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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 19, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm +03

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i believe in 1st of all no crime doesn't like losers and he completely put his burnt on it can you know and he gave him anything you want to move in the embassy to jerusalem recognizing the israeli inexperience of the golan heights. in the heart of the iranian and i think your 1st step was to remove john paul 2 and it was. during a horse in the white house and everything going to be. really been following for the last 2 years is over akiva eldar always good to get your thoughts thank you very much indeed for talking to our jazeera thank you now a team of military experts from france have been sent to investigate the attacks on saudi arabia's all facilities it comes as saudi arabia presented what it calls undeniable evidence that iran was behind the incident at a news conference a saudi defense spokesman just by daybreak allegedly from the strikes a total of $25.00 drones and missiles were said to have been launched at the 2 oil
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plants but yemen's who the rebels who claim the attack say the saudi evidence was faked well the u.s. secretary of state meanwhile by pompei was in the middle east for talks and called the attacks an act of war issued by terror ron it also says the u.s. will support riyadh right to defend itself president trump has ordered additional sanctions on iran which he called substantial tehran denies involvement and says trump is escalating an economic war against its citizens meanwhile the u.n. has sent a team of experts to saudi arabia to investigate the attacks here's a look at topless now with more on what saudi arabia said about the attacks. fragments of drones and cruise missiles this was the evidence the saudi said that iran was behind saturday's attack on the iran co all facilities. there's a video of orderly formula. despite this effort to make it. their collaboration with their proxy and body engine to create this false
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narrative is clear secondly that that was a line from the norm and was unquestionably respond sort of beit jala this attack was not a game this the kingdom of the article also get a beata. it was an arsehole. community. but the defense ministry briefing in riyadh also left many questions for the foreign media where exactly were the attacks launched from and how did saudi arabia's sophisticated air defense system not spot the missiles leaving critical infrastructure unguarded some defense analysts were skeptical the attacks were launched from iran the satellite images appear to show that some of the strikes came from the northwest this becomes an increasingly more likely scenario that most of these flying devices were being launched from the area area between. iraq and iran were i don't think is
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likely is that the iranians were launching a from their own. and using always in their own devices is there is something that can be traced. and investigation will eventually show where or where the launch was moments after the saudi briefing the rebels held a news conference of their own in sanaa dismissing the saudi version of events claiming responsibility for the strikes the hooty spokesman stressed that the damage from the attack was extensive and gave this warning to saudi arabia's close ally the u.a.e. . saudi arabia and the united arab emirates will regret this if our leadership issues orders to the armed forces to launch an attack in the coming days or months on the u.a.e. they will seriously regret this we have tens of targets within the pie in abu dhabi that can be hit at any time. to who say they've developed new weapons that can now reach targets far beyond their borders they're calling on the saudi led coalition
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to stop its bombing in yemen or face further attacks alex could topless al-jazeera . when we come back. in. i was saying some flooding recently in cambodia into parts of thailand and also into the philippines but china of cloud here the monsoon rains they are set to continue so no great changing conditions here so if more heavy showers coming into luzon and across the gulf of thailand bangkok's seeing some lobby downpours on friday and saturday
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a little change as we go on into sas day by saturday some parts of it on cambodia will see more cloud and rain coming through so some big downpours heat of the day down polls coming in here know the possible it also seeing some rather wet weather but so much of malaysia much of indonesia it is fine and dry and that tribe either extends down across a good part of australia for the bite we have another weather system just rifling through that will roll across south australia pushing down in civic tory as we go through the next day or so this cold front and really hold the temperatures down in adelaide 16 celsius in the cloud and right on friday struggling to get into the low teens as we go on into the sats day it will be a little dry by that stage but certainly feeling rather chilly 900 from melbourne bits of cloud and rain welcome rainfall making its way into new south wales maybe phonies eylandt it's fine and try and more of the same right through the weekend.
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flying catherine and ways to experience the world like never before cats are always going places together. the headlines here on al-jazeera dozens of people have died in 2 separate attacks
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in afghanistan and. government forces with us and support has killed at least 20 people in the. early at least 18 people were killed and 96 injured in a taliban suicide attack in southern. israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu has called on his main rival centrist to join him in a unity coalition. he said there's no chance he could form a right wing government following the 2nd election this year. and saudi arabia has presented evidence that it says proves that. it is sponsored by iran the drone strike which. has been claimed by yemen's rebels. now the u.k. supreme court is beginning its final day of hearings to determine whether boris johnson suspension of parliament was legal government lawyers say it's a political issue and not for the courts to decide opponents told judges the suspension is meant to impede parliament's ability to scrutinize johnson's briggs plans the court will hear from former british prime minister john major on thursday
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let's cross over now to charlie and he joins us live from outside the court it's the 3rd and final day of this is story hearing what can we expect today. the judges will be hearing. representing. their argument the prime minister to the queen about the real intention. 5 weeks and. also joined. by former conservative prime minister john major. he is expected to say again through a. agents and that his justification this is spending parliament doesn't ring true now john may just suspend the parliament in 1907 when he was prime minister better than anyone here he understands those
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written rules and conventions that surrounds this very delicate procedure so he's expected to add a lot of weight to the argument for the prime minister but the other side also have a strong case lawyers acting for the prime minister say that this is not an issue for the courts they have no jurisdiction here it's a parliamentary matter there are all no written rules that surround the reasons why you can suspend parliament or how long you can suspend parliament so they say how can judges decide what the prime minister did was legal or not and when we can expect him to just say that because of the of course it's of the case they're expecting to get that preliminary thoughts hopefully by the end of today and surely the talk is to keep going to see things that some e.u. leaders are already getting impatient so what can you tell us quickly about talk of a new deadline a briggs plan. yes with the finnish prime minister and the french president came out yesterday saying that unless boris johnson puts
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a new proposal for his brakes on the table by the end of september then it's over it's not clear what they mean by over whether any of the e.u. leaders will join in this threat considering any yesterday the e.u. agreed to allow an extension to the october 31st deadline if the u.k. os threat but it does say the growing impatience in brussels with boris johnson a man who says he wants an alternative to the irish back stop that's the insurance policy to stop the hard border in ireland but he's yet to put any realistic alternative on the table and i think that how you take it by suggesting an even earlier deadline they have finally put something down that they can discuss. thank you. canada's prime minister has apologized after a photo emerged of him wearing brown face makeup the picture which dates back to 2001 was published in a school yearbook while justin trudeau worked as a teacher was taken at the schools on your dinner which had an arabian nights theme
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trudeau says it was a mistake he's facing a tough reelection fight canadians go to the polls on october 21st i attended the individual gala for the theme was the arabian nights. a lot in costume and put makeup on. i should have been. shot in the letter but i didn't. remember the story well stephen chase is the national correspondent for the globe and mail newspaper and is covering the election campaign in canada he says the picture will hurt today's chances of re-election. it's a bit of a bombshell for just exploded a few hours ago and so it's created a. moment of political crisis for that for the leader and it sort of has basically thrown his campaign plans off track at the moment this is a country of immigrants we bring in $300000.00 immigrants every year mr trudeau in
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one when he faces here is something that suggests he's not who he says he is he's been very politically correct leader who is a master of. political correctness and of shifting diversity and you know and also suggesting that hones are racists so this this instance where he talked about. this dismissed this must unfortunate conduct this wasn't something that happened when he was a child or when he was a teenager or when he was in college this is when he was 29 years old so he's got it's a bit of a challenge to his brand and voters who are undecided and there are a lot of undecided voters in the selection are he's going to have to convince them this is just a blip in his past that is known to give him more widespread sort of hypocrisy on his part 3 top executives in the japanese firm that operated the focus shima nuclear plant have been cleared of responsibility for the 2011 disaster the plant was crippled by a magnitude 9 earthquake off the northeast coast of japan and the tsunami that
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followed the former officials were facing up to 5 years in prison if convicted as in any criminal trial and have been brought since the disaster was shown benny is a senior at nuclear specialist with greenpeace he says he's expecting an appeal against the finals they are guilty who has not found him guilty but the evidence was very clear over the last 2 years. evidence that for she would die each year incident in 2000 years over years 2002 running up to 2008 documents that prove themselves commission or risk or earthquake but also typically $50.00 metre tsunami hit the site and it's clear from the documents that were submitted to the who works are the chap who designed it not to act not to build an additional hire and your arms in our own war oh there's only one excellent war criminal case but
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there are multiple civil lawsuits both been passed that we've gone to court system but also many still coming up citizens have firearms some justice in some of the poor decisions where district courts aren't bulls kept cool that's the. point c. and the japanese government guilty of failing to take action to prevent this accident and those lawsuits will continue there me possibly be an appeal from today's decision the japanese citizens the thousands of citizens who who worked in today's case there will continue their efforts to pressure on both the nucleus really all of the reactors but also the japanese government in southern nigeria they have been protests over the deaths of several women in hotel rooms by an apparent serial killer woman dressed in black running for a 2nd day in the city of port harcourt demanding justice and they say women have been strangled in hotel rooms in rivers state and the past 2 months about his claim
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up to 20 women have been killed. they are mean democratic republic of congo says its soldiers have killed the rebel leader out from rwanda so vestry medical morra was wanted by the international criminal court since 2012 for war crimes as hutu rebel group is accused of killing hundreds of civilians in the east of the d.l.c. . at least 27 people mostly children have been killed in a fire at an islamic school near the liberian capital monrovia it happened in a dormitory a students were sleeping police are investigating reports of the blaze in venezuela the government has called on the us to restore diplomatic ties with us it made the call after senior government officials met opposition party members to formally begin new talks relations between venezuela and the u.s. broke down after washington recognized opposition leader one why do the interim president. 2 years since a series of devastating earthquakes hit mexico many people are still struggling to move on they say the emergency isn't over after repeated broken promises the
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government would help as there was not a rap on the reports now from mexico city. that she is visiting her house near the outskirts of mexico city it's the home she used to share with her husband and 3 children that he did i got to talk about. 2 years ago a massive earthquake split open the ground underneath the property due to the threat of the structure collapsing authorities told she would be relocated to a government home that new home however as well as thousands of others promised to earthquake survivors never materialized has been this is going to be a it's exasperating to live outside your home we've organized marches meetings and round tables with government representatives it's the only way we've seen any solutions but it's not enough the emergency here isn't talking about. the 2017 earthquake claimed hundreds of lives in the next in capital and the
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surrounding states thousands more were displaced as homes and buildings were toppled or at least severely damaged once the dust settled the mexican government announced that $800000000.00 would be set aside for reconstruction. but little is actually known about where much of that money went and transparency advocates warn the problem isn't isolated to this one natural disaster we are a very. unique country is in this is that we have a lot of europeans a lot of earthquakes and we need to be better prepared for. the mitigation and get the patient for for this us to thank the mexican government still lacks a mechanism that tracks emergency spending this is a matter mexico's president has promised to correct. we. that by the end of $29.00 tain we will have 40 percent of reconstruction finalized hoping to be completely finished by the end of next year public records show
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a majority of reconstruction funds were allocated toward public school buildings homes and historic monuments most of the rubble may have been cleared but there are still plenty of reconstruction to be done here in the delmarva neighborhood near the eastern end of mexico city there are still fissures in the streets places where the ground sank by nearly one meter and there are still dozens of damaged homes that have yet to be demolished. says she'll continue to pressure public officials to act but she says she knows many other earthquake survivors who have given up. mexico city. tough a quick check of the headlines here this hour dozens of people have died in 2 separate attacks in afghanistan and then a strike carried out by government forces with us and support has killed at least 20 people in the eastern province only at least 18 were killed and $96.00 injured
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and a taliban suicide attack in the southern zabul province as is robert ryan has more now from kabul on that suicide bombing. we have competing versions of exactly what happened the provincial governor's office said that this was a strike a coalition air strike. specifically a drone strike against a local islamic state hideout this is an area close to the tora bora region which is a stronghold of various groups of fighters they say that 20 eisel fighters were killed now this is being contested by a provincial council member and also now by several local government sources who say that the people were killed were actually civilians israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has called on his main rivals the centrist benny gantz to join him in a unity coalition that's after he said there's no chance he could form a right wing government following the 2nd election this year weeks of talks are now likely before a new government can be formed after the 2nd election this year for saudi arabia
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has presented what it calls undeniable evidence that iran was behind the attacks on its own facilities at a news conference the saudi defense spokesman displayed daybreak he alleged was from the strikes a total of $25.00 drones and missiles were said to have been launched at the 2 oil plants we had says it will take its case to the united nations but yemen's who the rebels have claimed responsibility and say the saudis evidence has been faked. canada's prime minister has apologized after a photo emerged of him wearing brown face make up the picture which dates back to 2001 was published in a school yearbook on justin trudeau works the teacher says it was a mistake 3 top executives from the japanese firm which operated the fukushima nuclear plant have been cleared of responsibility for the 2011 disaster the plant was crippled by a magnitude 9 earthquake off the northeast coast of japan and the tsunami that followed. so those are the headlines the news continues your knowledge is here
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after people on pallet chocolate a taste of independence day. closer to. africa is rich with natural resources yet all too often the benefits of that abundance end up with international finance the consequence of a post-colonial globalized economy in which the rich get richer and the poorest to captain property get some africans who call me coach frank determined to find the holes in the scraps of the developed world leaves on the table not so it's just one such trouble now comes cover the chocolate.
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togo west africa. and something very unusual is going on and. this is a groundbreaking project by a local entrepreneur out. to produce homegrown chocolate commercially. produced gonzo or else in of for the show the show. book initial news will buckle up for some work to do. there's also to say good news joe default.
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has a doctor and his inclusion as often nobody did ok. until for me the pro didn't want. to rid the world for a bus to disobey project. the got it all up going through water got the world is. going to go. any need to get tolls for the poor joe to go. off to lending his coffee it's in the commie have to prove a chocolate has returned to his country but on a special mission to do only to come to fight for its property stricken because mohammad is. the global truckload market is now worth in excess of $100000000000.00 a year and is only expected to rise and as demand increases they'll go good bodies will develop that money comes not to togo but to go with the majority who promises
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to live below the poverty line if we can call it he can copy you then over the radio pretty bad news from london to prove the international heights for cocoa has dropped by almost a thought it was if you get people put you do feel guilty says will do should you be sued for the killing to shoot up as the cool one to construct a coke at issue belittle sits on call 20. field to stop. who would usually do instead apple strudel for the role of the presumably love to go but up result to secure. as does israel sit dirty does it say that the. decision to put some. bugs juice in the good did you see did you treat it pretty dread the dissident. keep spalls for a good self claims you don't is wrong but. is this good news up in all of. the dismal the friend put it into. on the open feeder.
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although the majority every tell childhood products consumed in the developed world made with west african grown cocoa the continent's produces receive only a 3 to 6 percent shad but the entire cocoa value chain. european and u.s. truck manufacturers and retailers on the other hand control around 80 percent of that chain. after 4 years of getting the corporative up and running komi and his team have decided to tour the country with a message for their fellow citizens that they and their land are worth far more than the west has been giving them. it's time to put that right that trip takes him to places like this stuff of investment for years and where those who harvest cocoa for a living have never even tasted the chocolate that he makes here in the window it's
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. because the event of exhaust does not go there. ok just doesn't. tempt you to say nothing else so if it is a. cut. out of it i'll follow. it as a show that i'll just say. the over the grizzled. said was a. joke well. i'm a guy. well these go. over. the girls a lot good is a blow to. this knowledge.
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as difficult as it is a. little bit. in the. overall a. role that brought out the global view of a. good. home a good. way. to get if you know you. going to get is it. going to get good out to give you a little. bit of
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a door system to do that it. is called wadi through. the mail. i look at it going to vote on any of this is. no that's good then good that. a guy who did it it was. 7 you know they're going to they're all like many of the other villages conlan is a cocoa bamma. he has 11 mouths to feed. he's modest plantation is a few kilometers away in the forest. in tokyo cocoa farming is the main source of income for some 20000 families. but 6 out of 10 of those vomits live in die of poverty. the. open is the
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one where. they think of. the things school minae help with that is the manner in which the employees must show according to the. cocoa farms in tokyo a typically small and family run. each covering an average of about 5 acres of land they mumblin nua. to pick up in one a folk way they were negligible are abundant. in that use of the thing in. the by linda holmes. no it is only going to see what. will. come around and his wife sell the cocoa beans through the village co-operative from . foreign companies then buy up the entire region halted in the courts exported to
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europe while the us or china. now and then and while in the world at most a tiny budget want to know. what they plan on the one hand in the last 2 years small scale produces have been powerless in the face of fluctuating prices. from 13. 100 west african francs or 2 euros a kilo to less than half of that as this film was being made that's had consequences unhappiness with the government was bound to grow. in organs 2017 people took their frustration to the streets the 18th among long protests that followed aimed at ending the rule of the nia single a dynasty it has ruled the country to hop a century and many togolese believe that political change is vital to unlock years of poverty but the demonstrations were unsuccessful and meanwhile the instability
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only further on some told the country's cocoa industry i don't know if you. nevile glaucon i know i'm a journalist i'm not just on the whole doing you is wide a done deal man evil imagine what you will do that we have. done you know once it was a new on our door is yeah it is you are in the nick and no. one wants only allows you. to not only have a god with god will allow full remember antarctica if they're just. going there for the dome. and put up all those. now going to going over the what i'm going. with they were. going to do when you're.
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togo's cocoa production is concentrated in its southwestern whole region. compared to much larger west african producers like gone and ivory coast production here might be relatively modest but in local tonnes it's still a vital cash crop. to stay competitive with its bigger rivals. believes the token these industry should prioritize quality over quantity who do go i'll go to denver to do good as it's being above i mean another. minute but there is a mile to go and look at those. i don't believe in the old economy as a telco a lot of the digging lot then said the phil got told the world that i got close this out. soon you know poor old well or you put up with it make it wiser and got go on to pretty dry throat was simply.
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bring. every space out the key to getting that premium price come it says it's by emphasizing toko cocoa is ok. that credentials. he might some of his supplies from this corporate taxes which is still struggling to find its markets. this year only commies choco toko paid a good price the rest went to a swiss company for the usual market rate grow is agreed to the lower price to ensure that stock would be sold but comey is adamant it doesn't always have to be that way this isn't some business that believes it does or not. the printer got go she who was on this side of that. m.r.c. portico. i said to look at how this sounds good or poor but got the job to go through the visit it caused it to go into the ball as it did oh pretty good
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leverage 2nd of all of. us a lot of the design of bulls is the locked up bust the loves all production to remember is on the move this is this is where busy does it do to level the dog through the mud doesn't is that the yell isn't that a. large i'm going to people actually deliberate if you know the ones i did in the dead wood the. super. bowl must run en route to miller's yellow one lovely moment of good. couldn't devotionals in the month of over about as you made the forbes the last 3. and of the tons of other me. and as i said doesn't go out this is what that does as well 12. one day the muslim brought jesus again for just got to go.
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says a visitor governor go to this other buckle he lives it doesn't bulldogs is it going to know who going to pop one of the. morning room and usually means you know the new yorker this is to go on not that of any other day travelling 600 kilometers from village to village north to south kami is an eloquent champion a robin hood of the togolese cocoa industry. but it's not an easy road at times it's difficult even to persuade his countrymen to overcome years of prejudice against spending cod and money on a local product $1.00 of 3 consecutive and interrupt. the lousy to still secure but you don't. should africa this should have to without under the. circumstances possibly does it. does us no surprise. there tissues do tend to drop. so look up foods
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because it's often said those. unbolted in the us. just have to get. yourself. got to move out of course and therefore 12. bit below the sickest of the trees just so this will stop. another day and another village. today chocolate taco representatives are compelled to buy ambroise carried to the head of poppy and coca this is in total. when the village is not picked up or token would be visiting them they decided to receive them in the traditional. comey joins the festivities before beginning to speak. does
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the result of our full. ok shift a little said question good to go of that as a yes young well yes get out there afghan national class brother malnourished punya potential could have been the ship well i. don't see you should get out and you don't go along and looked over that is the ritual that i keep. separate. like the majority of west african countries local runs a trade deficit i'm not situation shows no signs of improving our company is keen to explain why buying look rather than foreign is not beneficial to the talk of these economy belongs to loves all their shows does all produce it. can and this is done cynical to meet. some people started to set up other mustn't
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get out of this it doesn't get out of the city vote them enough phoned up but said there's no going to fall so be. known by lash said there's i'm going to fall. i will tell you their initial she did that i said to the boys will be measured with their jaws results yeah. i don't know agree i'll sit through all the bomb usual novia shows it. thank god i'm defiantly do you go to war now to give us we don't suppose that decision making the case can you. live you. was just a few dollars yeah really 3. bizarre bendetson dubai's he would show no concept but she's supposed to let mayo close confines of water so not sentiment
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at present as you say couldn't get us to do neat guy do we even fit among guys some guys. how do you may the country's 4th largest town is also known as tokyo's cocoa capital. in this modest building choco tokyo completes the 1st stage of cocoa processing. to see. that because of that 7. commie has made it a possible priority to provide women with jobs choco togo has around 40 female employees at this facility it's an empowering example in a country where traditional patriarchal customs deny women economic opportunities. florence c.d.o. is one of the seasonal workers here. today she joins the other female colleagues who are hard at work husking the cocoa beans. a task which is usually carried out
6:40 pm
of route once the cocoa is exported. at 42 years old florence was finally able to receive her paycheck sound why not. about it when the home lateral got only. they are now all but a man. made c.v. to do anything but soak with the word go right away i'm going to buy them. as i'm good with. women my love all of them. and of a black son in law and only i can only. feel. my own my last in a game it didn't play in that field but example c.b.
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he will be if you'll buy well folks these will add to that when i did us a miami washing itself. when. i mean. did you know. that is. a candle to others. thanks to chocolate togo florence and a husband were able to fulfill their dream to build their own house. with. and have been messing with. my home. they hope their success will not just be an inspiration to their daughter but also to a movie young togolese may be considering leaving the country. to feel the fickle this show after did get off. so did i freak offered set up with all these i won't do.
6:42 pm
that i mean that i think. does i do it all that i. should have to pay and. then the puzzles are possible that could. separate goodell said deputy. for about a financial call from the boat don't sit at the let up on don't listen up and don't just disappear attorneys are opposing the walls. to round of peace to a commie has chosen a small cocoa farming village a few kilometers outside money man. to have nothing that the much the are building a building. our neighbors when i don't live on. this bridge like so many others has seen many of its young people meet in such a better life than the one. i didn't see on them look at it on one of the guys
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down there for. the book said goodbye to the. good shows it will always be. said of the children. by simply demonstrating how chocolate is made commie wants to pass on a message enterprising young people can build a life in this country their whole world over there it's something the villages koku and would like to believe but for them it's tonight. the eldest son and daughter have already left fleck a quarter of tokyo's population they now live abroad thought it will be the day and the hope of. a man is. a home for. up woman already.
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or you need oregon i am the only gun on here. everything get a good game to give you know. who i would do name. of a beer. go with the day. told me i'm a deep doo doo you. go over to mean a few i will not be in your home where we live you know in my day we'll thread though these children have turned their backs on the family business thing remains defiant thought i blab much as you for over a year did they did you bunt play him a little taller google is. what i do all over and why when i wouldn't don't get all
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this is the love of your league i want to get with george and why does he be i would add words as you. do guys that have got to go bug. to hometown to keep us from being a lot busier and the man in the rickles and the maids who don't rush to. the scene of a hostage and plead out his don't even ask if either. of. those other luke was i do to see just you call me small chocolate corporate it has now managed to find its feet but perhaps as importantly it's an example of how things can change africa provides the world with some of the most valuable rule materials on the planet yet mostly africans don't benefit they plant. harvest and mine but still most of the rewards go overseas if that's ever to change the. and it
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will leave more people like togas robin-hood. as preclude prepares to exit the people in power investigates disturbing allegations about the tactics used by the winning leave campaign we know that the law was broken and we know that campaigns overspent we know that russia tried to build a relationship with one of the key campaigns who paid for breaks it people in power on al-jazeera. business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together.
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on. business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together from inside the walls of a west african prison. a chance to create to express emotion
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and take the 1st steps towards rehabilitation. his passion for dogs inspiring prisoners to perform and to reach beyond the ill deeds of the past and the confines of. the dance of the us. on. this is al-jazeera. this is the news hour live from coming up in. 60 minutes another 2 attacks hit afghanistan dozens killed only 9 days out from the presidential election. with no
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clear winner israel's current prime minister calls on his rival to join him in a unity government. should a new and better. force to apologize canada's prime minister in a political storm after a photo emerges showing him wearing brown face makeup. broken homes and broken promises 2 years on from 2 devastating earthquakes in mexico. dozens of people have died in 2 separate attacks in afghanistan and their strike carried out by government forces with u.s. air support has killed at least 20 people in eastern province earlier at least 18 people were killed and 96 wounded in a taliban suicide bombers angrier hospital in the southern zabul province the
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defense ministry official says the intended target was a nearby training base for afghanistan's national intelligence agency. my bride now joins us live from the afghan capital kabul rather another bloody day in afghanistan take us through the aftermath of the carnage. yeah another day of devastation sami and in particular this blast in color at this southern provincial capital the taliban they claimed responsibility very quickly they said that they were targeting headquarters of the n.d.s. this is the afghan intelligence service they claim a number of government soldiers and also government agents have been targeted have been killed i have to say we've been watching pictures coming up here in kabul from kalat and also from nearby kandahar and predominantly most of the people caught in this massive explosion have been it seems civilians of many women and children and also a lot of medical stuff as you mentioned this headquarters was right next to the provincial
6:51 pm
hospital which is pretty much been devastated by this blast this was a suicide truck bomb it was a large one a large part of the center of collapses is really now just rubble a part of the problem for the people dealing with this is they have schools of injured that you would normally take to the provincial hospital which is the very hospital which has been devastated so many. ferries ferrying the victims have been carried out by a number of ambulances to neighboring kandahar a drive of some hour and a half and kandahar hospitals have been dealing with many of the injured many people there arriving in a bad way fish really 18 people have died and some 96 are injured but i think as the day goes on we will see the death toll rise and this comes as details are emerging about this 2nd incident you mentioned this is in a province the province neighboring with pakistan and this is very much disputed
6:52 pm
about exactly what has taken place that the provincial governor's office says that an airstrike a drone print a drone attack or was targeting an islamic state hideout that is close to the tora bora region which we know is a stronghold for many groups of fighters here in afghanistan they said that 20. the eisel fighters have been killed and now other sources their government officials and also the local provincial council say that actually the people who were killed were harvesting in a field close to this hideout they were largely civilians who have been brought. in from neighboring provinces for a harvest of pine nuts and that 30 people have been killed civilians with a further 40 injured it is difficult to ascertain exactly what the truth of it is it may well emerge in the coming hours probably it will be somewhere between the 2 there were probably was a targeted action against a nice old hideout maybe some myself fighters were killed but once again it does
6:53 pm
seem as though a number of civilians were caught up in this summary as always seems to be the case that thanks so much from mcbride. israel's prime minister binyamin netanyahu has called on his main rival benny gantz to join him in the unity coalition birds after he said there's no chance he could form a right wing government after the 2nd election this year with more than 97 percent of votes counted the center right blue and white party led by benny gantz has 33. prime minister binyamin netanyahu is likud party is behind with 31. during campaigning i called for creating a right wing government but unfortunately the results of the election showed that will not be possible the people did not fully decide between the 2 blocs now i call
6:54 pm
on you many gantz we have to create a wide based unity government today the people expect from us from both of us to be responsible to cooperate that's why i'm calling on you binney let's meet today any time to ignite this move or even israel's president through been rivlin has welcomed that whose call for a broad coalition with dance about the honey joins us now from west jerusalem so i guess the big question is what is gan saying to all of this. well we should hear shortly from benny gantz he's due to give a press conference within the hour but let's just remember that during his campaign one of his main mantras was really that it was you know that he was anti corruption that israel should not have a political leader who is facing corruption charges and that's going to be very difficult for him if in case he accepts a national unity government it would be letting down those who voted for the blue
6:55 pm
and white party but it is. you know promises made during a campaign are not necessarily hold on after the results of an election so we'll just have to wait and see what he has to say about this and. with charges looming right now it's more than the political life that's at stake right. yeah there is there's a lot more of benjamin netanyahu than just you know do his likud order right wing bloc which he now represents after he had negotiations with all the right wing parties here. it's also about his legacy it's about his future it's about these corruption charges he is facing this is a hearing that is scheduled for early october and that would fall right in the middle of the negotiations to form
6:56 pm
a government those should be starting sometime next week so certainly a lot as they hear from benjamin netanyahu but he's also a very shrewd politician and he has been in overdrive ever since those exit polls came out just after a few hours after the polling stations were closed so now you have him and he is secured the backing of the right wing parties he has the backing of his likud party now he is representing more than 50 seats and he is a yes he did the whole of avigdor lieberman who said that he just said he would only support a national unity government that included likud. and his own. party he has also another advantage that would could convince of endure lieberman here is that both of them. on liber man are against
6:57 pm
any role of the arab joy at least in a government actually avigdor lieberman said famously once that did not even in the parallel universe would allow that so that leaves benny gantz in a more difficult situation but this is just the beginning the president really hasn't cost anyone at this stage to form a government they'll be a lot of back door dealings and secret meetings and i think it's going to take a while really before this situation is sorted. thanks so much me there are plenty more still ahead on the news hour including not responsible for a nuclear disaster top executives are clear were fukushima. battling to save somalia thousands of soofi fighters are joining the national army to take on a. special delivery to cyclists completing 820000 kilometer journey to
6:58 pm
the rugby world cup for a whole be here with those details coming up. now team of military experts has been sent from france to investigate attacks on saudi arabia's oil facilities that's come after saudi presented what it called undeniable evidence iran was behind the incident at a news conference the saudi defense spokesman displayed debris allegedly from the strikes total of $25.00 drones and missiles were said to have been launched at the 2 oil plants the rebels of claim the attacks and say the saudis evidence has been faked us secretary of state mike pompei o is in the middle east for talks he called the attacks an act of war by teheran he says the u.s. will support riyadh's right to defend itself president donald trump has ordered additional sanctions on iran which he called substantial iran's foreign minister
6:59 pm
denies any involvement he says the gammons houthi rebels have given evidence proving they were to blame meanwhile the united nations has sent a team of experts to saudi arabia to investigate the attacks is alex go topless with more on what saudi arabia said about the attack fragments of drones and cruise missiles this was the evidence the saudi said that iran was behind saturday's attack on the around facilities. despite your own effort to make it of their collaboration with their proxies in the region to create this false narrative is clear secondly. there was a rush from the war and was unquestionably sponsored by you on this i
7:00 pm
thought. was not a game as between them of soviet soviet arkell also get it yeah it was an asshole to the international community but the defense ministry briefing in riyadh also left many questions for the foreign media camp where exactly with the attacks launched from and how did saudi arabia sophisticated air defense system not spot the missiles leaving critical infrastructure unguarded but some defense analysts were skeptical the attacks were launched from iran the satellite images appear to show that some of the strikes came from the northwest this becomes an increasingly more likely scenario that most of these flying devices were actually launched from the area area between. iraq and iran were i don't think is likely is that the iranians were launching an from their own territory and using always in their own devices because there is something that can be traced and i think their investigation will eventually show where or where the launch point was moot.


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