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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 15, 2019 5:00am-6:00am +03

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meet me. tonight. in the op on one of them new was that. also flow of of the had. commenced the shot of the lawyer for. more live from the lead up with canada without a. menorah fanatic and new food but i'm going to see has. what the. g. been. like in. mushroom men in men.
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that. have been said to be a bit corny and been this will. be. another less family c.s.e. suitland fan with. the new web a survey opinion and not what i'd like to see as you feel. less a tissue or star power and on. the that has a be made because really i'm the man or should be me i'm not a swap will handle. the job. you know but to go high to. c.s.e.
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i lost side federally. us how one of the caught. in the. media what their skill at that has been liberally in the only member that chemical. is always at the will lead the with team alarm in my bed they feel. bad. unless you can infer that they need. then you by the mayor. and the. me they too would like a little can a 1000000000. 1000000 my mom put. a lock in my stocking i assume. example joined as a volunteer we're doing you know door to door phone calls and getting in touch with different communities and stuff and you know his energy really pushes us to do
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these things program and has been liberal. media. life as i will be along. the same name what. a 1000000. like. you would be. but i'm in the. in the shadow of. the north board. i don't want to get what is awareness for climate change mystified. haven't had the. men on the island i don't have an argument. because he is about duck and the hum in the.
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going to head that i said. was. in canada we have a huge here that's very well integrated in canada contributing so much to our society and it's great to have as a member of that community but as someone who does a lot of outreach to the community and in canada as the prime minister said diversity is our strength and he's a great example of that. my. son . c m i do think it is. mysterious get everything done. by any standards faisel
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prudie's achievements are remarkable arriving in canada speaking virtually no english he mastered the language and then achieved a degree and civil engineering this led to a carrier running a successful construction company where he oversaw several major building projects in montréal. to repay the people of canada for their warm welcome faisel who return to politics and so far election in quebec he won by a large majority. in the senate and almost from the i'm not helpless c.s. i only fuck out of the new corn i was the canadian in jan the man miley was the nanny. stole your blonde bessie in more must. be say you're a sob. in the thick of the walk me a son and the cattle i met me.
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and the cattle i met in the early yet. i've known for so for a while i have visited his his district in montreal just outside montreal i've known him to be a child of newcomers of linking canada to other parts of the world to make sure we open trade and people to people ties. decided as members of parliament from the liberal caucus staff of the people who are in the parliament to buildings to bring them in to celebrate ramadan with them to have an if and to share with them the lessons of all of. c.s.e. a woman. to. feel bad. for her fear and the cease lesion of. the kennedy year and the will.
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be for glad you had a limb there for you. i love me you are a bob barr mabane now. senate. has a lot of the what it has not acted by then. that. the fed in. the stock lend look now and fill in the candidate be at but carbon alone money kennedy will set a number of clean feel less in tandem with shattuck at. laws. are no where what can they fell now yeah command egypt nic dear men men men. and of the. 2 we're not sure this is a contribution on the face it an example of that us forces. can always so it can all. right for their part are over you know. in the moment to.
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get it we see president hugo panama they need to know that he is. to me than an affinity listen where the mold lying on the. henley eleusinian. them home and i'm in the home a lot. of dumb. i'm in. a new corner and home. alone we start to tell most in need. and i really i will be. home canada. pamela. well i'm delenn in the machine bill. i'm up in this building up for about 10 that has a
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a what hasn't become of the hair a part of a coma. the facility is not. only a should be joe. among the but you know when my dad. and then my dad is my. band come sit the less we don't tax little fun. i hate the. foreman. when one. i was at that. for yourself and adam yes to hit the button or feel a regular rabbit in the alley while the hobbit miscall and here he's doing his best one about them in their ohio to resemble illness level. he is in there and i says good.
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while faisel who he lives in the public eye at the same time he sees a 1000000 lines his wife is a doctor and together they have 3 daughters each one embarking on quite different petit. family with the man and the fed will be on the go when you meant. you would know i'm not a fit along little shiny. dr jeffrey yes well and it had been there you know we are out. on the. master degree in. political science a lot then you send out a little smile wonder though she may and then her blood llama the c.s.e.
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somebody and i'm going harshly in some. i'm to the supreme medical school fee morally. how the club you all do and our father knew still made. some of them are into alum others that news from. c b c and now i'm in and have been in a bad deal with an emo out of characters many have been there for a boom the number that can come said not most probably left to work for care that. somebody in the past. for 30 years of how brooklyn the fool or someone who you push me the hard core i'm as always the xhosa deal. but. we shall love
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a loyalty another model player to our luck. my very being. who is surf ironic and i go on this if our friends are found my passions santa then caffie of this are certain now. can and then. other tool be fat in their vacation that the silver bother little their man in memphis and that lemon to america when jug did help help. a lot of need and more sharing. if i can see bob then when there's a bear at some barn when. a b at the power for the turn for turn how most of. them are meant for what art for most of the election how. the band member enough is the know what t.f.
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style by the and what isn't in the end also. i'm the misfired know my lead best hello a small act but i'm not passable then notice about the words or c.s.e. . from a few were about then about then about and one of the canada a neighbor who will a shop. in and find out of the end of how she and i still have by she who will mom will that minority to therof now bad new we shut down but montage just any. vista bleak have been album have been most sad that. the new guy are new how they can bill you where men can there is a woman there is but the only help the bizarre the. a good that the world would be. alone with a one man
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a muscle sonny took. in answer. tell you so move. move your. own mini softball in that building. and. no water in the washroom or a georgia dome or a. c. at the khazal in fee shatter believe that the world brewer is a woman sheldon the other day. that. one what i'm doing yes sure i mean done me what do more. and. how little for. the wild bull laurie. a look is some for obama. and not the short.
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faisel 3 kenedy a member of parliament father husband and poet. impart to our syrian mom by any listener overcame obstacles to become a successful inventor. on sun news don't mind zara meanwhile if you have money. stop to one of my counselling and see what this job nami and young malala i look and see is i'll bring a little container. to use. my son all the feel of insanity you'll be all bosh it's
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. to strengthen the good you have to show your good all the more with your calm still fight against corruption. this for news hero which heroes like know who are about to be refused a $50000000.00 bribe the achievement of heroes like him to showcase by the international ace award it shines a light on these heroes because the best way to fight a darker use to shine a light let's make the road to bed to please nominate your anti corruption nero now . you know that corruption has reached a level like never before in our country. rank outsider.
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to president of the united states. the power was in the data we will moderate the american people with the truth and nothing else discovered. for winning the white house unfair game on al-jazeera until now the coverage of latin america and most of the world was about covering khuda todd's tragedies as quakes and that was it but not for how couple feel how they look how they think and that's what we do we go 5 and a half months of demanding it when it's a case of system that was introduced to. latin america as a 0 has come to fill a void that needed to be sealed. from inside the walls of a west african prison comes approach. a chance to create to express emotion
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and take the 1st steps towards rehabilitation. a renowned choreographer his passion for darts inspiring prisoners to perform and to reach beyond the ill deeds of the past and the confines of their presence the dance of the. documentary on the. ilo i'm maryanne demasi in london with a quick look at the stories making headlines saudi arabia's oil production has been severely disrupted by drone attacks on 2 major oil facilities run by state owned company. yemen's hoofy rebels who've been battling a saudi led coalition for 4 years say they are responsible for the strikes and a telephone call with the saudi crown prince u.s. president donald trump vowed his support zimbabwe's founder robert mugabe has been
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on it as an african icon a state funeral outside the capital harare the giant stadium where the event was held was only about a 3rd full current president amisom and said quote the land is entailed is aid efforts have been suspended in airports closed in the bahamas a storm humberto is forecast to hit the islands just 2 weeks after it was devastated by hurricane dorian at least 50 people are confirmed dead and more than a 1000 still missing. it is new government will allow a rescue ship to bring ashore the 82 people on board prime minister just separate conti says several e.u. countries had agreed to take them in this is a significant change from the policy of the previous coalition government although the new foreign minister is playing down and. i believe there is a great misunderstanding godling the fact that the safe port has been assigned to the ocean. assigned it only because utopias decided to adhere to all of the
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requests to take most of those migrants more than $9500.00 as a struggling to contain blazes that have spread a fic noxious haze across southeast asia the fires are raging across rainforests and farmland in indonesia the government has sealed off 30 plantation companies which it blames for setting the fires in order to clear a land rival demonstrators have clashed in hong kong as hundreds of beijing supporters faced off against pro-democracy protesters a group started heckling each other and then began trading blows when he was later moved in to end the scuffles and several 1000 people have taken part in an environmental rally in the german city of frankfurt at the start of the annual frankfurt motor show despite this year's event showcasing electric vehicles climate protest as are demanding changes in transportation habits i'll see for the news out that's at 2100 g.m.t.
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in about half an hour's time to join me then i for now. and this law is the most incredible stories are often true. and sharing go on experiences. makes the unfamiliar familiar. in this life diversity makes a difference understanding the importance of being part of something much greater than ourselves and this lot of what i want to lose is freedom of expression. the right to mortgage. sean and a lot into the golf course. because your dislike of the desire to understand that. makes us human. and the human condition is universal.
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the arab diaspora those when i live far from their ancestral homelands can be fun throughout the world persecution conflict and economic factors have caused millions of arabs to ease and settle of road no 2 stories are the same i'd not know who it was a panelist syrian riva said with dreams of creating a new life a road not knowing where the journey would feet he headed north.
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budget spots and a summary of disagreements. that get bought a shuttle in istanbul 11 operator will god. himself you. find most of vienna 2nd month of abbas to medina to be a good citizen when the film my italian. i'm a bit of a. madman but even been of some sort. of how did my how do.
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i hamas'. how to follow them and for the g.m. of his it all reasoning but don't you feel. when he coolness. do it lee lee has the only file and he has his dick and mad cow and i had. to i limped a lot of money on thought he was just looking down half a lot out of a. whole new level of money on political ads to a lot of the. and us. could be done to. start at the level. i mean and i was going to be some of the stories in the can to him she went home little did sour and you can get when she sowed a high salary monica from one landmark on monday if loose. is that someone.
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did it in this be any money to buy has i'm a no no i don't want to take out in the digital switch to the mafia am with saddam's with the coming of little. wanted s.s.e. and the edge adama kind of denouncing his muscle and money and it's a bad message in a while do so you will money you can. have it in a macand to see a die. so i have to leave him a bit you know a lot of the. bite and i would have been on the. ship without it i'm dizzy and. daya. was. there listen i'm no if not give it to rain
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a lot less. come what ever what needed done well i can't dance or not give you a no i'm had kind of the dog the book whether it's not by the dog. well i'm as kind noisy can yet female but i should know when to take a leave law that given a bit of somali the fault of. my young man continued his northward journey to germany is the summation was afan the westernmost city in germany close to the border with belgium and the netherlands one in syria he was a weaver by trade but i've known russia would had even greater ambitions he planned
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to train in qualifying tourney as a mechanical engineer or at the end. of one country to have yet to really be had worked in the me to have yet to do you can i leave those who wish to work on tours of ali in the uk has an r. miley. diamond at ice-t. basically and no. problem in a few. what i. believe in was the boss of office that is so with sadness or. whatever my heart out which is to run to had to turn a lot of money to circle. other shit kind of. money didn't was the mother of us and i want do not owe.
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these outside. assistant in these i'm insitute. off the. same diploma but the toy does a diploma but the shift is this meet him. in the machine in his overnight machine. ever half yeah fun so i know all spittle here shortly but i. also forked in the field and wants to be on the front of the common and splashed it could. happen. or didn't so continue.
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direct of him because it's thought for between. the 2 are made it better for dr are kind of where your ass it. be his you happy that your computer has weathered so back of years it didn't have. any sort of an old bob then measure. you hold really no hellos until the whole long or so not and so are under sure wollemi sort ensure our powers sort that out when we'll measure. to model mia sally and put it. on boggle your eye or to leak out it blow our kid her feet and yell well if there are only going to one of his i read was short term initially cut could be it had more little see the island me
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for sure. with a ph d. in hand and now titled dr adnan why would they i think syrian engineer was in a position to pick and choose a carrier despite of our 1st from across europe dr who chose to remain in germany where he believed his skills would be most in demand and even had not had to diversify our alarm and come hundreds of us for years i met him was suddenly said as a title of men men there is research. why out of minutes here belgica waldman shattuck adorning if the media can go committed and but one of the no. show it could door neighbor minute window he also said he cut can it out of fear that a bit about mouse or to feeling money.
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to god would not talk to one artist for my part. i used it as an engineer oh you haven't done much since it works on what'll mother and daughter only give me a heart that's going to play probably machine a sunset challenge parking how did i sense music and any connection to call involvement who do you know if no one. got to run from them and see that you have just been to volunteer people and he you are one i can think of if he does he talked about what was essential and sucking one of us if we were not to go out and the toyman daughter. isn't being. often slanted ya languedoc bottom ones or someone i only get part time with
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not quite a need to keep young women in just that if you said it could darn near to the heart and his arms a dean. yes. you walk in an alley in months and i can say can i should we could use a 5 min no facade used to 5 min north seattle of machinery thought they'd be now well used to fight when i had done. land out. that it could be a bill commercially yes might be moot all of the whole. commented of the. others here and. could be a b. for the. tech news in the end of summer when the only demand would buy you must stay in a he said quietly he wants funds there often are company cuts you won't get paid. up good night but done annoying a d.d.s. by positive name so the vietnam on soonish to cite the tournament was on ok
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this is on show i mentioned. that current to flight advice positivist for instance i bought this concept on the under one site to prevent it despite its act as. a mob i took a hard on and off and i. came up positive of going on one. of the use of a flash in a decide as one of the effects in the easy denotational of just how to spot the effect in the vapor dictation of the i just being. in just suneel that could be the only. now it might help to how many fish like it don't you who are new in the seas been missed been missed a bus tour and missed enough to. additon
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a seat in kenya at. the end does. added to our elite missed a feed minha been been stuck there months in a. why i had been no lunacies bit mr i'm of 2 you muck in i lytton a sees minot the trees a snideness ease mins in all meet us far you and couldn't i'm miley and do only the island newell in the seizing yet that one has a server and no minute in the seas set up fiar oak demi get anima wonder surreal to be a union one dismay kony acquire few zia mill could but i are milly year dick new e.g. it minute awad it or fia arm elfs are me you sit dota money zara need
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a while it feet of money or wow a stop to you one it is you know my count fee liston the seas lad east fell united do off i'm i didn't a seizure meds hoosh for a life and and ilesha says that i hit well any a listen mark own he'd come you're so walk or for and i get them to finesse we will for kurt it or does it at 7 it and no my son all of the oh my and to you i'll be feel that i'll be in sanaa illinois and this season is just not i'm in yeah let me seize on the brain. tease mouse and all of the feel of ensign a b. you'll be out of washington.
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doctor who'd remain in town until his retirement. dies. did it not help to me to have. a lot of it be a lot of the shit i didn't even done a lot of the office with. accounted for. in me and took. you on it. i did to her loudly soria the aztecs if at most i did. no fear i have to be if.
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you need to be year almost all so far to be a model of car when i think i had. to be a time or not to be a fear by then you didn't say ugly emotion. would do what a pseudonym would to a feel for. a yarra. when monica has to be. a level head of. any minute mark as the 2 below were. my year judit large. to do read that and some me because of
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a well alamuddin at linda. now i'll monica's. medical point linda. or so what the sewer a lot of money from washington suffered falut my openness to have it filed my. feeling. met did our own. bad about said i watch how well known america's. mark is to be you as a dis tests are done in a circle. take over the internet site. you clicked doesn't trust us of course. not with the hope for die and hope for. ones and.
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unveiling a. lot of the good stand have been. heard in a. can and now i love money my back is the be. so remember me i'm in the home of. my name but me and how we got him out of the house on the island image journeymen has in markets. others abuse it done with the foul. and holy lindo woman show you can't feel in one how early in the computers it done. the 14 of us moms of the years who don't know me or don't say or even. after wouldn't medical
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points under this the total and as of the guns the shelling. dances. to complete the parkade. on the suck to french. resistance i couldn't. on the output on the only long game the contact ordinance of i don't want army i usually latif sidebar down all in medical point. is laden with or from to submit dr paul. ready ringback ringback nurse service
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record associate and a higher so is no harm if some you know let us have what is of no real world of a lawyer if you have some years of us having to be all about us for. them how mad when i had a 1000000 years of my hair. tsar lana or not and so i'd even be to have these 0. when the men and out of my care you were for you there was are we are closer. than a lace i mean a said help me it columb on the head high at top give it. a
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shout out city. all. the money could about a fan of the death modern man when i was. hired to do us here. made . a lot. more. in total of the. head could be a little more always going for the man when he does it all solid. happy so i didn't know who. beat their fans about him head to the roof of the. yes that's why well that's up to a whole lot to be there with us on the whole i still would just sarge you know to tell you up on that because there's no he'll be the most obvious but not till all
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have freed dirty for her not to mouth for free so what book are what most colorful fall for your ma for you be on my lady in sun it will applaud your work and or how you have met our market but now they are created tom said even in the n.t. mom will melt obviously maiden or i am done home libin of he has a mr myler money order now in a bed to bed at night and during my monk i'm not a monk and say a corner from the stuff when you just are living in the house when marty feel well a laugh maybe loud in a lot of the weirdest lamb chop. doctor i've known her it's inventions have improved and transformed how many text size in
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germany are manufactured at the same time through his medical centers he's trying to improve and transform conditions in the country of his. dr who its journey has come forth sakho from syria to austria germany and back to syria and retching many lines on the.
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al-jazeera will meet 2 arab women with roots in the middle east both build successful lawyer so brule over the last 5 years i would choose to break the law of partnership with the country's leading pharmacies but never forgot where they came from. we tried to put forward a different place than the stereotypical image of muslim women arabs aboard the businesswoman of the council on al-jazeera.
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well i'm pleased to say we've got some welcome rainfall coming into eastern parts of victoria over the next couple of days the southeastern coast of australia could see some showers some longer spells of my much needed rainfall here i wish i could say the same for queensland now rain in the forecast here if anything it will warm up over the next couple of days and temperatures in brisbane could touch with maybe 2627 by monday afternoon but for the south because some rain there into victoria 13 celsius for melbourne just some rain to into tasmania 9 degrees here now we're 23 in perth generally 5 and shreyas looking generally fight in try over the next couple of days for new zealand as we go on that in through the weekend little more cloud just rolling through here eventually will see the rain pushing its way but not bad as we go through sunday 12 celsius in christ 17 by the time we come to monday into the wake we will see some wet weather creeping in but north looking 5
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dry 16 celsius there for clinton the moment is lossy file in try across much of japan across the korean peninsula but we have got this tropical system just lurking out in the open waters that could bring some wet weather into eastern parts of honshu for monday. the biological chemical agent hard to deal with but honest throughout history a lot more 1st heard it's head with me and started fighting me developed by nation state so there could be enough of this every. now within reach of those seeking. funding the most toxic substance in the world with up to me invisible friends on al jazeera. i remember the 1st time i walked into the newsroom and it felt like being in the general assembly
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of the united nations because it was so many nationalities. just that we all come from different places but it's one that gives us gives us the ability to identify with the. other side of the world but we can understand what it's like to have a different perspective and i think that is a strength for al-jazeera. 0 . hello i'm maryam namazie a very warm welcome to the news hour live from london coming up attacks on the heart of saudi arabia's oil industry yemen's hoofy rebels say they carried out the assault. robert mugabe is on
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a dozen african intellectual giants but a memorial service for the controversial zimbabwean icon barely fills a 3rd of the stadium. in the bahamas braces for tropical storm alberto just 2 weeks after being devastated by hurricane dorian. in doha with the sport as much as the city get a shock in the english premier league and. south africa celebrates the life of former rugby store trista williams as he's laid to rest in cape town. saudi arabia is shutting down half of its oil output after drone attacks on 2 facilities this according to the wall street journal the drones targeted 2 plants at the heart of saudi arabia's oil industry including the world's biggest oil
5:50 am
processing facility yemen's who the rebels have been battling the saudi led coalition for for years say they carried out the strikes up to 5000000 barrels a day of crude production might have been affected that's roughly 5 percent of global crude oil production saudi arabia is the world's largest oil exporter and produces $9800000.00 barrels a day. well the white house says that u.s. president donald trump is spoken to the saudi crown prince and has offered his support for the kingdom self-defense meanwhile trumps chief diplomat mike pompei or has blamed iran for the attacks we'll have more on this from washington in a moment 1st though this report by a summit and the heat. the world's largest oil processing facility went up in flames after a drone attack amateur videos captured the fire and smoke at saudi aramco has uptake unit it was targeted by drones belonging to yemen's hooty rebels with the capacity to process nearly 7000000 barrels a day of big plays
5:51 am
a pivotal role in iran because operations and in the oil fields in her race which produces a 1000000 barrels a day also came under attack. aramco has not made clear the extent of the damage and its impact on saudi oil production but state media carried a statement from the interior ministry and said the fires were brought under control saudi arabia has been leading a coalition against the who is in the war in yemen since 2015. the rebels say they want the world to see that they have a list of targets which they can hit in the kingdom of god some. attacks are our right and we warn the saudis that our targets will keep expanding we have the right to strike back in retaliation to the air strikes and the targeting of our civilians for the last 5 years saudi arabia accuses iran of backing the hoodies a charge denied by the rebels some believe the saudi response to the drone attacks is going to be more of what's been happening during the war in yemen this would probably help them project their what they've been doing in yemen as something
5:52 am
legitimate especially given the international report about the violations and about the at truscott is committed in yemen i think the saudis would continue the thing that they've been doing over the last 4 years and this bomb bomb bomb would he find his tactics have evolved in the last few years and their drone attacks have become more frequent accurate and long range as conventional defenses struggle against multiple small drones some see aerial attacks on oil facilities as a possible game changer in the conflict a drone like this can be assembled from $10.00 to $15000.00 or explosives this provides a unique opportunity to target the military and in this case it's also more concerning because you want to target facilities that. besides the physical damage the hoodies also seem to have time the attacks just a saudi aramco announced it is moving forward to selling a part of the state oil company the stock listing has been on again off again but
5:53 am
attacks like these will not help investor confidence to bring in billions of dollars to diversify the saudi economy the primary listing is that it's not really . radio someone. out of. saudi aramco is no ordinary company it's the engine of saudi arabia's economy and a source of power for its rulers it's also the crown jewel of the saudi crown prince's ambitious plan to diversify the economy but with seemingly expanding strike capabilities from the war in yemen this would give investors a moment to pause some of the job it does there. well the saudi led coalition is investigating these attacks it also says it will take the necessary measures to safeguard national assets it's already carried out at least 6 as strikes targeting goofy military positions north of the rebel stronghold. well gabriel is on though is in washington for us 1st tell us the u.s. reaction so far. yeah we'll start with the president donald trump we've not heard
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directly from president trump about this she's been golfing most of the day hasn't had any public statements about this but he has the white house has confirmed that he did have this call with the saudi crown prince wary offered his full u.s. support to saudi arabia saudi arabia self defense saying that he's monitoring the situation very closely but didn't go into much more detail beyond that other than offering full support to saudi arabia as we would probably expect the stronger statement that we've heard from washington just came out within the last hour late on saturday secretary of state mike pompei o put out a tweet a couple tweets actually very strong statements he says that there is no evidence that these drone attacks originated from yemen he's pointing the finger directly in his tweets to iran saying amid the calls for deescalation iran has now launched an unprecedented attack on the world's energy supply that's what secretary pompei o
5:55 am
tweeted followed up with there is no evidence the attacks came from yemen he also took a shot directly at hasan was sunny and mohammed czar of saying that the the 2 iranian leaders are only pretending to engage in diplomacy to rat tehran is behind nearly 100 attacks on saudi arabia that according to the secretary of state so my pompei are really pointing the finger directly at iran here very strong statement there that just came out just within the last hours and so where does this then leave america's relations with saudi arabia and of course that common rival iran. you know with the u.s. and saudi arabia a relationship dates back as we all know more than 75 years and it's based on many things but it comes down really to oriel and weapons united states for decades now so this desire for saudi oil the other side saudi for decades is that the desire to
5:56 am
purchase u.s. weapons and this is all led partially it's all part of the saudi led war in yemen let's remembered in april of this year u.s. congress voted to limit or in u.s. arms sales to saudi arabia that would go to the war in yemen with thousands of people killed and millions suffering from that saudi led war president trump vetoed that in april it was only his 2nd veto ever of his presidency at the time and it showed trumps even back then his strong alliance with saudi arabia that goes back since the beginning of his presidency so it's unlikely that's going to change now now saudi arabia's going to be able to go to the white house probably as they already have and said listen this attack here shows again how much we need your support washington in our fight in yemen and so this is only going to bolster what has already been trump's strong backing of the crown prince of saudi arabia for a long time now when you take you ran into the equation out that's only going to at
5:57 am
this will only add to the mistrust you will of saudi of iran as you saw by the statement there from pompei a pump it just directly pointing out the finger there at iran as being the culprit of this thank you very much with the latest from washington gabriel as well is assistant professor at nottingham university scent of conflict security and terrorism joins me now and so we're looking at images that showing the impact of the strikes this was a long range precision strike quite significant fi is. what i saw in those 2 facilities what does that suggest about the who he's drawing capability and it sort of. the explosive yield of this sort of technology well you don't need a very high explosive you old in an oil refinery to get the spiral so you can get is provided you attack a very small facility or very large tank with a very small explosive then you can get that effect and we have reports of up to 20
5:58 am
drones they need only have hit one or 2 containers to get that effect to is very likely that many of them possibly didn't hit that the targets or if they did they didn't hit it with enough force to set them alight but you only need one to cats to create that sort of explosion so we don't have the details of how those 20 drones were used but if only wanted 2 of them were able to get to a container large vessel which contains thousands of gallons of oil then you get that sort of explosion i mean there is a crippling blockade around yemen right now that has exacerbated terrible humanitarian crisis in the country. how would be able to develop this technology well that is a very good question but it's not so difficult to do so if you can get. items in
5:59 am
the neck clearly are getting items in there they're not run out of ammunition the blockade is effective in stopping few food and medicines but somehow no war in this world seems to be. a stream to run out of bombs and bullets are one of those mysteries of modern life which i think we can leave to another day but the point is being able to create these weapons is not too difficult you need a modicum of technical ability you can get all the components through the far east market you can get them through european and u.s. markets to design the men to build them in this case it's very likely that they've got some of their components through the iranian market according to some allegations of in the news it may well be that some of these drones were fully assembled in iran and sent across we don't have any evidence of that but that is the conjecture going into the fact that the saudis are being supplied with the most advanced weaponry in the wild from the u.s. and u.k. why they not able to repel this sort of attack well that's
6:00 am
a very good question and i'm certain in the next couple of weeks you will see an announcement of several 100 millions in contracts to ante drone capabilities but i can tell you now our i was in denmark on thursday on friday at a conference dealing with just this sort of scenario and we were predicting this sort of thing happening because we know that drones have been sent even further than saudi from yemen the point of course is that what there are simpler more effective ways of dealing with drones than the ones that these companies are selling and if the saudis want to help we can get them that information there are cheaper more effective more cost effective ways of securing instant.


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