mia and already can't you has a lot can be electric in store and she has the vulcan of the lowest possible south consortium model for one more living alone general pearson in germany limited solitude bought or condemn a taffy. tab at a very limited kiya or am at a clip clip on how or i'm i'm i'm a little my mind body. on how to. talk about gnome dilating when they brought in dr who deary you know he says ok well for my birthday you know the surgery is today's my birthday for my birthday i want to save your life and i say thank god i believe in you let's go for the surgery of successful doctor year he is in my eyes the greatest physician that ever lived and not because he's just
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a great surgeon it's because how he cares about his patients as it were. me and the best of the debt dunham how much did just the had to do and matt damon has me elsewhere that isn't a bill i'm any good at the head of tackle so if then and really how many years i'm messing. been people i will mean it's been 9 and i know with a few me but the admin law many years conan and they have one image they don't. appear in your tiny left nor. with caught. up with the key in life on will android bill virtual reality will augment of reality in iraq and if there are the lad and in short. if you watch the minority.
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there's a typical 000 power in the mob i could keep them can be a limb ones but but what it was a gd. i'm an old female without them what the hey they were and i'm a nephew measured if they can rosa. and i we would feel i love cuban just like my bob when she will to me is allowed back at the. shotgun feel to be the bana. to be fun to get out of men to the reality to me is all but to do funny most with it on them but law 3 dimensional figure.
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which physical assault on the by then to. be sure but he must have been shy on who i'm a sec it wouldn't have had none in how i'd manage in the nest it took the kind i thought i thought i am. and more time in the what does he already. believe measure this. same thought upon. c.f. us go to similar let me have it out the law that the she is. allowed to have been done to me don't want to give but that's about all that i'm a slimy and best teacher award i'm not going to be boston latonia how to lobby you mean you could. be a prop. and you. you
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know morning everybody i'll be here sure let me know how it was sad though to feel if. i'm not far. come on boys. like sandra chandler cattanach crossed little me about it's very kind of demand if you want the ministry in how are you me or should i'm still up. at that young i'm not going to smack here and up fall and want to do better than the german to fear from. sin or from starch or we on him and chris and i have been lost and some are lost and a fundraiser on the father one hour and next to michael on the island the fundraiser that way that 100 percent of the president didn't want any much code or more homework did i let me get a 4 or have more subject it out of the don't you side is how do i. get this would
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again come out. even though he has lived in the united states for many years his spirit is still very much untoward and whenever he can talk to has she takes a break from his many commitments in medical science to spend time with his family and a man. who was on. the men watch how we're going to put on the more you know your men can involve be more tomorrow if you want and i will force on in your and. then i lead a muslim ha i was with a few black men on. how well. i was. the floor done as frequently as possible.
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and not let them. and i need in any way. that he will who are liberal from. sharpening from a dossier on me we journal news readers why that will and i mean their selfish idea and the video for them. doesn't look like a what would that have been horrible. but she's really been awful really in the last 2 whom can rule some. i mean couldn't home. without the how thin home have been some shining maybe out of you joe joe you know how much. me where. i'm the thumb is.
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only me on the whole work and the. i mean the love. me and i. had to be had and i'm a lot further left. wow to 50 years of dual meant that then i thought i cannot think saudi have been i thought little of. suddenly is. or was can. can have the is man an ability other. than who was lee. and damon and about the sending of damon how you could have to salute and demand a title swallowed up i got out of the below list. muscle in the how
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to belittle could i'll be away and you have to do it and get a new. man had many enough of the world to see and if you cleveland and the amazing media and the of the car you. and i'll do identify. the rock and the night early on but i like the music even though most of my lobby to be officially out to be a meter. for the limit was a mile. dr has shitty and doctor and well that is the iraqi author p.d.f. surgeon working in australia have much in common both traveled far from the middle
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east to build a new life helping other. shit. to tell me more and to. what we're going to do which is to have a small elissa. and then from there we're going to find both in their own ways have been very successful but just as relevant is the fact that they remain deeply rooted to their add up heritage their backgrounds have shaped both surgeons as they play since lives with great skill and compassion their work continues today.
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0 world meets 2 out of immigrants who left the middle east and built exceptional lives overseas. weaving into the fabric of society of their adoptive countries finding success in germany and canada yet never forgetting their homelands of syria and lebanon remarkable human stories of arabs abroad the politician and the inventor on al-jazeera.
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hello again and welcome back well here across the central and southern part united states we are watching the temperatures rise over the next few days actually above average for this time of year we are mid september and what we're going to see is actually temperatures into the mid thirty's for some locations dallas here on monday at 35 degrees kansas city at 32 and on tuesday we're going to be seeing chicago well above average at about 31 degrees they're below average though unfortunate for southern canada you can be seeing some wet conditions as well as temperatures for winnipeg at 13 and calgary at about 9 degrees there where you cross central america it is going to be the rain over the next few days and that is actually going to be increasing as we go towards tuesday really not looking too bad as we are here looking at a forecast map here on monday but by the time we do get to tuesday we're going to see more rain across mexico as well as central america guatemala mexico city managua all seeing very heavy showers as we end the day on tuesday there and then down towards south america since you aren't temperatures were quite warm they are
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beginning to come down as we go towards tuesday we're going to start here on monday at $39.00 degrees well above average but by the time we get towards tuesday that is coming down to about 30 but a beautiful and warm day over here towards rio at 30 degrees as well and $41.00 is out as it is going to be rainy and a little cooler with attempt a few 15 degrees. rewind returns with a new series and brand new updates on the best of out to sirius documentaries resting. easy on the. rewind continues with saving sweat and seeing the light 10 years later the plight of your average person for a community in south africa is no better this is a great motivator for us to keep giving back to these communities on al-jazeera. in this life the most incredible stories are often true.
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and sharing going experiences. makes the on from new york for me or. in this life diversity makes a difference understanding the importance of being part of something much greater than ourselves and this laurie what i want to use is freedom of expression. the right to mortgage. the march to the golf course. because you're destroying the desire to understand the. make sure she. and the human condition is universal. for the congolese the journey to work at all aboard means unimaginable hardship i
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prefer to live out the just and the i've got the thing to chance a good life and live on a dangerous journey through the jungle. i fell on to the rails with a nearly died. this of our children go to school and live because of a prank risking it all the democratic republic of congo on al-jazeera. al jazeera. you're watching the news hour life from the headquarters in doha i'm day navigator coming up in the next 60 minutes the afghan taliban says the u.s. has more to lose after donald trump abruptly canceled secret peace talks in the
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u.s. . in hong kong pro-democracy protesters appealed for support from the united states . we'll tell you why russia's opposition called for a protest vote instead of a boy cards in sunday's regional elections. the u.k. parliament may force boris johnson to seek your bricks an extension but france warns that even if he does a yes shouldn't be taken for granted. hello the taliban says the u.s. has the most to lose from donald trump's decision to cancel a secret meeting with the president blamed a series of recent taliban attacks for his shock announcement and the u.s. secretary of state my pompei o says negotiations are dead at least for now rob reynolds will have more from washington shortly but 1st tony berkeley reports from kabul. president trump's early morning tweet canceling the meeting with the taliban
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surprised many including the afghan government but it has actually welcomed the decision the main goal of our piece is is a ceasefire and indicted negotiation with the taliban so these 2 components are very important. the taliban refuses to talk directly with the afghan government who she regards as illegitimate and corrupt but it did agree to negotiate with the u.s. these forces invaded afghanistan 18 years ago after the 911 attacks on america there have been 9 rounds of talks it's october last year but during that time taliban fighters have carried out numerous attacks and suicide bombings and america has also continued its air campaign who just hit the taliban but this year has also caused the biggest number of civilian casualties the latest taliban bombing was in kabul last thursday in which 12 people were killed including an american soldier 2
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days later the u.s. president in a tweet ditched what he said was going to be a secret meeting at camp david. even as the taliban was claiming responsibility for thursday's attack zalmay khalilzad the u.s. chief negotiator was only way to katter for further talks that were later described as positive but the afghan government said the talks gave the taliban recognition the taliban has responded angrily to trump canceling the talks in a statement released on its website they said the agreement was finalized on saturday both sides agreed to all points they talked about intra afghan talks to begin on september the 23rd but warned that their struggle will continue and the u.s. would suffer more the u.s. has been criticized for offering the taliban too much for raising fears that the country could descend into civil war once the bulk of american forces withdraw if there is a new agreement between the problem in the united states government about the role of the party fighting forces. that will be devoid of worth and not
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only part of pakistan that will be there for the world situation part of that region and the international community and that is something that troubles many afghans. we know the taliban is not trustworthy and they do whatever they want and they misuse islamic laws in a terrifying way this country won't be better with them in the government. we are free of the taliban come out not only will women's rights be violated but also all human rights. all sides appear to agree that militarily they can be no winner in this conflict but also achieving a lasting peace is not going to be easy either where this leaves the peace process is anyone's guess it depends largely on what the taliban chooses to do next either escalate the violence or return to the negotiating table in a different frame of mind afghanistan waits to see which one it will be tony berkeley al-jazeera kabul. talks between the u.s.
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and the taliban are dead at least for the time being following donald trump surprise cancellation of a secret summit with taliban leaders at the president's retreat at camp david we made real progress and then the taliban failed to live up to a series of commitments that they had made when that happened president trump said i'm not going to take that deal i'm not going to work with someone that can't deliver on their commitments pump a also said the u.s. special envoy for afghanistan is being recalled and he warned that things are about to get worse for the taliban after fighters took responsibility for a suicide bomb attack that killed 12 people in kabul last week including a u.s. soldier trumps national security adviser john bolton and republican party politicians have been dubious about the nearly year long negotiations hosted by cantars saying taliban leaders are not to be trusted it doesn't seem to get better but i'm sure it will get worse if we leave frankly i think backing away from where
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we were just dealing with the taliban is the right thing to do leaving troops there for right now is the right thing to do democrats criticize trumps negotiating style saying he doesn't take advice from experts that our president isn't listening to his generals to his diplomats to the intelligence community frankly that's largely why general mattis for whom i have huge respect resigned in protest was our president tendency to make a brought decisions without knowing the context or the region and without relying on the advice of the skilled diplomats and generals we have trump has promised to withdraw around $14000.00 u.s. troops based in afghanistan failure to fulfill that pledge could have adverse political consequences in the presidential election a little over a year from now whether the talks are truly dead remains to be seen pompei own noted that trump has employed similar tactics before only to resume negotiations later he walked away and annoy. from the north koreans when they wouldn't do
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a deal that made sense for america will do that with the iranians when the chinese moved away from the trade agreement with the talks on hold the longest war in u.s. history will continue to drag on approximately 2400 u.s. service members have died in afghanistan since 2001 and more than 100000 afghan civilians soldiers and fighters have lost their lives robert oulds al jazeera washington lawrence korb is the former assistant secretary of defense and is now a senior fellow at the center for american progress he says it's going to be difficult to get the peace talks. well you hope that we can get back to the negotiations but the fact of the matter is that while ambassador cole eels that has been negotiating with the taliban they've been doing all of these horrible things so it's not like the violence has stopped so therefore when trump basically want to head and planned
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this meeting that had already happened and as secretary of state pompei o said this morning well we've killed a 1000 people while this has been going on so both sides have not cut back on their . they're using military force to it while the negotiations are going on because both sides to try no enhanced their position well it's going to be tough because i don't know if the taliban having been publicly you merely aided a want to come back to the table we know that the gone to the government basically has been cut out of the process of up to now so they they don't want to go ahead so it's going to be very difficult to get these peace talks back on on on track and again this is something that i hope the trumpet thought about before he got this group together and then of course having having cancelled it in what's become a familiar pattern a day of protest in central hong kong that began peacefully has ended in chaos
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police firing tear gas to disperse people who blocked roads that barricades on fire and vandalized the metro as station earlier large crowds rallied without incident at the u.s. consulate some holding signs calling on president trump to liberate the chinese controlled territory from hong kong today gopalan has more. this is one of hong kong's me shopping districts you see a very busy place on a sunday night and as you can see it's been brought to a standstill with white police over here blocking the road state saying the protesters here from the financial district and try to disperse them using tear. among the shoppers and the crowds on a sunday night not long ago we saw people running with small children without any protection away from the tear gas so instead of just protesters here confronting the police what we're seeing is regular shoppers and regular people trying to
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confront the police so often why they're using such excessive force when there are people who have nothing to do with the protests this has been a constant or feign and this has been the next step in the protests that we are seeing where people want police accountability for their actions this is in stark contrast to the protests we saw earlier today when thousands of people marched to the u.s. embassy calling on the u.s. to push through a bill that would give them greater powers to safeguard hong kong the tanami. russia has held controversial regional elections after weeks of protests over independent opposition candidates being banned from running the vote is seen as a litmus test for national elections 2 years from now and the popularity check for the country's ruling party united russia fossum reports earlier hugo so ball has become the face of a new protest movement in moscow the 31 year old lawyer was banned from running in
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the election for the city's regional parliament and has been arrested several times for organizing protests even though her name is not on the ballot she still had stood a polling station the opposition led by election i decided that a so-called smart fold that's a vote against the ruling united russia party of president vladimir putin would be more effective than boycotting the elections altogether the but yes legal so it's a protest vote it's not a vote for your candidate would go to the street was a protest and now we won't and protest it is a form of protest to show that we disagree with the politics of the current authorities. sundays. election follows weeks of some of the largest protests seen in russia for years tens of thousands of demonstrators urging the government to let her and other independent opposition candidates run riot police reacted by arresting 106 protesters have been sentenced up to 5 years in prison president
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putin justified the arrest by saying protesters broke the law because they didn't have a permit he also doesn't see a problem in van in the fandom opposition candidates who are in some countries there are 30 or 50 or 100 candidates because of their work does not change from this it's not quantity but quality that is important i think that we have decent candidates but some russians say that despite a decades long rule of the united russia party something could change because of the protests. i'm voting for the 1st time my life why i don't know i think before i did not fear my importance i did not think you can change anything now it appears that we cannot prove. in most cases a protest vote against united russia will be a vote for the communist the 2nd largest party in russia this may look like a democratic election but a few things are missing most importantly the names of independent opposition can.


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