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they are also difficult to get palestinians who own shops like zachery m.s.r. were also affected by the government crackdown this 27 year old lost his livelihood in a country going through a severe economic crisis in the fall it told me i have no right because i palestinian really are suffering many of us are graduates but what is the use of educating your children when they are not allowed to work there is anger and resentment among the almost 200000 refugees they say they should be given special status and not be treated as foreign workers but many have lost hope in their host country and they're looking for a better life outside lebanon. beirut. it's called remain in mexico the new agreement between the mexican and u.s. governments on asylum seekers tens of thousands are stuck waiting to see if they'll be allowed to start a new life in the u.s. they include many children who are missing out on school but a classroom on wheels is coming to summer's john homa reports now from the border
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city of horror. a small team of volunteers into one are heading to one of the city's many migrant shelters with a unique service. you specially adapted school bus since january u.s. asylum seekers mainly from guatemala honduras salvador been put back across into mexico while they wait between their court dates many have children and this new floating population could be stuck in border towns like one and for months. that's where this bus comes in it's been fitted out to give the medication by n.g.o.s schoolbooks project also run programs in greece and syria get to go with everyone you know in here they're working with volunteers from border angels mainly students giving lessons in reading writing a mouse as well as psychological help mask glasses and for. more than just classes . a way of giving them tools so that they can be stronger more resilient able to
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express their emotions and say what they're feeling and that's really important and it's what we're working on. the most the road's been hard is a year since his mother doris say they fled death threats in their home and there was salvador a country terrorized by gangs they've been here for months she's just glad he's getting some education i mean it's just an amazing to me what things you know i feel frustrated knowing that if he was in school right now he'd be in a more advanced grade but also i feel that i want to keep fighting for his future. president said that state education would be available for the asylum seekers while they were mexico and theoretically it is in practice show to direct has told us there's little government outreach to try and get them into school and their parents are sometimes reluctant to enroll them knowing they'll soon be moving on these volunteers who do what they can take in this bus across the city to provide
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classes but the program is some much bigger than that thousands of children trapped in limbo all across this border area without an education if that is at the end of the class the children read letters of support many from well wishers across the border in the u.s. it's a brief break from the uncertainty and boredom of young lives lived in limbo john home and out to see it to one with. others but another defection from u.k. prime minister boyce johnston's ruling conservative party m.p. sam jima has joined the pro europe liberal democrats in a parting shot a huge johnson of very into walls populism and nationalism. a coming up soon in spore with layer it was neck and neck for 2 teammates at the rally turkey will find out who came on top.
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harley isn't forced by their football fans who don't think about the opening. night of the experiment when real madrid it's love worth 500000000 euros expresses a position on something like the world anti-doping agency has to take notice you're going to your form in part 2 of this series al-jazeera continues to explore the widespread use of performance enhancing drugs sports to the endless chain on all jersey or. largest chemical agent. weaponized throughout history. are scared to tell me and started fighting developed by nation state there could be enough to. know within the reach of those seeking. the most toxic substances over the. many invisible thread on al-jazeera.
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and again a battle is underway for the survival of the largest forest of its kind in east africa kenya's government has evicted hundreds of thousands of settlers from the mouth forest over the past 20 years as nicholas hogg reports now indigenous people say their homes are at risk and so is rare wildlife. deep in the forest our people who communicate with honeybees. can sense our intentions explained secure macho to her nephew collect the honey with a pure heart she says and you will be unharmed hanging from the branches are wooden
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hives people built to protect the bees it's a relationship of cultivated over centuries which is at risk. the bees done truly unsub back but we know what death thinking it's obvious by the sound they make they're angry they are upset with the destruction in these forests. east africa's largest indigenous force was cut down to almost half of its original size over the course of 100 years british colonisers of kenya invaded and killed people to turn part of their forest land into te plantations then came 50 years of kenyan government logging when settlers who moved into the forest were given title deeds to the land. on a landmark legal battle against the kenyan government 2 years ago the verdict recognizing their land rights and need for compensation for their suffering. now kenya's government is evicting 60000 settler families from their forest in the distance right behind me are trees that were burnt to the ground to make way for
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farmland and pastures to use for people who want to feed their animals and right here is a 200 year old red cedar tree that was cut down days ago now it will take centuries for part of this forest to grow back and that's why the government here is taking such drastic actions to protect the environment at risk of extinction say environmentalist our $173.00 species of animals including the bongo elephant and the golden cat sen the drama from the messiah tribe plays jazz music to his cows. the need soothing he explains because too many animals are dying this country is littered with caucus is a dead animals because of the drought the model reeva which gives this county over 2000000000 shillings every year dries up people total. the sea and when you go down and look at the is horrific. it is
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a fragile ecosystem in which the survival of the bees depend on the you kick and their survival depends on this forest nicholas hawk in the mouth forest kenya all right turn out to spoil his things have them taste and fury has maintained his unbeaten record in the ring the british boxer beat auto violent to defend his lineal heavyweight belt and a bloody encounter in las vegas fury got a deep cut above his right eye in the 3rd round concerning both medics and officials but the briton kept going and his persistence paid off fear he was awarded a man a miss points when before he was taken to the hospital for that gouge. but don't to say it here he said as much as a very very bad cop but it was a clean cut so it doesn't need microsurgery inside him whether he said a stitch wells think it's cross that they're on. the fact that i have a serious guy i'm sure he felt that already i'm here to be his friend and it's a great chapter but i show that i belong you know i try to give my all tonight
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fortunately it wasn't enough time since a great champion. at least you know i did everything i could the former captain of the wales rugby team gareth thomas says he's living with hiv thomas says he was forced to make the announcement after a british newspaper threatened to publish a story about his diagnosis thomas was the 1st openly gay rugby player when he came out back in 2009 i live. with hiv now you have that information that makes me extremely vulnerable but it does not make me weak now even though i've been forced to tell you this i choose to fight to educate and break the stigma around this subject australia's cricketers are chasing a victory target of 399 runs on day 4 of the final ashes test against england the hosts were all out for 329 earlier australia got their reply under way but they're
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already 4 wickets down including that of star batsman steve smith who went for $23.00 whatever happens in this match australia have already done enough to retain the urn. neymar reaffirmed his commitment to paris asian mom after helping them to victory and his 1st league appearance this season after a failed move to barcelona in the last transfer window the brazilian played his 1st match for the french champions as they faced rosberg on saturday he scored a spectacular last gasp goal to seal a one mil win even still he was booed by some of the paris fans. and for me it was like another day at the office it was not the 1st time i was booed so it's something sad but from now on i'm playing all the games like i'm away from home i must make clear that i did not have anything against the p.s.g. supporters nothing against p.s.g. everybody knows that it was my desire to leave the team it was something that i wanted and it was something that i made clear it is something in the past today i
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am a p.s.g. player and i promised to give my best on the pitch manchester city's boss pep guardiola says his players are only human after the english premier league championship suffered a shock loss new york city beat them 32 it's a 1st defeat of the season for guardiola as men but he is refusing to criticize any of his players for their performance sometimes and do you know me can just take some of the squee his game is you proved to have to see we can and we can we do with can they do to how do. we know the quality no real point is not just liverpool who just push a little and they know for a point is people in front of them. spanish champions barcelona have moved up to 4th after a $52.00 thrashing of a one c. a 16 year old scored on his full debut in the absence of an injured messi while in italy and a milan move 2 points ahead of italian champions eventis soprano since he scored
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the only goal in the game as opponents they went down to 10 men earlier here and held inventus to a bullet struck. a limb by organizers of all the marathon tests have been in japan on sunday but as temperatures reach 30 degrees celsius a competitor who came in 3rd in the race appeared to collapse after crossing the finish line he is expected to be an issue at next year's games in tokyo although the runner did say she was ok. i think i got the organizer had prepared for enough ice water and resting points so it was the same for everyone although it was hot i think it was a race that was easy to run in major league baseball the pittsburgh pirates had a rough night the chicago cubs were dominant from the start with chris bryant and rookie warner when they hit home runs for each other for each of their 3 hits rather the cubs set a club record reaching 237 home runs the pirates barely fought back losing 141.
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for the milwaukee brewers mike most doctors and. each had 2 home runs over the cardinals brewers came home with the win 52 on away soil in st louis. sebastian o.j. won the rally turkey finishing 34 seconds ahead of his teammate as a pack a lucky the one to finish 1st its run helps keep goal of getting a 7th consecutive world rally championship title alive the one helps close the gap on championship leader who had to pull out of the race after breaking down on saturday and finish the world surfing games with team gold brazil's. saved his best for last and earned the highest total of the event with a perfect 10 ride in the final the talent earned the team their 1st gold in 19 years usa and japan also made podium. well for the 1st time in the sports history of cliff divers finish the season with street victories australia rianne and if
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then wrapped up the season with gold in spain. let's if we had to back to have. thanks liane that will do it for this news hour i'm back in a couple of minutes with another stay with us. to strengthen the good you have to shoulder good all the more with your gum still fight against corruption. destroy news hero which heroes like know who are about or who refuse to $15000000.00 brian the achievement of heroes like him to showcase by the international ace award it shines a light on these heroes because the best way to fight a darker use to shine a light let's make the road to a better place nominate your anti corruption mirror now.
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rewind returns with a new series and brand new updates on the best about to see this documentary this guy will compel you to an onion the onion the food with both the heart and the can come up through the hole to remind continues with cambodia is often in business. this is actually totally crazy ciena just allowed us to pick up full kids from his infinite they now con out and we could just drive off with them. on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where ever you are. peace between ethiopia and eritrea has meant to park areas future for the iraqi people generation
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but it doesn't we have to create farmland for our souls for arabs it's a matter of survival. a move a train shows us how the iraq coping with life on the edge of the border. my ethiopia on al jazeera. again. saudi arabia's oil production cut in half as the world's biggest processing plant burns iran dismisses u.s. accusations it's behind the drone attacks. i'm sick of this is agitator live from doha also coming up petrol bombs and tear
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gas on hong kong streets as violence flares again following a massive protest the police had banned. militant at this with been going downhill since 2011 and if we think that. disillusioned and frustrated tunisians now have to choose between 24 presidential contenders. thousands of settlers are ordered out of the east africa's largest forest of warnings that indigenous communities are rare wildlife for risk. hello iran is dismissing u.s. accusations that it was behind the drone attacks on the world's largest oil processing plant in saudi arabia a saudi aramco says the strikes knocked out more than half the country's entire output all markets haven't seen a shock like this since iraq invaded kuwait in 1982 agape in the reports.
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heathy rebels in yemen say they flew on drones across the border far into saudi arabia to attack 2 major oil facilities if confirmed it's the most ambitious and devastating operation following dozens of smaller scale strikes in the kingdom in recent months. we exploited vulnerabilities in the saudi defense system and we've. are drones in order to avoid these systems therefore the saudi and the ratty airspace became open to us after their defense systems fail to even spot the drones . the us secretary of state blames iran for saturday's attacks might pompei says there's no evidence they were launched from yemen although he hasn't explained how iran is to blame or where the drones took off from iran is dismissing pompous accusation as meaningless foreign minister zarif tweeted having failed at maximum pressure secretary pompei is turning to maximum deceit u.s.
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and its clients is stuck in yemen because of the illusion that weapon superiority will lead to military victory blaming iran won't end disaster the state owned oil company saudi aramco says the fires started by the attacks knocked out more than half its entire daily output close to $6000000.00 barrels of oil the saudi energy minister says stockpiles of oil will be used to offset the loss of production but oil markets haven't seen a shutdown on this scale since iraqi troops invaded kuwait to start the 1st gulf war in 1990 and it's not clear how long repairs will take analysts say saudi arabia's oil infrastructure remains vulnerable to more attacks which the who thiis are threatening now as targets because there are so many of them and in terms of pipelines their side difficult to defend it's very difficult for the saudis to guarantee their own security i have all of those infrastructure targets at certain certainly a strategic vulnerability for them. the attacks may undermine investor confidence
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in a ram co's anticipated stock market debut the saudi government hopes it will raise up to $100000000000.00 based on a 2 trillion dollars valuation of the company i don't think it will affect their i.p.o. of course the global supply of 10 percent of the global supply come from and what the global economy and the global source of energy so the world won't accept the street. with no saying so that if you want all of. the attacks which have cut 6 percent of the world's oil supply could drive up prices the impact will depend on how quickly the saudis can restore full production victoria gate and be al jazeera . of violence has broken out in hong kong off to tens of thousands of protesters defied a police band to march in the city some of the crowd threw petrol bombs a riot officers who fired back with tear gas and water cannon government offices
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a police station shops and metro stations all came under attack of various times it was the 1st mass demonstrations since hong kong's leaders with truth and unpopular extradition bill protesters are demanding more government concessions and reforms sarah clarke has more from hong kong. to the right place in our movie and all the last of the protesters have managed to make their way to one child at around times square or course by by other high tensions have dispersed to these parts of central hong kong earlier there the right place numerous rounds of tear gas on the protesters rather bullets sponge tonight and i also saw the water kind of his dog starts with a heavy height. which marks the other protesters when the police want to move in for their arrest the 17 extraordinary day of violence in hong kong but these protests have said that they will continue their protests until all their demands are met and that includes universal suffrage they want an investigation an independent investigation into the police actions of accusations that they've been
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violent towards these protesters i also want this particular protest not to be referred to as a rise i have also asked the amnesty for almost being arrested and charged during a 15 weeks of violence we've seen in hong kong. to new zealand so voting to elect their 2nd president since the 2011 revolution prime minister yousuf shape is one of 24 running for the job left vacant by the same see who died in july polls have been paid to clear when and if nobody gets 50 percent of the vote they'll be a runoff election in november stephanie dec as more from a polling station in tunis. so these are the 2nd major elections and there has been a steady stream of people coming throughout the day here are lining up their various different our. rooms this is a school of polling centers and you can see on the on the list there are these are the registered voters and they are coming in to cast their ballots now everyone we've been talking to and it is really activism on the consensus is that there are
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real issues to tackle this time around economy security corruption so this is why people are voting and this is why they're coming here. to have their say there are $26.00 candidates on the ballot paper $24.00 running off to 2 of them dropped out and people really want their vote to make a difference they don't want any more political rhetoric they've been telling us they want a candidate that really will make a change or for that now they're also national and international observers here making sure that everything is going to plan that there are no forward and issues in these elections but certainly the main message is this people will tell you that yes in terms of freedom of expression in terms of a fledgling democracy there has been improvement since 2011 but there are real issues that need to be addressed and that's something that they hope their vote is going to change. a common theme among the $24.00 candidates is
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a vow to fix tunisia's economy inflation is that nearly 7 percent on unemployment above 15 percent the national debt ratio is above 70 percent the economy needs tourism to grow that's now recovered after several attacks a popular destinations the international monetary fund says in order to bring debt down the government should slash spending and that's a big challenge for the next president many tunisians say they are unhappy with what has already been cut off by the. editor in chief of the tunisian news website he says the president could end up having more power than the constitution allows. we've seen quite a lot of successes in terms of procedural democracy sort of a liberal democratic system is a new constitution of course but a lot of tunisians are not sure whether these are actually responding to their needs of course the demands of the revolution were about. dignity and freedom there was freedoms we've seen quite
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a lot of freedoms that some people say that's only really the only thing that they won from the revolution and so we see this quite a lot of disillusionment but we'll see maybe they will be turning out today the election body today says they expect actually a higher turnout this time than we saw in 2014 but it's still early going and according to the constitution technically he's really responsible for foreign policy and for national security but what we saw during the debates is a lot of the candidates were really defining national security quite broadly in terms of water security and food security and a few other issues that wouldn't technically be under just. military security issues but on top of that if the president if the eventual president wins they have a party behind him in parliament then they can be quite powerful they there will be the ones that can introduce legislation and if they're seen as sort of the figurehead of the leading party in parliament after the parliamentary elections next month then they could end up having quite a lot more power than what's on paper at least 36 people are missing in the democratic republic of congo where
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a boat sank near the capital kinshasa it was carrying passengers and cargo when it capsized on the congo river in maluco mean at least 13 people are dead and dozens missing after a boat capsized in india the accident happened in the god of body river near cannot a city in southern under pradesh they local media is reporting $61.00 people were on board including 10 crew about 14 people have been best. the united nations secretary general is hoping hurricane survivors in the bahamas will get the help they need from the international community and tonio containers was visibly shaken as he saw the destruction to the other car and from hurricane dorian a category 5 super storm 2 weeks ago is known to have killed at least 50 islanders around 1300 people remain missing there is that international community gave the middle income countries should not be supported it's a wrong idea especially with middle income countries of high levels of
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vulnerability weeks little shops they're not responsible for. and so i hope that the international community will be able know obviously is the moment of steel rescue in some situations that the central humanitarian aid but then there will be reconstruction of the resilience recovery and these will you require massive investment from the government from the people. there was some good news though as a tropical storm largely missed the bahamas alan fischer reports from the capital nassau where that's given people a chance to clothe and feed others who lost everything. there the everyday things that we rebuild ordinary lives ripped apart their t. shirts and shorts and dresses and toiletries all gathered by the people and not so for those who lost everything in the hurricane literally thousands of people coming from the island with nothing but the clothes on their backs some not even with
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shoes and so they lost everything and so this set up is just to be there to help people regain some kind of dignity and you know why then humanity and just good feeling about themselves and to be independent again. it started as a call to a few people went vital and suddenly it became a meter operation the next step is distribution was no organization no grouping it was just a message sent out and the people responded well locals are playing their part the international community is doing what it can it's assessing the damage caused great bahama and abaco and how we can even begin to repair rebuild and recall behind this door is with a huge international operation is being coordinated there are so many agencies so much what going on they don't want to let the cameras in this is by far and away the biggest disaster ever to hit the bahamas the rebuilding will take months it will take years and the cost will be millions it will be billions we're trying to
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get information from areas that have compromised communication systems so we're really working with a coalition of partners to be able to collect that data and analyze that so that decision makers feel confident in their next steps as they planned or it's mid-term and long term recovering. the displaced hundreds will start to collect donations on monday taking what they need giving them something that says things are going to get better giving them hope alan fischer al-jazeera the bahamas. all right still ahead on a precedented cold for a coalition in israel and how palestinian israelis are being encouraged to vote. across room on wheels in mexico how a few children are getting an education while many other u.s. asylum seekers miss out.


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