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tv   Sports Doping The Endless Chase 2016 Ep 2  Al Jazeera  September 15, 2019 9:00am-10:01am +03

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course. the decision to allow them ashore was a reversal of the close ports policy implemented by the previous coalition government and spearheaded by the former interior minister. the new government took office on cheese day and promised a new approach to migrant reception prime minister just said on thursday that several countries had agreed to take in the rescued migrants paul brennan reports. the news brought tangible relief to ocean viking after nearly a week in limbo just heard. say he was. here and our love. was. that sparked a spontaneous celebration among the rescued migrants in what we are very happy about the news is amazing we're going to arrive in
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a place where people understand and listen to us they're happy to learn that we have some backing and. it's a nice new prime minister decepticon tech has been in power just a week and qantas center left coalition government supports a more humane approach than the hardline closed ports policy of the previous interior minister matteo salvini but ministers insist that does not mean it's only now has an open door policy. i believe is a big misunderstanding about the safe port given to ocean viking it was assigned to ports simply because the e.u. stuck to our request to take the majority of the microbes it must be clear that already is to ensure that those who arrive in italy or redistributed to other european countries. hasn't stopped salvini from criticizing. redistributions in europe are just words because i am still waiting for the other european countries to take a few 1000 of those they have already promised to. take so this is
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a surrender obviously one of qantas promises to europe was it's we would return to being a refugee camp. back on board the grounds are already planning where they might be sent germany has promised to take 25 percent of any refugees rescued in the mediterranean but the rest of the distribution is less clear the subject will certainly come up when e.u. interior ministers meet in malta on september the 23rd. al-jazeera. the weather is next about still ahead. head to the polls on sunday and the country's 2nd presidential election since they're trying to live an arab spring. plus a plug in power trying to show there is green with high end and chekhov. how
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i was seeing some flooding into southwestern parts of china recently and hopefully the shadows will be slightly bigger say because some big thunderheads just around that southern part of the country pushing down towards high nan a little further north up towards sichuan province where we have seen some rather wet weather causing some problems here as you go on into sunday those showers they remain close by martin still see a little bit of wet weather towards hong kong but it's a drying up process the winds coming in from a northeasterly direction pushed a little further southwards into northern parts of the philippines or we are going to see some rather wet weather coming in here as we go on through the next couple of days and that could cause some flooding we have had flooding recently across central and southern parts of the philippines see this chain of cloud that pushes up with a developing tropical feature that we have in the western side of the pacific the wetter weather is now making its way up towards lose on for sunday and we go on into monday illness a little further north has but much of luzon will be part of the philippines will
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see some very nasty outbreaks a very heavy rain over the next couple of days some very heavy rain continuing to into the northern plains of india some parts could see maybe 400 millimeters of rain over the next couple of days that rains making its way north east. sponsored by countdown. that corruption has reached a large hole right. before john kerry. to president of the united states. the power was in the data we will. be. winning the war. on al jazeera.
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hello again i'm just a reminder of our top stories this hour u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o has accused iran of direct involvement in fact today's drone strikes on some of saudi arabia's most vital well facilities he's accused terror on a fake diplomacy and of launching an unprecedented attack on the global energy supply. the rebels have claimed responsibility for those attacks on the kingdom's oil facilities saudi arabia has now been forced to slash its oil production by $5700000.00 barrels per day around hough of its usual output. and aid is pouring into the bahamas as the country is still assessing the full extent of the damage caused by hurricane dorian tropical storm who has now moved away from the
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islands but heavy rainfall is hindering rescue efforts. well it's been 8 years since june as you became the only success story of the 20 levon arab spring but as the country heads for its 2nd democratic presidential election many voters say they are disenchanted correspondent stephanie deca spoke to some of them in the capital tunis. for 20 years feisal has been sitting in this exact same spot in tunis is ancient medina creating souvenirs engraved with tunisia's past but the future is far harder to hammer out without militant ideas with been going downhill since 2011 and everything politicians are arguing and we pay the price what used to cost $1.00 dinar is now 10 or more mate used to cost team day now now it's $30.00 we ask him if he will vote in sunday's election. and maybe know. he voted many times before he tells us and that's been more than enough for him he
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doesn't trust the politicians. 36 year old abdul harder feels the same disappointment he will go to the polling booth on sunday but in protest to the commercial for the system i will cast a blank vote so no one else can use it many of us are not satisfied the presidential elections were brought forward by 2 months after the death of the late president 92 year old. it's the 2nd major elections to be held here 8 years after mass protests force the ouster of strongman zain aberdeen ben ali there are $26.00 candidates among the prime minister and defense minister a former president a couple of lawyers and even a media tycoon who is currently in prison they represent a cross-section of political social and religious ideals illusions have a lot of toys and that's a real difference and before the protests broke out here in 2011 which is in decades of single party rule tunisia is often cited as the only success story of
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the uprisings which swept across north africa in the middle east for 2011 but it's not that simple for 1st of all i mean having. the democratization process succeeding and this is happening. in the middle of the middle east and north africa this is unique this is an exception we cannot deny that of the same time what can democracy provide in terms of economic demands that's the major challenge so it's a mixed story we meet a group of ladies in the medina they too aren't happy with what's been achieved in the last 8 years economy security corruption the main issues everyone highlights after the revolution everything had to change but nothing has changed everything is actually worse infrastructure for instance we just had terrible floods here the economy before everything was covered up but after the revolution it's now out there to see tunisians go to the polls on sunday if no candidate gets over 50 percent of the vote there will be
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a runoff in november many will tell you that is an almost certain scenario parliamentary elections rules to take place in october the next 2 months could reshape the entire political landscape and determine what tunisia will look like moving forward stephanie decker al-jazeera tunis. and court in sudan says the trial of former president omar bashir will resume next week the announcement came after saturday's hearing of 5 witnesses including the director of bush's office had sent her son back it said he received $25000000.00 from saudi crown prince mohammed bin through an envoy millions of dollars and foreign and sudanese currency were recovered from the shias residence after he was arrested in april the accusations against bashir include corruption and money laundering where u.s. president donald trump has now acknowledged the death of former al qaeda leader osama bin laden's son hunter for the 1st time he was reportedly killed in
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a counterterrorism operation on the afghan pakistan border hamza bin laden was a prominent al qaeda figure who had been groomed by his father is son to lead to the group and afghan security forces have broken up what they say was an eyesore fell in kabul responsible for a series of suicide bombings including last month's wedding attack 3 men have been arrested but there are concerns that other groups may be waiting to be activated tony burke he reports from kabul these 3 men are what afghan security forces say were part of an ice all terrorist cell in kabul it's claimed they're responsible for $29.00 dead the attacks in the capital. they're been they've been recruiting from very from the educated society the young. young educated youth and they've been very savvy with technology and even the ability to to to plan and launch attacks they have about
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a lot of innocent blood on their hand so it was a huge huge bust the hunt for eisel or die as it's called locally is not easy for the security forces the group has become more sophisticated and difficult to track down it is a relative newcomer to the afghan conflict but is making its presence felt with a string of attacks and suicide bombings. this is one of their biggest a few weeks ago the target was a shia wedding reception in kabul more than 60 people were killed and 180 injured the largely home base group is relatively small in number but it is developing and expanding into more areas. the people who are fighting in the name of the they're all old hard core taliban who supported to try. and they are supported from some elements from outside but the afghan army believes that as i saw fighters are driven out of syria some are making their way to remote areas of afghanistan but also that i still ranks will swell with disaffected taliban fighters that oppose
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a peace deal. the cornerstone for the us of any peace agreement is that the taliban agrees to prevent any group from using afghanistan as a base to launch attacks on the us in the west the taliban nor matter how the. they cannot fight and their own with support of the government support of the army and support of the international community but that's probably a long way in the future if the attacks in afghanistan now that frighten people abdul-latif knows the pain eisel can inflict his youngest son abdul jamil was a musician who was killed in the car will wedding hall bombing. them they are against humanity they're not muslims and nothing about our religion allows you to go and blow someone up this was not a military police this was just abetting party breaking up this group has been a big success for the security forces but there has been some concern and surprise
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that it took so long to catch them and there are worries that there may be further isolate cells waiting to be activated it is clear that when afghanistan eventually a cheese piece i saw will still be a big problem that will be difficult to solve tony berkeley al jazeera kabul. fights have broken out in hong kong as political rivals traded blows in a shopping mall videos posted online showed groups of men many waving chinese flags attacking people they thought were pro-democracy protesters hong kong has been gripped by weeks of sometimes violent demonstrations against beijing's influence our correspondent to maryland again was at an anti-government rally in central hong kong. the political turmoil here in hong kong is well into its 3rd month now and despite growing police crackdown and violence in the streets there seems to be no signs of it so customers are growing slow down here i don't have to wear a place right at the center of hong kong is this strict secondary students who are
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now protesting they came here with their friends while others were accompanied by their parents some of them as young as 7 years old they tell us why they're here why they're protesting even if they're not even legally allowed to vote i want to say as a secondary see it is also. and. maybe you did not add those to fight against the police directly but they can do something at the back we should prove to young people can do something to this is just. a possible phone call and i'm. still saying i have to say was i want. the full withdrawal of the divisive extradition bill was announced by kerry lamb's administration last week
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a huge concession out of beijing but observers say this may have been given a little too late but protesters are not budging they say there are 4 other demands and they are refusing to give in so for now these will remain from bill years. and police and from so fired tear gas during a standoff there with hundreds of protesters in the city of norms the latest round of anti-government demonstrations are a revival of the yellow vest campaign that began over fuel tax increases late last year president has tried to satisfy their demands but he's facing renewed and go over pension reforms. well over the next 10 days hundreds of thousands of people will be heading to the frankfurt motor show and germany this is theme like most auto shows these days as electric vehicles but it's not the only green technology on the show john mccain reports from frankfurt. this is the automotive revolution
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a major manufacturers want the world to see of this tour a vehicle with the the low or no emissions for some frank thought means a chance to make a notch to nostalgia emphasizing how persistent an iconic design can be but above all this year's event is about the mobility electric vehicles the b.m.w. that means putting customer choice at the heart of its green plans in urban areas. battery powered electric vehicle might be the solution and we have great solutions there with our b.m.w. i 3 with their are many electric and next year also with our b.m.w. i 3. what's noticeable is hybrid cars are less prominent this year compared to previous ones hidden behind all electric offerings like the new porsche tie car and while a 6 figure sports car like this is clearly not designed for the mass market some
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analysts say the dominance of fossil fueled cars will soon be over 3 already see that are on a small scale with high growth rates but i think from 2025 to 2030 the basic sales of electric vehicles will climb very rapidly also in absolute numbers not just in relative terms. the importance of the auto industry to germany is clear when motor exports are threatened so too is the country's economic growth and although as a whole germany is not technically in recession right now this is the one sector where alarm bells are ringing which explains why the country's political leaders feel the need to drop in there is the old double dealing with today the automobile industry is a very important part of our country's economic success and it's above all an industry which supplies jobs and that for security for hundreds of thousands of people. for some people the electric revolution is just
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a stopgap this is the technology of the future hydrogen fuel in motor vehicles that everyone can drive. and yet for now the power of the petrol or diesel engine is still apparent such as here with the new land rover defender whose only green variant a plug in hybrid will be available from next year generally though this year's event seems more about showing it's the electric car which is charging ahead dominic came al-jazeera at the front but motor show. started hey and with the headlines u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o has accused iran of direct involvement in saturday's drone strikes on some of saudi arabia's most vital oil facilities he's accused terror on a fake diplomacy and of launching an unprecedented attack on the global energy
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supply sammi handy is the editor in chief of the international interest at current affairs analysis magazine with a particular focus on the middle east and he says it's in the u.s. interest to steer attention away from the failure of their patriot missile defense system. i think what's interesting is there are actually rumors coming about that it was the us who informed the saudis that there was an attack taking place in the oil facilities and that iran is responsible for it implying that the saudis themselves are not quite sure what exactly happened they don't know where the drones came from they don't know who's involved in it they don't know what's going on moreover the saudis will be very disappointed this is probably the 2nd or 3rd time that the u.s. patriot missiles have failed to defend vital key oil facilities or yemen's heathy rebels that have claimed responsibility for those attacks which are for saudi arabia to slash its oil production by $5700000.00 barrels per day about half of its usual output. docks are our right and we warned the saudis that our targets will
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keep expanding we have the right to strike back in retaliation to their strikes and the targeting of our civilians for the last 5 years. aid is pouring into the bahamas as the country is still assessing the full extent of the damage left by hurricane dorian tropical storm humberto has moved away from the islands but heavy rainfall is hindering rescue efforts. u.s. president on trump has for the 1st time acknowledged the death of the son of former al qaeda leader osama bin laden 100 and was reportedly killed and a counterterrorism operation on the afghan pakistan border he'd been groomed by his father to lead to al qaeda and finds a broken out in hong kong has political rivals traded blows in a shopping mall video posted online showed groups of men many waving chinese flags attacking people they thought were pro-democracy protesters well those are the
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headlines join me for more news here after inside story. 2 weeks of protests in algeria show no sign of banding back government is refusing calls to before and you election and i think break the stalemate and is that boom for compromise this is inside story. welcome to the program. it's been more than 5 months since mass protests forced
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algeria's long serving president. to step down since then members of his former government have been resisting calls to wet as well. demonstrators have how 30 weeks of they want to flee across former minister ahmed to give power to civilians and to release detained opposition leader of the powerful military chief is standing firm how much guy of his people to support plans for a presidential election as soon as possible of the protesters want him and the ruling elite to go before and if vote. they have to ferry all those detained salah and his government prime minister nuri day in bed away everyone has to quit. if you want the protest movement to stop there's only one way and that is to yield to the algerian people this will be peaceful until the
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end it is the future of our children who will remain peaceful and. these politicians should be brought to justice and we should witness this the people will not stop until their demands are met has the elections it's up to the people to decide they want voice and they'll be no elections. and here's how the events unfolded in algeria tens of thousands of people took to the streets in february to deny there are plans to seek a 5th presidential term. weeks of mass demonstrations eventually forced him to resign in april and he was replaced by interim president. but protesters say the real power lies with the army chief. the protesters then pressure the government to cancel presidential elections in july but the government of the military have been reluctant to offer further concessions general guy saleh is
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pushing for an early vote and once the interim president december date. let's bring in our guest here in the us. and professor of political science and international relations of qatar university in algiers on skype a column hey of journalists of the middle east i also in algiers on the phone a research fellow at the school for advanced studies in the social sciences welcome to your use of why do protesters reject. push for elections to be held by the end of this year simply because the demands of the plotters have not been met yet obviously since the 22nd of february when the demonstrations started didn't want to clear them and some of them have been for instance opposed to the kind of.
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left who will do you the president of the constitutional council but did mostly still asking for it but we had his government to go up till now but we are still the prime minister and. he will as the for the time be over and see the elections of jillian's i've been quoted in. full but we used to go he was. minister of interior he managed to get 6 almost 6000000 signatures for the bid for the cause. 5th to. enough. people say they don't basically trust him they don't trust him because therefore he has to go there for years to go the also for an independent commission to supervise the elections for the time being in the. last few days ago that but with days in office number and the 2nd the 2nd thing is that the minister of justice
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the missiles are multi. promised algerians the commission with independent commission to sort of ideas elections will be established shortly and it will be completely independent so to me this is a move at least to appease the demonstration telling them that where the if they win elections take place it will be clean honest and transparent. the politics is. about compromise and the homage if i'm a guy saddam was hoping to see lashes take place in july protester said no and i think the army caved in to those demands but now they are insisting that needs to be a constituent a way out of the crisis algeria the people saying at the same time no though to think of his something that could lead to deep political crisis in algeria yes and you are pointing something very important which is the stubbornness not to start
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today we have a chief of staff who is the totally absurd of this idea are for going to. election no matter how it will be done and at the other side we have anger growing every friday because every day that passes the mistakes and things people are arrested and new laws new people are appointed that are upsetting the. people on the streets yes. there's a need for compromise but today we don't see anywhere from the chief of staff from the region to any contrition front and they could have been. successful to make people go back to their homes by releasing political prisoners out of freedom of expression prison prisoners so anyone can call ready
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them. if you want. he could have also 6 been very successful by. suggesting the removal of the prime minister appointing some non partisan. ministers or prime ministers and so on so there was no confusion made to buy that car. since 6 months now and this is making. more and more angry but it also. shows their. progress without leadership works because without this leadership the regime and the government alter the chief of staff cannot apply any pressure on people cannot by so does iraq resilience shown in the movie a man if the army chief insists on taking the path of
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elections by december and the oppositional approximates the movement is saying no we're not going to go that way what are the options left for algeria. well there are actually several options but i think we should not think of the army are the people has to one type of have enough negotiate to get over they have been fit program you have sheaves and for the best and they have been the kind of time of negotiation that has been going on between the hand the other generals and the people of the doctrines from the shot they spent 6 months has led to a situation that algae that has never experienced before and which is the refusal of the people to clean by the regions lose and that will be crucial to understand what kind of way out we can come to their homes they have refused to move to simply withdrew from the show for you for life you know that before anjan would think well
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we know that's not going to have shame elections we know that bullshit probably related to begin again and that's not the whole business we'll just with that now to say no we want accountability that's one of the cold manly warmth both teams that are able to make days elections from parents and i come to the land that's not something that going to drop they also say before the wedding they be satisfied with the there is a traditional or ran scramble now to say no we want the proper hospital to become and that's also something very important they laugh also quite indifferent algeria and before as a victory 22 times a 2nd and more through patient watching it's not a conflict between us and between the army and the conflict between the human and jew a position factors and now you know we are all confident about our kids with all the original immigrants how to guides about she's going to war not because you can from a corporate occasion she said it's about the young on the point and some they have
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and marched that demands. the rebirth of a nation that is going on up to only a matter of have elections all notes and the most to course about shimon and i believe that will have a major. pact. that . we want to. make. use of because it is the most organized area the army found itself the very heart of this whole political debate now in algeria could it be that they are concerned that any way that is not within the constitution could drive as you we're to words a an unchartered political territory and this is why they are rejecting the notion of a radical change without going to elections 1st of all obviously like you said the
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. the military is the most organized institution in the country it has always been the real power to hold the iraq julian let's not forget that the underling militarily all the algerian army was born before the before actually achieved its independence so and the military institution sees itself as the custodian of the nation in every single president of italy has been drawn from the middle east or the military support. the gates and has always insisted that the solution should be we do in the constitution and we should not be seen to get out of the constitution but obviously the situation we're in at the moment is not necessarily constitutional gates wants something elections before the end of the deal this will obviously depend on luck and luck is refusing it for the last 13. weeks also i think the heloc has grown stronger that they know it's
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a very very important. ok jand that it should not be very important opportunity that you'd not be missed if they missed it they will be they will go back to how they used to live for the loxton t. and so it's very very. potent for the hillock to make sure. that the new system is established we talk about moving to a new republic or a 2nd republic whatever you want to call it but they know that if they miss this opportunity it will be a basic did the hope is lost i think but gates is making some compromise with the talk about gates and are not as a person but as the institution it appears and so his he is making some compromises even though the compromise is not obvious i believe that called in for the creation of the establishment of the independent commission to supervise the elections and
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in particular somebody who has been fighting corruption over the last few weeks he put some very very important issues in the beautifully cause leisure in jail he called he called on the jury in parliament to lift immunity on some of the names so probably they will join. in the next 2 weeks or so so this is this is some somebody that the algerian trusts very much and he promised that he would fight corruption and he also promised that the new established commission to supervise elections will ensure that elections will be fair and transparent and it will be independent and all the nice world that algerian wants to is so i see this. as a compromise from the military institutions as a way it's like an order of blanche to the protesters but the protesters to my mind have the upper hand at the moment because they can disrupt everything at the end of
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the day they will not because every body who. who wants to become president needs 60000 signatures from different. maybe the protesters would not give. his problem for nobody will be to the constitutional requirements to be the one for elections the 2nd thing how the hell can the country to help when he or she ran her presidential. campaign even if discreet is not up to it so i think that the street has the upper hand of the stage at the michaels for a little concessions let's not forget that this. commission of dialogue headed by. former president of the algerian parliament despite not been a problem is that there's something something good came out of it because he said that the president is not necessarily against the idea of but we know when writers
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told us last week that but with days in office are numbered so let's wait for the see what happens next a week or so i can i mean we do understand why she needs to be seen as standing firm on the case of but when you say in a speech to the people of either with me or betraying algeria isn't there some kind of message that would further untag own eyes hundreds or thousands of algeria so i would see the army for what inning them in a way or another to follow its guidance yes. i think. behavior or political in this building from. here is applying too much pressure on too many people and is getting more and more. about. and also about the reaction of people you have seen in changing narratives
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in one or 2 in one on or 2 speeches so. we. don't really issue is that today. we have a misunderstanding from the side of the army that the. people industry they don't want to negotiate with the army and they don't want even to negotiate something. with the army apart from a regime change and also more political openness and more political freedom and the . amount they arrest of karim tabel one of the key figures in the problem across the movement how is it seen in algeria is it an indication that the army perhaps is not willing to accept this because the last statement he made or interview was
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a stone she was was lashing out basically at the time a guy thought well it's much much much more of chariton has a way to fight in the doing of the protesters as before i mean getting something is not the 1st to have been i respect that it's own again it's not about when you talk to people in all the countries in the you know that it is not jr who are protecting as i said it's not about religion it's not about individuals it's about how which roads will lead to the negotiations and they may be. out of 3 ways to do so now you well 1st business as usual news of the out of which i can even accept addictions to be held in the center to cancel their maybe it's now you the center of the street and that's something that's algerian has given some protests with a from the very beginning which means that they may organize their own traditions own local councils to discuss the possibility of having the national constitution
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personally elected outside of any kind of this framework but it's too difficult because they don't have the. they don't have the money to the so the i mean it could be complicated if i think they are not. and i don't think it will be that and finally democracy when the people that you could belittle sheeple are back to remain of the that we've had now. and of back effect this notion we do not have nucky pictured as had been told to have the army exported quite a country so everything is done to make the feel like it and the move and for that to negotiate with anyone but the army 1st. need to have the army to adelaide that could be negotiated that we've. reached between the army air ok and the boat and into oblivion are all about genuine free and that's what will include
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a kind of give and take kind of move the idea of a miscue around them so this is the only way to get as many your armies control and that people should be if you really think that this is we're talking about those future scenarios. that the problem us movement has the upper hand however that it has been saying that basically this is a movement that is leaderless in a way or another isn't this have on its. own because how can you negotiate with people who don't seem to have a sense of clarity a chain of command about how to move forward what kind of transition would like to have for the future what kind of candidates we have to put into place for the presidential election who should be the member of the national unity government they are talking the talk but they don't seem to be willing to walk the walk. obviously they don't have obvious leaders simply because they said from the beginning that if we do of. dispersant could be bought could be taught and could be what developed so they don't want to to have
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a proper little something organization people talking to each other will get themselves official movements and so on and so forth but the most important thing is that the demands on. deal they have of a clear idea of what they want and they are so many collateral collecting sticks they just don't want anybody for them with a flick of the exclusions of the get rid of and his government so many. clean who have not been associated with corruption and really like. for instance was mentioned as a potential person to the head of state a dimension that would be told for instance and the few names in the so it does not take a genius to figure out what that was the models want obviously what i say have the upper hand in terms of they can develop it in the gov the
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numbers they would not go and give their signatures to potential candidates they would know they have leverage you know the decision but me again is the most important institution and it needs to make. cultural it is not a circulated move they want to make some sort of concessions to be seen that they go in with the likes of the establishment of a proper democracy do you have a sentiment that the pro-democracy movement is losing the battle because we've seen that over the last few months particularly before the summer building momentum does that that does not seem to be the case anymore there are no longer hasn't in most of the cities across the country and they are very much confined now in basically one or 2 streets in the capital is years it is. a degree is. now during. during ramadan.
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even there were it decreases during that period because there were weather conditions were very very hard the critical mass that meant something politically was always achieved by we always have tens of thousands of people in the street at least in 234 picks it is across the country and also the slogans and the chants who are still very strong and very meaningful what we see now since this back to school since the beginning of september is a huge revive her out of the monkey is that they were a great thing. hundreds of thousands of people in the streets and for acting more than 45 cities in the country so which is pretty much signify see
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a point. do you do you feel like the army has managed to alt smot the protesters and that ultimately it could be what the army decides full the fears of undo it. i think at any point to mention we're happy to act on what kind of people want. to be on the wrong. you're going to get along now but we will have to move well and what the. other direction than primal but across it would have been. sensible on the end of a bit of well i think that probably means your move. that you don't show your room in the shape of not to protect those who might form but no plans to
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move. them. all you have shown for the 4 months that they want to grow a bank they'd buy a room on the 3rd for the home been on account of. the bank from the boom. then didn't. know. this for their own horn and important bundling the affairs of their on this public confidence in. their own good all. right thank you thank you thank you will be interesting to see what it will take all the key players to come to a compromise and break the political deadlock. use of blondel i really appreciate your contribution to the program today and thank you too for watching you can see the program again at a time by visiting our website dot com for further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com for was last a.j.
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inside story can also join the conversation on twitter handle is a.j. inside. the whole team here. by phone now. rewind retire ends with a new series and brand new updates on the best about to see this documentary is by will compelling onion the onion the food with both the hot the food the can from on the ball to rewind continues with cambodia is often in business. this is actually
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totally crazy cinna just allowed us to pick up full kits from his infinite action they now con out and we could just drive off with them. on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks while the lunar lander has been off missions expect to receive images. with detailed coverage dangerous made from black blood the stronger ways before catherine i want to put up the hurricane dorian. from around the world his body will lie in state for a few days then he would be the age of the national hero city change in the capital . farley is in for the part we're football fans who don't think about the opening goal really had made the experiment when the real madrid it's love worth 500000000 euros expresses a position on something for the world anti-doping agency has to take notice if you
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don't get your home in part 2 of this series all the 0 continues to explore the widespread abuse of performance enhancing drugs sports the endless chain on old a 0. hello i missed out there today and i how with the top stories on al-jazeera u.s. secretary of state's mike pompei o has accused iran of direct involvement in saturday's drone strikes on some of saudi arabia's most vital oil facilities he's accused terror on a fake to primacy and of launching an unprecedented attack on the global energy supply cable as andar has more from washington d.c. . we have not heard directly from president donald trump on saturday or about these
9:49 am
attacks on the saudi arabia oil infrastructure but of course the white house did put out a statement confirming that trump did speak to the saudi crown prince and that trump offered the u.s. as full support to saudi arabia and saudi arabia self defense saying that this is an attack on the global economy but the real strong statement here in the most clear statement i think really does come from the secretary of state might pompei o tweeted late saturday that he blamed iran specifically for this attack saying it was an unprecedented attack on the world's energy supply there is no evidence the attacks came from yemen pompei also saying or tweeting that iran will be held accountable for its aggression important to point out that pompei would not give any evidence or reveal any evidence at least that the u.s. has iran was behind this but he clearly is pointing the finger directly at iran and accusing iran of this now the relationship between saudi arabia and the united
9:50 am
states of course is very close it dates back nearly 75 years and it really is about many things but it's oil and weapons for decades now the u.s. dependent on oil exports from saudi arabia and likewise saudi arabia very dependent on arms exports from the united states to saudi arabia many of those arms by the u.s. being used in the saudi led war in yemen and just in april of this year the u.s. congress growing very skeptical of the relationship between the u.s. and saudi arabia perhaps passed a bill that would limit the use of u.s. arms in the saudi led war in yemen that passed but it was vetoed by president donald trump just another sign of how close trump is or how close trump views saudi arabia and the crown prince as an ally there so after this latest attack now on the saudi in for oil infrastructure this is most likely only going to draw saudi arabia and the united states even closer together yemen's heathy rebels have claimed
9:51 am
responsibility for those attacks which have forced saudi arabia to slash its oil production by $5700000.00 barrels per day about hof its usual output. docs are our right and we warned the saudis that our drug use will keep expanding we have the right to strike back in retaliation for the air strikes in the targeting of our civilians for the last 5 years. aid is pouring into the bahamas as the country is still assessing the full extent of the damage left by hurricane dorian tropical storm humberto has now moved away from the islands but heavy rainfall is hindering rescue efforts u.s. president donald trump has for the 1st time acknowledged the death of the son of former al qaeda leader osama bin laden bin laden was reportedly killed in a counterterrorism operation on the afghan pakistan border he had been groomed by his father to lead al qaeda the 82 migrants rescued by the charity ship the ocean
9:52 am
viking 6 days ago have begun disembarking the vessel at the italian port of lampedusa the decision to allow them ashore was a reversal of the closed forte's policy implemented by the previous coalition government and spearheaded by the former interior minister matteo salvini now the new government took office on tuesday and promised a new approach to migrant reception fights have broken out in hong kong as political rivals traded blows in a shopping mall video posted online showed groups of men many of them waving chinese flags attacking people that they thought were pro-democracy protesters. and police in france have fired tear gas during a standoff with hundreds of protesters there in the city of nonce the latest round of anti-government demonstrations are a revival of the yellow vest campaign that began over fuel tax increases late last year. well those are the headlines to join me here for more news after.
9:53 am
the election of the 45th president of the united states raises ethical and potentially legal question. today mainstream media can easily be disrupted and personal online data easily accessed. how can this information be used to sway the outcome off an election. and can it undermine the basic tenets of democracy that are so cherished.
9:54 am
think if americans knew this was happening they would be out. we just weren't mentally able at that point in time to see that coming. this is democracy taking place in darkness it's not democracy. i will present the facts plainly and hottest. staten island new york. in a state that's considered a stronghold for democrats this suburb is an exception. most of the people here voted for donald trump. scott libido lives here patriots artist
9:55 am
and a big supporter of the president's. is unconventional. i am unconventional i mean new york city artist i'm selling for $45.00 because he's the 45th president there's a new sheriff in town now there's we're going to get a clean house we can kick some ass did he need the media to win the election when it was stacked against him you know it's always stacked against a republican no matter who won it's the media is like that and just like that than that and we hate you know the extent the obvious it's like you put on you know c.n.n. knows the psych alright alright alright alright but i'll flip around and it's like holy. you know it's an innocent p.c. and it's like relentless they can't stand bad he beat vam
9:56 am
because they said he wasn't going to win fed up with traditional media gets his information on the internet it's you know i'll spend like analogus said for go to sleep i'll have my phone on and you know i'll go from this to that and then all chant made a speech i didn't hear it today let me hear it now and i mean and sometimes it's i don't even honestly i don't look like who's giving it. like millions across america scott believe most of what he saw on the web with little question. for example this article trump believes millions voted illegally. or this one that hillary clinton received over 800000 illegal votes. i'm not saying all 3000000 but i'm sure a lot of them are absolutely you should not be able to vote if you are in a league if you're not a legal citizen that's a child but that's works and then they want to change that like no that's not how
9:57 am
it works. this information is of course false it would be nearly impossible for illegal immigrants to vote in the united states articles like the news are examples of what is now called fake news. scott is far from being the only one to refer to these sources breitbart news is one such source known for its misleading stories. on breitbart we can find articles like this does feminism make women ugly. or this would you rather your child had feminism or cancer. breitbart is also obsessed with the west versus islam is the new cold war. or political correctness protects muslim culture. its content has been called missile genetic xenophobic and
9:58 am
racist by liberals and conservatives alike. the right part is you know it's a it's a right wing media outlet that was founded by the late andrew breitbart a conservative activist and commentator and journalist. breitbart is a real french publication it's the representative of what they call the old right you know people who want to take on this stuff. it is quote politics but do so in a very divisive way there they rail against immigrants to this country they rail against people of muslim faith they you know devote use taxes to divide people on the basis of gender on the basis of race. breitbart became a main source of information for the american far right it's the sensually served as an organ for sort of the tribe of men. the worldview projected by breitbart was in line with donald trump's and it touched
9:59 am
a nerve with his outlook towards. people wanted to describe the trump voters as angry i'm not sure they were angry i think they were more fearful worried concerned scared about about the future in the spring of 2016 if we looked at the people who were voting in republican primaries these people were very concerned about terrorism very concerned about immigration they they saw the 2 of them working together as creating a threat annex almost an existential threat to the to the united states and this was something that was being spoken about by donald trump and not necessarily by other republican candidates these concerns were heightened as trump played to existing anxieties. ted divin has been in politics for 40 years for him it would be
10:00 am
a mistake to think that fake news has no impact on american alec toral behavior here's what's happening in our politics people are consuming information entirely different ways that we used to you know when i started doing presidential campaigns when jimmy carter you know his in office i mean we turn on the news at 630 at night and we'd watch 3 networks at once and that was the way america. essentially consume news now there is a constant flood of information both on television in the cable environment and particularly online you know that that online consumption of information is having a real effect on things because what's happening is the legitimate media is being supplanted by you know this fake news where people get information which sounds like it's real and true but has no basis in fact and in fact much of it is just made up and delivered you know by people who are attempting to you know affect the outcome in an election by introducing false.


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