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tv   Counting the Cost 2019 Ep 37  Al Jazeera  September 14, 2019 12:32pm-1:01pm +03

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not sustainable all of the species are catch from the wild and directly from the wall and if it's that keep going on 8090 percent of the wallet in seoul we see are facing extinction. were sleep walking into. a political disaster. to find out more about the bush meat train i'm heading inland to visit what locals call an extreme market. here in tom on the taste for bush made run state. steeped in local tradition just about every kind of animal is to say it will. be fascinating to me to wal-mart's up much our. much money q what do you want.
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people to. draw a lot of you get away. like you've got a little here. it's a lot of me tell. david and his family have been selling push me here for a tease mostly to indigenous locals called mina hoss and. why do people love bush meat sorry not. really to be. that he. was caught in the abundance of the b.s. on all our stuff. but these trade he's barely regulated every animal he has been caught from the wild and is sold in huge quantities is the rare the animal the better it is. yeah but the problem locked in my hollow so mark in full up.
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yes. you are going to leave something no one will be able. to see him long. before long you summed up by some obviously local or even. if you will. you please don't worry. david makes most of his money selling bats snakes and board monkey meat like the yaquis he's also conceded a local delicacy. what about yucky. when you know yak you probably blew. up when you were home but when you put your to way i. was hoping you'd avoid. the. media all i saw you. right now there are meant to be legal limits to the amount of wild animals traders can sell
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but they mostly ignored. a recent study found that bats a totally wiped out in some communities is north. end at risk of vanishing in others nearby. do you know where they've got that coming from. home. from. the why can't you thought these locally. grown a lot of the community was of you but. we can. david's caught up in a dilemma if he doesn't so he can't support his family bought if he continues a time may come when his grandchildren don't even know what about looks like now. i am with the good luck or lower. i don't keep. going why do i.
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got only son the idea is other do you want to. be for the new exciting if you want to know so little scott and go down by even the amount of money you get when you give more detail but give me. the go c'mon you can. get. a big. 4 now. is tradition and the bush meat trade shows no signs of slowing down. unlike david not everyone is abiding by the little. insular way see protected species like iraqi on sold openly at the local market. bought i'm told there is a lucrative trade on the black market. right
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now it is 3 30 am in the morning hand and we're out front on the biggest water how . this is where all the produce from across the country comes before entering the bush meat market and i'm waiting for a group of activists who are going to help him get out find. her on it just means you got us through to. all of us and you are making so delano what are you looking for when you go inside and occupy money have a problem are the one on the. market but nobody from the city all right let's go to. delano says protected species are also being sold as traditional medicine and storage on doing enough to police the supply chain. limbaugh got
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a bug up on the guy who put the money to buy a house worth of i believe about the you can find. something tonight hotter than some relief from either candidate or going to see is what the kids are going to suffer by looking like the president meeting place but this is. a bad thing that's not young today he's taking matters into his own hands looking for any illegal species to report to police. play ball. this is a search for the blood the fireball. doesn't care if there are. not many but do bigger and i. think more. than that. in one book. i caught chuck dean from across the country there are hundreds of animal potty mouth.
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and then mommy underneath that was there are you with a bowl of yes no meat on the letter but there's no sign of anything protected yeah let me ask you. know you. love. love love. love love the last time the government said it like the money. love love love love love love 34 months ago the owner admits the only all 4 of these checking what he sells a from the health department was likely going to get killed but i guess like it or not that's not exactly a. household a. lot. of the particular. thank you there
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are 3 part harmony well they haven't been there. for a. while and so these are photos that you've taken. in the. yuckier home of the new guy. is that is that it tom and not a long time on. the text of the law yeah back at delano his headquarters he shows me proof protected species like jackie illegally traded by other vendors and was this being sold openly and all was it something was done under the tech. did you owe. somebody someone you dear but i'm going to do this hell i mean the problem major i disagree and by major dunn how did you occupy the.
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investigations by several n.g.o.s found one of the biggest contributors to indonesia's illegal animal trade was a lack of effective lure in force meant to show me what this looks like delano takes me to forest street police checkpoint. so what's this donna. hospital talking. to the. hair one. young daddy who had to put. on a police. ranger. it's 10 am on a friday one of the busiest days of the week for deliveries to tomahawk bush meat market. and so where is everybody. it's empty.
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ready back in the nada a meeting up again with forestry office adani enka to see if he thinks he's unit is doing enough to stop the wildlife trade. something that comes out when i talk to everybody on this here in the locker room and to our listeners why do you think. that's not really takes. so. long i mean so i'm going to. donnie insists the forestry police making an impact but he can't explain the
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checkpoint now if it. may be that it kept quiet for now and i believe that why is. it i do wish he. were going for. a big. name with a laugh going to. come i mean you know that johnny if. nothing would find out. why. wasn't. the un claims the wildlife trade is now the full biggest illegal industry in the world off to drugs and human trafficking. offices to put more traffic is behind us. that alone won't stop the decline of.
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wildlife. local attitudes need to change. what is the green growth. what's basically to spread as a vision messages through the approaches for sanity was quite a big part of what some of us who. were figure that if maybe the law won't work on. then we're hoping that maybe the bible will prissy isn't part of the church she's a conservationist but she knows sunday schools are powerful tool for change i plan on all day actually. it's not just kids learning something new. it will be. good to really be. that what i.
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like to think of it was going on in the blood. in the room at the sweat at the y. . i'm not going to ask the. rest of us who was the one above are we not them the nothing. when you don't think that. this event is a starting point but i wonder if it's enough to really turn the tide what is at stake . here if this doesn't work it's given to you astray of the continuation of population decline of many endangered and demick species of nor so i see. these people of the community they are in the center of it all so if we don't protect and there they go you know that we lose a lot of precious things and i don't want that from my hometown.
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with each generation environmental degradation increases. in just 50 years the world's animal populations have dropped by an average of 60 percent. will this just because generations new normal or will they wake up before it's lost. what happened bottom line if you want. to know why. would i. get out of. a tree with chinese scientists in botswana gehring deep sea mission searching for
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rare was also a new space one i want to reveals china's underwater with iraq. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera will bring in the news and current affairs that matter to you. al-jazeera. rewind returns with a new series and brand new updates on the best about his english documentary by will complete onion the onion the sweetness baths the hugs and the food the company you go on to remind continues with cambodia is often in business. this is actually totally crazy scene and just allowed us to pick up full kids from this internet there in our car now and we could just drive off with them. on al-jazeera. jr
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0. the spark that ignited the arab spring elects a new president what does the political scene look like after the arrest of one of the main candidates in the presidential race joining us for a special coverage. on al-jazeera. the bowling. league. mole. the bahamas braces for another tropical storm just 2 weeks after hurricane dorian devastated the islands. hello martin denish a with al-jazeera live from doha also coming up this is a potentially. a disaster that would would go way beyond the indian subordinate
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pakistan's prime minister sounds the alarm over india's military clampdown in the kashmir region. homeless again more misery for the people displaced by yemen's war as floodwaters destroy a makeshift camps. and striking workers bringing much of the transport system in the french capital to a standstill in a dispute over pensions. heavy rains and strong winds are threatening search and rescue efforts in the bahamas the national hurricane center has forecasts that tropical storm could hit areas already devastated by hurricane dorian at least 50 people were killed more than a 1000 people are still missing alan fischer reports from the capital nussle. for
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no there's not much more to do than stand around and talk about what happened about what happens next this is a place of shelter for more than a 1000 after the horror of hurricane dorian police and army who are helping out the relief effort see the government has banned cameras inside or told me conditions are good it's the stories that upset or. i hold. from in i will call when she was crying. or washed away in the flood. she don't understand why. but then. when the storm hit freetown her daughter had to swim to safety. all the way or more now this is on the radar and now another storm is bearing down on the place
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she's not sure if she still calls home there's really nowhere else to stay if you really look at it because the place the water logged and if they're not water there's no power there's no water the dark clothes are all mislead hanging over the bahamas the prime minister says they're hoping the potential tropical storm will cause a few problems but people are ready but if you were to fly over those islands that were impacted you would know that many of the homes already have tops under groups etc trying to minimize any form of the hits within the home itself so people have been working already late on friday the u.n. secretary general toured one of the places where displaced people are being housed and he wants this site is going to become more common to believe so this is the moment to leave 1st the present trends climate change is running faster than what we are we need to reverse this trend we need to defeat climate change the number of
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those missing still stands at 1300 but new telecommunications equipment has been sent to the islands that more watch the fact it is that better information will bring that number down there's a storm just off the bahamas the people here are hoping that it misses because it's common path towards islands that already had too much to be a fallen fish or algiers here in the bahamas and the u.n. secretary general is concerned the swedish climate activists granted to him bad join demonstrators in washington outside the white house the 16 year old and dozens of other teenagers held banners and made speeches demanding that political leaders address the crisis she have a chance he has more. credit for began her climb. strikes every friday preparing to protest outside the swedish parliament for urgent action on climate change rather than attend school and that's become a global phenomenon this friday she joined students in the washington d.c.
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area for their school friday climate strike outside the white house. for ever. so. i think. and i'll. be. very overwhelming. that. you. have. this is just a precursor to what's happening next friday september 20 years not just students walking out of class but a general strike adults walking out of their workplaces demanding action on climate change in the days before a u.n. summit on the issue in new york. and breaking news within the last hour also we've
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been getting reports of an explosion at a state owned company facility in saudi arabia it happened at the saudi aramco site . in the east in the province of the kingdom of saudi arabia online video showing a big blaze on the horizon the company says the oil processing plant is the largest crude oil stabilization plant in the wont is estimated it comprises up to 7000000 barrels of crude oil a day the fire is now reportedly under control. ok sounds prime minister has hold of new delhi's crackdown in indian administered kashmir will push more muslims into taking up arms around town held a rally in the south that's the capital of pakistan and when it says kashmir he says he'll take the issue to the un it's been more than a month since new delhi revoked indian administered kashmir is autonomy unless
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$4000.00 people have been arrested since that. was at the rally the crowd. gathered. and a 3rd of. the final administered kashmir were on conduct our prime minister wants to see the people of done shorter story no. on the other side of the line of there was also not a light on her nor does it on a prime minister and the addressing the united nations 100. within the next day. be i like. the light of many hundreds. who demanded after. the western world is not paying attention to what's happening in india and it was searched kashmir but the entire muslim world is watching among the 1250000000
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muslims many will take up the guns in retaliation the funny prime minister speaking to us are also saying their father started recorder and. supported me and. the message from the. down there from the people of course me and you. express their point. rendered. goes on that's you are working on human rights that please speak out about human rights of course me to speak for the human. we are not animals our brothers our mothers and i was this and you know by. the brutality of indian army and they are. human it is why it is finally done this time on bush really how about in what we the females of pakistan administered kashmir want to tell modi that we are not we
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and we are standing with our sisters and brothers of india administrate kashmir we will liberate kashmir and with god's will kashmir will get its independence. from. bhagavan really you know you are right. well as kemal said the pakistan prime minister a man counted and it's going to sit down interview with us he said in that interview that he is anti war but that he will respond to any aggression from india when 2 nuclear armed countries fight if they fight a conventional war there is every possibility that it's going to end up into nuclear war the unthinkable i mean you know if if supposed to stand for god forbid we fight a conventional war we're losing and if a country is stuck between the choice either you surrender or you fight till death
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for your freedom i know pakistanis will fight to death for their freedom so that when a nuclear armed country fights to the end to the death it has consequences so that's why i am we have approached the united nations we have we are we are approaching every international forum that there must know because this is a potential. a disaster which would go way beyond the indian subcontinent. and for your enjoyment you can see the full interview with pakistan's prime minister on top. on saturday at $430.00 greenwich mean time and that of course is immediately after this program. the 3 senior commanders on the libyan war for have to have been killed in fighting south of the capital tripoli pro after media sources reported the incident has forces loyal to the u.n. recognize government said they had made advances in the area after his forces
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launched a military offensive to capture tripoli in april severe flooding in yemen is making a humanitarian crisis there even worse at least $21.00 people have died in the province that's where most of the people displaced by the war live in makeshift camps and with few resources it's hard for anyone to build new homes here lopez had a young reports the. living conditions were are very challenging in this camp for displaced yemenis now severe flooding has made it worse more than 1500 makeshift homes have been destroyed in arc of these camps one of many affected and her job province displaced families are now trying to rebuild their strong homes with whatever they can find. like many families here farts in my last hour she had when she was displaced now everything is gone again as a widow she says her family now depends on this bread maker. sabbat alone or so but
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i'm not going to mother we need help organizations have come in but they've just taken our photograph and registered our names we don't have anything. the united nations estimates the floods have affected more than 80000 people in recent months leaving many in need of food shelter and sanitation. well you know lola do you like you will obama we've been suffering here for more than 7 months from rain wind storm diseases the houses here all destroyed some organizations have tried to rebuild homes but they leave them with no groups or cover people have died had. that many aid organizations are spread thin fighting between who thesis and allies of yemen is internationally recognized government pushed a country to the brink of famine and that was before the flooding the man out flat man i miss that i used to have a little.


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