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tv   Arabs Abroad The Politician The Inventor  Al Jazeera  September 10, 2019 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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on al-jazeera. i know that list of all in london with the top stories on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump says he has 5 his national security adviser john bolton have a disagreements about foreign policy mike hanna reports we think the sanctions are biting john bolton was the 3rd national security adviser appointed by president trump since taking office and he's the 3rd to resign after much speculation of imminent firing bolton brought to the white house decades of experience in foreign policy and a hawkish disposition that had never wavered. he served as ambassador to the united nations under george w. bush from 2005 to 2006 and use that position to continue to justify the u.s.
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invasion of iraq that he had relentlessly advocated a few years before madam president he returned to the un alongside president trump as national security adviser during the general assembly session last year and once again made his presence felt we've imposed very stringent sanctions on iran more are coming. and what we expect from iran is massive changes in their behavior around here certain national security control of the u.s. mission at the u.n. effectively downgrading the role played by ambassador nikki haley who resigned within months of his appointment what many diplomats say is that it's very hard to get clear decisions out of the u.s. mission to anyone at present and that is probably because bolton and other members of the administration are fighting over what policy lines to take for the secretary so good thing while the administration appeared united in its america 1st policy
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some differences began to emerge particularly with regard to north korea chairman kim asked for this meeting president trump agreed with bolton adopted that take a toll leave it attitude to negotiations leading to north korean complaints that he was undermining the policy of dialogue at the catered by both president trump and secretary of state mike pompei or the iranian regime has systematically pursued a policy of hostility toward the united states and the apparent moment of real division as he'd done in years past a national security adviser began to press for active regime change in iran. characterizing the shuttle deployment of the u.s. be to the region as in his words a clear and unmistakable message to the iranian regime the said odds with the white house policy in which the focus was morning exerting economic pressure through sanctions. after weeks of discussion it was confirmed that additional troops would be sent to the region but numbering hundreds rather than the 10s of thousands had
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bunked and was believed to be pressing for president trump denied there was friction within his cabinet i think it's fake ok now what i do that absolutely but we have that word for that hopefully will not get out the plan for that and if we did that would send a hell of a lot more troops and that the final straw perhaps a sardonic comment by a principal adviser to the iranian president who wrote in a tweet at real donald trump you want to the better deal with iran looks like you're going to get a war instead that's what happens when you listen to the mr bush good luck in 2020 john bolton is now on his way out his mustache intact his dream of regime change shattered mike hanna al-jazeera washington israeli media say rocket fire briefly cut short on election rally by prime minister binyamin netanyahu just hours after he announced he would alex parts of the occupied west bank if he's reelected
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israel's military said it intercept to 2 rockets from the gaza strip but there is no claim of responsibility that yahoo has been criticised for his promise to take control of the jordan valley with the arab league saying it will undermine the peace process at least 31 pilgrims have been killed in one of the most sacred sites in share islam iraqi officials say around 100 others were injured when a walkway collapsed and caused a stampede in the holy city of karbala. and pro-democracy protesters in hong kong if you use a football match against iran to highlight their cools demonstrators gathered outside the world cup qualifier and sign a prank protests all over the chinese national anthem and those are the latest headlines al-jazeera world is coming next. illo .
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the. emigration a fact of life for many ins of people from the arab world for now live approach to conflict past security and economic factors have caused many arabs to leave not just for europe but also for africa australia and america as. we know much about their journeys but what happens to them afterwards. syria not now i know who would now lives in germany where he's
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a successful designer off tech science machinery but fast feisal is often lebanese origin with family connections to south america today he is a member of parliament in canada. i have a macand a look to suffocate my yo mama stuff but you will. not know how left in the future at concordia. can you tell me. yeah and the huddle rushed. feen it was the iraq war she had that us. set those submarine on nor what the awesome and i did see vans when the bus i'm not got a lot of egypt cannot let me learn the can add that the concordia can undecided
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and or sheep malignant. and that the self has suffered the to suffer the toll of the need to do the slaughter. doesn't condemn one many and most their way yet their loss. english is a year 8 levels of english continuation. another the last bus at letty by then a. sense of how to live paleo or mousa food from the. can to a more than the. height of the now. can push the fume up the lane the what if in a small small not on bail. while with the bill on the in the gym could low up count of who at the numbers whether from time to time he said. 10 shots up the slack in the message cooling in iraq the
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a with the 3rd assault too much mon in my marley of the lower sea let in this say obviously there are a lot. of them. and up to people for some the most of the senate this house every. seat will be at the medallion are so good that it didn't it can be so i was equally offended. at the that fat admiral and was. sick with it there. a laser global head of doctor and the high b. kenneth chatham one off political science. we must go but the. mathematics we should be. that has central. fitna mathematics ok and then that that image i am on the. fos and then be
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easy for us to with him the cinema then the what. a man can cause the chemist and the. men machete and the sleepy indian up of the feel good he had been a while on in the. water just how yet the scene i let to woodland use that he yelled to the. company lock the puss me him had he had been a little bit and please a. listener that. i did not feel us me mad binay in the cafe you had the synth in 86 some i'm the bait and a beat would have been number one had been on a had been easy on me. never
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come so to many and some so to say assessed should. hand the small concepts shown to zones or nothing. left to environment and the stuff. he. may be more. below watch him on. then they show where their. money. who can be in a condominium. in the water international on the shuttle about this shoddy care. and failure. of a membrane and i lost one member of the saudi happen to have. been
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a shuttle captain will be a year old can and the. be one heck of a year yanni. and be about that. but thems ok at the high end we're back in the south. field by law man and can that be because shut off been a technician honey minimal but ask norm it cool and the medicine. man in the. could not the nes with the shia 5 to 8 in the a what if and i'm and then a young what the father of me tambon me. to ness.
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in the op on me what problem was that but. also flow on of the had. commenced the shot of the law you forgot of. and. the up with me at canada with that of. been a delusion manil fanatic and the food but i'm going to see has he. why. but. we've been. mushroom men in men. that they. said they'd be able to but only on the smell and been this way.
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another less family c.s.e. fan with. the no. and not what i'd like to see as you feel. less a tissue or star power and on. the has a be really on the man or she would be me i'm not a swap. to go high to. a c.s.e. side fairly. well who are you with us how one as the cop. in the. media what their skill at that has been neighborly in the only member that can appeal. to you i would lead with team mulayam in my
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fear. of. unless you can infer that they need. then you by the mayor. and the. me they too would like a little. 1000000 my mom for 3. young women. i assume for example joined as a volunteer doing door to door phone calls and getting in touch with different communities and this type of stuff and his energy really pushes us to do these things program and has been liberally can. deny can you him the 1st. and.
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a life falls i will be along with sat there listening. and there were a 1000000. that. like. it and said it would be instead because i'm in the in the shadow of. the north born. out of the don't want to hit what is awareness for climate change mystify some chord it haven't had the. men on the album a lot of it has. become the year is about duck and the hum in the going to man wilson had got to say there. was no.
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canada we have the future of unease here and it's very well integrated in canada contributing so much to our society and it's great to have as a member of that community but as someone who does a lot of outreach to the community and in canada as the prime minister said diversity is our strength and he's a great example of that. my kids would come and see. the sun see the good or shine is not. see him i do think it is missing the spirit if this is done. by any standard i salute 36 easements are remarkable arriving in canada speaking virtually no english he mastered the language and then achieved a degree and civil engineering this left to carry. running a successful construction company where he oversaw several major building projects
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in montréal. to repay the people of canada for their warm welcome faisel who return to politics and so far election in quebec he won by a large majority. in the senate and almost from the i'm not helpless c.s. i. heard of the new corn i was in january when miley was the nanny. stole your blonde bessie in must. be say you're a sob and i think i'm not the. needy a sufferer and the cattle i met me. and the cattle i met in the early yet islamiya i've known for some for one i have visited his his district in montreal just outside of montreal i've known him
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to be a champion of newcomers of linking canada to other parts of the world to make sure we open trade and people to people ties we decided as members of parliament from the liberal caucus staff of the people who are in the parliamentary buildings to bring them in to celebrate ramadan with them to have an if and to share with them the lessons of ramadan. c.s.e. a woman. to an affair who would feel bad. for her fear and the cease lesion of. the kennedy year look none the will stop. before you who do live in the fear. that i love me you are a bob barr. now. senator. has a lot of the will has not acted by then. that.
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the fair in. the stock lend look nancy law money cannot be bad but carbon by law money kennedy said a number of clean feel less and tan dimly shattuck at. laws are. no where what can they fell now yeah command egypt nic dear men men men with. the have. to use. it i can't give you show on the face of it an example of that a source of you can always saw it can always. write for you to make you go in the moment to. get it we see. you go up on a mountain then he can know that he is. to me then he and i finish this in the wet and the mold lying on the.
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henley eleusinian. follow them home and i'm in the home a lot. of dumb. i'm in. a new corner and home. alone we start to tell most in need. and i really i will be. home canada. pamela. well i'm delenn in a machine bill. i'm up in this building up for about 10 that has a a one has a big cannot to have a coma. the facility is not up for. only a should be joe. among the but yeah with my dad. and then my dad is my. band come sit in the left be doing tax
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little for. the. let me buy me a list of 4 men not to suck on one. i was at the. resort and adam yes to hit the button and or feel a regular granted i leave one ahead because it's all of it here he's doing his best when i bet i'm in there ohio to resolve an illness level. p.b.s. is in there and i says good. while feisal who lives in the public eye at the same time he got c.-span media life
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his wife is a doctor and together they have 3 daughters each one embarking on quite different carriers. finally bit the man on the left the head of the i believe the macone many . of you would know i'm not a fit along little shiny. dr what i was or jett that he has. been there you know we are out. on the. master degree in. political science i let then you send out a little smile wonder though she may and then or a blood lama the c.s.e. somebody and i'm going harshly inside. i'm to the supreme medical the school fee morally. the mcclim you all do and are far off the newish that made.
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when some of them into alum others that miss them. she be seeable know i mean and have been in a bad deal with an emo out of characters men ben that was a boom and then when 2nd man comes here not most prominent enough to care that. somebody in the. neighborhood for 3 years we have how brooklyn the food you push me the hard core i'm as always the xhosa deal of the. better the. we shall love a lay up in our model to our luck. who is surf ironic and i must of have tougher and. found more precious santa attempt to
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fix this are certain now. can and the. other tool be flat out in. the. their am man enough to amara when just did help. a lot. and more. for can she bargain with. some bargain. a beer to share the power for the tunnel for most of. them are much for what the loss of the election the how the us for. the bond marina fist and i worked here soured by the and what would in the end also . now my lead best hello a small act but i'm numb they're nervous about the word or c.s.e. . family if you were kill are in a but then a but then a but then one of the canada and never will
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a shop. and find out of the any of has she. had by she who were mom will that mean what to dive off now bad new we shut down but montage just any last service to bleat have billard them have been most sad that. the new guy are new how they can bill you know america a with kinetic medevaced but. yet bizarre they. just say again that a war will be. a no was shot a one man a muscle sunni talk. in answer. and. then. tell you throw me a ton of movie only saw 4 in bed early. and.
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now we're in the washroom or i eurasia toomer i have to learn to see at the khazan in fee shot of the let the one who are in a woman shell than the other. and when what i'm doing yes should all be mean then me why do more. and feel. how little for 2. what bill lawry. as a locust samata for obama massa hearts of law and not that the short. faisel 3 kenedy a member of parliament father husband and poet. impart
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to our syrian mar by any listening overcame obstacles to become a successful invent. a. bill fiamma of sun news says the money is out of need while and few of mine. stop to run it down from the scene of these. scenes on the brain until. you learn to use. a mouse and all of the feel of insanity you'll be out of washington. and new political sitcom after 27 years of dictatorship in the loop this problem
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that we have can we overcome it huge challenges here looks at the new democracy and ethiopia's fast changing political landscape through the stories of 4 divests ethiopians know them or simply this is my studio where i shoot the sitcom. my ethiopia on al-jazeera. tibetan culture a dance thrives here every day generations of tibetans continue to embrace and maintain their cultural heritage it's a reminder of who they are and whether. this is a suburb of the capital new delhi tibet so be refugees here since 964 buttons here have been defined as migrants are not refugees because india hasn't signed up to the 1951 un convention on refugees so tibetans here have been able to access the indian welfare system so they become self-sufficient setting up or
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a business says and looking for work independently but for some it's not enough. the 15 year old boy tortured in the world's most notorious prison finally released after 13 years i would into is this huge fears on anybody but i have a hard time thinking about wishing that i haven't gone through this experience in an exclusive interview almost told his epic tale. witness presents guantanamo's child on 100. 0. the latest news as it breaks the problem is that in many cases those fires get out of control with details coverage the protesters don't seem to be flagging and neither does the police's determination to suppress the movement from around the world most of these vehicles carry syrians fleeing from the south of the border and that influx for 2nd traffic jams in the only the window that city of.
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all of that i've listed in london with the top stories on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump says he's fired his national security advisor john bolton and the disagreements over foreign policy bolton was transferred national security adviser and press the president to take a harder line on issues such as afghanistan russia and north korea he was also chief architects of trump's stance against iran and argued against holding meetings with the israeli leadership. israeli media say rocket fire briefly cut short an election rally by prime minister benjamin netanyahu just hours after he announced he would an expanse of the occupied west bank if he's reelected israel's military says it intercepted 2 rockets from the gaza strip but there was no claim of
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responsibility the yahoo has been criticised for his promise to take control of the jordan valley with the arab league saying it will undermine the peace process. with united so i'm asking you to give me the mandate to extend israeli law to all the settlements out of respect for president trump i'm waiting to do this in maximum coordination with the administration but there is one place where the diplomatic circumstances are ripe to do this very soon if i'm elected i can make good next the jordan valley and north of the dead sea it is our eastern border our defense wall sunnis are saying we're getting reports of a large explosion in afghanistan's capital near the u.s. embassy a plume of smoke is being reported in the vicinity of the compound in the city's green zone there are no reports yet of any casualties and there's been no claim of responsibility it would be the 1st major attack in the afghan capital since
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president donald trump abruptly called off u.s. taliban 2 weeks at least $31.00 pilgrims have been killed at one of the most sacred sites in shia islam iraqi officials say around 100 others were injured when a walkway collapsed and set off a stampede in the holy city of karbala. and hong kong protesters of use a football match against iran to highlight that cools demonstrators gathered outside the world cup qualifier and sang a protest song over the chinese national anthem hong kong liza will the united states not to interfere with the government's response to the protests and those are the latest headlines al-jazeera world arab's abroad continues next with news in 25 minutes.
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the arab diaspora those who now live far from their ancestral homelands can be fun throughout the world persecution conflict and economic factors have caused millions of arabs to leave and settle abro it no 2 stories are the same as nana who would last a penniless syrian with a son with dreams of creating a new life i'm prone to not knowing but the journey would eat he had it more. budget spots and a summary of the surveillance of interview. but
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kept by the shuttle in istanbul 11 operator will god. himself you. find most of to be in a 2nd the month of a pass through medina to the woods isn't one of italian. imaad muzzammil but even been of some sort. it out in my heart. so the hamas limited the mere thought i had to follow them and for the g.m. of us at all reid said it but don't you feel. when high corners zick us deal it gets us in. so do it lee he has the only file and he has his dick
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and mad cow and i had. them to lower than money on was to shift the town half a lot out of a. whole new level of money on political ads to a lot of the. and us. didn't. busy start at the level of activists or what have i and i was going to be some of the stories in the can to him she went home on a little bit south and you can live i'm sure souter has started marketing from one landmark on monday if loose. there's a time like. today when this bill you might have to buy has i'm a no no i don't want to take out in the digital switch to the mafia am with
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saddam's with the coming of little. wanted s.s.e. and the edge adama kind of dancing his muscle and money and it's a bad message in a while do this you will money you. have it in your macand to see a die yet. they have it in him that you know a lot of the deal. and i would have been on the. ship without it i'm dizzy and. daya to the hell out of it was. there listen i'm no if not give it to rain a lot less. my . idol i'm all alone come what ever what needs it done well akon cancer or not give you a no i meant had kind of the daughter in law book where there is no by the book.
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says she will homage can move the cognac female rush it now when you take a leave law that devean there be no sin miley the fault of. my young man continued his northward journey to germany is the summation was afan the westernmost city in germany close to the border with belgium and the netherlands one in syria he was a weaver by trade but adnan russian would had even greater ambitions he planned to train and qualify internally as a mechanical engineer or at the age. of uncomfy to have yet to be. in the me i am a to have yet to meet him now do you
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then can i leave the research to work on tours of bali in the uk has on our mind lately had. been that ice-t. basically and. father had enough. what i. believe in was the. opposite or so with sadness or. whatever my heart out which is to run to had to turn a lot of money to circle and i could. other shit kind of. money didn't was the mother of us and i want do not owe. these outside. assistant in these i'm insitute.
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off the. same diploma but but toy does a diploma but the shift is the schmidt him. in the machine in these overnight machine. ever are enough. so i know all spittle here shortly but i. lost and also a fork in the feel and wants to be on the front of the common and splashed it could. happen. or didn't so continue. direct of i because it's too off the wall for between. the 2 are made it better for dr our kind where your ass it.
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be his you happy. for complete. didn't have. any sort of an old bob fan measure. you hold really no pulse until the whole law. not on sunday sure wollemi it sort ensure our sort of alcohol that our bill will measure in the mood to model me or subtly and put it. on your art to leak out it could have me up and yell well if there are only going on a few it was short term initially cut can be had an eco or little see the island me for sure. with a ph d. in hand and now titled dr who would they onc syrian engineer was in a position to pick and choose a carrier despite took off 1st from across europe dr who chose to remain in germany
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where he believed his skills would be most in demand and been hired not how to dress if you will are men you come hundreds of. was suddenly said as a total of men men there it's research while a minute belgica wildman static adorning if the media can do. committed and but one of the no. show it could door neighbor minute window he also to show he cut can it. then a bit about mauser to feel the money. or the devoured would not touch one artist for my part. i used it as an engineer oh
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you haven't done much since it works all in one spot a lot and old only in bihar. machine a science yeah langley park and how did i sensed music and any connection to call involvement look to know if no one. got to one problem and see that you have just been to volunteer people and he you are one i can think of if he does he talked about what was essential and sudden one of us if we were not to go out and one point be taught. in. schools is often slanted jali languedoc bottom one social one i only get part time with white in each of the young women i am in just that if you said it could darn near to the heart and his arms a dean. you. you walk in an alley in months and i can say can i should we could use
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a 5 min no facade used to 5 min north seattle up machine it all did to be now well used to fight when i had gone. out. that there could be a bill commercially yes might be moved over to the whole home or commented of the. others here and to show the shekel could be of be for the. tech new version the innocent ones are a big. see only demand would buy you must say in a he said point on 2 fronts they often are common it cuts you want to pick. up good light be done annoyed d.d.'s by positive name sort of vietnam on soonish it's a tornado it's was on ok this is on show i mentioned. that current of life that false positives for instance i bought this concept from the under insight to prevent it despite its act as. a mob i took
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a hard on and off and i. came up positive of going on one. of the. decide is one of the effects in the is it a notation or. just i put out effect in the dictation of the i just being. i. ingest sanny and it could be the only. you have not held to how many fish like it don't you who are new in the seas been must been missed a bus tour and missed enough to. additon a seat in kenya that. does. i did. i did to my however lee missed a feed minha been been stuck there months in a. while i have been doing this he's been missed enough to you muck in eyewitness
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these men up the trees snow in the seas. mins in a moment as far you. can and do only the island will in the season. no minuteness he said it feel demi. get animal under severe to be a union one dismay can equal a fuse yeah. a year technology a minute of what it or. it's a total money zat in need while it feel money. stop to do on it in my county in the seas. for united off in a seizure meds who wish for. a life. and initials that i get
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well and a list of what you need going to walk for and get them to finesse. will forget it or does it a tie separate and know my son all of the oh my and your b. feel that i've been so now i'll ignore you and this is it is that just now i'm in yeah missy's i'll brain continually une things most i know of the field of incentives beyond what the out of washington. doctor one who'd remain in lindau until his retirement.
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dies. did it not help that. when i looked at the lockerbie a lot of the. a lot of the. accounted for. in the. yarn it. i did a lovely syria the aztecs if mossad if. no fear i had to be if you syria. you need to be year almost all so far to be a model of car when i think i had in my. heart to be a term and not to be
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a fear by then you didn't say ugly emotion dean. would do what a pseudonym would to a feel for. a yarra. when monica has to be. a level head of. any minute because it'll be a world. year judit large loss for. the hard to do read that in me because of a well alamuddin it lynn don't fuck it up and i'll medicare's. medical point linda . or so what did the sewer a lot of money from washington suffered falut my openness to have it filed my.
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feeling. met did our own. bad other boss and i watch how well known america's. separate markets to be as a dozen or so goals from. it's a must but i'm inflict. a take over the internet site. you clicked doesn't. know. where the hope for die and hope for. tolls and all. wardens and. unveiling of. the lord of the good stone had been.
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heard in a. can and now i shit i left money my back is to be. so remember me i'm in the home of my name but me i mean how would the house on the island and magelone mean has in my back is. i the shit could be done with the foul. holy lindo woman she can't feel in one however lindo kabir's it done. the 14 of us moans and tell us who don't know me or don't say or even. after wouldn't medical points under this the title and as of the guns the shelly. dances. and this cold blooded parkade on the suck to french prison.
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couldn't. teja. on the output on the only lawn gave me the contact ordinance of i don't want army i usually latif side the hard on all in medical point. is labor movement to submit dr paul. ready ringback nurse service record associate and a higher. so was no harm if some you know. what is of no real world of a lawyer if ya have some use of us having to me or about us for. my.
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own home for my of the 1000000 years of my hair. tsar than an anonymous id be has is 0. when the men are not of medicare they were forwards or was are we are cause are. daniel a 7 a so help me it columb on the head high at. all. the money could about of an a but at modern and no one. hired to did us here. i made.
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a lot. more. time on a. total of the. net and was always on for more man when he does it all solid. happy so i didn't know who. their fans about him because of the roof of the. assad but. that's what well that's a whole lot easier with the us. i still would just like you know i love on the. dead know he be the most obvious but not till all have feedback from guy not mao who've read some of the book well most colorful full of what he had. me on my leg here in sunny of
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a blog you well i know why you have met. now akeda tom said he meant hello and to mom will melt obviously maiden or i am done home lebron of he has a mr marlowe money or not. to bed at night and during my monk i'm not a monk and say a corner from the stuff one just are living allowed when madi feel well a laugh may be allowed in a lot of the weirdest lamb chop. doctor i've known recruits inventions have improved and transformed how many textiles and germany are manufactured at the same time through his medical centers he's trying to improve and transform conditions in the country of his.
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dr who its journey has come full circle from syria to austria germany and back to syria and retching many lines on the.
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to strengthen the good you have to shoulder good all the more with your calm still fight against corruption. destroy needs heroes heroes like know who are bad or who refuse to $15000000.00 brian the achievement of heroes like him to showcase by the international ace award it shines a light on these heroes because the best way to fight a darkie used to shine a light let's make the world a better place nominate your anti corruption nero now. hello the horse and dry conditions continue across much of queensland the new south wales over a 100 fires are burning and nothing in the weather truly levy
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a that we've got those hot dry conditions continuing very low humidity some clouds in sea skirting these coastal areas that even haven't seen much the rain showers it's the warm wednesday in hobart 20 celsius 19 in sydney and we've got 20 celsius in perth for the next couple of days maybe just a shower along will coastal areas that but we will see some rain pushing into hobart so brings the temperature down quite breezy as well so high the of just 16 degrees celsius then across tools new zealand the cloud is clearing quite quickly away from the north island so as we go through wednesday both auctions and crys churchy cities nice sunshine and in fact as we head off into thursday the rain beginning to push in but no rain actually pushing into the city and in fact a woman's day ahead of us system with a high of 18 degrees then we head up towards japan it is still clear up times that in tokyo in the wake of that recent typhoon the rain pushing in from the west but again this is a fairly fast moving system so it does clear through and by thursday again we could
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see quite a bit of cloud maybe a scottish thunderstorm but we will see heavy rain through much of the korean peninsula with a high that of 23 degrees celsius over in seoul. if you were in beijing looking out the pacific ocean you'd see american warships when mess was that somehow time as aiming to replace america and around the world all the chinese are not that stupid these guys want to dominate a huge chunk of the planet this sounds like a preparation for our 1st president george washington said if you want peace prepare for war the coming war on china part 2 on
12:00 am
a just. this is al-jazeera. hello everyone i'd 1st of all and welcome to this news down life from london coming up in the next 60 minutes he says he quits the president says he was fired john bolton leaves his job as transnational security adviser after disagreements over foreign policy. arab leaders condemned the israeli prime minister's plan to mix areas of the jordan valley if he's reelected. more than 30 pilgrims a kill cheering a stampede at one of the most sacred site.


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