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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 17, 2019 5:00am-6:01am +03

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that's designed as well ali really explores how designers are be depleting our behavior in the final episode all hail the algorithm just 0. 0. caliber i'm the star and this is the news outlet live from coming up in the next 60 minutes were there for those who definitively did it 1st it was donald trump believes iran was probably responsible for attacks on saudi oil plants but says the u.s. will respond only when it has conclusive proof. and the global oil prices soar reports suggest it could take months for saudi oil production to return to normal. benjamin netanyahu faces his toughest political challenge in years as israelis prepared to
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vote in a 2nd general election in less than 6 months. and general motors strike close to $50000.00 employees stop work at america's biggest carmaker. now u.s. president says it's looking like that iran was behind saturday's attacks that crippled more than haul off of saudi arabia's oil production but he says he doesn't want a war and will wait to see definitive proof of tehran involvement before deciding how to respond now america's close ally the u.k. says it will work with international partners to prepare quote the widest and most effective response saudi arabia has reiterated the attacks were carried out using iranian weapons but tehran maintains it's not responsible yemen's through the rebels say they were behind the attacks and it warns that more strikes are coming
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well gabler's on day begins our coverage from washington d.c. . president donald trump says the u.s. is still collecting and analyzing intelligence related to saturday's attack on saudi oil facilities but says all evidence gathered dust far points to one country when asked if that country was iran this was the president's response which looking that way will have some pretty good. we have a some very strong studies done but it's certainly looking that way at this moment and. will let you know the spectrum said he does not want war with iran but said his administration would coordinate closely with riyadh and in response to the saudis want very much for us to protect them but i say well we have to work there was an attack on saudi arabia and there was an attack on us but we would certainly help them but despite the alliance between washington and riyadh there are doubts about how much clout saudi arabia has to force the u.s.
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into military action this has been very thirsty the past few months. on many issues so the trouble mistress and the u.s. has looked willing to basically fight a war we have the sultan's the hooty rebels in yemen backed by iran claimed responsibility for the attacks on monday iran's president hassan rouhani flatly rejected the u.s. ascertain tehran was involved saying the who these were behind it and for legitimate reasons. the many people are exercising their legitimate right of self-defense the attacks are reciprocal and the main solution is to halt these attacks the solution for the yemeni crisis is also political we believe that. president trump said it was a large attack against saudi arabia but could be met with an attack many times larger this is threatening language trump has used in the past against syria north
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korea and even iran without following through with significant military action but clearly tensions are escalating trump said secretary of state mike pompei o. and other administration officials would be traveling to riyadh soon to coordinate a response. al-jazeera washington. correspondent has the view from tehran. latest reaction to this event sort of unfolded is that the iranian foreign ministry spokesperson outpost mousavi has reiterated the country's position and that is that these accusations are baseless and it's not the 1st time that iran has received such accusations from the u.s. government the foreign ministry spokesperson up us mousavi said that the yemeni people have the right to the found themselves in the news or not supplying weapons to the who see fighters there but that it is saudi arabia who is the aggressor and iran will continue to push for some kind of a peaceful resolution in yemen they've offered in the past to negotiate dialogue
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between all the parties involved they've stressed that the situation is yemen is critical to the stability of this region but when it comes to the blame that they are being accused of launching these attacks the iranians say that they have had nothing to do with it and that the accusations are baseless they have yet to the american government has yet to provide any kind of solid evidence or proof that iran was behind such an attack the analysts that we've spoken to here say that these latest accusations from the u.s. come at a time when the u.s. president donald trump is eager to have a meeting with iran's president hassan rouhani at the united nations later this month when the 2 will be there but the reins of said that that will never happen until the united states lifts the sanctions that it's imposed on iran since they withdrew from the nuclear deal well iraq says the u.s. thinks it's confident the attacks didn't come from its territory and u.s. secretary of state mike pompei a cold prime minister. on the sunday morning shows stratford has more from baghdad
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. the iraqi prime minister's office has released a statement regarding details of a phone conversation that was had between the u.s. secretary of state mike pompei oh and the prime minister here saying that the u.s. secretary of state confirmed information that the iraqi government have that iraqi territory was not used to launch these attacks the statement went on to say that iraq sort itself as having a vital role in trying to diffuse this crisis it's fair to say though that this tension has escalated in recent months between the u.s. and iran a lot of attention has been paid towards certain very powerful armed groups in this country that are backed by iran that support iran here the so-called popular mobilization forces that were set up in 2014 to fight i saw were integrated into the iraqi security forces in 2016 and there's been as i say
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a lot of questions as to how they would respond to any kind of potential military escalation by the u.s. against iran or iranian interests now there has been no official statement by the popular mobilisation forces in relation to this current crisis the iraqi government is very keen to stress that iraq is very much doing all it can to diffuse this crisis but of course this major u.s. ally iraq its biggest regional ally is iran iran has a huge role here politically economically and militarily and as this crisis goes forward and seems to escalate it just highlights just how difficult the situation is for the iraqi government. well exactly how long it will take to fix damage the world's largest processing plant is yet to be revealed but the reuters news agency is reporting that it could take months for saudi oil production to return to normal and already riyadh's been forced to shut down one pipeline to bahrain the
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uncertainty has caused a surge in the price of oil spiking by 19 percent the biggest single day increase on record when monday trading began and it's still trading over 12 percent higher than its price before the attacks happened and all this could dampen investor confidence in saudi aramco his upcoming public listing which the kingdom hoped would generate up to 100000000000 dollars and there are now reports that the saudi authorities are considering delaying that i.p.o. well for more on this let's speak to bob cavanaugh who joins us now live from houston texas he's an oil and gas industry expert mr cavanaugh you've been involved in this industry for more than 30 years did you ever think that something like this was possible or you always worry about something catastrophic happening to the middle east oil supply you never contemplated just a few drones being able to knock off odd 1000000 barrels of production which is
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about half of saudi arabia is that does it just exposes the industry or shows how it's exposed to risk like terrorist attacks that we saw on saturday absolutely well let's take a look at some of those satellite pictures of the damage from those attacks i'd like you to talk us through what you see there and just how long you think it might take to get operations they're back online. you know the interesting thing that i saw today in the satellite photographs that were that were disclosed was the perception of the attacks the vessels that were hit were hit precisely in the same place in a line these are in the quad truck quad copter drones that someone bought from amazon these are precision military weapons that were used to hit these facilities and they were hit in the precise area that would knock off about 50 percent of their production so it's surprising that the attack by drones that were undetected
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could do this kind of damage but i'm very concerned about how long it's going to take to get the production back on aramco announced today that it could be they went for weeks talking about possibly months before the production was brought back on saudi has a strategic reserve you do us has a strategic reserve but if this goes on for more than 3 or 4 weeks i could see a sustained level of a higher oil prices for quite some time until norm the production in saudi arabia is normalized well let me ask you a little more about that because we've been seeing so much market volatility and given the reserves that would that you've just mentioned and coupled with the opec decision to cut oil production recently how does all of that come together is there a concern that there may be ongoing volatility for coming months. i think absolutely the thing about crude demand is it's relatively inelastic which means it doesn't move a whole lot there is some fuel switching between crude and natural gas when put in
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some and when users can do that but when you've got such inelastic demand as you have in the world crude consumption which is about 90 to 95000000 barrels a day when you knock 5000000 barrels a day off suddenly this way this this causes an elevation in price because of the end of inelasticity of the demand it causes quite a bit of volatility as different markets compete for that crude because it's the that last barrel of oil is worth so much more for. industries and countries who need it to supply their energy needs mr cavanaugh bob kavanagh that an oil and gas industry expert speaking to us from houston in texas thank you for joining us on out of there great to be with you thank you well the attacks have often been discussed at the united nations where the u.n. envoy for yemen is giving a shadow of briefing and out to fanatic at editor james bays reports. normally this
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monthly meeting deals with the grim reality of life inside yemen but it was overtaken by events on the other side of the saudi border one thing we can be certain and that is this extremely serious incident like the tribal sins of a region or conflict that much higher and more that much. with yemen in some way or other linked none of that. is good for you. and this is pretty terrifying in just her 2nd appearance in the security council the new u.s. ambassador made it clear washington believes these didn't stage this attack on their own claims of responsibility have been made but as secretary of state mike comp aoe has clearly stated there is no evidence that the attacks came from yemen. emerging information indicates that responsibility lies with iran although the u.s.
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is still party to the nuclear deal with iran did not apportion blame at the moment we're still assessing what happened and who is responsible for the attorney says once this is been step least we will discuss with our partners how to proceed in a responsible manner we hope the united international response to these all from the turks in recent days there have been talk when world leaders gather here for the un general assembly next week of a meeting between president trump and president rouhani now the specter of war things could go either way expect a week of fast moving developments and roller coaster diplomacy jamesburg 0 at the united nations home there's plenty more ahead for you this news hour including hoping to find a solution to syria's war leaders of turkey russia and iran the nation and korea in search of a political settlement. the reality reception forces boris
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johnson to flee a news conference leaving luxemburg leader to deliver a few home truths. and a fever backed investigation delivers bad news for a pirate television station he said will have those details and scores. in about 2 hours from now the polls will open in israel 2nd general election in just over 5 months prime minister benjamin netanyahu is trying to rally right voters after failing to win over george a majority and april he says he will an x. all settlements in the occupied west bank but as harry for supports those pledges may not be enough to get an outright majority. benjamin netanyahu had rarely if ever looked publicly angrier than he did on the 30th of may
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this year defeated in his effort to form a coalition government he rented anyone else from being given that chance by forcing through an unprecedented election rewrote it's unbelievable other door lieberman is now part of the left the sense of betrayal was at his former political fixer former foreign and defense minister ally and enemy for more than 20 years avigdor lieberman lieberman's professed reason for keeping his secular rightwing party out of government with his opposition to ultra orthodox jews being exempted from military service something that in yahoo's ultra orthodox political partners would not concede. nurit kadar spent 5 years following lieberman for a documentary released this week finding him a highly guarded interviewee but he says it was clear that whatever the ideological differences between him and netanyahu that divorce was deeply personal the only thing the only sentence. he said that friendship is something it's for life. you know it is some foundation that it
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really go through all life. and it was broken and it was shattered and you know what human hasn't explicitly ruled out joining a netanyahu led government this time around but his policy demands make it unlikely at best and with his secular stance boosting his position in the polls his status as kingmaker has been strengthened. the last week talking in terms familiar from previous campaigns of threats and promises the threat of iran's nuclear program the threat requiring police of polling stations of palestinian israeli voter fraud the promise to annex the jordan valley and parts of the occupied city of hebron all of it designed to motivate his right wing base. but netanyahu reelection offers a better chance to fight off 3 looming corruption cases the parliament will knesset could even vote to grant him immunity but the polls suggest there could be a similar outcome to last time with netanyahu is likud party running almost even
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with the opposition blue and white led by former army chief benny gantz as a good chance neither will have enough support from smaller parties to piece together a majority coalition some predict months more uncertainty while each side tries and fails to form a government increasing the pressure on netanyahu is an indictment is expected to happen in the 1st half of the summer that would be during the 2nd period of 6 weeks in which a candidate would be given a chance to form a government and if that indictment happens then the leak could well then realize ok we don't like overthrowing leaders but now we have no choice israel 2nd election in 5 months is unlikely to be the finish line in the contest to govern the country rather the starting gun for the next round in a fight hurry for said al-jazeera west jerusalem. it's have been counted in china's is presidential election and it looks like too political outside is in the lead the official result isn't expected until cheers day but it seems like
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a close race between you know professor and jailed media mogul. the winning candidate will need more than 50 percent of the voters from china's here stephanie decker with more on the candidates who are in the lead so who are these 2 men will criseyde is a constitutional law professor he was unknown really here in tunisia until after the 2011 revolution when he started coming on television shows breaking down the legalities of the constitution because of course there was a new constitution drafted here in 2014 he speaks classical arabic many people here are jokingly calling him a robot because he is so specific and so citing the law when he speaks i spoke to one man who voted for him this morning also king why he said because he's a clean man he's an honest man and he loves his country and we voted for the all the others and look where it got us now the other top runner and of your family he is behind bars he's facing charges of money laundering and tax evasion he's someone
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who is far more involved in the political establishment here a founding member of the main to his party split with that recently is a media mogul he's used to television channels to show him and his chargeable work really focusing on the poor but his future is uncertain when it comes to the legalities of how he goes forward even yesterday the electoral commission saying that if a court rules him not to be allowed to go to this runoff in the 3rd counted it will go ahead so everything is still up in the air here but certainly the message from the people is this they have moved away from the traditional political parties here going for 2 men who have really run on the agenda of independence of new change whether they'll be able to deliver that we're going to have to wait and see. turkish president. says there's been progress towards a political solution to the war in syria now he's been hosting his russian and iranian counterparts in ankara for talks focusing on that that's the last rebel
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held province home to many people who have been displaced from other former opposition areas and it's under attack from syrian government forces and russian warplanes. we have refugees amassed on our borders and we can sit and watch this such a dangerous development will affect not only our country but also europe we need to continue our responsibilities and we have decided there is a need to establish safe areas support our troops. our correspondent. reports from that summit and cora. a real emphasis on the policies pursued by turkey iran and russia underlined by the opening statements of the respective presidents in this 5th round of trilateral summit that's trying to find some sort of a solution to the almost 9 years now war long war in syria the turkish president focusing on his country's main new truth namely that of the syrian
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refugees almost 3000000 votes have been living in turkey now for several years on the need to establish a buffer zone or a safe zone on the syrian side of the border up until the east of the your phrases river inside syria if we could maybe divide the issues that are being discussed here in this summit into 3 categories short term medium term and long term short term the most immediate issue that the 3 leaders are talking about is the issue of it live the last remaining stand for armed opposition groups opposition groups to the regime of bashar assad turkey wants to ensure that there is a total halt to russian and syrian air strikes on attacks on this issue not only to ensure the safety of the people there now and that they don't leave and to try to keep but also to establish that saves on that i mentioned so that syrians in turkey can actually start moving back and that brings us to the last point which is the longer term issues and that is what will happen post conflict how will syria be
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governed and here in the summits we understand that there will be a discussion about the formation of a constitutional committee to draft the document starts with help post war syria be governed but it is difficult to see how an agreement would be reached considering how much blood has been spilt in this war well earlier we spoke to joshua landis he is the director of the center for middle east studies at the university of oklahoma and he says it's unlikely that syrian president bashar assad will bring about any meaningful political change to end the war. there is not a lot of progress but in the 3 have to get together and constantly manage the situation which is quite explosive because there is an offensive led by the syrian government in invalid province which could drive hundreds of thousands if not millions of refugees into turkey turkey is also at daggers drawn with the united states over the question of currencies in in eastern your freddy's region and so all of those different interests have to be managed and each side wants to use this
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conference as a way to underline its interests its needs and to tell america in a sense that they need to leave the area it's quite clear that that bashar al assad is not having much of this he's not going to change the constitution in any substantial way he believes he's won the war russia does to just you know the day the russians were saying the war is essentially over we just have to worry about these 2 different pockets that one had left the one where the kurds are and in the east of the euphrates and so it's hard to see that this constitutional process has really got legs but they all like to talk about it. well britain's prime minister has been burned by crowds after holding back the talks in luxemburg that frosty reception forcing boris johnson to abandon a joint news conference with the luxembourg leader at ash about that has more.
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the it was an extraordinary into an unusual day british prime minister boris johnson blocked out of the prime minister of luxembourg's offices just minutes before the 2 leaders would do to hold a press conference. a crowd of anti briggs it protesters chanted in buda as he went left alone at the podium exactly a battle was physically frustrated it made johnson to discuss breaks it but said the british leader had offered nothing to convince him and other e.u. leaders to reopen the withdrawal agreement for me and i just have to go on with strong agreement on the table and it's torn from the last 2 there are no changes there are no concrete proposals for the moment on the table and i won't even agreement to ideas. we need written proposals and the time is ticking so she stop speaking but act johnson said it left because of a noisy protest he disagreed with
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a battle that no progress had been made on briggs it i think we've got just the right amount of time to do it you know and simply to take that as i never tire of tell you if we cool dude you know the obvious we won't worry about it because then we'll make sure that we come out on the 31st of october do you before his talks with exactly a battle boris johnson had met the head of the european commission trunk road your car for a working lunch but it seems that that meeting didn't go very well either after the 2 hour lunch in a restaurant the european commission released. a statement that said the british leader had failed to offer any new alternatives to the irish backstop part of the withdrawal agreement the jobs want scrapped outside the restaurant pro e.u. demonstrators had gathered many of us lived here for many years but we are still deeply concerned by what is currently happening here and what potential in me
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a new deal exit from the e.u. will mean for the country ranks it is a disaster it will be a disaster for great britain and it's also not the joy that i tell you as a whole the 2 sides did agree to continue and intensify talks because said that europe never loses patience but the day's events suggest that the use good will be running out. al-jazeera luxembourg. still ahead on al jazeera volunteers coming together to help survivors of hurricane dorian in the bahamas. how dams in india threatening villages and displacing hundreds of families. and italian police arrest juventus allegations came in they trying to blackmail the cloud that's coming up with peace and of course.
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hello again welcome back to your international weather forecast what we are seeing some clouds developing here across much of southern china that's going to be quite heavy as we go towards the middle of the week and you can see a few thunderstorms are popping up on our satellite image but as you can see as we go towards tuesday a lot of heavy rain across much of the area it is really going to be expanding by the time we get to wednesday though a lot of southwestern china is going to be seeing some very heavy rain up to the north that will haunt it it's going to be a lot better than it was at the end of last week we were talking into the mid thirty's few there 26 degrees is your expected high shanghai a 29 and for food at about 32 degrees there well here across the philippines the rain is going to be quite heavy of the next few days in magine ixia anywhere between $200.00 to possibly $300.00 millimeters of rain across that area so flooding is going to be a big risk as we go towards midweek and as you can see manila you can be in the
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rain as we go towards wednesday as well really not seeing too much of the sun tempter for you at $27.00 and that rain extends all the way over here towards vietnam with a temperature of $29.00 degrees and for india expect to see more rain particular up here towards the northeast but down towards the south we have been seeing some and hand showers as well new delhi though things are looking quite nice few temperatures are coming up more sun in the forecast 35 degrees in for crushing 35 as well. weather sponsored by cattle railways. peace between ethiopia and eritrea has meant to park areas future for the iraqi people you know some of it that's what we have to create farmland for our souls for arabs it's a matter of survival. a move a train shows us how the iraq coping with life on the edge of the buddha. my ethiopia on al-jazeera. in.
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singapore is being accused of expanding its coast illegally dredged some of the islands off the coast of indonesia literally it's a big business. when they will take. the stand is there you see this beautiful beach but behind it is something that's not so plentiful tragedy is that people are just now with an ecological investigation into a global emergency. at this time on al jazeera. hello again i am the star minder about top stories this hour u.s. president donald trump says it's looking like iran was behind saturday's attacks
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that crippled more than half of saudi arabia's oil production but tehran maintains it's not responsible and the rebels say they were behind the attacks. polls will open in under 2 hours in israel's 2nd general election in just over 5 months prime minister benjamin netanyahu is trying to rally right after failing to win a majority in april he says he'll add all settlements in the occupied west bank. and turkish president russia type out on that says there's been progress towards a political solution to the war in syria he's been hosting his a russian and a rainy and counterparts in ankara for talks focusing on is it. now about 50000 general motors workers in the united states will continue their strike for a 2nd day negotiations between the union and the car make a failed to reach a new contract deal the strike does appear to be hurting general motors with stock
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with stocks falling. by about 4 percent has a kind of hand has more from the company's headquarters in detroit. than in the shadow of the iconic headquarters of general motors their workers now off the job and really in the public. passing by with peeps of support daniel rider should be making engines but he's here and he's angry i'm also angry about the profits that they said. continue to ask us to give give give the giant automakers asking employees to pay more for their health insurance but the union says there are bigger issues they want more money fewer temporary workers and a slowdown in downsizing g.m. has plans to close 5 plants in north america this one is closing in january taking with it chaz acres job installing headlights. every car keeps coming down the one we have a certain allotted time for each and every call or there is no stopping there's no saying down we stand up and move 8 plus hours
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a day the closures have angered president donald trump and he's been rallying against him on twitter and in the white house that continued on monday we don't want general motors building plants outside of this country and we're very strong on that he hasn't been able to stop them but these workers are betting that this strike can the negotiations are ongoing at this hotel behind me in the background of all of these talks those going to be what happened at the beginning of the great recession general motors was going bankrupt so federal taxpayers gave the company $33000000000.00 since then they've been making tens of billions of dollars in profits we sacrificed a lot for the bailout and now they're getting the profits and they're not giving us any of the province g.m. says they've made a strong and good faith offer but some here say it's not even close to enough. thing in the last anywhere from a couple weeks to a couple months because they're so far apart that will cost g.m.
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billions it will cost him thousands and if it goes on long enough it could potentially cost the broader u.s. economy as well political gain al-jazeera detroit michigan. and and from small professions have joined protests against proposed pension reforms doctors and lawyers and nurses pilots and cabin crew white house and force in paris president emanuel macron is trying to streamline 42 different state pension systems several unions planned to hold more protests and later this month our correspondent has been speaking to protest as in paris about just why they're concerned with the pension system i have a whole. since the 1990 s. there have been several attempts to completely overhaul france's pension system i'm president and manuel my call believes he is the person to do that however on monday lawyers medical professionals and professionals from the industry gathered in
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central powers to push back against those proposed reforms because they say it will leave them out of pocket. when we can be reset yet it's still game getting low in the us so we pay more for liz is not for us we are not we're not. fighting for her so we are fighting for the system that works a justice in france we paid huge sums to to for the. retirement we don't want it taken by the government now one of the main moderates unions has said that it agrees to these plans pension reforms but as there are currently 42 systems in place mr macro wants to see it consolidated into one system where it would be based on individual contributions the union saying however that it is in effect penalizes against people who have wage increases because of promotions experience but however
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the unions have failed to mobilize any big movements all general strikes and mr mccollum is currently receiving a little bit of a boost in the approval ratings board who look to avoid trying to consolidate on that and avoid is what's been happening all year which is a number tying in with other issues such as the fuel tax hike going to hike in fuel prices and avoid mass disruptions as we saw in the past year with the yellow vest movement and another industrial action a teachers strike in jordan is forcing more than a 1000000 students to stay at home the teachers and public schools want their pay raised by 50 percent but the government says it. does it have the money and is edging an end to what it calls an illegal walkout and or chapell reports from the capital. it's the start of the day at this primary school in amman and like other public schools in jordan the teachers are present but the students are not. instead of holding lessons teachers are passing time by repairing what they can desks
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windows and other parts of the building that show years of wear and a lack of investment they too feel neglected and are refusing to do their job until they get a pay rise. with the school year to begin we've got a very optimistic event to what was supposed to be a peaceful protest to express our needs but then the government suddenly escalate to this situation and i thought das. and thousands of other teachers were met by riot police. these pictures went viral on social media appearing to show them being tear gassed and beaten more than 50 were detained outraged by their treatment the jordan teacher syndicate and its 80000 members announced an open ended strike which is now in its 2nd week. they say $560.00 a month used to be a decent average salary years ago but inflation higher taxes and a rising cost of living has taken its toll more and more public school teachers are
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becoming drivers waiters and taking other jobs in the evenings just to keep afloat even though it's against the law to do so. the teachers want to strike 5 years ago for the same reason then they decided to suspend the strike according to a verbal agreement that they would be paid. a no off to 5 years of norming the problem the teachers have again decided to strike mom has doing her 9th grade homework even though she has no where to submit it her mother makes sure she doesn't fall behind. and in the senate of the senate the home i'm definitely supporting the teaches and they have rights to get their demands and the government should respond to what they're asking for in my opinion i don't think they're asking for too much on the contrary the increase they're asking for doesn't even cover living expenses these days those opposed to the strike worry their children will get behind in their studies the government says it can't afford to meet the teacher's demands and wants them to return to the classrooms talks between
5:38 am
government leaders and the teachers association are stalled for the time being so students will remain absent from class across the country it appears that the teachers have the public on their side for now at least the grievances over low pay and the rising cost of living are resonating with other jordanians who are also struggling to make ends meet and are schapelle al-jazeera among. india's top court has ordered the government to ensure normal life is restored as soon as possible and indian administered kashmir and remains under lockdown 6 weeks after the government revoked cast me as autonomy and iran contra ports. at 1st glance it looks like a smeary photojournalist. who is going about to daily business of getting the news but because of the indian government's clampdown on freedom of expression in indian administered kashmir she's unsure whether her pitches will ever be published it is for the 1st time witnessing this down i know late.
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first day like the are not able to see you on the other day we do delhi would you know report or story on a particular dime or do justice with our job. in protest at the restrictions on reporting some of the largest news organizations english media launch legal action at india's supreme court their case is on behalf of one of the largest newspapers in the region the kashmir times and several other news organizations such as this one because. other journalists who are part of the legal action say it's censorship plain and simple the government of india does not want the media whether it be. indian media or the international media to report freely out of the coach me to valley in particular. a few selected journalists. who are known to be sympathetic to the government have been
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literally flown there. and they are the only ones who seem to be allowed to operate it. monday's ruling by the supreme court judges specified that india's government must ensure normal life is restored in indian administered kashmir at the earliest the government's responded by saying everything is but normal and it's the decision of newspaper editors not to publish unless a life in the kashmir valley is far from normal and rights are being eroded if that be the case then article $21.00 which is the right to life which is an absolute fundamental right which. right to liberty right to free speech right to protest right to equality before right to be treated as equal citizens how has that been a fundamental right in the basic structure of the constitution that can never be tempered by with any government no matter what the. editors say staff of been harassed and often can't get to work because of all the roadblocks journalists hope
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that the supreme court ruling might change things but they don't think it will be anytime soon iran can. well in india a growing source of controversy many have been built to supply water and electricity to millions of people but they've also caused deaths and destroyed or damaged tens of thousands of homes jews are flooding after heavy rainfall on top of all reports from the state of montana pradesh in central india. ranjan hour by gore is returning to her home by boat to find out if there is anything left of it. there is not much to see except water. her home is in one of $192.00 villages in the catchment area of sadar soror dam which was built across the normal river. this year heavy rains almost filled the reservoir and its back waters flooded many villages in the central indian state of
5:42 am
market pradesh. a lot of savings were spent in building this house now how do we get the money to rebuild it. activists say at least 30000 families have not been compensated in full and they have nowhere else to go dams were described as temples of modern india by the country's 1st prime minister but have they delivered on the promise of development not for those whose homes have been submerged and environmentalist say the damage they cause and the costs outweigh any benefits. so there are so over dam see a symbolic of much of what is wrong with large dams in india there are almost $6000.00 of them and they have a lasting social and environmental impact. in every village where they will not listen 2000 victories and if the trees get some blows with the biomarkers the real holes gas emissions come up analysts say other countries in the world are
5:43 am
rethinking the value of dams and conserving their rivers but india is going in the opposite direction if you look at the last 4 big 8 since $1000.00 needy 90 per cent will be additional regulation going to come before the merger benefited from has come for what has come from rome water all be sure the dams are not believing on the promise i thought the indian government c├ęsar vassar over as an economic success story expected to ease water problems and supply electricity to 4 indian states villages see that's come at a cost. the whole village is being destroyed there is water as far as you can say. families have lived on the banks of the normal for generations they worshipped the river but now the waters have been harnessed for the dam they've lost their homes and their way of life arch
5:44 am
of war of al-jazeera. india. now afghanistan's 1st televised debate was to take place earlier as the country prepares for a long awaited presidential election at the end of the log but as robert bright explains from kabul it didn't go quite as planned. this event has just come to an end what was billed as a bit of history in the making the 1st time the 2 presidential candidates out of a field of 17 were due to meet on a stage in a live face to face televised debate to be beamed across afghanistan the 2 men in question of course the front runners in this race the incumbent president ashraf ghani and his chief executive from his government dr abdullah abdullah and with whom he had shared power uncomfortably in the last 5 years of their so-called unity government of course this election comes against
5:45 am
a worsening security background here in afghanistan along negotiated peace deal with the taliban was called off at the last minute the afghanistan government committed itself to going ahead with this election on the 28th come what may there have been threats by the taliban to disrupt these elections when dr abdullah arrived here and talked to the stage it soon became apparent that his opponent ashraf ghani was going to be a no show no reason was given for him not attending this event but certainly dr abdullah was quick to capitalize on the nonappearance of his opponent. today he should have come here to answer the nation i came here on time and he cancelled at the very last minute. there then followed some angry scenes of supporters of ashraf ghani then accuse dr of dull of insulting them and dr abdullah and his opponents were known repentant and leaving dr abdullah basically to debate with himself and
5:46 am
with an empty lectern this doesn't seem to bode well for this election process as afghanistan lurches towards its election day. indonesia's scrambling to control widespread forest fires which are causing a toxic haven to spread to other countries that's next causing disparity problems and disrupting flights and it's also creating diplomatic disputes with neighboring malaysia and singapore but he has no. we're in peckham bar city in the province of reality in the island of sumatra where 40000 hectares of land have been covered by smog and haze what we know so far is that most of the area is under control but there's still 640 hotspots that need to be dealt with by the emergency services fire brigades have told us that their biggest issue right now is the dry season with the dry season that comes with an issue all around water there isn't
5:47 am
enough water to go around they're having to source this from rivers and creeks and also in down to try and make sure that they can access the water to control most of this area in other parts like a nice ton the airports has been closed a lot of the flights have been canceled their due to the lack of visibility in sumatra we've been told that schools have closed until tuesday so for about a week now a lot of children have not been able to go to school and everyone has been told they were advised to stay indoors due to the fact that it is highly dangerous and it could result in a lot of health problems so many of the people living here. it's now been 2 weeks since hurricane dorian hit the bahamas and more than a 1000 people still missing 50 have been confirmed dead allan fisher is in the town of high rock on the ground bahama island where a temporary kennex staffed by volunteers has been set up. this may not look like
5:48 am
much but for the people of high rock it means everything there's still top community on the island of grand bahama lost its clinic in hurricane the building flood and. but no for the people here there is a temporary clinic staffed by 20 volunteers from the international medical corps we have doctors nurses medicines mental health experts and we're seeing things that we commonly see at this point and if we crop very lacerations people that are running out of medications chronic conditions turning to acute conditions and wound care a lot of blue care getting giving out tetanus as well as people coming back and are trying to clean up what's left of their homes the international medical corps has committed to be here for at least 3 months the facility is pretty basic but the reality is it will save lives. among those helping out modern rule a former american football star he's now
5:49 am
a neurosurgeon in boston but he was born in the bahamas and that's was pulled him back to health and so i saw the hurricane hit being up in boston and my nice apartment at harvard you know i was i said man i have to do something for my people for my countries means a lot to me this country has as taught me much and i've visited every summer as a child you know i was christened here i was baptized here i'm on a national stampede i mean this country is tied within me and and so i called our staff at massachusetts general hospital if there was a global disaster team that was going to the bahamas i want to be a part of it one big concern is disease in the days and weeks after a disaster it can be a killer the clinic makes that less likely and reminds people here they haven't been forgotten alan fischer al jazeera hierarch on the island of grand bahama. still ahead.
5:50 am
5:51 am
thank you very much an investigation ordered by football's governing body has found that hundreds of sporting events are being broadcast illegally from saudi arabia fifa joined forces with 2 of its confederations and top european leagues to try to find out who is pirating football matches and other sports on a network calling itself be out q the report published by a u.s. based firm backed a previous finding by b.
5:52 am
in sports that the signals were being transmitted from inside saudi arabia. be in sports broadcasts have been pirated for the last 2 years beginning shortly after the start of the blockade of qatar the country where the network is headquartered in june being sports cut around a 5th of its employees blaming piracy monday's report was backed by fee for the european and asian football confederation's and the top $4.00 leagues in europe all of which are concerned about protecting the rights to their matches which are worth hundreds of millions of dollars a year the saudi based satellite broadcaster named in the report arab set has previously denied that the pirates had broadcasts were coming from their satellites be out q stop broadcasting over satellite earlier this year but it is still streaming over the internet italian police have arrested a tame hades of the hardline you venters supporters groups on accusations of blackmailing the club for extra tickets the so-called ultras groups on the tories
5:53 am
for racism and violence in this instance they are accused of threatening to cause riots and yell racist abuse players and if the club gave them free tickets to be resold this is the latest incident to rocky talian football after in tamil and striker romelu lukaku was racially abused earlier in the city our season. the european champions league returns this week with the group stages beginning on tuesday last season's winners liverpool were training early ahead of their opening game against italian side napoli even plops team are in great form having won all 5 of their premier league games so far in the domestic season. the moment we start to try to to reach the level from last year again and we don't even know exactly which level it was to be honest because nobody can measure it but we want to be as consistent at least as last year play but play our football up this year elsewhere barcelona superstar striker lee an hour messi has not played this season because of
5:54 am
a cough injury but he's back in training and could be fit to face don't. no i do not think there is more pressure of the season to succeed in europe even though there is always pressure in the champions league we play at the highest level you can and we try to win every game we can we wouldn't ignore what's happened in the last few seasons but we have worked hard and hope that shows now basketball world champions spain have arrived home and are enjoying the limelight in their home country the team arrived in madrid on monday a day after defeating argentina in the world cup final in beijing this is the 2nd will title team within taken to meet with spain's king philippe the 6th and prime minister pedro sanchez's want to go try and think you know i just want to say thank you thank you to the players thank you to the typical tame fake you to syria to your sky to your extraordinary coach thank you to the basketball federation thank you for making us enjoy this extraordinary sport you've proved this is
5:55 am
a sport of fun and secondly think you with all my heart for taking spain's colors to the top to the world cup thank you champions of the world number one rugby team ireland have suffered an injury blow just 4 days before the world cup starts in japan this was the squad in the gym on monday but center robbie henshaw has been ruled out of the 1st game against scotland because of a hamstring problem scans revealed it's not too bad though so the coaches are confident he'll play some part later in the tournaments his reason a positive in terms of what we saw so. you know some of these guys day by day week by week things can improve dramatically than the average human so we'll just take it. meanwhile the welsh team has been given a warm welcome in the city of kids like you shoot 15000 japanese local sang the welsh national anthem ahead of an open training session they've been taking classes to learn the welsh lyrics to get her
5:56 am
was. bad. legendary new york yankees relief pitcher mariano rivera has been honored with the presidential medal of freedom by u.s. president donald trump rivera was the 1st player to be unanimously elected to the baseball hall of fame is a 5 time world series champion and 13 time all-star rivera also holds the major league baseball record for saves with $652.00 in these 19 season korea the mercedes team boss thinks sunday's singapore grand prix could be a 6 way fight for 1st total will steam have finished 2nd and 3rd to ferrari's charlotte clear in the last 2 races and he's not ruling out a challenge from red bull either. we're looking forward to seeing a poor widow totally different directly all of them we've had in my own sense but having said that you need to take your competition very seriously ferrari is phenomenally fast on the straights but you need to carry straights everywhere so
5:57 am
you need to bear in mind that they can play a role and redbull on the other side have shown that they have a lot of downfalls and although all these twisty circuits where we have been good as wales so i'm very much looking forward to singapore and having a fight with the georgia claimed 2 gold medals on the opening day of the world wrestling championships in kazakhstan georgia's 1st gold were in 2 new exerted suits in the 55 kilogram category he won in less than a minutes and the celebrations were almost as impressive a 2nd when it was in the heavy $82.00 killer event the man in raid last coming out on top the trainees gold they were also wins for japan and russia on day one and that's where we'll leave it for now we'll see you again later from. and that's also it for me in a start the attack but hasn't taken will be in the chair and just a couple of minutes with yet another full round up of the day's meals to stay but.
5:58 am
there really is a 4th wife there football fans who don't think about opening. they had better read explaining when real madrid at love worth 500000000 euros expresses of the session or something or the world anti-doping agency has to take doctors your children. in part 2 of this series al-jazeera continues to explore the widespread use of performance enhancing drugs sports still being the endless chase on al-jazeera. in this life the most incredible stories are often true. and cheering go on experiences. makes the unfamiliar familiar. in this life no versity makes
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a difference understanding the importance of being part of something much greater than also in this life what i want to lose is freedom of expression. the right to mortgage. sean and a lot into the golf course. because you dislike the design and to understand that. makes us human. and the human condition is universal. the kickout grows of toga. defenseless against the wind 7 different international marketplace. chocolate and political activist on a mission to establish a co-operative to make and sell chocolate on their own terms. even
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manpower. a taste of independents on al-jazeera. will find out who definitively did it 1st donald trump believes iran was responsible for an attack on a saudi oil refinery but says the u.s. will respond only one it has definite proof. has i'm sick of this is a live from davos are coming up. benjamin netanyahu faces his toughest political challenge in years as israelis prepared to vote in a 2nd general election in less than 6 months. hoping to find a way to end syria's war leaders of turkey russia and.


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