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tv   Arabs Abroad The Politician The Inventor  Al Jazeera  September 14, 2019 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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c.c. was alluding to allegations made by egyptian businessman mohammed alley he worked as a military contractor for 15 years alli has posted a series of videos on social media in which he says sisi and members of the armed forces wasted millions of dollars of public money on palaces villas and hotels i want to have to know why spend a huge amount of money building these houses i never understood his decision the problem was that since these wife didn't want to sleep in the same home with mubarak's wife stayed cc's taken low level corruption to a new level i built 5 villas for cc's aides and a palace for the president in a military camp in cairo ali uploaded the videos from spain where he's living in self-imposed exile they've been viewed more than a 1000000 times analysts say the absence of additional evidence doesn't matter to many egyptians the reality on the ground is that many egyptians are watching these videos they're starting to have doubts even sisi supporters are starting to have
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doubts about his integrity as a leader and about the military's integrity so i think it's significant some people in egypt are demanding that be tried for treason but many egyptians have long suspected the government and the army is corrupt the difference now is that it's being discussed more openly victoria gayton be al jazeera or coming up after the weather the start of a new school year poses special challenges for children in war torn yemen. prepares for another tropical storm just days after horror can dorrian course devastation across the islands. hello there some very heavy amounts of rain across central areas of china you can
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see on the satellite a huge swathe of cloud this is being streamed through am bringing with it some torrential amounts of rain 20000 people without power for a while that will soon brought back on and it's been a clear up situation ever since but about a 1000 people had to be evacuated from their homes there's no rain in the forecast on sunday meanwhile in the south because you non ran to ground all we have got more in the way of becoming more widespread as we head off into monday by monday we should see a bit of a drawing up take place setting close much of the sichuan so dr day in store in chengdu then we had across towards india and this is where of course once the rains all still very very active there's still small warnings in place as well from the india met department is for the central regions pradesh in particular this is where there will be more heavy rain in the full cost as we go through sunday but it's very extensive once again on the west coast to the west and gets right down into carola and also you see more rain into the northeast and again the polls still seeing some rains and they're fairly widespread pushing down into bangladesh at the
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same time where we have seen some dry weather is up into new delhi same fight as we head through monday it should be another dry day but a very warm day with a high of a 36 celsius. in the heart of the amazon the libyan family is putting lives in peril to harvest brazil nuts. it's getting the congo to the capital is an even more dangerous challenge. that risky new tool to believe be asked. on al-jazeera.
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you're watching al-jazeera time to recap on headlines now yemen's hoofy rebels of claimed responsibility for drone attacks at 2 saudi aramco all facilities in retaliation the saudi led coalition carried out at least 6 airstrikes targeting if you military position north of the rebel stronghold inside the. reuters news agency is reporting saudi arabia's all production exports have been disrupted. african leaders have gathered in harare to pay tribute to form a zimbabwe president robert mugabe who died last week aged 95 his burial will take place in about a month's time. fights have broken out between pro beijing and anti-government protesters a shopping center in hong kong police made arrests after breaking up clashes
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between the 2 sides at the calhoun more. a new school year it started in the behind schedule because of the obvious difficulties getting kids to class in a country at war millions of children have been deprived of an education more than 300 schools have been damaged or destroyed since the war began and schools that are still standing the rebels are being accused of indoctrinating children as young as 6 with pledges of allegiance under the law as more from santa. students of the capitals started there is called here of 20192020 spider of the war. that their country is going through. that they keep telling us do not go there airstrikes and aggression especially in areas near the school but our family and school teachers keep encouraging us to come.
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back an explosion happened in an area very close to the school we were asked by teachers to go to the basement the teachers kept searching inside the building for other school mates not fearing for their lives i mean. we are now starting the 1st school year since the beginning of the saudi aggression on our country most of the educational infrastructure has been destroyed they have been many direct attacks on school teachers and students and who could forget the merciless attack on the school bus of. in more than one occasion students and schools have been attacked but these students are determined to continue their education. after the relocation all the central bank of yemen to aden many teachers have been deprived from their monthly salary. even though we haven't received our salaries for months and we face difficult circumstances we feel obliged to fulfil our duties as teachers we are
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also forced to work in more than one place aside from public schools now students have been ruled they are now inside their classrooms hooping for better future as well as for see and fruitful scald year. u.s. president dog trump has acknowledged the death of osama bin laden's son it was the 1st confirmed it was 1st confirmed rather last month by the u.s. secretary of defense he said holmes who was killed during a military operation on the afghanistan pakistan border he'd been designated arava some of them live and was a prominent figure in the. maters in west africa have moved into closed door discussions at an emergency summit in brooklyn a fast on terrorism the region is experiencing a sharp rise in cross border attacks from armed groups affiliated with al qaida and isis catherine soy has more from the summit and we're going to go to. heads
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of state from the sahara i arrive in weather dougal there is a security crisis in the region following an inside inside by armed groups allied to al qaeda in the islamic state of iraq and the levant fighters have carried out a series of attacks in book enough fassel mauritania mali chide and. they scan sign that this problem could spread beyond us to hell and to other coastal countries there's no one to q 4 we have said that there needs to be a link between development and security if we develop the affected areas there will be security and if we provide good security we can develop those areas this summit has been organized by west africa's regional bloc and has brought together presidents from the so help countries called to 5 when dated to fight terrorism and illegal migration a crossbow does representatives from other west african countries affected by
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extremist groups like the book are also here book enough fassel has seen increased attacks in recent years until a few years ago when book enough bottles former president place come power it was removed from power in a right the country was largely face but in 2016 on this street in the capital where the bugle a man gone into that hotel and 2 restaurants more than 20 people were killed that more new men there remind us of what happened here. the attacks have spread to the east and north of the country about 500 people have been killed and nearly 300000 displaced. like but who's hosted by well wishes in a town about a 100 kilometers away from where the leaders are meeting she fled from her home father north 2 months ago you know if they came to our village and began shooting
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everywhere we fled with our children we walked for over 15 kilometers we came here with nothing. the leaders in were good to say the only way to help millions of people like bill maher and her children is by working together implementing what will be decided at the summit will be the hardest part we've been here in book enough for about 2 weeks and spent a considerable amount of time in the north one of the regions that have been badly affected by this security problem where troops have been deployed to deal with this armed groups and we've been speaking to many people who tell us that a military intervention on its own is not a viable solution there also needs to be a development agenda these are areas that have been marginalized very extremely poor areas that have been marginalized the neglect and by governments for so long so a lot of people feel disenfranchised and they feel 1st frustrated and this becomes
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very easy for armed groups to target particularly young people recruit them into their ranks and also gain the support of the local communities so people have been talking to say that these people who are affected really need to be empowered if this battle is to be warned. now heavy rain is threatening search and rescue efforts in the bahamas tropical storm umberto is forecast to hit areas already devastated by her can dorian alan fischer reports from the capital not. for no there's not much more to do than stand around and talk about what happened about what happens next this is a place of shelter for more than a 1000 after the horror of hurricane dorian police and army who are helping out the relief effort see the government has banned cameras inside or christmas told me conditions are good it's the stories that upset or. from. when she was crying. or
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washed away in the flood and in the mud. and. we know. but. it's so hard. when the storm hit freetown her daughter had to swim to safety. all the way harm. and now another storm is bearing down on the place she's not sure if she still calls home there's really nowhere else to stay if you really look at it because the place is the water logged and if they're not water there's no power there's no water the dark clothes are all mislead hanging over the bahamas the prime minister says they're hoping the potential tropical storm will cause a few problems but people are ready but if you were to fly over those islands that were impacted you would know that many of the homes already have tops under roofs
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for trying to minimize any form of leakage within the home itself so people have been working already late on friday the u.n. secretary general toured one of the places where displaced people are being housed and he was. this site is going to become more calm and it will be so this is the moment to reverse the present trends climate change is running faster than what we are we need to reverse this trend we need to defeat climate change the number of those missing still stands at 1300 but new telecommunications equipment has been sent to the islands that more watch the fact it is that better information will bring that number down there's a storm just off the bahamas the people here are hoping that it misses because it can part towards islands that already had too much to be a fallen fish or algiers here and not so in the bahamas. spain's prime minister.
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toured flood stricken areas of the southeast as the death toll from record rain rose to 6 water swept away cars and swung homes in the regions of a lengthier more thea and eastern on the loose here emma hayward reports. flood water pools through law thout capital some spain's mediterranean coast this is a seaside town popular with tourists in a region being battered by storms and heavy rain. the impact of the deluge further inland can be seen from the air with buildings and the landscape swamped by the downpour. open night emergency teams work to evacuate people from properties in the flooded town of. covering your neighborhood we've been incommunicado since this morning the storm came and flooded all the streets it seemed like a river i've never seen anything like that the water almost got inside and the morning brought no rest spite rescuers managed to reach
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a man whose car had become trapped on a motorway to look more like you're braver than a road in russia here full of internal fears that he was holding on to a traffic signal since we were talking to him and he wasn't responding to the officer and i jumped in to get him out. the army has been called in to help people in the worst affected towns and villages and work is underway to clear the day this should still be holiday season but this part of spain but there have been record breaking levels of brain and more is expected and he would al-jazeera crews in indonesia are still trying to control wildfires that are sending a haze of smoke across the region plantation companies are accused of setting the fires to clear land the haze has spread to neighboring singapore where air quality has sunk to unhealthy levels indonesia and malaysia are blaming each other for the fires now electric vehicles are dominating this year's frankfurt motor show in
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germany but they're not the only green technology on show from frankfurt dominic came reports. this is the automotive revolution a major manufacturers want the world to see of this tour of vehicles with the the low or no emissions for some frank thought means a chance to make a knowledge to nostalgia emphasizing how persistent an iconic design can be but above all this year's event is about the mobility electric vehicles the b.m.w. that means putting customer choice at the heart of its green plans in urban areas a battery powered electric vehicle might be the solution and we have great solutions there with our b.m.w. i 3 with our many electric and next year also with our b.m.w. i 3. what's noticeable is hybrid cars are less prominent this year compared to
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previous ones hidden behind all electric offerings like the new porsche ty car and while a 6 figure sports car like this is clearly not designed for the mass market some analysts say the dominance of fossil fueled cars will soon be over to already see that are on a small scale with high growth rates but i think from 2025 to 2030 the basic sales of electric vehicles will climb very rapidly also in absolute numbers not just in relative terms. the importance of the auto industry to germany is clear when motor exports are threatened so too is the country's economic growth and although as a whole germany is not technically in recession right now this is the one sector where alarm bells are ringing which explains why the country's political leaders feel the need to drop in there is the automobile industry today the automobile industry is a very important part of our country's economic success and it's above all an
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industry which supplies jobs and therefore security for hundreds of thousands of people. for some people the electric red. illusion is just a stopgap this is the technology of the future they say hydrogen fuel in motor vehicles that everyone can drive. and yet for now the power of the petrol or diesel engine is still apparent such as here with the new land rover defender whose only green variant a plug in hybrid will be available from next year generally though this year's event seems more about showing it's the electric car which is charging ahead dominic al-jazeera at the frankfurt motor show. and let's take you through some of the headlines here on al-jazeera now yemen so
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the rebels have claimed responsibility for drone attacks to saudi aramco all facilities in retaliation the saudi led coalition carried out at least 6 airstrikes targeting huth the military positions north of the rebel stronghold inside the now reuters news agency is reporting saudi arabia's all production and exports have been disrupted african leaders have gathered in harare to pay tribute to former zimbabwe's president robert mugabe died last week aged 95 his burial will take place in about a month's time the man who replaced him honored his legacy. of africa has fallen. in. steadfast and there is a mood to revolutionary. road but. no more. 7 hours from. you forget there
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are 2 free. and empower our. broken out between pro beijing and anti-government protesters at a shopping center in hong kong police made arrests after breaking up clashes between the 2 sides at the. congress been gripped by weeks of huge demonstrations against beijing's influence in the territory a new school year has started in yemen behind schedule because of the obvious difficulties getting kids to class in a country at war millions of children have been deprived of an education more than 300 schools damaged or destroyed since the war began in schools that are still standing the rebels are being accused of indoctrinating children as young as 6 u.s. president donald trump has acknowledged the death of osama bin laden's son hunter it was the 1st confirmed it was 1st confirmed rather last month by the u.s. secretary of defense is that one who was killed during
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a military operation on the afghan pakistan border he's been designated osama bin laden's heir those are your headlines the news continues after risking it all stay with us. al-jazeera where ever.
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you knew new england. in the humid undergrowth of the bolivian jungle a family collects the shells from giant brazil and. alcohol
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on the. mother get the. ball into. the place is infested with been sick since a. genco the eldest of the feelings had a terrible experience no longer use the phrase and. its ethical call point of a lot imo but above any there a lot of ground there and there i knew i was in which end of the 100 for me what i think on the mark siegel and it may have been what it had been the mental home be it the whole thing coming up with a man when we fight for them in the air and i've got them in for the juncos wife claudia has never been bitten and still collects the shelves with the batman but her great fear is torrential that. this is.
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not on. for hours the whole family works to near exhaustion collecting the shelves around the giant know. if. you have one and i don't want anything when i'm at the flag i don't quote what i mean what are the i know the above that i am what you are on your problem and i prefer mindful of every photograph and handle. the shells that too heavy to be carried they have to be opened to extract the not that are exploited worldwide. chopping the shelves requires skill. the blade of the machete is shot and can be dangerous if. he if
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caught and then fell about on the roof that if. i don't i would be among the low water around them as the governor wanted them i wanted on the record to invoke arsala if i move there from here a little more like your medical if. by the end of the day they filled 2 bags of brazil nuts but then must be heavy at this point and they're going to holler and that's a little kind of. out of the coffee but nature often provides solutions few. feel like he's 100. 50. 1. if. the tropical rain threatens to
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raise an old trade to try. the family decides to leave the deep forests to see if they can. live. on. flow on the way home the young couple who've known each other since childhood already knows that the bag of nuts will not provide enough money for the whole family and it's no longer possible to collect any more because the torrential
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rains will turn the forest into a quagmire for weeks. since the death of his parents 26 year old genco is the head of the family and has 15 mouths to feed and. he had to give up his medical studies and claudia her dream. genco younger brother roma who's 18 will go to university in his place but there's just been some bad needs them on their. faces. he. if feel give us a loan they also become. a few. looking
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for a solution janko tries to negotiate with the village co-operative for more than the usual prize. that's bigger than a thanksgiving for. $50.00 or $0.25 a kilo one be enough to pay for roma's university registration. lower rates ensure the bolivian harvest has continued to live hand to mouth. there's a consignment of nuts that my rocks due to the moisture. to avoid losses i get must deliver them as quickly as possible to a processing plant. but he's just found out his tank is empty and he has to buy
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fuel from a collie. plant in the month of may. despite his troubles edgar is happy because for once he won't make the trip alone. if. a taxi has just dropped off his son we haven't seen in months. to young alan his father's blue truck is amazing. for the moment these women one of the men i was coming. up with i'll be there but then the single message. this week amaze me out again as he says there will be another nickname.
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here in the gift of the motor me on the radio because we've kind of where. with the feelings for you. when you. leave. the precious cargo of notes begins a perilous journey through the bolivian amazon to the capital la paz. edgar was divorced a year ago he lives alone and this trip during the school holidays is the only opportunity to see his son. to make him. feel that way but yeah i was just in the wrong but then once you get to me i was one of the people feeling like. in 3 days' time it's back to school alan
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1370 kilometers away. if he's late is afraid his ex-wife will no longer allow him to have his son. but it's the rainy season and the route through the forest has already flooded slowing the traffic. across a tributary of the amazon the rio beni. this year exceptional rains have caused massive flooding. just. like listen i phone call. going to the us and. the dog has disappeared underwater. there are no boats to cross the river. the long
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wait is frustrating. ferry struggling against the current finally arrived. edgar is one of the 1st to pull but there's not enough room for every one. moment that people from boca raton are some of them but not. in the bus on. the bus is too long. so the sailors let the real wheels rest on the rusty rajon.
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they usually try and get as many customers as possible on board ignoring say. with an old engine and a very strong current piloting the ferry is tricky. thank . you but i'm a gun. control going to showboat looking for in the bill thank the ferries no longer being pulled. and begins to drift.
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it's dangerously close to the banks of the river. the steering cable is finally repaired and. at the last moment the pilot manages to safely guide the ferry across i. get as you know the owner of the truck and once he's paid off the hire the fuel and the food this trip will hardly make enough to live a. few if any of us on can come into the middle. yeah i mean doing a full name. just because i think that's what i was going to say on the. basis that if. after 3 days and 445 kilometers edg it completes the 1st stage of his journey a river around town. isolated and near the brazilian border the small
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town grew as a result of the rubber gold and timber industry. today 100000 people live in these muddy streets and depend on the not processing plants for their livelihood. in this warehouse tons of the precious nuts arrive every day. because of the dam many will rot even before they're open. to be drawing they have to be ventilated but since there's no breeze the employees are continually moving the mountain from knowns around. the operation is repeated at the other end of the way house. ok but i love one of the. better ones but they are more like a lot but like i like to. pose
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in this polluted atmosphere bacteria often contaminate the no. miriam the director of the factory and forces nature has to deal with this idea that some other london does a lot of money if it is also on the farm if. monday he'll look yes i need somebody to say i got it i want. and inside a 1000 workers mostly women are manually dissecting the notes. again i began to think what that means any given that. this is the basis of it as if it was self-defense how do you believe that if it was
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that was a healthy young man was killed i mean. in fact several members of the same family are taking turns on a single machine. this family averages less than $360.00 a month. who's only 18 has worked here for 2 years i was you know that was. the workers repeat the same mechanical action all day long i
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was . paid per kilo of shelled nots the workers hardly ever rest and quickly developed illnesses i didn't know it was a little doubtful. the brazil nuts will continue their journey to shops around the world where they'll be sold for around $30.00 a kilo. you. edgar has just learned that the road to le pen's is flooded and impassable. he doesn't know how will get alan back in time for the new school year. to the.
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the unseasonable rains continue and the river benny has now flooded. the main road to the capital is submerged. the country is split into. this year the flooding has been extensive with entire cities being affected. the bridge on the main road has collapsed. the force of the waters makes matters worse. because. ramiro is transporting timber to the bolivian capital the pandas. looking at the damaged bridge he weighs up his options.
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this time and then i do but i stumble come on. she want to hold them accountable but then the. police come in the but the. but it's what they see is special treatment that angers those who've been waiting for days. but you know i get it but i don't care but. fed up with waiting ramiro risked everything. to the best of subtlety and the she went back to the. us how to help us how. he could easily be swept away by the current.
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how. he must now get across a mountain area eroded by deforestation you're moving what about on amadeo he may go to go from we probably go yes go go to stalin look at the 1st dump whether he thought the stuff coming on. sunday or not that fan of it all say about. there which you didn't bother coming up. i'm going to hold
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my as the i could but i'm going to weed out the because you know i was going to lead on what i want to love god love. the rain doesn't stop and bolivia's slowly sinks into a major natural disaster i remember oh he's making slow progress towards the planets i. know it's a whole hill that's went down over the road. to a. civil hospital he thought he was impulsive it about how to get make it that will happen but it does not. stop to look at any of the high. school but not have a say but get there but i believe that. a landslide has swept away the roads are 100 metres below. together that of there's another number up at an
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average of 380 so this. does not affect the much of the stairs and. the travelers are angry they say the road was poorly constructed. maintenance teams are overwhelmed and a trying to open an alternative route believe they can if the moment they walk in a moment 1st a quick one you know at c.s.u. one move i maintain my dubious motives with them but i was to get close to him before. but i do not. see because you must refuse he is. against you and we can go on with this thing is through the sea gives him time to say see you my hand. so if you're not in the official what will you be a misstep. the trouble is have no choice but to brave the danger.
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stuck on the other side the truckers are fed up and now want to try them. you know your job or what has been said or said that is it was but yes yes i know it's a good if it is not don't really like it it was a bus. went to hospital by for a little bit of attention oh yes i guess it's about you know my mother he doesn't feel good but the little bit of fun you know he has when are you and you know about what is going through the community can get here you just don't quite know what the company's jumping on and off with the noise you're going to hear this wasn't about because there's no noise big day or you. feel me to have but i want the by the way that i think that's. going to connect at the. most and whether this is the one
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nobody that's the best in. ramiro will have to wait it out another 4 days before being able to continue. to shoot. at $3800.00 metres above sea level pads the capital of the andes also suffers from flooding. to new to young alan made it back to class but was one week late. he and his father both flew home with help from the government. not a ploy or money and can only pull world. shutters or other workers that are yes
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3030 and you're not in a house with a stint with his truck stuck in the embers and edgar has no vehicle and has to earn a living doing odd jobs mobile money as openly called researcher what open or must story asking him to volunteer years plus going to make a graph going to wish for me for stand of a pony for me despite its natural beauty year after year the rains in bolivia continue to have an impact on people's lives. ringback from the harvest is navigating dangerous rapids from the time we depart to the time we finished scared to the fisherman dicing with death. i'm afraid of falling i'm afraid of dying but if i don't go by coughing my family i meet the man who go to the extreme just to make a living god you have to be
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a strong swimmer otherwise would certainly be risking it all vietnam on al-jazeera . yes and experience the world is like never before cats are always going to places together ah 3 months of protests on unprecedented scale that would virtually paralyzed hong kong what began as opposition to an extradition escalated into a broader pro-democracy movement so how and why did this crisis develop and what would follow in the 2nd of 2 special reports people in power examines the calls to
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some possible consequences of hong kong summer of defiance on al-jazeera this is a dialogue let you decide not to have children to say that it's what the stake is really human survive all everyone has a voice but a start with our community because of course this is a debate and it's a heated one this it'll be patient literally people get to teach and i think join the global conversation with people i think if only they knew what is happening to we were muslims they will be with us and they will be outraged on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. come fully back to this is the news hour live from my headquarters in doha coming
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up in the next 60 minutes yemen zoeth the rebels say they've used drones to attack . 2 major oil facilities in saudi arabia. they will be remembered as a plan african it's. a collaboration african leaders pay tribute to robert mugabe at a statement morial as zimbabwe grapples with his divisive legacy also this hour of fights break out in hong kong between supporters and opponents of china's central government after several nights of peaceful protests and dumpy to simply call the baseball to english premier league leaders liverpool make it 5 wins in a row off to seeing off newcastle united that more data this news hour. thank you very much for joining as the saudi led coalition has carried out as strikes on a host the rebel camp in northern yemen it comes just hours after the whole fees
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claimed responsibility for drone attacks on 2 major oil facilities a massage arabia one had the cake oil processing facility northeast of riyadh videos posted online showed a massive fire at the facility with flames shooting high into the air other videos included the sound of apparent gunfire in the background small could be seen rising over the skyline from some distance away the fires according to saudi state media have now been contained the state owned energy giant. exports that continuing but the wall street journal is reporting that the kingdom has shut down about how it's output osama bin job ads as more. the world's largest oil processing facility went up in flames after a drone attack. amateur videos captured the fire and smoke at saudi aramco as uptake unit it was targeted by drones belonging to yemen's with the rebels with a capacity to process nearly 7000000 barrels a day a big plays
11:51 pm
a pivotal role in iran because operations and in the oil fields in her race which produces a 1000000 barrels a day also came under attack. aramco has not made clear the extent of the damage and its impact on saudi oil production but state media carried a statement from the interior ministry and said the fires were brought under control saudi arabia has been leading a coalition against the who it is in the war in yemen since 2015. the rebels say they want the world to see that they have a list of targets which they can hit in the kingdom of god some. attacks are our right and we warn the saudis that our targets will keep expanding we have the right to strike back in retaliation to the air strikes and the targeting of our civilians for the last 5 years saudi arabia accuses iran of backing the hoodies a charge denied by the rebels some believe the saudi response to the drone attacks is going to be more of what's been happening during the war in yemen this would probably help them project their what they've been doing in yemen as something
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legitimate especially given the international report about the violations and about the at last it is committed in yemen i think the saudis would continue to think that they've been doing over the last 4 years as bomb bomb bomb would find his tactics have evolved in the last few years and they're drone attacks have become more frequent accurate and long range as conventional air defenses struggle against multiple small drones some see aerial attacks on oil facilities as a possible game changer in the conflict like this can be assembled from $10000.00 or explosives this provides a unique opportunity to target the military and in this case it's also more concerning because you want to target facilities that. besides the physical damage the hoodies also seem to have time the attacks just a saudi aramco announced it is moving forward to sending a part of the state oil company the stock listing has been on again off again but
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attacks like these will not help investor confidence to bring in billions of dollars to diversify in the south the economy the prime minister is that is really . radio someone listening right. now doesn't interest you it's saudi aramco is no ordinary company it's the engine of saudi arabia's economy and a source of power for its rulers it's also the crown jewel of the saudi crown prince's ambitious plan to diversify the economy but with seemingly expanding strike capabilities from the war in yemen this would give investors a moment to pause some of the job it is there. and osama has also examined the strategic importance of aramco and the politics of saudi oil in a documentary for jazeera here's an excerpt. it seemed like a great idea the world's largest oil producing company pumping millions of barrels a day to become the world's largest ever traded stock on porsche could have just
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never to have i seen it happen for you when i saw. her economist. and over him because prince eager to make his mark as a reformer i wanted to personally trade saudi aramco before i fell you ation of 2 trillion dollars look the venture failed to get off the ground and the prince's vision 2030 now seems blurry. saudi aramco is almost like the basis of politics in saudi arabia they are always intrinsically tied everybody in saudi arabia in one way or another as a beneficiary saudi aramco a strong saudi arabia it needs a strong rand paul and vice versa as well the history of saudi aramco is the history of saudi arabia transforming itself from an isolated tribal society into your global presence. in the kingdom folds about 16 percent of the world's oil reserves it's the largest exporter of petroleum among opec countries and that means
11:55 pm
its economy relies heavily on oil 90 percent of exports 87 percent. of budget resolution nearly half of g.d.p. comes from oil. towering over these numbers is the company which did so refined and exports that oil it every 8 barrels of oil in the world and it's the only company which can produce a barrel of oil for less than 10 dollars. says it employs 65000 people but creates direct and indirect work for hundreds of thousands in the kingdom so if it's doing so we'll watch let it go. and you can see osama's complete film saudi aramco a story of oil wealth and power on our website at al-jazeera dot com in other news u.s. president donald trump has acknowledged the death of osama bin laden's son harms for the very 1st time he was reportedly killed in
11:56 pm
a counterterrorism operation on the afghanistan pakistan border in an august interview the u.s. defense secretary appeared to confirm hamza bin laden's death but only indirectly was a prominent al qaeda figure who had been groomed by his father all summer to lead the group african leaders have gathered in harare to honor made zimbabwean president robert mugabe. was the state funeral included a $21.00 gun salute and the release of $95.00 dogs to mark his age got be rolled for 37 years until he was removed from power in a military coup in 2017 is here ship was modify economic collapse of violence and corruption but he's also seen as an african icon who liberated zimbabwe from white minority of all. of africa. former. in. steadfast and there is
11:57 pm
a loop the revolutionary. robot. is no more 10 an hour from us. or you for your hard to free liberate and empower us comrade mugabe will be remembered as a pan african ist and a great a can of african liberation who selflessly dedicated his life to the emancipation of zimbabwe. and africa he was a visionary leader. and that relentless champion of africa and dignity. al-jazeera has more now from the ceremony in harare already abroad african writers attended the memorial service really really does not matter because president cyril
11:58 pm
ramaphosa with it being a speech was not easy when he started some people inside the stadium during the early stages and the way for i did after it was it seems i never really close ups in a movie and never for some pilot gys it's for the violence it's that africans live in rocks words in a fog and he said i was an accident 3 believe in rome god is different. than african is and we also later on as president i would a king and even more likely it was made by the biggest someone who used to get on my horse demand for his wanted to mention and old man only recently started out interference under western countries zimbabweans i didn't see buried in play 2 days and that's because that was what i heard a special growing movement to for not have been experienced and on that nail that it is a good idea because he was a hero running behind the times made its. body what that in other ways to be done
11:59 pm
here are very easy to read every night missive a minute on this planet and a lot of them could go to other things that making sure that it doesn't have the same. fights have broken out in hong kong as political rivals traded goals in a shopping mall video posted online showed groups of men many waving chinese flags attacking people perceived to be pro-democracy protesters on kong has been grabbed 5 weeks of huge sometimes violent demonstrations against beijing's influence in the territory south clark has been with anti-government protesters in hong kong long district it's been a tense standoff the last few hours in the area where we are which is a new long it's on the border of mainland china and hong kong around a 1000 protesters marched to this particular like haitian with a charge to access a park the place blockaded the streets and. denied them access now other requests for the permission was denied for this particular assembly to go ahead they told the police deemed this particular protest today on saturday here in hong kong
12:00 am
illegal but this didn't stop the protesters now at the moment the protesters have retreated but tomorrow and sunday we do expect another mass rally to go ahead this is one that's organized by the civil human rights front this is the organization that's led the mass rallies the ones that have attracted a one in 2000000 people in the streets of hong kong of the last 15 or so weeks now they requested permission the police again they deny that permission so therefore again once again on sunday that particular simply if it does go ahead will be danger legal but at the moment the protesters have said that will not back down until their 5 demands are met and so crucial to those demands number one you know will suffer universal suffrage should be met they want this particular protest not to be referred to as a rush and they also want an independent inquiry into the police actions against the protesters in hong kong and to me linda again has been another on thai government rally in central. the political turmoil here in hong kong as well into its 3rd month now and despite growing the least crackdown and violence in this
12:01 am
cheats there seems to be no signs that. are growing slowdown here i don't have a place right at the center of hong kong there's a 2nd.


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