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tv   The Listening Post 2019 Ep 33  Al Jazeera  September 14, 2019 11:33am-12:01pm +03

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i'm of the farm's losses from teen years to 5 years the creation of a licensing regime for shooting clubs and ranges the requirement to be a license holder in order to purchase and how far on parts magazines and ammunition the government types parliament will approve the legislation by the end of the year to try to ensure new zealand never experiences another math killing victoria gate and be out there. now the moon festival is one of the most important celebrations in the chinese calendar but this year at the nato summit and has taking place against a backdrop of months of protests in hong kong. reports. people here say the full moon brings her spirit and a brighter future but the mood grows over a different hong kong this year and the celebration has taken on a different feel. there are the usual carols and lanterns but many people are
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coming with a different message remembering those most affected by the proposed extradition bill that sparked the initial street protests today. you know for those people. for. the past 3 months these. traditions. the protests show no sign of ending the spike the police crackdown and increased violence at demonstrations people continue to vent their frustration at what they see as mainland china's growing influence on hong kong the process is more sober than usual but the sense of discontent is still quite present here it is freer than is behind a break in almost every standoff at home from. the controversial extradition bill was withdrawn last week but critics of hong kong chief executive
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kerry lamb and her administration say this was too little too late. we are here because what the. kerry labs rethrow off to. walling previous celebrations were about families now it's all about standing with the people of hong kong. the 1st of all brings families together to celebrate. this year through singing about students who fight for personal liberties. or hong kong. well china won't include us pork or soybeans and other agricultural products in new tariffs and the latest in several recent concessions between the world's 2 biggest economies before a new round of talks on their trade or on wednesday u.s. president donald trump announced he would postpone additional tariffs on chinese goods american actor felicity huffman will spend 2 weeks in jail for cheating the
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us college admissions process she pleaded guilty to paying $15000.00 to rig her daughter's college entrance exam results half moon is the 1st parent to be sentenced among the 50 people indicted in a scam helping children getting spots in top u.s. colleges earlier i spoke to pedro noguera who is a professor of education at the university of california los angeles he thinks the charges are likely to fix an already broken admissions system. 2 weeks you will get more time in jail for stealing a loaf of bread and for what she's done so that the consequences are quite minimal but at least she did admit her guilt but the problem is much bigger than this it's been known for a long time that wealthy individuals can make donations to a college and only their children are admitted and that's not considered a bribe that's just the way the system works so we have
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a real problem with respect to how access to college is determined and the way in which wealth and privilege makes the process even more unfair than it already is and that's because the these especially the private institutions depend heavily on the support of wealthy donors for to sustain the university but we've seen recently that this is happening in public universities as well u.c.l.a. the institution i'm a part of was also part of this scandal and so what we see because of the pressure on families to try to get their kids into top colleges we're seeing that the stakes are high and individuals are willing to go even to take illegal action on ethical action to get their children secure a spot for their children i understand why families would be clamoring for this chance but i also know that the system is rigged we have a very unequal educational system so those who are going to elite private schools and public schools already have an advantage from very early on in their lives and
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they want to on top of that when you look at the ways in which wealthy families can invest in their children and secure private tutors and do other things to enhance their chances of getting into these elite universities then you see how corrupt the system actually is. now still ahead in the sports euro takes the ne need on day one at golf's solheim cup he said we'll have those 2 sets. of. the church.
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where every.
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fuckin back it's now time for sport has pisa. thank you very much england's cricketers have fought hard on day 2 of the final ashes test and it seems to have paid off for archer took 6 wickets from australia if they change things 1st innings 3rd of 294 their best bet when steve smith made his lowest school of the series a mere 80 australian all out for 225 just before the close of play in and hold a 781 lead going into day 3 a win would at least leave the series drawn with australia having already done enough to retain the ashes in a loss that it him of his it is that a lot of players. even. person again you know. are the asses losses so lots of the. pakistan's cricket board says it won't shift the upcoming home series against sri lanka to a neutral venue this week 10 sri lankan players opted out of the 2 of the team was warned of a possible terrorist threat they were due to play the 1st of 31 day matches in 2
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weeks time pakistan's captain is still hoping his opponents will change their minds they can't believe. pakistan cricket board has made a tremendous effort over the past 10 years over the past 3 years pakistan has successfully hosted the west indies sri lanka a world 11 and pakistan super league for a limited overs match as it tries to win back confidence of foreign teams to restart fully fledged international cricket at home but the international cricket council and other cricket board should also support pakistan because pakistan has always supported other cricket boards in their hour of need european the united states 4 and a half 3 and a half after the 1st day's play in goal so home cup taking place at gleneagles in scotland this competition is very similar to the ryder cup except that it is for women golfers the europeans late on friday after the morning foursomes and maintain their slender advantage after the afternoon for pettersen and. defeated us.
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for into an otherwise even afternoon session. it was a good dynamic to. playing alongside the new superstar of europe. was absolute pleasure today and. there's someone like that's going to rub off on her like i said before we started you don't have to play perfect this is a tough go of course this is the star of. now absolute pleasure to get the point on the board and that's the most important thing spain reached the finals of the basketball world cup after a dramatic victory over australia in beijing at one point in the semifinal the australians led by as many as 11 points but the spaniards fought back late in the game to force a double overtime thriller marcus all hit 33 for fellow n.b.a. star ricky rubio at 19 and 12 of spain came through 9588. they'll take on argentina in sunday's final luis scola scored
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a game high 28 points as they breezed past france 866 since argentina's 1st final since 2002 it was also the end of the line for the french who blew this tournament wide open when they beat reigning champions the united states in the quarter finals . after a week of international fixtures europe's big leagues return and liverpool will be 1st up in action on saturday in the english premier league when they host newcastle united in other matches manchester united will be at home against leicester chelsea visit wolves and champions manchester city or away at norwich but before that all eyes will be on anfield where liverpool boss you're going to plop says he's team must not underestimate newcastle the boys are still the same bunch of good football players what they were before and i'm really happy about that and we have to go tomorrow again because newcastle will fight like crazy and like that against tottenham for example a couple of good results. the spanish league also returns with real madrid in
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action against 11 say coach than it is today and has several problems ahead of this match though as many as 8 players are currently sidelined with injuries they should have been has are available though the belgian join the club for $110000000.00 in the most recent transfer window but it's yet to make his 1st appearance for rail so dan has also been complaining about lack of preparation time after the international break. it's complete. it's complicated period we know the situation we're not comfortable about it but that's the way it is levant have had 15 days to prepare for this game whereas some players have only joined us this week one or 2 every day until today we have 3 players who are going to train only one day but it doesn't matter we're ready we're just thinking about the game now. we're just a week away from the start of the rugby world cup in japan. ireland
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squad was welcomed in a traditional ceremony earlier captain rory best painted in an eye of a good luck doe called a dirt room over the next week organizers will hold ceremonies like these for all of the teams taking part island will open a campaign against scotland on the 22nd of september and they're going into the tournament as the world's top ranked team if you told us after being in the world a long going into the record. only laughed at us so just shows how they can just change you know over the matter of a week. finnish driver. has extended he is lead on day 2 of the rally of the years ahead by 17.7 seconds at the halfway stage driver leads champion sebastian or gerry matthew suffered an impressive tire puncture on his toyota is done in light. of the sport we have seen from oregon later. well you can
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find much more on our website our coverage of president. al jazeera dot com. and that's it for me. here in atlanta with more news. on counting the cost and the defacto leader has been ousted well his replacement is saudi arabia's energy minister any better than struggle to get more for its oil costs the cost of adapting to. counting the cops on a. culture of downs bribes every day generations of tibetans continue to be a brace and bit take their cultural heritage it's a reminder of who they are and whether. this is a suburb of the capital new delhi so the refugees here since 964. have
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been defined as migrants are not refugees because india hasn't signed up to the 1951 un convention on refugees so tibetans here have been able to access the indian welfare system so they become self-sufficient starting a pair of businesses and looking for work independently but for some it's not enough. there is a huge group of people at work behind our screens and the power they have is massive that urge to keep swiping through a twitter feed that's just not the way we all click i agree to the terms and conditions that's just so most of us never even give it a 2nd thought and actually that's designed as well ali riggs explores how designers are manipulating a viewer and the final episode all hail the algorithm. the latest news as it breaks while the lunar lander has been tossed off the shelves expect to
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see images from new york with details coverage dangers remain true blood the wrong . walk through the eastern 3rd of dorian. from around the world his body will lie in state for a few days. at the national geo cities in the capital. the bahamas braces for another tropical storm just 2 weeks after hurricane dorian devastated the island. followed welcome to al-jazeera live from doha i'm martin dennis also coming out. of the potential of
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a disaster that would would blow we're beyond the indian subcontinent pakistan's prime minister sounds the alarm over india's military climb down in the kashmir region. homeless again more misery for the people displaced by yemen's war as floodwaters destroyed their makeshift camps. in zimbabwe prepares to bury its founding father but families are. killed and disappeared and. another storm is approaching the bahamas the atlantic island chain devastated by hurricane dorian just weeks ago with 1300 people still missing heavy rains and strong winds could make search and rescue efforts more difficult the national hurricane center is warning that a tropical storm could areas already flattened by dorian at least 50 people have been killed alan fischer reports from the capital. for no there's not much more to
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do than stand around and talk about what happened about what happens next this is a place of shelter for more than a 1000 after the horror of hurricane dorian police and army who are helping out the relief effort see the government has been cameras inside or press smith told me conditions are good it's the stories that upset or. from. when she was crying. or washed away in the flood. but. when the storm hit freetown her daughter had to swim to safety. all the way.
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and now another storm is bearing down on the police she's not sure if she still calls home there's really nowhere. if you really look at it because the police the water logged and if. there's no power no water the dark clothes are hanging over the bahamas the prime minister says they're hoping the potential tropical storm will cause a few. problems but people are ready but if you were to fly over those islands that were impacted you would know that many of the homes already have tops under roofs centra trying to minimize any form of the kids within the home so people have been working already late on friday the u.n. secretary general toured one of the places where displaced people are being housed and he wants this site is going to become more common it will be so this is the moment to leave 1st the present trends climate change is running faster than what we are we need to reverse this trend we need to defeat climate change the number of
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those missing still stands at 1300 but new telecommunications equipment has been sent to the islands that more watch the fact it is that better information will bring that number down there's a storm just off the bahamas the people here are hoping that mrs because it's common path towards islands that already had too much to be fallen fisher algis here in the bahamas. hearing the u.n. secretary general is concerned the swedish climate activists granted to him bug going demonstrators in washington outside the white house the 16 year old and dozens of other teenagers held and gave speeches demanding that political leaders address the crisis she have a chance he has more. rather firm began her climate strikes every friday preferring to protest outside the swedish parliament for urgent action on climate change rather than attend school and that's become
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a global phenomenon now on this friday she joins students in the washington d.c. area for their school friday climate strike outside the white house. 2 for ever. so. i think. i don't. know very well. so. that's why we you. have. to accept this is just a precursor to what's happening next right september the 20 years not just students walking out of class but a general strike adults walking out of their workplaces to moment action on climate change in the days before a u.n. summit on the issue in new york pakistan's prime minister has warned the new
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delhi's crackdown in indian administered kashmir will push more muslims into taking up arms imran khan held a rally and most often a bad that's the capital of pakistan when this of kashmir he says he'll take the issue to the un general assembly it's been more than a month now since new delhi revoked indian administered kashmir is autonomy less 4000 people have been arrested since then come all those at the rally the crowd. gathered there. and a 3rd of. the final administered kashmir they were on conduct prime minister wants to see the people of. florida florida. a on the other side of the line of there was also not a light on here not sure about it on a prime minister terminal addressing the united nations 100. within the next.
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40 libya i lied. lied of many. who demanded. the western world is not paying attention to what's happening in indian administered kashmir but the entire muslim world is watching among the 1250000000 muslims many will take up the guns in retaliation the funny prime minister speaking to was also 3rd. quarter and there may. support. and. the message from the very clear. transferred from the people of course. the people express their point. as you are working on human rights that please speak for the human rights respect for the human we are not animals our brothers our mothers and i was in you know by
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. the brutality of indian army and they are. why. this crime. pushed me how about what we the females of pakistan administered kashmir want to tell modi that we are not weak and we are standing with our sisters and brothers of india administrate kashmir we will liberate kashmir and with god's will kashmir will get its independence. from progress rather . than really you know you are right now no matter what busy. well mention a man come back some prime minister has sat down and spoken exclusively to total jazeera and he told us that he is anti war but that he will respond to any aggression from india when 2 nuclear armed countries fight if they fight
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a conventional war there is every possibility that it's going to end up into nuclear war the unthinkable i mean you know if if supposed to stand for god forbid we fight a conventional war we're losing and if a country is stuck between the choice either you surrender or you fight till death for your freedom. i know pakistanis will fight to death for their freedom so that when a nuclear armed country fights to the end to the death. it has consequences so that's why. we have approached the united nations we approach we are we are approaching every international forum that them must know because this is a potential. a disaster that would would go way beyond the indian subcontinent where you can see the full interview on talk to our viewers there on saturday at 430 greenwich mean time. the 3 senior commanders and
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libyan warlord after of being killed in fighting south of the capital tripoli pro have to media sources reported the incident as forces loyal to the u.n. recognized government say they've made advances in the area after his forces launched a military offensive to capture the city in april. severe flooding in yemen is making a humanitarian crisis even worse at least 21 people have died in hugger province where most of the people displaced by the war live in makeshift camps and with few resources it's hard for anyone to build new homes kathy lopez hotter young reports the. living conditions were are very challenging in this camp for displaced yemenis now severe flooding has made it worse more than 1500 makeshift homes have been destroyed in archivists camp one of many affected in her job province displaced
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families are now trying to rebuild their homes with whatever they can find. like many families here fatima lost all she had when she was displaced now everything is gone again as a widow she says her family now depends on this bread maker. sabbat alone or so but i'm not going to mother of 3 we need help organizations have come in but they've just taken our photograph and registered our names we don't have anything. the united nations estimates the floods have affected more than 80000 people in recent months leaving many in need of food shelter and sanitation. well you know lama like now you will of allah we've been suffering here for what and 7 months for brain storming diseases the houses here all destroyed some organizations of try to rebuild homes but they leave them with no roofs or cover people have died. but
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many aid organizations are spread thin fighting between who these and allies of yemen is internationally recognized government will push the country to the brink of famine and that was before the flooding an abstract man i miss that i used to have a little bit of cooking flour but if lost washed away we don't have anything to eat everything was flooded may god have mercy on earth and our children. people living in these camps have little support and nowhere to go they can only hope that help comes soon katia will piss of the yawn al-jazeera still to come here at al-jazeera israel prepares to go to the polls for the 2nd time in less than 6 months. and all new zealand's gun laws backfiring police face accusations the new strategy is failing.


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