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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 16, 2019 5:00am-6:01am +03

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it was a name that was and that was why i guess. my answer was. i. live by. it or did that i mean i should go to some of the shuttle you have a. look at that yes. you. can sone mean don't they had to make in one. of the some of the many well let's roll some if you didn't know so we got to do is just a good one and not someone who would soon as you're with them. i mean yes. it was a survivor. a quarter of the civilians on the island were killed in the american
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invasion in 1945 and a fear of war has been passed for the generations. today those who witnessed these horrors live on the plane something extraordinary beauty surrounded by coring fs and a unique marine life. points here in america by that the survivors of well war to sort refuge and it's this the now 5 thing to say. it's an epic struggle the pitch these island. people against the greatest military power on the.
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this is the office of a former governor of all. otoh my psyche what he has done is create not so much museum. bought an appeal to the outside world to understand the resistance and all come to understand the suffering. to read its hidden history it begins in 1945 when the americans invaded his general what call for arriving in okinawa. a 2nd invasion happened 10 years later in what became known as the bulldozers and beignets campaign american forces seize prime agricultural land farmhouses and kill livestock the dispossessed people of all chronometer march the
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length of japan appealing for help. this fall is devoted to a resistance and. never ceases everywhere people go on the island they're confronted by this sign it tells them they must not go past this fence top with bob while these fences run like great rivers across the island and the bases themselves cuts ways across all but all around the people with this continuing demonstration this continuing resistance. and they have a message it's people of the world watch for japan in the us so during don't force the bases on. you just. look. at
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all. i came on only i mean you can we can only cost you. their temple i mean you can one only think that if you want to do it you. got to give us a sense and i do understand it it would do you really nice there's only one of you will notice such going up so well so you'll. do when you want to mess so now you and i going to show it now so that the good looking it is that we do go in with. you. in. all this will be lost when much of the baby comes concrete runways for bombers at camp schwab the huge u.s. marine base behind this fence. they
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were in 2014. like to the new governor to kishi for naca who won by a landslide don't want to show you stopping the new base at home no. this was election night outside the american base camp schwall. i still mean there's a. little i do i do that yes i was. that was. was. somebody. that way and that is not that it's nice. that you got that right there but i i did have some action tonight that would never get what they thought it was.
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i did a good. guy sa. it. was i was here he was alive was i. thank. you each celebration of the victory was bittersweet the government in tokyo resented this unprecedented challenge to its authority. the issue is now in the japanese courts. japan's prime minister shinzo abbey has also made clear that with the backing of
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his powerful patron america he wants to reawaken japanese nationalism and reclaim its military. while we were filming this ceremony outside the base on a day when people paid respect to that apartheid loved ones giant american helicopters circled above us intimidating as always by. the threat of these low flying aircraft is a constant presence in okinawa teachers often come to each because of the noise and the fear.
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this was the khan age when an american fighter crashed into a primary school after the pilot had a check to safety. kira i had 7 was terribly bund. and. so did they i know. this so that they could. my stats housing are not so not cut is going to go do the davidson and their medical needs done they can do. it and i got that this isn't the 30. and i still got a. job you need. to get elected.
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if. you get there do you understand. yeah ok. still middle or did. well. but under yeah ok yeah i mean i guess and yes. they do do it they just. could i did. ok or suffer throughout his youth and died from his injuries aged 21. thank you. another tragedy waits to happen on all kanawa u.s. military aircraft have been involved in 44 accidents on the island. the latest
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threat is this hybrid plane the osprey notorious for its safety issues. wherever the military is based in asia there is a relationship with local people especially women and that often breeds resentment . in okinawa this resentment ignited a riot in 1970 scores of american g.i.'s pulled from a cause which was set alight. for washington and its compliant ally and tokyo it's this kind of insurrection but they fear.
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during the making of this film a young woman was raped and murdered allegedly by an american military contract from one of the bases. it was the latest of thousands of cases of violence and it brought massive crowds into the streets demanding an end to the military occupation of their country. this is some mice misao designed to carry a nuclear warhead during the cold war the united states secretly installed nuclear weapons at this to launch pad in a one off. most of them aimed to china.
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ringback today the nuclear missile site is run by a buddhist organization the so-called god as a peace be seen. in one to 62 the. atomic weapon us out or on the missile almost launched. their almost alone should be according to the spokesman of this military base said they were all about to prepare them. second order to stop it. one of the american servicemen whose job was to fire them a smith. has since revealed that china was a nuclear target during the cuban missile crisis in 1962. we were told that we would had the horrors all of us but we only had one missile
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headed over to russia and we didn't see why that involved countries cat and suggested that everybody cracked the doors open. would take a less time to last a vessel if the doors were cracked open. one of the launch cruise was on the point of firing them missing when a duty officer suspected the order was false they also shot a bayside and 2 men over there $45.00 and issued a try the loss. until situation was is off and it would only take like 15 seconds to run a distance between the 2 of command centers so those 2 big that whole crew it they . while we made a decision as what to do. and it was
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a very long maybe 2 or 3 seconds later were very nervous major came over the intercom. issuing the. stand down order. then we just so. we could of. starborn a whole plan. the major who had given the moon through was quietly cold. and dismissed from the air force. that morning is just as familiar to me it is clear as yesterday morning yes this is 53 years later and have a clear blue sky was and it was just some very light clouds and there was a perfect breeze boy perfect temperature i did not know what the temperature was but it's just felt perfect and we were all just taking in then the smell of the air
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the sea and land ventured together everything smells so beautiful. this is very interesting because it sure is the cities in china part where these mice massage. us which which ones do we have here this all can align and. saw within 2000 kilometers east. you find taking lob a gene. jew k. in hong kong shanghai type of taiwan taipei and upcoming north korea. we've been dar range missile. her. her.
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this is the work of the alcohol when the sculptor can show them a new or. it's a tribute to the suffering and resistance of the people of this island. regiment biological and chemical agents are real weaponized through out history alhaji warfare 1st appeared its head when man started fighting and developed by
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nation states there could be another update that every drug. now within reach of those seeking caleb's find the most toxic substance in the world with a manmade invisible threat on al jazeera. news is happening faster than ever before from different places from different people and you need to be part of back you need to be able to reach people wherever they are and that means being across all social media platforms this is where our audience lives as well as in front of a t.v. they're on the smartphone they're on the tablet they're on their computer. and that's the way al-jazeera is a fall into a true media network. singapore is being accused of expanding its coastline with illegally dredged satins of some of the islands off the coast of indonesia and literally vanished it's
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a big business smuggling you say and when they go take the say they're in fill in the sand is our fair game you see this beautiful beach but behind it is something that's not so plentiful tragedy is that people are just not aware and ecological investigation into a global emergency sand was at this time on al-jazeera. oh i'm maryam namazie in london with a quick look at the top stories now saudi arabia is racing to restore its crude oil operations after drone strikes knocked out half of the country's oil output on saturday at 6 percent of global supplies overall all eyes are now on the impact on oil prices with markets set to open in the coming hour as iran has accused the us of deceit elf to washington blame to iran for the attack the iranian president
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hassan rouhani has now called for regional talks to resolve the crisis. or year what it's concerning is the wrong path of the americans in the region they are supporting saudi arabia and the u.a.e. instead of confessing to their role in creating instability they point the finger at other countries in the region dialogue between regional neighbors is the only solution to resolving the conflict votes are being counted in tunisia 2nd presidential election since the 2011 revolution election officials made a last minute plead for young voters to take part with a nationwide turnout at 45 percent among the $24.00 candidates vying for the job as prime minister yousuf shah had a 2nd election will be held if no candidate wins 50 percent of the vote also algeria is set to hold its presidential election on december 12th that date was just announced by the interim president abdul qadir ben sala the country has been rocked by months of protests since former president abdul aziz beautifully can
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resign in april after nearly 20 years in power a sightseeing boat has capsized in southern india killing at least 12 people 25 others is still missing after the vessel sank in the good very river in the state of under pradesh to 2 dozen people have also been rescued. aid operations have resumed in the bahamas this tropical storm and by to moved on after dumping heavy rain just 2 weeks after hurricane dorian devastated the islands and by to threaten to hamper recovery efforts but forecasters say the storm is now tracking north away from the archipelago 1300 people are still listed as missing as a result of dorian if death toll remains at 50. and tens of thousands of pro-democracy protesters have defied a police baton marched through hong kong city center hundreds of demonstrators have also targeted the government office complex there as the unrest continues and another chaotic we can't all be back the news hour in about half an hour's time see
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that. a summary tropical sun through about the usual beauty jeju island is a world heritage site. the government of south korea declared it an island of world peace. but on this island of peace has been built one of the most provocative military bases in the world less than 400 miles from shanghai. like cochran and the marshall islands this is america's frontline in its so-called
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pivot to asia. who are in one son spoiled go and join village with south korea he has built a base for american aircraft carriers nuclear submarines. and destroyers equipped with the aegis ballistic missile. china's defenses. china's lifelines to the world in oil trade. depend on shipping that comes through checkpoints like this. the u.s. pivot and the asia pacific is really intended to create the ability to put a loaded gun to the head of china and say you know you will do as we say otherwise we will be able to restrict or we'll be able to shut down choke off your importation of oil and other resources.
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that were. off. for 9 years every day often twice a day these catholic priests have staged a mass the blocks the gates of the new military base on stranger while. i. was. told her all of this. in a country where political demonstrations can be easily by and unlike powerful religions the tactic has produced the spectacle of resistance or you get merkel there are 43 or. more r r r r r r r r r. r r r r r r r not all your normal married.
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father moon jong who has led the fight to stop the base being built. and several times suffered serious injury. i. said fine thanks. hullo ito oh hello hello. i sing for every. american in the message in the command and in dolphin or sorry. to the defunct tempt of song a very few. of the writer and the composer is to me she shouted from this island that i love him very much and that he gave me that song if
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i read it. and i became a master at seeing that song because i practice everything he did for you if you share your research passion. her yellow the live. below the. what will happen. if this space becomes operational they have destroyed the environment that they stored live in a just we should be the chase off the vent oppression violence what could they do they'd like to bring depression should be hornier area right they'd like to make a trying to isolate it in this group. it being his muse government want to be in power of this word.
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meanwhile or quaker. joins them with his own ritual of protest accompanied by an artist called wild flowers. or tunes and maybe somebody a bit of a problem allen. had. school is on and. they we're much closer to the tears it's internet. how it's not. toward a bad mistake we are. taught to politically dumb time it doesn't occur to. them some of which still. turns whole or.
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be with us in the care. of the not $100.00 or. so to all the troops. this is home he. is home. he saw something bad. in there the patriot that's made us more about his. companion you want to move them away. you need it to come out of my to your question congressman i saw you i don't come near me on some other hand.
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this is the center of an empire but lever speaks its name whose power is represented in this extraordinary world map of american military bases. 4000 bases in the united states almost a 1000 bases spread across every corner. the archipelago of empire the bases that we have around the world hidden in plain sight are the the real territory of our empire but at the same time we maintain independent governments in japan or south korea or germany. they don't have autonomy when it comes to foreign policy so it's a very sophisticated and effective system. where whereby we pat ourselves on the back for helping to midwife democracy in japan and germany and south korea and
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various other places while keeping the lid on in that we don't know what these countries would do if they were fully independent and the beauty of this system is that most people pay no attention to it at all they think it's just a natural occurrence to have $50000.00 american troops and japan and there's no country that has better and i'm sure he'll credit credit then the united states and we are not trying to recreate the glories of. the british empire we're arguing that the world is round we have a global policy and. all nations have global rights no ocean has ever been dominated the way the u.s. dominates the pacific navy air force. they claim in the pearl harbor headquarters of the pacific command they claim to be responsible for 52 percent of the earth surface and when you look at their logo it shows an
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eagle over the aleutian islands with one tail on coming down somewhere near seattle on the other coming down right over beijing so beijing looks at a network of bases a real archipelago of empire that's been built up since the korean war you have had and still have an aco of of bases that start an australia you go through your house if we have no bases in australia you have you have. and you have a new facility in western australia no to speak precisely we have no military bases in australia what we do is operate with and in australian bases but we're not in the basing business nowadays
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there's a growing collection of what are referred to as lily pad bases these are bases that have typically 300 troops no family members very few amenities and they're often quite secretive their bases that are frequently constructed within a foreign country's base to disguise it and generally are not referred to as bases . many of these bases have been set up to combat china's well wide economic influence. from these bases the united states operates a secret ami you know 147 countries. if you're going to be a free country rather than a given every gangster regime in the world is going to have to take a risk because the gangsters they want to they want to eliminate good people in the world so they can. have it in china they want to dominate all of the all of the far east they want to dominate just like japan wanted to before world war 2 their goal
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was to dominate that part of the world today the because there has been no political reform in beijing these guys want to dominate a huge chunk of the planet while it's andrew campaign of it has served on america's national defense panel so he's a military strategist and will plan that you've written that strikes a naval blockade have a role to play in punishing china. you've described the need for sea mines you've described the need for special forces u.s. special forces and missile. placed in islands this sounds like a preparation for war. our 1st president george washington said if you want peace prepare for war and essentially what the united states is doing and is responding to provoke kind of behavior on the part of china and just as we did in the cold war
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the idea was to have a position of military strength such that your adversaries were not tempted to act in aggressive ways or try to employ coercion to get their way i mean just last week the u.s. navy sent a guided missile destroyer. in the spratly islands and south china sea and what was different about this i think was the chinese fighter scramble. that sounds like an escalator. well the again from an american perspective the escalation was the chinese beginning to militarize these islands in the 1st place moving its military capabilities doubt into that region engaging in provocative behavior against the commercial activities military forces of other minor countries in the region that have claim to those islands so it's
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a response to chinese intimidation rather excuse me how is comus being intimidated in the south china sea there been no military forces nobility bases there china except the united states military but not in the south china sea and not even in the philippines because the united states withdrew its forces in the philippines but united states is back in the philippines the philippines and the united states have announced 5 different locations scattered all throughout the philippines where u.s. troops will be stationed on a rotational basis this threat to china from yet more u.s. bases on its doorstep was not an issue when an arbitration tribunals ruled against china's claims to the strategic spratly islands in the south china sea in 2015 the us navy run her blockade that would cut china's lifeline of oil and trade and role materials. the danger of
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confrontation grows by the day. the u.s. navy is on the doorstep of china regardless of disputed islands and is there with low draw off ships planes battle groups it's right on the doorstep one of chinese ships what a few quid lindt was off california won't turn we ask ourselves that question regularly and it's important to put yourself in the other guy's shoes so we don't operate in the pacific in an effort to scare china to contain china to back foot china our operations and our presence in 1st of all is warmly welcomed by the vast majority of the coastal states but
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secondly is fully accepted by the chinese time after time it's excuse me is it fully accepted my impression there will by their words the chinese version is this kid. then this is what they scared off unloose of bases right around china. mama's drug war ships a provocation of law. today. i state clearly and with conviction america's commitment to seek the peace and security of a world without nuclear weapons. under obama nuclear warhead spending has risen higher than on to any president since the end of the cold. it's all magicians show because at the same time that obama is
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talking about that not only is he spending a trillion dollars to modernize u.s. nuclear forces but he's deploying these missile defense systems to encircle russia and china which makes it impossible to get rid of nuclear weapons and that climate everybody wants to look like they're tough say i'm going to be tough i'm going to show you you know i'm not afraid of doing anything military i'm not afraid to threatening i'm you know i'm a hairy chested gorilla and you know and you don't want to look like you're weak so what you do is you talk more and more aggressively and you let and if you don't want to do it yourself. because you maybe think it doesn't look very presidential you let somebody under you do the talking and we have gotten into a state the united states has gotten into a situation where there's a lot of military. you know saber rattling and it's really being orchestrated
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from the top you know this seems incredibly dangerous all of this it's an understatement but i grew up. when you routinely plan for mass murder you become conditioned to it that's what this is where you accept that oh yeah we have nuclear weapons the defense secretary has just announced that there will be warships and special forces in planes sent to the philippines in the wall street journal is described this is the viking god of a major u.s. presence in southeast asia and sounds like what is and. what is that what's the purpose i mean where are we going to stop this process before it starts a war. and then if the war starts where does that end.
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the scientific studies that they teach by the scientists that predicts that the earth can be made essentially uninhabitable from nuclear war the scientists have been begging the bomb and straight while they were inside begging but they've made multiple requests to meet with them discuss these predictions because they're peer reviewed studies and they've been turned down over and over again they've been peripherally told that well we don't think the long term environmental consequences
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or nuclear war are all that important if the immediate effects of nuclear are don't stop it but the long term environmental consequences of nuclear are liable to wipe out the human race in one exchange uclear exchange between the u.s. and china. what could be the consequences. well let me just give you an example of what one chinese for 5 megaton warhead would do to a city in the united states for got through. the detonation of that weapon over a city would instantly ignite about 6 or 700 square miles on fire. and within 20 to 30 minutes all those fires would colas into a single gigantic firestorm would be no escape from it so all the people there would perish so the u.s. with say hundreds of nuclear weapons on chinese cities well when you combine all the smoke from these nuclear weapons detonating it actually creates millions of tons of black carbon spoke all rise above club level into the stratosphere it's
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heated by the sun and sex like a solar collector and that's smoke because of that will say there for 10 years or longer and what the smoke does is to block swarming sunlight from reaching the surface of the earth and it becomes so cold in a matter of just a couple weeks that will the temperatures will fall below freezing every day for one to 3 years. and it will become too cold to grow food crops for at least 10 years or longer. i mean this is like a total disconnect with the changing world you have a giant rising power in this case china. why would you expect the giant pricing power to not want to have more control over its destiny what we should be doing in my view is trying to cultivate a sense of friendship and cooperation and we can have our differences with them if
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we think they're doing something in trade that we don't like let's have it out with them but this saber rattling is the worst thing we can possibly do was the audi's time to show you the whole world that america is back bigger and better ads sure that matter before our laws we don't have victories anymore we used to have victorious but we don't have them when was the last time anybody saw us speeding let's say china. in a trade deal they kill us we can't continue to allow china to rape our country and that's what they're doing it's thick greatest theft in the history of the world was the new president donald trump
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has a problem with china you can question now is was will trump continue with the provocations revealed in this film and take his whole to the. wall was. there never have been 2 can trace more into dependent on each other than china and the us in history. and china is the largest trading nation in the world and in history so china's economy and their size their lives are linked to the entire world including america and the west and i love the other countries so i think interdependence between these 2 countries and among all the nations of the world. speak to peace.
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we don't have to accept the word of who can drop threats and false and amaze the justified the business and profit of war if we recognize there is another superpower and that's us ordinary people everywhere like the people of all. the marshall islands china the united states by speaking out they deliver a warning to all of us can we really afford to be silent.
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to strengthen the group you have to shoulder good all the more with your comps to fight against corruption. is for a new chiro heroes like new who are about to be refused a $15000000.00 brian the achievement of heroes like him to showcase by the international ace award it shines a light on these heroes because a best way to fight a darker use to shine a light let's make a rule to a bit of bleach nominate your anti corruption nero now.
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we've got some welcome rain in the fall costs for southeastern parts of australia over the next couple of days a little area cloud rattling its way through the by teasing over towards victoria southern parts of new south wales are going to see quite a drop in temperatures as a result of that rattle 8 and from melbourne down 14 south as you can see the rain starting to push its way through a little further north sydney 27 degrees on monday afternoon atomic come to choose days thought back to around 13 celsius so well below the average which should be about 2122 at this time if you but we need the right that will help with the push fossett shueisha nice on the right into queensland townsville 25 celsius nice a very radical western parts australia's what the only way it is in perth around 18 degrees celsius in the sunshine for abouts of sunshine making its way towards new
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zealand at the moment we've had some disturbed weather race. les and that legacy is shallow is that in the process of pulling away prize cars coming back in a war one left across jets on monday at about 18 celsius the weather will sweep his way through cliffs for bots cause come back a bit temperatures not high than around 40 degrees celsius may well we'll see some wet weather into the eastern parts of japan recently as in the process of clearing away the cheese day. then say to really know someone you must walk a mile in their shoes. follow in their footsteps as they fall into their way in the was. down jazeera shares these personal journeys. inspiring stories of people persevering on their chosen path. and weakness
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documentaries. israeli elections take 2 voters go back to the polls 1st 2nd the time in the less than 6 months will benjamin netanyahu come on to our one riddled with criminal investigations. israel's political future in the balance on al-jazeera. 0. 0 i maryam namazie this is the news hour live from london coming up in the next 60 minutes saudi arabia races to restore oil production after drone attacks knock out more than hoff of its output threatening to send shock waves through global markets
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. the country that witnessed the birth of the arab spring holds presidential elections but less than hoffa voters show up to the ballot box. and thousands of people return to salvage what they can from their destroyed homes weeks after hurricane dorian ripped through the bahamas. stems in doha with over the sports stadium or the ball screwball wheelchair indians they defeated all due to you know to the world cup for the 2nd time in the it's. a welcome to the program our top story saudi arabia is racing to restore its oil production off to drone attacks targeted the heart of its energy industry more than half of the kingdom's oil output was knocked out by saturday strikes that amounts to roughly 6 percent of global production yemen's who's the rebel said they carried
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out the assault but the u.s. was quick to point a finger at iran the iranian government denies any responsibility cues in the united states of deceit all eyes now are on the impact this could have on oil prices when the markets open up in the coming hours. as our report. the rebels in yemen say they flew on drones across the border far into saudi arabia to attack 2 major oil facilities if confirmed it's the most ambitious and devastating operation following dozens of smaller scale strikes in the kingdom in recent months and. the mode would be exploited vulnerabilities in the saudi defense system and we built our drones in order to avoid these systems therefore the saudi and m. iraqi airspace became open to us after their defense systems fail to even spot the drones. the us secretary of state blames iran for saturday's attacks might pump a says there's no evidence they were launched from yemen although he hasn't explained
5:51 am
how iran is to blame or where the drones took off from iran is dismissing pompei as accusation as meaningless foreign minister zarif tweeted having failed at maximum pressure secretary pompei is turning to maximum deceit u.s. and its clients are stuck in yemen because of the illusion that weapon superiority will lead to military victory blaming iran won't end disaster. the state owned oil company saudi aramco says the fires started by the attacks knocked out more than half its entire daily output close to $6000000.00 barrels of oil the saudi energy minister says stockpiles of oil will be used to offset the loss of production but oil markets haven't seen a shutdown on this scale since iraqi troops invaded kuwait to start the 1st gulf war in 1990 and it's not clear how long repairs will take analysts say saudi arabia's oil infrastructure remains vulnerable to more attacks which the who thiis
5:52 am
are threatening now as targets because there are so many of them and in terms of pipelines this side difficult to defend it's very difficult for the saudis to guarantee their own security i have all of those infrastructure targets at certain certainly a strategic vulnerability for them. the attacks may undermine investor confidence in a ram co's anticipated stock market day the saudi government hopes it will raise up to $100000000000.00 based on a 2 trillion dollar valuation of the company i don't think it will affect the i.p.o. of course the global supply of 10 percent of the global supply come from an article on what's called the global economy and the global source of energy so the world won't accept this street. with no saying so that if you want a lot of the attacks could drive up prices the impact will depend on how quickly the saudis can restore full production victoria gate and be there.
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iranian president hassan rouhani has been reacting and he called for regional talks to attempt to resolve the crisis. what is concerning is the wrong path of the americans in the region they are supporting saudi arabia and the u.a.e. instead of confessing to their role in creating instability they point the finger at other countries in the region dialogue between regional neighbors is the only solution to resolving the conflict. bari has more on the story now from the iranian capital tehran. iranian president hassan rouhani commented on the latest accusations made by the us government that iran was involved in the attacks in saudi arabia has on iran he said that the united states instead of pointing the finger at other countries needs to take a look at its own role in creating this instability in this region ronnie said that the united states is supplying arms to saudi arabia and the emirates he led
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coalition that is waging this war in yemen he urged all parties that the way to resolve this conflict and have some kind of stability in this region is through through dialogue there were said over and over again that they're willing to mediate between all the parties involved to bring some kind of an end to this conflict iranian president hassan rouhani is also said in the past that these kinds of accusations only further ties between tehran and washington do not help to create any kind of dialogue between the 2 countries that is something the u.s. president donald trump has said he's interested in having a meeting with the iranian president at the united nations later this month but given the current climate and the accusations that have been coming at the rate in officials it is very unlikely that president hassan rouhani will be open to that kind of meeting until these sanctions are lifted on iran and that these kinds of behavior that iran says has been waged them is changed for the time being. well the
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u.s. president's special counsel kellyanne conway as a gesture of the country may use some of its strategic oil reserves to manage demand this time kristen salumi has more on that now from washington. the united states continues to put the blame for this attack squarely on the shoulders of iran with secretary of state mike pompei o calling it an unprecedented attack on the global oil supply the united states sees this as a provocation and its ongoing standoff with iran over its nuclear program and other issues is wow on sunday white house advisor kellyanne conway suggested the united states would open its strategic oil reserves to offset any impact on oil prices that might result from this attack but there is concern about the impact on the global economy the united states had been waging what it calls a maximum pressure campaign on the iranians an attempt to bring iran to the negotiating table in recent months president trump has backed away from talk of
5:56 am
military action against iran and said favoring this maximum pressure approach holding out the prospect of a face to face meeting with iranian president hassan rouhani at the u.n. general assembly later this month kellyanne conway said that that is still a possibility but she wouldn't rule out the possibility of a military response either. the rebels have promised to target saudi arabia as long as the kingdom continues its military campaign in yemen according to the united nations the war in yemen has led to the world's worst humanitarian crisis with a 91000 people have been killed since the conflict began in 2015 that includes 11700 civilians who were directly targeted the saudi led coalition and its allies a thought to be responsible for more than 8000 of those deaths another 3000000 civilians have been displaced by the fighting and the country's on the brink of
5:57 am
famine with 24000000 people dependent on international food aid. well morning middle east analyst bill lloyd joins me in the studio now so these drone attacks have been launched against a critical part of saudi arabia's oil infrastructure it's clearly affected production and it comes ahead of a crucial initial public offering on the state oil company around. what might be going through the minds of saudi leadership right now well i think they've got to be very very concerned because what this attack does is it lays bare the absolute vulnerability of the saudis to attacks from the ruthie's the drone attacks this was a sophisticated attack it was i believe 10 to drones involved it was curdled very precisely it target of what is the nerve center of saudi aramco and is
5:58 am
a hugely damaging impact on the facility but more broadly on the saudis ability to defend their essential infrastructure and i think that's very damaging particularly as you say because the saudis are trying to float once again the i.p.o. of over and go so is this a turning point does this change the calculus in some way the fact that there is this capability to reach so deeply into the kingdom in this way well it's an interesting question i think the saudis are really caught in a cleft here because after all the americas my pompei was announce that iran is responsible whereas evidence well it's not bothering to show the evidence the who this saying oh we're responsible now the saudis have been attacked in a critical critical place right at the heart you would think they would need to make a maximum response but who do they respond to that the iranians know that's not going to happen if they hit the who these heard they face once again the allegations not just allegations the fact that they have been killing thousands of civilians and of
5:59 am
course their national standing is very seriously damaged because of the m. and a war so why do you suppose then the hasn't. been a swish sound he responds just yet well i think they don't know what to do i think what we're seeing is the saudis are in a state of panic basically they should have anticipated they should have been prepared for this kind of attack clearly they weren't it's happened they've said they're going to get production back on very very quickly another scaling that promised down i think they're almost running around trying to figure out oh my god what do we do how do we handle this and of course my pompei you waiting in as he did in pointing the finger at iran as it was the americans were quick to point a finger of blame at iran that the government in tehran has denied playing any role in these attacks can we be sure all precisely where these drones originated from when we can't the fact the matter is that the iranians are going to say no we had nothing to do it who they are going to claim credit for it plays into their game
6:00 am
plan which is to force the saudis really to get out of that war in yemen and they've threatened and they're carrying out on their threats and they have shown that they're capable of doing it but to say definitively who's responsible were to come from i don't think we can i suppose the most important thing here is the fact that you have a horrific humanitarian crisis playing out in yemen at the moment these attacks come just just days before the u.n. general assembly is set to get under way maybe this will focus minds but is yemen going to get the attention it deserves at a meeting like that well it should this war now more than 4 years on the impact on the in many people is appalling the war should have stopped a long time ago the difficulty of the saudis is they still do not have an exit strategy they are audi's have already started drawdown their troops they're getting out the solders they're stuck in the.


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