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and it's on the ballot paper $24.00 running off to 2 of them dropped out on people really want their boat to make a difference they don't want any more political rhetoric they've been telling us they want it can to that really will make it change or for that of now they're also national and international observers here of making sure that everything is going to planned that there are no for organ and issues in these elections but certainly the main messages this people won't tell you that yes in terms of freedom of expression and terms of a fledging democracy there has been improvement since 2011 but there are real issues that need to be addressed and that something that they hope their vote is going to change stephanie decca in tunis stay and knowledge speak to leo a seabird who is d. tunisia country manager at the united states institute of p.c.'s via skype from gin is very good to have you with as so to nations voting in what is a very unpredictable election but not with a lot of enthusiasm it shames with turn out a just 16 percent according to the latest numbers where getting to what extent do
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you thing to nations have become disillusioned with democracy and what difference do you see the selection wreaking that's a great question certainly the case that tunisians are frustrated with the pace of democracy with what many see as a lack of progress and inability to deliver on important economic reforms but that doesn't necessarily mean that tunisians have given up on democracy there are still many people turning out to vote the day is not over the people that i did speak with and see at polling centers around the capital were treating this as an emotional an important day and another step forward for tunisians democracy so you know we'll wait to see what the turnout final turnout numbers are but i think tunisians have not yet given up there but they certainly are frustrated 4 years into there's been a clear divide between secularists and islamists is that still the case today and
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you know no matter who wins this election what do you think will be the key challenges for the next president and the next government. great question that's that's one of the most fascinating parts of this race is that in 2014 the dynamics were exactly as you categorize them you have kind of a rod secular against the one islamist friendly party and the other after 2014 those 2 parties came together in a governing coalition and so those dividing lines at the political level have disappeared to a certain extent and this race the dynamics are entirely different you have 5 different kind of viable candidates let's say 2 of them come from the kind of need it you know secular if you want to call it camp one of them comes from another this is the islamics camp this is the 1st time they've run a presidential candidate in history you also have an old regime figure whose
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message is kind of restoring the power and practices of the state prior to the uprisings in 2011. so the dynamics are kind of completely different this year different dynamics and to nature of course neal one prays as the only democracy to emerge from the arab spring uprisings that actually began in tunisia but it hasn't been easy as we've seen over the last few years what do you think needs to happen now what should be the priority for the next leader to strengthen the democratic ideals of the country. well you know head 1st on the minds of most tunisians according to polling and just you know living here and speaking with people is of course as you stated the economy and then security so these are the priorities we've seen the value of the currency depreciate and we've seen prices go up and this has led to a sense that there is a declining middle class and this is one of the most challenging and alarming
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things for most tunisians is to maintain what has made tunisia special in the region which is a strong middle class a highly educated population and a kind of comfortable way of life for many and as this is declining we're seeing other candidates such as new bill carter we who is leading a kind of a populist campaign focusing on poverty focusing on alleviating poverty gaining a lot of traction the other kind of key issue after this election will be forming a government that's able to do that so this is only the 1st round of a presidential election well then have parliamentary elections on october 6th and then a likely 2nd round and final round of the presidential election after that forming a government that's capable of addressing these challenges of the tunisians next big test thank you very much for speaking to us neil sieberg from the united states peace institute joining us now from tunis thank you very much for your time thank
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you. plenty more ahead on this news hour including category hell that's how the u.n. chief has described the aftermath of hurricane dorian on a visit to the bahamas and bloodied but unbeaten tyson fury wins his latest fight in las vegas details with peter coming up. first violence has broken out in hong kong after tens of thousands of people defied a police ban and marched through the city center it was a 1st mass demonstration since the territory's leaders with an unpopular extradition the protesters are demanding more government concessions and political reforms linda gunn reports from hong kong. another day another represent of unrest. hundreds of thousands of demonstrators defy a police ban to march through central hong kong once again. there is no shortage of
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anger here the turmoil in hong kong is well into its 3rd month and protests continue unabated. in the formal groups of volunteers from 1st aid medics to lawyers and will be just leaders show that support for these demonstrators is far reaching a full withdrawal of the proposed law to extradite suspects to china was announced by chief executive care really lamb last week a concession by beijing's leaders but observers say it may have been given to late protesters say they're refusing to give in until their other 4 demands are met demonstrators say care really lamb is just a lackey of beeching. everyone knows she's not sincere to face to people in her call as low as she doesn't response to all demands will continue to protest you get it is a game that the government is full of poker see it's the government that undermine
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the rule of law. police are using on reasonable violence the process is a using force not balance its violence only when it harms people. and that fight once again and it in violence tear gas water cannons up police tactics which have so far only emboldened protesters to keep surging forward for the last few months these have become familiar scenes the streets of hong kong have become a battleground this is hong kong on edge young people here tell us they are forever transformed by the recent political turmoil and they are risking all to resist what they call creepy authoritarianism from beijing. on just 0 point. 82 refugees and migrants rescued a week ago in the mediterranean by the ocean viking charity ship has been allowed to land on the italian island of lampedusa it's the 1st time in months that
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a rescue ship arrived has been given permission to dock in an italian port on the other side of the world indonesia is struggling with refugees escaping conflict poverty in africa the middle east and elsewhere in asia they have no idea if they'll ever find another home al-jazeera is ready to mohamed will report on that from jakarta very shortly right after paul brennan looks at the new italian government's approach to refugees. the news brought tangible relief to ocean viking after nearly a week in limbo just heard. this side place of safety. i am the one other thing. that sprang to spontaneous celebration among the rescued migrants in what it is we're very happy about the news this is amazing we're going to arrive in
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a. playschool people understand and listen to us if they're happy to listen that we have to some backing in many. italy's new prime minister decepticon tech has been in power just a week and conti center left coalition government supports a more humane approach than the hardline closed ports policy of the previous interior minister matteo salvia but ministers insist that does not mean it's only now has an open door policy. i believe there's a big misunderstanding about the safe ports given to ocean viking it was assigned to ports simply because the e.u. stuck to our request to take the majority of the microbes it must be clear that our aim is to ensure that those who arrive in italy or redistributed to other european countries that hasn't stopped salvini from criticizing we have only part of the redistributions in europe are just words because i am still waiting for the other european countries to take a few 1000 of those that they have already promised to take so this is
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a surrender obviously one of contest promises to europe was that it really would return to being a refugee camp. back on board the migrants are already planning where they might be sent germany has promised to take 25 percent of any refugees rescued in the mediterranean but the rest of the distribution is less clear the subject will certainly come up when e.u. interior ministers meet in malta on september 23rd. al-jazeera. they came to indonesia in hope they could start a new life in australia new zealand canada but many say they're now stranded. fled the war in afghanistan and 2015 he and his family live in this makeshift shelter without electricity basic sanitation and little food. don't have come here my wife has 3. she
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leaves but. i have no money to buy but their food. mohamed is one of 400 refugees sharing the small space income in west jakarta up to 26 men live in this room using cardboard boxes and plastic sheets to make the floor more comfortable to sleep on unable to work or study they sit in wait for transit papers assistance but as conflicts in africa and the middle east continue frustration levels are rising the refugees have been demonstrating in front of the un refugee agency for the pa several weeks many of them have come from. pakistan to don eritrea somalia and iraq . 7 many blame the authorities for not doing enough. you're not. doing here you are supposed to protect all the refugees treating them equally. indonesia is home to $14000.00 refugees and decided but it's not
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a signatory to the un refugee convention which means it only acts as a transit country but the australian government has tightened its borders to refugees from indonesia and cut its international funding to migrants the un refugee agency says chances for resettlement on limits. direct assistance isn't going to be the answer because everyone needs to be able to have the tools to take care of themselves and this is why we're working with the government the government of indonesia here to try to find ways under the indonesian laws for refugees to have the ability to take care of themselves so they don't always have to depend on handouts rights groups saying no single group is responsible for the backlog what i think is very important in order to. bring all the parties together civil society business sectors and also government agencies as
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well as the refugees but it is about the refugees want their voices heard having come this far they say it's their only hope for healing mohammed al jazeera jakarta . israel is holding its 2nd general election within 5 months on tuesday palestinian israelis are being urged to vote in greater numbers than they did in april and a leading palestinian israeli politician is provoking a strong reaction by making an unprecedented call for a coalition harry fawcett has a story of what. big days left in the election campaign a clash over race voting and hidden cameras came to a head in the israeli parliament. you are a liar shouted knesset member i'm an hors de confronting israel's prime minister with a camera phone benjamin netanyahu had been trying unsuccessfully to force through last minute legislation allowing party activists to film inside polling stations palestinian israeli politicians saw that as an attempt to intimidate voters in arab
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areas. but in this election i'm an order isn't just taking on what he calls netanyahu is racist campaign he's confronting a long held to do within palestinian israeli politics saying he would be prepared to be the 1st leader to take his grouping of mainly palestinian parties into israeli coalition government albeit with conditions that make it unlikely in the near future that you know that. we have a great influence on who will form the government if you put aside the arab vote netanyahu will be the paying him if you include the arab vote then there are other scenarios. other members of his alliance have distanced themselves from his message but a recent poll suggests nearly 80 percent of palestinian israelis are in favor of either joining a coalition government or supporting one within the knesset nobody ever expected an arab politician to say it and the reason is for all sorts of historic internal debates among the arab palestinian citizens and israel there's been a very ambivalent feeling to what extent the parties should legitimize the israeli
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government to what extent being part of the israeli government puts them in a position where they would have to give up on very significant principles in april's elections the turnout among palestinian israelis was down to a new low 50 percent so with this idea of more active political engagement lift that number cut to egypt you did that voting is a very positive step people here don't do it and if you don't vote our vote goes to rival parties but i am against arab parties joining an israeli government. it's good if they join a left wing government not a right wing races government that works against arabs the palestinian citizens of israel there is a level of support for the idea of engaging in coalition government in the future but the palestinian israeli politicians they say the vital thing is that their electorate comes out and votes in greater numbers than they have before to have any chance of bringing down the administration of benjamin netanyahu netanyahu is him so if using or days starts to warn voters of the suppose
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a danger in supporting the main opposition led by benny gantz and yeah i like pete will be me at the head of the likud or will be the pig and guns at the head of a leftist government that will include a move to be and i mean as minister of their government those politicians say no when you know who is trying to diligent him eyes palestinian israelis in gauge meant in national politics the question is whether this time it might inspire them instead to engage more are a force that al-jazeera israel. still ahead on this al-jazeera news ally they say they can talk to be then cows after centuries living in kenya smile for its navvies tribes fear being wiped out by the classroom on wheels in mexico how few children are getting an education while many other u.s. economy is miss out and where this former rugby captain is blackmailed into revealing news on his health. peter we'll have that story coming up.
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you know changing conditions across the middle east lots of drive by the lots of hot sunshine little bit of cloud just spilling out of turkey just making its way towards georgia over the next day or so so you could see some wet weather and really show up too much on monday but come choose day. just not just for a cassette eastern side of the black sea getting close to 30 celsius once again in bahrain some lovely sunshine here getting close to the mid forty's in baghdad so the hot sunshine does continue in the hot sunshine stretches way down across the arabian peninsula some. cloud just pushing through here you much just catch a sports of right on the but i think any rain will be few and far between is just a spot or 2 certainly a possibility so lossy settle in last sunday as we go through the coming days we've
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got dry weather and sunshine stretching across a good part of southern africa possibilities some showers just into the far south just across the southern cape you must see a little bit more cloud just creeping in here 19 celsius the top temperature in cape town durban gets up to around $26.00 degrees celsius harare at 20 a loss of dry weather there and a similar picture as we go on through tuesday with more warmth and sunny weather. if you were in beijing looking out the pacific ocean you'd see american warships. was there somehow time is aiming to replace america and around the world all the chinese are not that stupid these guys want to dominate a huge chunk of the planet this sounds like a preparation for our 1st president george washington said if you want peace prepare for war the coming war on china to josie. from
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inside the walls of a west african prison of. a chance to create to express emotion and take the 1st steps towards rehabilitation. a renowned choreographer shares his passion for darts inspiring prisoners to perform and to reach beyond the ill deeds of the past and the confines of their present the dance of the witness documentary on al-jazeera. you're watching al-jazeera live from doha
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a reminder of our top stories iran is accusing the us of deceit up to washington blame tehran for jonah tax on 2 oil facilities in saudi arabia yemen 2 with the rebels say they were responsible for saturday's explosions which knocked out more than half of the kingdom's entire output there's been no turnout at the polls aimed to michelle with just over an hour left for voters to choose their 2nd president since the 27 arab spring 24 candidates in their. army and police in hong kong have used tear gas and water cannon to break up the latest on tiger government protests tens of thousands of people have been marching in the city in defiance of a police ban and they continuing their push for political reform. more now on our top story of the attacks on 2 major oil facilities in saudi arabia joining us now is mona share talking who is an international oil and energy consultant and former research officer at opec his live from tehran the markets close for the weekend obviously what impact do you think these attacks will have when they open on monday
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on oil prices in the short term and in the long term. well definitely it would have an impact my 1st response yesterday was that the market where the market is soft the prospect of demand global demand and economies weak and there is enough supply by the window or the magnitude came out of our $56000000.00 barrels per day out of $100.00 we know about it it is a huge quantity now impact on the actual market depends on the perceptions and this quantity i mention 56 out of $100.00 instead of a few 100000 barrels per day is large quantity makes and in major is 2nd logical compact so all the traders and others would have a kneejerk reaction to prices would go up how much i don't know of course. it is always happened when there is something happening in the one market that before any
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actual disruption of supply affects the actual receivers and customers you see it takes about several weeks for the tankers which are not going to be delayed to show themselves as a shortage in japan or in the us or europe but the psychological the news makes its impact now now for 40 to how long to continue depends on the saudi installations how much. damage now allowing you to pay for them to replace it tell us a bit more about only if their fans ventilation theory this is significant yes yes the facility in question here the. fed to be or how many oil fields. operate as if they feel. they feel is an excellent right or entry but at the same location there is a huge processing plant which is the heart of the saudi oil facilities crude oil comes gas comes they separate them and so on reduce the pressure and so is a major oil production processing center. itself as well as the other or what the
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saudis are going to engineer emanuel may have that are seen as weight right medium grade or if you would the saudis have had a contingency plan in place in case of disposal and that is for a city. your question is really depends if it comes to the norwan expectation of a huge installation like soda or ankle 10 medium various production should have enough inventory as any shop a grocer would have inventory in it's a storage to supply and give its customers so that if we are on call we also have that we don't know several 100100 1000000 barrels of oil are there apparently have a bolt smoothly to come and go on to the loading busses if that is the case it's probably again it is a smooth operation if they are successful to control this and use the excess capacity this fear of war loom which is in place now there is if you talk about so
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that if you as usual it is on the ground right surface ones are left with several 100. 1000000 barrels but there is also this strategy but 2 arms every shot international within the international energy agency the industrialized countries and big can always come out and out the many 304050 years you are ready for major disruptions ok on whether they would use this as you put your own deserves japan and so on or unitas is right that is an order of policy decision that the us might decide to have in a coronation with saudi and let me ask you manish attack in who benefits so from a destruction and wrong destruction of saudi oil exports which country benefits from this the americans. well all the oil producers would benefit the united states or oil companies would benefit and all the other
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oil companies and exporters would benefit of but the whole global de conna me the global economy of course would suffer you see the good price a high price war is good for the sellers but in the medium long term is bad for the exporters because that would cause the damage to the economy and in the medium long term reaction less demand and so on so but in order to your question immediately for the next few weeks if the price goes up which would we do expect of course the sellers of oil the coal companies and the exporters national road companies all that they would benefit they would have higher revenue there thank you so much for speaking to us our it is again that gain is the financial gain on a temporary basis yes with pleasure thank you so much money back in international oil and then in c. consultant in tehran thank you it wouldn't make you so much for your time we appreciate it now the united nations secretary general hopes hurricane survivors in the bahamas will get the how they need from the international community antonio
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terris was visibly shaken as he saw the destruction to the abaco island from hurricane dorian a category 5 super storm to wastdale is known to have killed at least 50 people around 1300 others remain missing there is it's a community the idea that middle income countries should not be supported it's a wrong idea especially with middle income countries have high levels of vulnerability to external shocks they're not responsible. and so i hope that the international community will be able now obviously is the moment of steel rescue some situations but essentially humanitarian aid but then there will be reconstruction building resilience recovery and these will you require massive investment from the government from the people. there was some good news still as a tropical storm missed the bahamas as alan fischer reports from the capital nassau that's given island as a chance to clothe and feed others who have lost everything. there the everyday
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things that we rebuild ordinary lives ripped apart their t. shirts and shorts and dresses and toiletries all gathered by the people in ny so for those who lost everything in the hurricane literally we've had thousands of people to come in from the island with nothing but the clothes on their backs some not even with shoes and so they lost everything and so this set up is just to be there to help people regain some kind of dignity and you know and then humanity and just a good feeling about themselves and to be independent again. it started as a call to a few people went vital and suddenly it became a major operation the next step is distribution was no organization no grouping it was just a message sent out and the people responded well locals are playing their part the international community is doing what it can it's assessing the damage caused great bahama and abaco and how we can even begin to repair rebuild and recall behind this
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story is with a huge international operation is being coordinated there are so many agencies so much what going on they don't want to let the cameras in this is by far and away the biggest disaster ever to hit the bahamas the rebuilding will take months it will take years and the cost will be millions it will be billions we're trying to get information from areas that have compromised communication systems so we're really working with a coalition of partners to be able to collect that data and analyze that so that decision makers feel confident in their next steps as they plan towards mid-term and long term recovering. the displaced hundreds will start to collect donations on monday taking what they need giving them something that says things are going to get better giving them hope. alan fischer al-jazeera the bahamas
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flooding in southern spain has killed at least 6 people in triggered evacuation orders with thousands rivers burst their banks swamping homes and sweeping away parked cars hundreds of troops are helping rescue and cleanup efforts in the under lucy a more sierra and valencia regions days of rainfall in some areas has been described as the heaviest in more than a century a battle is underway for the survival of the largest forest of its kind in east africa kenya's government has evicted hundreds of thousands of settlers from the force over the past 20 years as nicholas hike reports indigenous people in the region say their homes are at risk and so is its wild it's rare wildlife. deep in the mouth forest are people who communicate with honey bees. these concerns are intentions explained secure macho to her nephew collect the honey with a pure heart she says you'll be unharmed hanging from the branches are wooden hives
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people built to protect the bees it's a relationship of cultivated over centuries which is at risk. the bees don't really unsub back but we know what they're thinking it's obvious by the sound they make they're angry they're upset with the lid destruction in these forests. east africa's largest indigenous force was cut down to almost half of its original size over the course of 100 years british colonisers of kenya invaded and killed people to turn part of their forest land into te plantations then came 50 years of kenyan government logging when settlers who moved into the forest were given title deeds to the land. won a landmark legal battle against the kenyan government 2 years ago the verdict recognizing their land rights and need for compensation for their suffering now kenya's government is evicting 60000 settler families from their forest in the distance right behind me are trees that were burned to the ground to make way for
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farmland and pastures to use for people who want to feed their animals and right here is a 200 year old red cedar tree that was cut down days ago now it will take centuries for part of this forest to grow back and that's why the government here is taking such drastic actions to protect the environment at risk of extinction say environmentalist our $173.00 species of animals including the bongo elephant and the golden cat sen the drama from the messiah tribe plays jazz music to his cows. the need soothing explains because too many animals are dying this country is littered with carcasses of dead animals because of the drought the which gives this county over 2000000000 shillings every year dries up. the sea and when you go down and look at the river is horrific. it is
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a fragile ecosystem in which the survival of the bees depend on the you kick and their survival depends on this forest nicholas hawk and the mouse forest kenya. 5 defense witnesses have testified in the trial of former sudanese president omar bashir including the director of the shares office how to him a son by kid said he received $25000000.00 from saudi crown prince mohammed bin salman through an envoy millions of dollars in foreign and sudanese currency were recovered from a mob of shias residents after he was arrested in april but she is trial on corruption and money laundering charges will resume next week leaders in west excuse me in west africa have pledged a 1000000000 dollars to combat attacks by fighters linked to al qaeda and i saw they held an emergency summit in booking a fossil just a few days after an attack there catherine saw reports in the capital. a moment of silence for 29 people who were killed in 2 separate attacks in northen book enough
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last week one of the attacks happened at a location where all jazeera was filming just a day alia a minibus carrying civilians drove over a landmine 15 people were killed. heads of state who attended this emergency summit organized by the regional bloc raised concern about the increasing number of cross border attacks by armed groups in the sahara they're also worried the violence could spread to other coastal countries. in the last 6 months there have been many terrorist attacks with serious consequences violence and insecurity has caused an unprecedented humanitarian crisis millions of people displaced in the region. the summit brought together presidents from the hell countries known as the g. 5 minding heads to fight terrorism and illegal migration across border as representatives from other west african countries affected by armed groups like
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what also here they agreed to share intelligence have joint patrols along the borders invest in training security forces and so on they also pledged a 1000000000 u.s. dollars within 5 years for counterterrorism activities. we have asked the defense and security missiles to put together a practical proposal or not a causal standby force going to be deployed to help. some security analysts say regional efforts to contain the crisis have not quite been effective in the past because of conflicting interests by individual countries and regional organization as well as competition for resources and visibility are both say that a military intervention on its own cannot work without a development agenda. the fight against terrorism is not only about deploying troops there are many regions that have been neglected by governments for years
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people are poor and frustrated the issue of disparity must be addressed. they've been more than 2000 attacks by armed groups in the hell in the last few years just over 11000 people have been killed in book enough fassel many of the displaced have sought refuge in schools camps set up by the government and aid workers as well as with well wishes in safe areas where they fled to their leaders say the action plan they've induced is solid implementing it will will be the harder part catherine sawyer al-jazeera whether dugu fassel. in the democratic republic of congo dozens of passengers are missing after a river boat sank police say 76 on board were rescued by a 36 others a few drowned the boat went down during the night in the congo river as it headed for the capital kinshasa at least 13 people are dead and dozens missing after a boat capsized in india the accident happened in the good of a river near
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a city in southern under pradesh state local media reporting 61 people were on board about 14 people have been rescued so far. the taliban says it will revoke its ban and allow the red cross to work in afghanistan it had excluded the group along with the world health organization in april accusing them of carrying out suspicious activities during vaccination campaigns the taliban also says it will guarantee the security of red cross staff in areas it controls. it's called remain in mexico with a new agreement between the mexican and u.s. governments on asylum seekers tens of thousands a stock waiting to see if they'll be allowed to start a new life in the united states they include many children who are missing out on school but a classroom on wales is coming to some as john home and reports on the border city of. a small team of volunteers in t one a heading to one of the city's many migrant shelters with a unique service. you specially adapted school bus since january u.s.
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asylum seekers mainly from guatemala honduras el salvador been put back across into mexico while they wait between the cool days many have children and this new floating population could be stuck in border towns like the one for months. that's where this bus comes in it's been fitted out to give the medication by n.g.o.s schoolbooks project looser run programs in greece and syria get to go with really no thank you they're working with volunteers from border angels mainly students giving lessons in reading writing and mass as well as psychological help mask the glasses and the horn. more than just classes it's a way of giving them tools so that they can be stronger more resilient able to express their emotions and say what they're feeling and that's really important and it's what we're working on. the most the road's been hard is a year since his mother doris so they fled death threats in their homeland there
12:38 am
was salvador a country terrorized by gangs they've been here for months she's just glad he's getting some education. i'm let's just end the misery sentimental things i feel frustrated knowing that if he was in school right now he'd be in a more advanced grade but also i feel that i want to keep fighting for his future. mates chris president said that state education would be available for the asylum seekers while there are mixed pro and theoretically it is in practice showed a direct has told us there's little government outreach to try and get them into school and their parents are sometimes reluctant to enroll them knowing they'll soon be moving on these volunteers who do what they can take in this bus across the city to provide classes but the program is somewhat bigger than the thousands of children trapped in limbo all across this border area without an education. that. at the end of the class the children read letters of support many from well wishers
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across the border in the u.s. it's a brief break from the uncertainty and boredom of young lives lived in limbo john home and out to see it a tough one and still ahead on al-jazeera peter will tell you about a new world record on the road that's coming up and for 6 stay with us. you know that corruption has reached a level like never ever before in our country. rank outsider. to president of the united states. the power was in the data we will honor the american people with the truth and nothing else discovered. for winning the white house unfair game on al jazeera. just in
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the heart of the amazon libyan families that lives in peril to harvest brazil nuts . it's getting the congo to the capital it's even more dangerous challenge. responded to the libya. on al jazeera. and of course now thank you very much spain have won the basketball world cup for the 32nd time in the history of the defeating argentina in sunday's final in
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beijing the spanish defense kept origin time danger man luis scola scored a c. in the 1st off ricky rubio school 20 points while sergio your contribution 15 unmarketable 14 rubio was named world cup most valuable players the spaniards won the world title for the 2nd time in the history of to also winning the tournament when it was last hosted in asia in 2006 australia's cricketers are chasing a victory target of 399 on day 4 of the final ashes test against england the hosts were all out for $329.00 earlier australia are 6 wickets starting pleading that of star batsman steve smith who went for $23.00 but if it happens in this match australia have already done enough to retain the urn the former captain of the wales rugby team gareth thomas says he's living with hiv thomas says he was forced to make the announcement after a british newspaper threatened to publish a story about his diagnosis thomas came out as gay in 2009. i'm
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living. with hiv now you have that information that makes me extremely vulnerable but it does not make me weak now even though i've been forced to tell you this i choose to fight to educate and break the stigma around this subject kenyan runner jeffrey come more or broke the world half marathon record in copenhagen the 3 time of marathon world champion was 17 seconds quicker than the world record set in valencia last year 21 kilometer course in just 58 minutes and one second olympic organizers held a marathon test event in japan on sunday but as temperatures reached 30 degrees celsius the competitor became 3rd in the race appeared to collapse after crossing the finish line it is expected to be an issue at next year's games in tokyo although the run it did say she was ok. thank god the organizer had prepared for
12:43 am
enough ice water and resting points so it was the same for everyone although it was hot i think it was a race that was easy to run tyson theory has maintained his unbeaten record in the ring the british boxer beat also wallen to defend he's a little heavyweight title in a bloody encounter in las vegas fury got a deep cut above his right eye in the 3rd round concerning both medics and officials but the briton kept going and these persistence paid off feared he was awarded a unanimous points win before he was taken to hospital. but the doctor said it here he said as much it was a very very bad cut but it was a clean cut so it doesn't need microsurgery inside him whether he said it a stitch world's biggest cross at the right. he felt that i was a serious guy i'm sure he felt that all week i was here to be his friend. is a great champion but i show that i belong you know i try to give my all tonight fortunately it wasn't enough as it was a great champion but at least you know i did everything i could name or reaffirmed
12:44 am
his commitment to paris and man after helping them to victory in his 1st league appearance of the season after a failed move to barcelona in the last transfer window the brazilian school the winner in east 1st match for the french champions as they faced strasbourg on saturday even so he was booed by some of the paris fans. and for buena vista so for me it was like another day at the office it was not the 1st time i was booed so it's something sad but from now on i'm playing all the games like i'm away from home i must make clear that i did not have anything against the p.s.g. supporters nothing against p.s.g. everybody knows that it was my desire to leave the team it was something that i wanted and it was something that i made clear it is something in the past today i am a p.s.g. player and i promise to give my best on the pitch mark marquez has extended easily in the moto g.p. chairmanship with
12:45 am
a thrilling win in stand the rino the honda rider battled to earth. on the final lap of the grand prix eventually securing victory it was mark as the 77th when across all classes of motorbike racing he now holds a 93 point lead with 6 races left the seeds. sebastian 001 the ready to the finishing 34 seconds ahead of the same 8 esa-pekka lappie the one to finish for suppression helps keep o'jays goal of getting a 7th consecutive world really championship title alive. when helps close the gap on championship leader who broke down on saturday. and brazil finished the world surfing games with team gold it's out of save these best for last and the highest heat total of the event with a perfect 10 point ride in the final the talent the team the 1st gold in 19 years the united states and japan also made the podium. and we'll leave it there for now
12:46 am
i'll have most forward a little bit later again be to thank you we will see you at 800 hours g.m.t. here knowledge is here to stay with us we've got plenty more world news coming up after this very short break as always much more. cops say with us. on counting the cost of technocrats and the defacto leader has been ousted well his replacement a saudi arabia's energy minister fare any better looking than struggling to get more for its oil plus the cost of adapting to
12:47 am
a warming planet counting the cost. was . singapore is being accused of expanding its coast by move illegally dredged sat and some of the islands off the coast of indonesia literally vanish it's a big business smuggling one that will take you there in through the sand is are there you see this beautiful beach but behind it is something that's not so pleasant the tragedy is that people are just not aware of an ecological investigation into
12:48 am
a global emergency sound walls at this time on al jazeera. you stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world. al-jazeera. iran accuses the us of deceit after washington blames tehran for the drone attacks on 2 saudi oil facilities. i'm fully back to watching al jazeera live from doha also ahead. but if you notice with been going downhill since 20 i live in an ever disillusioned and frustrated
12:49 am
tunisians go to the polls to elect a new president. again on the streets of hong kong after tens of thousands of protesters defy a police baton plus category held high the u.n. chief has described the aftermath of hurricane dorian on a visit to the bahamas. iran is accusing the u.s. of deceit after washington blamed tehran. the drone attacks on the world's not just oil processing plant in saudi arabia yemen so the rebels say they were responsible for saturday's explosions which knocked out more than the half of the kingdom's entire oil port and all eyes are now on the impact on oil prices when markets open on monday victoria. rebels in yemen say they fully armed drones across the border far into saudi arabia to attack 2 major oil facilities if confirmed it's the
12:50 am
most ambitious and devastating operation following dozens of smaller scale strikes in the kingdom in recent months. give us a phenomena about the mode we exploited vulnerabilities in the saudi defense system and we built our drones in order to avoid these systems therefore the saudi and m. iraqi airspace became open to us after their defense systems fail to even spot the drones. the us secretary of state blames iran's for saturday's attacks might pompei says there's no evidence they were launched from yemen although he hasn't explained how iran is to blame or where the drones took off from iran is dismissing pompous accusation as meaningless foreign minister zarif tweeted having failed at maximum pressure secretary pompei is turning to maximum deceit u.s. and its clients are stuck in yemen because of the illusion that weapon superiority will lead to military victory blaming iran won't end disaster. the state owned oil
12:51 am
company saudi aramco says the fires started by the attacks knocked out more than half its entire daily output and close to $6000000.00 barrels of oil the saudi energy minister says stockpiles of oil will be used to offset the loss of production but oil markets haven't seen a shutdown on this scale since iraqi troops invaded kuwait to start the 1st gulf war in 1990 and it's not clear how long repairs will take analysts say saudi arabia's oil infrastructure remains vulnerable to more attacks which the who thiis are threatening now as targets because there are so many of them and in terms of pipelines this side difficult to defend it's very difficult for the saudis to guarantee their own security i have all of those infrastructure targets at certain certainly a strategic front ability for them. the attacks may undermine investor confidence in iran co's anticipated stock market debut the saudi government hopes it will
12:52 am
raise up to $100000000000.00 based on a 2 trillion dollars valuation of the company i don't think it will. cause a global surprise 10 percent of the global supply come from and what the global economy and the global source of energy so the world won't accept the street. with no saying so that if you want all of. the attacks which have caught 6 percent of the world's oil supply could drive up prices the impact will depend on how quickly the saudis can restore full production victoria gayton be al-jazeera in the past hour iran's president hassan rouhani has called for regional talks to resolve the conflict in yemen. what is concerning is the wrong path of the americans in the region they are supporting saudi arabia and the u.a.e. instead of confessing to their role in creating instability they point the finger
12:53 am
at other countries in the region dialogue between regional neighbors is the only solution to resolving the conflict dosage of barry has more on the rainy and reaction from tehran. iranian president hassan rouhani commented on the latest accusations made by the us government that iran was involved in the attacks in saudi arabia has an iranian said that the united states instead of pointing the finger at other countries needs to take a look at its own role in creating this instability in this region ronnie said that the united states is supplying arms to saudi arabia and the emirates of let's call this and that is waging this war in yemen he urged all parties that the way to resolve this conflict and have some kind of stability in this region is suitable dialogue there renia said over and over again that they're willing to mediate between all the parties involved to bring some kind of an end to this conflict or a new president a summer. also said in the house that these kinds of accusations only further talk between tehran and washington do not help to create any kind of dialogue between
12:54 am
the 2 countries that is something the u.s. president. is interested in having a meeting with the iranian president at the united nations later this month but given the current climate and the accusations that have been coming out the iranian officials it is very unlikely that president hassan rouhani will be open to that kind of meeting until these sanctions are lifted on iran and these kinds of behavior that iran says has been waged against for the time being now there is concern that the attacks on the saudi oil facilities will disrupt the global oil supply white house advisor kellyanne conway has suggested that the united states may use some of its reserves to manage demand secretary powell has made clear that the iranian regime is responsible for this attack on the civilian areas and infrastructure right vital to our global energy supply and we're not going to stand for that in fact our department of energy stands ready to tap into the strategic
12:55 am
reserve petroleum reserve if we must to stabilize the global energy supply. in other world news to nations have been voting to elect their 2nd president since the 27 revolution prime minister yousuf the head is one of 24 people vying for the goals left vacant by a set to see who died in july at the age of 92 the polls haven't picked a clear winner if nobody reaches 50 percent of the vote a runoff will be held stephanie decker has more from a polling station in tunis so these are the 2nd major elections and there has been a steady stream of people coming throughout the day here are lining up their various different our rooms this is a school of polling centers and you can see on the on the list there are these are the registered voters and they are coming in because their ballots now everyone we've been talking to and it is really x. to them are the consensus is that there are real issues to tackle this time around
12:56 am
economy security corruption so this is why people are voting and this is why they're coming here. to have their say there are $26.00 candidates on the ballot paper $24.00 running off to 2 of them dropped out and people really want their vote to make a difference they don't want any more political rhetoric they've been telling us they want a candidate that really will make a change or for that now they're also national and international observers here making sure that everything is going to plan that there are no fraud and issues in these elections but certainly the main message is this people will tell you that yes in terms of freedom of expression in terms of a fledgling democracy there has been improvement since 2011 but there are real issues that need to be addressed and that's something that they hope their vote is going to change. the violence has broken out in hong kong after tens of thousands of people defied a police ban in march through the city center it was the 1st mass demonstration
12:57 am
since the territories leader with joy a popular and an unpopular extradition bill the protesters are demanding more go. concessions and political reforms to me that linda that reports from hong kong. am another day another represent of unrest. hundreds of thousands of demonstrators defy a police ban to march through central hong kong once again. there is no shortage of anger here the turmoil in hong kong is well into its 3rd month and protests continue unabated. in the formal groups of volunteers from 1st aid medics to lawyers and will be just leaders show that support for these demonstrators is far reaching a full withdrawal of the proposed law to extradite suspects to china was announced by chief executive care really lamb last week a concession by beijing's leaders but observers say it may have been given too late
12:58 am
. protesters say they're refusing to give in until their other 4 demands are met demonstrators say care relend is just a lack of. everyone knows she's not sincere to face to people in her call as long as she doesn't response to all demands will continue to protest. the government is full of. it's the government that undermine the rule of law police are using on reasonable violence the protest is a using force not ballance it's violence i only wanted people. to water cannons the police tactics which have so far only emboldened protesters to keep surging forward for the last few months these have become familiar scenes the streets of hong kong have become a battleground this is hong kong on edge young people here tell us they are forever transformed by the recent political turmoil and they are risking all to resist
12:59 am
what they call creeping authoritarianism from beijing. hong kong. indonesia is struggling with refugees escaping conflict and poverty in africa the middle east and elsewhere in asia many say they have been left in limbo for years waiting for documentation so they can be resettled. they came to indonesia and hoped they could start a new life in australia new zealand or canada but many say they're now stranded. fled the war in afghanistan and 2015 he and his family live in this makeshift shelter without electricity a basic sanitation and little food. don't have come here my wife has 3. days she leaves. i have no money but their food. mom. it is one of 450 sharing the small space income in west
1:00 am
jakarta up to 26 men live in this room using cardboard boxes and plastic sheets to make the floor more comfortable to sleep on unable to work or study they sit in wait for transit papers come in and assistance but as conflicts in africa and the middle east continue frustration levels are rising the refugees have been demonstrating in front of the un refugee agency for the pa several weeks many of them have come from. pakistan to don eritrea somalia and iraq. many blame the authorities for not doing enough.


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