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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 11, 2019 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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could not the nes with the sharia. to it in the a what if and i'm and then. a young well the father of me to me. tonight. in the op army one of them knew was that. also flow out of the had. commenced to shout of the law you forgot of. and. i'm the op of canada without a fight when a delusion menorah fanatic and the food bill i'm going to see has. well at the.
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g. been. a mushroom men men. that . have been said to be able to. smell and been this will only feel higher. than other less family c.s.e. . the know. not what i'd like to see as you feel. less a tissue or stop pound and. that has a be really on the mentally ill me i'm not a swap. you
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. know yet to go high to. a c.s.e. sided federally. us one as the cop. in the. press me of what their skill at that has been neighborly in the only member that can appeal. to you i would lead the a with team mulayam in my fear. and mess cannon fodder bury me in then you by the mayor. and assault. me they too would like a little can a 1000000000. 1000000 my mom for 3.
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example joined as a volunteer we're doing you know door to door phone calls and getting in touch with different communities and stuff and you know his energy really pushes us to do these things program and has been there but i. was sad i. knew him the. media. at the same name. and there were a 1000000. people like. you with. but i love them and i'm. in the shadow of. the north board. and want to get what is awareness for climate change mr.
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hemant had the. man on the album and i don't have an argument. because he is about duck and the hum in the. can in wilson head that i said. was. canada we have a huge companies here that's very well integrated in canada contributing so much to our society and it's great to have as a member of that community but as someone who does a lot of outreach the community and in canada as a prime minister said diversity is our strength and he's a great example of that. my. son. c m i do think it
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a little messy this year placido. by any standards feisal prudie's achievements are remarkable arriving in canada speaking virtually no english he mastered the language and then achieved a degree and civil engineering this led to a carrier running a successful construction company where he oversaw several major building projects in montréal. to repay the people of canada for their warm welcome faisel who return to politics and so far election in quebec he won by a large majority. in the senate and almost fully i'm not helpless c s i. the new corn i was the cream in jan the man miley was the nanny.
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stole your blonde bessie in must. be say you're a sob. and i think canada was a sufi and the cattle i met me. and the cattle i met in the early yet islam i've known so so for a while i have visited his his district in montreal just outside of montreal i've known him to be a child of newcomers of linking canada to other parts of the world to make sure we open trade and people to people ties we decided as members of parliament from the liberal caucus staff of the people who are in the parliament to buildings to bring them in to celebrate ramadan with them to have an if and to share with them the lessons of all of the. c.s.c. and. to. feel bad.
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and the. legion of. kennedy looked 9 the. 100 before. me. mabane now. has a lot of the what it has not acted by then. and the. stock led look nancy money cannot be bad but carbon money kennedy said a number of clean feel less in tandem with shattuck at the last. one nowhere what can it fell now yeah command egypt nic theatre men men men with. the 2 we're not sure this is a contribution on the face of it an example of that
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a source of you can always saw you can always. write for you to make you go in the moment to. get it we see. you go parliament they need to know that he is. to me than an affinity listen where the mold lying on the. henley eleusinian. them home and i'm in the home a lot. of them. i'm in. a new corner and home. alone we start to tell most in need. and i really i will be. home canada. at the pamela. well i'm delenn in
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a machine built at the jail so. i'm up in this building up for about there that has a a what has it become not that i thought of a coma. the facility is not. only a she'll be jel it can ship among the but you know when my dad is one footballer and then my dad is not. yet that our band comes to the left be doing tax little for. the apartment and then she looked at me a list of 4 men and then fuck. yourself and add them just to have it but then you will feel a regular granted and want to have big miscues all. he's doing his best one of a time in their ohio to get away from him. he is in there and i says good.
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while faisel who he lives in the public eye at the same time he sees family life his wife is a doctor and together they have 3 daughters each one embarking on quite different candies. and little bit on the head of the. cohen you meant. you would know i'm not a fit along little. doctor. when they bend their. master they get the. job.
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political science i let them use an arm to do a smile wonder though he who may and then or a blood lama the c.s.e. somebody and i'm going harshly. i'm to the supreme medical the school fee. the mcclim rudolf ata her new still made. some of them into alum others that miss them. she b.c.l. know i mean it has been a big deal to move out of characters many have been there for a boom and the big 2nd moon comes an ominous pummeling the left to care that. somebody in the. neighborhood for 30 years of how brooklyn the fool or somewhere
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you push me the hard core i'm as always the xhosa deal of the. berry. we shall love a lay up in our model a year to our luck to. suck my hair in the struggle. who is surf ironic and i must of have tougher and. found more precious santa that then confessed this are certain now. can and the. other tool be fought out in. the. their man in memphis and lemond to america when just did help. a lot. and more. for a can see bargain with. some band and. a beer to show the power of the tunnel for most of. them are much for what
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are the loss of the election the how. the band marina fist and i worked here soured by that and more in the end also. i'm the man hired now my lead best held a small act but i'm numb they're nervous about the word or c.s.e. . family fewer kill are in about then about then about then one of the canada and neighbor who will be shot. and find out of the end of her she will have by she who will mom will that mean what to dive off now bad new we shut down but montage just any last service to bleat have billard them have been most sad that. can have the new guy our new how they can bill you know america a with connect a with medevaced but. yet bizarre they. again
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that award will be. on our show auto i'm at a been a plus for sony the last took. in answer. and. then. tell you throw me a ton of movie only saw 4 in bed early. and. now we're in the washroom or i eurasia tumor i have to learn to see it at the end because zach leafy shattered the let the world who are in a woman shell than the other. one what i'm doing yes sure i mean then me why do more angel. feel. how little for 2. what bill lawry. a look is samata
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for obama massa hearts of law and not that the short. faisel 3 kenedy a member of parliament father husband and poet. impart to our syrian mar by any listen you overcame obstacles to become a successful invent. a. biffy on some you see the money is out of the landed few of mine. stop to run it down from the c d's jump in on me and.
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let me seize on the little brain i'll continue. to use. mouse on all of you feel out of insanity you'll be out of washington. to strengthen the good you have to shore do good all the more with your game still fight against corruption. destroy news hero which heroes like know who are bad who refuse to $15000000.00 brian the achievement of heroes like him to showcase by the international ace award it shines a light on these heroes because the best way to fight a darker use to shine a light let's make the world a better place nominate your anti corruption hero now. this
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is a dialogue let you decide not to have children to say the plot it's what's at stake is really human survival everyone has a voice but i'll start with our community because of course this is a debate and it's a heated one this is a little beach and literally before you do a ph d. i fully join the global conversation with people i think if only they knew what is happening to we were muslims they will be with us and they will be outraged on al-jazeera. i remember the 1st time i walked into the newsroom and it felt like being in the general assembly of the united nations has little so many nationalities. just that we all come from different places but it's one that gives us that gives us the ability to identify with people when they're the other side of the world but we can understand what it's like to have a different perspective and i think that is
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a strength for al jazeera. i know you will. but that's. when it snows i start. the last wonder of the double of our cars and the bunch is a put on at the bottom. in part one of this 2 part series al-jazeera explores the world of performance enhancing drugs the. sports doping the endless tricks on al jazeera. hello and hasn't the headlines on al-jazeera iran has responded to the departure of the united states hardline national security advisor john bolton foreign minister javid zinni have said the world has breathed a sigh of relief in his words and president has several highly warned the u.s.
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against hiring what he called war mongers. americans have to realize that war mongering and war mongers not to their benefit they should not only abandon warmongering but also abandon their marks and pressure policy. a live picture from the airport in harare the capital of zimbabwe where the body of the country's long time ruler robert mugabe is about to arrive his body will be displayed an historic locations for several days before his burial gobby who died at 95 in a hospital in singapore on friday was given a leader who led the fight to end white minority rule in what was then. he led zimbabwean till he was despite deposed in 2017. an idea is bringing home more than 600 of its citizens from south africa that's after a week of violence that created tensions between the 2 countries at least 12 people
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were killed and more than a 1000 shops vandalized in a series of attacks on foreign owned businesses the scottish high court has declared a british prime minister's 5 week suspension of parliament is unlawful the judges called the government's plan suspension a tactic to frustrate parliament the decision was unanimous from the judges and the british government said it would appeal against the. each opinion expresses the view that the advice given by the government to her majesty the queen to approve parliament for months to full to the top was unlawful and that therefore it would produce itself is on the floor for a prominent hong kong protester has avoided a prison sentence for his role in a demonstration 3 years ago ivan lamb the chairman of the activist group demos sisto pleaded guilty to illegal assembly over clashes outside the china liaison office and 2016 is given a 2 week suspended sentence hundreds of people whose properties were threatened by
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a large bushfire on australia's east coast have been given the all clear to return those are the headlines now back to edges in a world arabs abroad. the arab diaspora those who now live far from their ancestral homelands can be fun throughout the world persecution conflict and economic factors have caused millions of arabs to leave and settle abro it no 2 stories are the same as nana who
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would last a penniless syrian with a son with dreams of creating a new life i'm prone to not knowing but the journey would eat he had it more. budget spots and a summary of the surveillance of interview. but kept by the shuttle in istanbul 11 operator will god. himself you. find most out of vienna the month of abbas the medina to the woods isn't one of you
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telling me you. had muzzammil but even been of the so. so the hamas leadership done a new thought how to follow them and for the g.m. of us a dollar isn't it but don't you feel. when high corners zick us deal it gets used in. do it lee he has the only file and he has his dick and mad cow and i had. to i limped a lot of money on. the clean county half a lot out of a. whole new level of money on political ads to a lot of the. and us in the bottle it could be done to. start at the. day and i was going to be some of his daughter isn't it going to him she was horny little did sour and you can do it when she sowed
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a high salary mark every time one then muck on monday if lucy. gives a damn i. did it in this big anybody has to has and i'm i don't know i don't want to take out in the digital switch to the mafia am with saddam's with the coming of little. wanted s.s.e. and the edge adama thema kind of denouncing his muscle and money and it's a bad message in a while drusilla money you can. have it in a macand. they have it in him but you know a lot of the. bite and i would have been on the. ship without
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it i'm dizzy and. daya to the hell out of it was. there listen i'm no fan of give it to rain a lot less. come what ever what needed done well acking cancer or not give you a no i'm had kind of the dog the book whether it's not about the dog. says she will homage kind noisy can you know when to take a leave of law that devean a bit of somali the fault of. my young man continued his northward journey to germany is the summation was afan the westernmost city in germany close
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to the border with belgium and the netherlands one in syria he was a weaver by trade but adnan russian would had even greater ambitions he planned to train and qualify internally as a mechanical engineer or at the age. of uncomfy to have yet to be. in the me i am a to have yet to meet him now do you then can i leave those who wish to work on tours of ali in the uk has my lately have. been that our city basically and. father had enough. that i. believe in was the. opposite to so with sadness or. whatever my heart out which is to run to had to turn a lot of money. down there.
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other shit kind of. money didn't was the mother of us and i want do not owe. these outside. assistant in these minutes it would. be off to. sign a diploma but toy. does a diploma but the shift is this meet him. in the machine in these overnight machine. ever are enough. so i know all spittle here shortly but i. lost and also a fork in the field and wants to be on the front are sure to come and. splashed it
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could. happen. or didn't so continue. the effect of i because it's thought for between. the 2 are made it better for dr our kind where your ass it. be his your harkey that your computer has a virus or wizard so back of yours it didn't have. any sort of an old bob fan measure. you hold really no palace until it's a whole lot. not on sunday sure wollemi sort ensure our sort of alcohol that our bill will measure in the to model mia sally and put it.
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on boggle your eye or to leak out it blow up at her feet and yell well if there are only going to want to feel it was short term initially cut can be had more little see the aisle and me for sure. with a ph d. in hand and now titled dr who would they onc syrian engineer was in a position to pick and choose a carrier despite took off 1st from across europe dr who chose to remain in germany where he believed his skills would be most in demand and even had not had to diversify our will our menu come hundreds of us for years i met him was suddenly set us a total of men men there it's research while a minute here bill you can wildman static adorning if you mediately and. committed and but i didn't know. shit could door neighbor minute window he also showed he cut
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can it. then i bit about mauser to feel money. to god would not touch one artist for my part. i used it as an engineer oh you haven't done much since it works all in one slot lot and all don't you get in bihar . machine a sponsor challenge parking how did i sense music and any connection to call involvement look to know if no one. got to one problem and see that you have just been to volunteer people and he you are one i can't think of one if he does he talked about was evil and sucking one of us if we were not to go out and so one point be taught.
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in. schools is often slanted jali languedoc bottom one social one i only get part time with white the need to keep young women in just that if you said it could darn near to the heart and his arms the deed. you. do you walk in an alley in months and i can say can i should we could use a 5 min no facade used to 5 min north seattle up machine it all did and be now well used to fight when i had done little atlanta. learned that there could be a bill commercially yes might be moved over to the whole home or commented of the. others here and to show the shekel could be of be for the. tech new version the innocent ones are a beat. see only demand would buy you must say anything if you want funds they often are commonly cuts you won't get paid. up good like to be done annoying
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d.d.'s by positive name so the vietnam on soonish so to one of us was on ok this is on show i mentioned. that current to flight advice posed for instance i bought this concept on the under one site to p.b.s. it despite its act. as. a mob i took a hard on and off when i. came up positive of going on one. of the. question i get calls decide is what are the effects in the is it a notation or. just i put out the effect in the dictation o.b.i. just being. i. ingest sanny and that could be the only. you have not held to how many fish like it
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don't you who are new in the seas been missed been missed a bus tour and missed enough to. additon a siege in kenya that. does. mission with the added to our elite nest to feed men ha been there been there months in a. while i have been known in the seas but missed enough to you mock an eyewitness sees min up the trees snow in the seas. mindanao meet us for. am and do only the island would in the season. if the has a kalua sutter and no minute in the seas set at fear or oak demi for didn't animal hand is surreal to be a union one dismay can equal
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a few zia were mill could but i are mentally year dick new with the minute a wide it or fia arm and fs meal it's a total manny zat in need a while it feel manya while a stop to do on it it my count feel he at least in the seas lad these for you learned do off i'm i didn't a seizure meds who wish for and the a light and and unishe has that i hit well and a listen mark own while ok you need calmness a walk cause for and i get them to finesse will for kurt it or what does it a tie separate and nor my son are all of the ole my entered you are beefy let out a bit in sonera lead nor lee and nesis ill yet though we is that jibbed now i'm in yeah my life i let missy's are lot of brain i leo continually yoon tease mouse i know
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a be feel of or incentives be you'll more be out of washington so dr one who'd remain in lindau until his retirement finnell all we dice did it but hell to laugh the odd me to hey it's you know i just look at the lockerbie a lot of the. a lot of the your history. accounted for. in the.
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yard it leaves you sorrier for comment i did a lovely syria the aztecs if mossad if. no fear that i had to be if syria. to be year almost all so far to be a model of for not think ahead in what i. thought to be a time when not of be a fear by then you didn't say ugly emotion dean. would do what a pseudonym would do a fair. look at. a yarra. when monica is to be. a level head of.
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any minute mark as a to build a world. a year judit large loss for. the heart to do read that in some me because of a well i'm reading it linda for now i'll monica's. medical point lindo. also what did the sewer a lot of money from washington suffered falut my openness to. feeling. feeling. met did i want. bad other boss and i watch how well known america's. separate markets to be as a dozen or so goals for american. take over the internet site. you clicked doesn't trust us of course.
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not with the hope for die and hope for. a 1000 overall. ones and on the matter of. unveiling a. lot of the good stand have been. heard in a. can and now i shit i left money in my rack is the be. so remember me i'm in the home of. my name but me and how we got him out of the house on the island there were images journeymen as in markets. are the shit could be done with 100 learn any to foul. a highly lindo woman show
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you can't feel in one how early lindo abuse it done. the 14 of us moms of the years who don't know me or don't say or even. after wouldn't medical points underlays the total and as of the guns the shelling. dances. to the park 8. on the suck to french. resistance i couldn't. on out but on the only lautenberg able to contact ordinance of i don't want army i usually latif sidebar the now been medical point. is labor movement to submit dr paul. ready
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ringback ringback says here in ohio or. so is no harm if some you know let us have what is of no real world of a lawyer if ya have some use of us having to be all about us from. my home. where my. mil hears my hair. zarganar or not and so i'd even be to have these 0. when the men are not of medicare they were forwards or was or will cause a. daniel
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a 7 a said help me it columb on the foot high at. all. the thumb on it could it be out of any but at modern when i was. hired to do us here. are made. and. a lot. lot more protests. in the style of the. supper is it could be a network hold on for more men and when he does it all solid. happiness i like gina who. are holed up getting their stand at the back of the herdsman floral for the fall assad. and that's why well that's up to
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a whole lot of our visit with us on our behalf yeah so we've got sarge you know i love on that because there are no he'd be the most obvious but not to all or have fried dirty fuck not to mouth over fried so what block away what most colorful fall for your mom for you be on my lady here in sunny it up last year well i know how you have met our market but now they are created tom said even less than team are 1000000 melt obviously made on or i am done home libin if he has a mr my little money we're now in a bed to bed at night and i doing my monkey on my monkey and so you corner feeling the stuff when you just are living and when marty feel well maybe latina phylum the lot of the weirdest that.
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doctor i've known her it's inventions have improved and transformed how many text size in germany are manufactured at the same time through his medical centers he's trying to improve and transform conditions in the country of his. dr who its journey has come full sack from syria to austria germany and back to syria and retching many lines on.
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how we got some rather wet weather pushing into uruguay into the southeast of brazil is area of cloud just to the north of. becoming a little more active as we go on through the next 24 hours or so cygnus wait for the south woods to zip pushes across power only $21.00 celsius there for
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a sense is a good deal colder than the has been a recently there's a heavy rain sliding down towards the river plate south of that 16 celsius want to sarah's touch warm as we go on through thursday system a little further north as a was a cooler air coming in behind it to the north of that dry across much of brazil a till we get up into the tropics are we got the usual seasonal shall stand across into the caribbean some rather lively shall us. coming in here particularly just to the north of cuba towards more of the greater antilles frame i will even see some heavy rain pushing back up into the bahamas over the next few days is the last thing we need but it does look rather disturbed has to go on through wednesday and thursday really heavy rain you can see that just pushing into northern parts of cuba as for the united states what it's all about the hates into the southeast and cold are some very heavy showers pushing up across the northern plains. the weather
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than all souls and this long walk to want to use is freedom of expression. the right to more. sean and a lot to the darkness. because you're destroying the desire to understand. make sure she. and the human condition is universal. rewind returns with a new scenery and brand new updates on the best about to see this documentary i will compare the onion the onion the sweetness barthes the heart and within the company my goal to remind continues with cambodia's orphan business. this is actually totally crazy scene it just allowed us to pick up full kids from this internet they now con out and we could just drive off with them. on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. you wherever you are. this is al-jazeera. ploy and has them seek and this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes. iran welcomes the sacking of john bolton but says the national
9:49 pm
security advisor is the departure won't tehran into talks with the u.s. . coming up through the week that's up to 1. 100 of nigerians living in south africa flying back after a wave of attacks against foreigners. more constitutional confusion in the u.k. a scottish court says the prime minister boy's johnson's suspension of parliament is unlawful. and our children forced out of school by violence in bikini fast so are coping with their fears. allow iran has welcomed it parcher the u.s. national security adviser to president donald trump says he sacked john bolton after they repeated disagreements iranian president hassan rouhani has warned the us against listening to those he calls warmongers only americans have to realize
9:50 pm
that warmongering and warmongers and not to their benefit they should not only abandon warmongering but also abandon their marksman pressure policy. our foreign minister javid zarif echoed his president's words saying the united states quote thirst for war needs to end a long side what he called its war mongering chief he added that he was relieved that bolton is out of what iran's united nations envoy dismiss a gesture the balts bolton's departure would increase the chance of talks with the u.s. on twitter magid theft of ranchi said talks will only take place once sanctions are lifted and we'll go live to our correspondents in tehran and washington in a moment but 1st alan fischer looks back at bolton's turbulent tenure think you are going to do a fantastic job and i appreciate that there had been growing divisions between john bolton that his boss but the end was brutal even by the standards of this white
9:51 pm
house donald trump tweeting i informed john bolton last night that his services are no longer needed at the white house i disagreed strongly with many of his suggestions as did others in the administration therefore i asked for his resignation which was given to me this morning walton tweeted not the usual thanks for being able to serve but an insistence he quit rather than been fired at a news briefing at the white house which bolton was initially listed to attend stephen secretary of state might prompt defended the president's decision the president's entitle to the staff that he wants that at any moment is a staff person who works directly for the president out of state and he should have people they trust and values if there were many times in basketball that i disagree that to be sure but that's true for lots and lots of people who with whom i interact john bolton was donald trump start national security advisor the longest serving so far but with his stated positions of using military force in iran and north korea he was annoyed fit for
9:52 pm
a president whose isolationist america 1st policy wanted to reduce the u.s. military footprint reason i was told it was against talking to north korea against pulling u.s. troops out of syria and against the president's latest idea of inviting. afghanistan's taliban to peace talks at camp david that seems to have been the breaking point we have seen from this and from every other firing but what he really wants are people that echo what he already wants to do and with bolton's opposition gone there could be obvious changes for example there's a better chance the president will meet with his a really counterpart president very very clear is supposed to meet with no preconditions before he became president donald trump considered john bolton for the role of secretary of state but ultimately decided against it because he felt he didn't look the part mainly because of his mr bush now after 18 months as the national security advisor john bolton once again finds that his face doesn't fit
9:53 pm
alan fischer al-jazeera at the white house nor a moment we'll get reaction to bolton's departure from mike hanna in washington but 1st let's go to door suggest body in tehran so dosser as we heard some of the reaction there from iranian officials fair to say was not someone john boehner is not someone who is light there but will this do anything at this point to change iran's position of the month. no has them it certainly will not it is although it's welcome news but at the same time that is the parser was announced on tuesday evening there was also an announcement made by secretary of state mike pump a 0 about further sanctions that have been imposed on the force of the revolutionary guards the iranians have said that until these sanctions are lifted the officials here will not have any kind of dialogue with the americans this is the point of contention and that is the issue that the president has raised as well
9:54 pm
as the foreign minister in their reaction to this news that the departure of john bolton doesn't really change the u.s. policy of maximum pressure campaign against iran and it is until that policy changes that the iranians would consider coming back to the negotiating table to rediscuss the future of the 2015 nuclear agreement which the united states of course withdrew from last year all right dosage a boring life for us there in tehran let's go to my camera in washington so mike what more will follow the reaction has there been there to john bolton's departure . well for months now there has been strained relations between john bolton a president trump and others in the administration in particular secretary of state mike. john bolton has disagreed with them on a number of issues ranging from north korea troop reduction in afghanistan to of course the whole issue of iran which john bolton was an advocate to century for
9:55 pm
regime change so within the white house administration this was not unexpected the departure of john bolton and lots of discussion about who's going to succeed him frontrunner it would appear is keith kellogg who's a national security adviser to the vice president marc pence also was acting national security adviser off to the departure of the 1st national security advisor michael flynn another name who's been mentioned as brian hook the arabian point person who's actually become a player in the president's son in law jared cushion his push for a wider middle east agreement so much speculation within d.c. but also observers pointing out one stop fact at the moment there's no national security adviser there is no homeland sit security secretary they have simply not been replaced you've got acting person in homeland security position and very importantly there's no director of national intelligence dan coats has not been
9:56 pm
replaced a long period of time up to his departure so very much a vacuum as always within the trump administration all right mike thanks for that mike hanna live for us in washington. more than 300 nigerians are flying home from south africa after a series of attacks on foreigners there last week they're among at least 640 who've taken up an offer of free flights from privately owned nigerian airline at least 12 people were killed and more than a 1000 shops vandalized in attacks on foreign owned businesses in pretoria and johannesburg and that violence sparked international outcry and calls for a boycott of south african goods. something. just by the by that. we should not. be just talking stealing to defrost. but around us the us to the next one just
9:57 pm
because which doesn't. stop us. of a metre brings us the latest now from johannesburg. there's been a steady stream of people here at the art tumble international airport in johannesburg a ready to take a flight to nigeria essentially be repacked created because they fear the level of violence in south africa where they say nigerians specifically feel targeted by south africans there's been a week of ongoing violence targeting foreign nationals however the south african government has said that it doesn't believe south africa's is in a phobic country and that instead it's blaming high crime and criminality for the violence that's been seen in recent days people watch making the slides at least 300 of them say they don't feel safe in south africa and they want to return to their home country and some of the people we spoke to have been in south africa who
9:58 pm
almost 2 decades others have been here for 5 or 6 years and they all complain about everything their own been either stolen their shops being looted open down and not been able to live a decent to have a decent existence in south africa because they are so scared of what will happen next many of them blame the south african government for not doing enough to keep them safe and they say they'd rather take their chances back home because the situation in south africa is so uncertain we know that a 2nd flight is due to depart from south africa on thursday to nigeria and also that the governments of muslim beacons of bob we are considering repatch rating some of their own citizens back home because of the continuing violence and the uncertainty. other body of zimbabwe's former president is being flown back to his home country crowds are awaiting robert mugabe's body at the airport in the capital
9:59 pm
around 500 mourners are gathering in this hometown of the way he'll stay overnight blubbers body will then be displayed it is storage locations for several days before his burial his final resting place yet to be announced and speak now to her . in so how do once the body arrives what are we expecting to happen next all right and force fortunately we can't hear or read their apologies for that we'll move on for now plenty more ahead on this news out on international condemnation as the israeli prime minister and mountains plans to annex parts of the occupied west bank if we elected. an appeal for people in the bahamas to open their homes to survivors of hurricane dorian. and later in sport the l.a. dodgers show baltimore how it's done action for major league baseball coming up
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later in the program. a scottish court has found that the british prime minister's 5 week suspension of parliament was unlawful the judges described the government's suspension as a tactic to frustrate parliament the decision from scotland's highest court was unanimous the british government said he would appeal against the ruling. its opinion expresses the view that the advice given by the government to her majesty the queen to prove parliament for months to full to the top was unlawful and that therefore the prohibition itself is on the 4th. of more on this let's go to a general hall who is live in london for a surgeon to tell us more about the court's decision here. well it's been hailed by opponents of the government as an incredibly strong and important legal decision that downing street on the contrary have tweeted that it is
10:01 pm
a disappointing decision but a unanimous decision by scotland's highest court in the matter of whether boris johnson legally.


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