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tv   Sports Doping The Endless Chase 2016 Ep 1  Al Jazeera  September 12, 2019 9:00am-10:00am +03

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harder than ever he made the comments at a ceremony to mark 18 years since the $911.00 attacks that comes just days after he counseled peace talks with the taliban over the killing of a u.s. soldier let's go hang as more from washington d.c. . it's a somber day in the united states the 18th anniversary of the september 11th attacks and the president did what presidents do on this day as he gave a speech this time at the pentagon memorial and he talked about the war in afghanistan now in the past the president has raised it seemed to raise the possibility that he could use nuclear weapons to end the conflict saying that he could end the war in just days but he didn't want to kill 10000000 people he didn't specifically say that would be with a nuclear weapon but it doesn't seem possible that it could happen any other way and again at the pentagon memorial he talked about the peace talks breaking down with the taliban and what's next we had peace talks scheduled a few days ago i called them off when i learned that they had killed
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a great american soldier from puerto rico and 11 other innocent people they thought they would use this attack to show strength but actually what they showed is unrelenting week. the last 4 days we have hit our enemy harder than they have ever been hit before and that will continue now it's not at all clear that the pentagon and the military is really stepped up the fight with the taliban they haven't provided any statistics that anything is in fact changed in afghanistan and the president is in a predicament because he promised his base that he would end the war in afghanistan if he wants to actually increase the fight change the momentum he's going to have to send more troops into afghanistan and that's something he doesn't want to do so the president saying that if the tax had been stepped up not at all clear that they have been and not at all clear what comes next. time for a short break here not just when we come back. people are praying and crying
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somebody gets ready to bid final farewell to the founding leader who pono rise the country in life i mean death. and a major breakthrough that could help in the global effort to save the near extinct northern lights ride more on that stables. hello again or welcome back we are cross parts of china we're looking quite nice of the next few days and that's going to be over here towards eastern china and you can see here on the satellite image plenty of clear skies and sun is what we're seeing and that's going to continue as we end the week tempers though are going to quite warm into the low thirty's for many locations from shanghai at 30 down towards hong kong at $32.00 but we han well above average for you for this time of year 37 degrees is our expected high here on thursday and staying that way by the
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time we get towards friday down towards the south though it is going to be fairly nice for northern parts of vietnam with annoy seeing $33.00 degrees there well as i make a way down here towards parts of the philippines it is going to be quite nice across much of the south but unfortunately the north we're going to see more clouds we do have a little bit of a disturbance just out here towards the east a few feeder bands are going to be pushing through of spring some very heavy rain you can see the circulation just off the coast there manila though you're going to be on the edge of the rain we do expect to see a temperature of 29 more clouds by the time we get towards friday jakarta though it's going to be a most cloudy day with a temperature of $31.00 degrees and then very quickly here across parts of india we are looking at some very heavy rain across much of the east to the north though for new delhi it is not looking too bad with plenty of sun in the forecast attempt a few of $34.00 and towards crouchie $33.00 degrees as your forecast high. sponsored by countdown and. 0. world meets 2 arab immigrants who left the middle east and built exceptional lives over seeds. weaving
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into the fabric of society of their adoptive countries. finding success in germany and canada yet never forgetting their homelands of syria and lebanon. remarkable human stories of arabs abroad the politician and the inventor on al-jazeera. welcome back a quick reminder the top stories here this hour the british government has been forced to release a report detailing what is expected if the u.k. leaves the e.u. without a deal operation or warns of traffic jams shortages of food and medicines rising
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prices public unrest. iran's leaders are welcome president trumps decision to sign a national security adviser john bolton president hassan rouhani says the u.s. should use the opportunity to push warmongers aside. in the bahamas thousands of people are still missing following iraq and doria an international rescue effort is underway to find them but the government is warning the current death toll of 50 may rise dramatically. zimbabwe's former president robert mugabe has made his final journey home his body arrived in the country he died in a singapore hospital last week aged 95 well guarded buried on sunday but there seems to be disagreement between his family and the government about where he'll be laid to rest port from iraq. it was an emotional time for the moment the plane touched down at harare international airport reality sank in zimbabwe's former leader robert mugabe who ruled the country for 37 years is gone
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the man who replaced him after a coup in 2017 cities peter was a great leader i was. commander. in iraq. of african. nations. man that little gas. lived to us we had baghdad is one of africa's last struggle main died last week at a hospital it's singapore he will be given a state funeral on thursday at write it up on the army will lie ins nade edge of virus nady him in the capital in the place has use significant that it was him a bobby was sworn in as prime minister in 980 when whites my knowledge your all was in it but the governments of fischel program a change they are reports of
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a dispute between some family members and the state of a where mugabe will be buried on sunday ever says usable gob is dick was announced people in his rule villagers imber had big gathering to mourn and celebrate his life some say they're want to bury tier where he was born grew up a tit at school and called hone when the original argued remembers mcgarvey as a young man cheering the 1960 s. he thinks a bubbly sizing fire the she be laid to rest at the here is echo symmetry in the capitol where sub forts in the water in a white minority rule are saying they're big loss place for see cray cray lida mugabe left behind a ruined economy massive unemployment and a toxic political environment but politician seem to agree on one thing giving him a respectful sindel infer to do's in line with our values of won't do so lee buried
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he and if i think if leadership that you don't sell a brit when you're out of there a morning it is just an african it is also i'm not in line with as a bug with his them bar wince loved or despise i'm a guy week many say they just want the burial over quickly ag without incident so they politicians can focus on pressing matters to just tory inflation rising food prices and unemployment how to matteis al-jazeera had at he about a 180 nigerians of arrived on lagos from south africa her after a series of attacks on foreign as their last week there among least 640 people being repatriated ever today is at least 12 people were killed and more than a 1000 shops vandalized and attacks on far and on businesses i'm a tory and johannesburg is to me the middle earth this isn't of flights that many had planned on taking these nigerian nationals are returning to their home country but they say it's not by choice malden 300 people have taken up the offer of
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a free flights to repatch treat them from south africa after a new wave of violence against foreigners but just over half boarded the flight others had expired passports all the wrong documents and had to stay shops owned by foreign nationals have been looted and burned to the ground pos to who go for 8 ball has lived in south africa for close to 2 decades he says his sending his wife and 3 children back to lagos here are moratorium on my from a list of to inside africa here and around you out it is there are hobbling is there are you know all recently it is saul terrible so our car whizzed to my from them it'll be in south africa for now are out on single there will be kwame embark about $640.00 people are expected to be repatriated says the 3rd time in recent years there's been significant on wrist between locals and foreigners adding to tensions between the nigerian and south african governments but now the flights on
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opportunity for people seeking safety but many who stating are uncertain about their future morgan 700 people from other countries like malawi ads i'm bob way have sought refuge at community sentence many say they don't feel safe living via anymore many of the people here fled their homes in local communities with little more than a few bags or animal year in one of them is wasn't beacon oscar satou vere who is a registering to get aid temporary travel document to return home he's lived in south africa for 30 years but he lost everything in the riots bring us up we're learning to. hold the we are ticking people are taking them like dogs as some of the people who were to give us we're people that have known us for a long term that's what has me the most. hundreds leaving maybe a small portion of the millions of foreigners living in south africa but there are
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fears the violence will have a great impact on south africa's relationship with other african nations for me to malaya al-jazeera johannesburg south africa the us supreme court has ruled in favor of president donald trump's latest effort to restrict immigration it allows a ban on in all asylum applications at the southern border to go into effect that means people will 1st have to apply for safe haven in the country they travel through effectively blocking the majority of applications wasn't jordan has more now from washington d.c. . u.s. president donald trump is celebrating the supreme court decision to allow his new policy denying migrants from central america the right to apply for asylum to continue however the president may not want to celebrate 2 vigorously too soon that's because this is simply allowing the new policy requiring people to 1st apply for asylum in a 3rd country before trying to ask for refuge in the united states because there
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are legal challenges against this new policy enacted in mid july the groups that are challenging the law say that it is up ending nearly 40 years of u.s. asylum policy and that it is incredibly disruptive to the families of those who are trying to find shelter and refuge in the united states they also say that the trial that ministration has tried to impose this new policy without getting proffer public consent but what the u.s. supreme court is saying in a ruling 7 to 2 is that this is a matter where the u.s. has to let the legal challenges in a number of federal courts play out but in the meantime there should be some sort of hold on the number of people being allowed to come into the united states in essence it's simply a hold it doesn't mean that the controversy over what the trumpet ministration
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calls a migration crisis is anywhere near being resolved the u.n. secretary general has joined international coals condemning a pledge by israel's prime minister to an expanse of the occupied west bank until you get that in says it would be a serious breach of international law and would devastate chances for a peaceful negotiation around 65000 palestinians live in the jordan valley region even abraham spoke to some of them. we're standing in brasil always a village in the jordan valley this israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says he wants to annex this area he doesn't want to annex that area over there jericho adult because he says he wants to complete and carry out his plan without annex think any single palestinian but there are palestinians here bedouin communities we've spoken to some of them and they believe that what netanyahu is saying is part of his elections campaign. every time they have is really elections they do it at
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the expense of the palestinian people and you know says i want to annex a jordan valley so israelis will vote for him not more miserable how many terms will be palestinians have been displaced several times already there's no place else for us to go the jordan valley makes up one 3rd of the occupied west bank it's already under israeli military occupation and palestinians see it as an integral part of their future palestinian state now this is under threat this is why many palestinian officials have been voicing concerns against netanyahu remark they are saying that netanyahu has this regarding international law only for him to win more votes they're calling it an act of ethnic cleansing is stealing palestinian land and killing any opportunity for a 2 state solution. council and separatist demonstrators in barcelona tried to break through a police line at the end of a mass protest calling for the release of the jailed leaders demonstrated outside the council on parliament earlier in the day an estimated 600000 people took part
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in a peaceful march among the region's national day and called for session from spain spain supreme court is due to deliver in the high profile trial of 12 separatist leaders next month they were charged over their role in the region's unsuccessful attempt to send 2017. the u.s. plans to ban flavored cigarette products public health officials are investigating more than $450.00 cases of severe lung illnesses and have confirmed at least 5 deaths relating to east cigarettes iran says the companies that produce the nicotine filled devices are targeting teenagers with thousands of different flavors of pool billings is national senior v.p. for public policy at the american lung association he says the rise in vapor use by high school students is evidence the industry is targeting young people last year we saw 78 percent increase in high school students using. products today
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they said her health and human services indicated that number has gone up even further in the latest survey so we know that these products are hooking kids they're not designed for adults who are stopping using cigarettes they're really hawking a new generation of people using tobacco products and we will all suffer the health consequences of another generation lost to nicotine addiction and the health harm caused by tobacco certainly we need to increase awareness of people understand what's in these products what we know we don't know about the near term and long term health harm we also need to redouble our efforts against all tobacco products we want the president to go after menthol cigarettes and flavored cigars in addition to east cigarettes and the flavors that are hooking kids we know that flavors attract children we know that more work needs to be done to educate the public we need to raise the price by increasing taxes we need to make sure that these products are included in smoke free air laws there's a lot we can do to help stem the tide of addiction death and disease caused by
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other tobacco products. now the fight to save the northern white rhino just got a boost scientists in italy have created 2 embryos of the critically endangered species they were made using eggs from the last 2 females and frozen sperm from dead leyland's else on the transferred to a surrogate mother a southern white rhino decades of poaching as both the northern white rhino to the edge of extinction last male was euthanized last year after developing age related complications but the ellis is executive director of the international rhino foundation she says artificial embryos out exciting prospect but won't be an instant fix to the white rhino crisis oh we don't know because this is so new it's tremendous accomplishment taking assisted reproductive technology further in its development but as you said it's a long road ahead next step is to get those embryos into a surgeon and develop that into a viable pregnancy and hopefully get
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a calf on the ground no species has ever been brought back from. from the brink of extinction or extinction by technology alone. and once this is reliably reproducible it's one important tool in our right now conservation toolkit well across all 5 species poaching yes by far the greatest threat there are 5 of the 5 species 4 of them are considered threatened. and then the biggest lesson here is that we can't let what happened to the northern white rhino ever happen with any new other species remembering that the northern white rhinos a subspecies are. part of a quick check of the headlines here at al-jazeera the british government has been forced to release or a port detailing what is expected at the u.k. and leaves the e.u. without
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a deal. operation yellow hammer warns of traffic jams shortages of food and medicines rising prices and public unrest responding to a public questions on the issue u.k. prime minister bars johnson said britain could manage very well without a briggs deal. louise says why can't we leave the e.u. today without a deal why wait until the 31st of. the back because parliament voted that they had to have a decision. whether or not to approve a deal and. we need to get a parliamentary vote on withdraw bill. but if we can't get it if we cannot get a new with the old room then be in doubt we read that we will leave on the 31st meanwhile a scottish court has ruled that johnson suspension of parliament was unlawful judges at scotland's highest court of appeals said his intention was to restrict
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parliament critics of the prime minister say the shutdown was a ploy to stifle debate over briggs it iran's leaders of welcome the decision by u.s. president donald trump to suck national security adviser john bolton president hassan rouhani says the u.s. should use the opportunity to push war mongers aside donald trump is delaying an increase in tariffs on 250000000000 dollars worth of chinese exports by 2 weeks he says the decision was made at the request of the chinese and as a gesture of goodwill china has also said it would exempt some u.s. part of some tariff increases the u.s. terrorists were due to rise from 25 to 30 percent on october 1st. in the bahamas thousands of people are still missing the following hurricane dorian as an international rescue effort to find the missing but the government warns the death toll of 50 may rise dramatically.
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on the body of zimbabwe's former president robert mugabe has returned from a single hole in his final resting place is unknown because of a dispute between family and the government. those with the headlines at the news continues here after i talked about is there a statement that supported by fire. only . you can. see. in a string of twitter messages posted on saturday u.s. president donald trump announced these council meetings planned with the taliban leadership and afghanistan's president at camp david he blames
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a taliban attack in kabul last week in which an american soldier was amongst those killed. that announcement come to criticism him from his own republican party hashtags such as taliban try to trump the kind trending. the peace talks started almost a year ago in concert aiming to end the 18 year old war in afghanistan on monday trump said they were dead. dead dead dead dead frogs i'm concerned that that they thought that that it killed people in order to put themselves in a little better negotiating position when they did that they killed 12 people what happened to be a great american soldier it wonderful young man from puerto rico families from puerto rico. you can't do that can't do that with me now dead dead as far as i'm concerned and we've head. that the alabang hotter in the last 4 days that they've been it over 10 years that's the way it is the president's move surprised the taliban's leaders of the 9 months of negotiations in doha he seemed to most of the
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differences with the united states had been result of the us special representative for afghan but conciliation zalmay khalilzad even said a peace agreement had been finalized in principle. one of the most important points the gradual withdrawal of the 14. 1000 american soldiers. to the u.s. quick to the negotiating table can peace be achieved in afghanistan and if so what would it take. the taliban's political spokesman to do so hail shaheen talks to al jazeera. a lot will come. and we have here with with us in the studio today mr mohammad swaging in the spokesman for the political office of taliban and the member of the negotiating team here in doha thank you for being with us thank you very much let me start with the negotiations that the president donald trump announced. the end of it did that
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come as a surprise to you. yes it was. it was astonishing for us. because we had a really kind of crew did the peace agreement with american a you negotiation team . and we had to do the talks for are almost one year and in the end we concluded a peace agreement and also we concluded the dynamics and implementation framework of the peace agreement then both heads up that it was team initial copies one copy of that was given to the qatari side and one copy. we got the word copy and one american team. and after that. that chief of the political office and d.p.i.
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meter of they slam make a minute of afghanistan for political appears and he's a delegation had a meeting with dr khalilzad and general scott miller they were happy with. a peace agreement and they talked about that about the 70 of signing the peace agreement amidst that that preach laws when you start uprising in a store stitching for us so the last thing you heard from mr them i said is that and general scott miller the chief commander of u.s. troops and nato troops in afghanistan was about actually the ceremony for signing the agreement and not the stoppage of the negotiations is that correct. no there was no hint no sign only they. talked during that meeting about
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the ceremony of signing the. signing the agreement to an invitation to be extended to 40 minute states of about $24.00 a countries of the world and also they talked about their communication channel which was here is a part of the agreement and we pointed to the problem or decided people for the communication channel in order to facilitate implementation of they claim and that was discussed during that meeting that was the last meeting that our. chief of the political office. with scott miller and dr off that that meeting which i mentioned there was another meeting with him and that meeting that they were. no sign. no hint about what was
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mentioned in their trips that was really really surprising for us so when was that meeting what was it on saturday for example. yet. you really knew exactly the. date but it was after. meeting and which they discussed the communication channel and also the about the ceremony they had that another meeting so it was the topic was. similar topics some addition but similar topics so during these 2 meeting have you ever confirmed actually that you are going to see president trump on cam david's on sunday as per the tweets of i president trump himself did you ever confirm that you're going on sunday yes it was a rotation was given by a doctor to us. and we we discussed this. in the political
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office and eat accepted that invitation and we can read our message or product article exactly that we accept that invitation and we will go to visit or the united states. that after the. signing ceremony of the peace agreement. because the side they said of the peace agreement will create a lot more spirit that it will be you know reduction in weiland and will be a good atmosphere inside up when it's done because of the after the signing of the ceremony that actually implementation of the peace agreement will start and we will create a card to sort must be have to go there and that be we can read that message to him that would be a proper time. so in his tweet president trump claimed that the beating between you
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and president chum or. should the world on sunday i'm asking here about the signing of the agreement ceremony that was supposed to be here in doha wasn't the same they were sunday as well or a different they were it wasn't agreed upon the expected date of the ceremony was to be fixed. by all sites and in the ceremonies to be held. it was decided to be held here in doha. it was to be held here in doha in the presence of international witnesses and the presence of media that was decided that was not or that it will be signed in camp david. it was decided to that we knew was but the date was not fixed but it
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was generally. decided that it will be held in during one week with in one week. so in this case do you consider the tweets by president trump as incorrect when he claimed that the meeting was should was on sunday yes they give us so there's 2 different things one is. his idea in we're titian parts that we accept it and the other is the date. that we had. when we they gave us the year to do it but we had our own week that it is appropriate to go after the signing of the. city money for. mental because a before that we didn't see speired suicide being nor see spiders means that radio will be x. from each site's i've they had x.
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i don't want to treat. that italy it by attacking some parts but after the. beginning of for the implementation of the peace agreement so all these things will stop and that would create you are most of your reporter visiting the united states that was our we point i mean we can read that i would reported to him to dr kelly that so according to your statements to mr kerry the agreement was ready for signature by the president of u.s. a and for the ceremony for signing the agreement but we don't know a lot about the agreement can you tell us more information about that what what you actually agreed upon there are some mom main points and main parts of peace agreement when withdrawal of all forces from abroad it's not sick and not allowing anyone to use the side of
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a one side against the united states its allies. to begin intra of on negotiations for that since spider will be an item of agenda of discussion during intra afghan negotiations that were 4 words up the peace agreement so according to what you're saying now the ceasefire was never part of the agreement no that was not part of. negotiation with the american side we had 2 topics or 2 parts with the americans one to talk with them about ending occupation about one stone or withdrawal of foreign forces from abroad some 2nd obligation not allowing anyone to use the side of
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a wider stand against the united states and its allies that was 2 main parts that we discussed with the american side that i mean in 2 parts we were to discuss with them with the afghans and the really the americans busy agree to that was droll without a ceasefire the american agreed with withdrawal and we agreed that during the era drawl we will not attack them it was part of that and they will not attack us and we will not attack them we will give them a safe passage to offer dollars from afghanistan so that was no question of would be about that doesn't seem a bit strange at least for the people that you agree to a cease fire with the americans and you are prepared to do the do you agree to stop killing the americans by that and agree to something similar to the afghani people
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you work your fellow citizens. how can you explain that. that is part of the entrapment negotiation as i certainly did mention the ceasefire will be a conference of suspect will be item 2 to discuss with up hard to reach an agreement about that but now with the americans. we talked about that we draw all of their forces when we want to to withdraw or they are intending to withdraw why we should attack them why they are withdrawing we we harbor to it is rational to provide them a passage but about other afghans we have if you talk with them if there is a spot with them there will be no attack with them but this is that another aspect of the one issue 1st we want to. end the occupation publish them and
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then to talk with the ones about the formation of a new is let me go to being in the country and also about see spite these 2 different things so now the americans stopped the negotiations president trump said it ended its debts are you going to resume attacking the american troops in afghanistan if the american wants. to. not attack us and they want to withdraw and they signed the agreement yes we will not attack them we will provide them a safe passage withdrawing from our palestine. but if they attack us they continued the bombardment did not or nitrates that what country knew from our side what has been continuing for the last tedious i'm sure for the
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american press there was some suggestions that some trumps aides told him he and he could actually withdraw without any agreements with you in taliban and the american do that if the start withdrawing without any agreement with you will you still attack them or you just leave them go because that is what you want anyway if you sign an agreement with them then. not to attack them and toward them appear safe passage if he. they withdraw we don't any peace agreement signing with us then it is up on our. consent order. our willing with that to attack them or not attack them it is then
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up to us because there is no agreement so we will attack them if you want if we see it in our interest our national interest our islamic interest. we see it not in our interest we will not. see it on our interests not to attack will not attack them that's will be up to us but to get it meant yes we would have obligation not one tactic this to think different so what is a benefit for you in attacking the americans while they are withdrawing. yes. you are right if they are withdrawing it is more rational that we give them a safe passage back to be our lot. and that any agreement but it's a national announce we're drawing from runs on us. when it be
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a different matter if the start with and without an agreement with you but also they stopped attacking you yes if they attack us we have the right upsurge for treatments but if you do that they do not attack us and they are withdrawing. it is another story then it will we will do what is rational to take that step mr sadistically the spokesman for the office of the president organise a shotgun he said that your honeymoon in doha was over that is after. president some decision to stop the negotiations do you think his riot your honeymoon is over and there's no coming back to the negotiations again we have already in a forest on 70 percent of the 2 duty of a one stand is with with us there are not there when they go to the kabul airport which is a few kilometers from the president held
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a shell palace they go in a heloc helicopter so that means we are also paying relent and the kabul city. so whose honeymoon you or you can think it is in kabul all the n.g.o.s in the people who wants your permission and reports facilitate. the. movement from one province to other it when in the city so you can now image and whose honeymoon is over who is. who was the people that real people of the country. and the muster of the current the agreements you just told us about didn't mention anything about that afghani government they feel they were left alone
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and they were sold out by the americans. and you refuse still to have any negotiations with the government until the withdrawal of all the foreign forces from afghanistan do you not consider them as afghani that are worth talking to 1st the document which was. found way to the media. that it limited not really couldn't it is not there was a general agreement it was a fake text put by someone posted on media. this 1st thing the 2nd is i said into our negotiated in is part of the. agreement peace agreement we will talk with all sides of the op eds and that also includes the couple of demonstrations. and with that we will discuss the
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future of real estate so are you planning to have talks with afghani government or will you will carry on ignoring any talks with them until the withdrawal of the foreign forces of course our 1st peace agreement should be signed with the americans then we will enter in trouble in negotiation that includes the coverlid ministration they will be part of the decision there will be of course are there up one sides including the carbon. image station so the americans according to the agreement is what the americans will withdraw and that was agreed upon what the other forces other troops in afghanistan will where they stay as well as what they say behind or they will withdraw with the americans that we were talking with the american sites they also presented all foreign forces including the not of forces in of i'd start that it's part of the peace
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a good bit that is mentioned in the agreement that american forces including donato forces will withdraw from a place that so that's part of the exhibit so let's assume that all the forces in afghanistan are. going to has no single foreign soldier. what is your vision for the future of i'm going to say and the system of government it will be an independent country a prosperous country. what the national unity. and would. have the power to take it's political. decision as economy could decision and all of that decision by themselves it will not be dictated by any one with 0 or super power or a seat of power they will be. the people the main of themselves the master
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of this country and they all of ones will see themselves in future good meant in the country and they really work for the country reconstruction and rehabilitation development of the country like members of a feebly so can you explain a little bit more about this are you going to inforce. and impose the islamic ruled by force on other afghanis or you have changed your. doctrine a little bit and you can now allow for dialogue and for democracy and elections and things like that that's part of the trapani cliche should. we hope for top of this to the into up and you should one thing but we want the future to go to mean 3 and it's let me go to meet and how and what for.
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that. will be discussed and they interrupt negotiation and one will decide about but it should be an islamic government because for the last 40 years of one muslim people in the major he has. laid out the lives in sacks of for a price for an islamic government to be established. so what will you do if you give people a right to. vote and a right to have a say in their future under say no we don't want to slam a cold we want a civil secular government what will you do when force is then a quote by force we interpret and run a negotiation and that means we will talk with all sides of. political figures and other. sides influentials including
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the president or cut into administration about the future. of the understand that means we wouldn't we want to to reach a conclusion through talks in negotiation with some hamas or change thanks for being with us thank you it was. a new political sitcom after 27 years of dictatorship this problem that we have can we overcome it challenges here looks at the new democracy in ethiopia is fast changing political landscape through the stories of food diversity europeans simply
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this is my studio where i shoot the sitcom. my ethiopia on al-jazeera. p. 20. 8 has brought us. peace of mind importance and now we can world invest. money and do many things that because previous feel what happened to war. time is coming we will be. put still on the back to reality was. the theme because they see this meeting. i believe the future of the
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people seal on. it and ship oh you don't. jr 0. the spark that ignited the arab spring elects a new president what does the political scene look like after the arrest of one of the main candidates in the presidential race joining us to special coverage. on al-jazeera. hello i'm daryn jordan and doha with a quick reminder the top stories here on al-jazeera the british government has been forced to release a report detailing what can be expected with a no deal breakers that operation yellow hammer warns of traffic jams shortages of
9:49 am
food and medicines rising prices and public unrest the bank has more now from london. but this 6 page document essentially shows is that the united kingdom is a vulnerable to the impacts of leaving the e.u. without a deal it focuses on a whole range of different possible scenarios implying that there will be a significant shortage of fresh food of medicine that we may well see in the united kingdom an increase in electricity bills as well it talks about there being delays on the roads for goods entering and leaving the united kingdom about there being tailbacks on the motorway is that could indeed take many months to clear but there are also being delays for travelers or airports or even nationals want to enter the u.k. and vice versa but all of this seems to have the most impact according to this document on the most vulnerable sectors of society those at the forefront of any economic fluctuation amount of course of the poorest people in the united kingdom. it is
9:50 am
of course an important time of year when different political parties have their annual conferences their annual meetings undoubtably opposition parties including the opposition labor party the left wing leaning party here in the u.k. will make a lot of the findings in this document but i think what the also continue to pressure the government to do is to be a little bit clearer about the strategy behind this decision to suspend parliament and find out exactly what the government is doing to mitigate the impact of a no deal brecht's it to mitigate the implications of all of these warnings listed in detail in this document meanwhile a scottish court has ruled johnson's suspension of parliament was unlawful judges said the prime minister's intention was to restrict parliament donald trump is delaying an increase in tariffs on $250000000000.00 worth of chinese exports by 2
9:51 am
weeks he says the decision was made at the request of the chinese and as a gesture of goodwill u.s. terrace where jews arrive some 25 percent to 30 percent on october 1st in the bahamas thousands of people are still missing following hurricane dorian there's an international rescue effort to find the missing people the government mourns the death toll of 50 may rise dramatically and u.s. plans to ban flavored a cigarette products public health officials are investigating hundreds of cases of severe lung illnesses and at least 5 deaths related to the cigarettes or poor billings from the american lung association says the rise in vapor use by high school students proves the industry is targeting young people. last year we saw a 78 percent increase in high school students using. products today they said her health human services indicated that number has gone up even further
9:52 am
in the latest survey so we know that these products are looking kids they're not designed for adults who are stopping using cigarettes they're really hawking a new generation of people using tobacco products and we will all suffer the health consequences of another generation lost to nicotine addiction and the health harm caused by tobacco certainly we need to increase awareness of people understand what's in these products what we know we don't know about the near term and long term health harm we also need to redouble our efforts against all tobacco products we want the president to go after menthol cigarettes and flavored cigars in addition to east cigarettes and the flavors that are hooking kids we know that flavors attract children we know that more work needs to be done to educate the public we need to raise the price by increasing taxes we need to make sure that these products are included in smoke free air laws there's a lot we can do to help stem the tide of addiction death and disease caused by other tobacco products scientists and it's really have created 2 embryos of the
9:53 am
critically endangered northern white rhinos they were made using eggs in the last 2 females and frozen sperm from dead males will soon be transferred to a surrogate mother a southern white rhino those are the headlines the news continues here after on a similar statement that's what i thought. the.
9:54 am
emigration a fact of life for many ins of people from the arab world for now live approach to conflict past security and economic factors have caused many arabs to leave not just for europe but also for africa australia and america as. we know much about their journeys but what happens to them afterwards. syria not now i know who would now lives in germany where he's a successful designer off tech science machinery but 1st feisal is a lebanese origin with family connections to south america today he is a member of parliament in canada. had a macand a look to suffocate my ear muffs mr bell you will. not in the land i feel at
9:55 am
concordia. can you tell me. the huddle rushed. feen it was the lara where she had that must. have hit the side set those up being ok and all quiet there are some men i did see a van's well but i'm not that a lot of egypt cannot let me land the can add that the concordia can undecidable and or she can look now and know that they can that the self has suffered the to suffer a little of the need to do the slow. doesn't condemn one many and most their way yet they allow us. english is a year 8 levels of english continuation and another at last by sit. by then at the math on the highly sensitive how to live paleo or mouse of food from the. can to more than. half
9:56 am
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9:57 am
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9:59 am
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