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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 20, 2019 3:00am-3:34am +03

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campaigns you can see from the events of last week there's still more work to do we're going to continue to drive towards that end you you cannot fail to see the failed policy of giving money to this regime but what happened in saudi arabia and kimberly we just heard in the last few minutes that the iranian president and the foreign minister zarif have been granted visas to attend the u.n. general assembly in new york next week this could be interesting yeah but their attendance was very much in doubt even as recently as just a few hours ago there had been some concern on the part of the u.s. secretary of state who in fact had said very publicly that he felt they should not be issued visas that his words were that he felt they should not be allowed to attend a meeting that is about peace that being the u.n. general assembly which of course is imminent but the u.s. president on the other hand when asked by reporters on wednesday whether or not the
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iranian president iranian foreign minister should be granted visas he had something very different to say he said let them come they should be granted visas the fact that they now have been granted these visas just underscores again where the trumpet ministration seems to repeatedly be sending mixed signals about the posture towards a rod given the fact that on the one hand they are vacillating saying that they are locked and loaded ready for some sort of military response and at the same time still leaving open the possibility for dialogue in the future thank you for i can get my forests the white house. now there's been concern that the attack on the saudi oil facilities could hamper global oil production joshua young is chief investment officer and co-founder of bison interest which is an oil and gas investment firm he says it's unreasonable on realistic to think that iran coal the saudi oil company will be able to bring back its oil processing to normal levels in the time it expects to. i think it's important to differentiate between
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production and actual export capacity of the kind of barrels that are supposed to be sold to customers and so if you look at what was actually damaged or destroyed there was a smaller production facility and there was a larger processing facility it seems unreasonable to expect that that processing will be back on line in the next couple of weeks ironically right now here in houston there's a tropical storm going on and there's all kinds of flooding and there's refineries offline and you know it reminds me of when there have been refinery fires or other issues where if it's just a simple fire not a missile or a drone it can sometimes take months to repair in this case it seems unreasonable to expect that it would take days or weeks and so again when you differentiate between processing and production those have different meanings and those are going to have different impacts on the global oil market meanwhile the u.a.e. has joined an american led coalition to protect waterways in the middle east
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a task force was formed after attacks in brazen oil tankers in the waters near oman the u.s. has blamed them on iran saudi arabia australia bahrain and the united kingdom are all part of the coalition but iraq says it will not join the force to secure gulf waterway. was also how did the iraq's foreign ministry rejects joining any military campaign relating to the group's waterways you will not be party to any such international alliance rejection is further cemented by the fact that israel is part of such an alliance is a precursor to further complicating the scene in the region to security of the gulf and its water race is the responsibility of the countries overlooking the spot the of water. in other world news to nations former president ben ali has died at the age of 83 he was inside the arabia where he'd been living in exile since to 27 revolution ben ali had been in intensive care for 3 months she got 4 takes a look back at his legacy that's when he was swept from power by
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a wave of popular protest fleeing tunisia saudi arabia a former military man and diplomat. ben ali took the presidency in 1987 with a bloodless coup unseating the country's 1st post colonial president in every election since he was returned to power with enormous majorities his opponents said the votes were rigged human rights groups described his government as authoritarian and undemocratic cracking down on any attempts at press freedom and handing out jobs and favors to a select band of supporters. ultimately protests over unemployment brought the people out of the streets demanding change. to me just economy looked relatively strong when the uprising began it was ranked 1st in africa the competitiveness.
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but accused of running a corrupt police state with money concentrated in the hands of a few powerful families including his own most tunisians felt excluded under ben ali tunisia pursued a pro western foreign policy meant taining strong ties to former colonial master france and the u.s. but as his regime crumbled france abandoned him refusing him entry as he fled the country saudi arabia offered him refuge in his final days but he will always be remembered as the president who was forced from office by an uprising of popular protest. gafoor 0. dozens of. people have been killed in 2 separate attacks in afghanistan at least 18 people were killed in a taliban suicide bombing outside a hospital in zabul province and 20 were killed in a government. province bride has. a
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blast that reduced buildings in the city of color to rubble the taliban says it was targeting the local headquarters of afghanistan's intelligence agency but the provincial hospital next door took the force of the explosion it soon became clear from the schools of casualties that civilians among them hospital staff were the main victims with no hospital to treat them survivors had to be transported by road to neighboring country look you can talk a little bit there are many civilians who were martyred and wounded and you cannot even see one military officer among them the taliban has stepped up its attacks head of the upcoming presidential elections and there's also reportedly been a rise in u.s. military strikes. but an air attack wednesday night in one province is now the subject of claim and counterclaim 0 1 in cook county district they have been
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burying their dead it's close to the tora bora mountains a traditional stronghold for different groups of fighters. the local governor's office has said there was a drone strike on a nice old hideout killing a number of men. but these people say they were villagers. who had gone into the mountains to collect pine nuts when you were. all of those killed were civilians each of these houses has lost 2 or 3 men. their grief is mixed with and go all the security services all of the government should listen to us show these men stop this cruel to. another's join in with the chant death to america. while most of the bodies have been brought back for burial the villagers say some people are still missing. but the most that i got my message the government is to stop it you shouldn't kill civilians any moral ethical take stop killing ordinary
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people. in a statement the u.s. military has said it carried out a drone strike on the islamic state target and that it was investigating claims that civilians have been killed what's clear is that in another violent 24 hour period there have been attacks by both the taliban and the u.s. military and that once again civilians have been killed and maimed robert bright al-jazeera a couple. plenty more ahead on this news hour including al jazeera journalists take a stand calling for the release of mahmoud hussein who's been imprisoned in egypt for $1000.00 days he's in sport for balls world governing body says it's time for iran to change the way he treats people facts. first the u.s. department of justice is being accused of playing a key role in
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a trump administration's decision to withhold withhold a whistleblower complaints from congress the u.s. house intelligence panel chair adam schiff says lawmakers do not know if the white house was involved his comments follow a washington post report that says an interaction between the u.s. president and an unnamed foreign leader prompted an intelligence official to file a formal whistleblower complaint donald trump has denied the claim shift made the comments in the last few hours after a closed door meeting with the intelligence communities inspector general that speaks to bruce fein about this he's a former united states associate deputy attorney general is live from washington can you tell us 1st bruce fein especially to our international audience why this is such a big deal this seems sort of figure the showdown between the u.s. intelligence community and congress. the reason why it's a showdown is that free government thrives on transparency and we have
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a non-frivolous allegation that the president did something that was highly irregular could have been criminal exposing intelligence assets we don't know and the obligation of congress in these circumstances irrespective of the whistleblower statute is to subpoena the whistleblower and get the testimony and do also what was done over the guard to president gerald ford when i was in the department of justice and richard and and the house judiciary committee which demanded and he appeared and testified about his pardon of nixon. unfortunately believe that the president and the executive branch will stonewall as they've had on so many other executive officials who have refused even to appear if congress doesn't stand up and either put them in jail which they have the power to do or impeach them i think we're just going to have court litigation for years that will
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become moot is a justice department covering protecting the president yes that clearly is made i worked at the department of justice in its mission is to defend executive progressives whether they're right or wrong and here we have an instance the president remember is the one who has who appoints the department of justice and those who serve the believe that their client is the president so this is clearly an instance where you don't have a department who is impartial between congress and the president there in the favor of the present because that who they work for do we have any idea at all about what the president promised to this for a need or who this for a need or was and what he risks really i mean how where where is this going to go away is this case going to go. well all of those questions you've raised there are simply unanswered at present in terms of the news report well it may well be they'll be further leaks if it's not thought that congress is doing
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a proper oversight it could be another edward snowden situation but the real i think it's very clear the executive branch is going to cover up everything in this congress issues a subpoena especially for the whistleblower and asked directly why did you make the allegation what is the foundation of the executive branch is not going to volunteer a single syllable thank you so much for speaking to us about this bruce fein joining us from washington thank you for your insight my new report shows see effects of climate change can be costly for both governments and communities but the price of inaction is far more expensive the number of people in need of humanitarian assistance could nearly double to 200000000 by the year 2050 if climate related disasters are not properly address that's according to the international federation of the red cross and red crescent societies providing support to victims of floods droughts and wildfires can average about
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$8000000000.00 a year according to this report and that number could grow to $20000000000.00 in the next decade according to the i f a r c investing in infrastructure and improving and the agency response methods could help save money and lives well let's speak about this to francesco rollkur who is the president of the international federation of red cross and red square and societies he joins us live from the united nations in new york thank you so much for being with us tell us 1st about the findings in your report tell us a bit more and the impact of climate change on people and aid agencies like yours. 1st of all thank you for. giving us the opportunity to better explain our opposition 1st to our report that is done by scientists and professional working on a daily basis on the consequences of the of the climate change and one point we
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realized that was important to bet that explain and to create a war nesa in what does it mean the doing nothing which is the consequences on the life of of people and thank you you just mentioned the risk which we are leaving that door that the number could reach 200000000 by 2050 but there is also the good news. which is if the governments we start to act and doing something that the numbers up by 2050 could drop to only to $10000000.00 compared to the current figures that $108.00 millions so it's it's it's really huge the opportunity that we are having in front of us if we take seriously the consequences of climate show what are the potential consequences of inaction on people what concrete make it happen. yeah 1st of all a. a strong impact are you you know you can see what was up and it just happened.
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in the bahamas or do we decide when i die the number of storms whether or not related events easy increasing year by year and this is affecting their lives especially of divorce mourner of balsa and and because of the temperature i raise these will affect me and send me those more one of them they did biggest consequence that we have each day huge. flux of migration that we will go and we are going to do have compared to the current wanted you can see there a big threat that medians morrow we will be on the morva if there is there the inaction going to be on the climate change so what what then are the appropriate climate action measures that should be taken what can we do. i think that these up to the governments are caught today the climate the mission not this is something that is really urgent they are used to deal and dig and i was
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guessing mission that this is something the extremely important but let's see we are a big hope on the event on monday about the. summit that is going to open here in new york because they. made that clear the. approach that the governments have present something are always better than not to come in event and try to recreate the. commitment on the action that must be taken by the governments and by the 1st and there is about the mission that this is this is the top priority the 1st of all thank you so much for taking the time just speak to us francesco rocha is the president of the international federation of red cross and red crescent societies joining us there from the united nations in new york we appreciate your time. still ahead on this new report from the u.s. state expanding abortion rights at a time of nationwide restrictions. for more here from the formula one drivers call
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time on one of the greats in sports great to see at comebacks. how the weather is set fire across the middle east no great surprises here a little bit of cloud pushing up towards pakistan or across the region deb it does stay losey dry but look up towards the black sea you can just make out this band of cloud just rolling its way down towards to say we'll see something of a change coming in here as we go through the next day or so is actually a cold front 26 celsius in ankara africa moves through and the temperature drops like a stone 19 degrees and cloud under a lot of the showers along the spells of frank coming through here and notice some wintry weather over the caucuses as well south of that well hot sunshine continues
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42 celsius in baghdad 38 in kuwait city and that's a sort of temperature we can expect across a good part of the arabian peninsula 38 in abu dhabi 37 here in doha picking up to around 39 by the time we come to sas day hanging on to some cloud just around southern parts of amman so chance of the spot of rain just coming into the slot of for example temperatures here 29 degrees that's been hotter than that recently into capetown we've been getting up into the thirty's over the past few days as bad of cloud is sliding its way through. do cooled as you go through the next couple days 18 celsius the chi town on friday at the top temperature of 17 saturday. to strengthen the good you have to shoulder good all the more with your gum still fight against corruption. destroy new chiro heroes like new who are about to be
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refused a $15000000.00 brian the achievement of heroes like him to showcase by the international ace award it shines a light on these heroes because the best way to fight a dark used to shine a light let's make the road to a better place nominate your anti corruption mirror. to the u.s. treasury or just a you know expose say that no china is simply let me bring you the stories and developments the dramatically changing the world living what's behind the rise of piracy. counting the cost on al-jazeera.
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you're watching the news on al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories russia and china have vetoed a resolution on syria at the united nations security council attacks which was backed by the vast majority of members call for a cease fire in northwestern adlib province that's the last rebel held stronghold in syria. the leader of israel's blue and white party benny god says announce he plans to for. a unity government with himself as leader says the government will be for all the people of israel but he did not mention. the prime minister's calls to join him in government and tenacious former president ben ali has died at the age of 83 he had been in intensive care. was. since the 27. now a former british prime minister has set out in the supreme court's why he believes
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boris johnson has broken the law by suspending parliament for 5 weeks after a 3 day mergence a hearing justices will soon rule on the awfulness of the government's power of parliament john hall reports from london. boris johnson on maneuvers visiting soldiers promising more money for the military ahead of an election whenever it comes promising also progress on breaks it i don't want to exaggerate the progress that we are making but we are making progress and what we need to do so people understand we need to find a way whereby the u.k. can come out of the e.u. and really be able to do things differently not remain under the control of the e.u. in terms of law and trade policy. johnson's plans may yet and ravel after a 3 day emergency hearing supreme court justices will soon rule on the more fulness
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of the government's prohibition of parliament on thursday they heard evidence delivered by council from one former conservative prime minister john major against the current conservative prime minister john says the in a skeptical inference to be drawn is that the progression is for that not exercising its right to disagree with the government at that estate as it sees fit it's an inference the government says that is not for the courts to judge we should actually start by recognizing that the pro gay she was a proceeding in parliament which falls within the ambit of article 9 of the bill of rights and they don't have to get. the government will hope of course that the supremes court upholds the english high court's decision that the progress of parliament was a purely political not legal matter but the court could just as easily side with scottish judges who ruled that under the circumstances they could. get involved because they said the real motive behind the suspension of parliament the silencing
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of m.p.'s over breaks it was a decision that in effect meant boris johnson had lied to the queen. away from the courts there are sometimes questionable efforts to reach a new bricks a deal the e.u. had demanded full written proposals from the u.k. by the end of the month and artificial deadline said the u.k. and they go over instead a set of notes with a final offer still to come it's our papers for now until we have actually looked at them in detail i will not correct her eyes beyond papers the british government has few obvious cards left to play on breaks it and the pressure may grow next week when the supreme court delivers its verdict on a whole al-jazeera london that has been more controversy the candidates prime minister after a 3rd image showing justin trudeau in black face makeup emerged earlier 2 pictures
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appeared online of total in brown face make up from 2001 when he was working as a teacher the pictures were taken at the school's annual dinner which had an arabian nights scene trudeau says it was a mistake his apologize since his apology a 30 image and a video was posted online showing him in blackface in 2 separate incidents trudeau is facing a tough campaign fight ahead of polls on october 21st. i attended an individual gala for the theme was arabian nights. dressed up in a lot in costume and put makeup on. i should have been. should have known better but i didn't. and then those sort of. wear expecting a news conference this hour from the canadian prime minister in winnipeg which is his 1st campaign appearance since the scandal broke and we'll bring that news conference to you live when it begins in the meantime let's speak to daniel lock our correspondent in toronto daniel this controversy couldn't have come out of west
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time for justin trudeau his just thought is the reaction campaign how has he handled the crisis and what have been the reactions. of folly as you're absolutely right hard to imagine a worse timing for this justin trudeau was deadlocked in the polls with his conservative rival basically the campaign was rather lackluster it was about the personalities of the leaders and the liberals themselves were making that way calling into question some of the characters of the conservative campaign some of the candidates finding old social media posts that might be seen as right wing or racist and this is what's happened now to justin trudeau very obvious video that he had to own up to of himself wearing racist makeup not once not twice but on 3 different occasions they're apologizing quickly as we just heard and also as you said we're expecting them to start apologizing again any time now at a news conference in winnipeg he's resumed his campaign stops after more or less suspending them or at least disrupting them when he 1st had to apologize last night
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this appeared in time magazine which is a very interesting choice of venues for such a photograph raising the question here in canada why didn't the canadian media find it why didn't the political parties find it why didn't the people who vet candidates for the liberal party find it when he 1st ran for the party leadership in 2013 it's certainly the only thing that anyone's talking about on the campaign. we'll have to see reactions been fairly mixed some people have said well if he can apologize and move on he might put it behind them some people in communities of color especially amongst his own liberal m.p.'s have said they accept his apology and they're sticking with him for now but others have said it plays to his character what kind of a person is he if he would not only do this in the past people do make mistakes in their past but not own up to it a lot earlier that's why this 2nd apology if that's indeed what it's going to be in winnipeg any time now is what we're waiting for to see if he throws any light on why this hung around for so long and came about in such
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a spectacular fashion during the campaign indeed it will be interesting to hear what he says now thank you very much daniel for the moment live for us in toronto that speaks more about this not to lose a political reporter at the hospitals canada and is live from ottawa thank you so much for being with us justin trudeau has built his political reputation on the promotion of freedom and diversity in canada so is he not who he says he is how much is this controversy going to hurt anything. well it's too early to say what this controversy how it will impact the results of the federal election keep in mind that we're still 9 days into a 40 day campaign if the last 24 hours of showed anything it's that things can quickly turn on a dime so this lactase and brown plays controversy though it has had you know immediate in immediate and significant impact on trudeau's reelection campaign and it's also worth noting that we're no longer talking about you know promises to
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increase child care spaces or other federal candidates who have no links to the far right so there are number of finite number of days left the campaign intro will have to spend days explaining himself explaining these races in just controversy instead of announcing new policies that his party things will improve the quality of life for comedians to move voters yeah he's asked for forgiveness he's expected to again apologize and when it paid very shortly while an apology be enough do you think. i mean at least we'll see we'll see where the election results will be on come october 21st yesterday just interviewed told reporters that he's been calling friends and colleagues in wake of this photo published by time magazine and today some of his non white colleagues have come out in media interviews to say that they do except to those apology and they are defending him as close
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a leader and are calling him as someone who is not racist the reaction from the general public in short has been i guess bewilderment. if you weren't paying attention to the election for the past 8 days you're likely paying attention to it now this controversy has become international news over the past 4 years the liberal leader justin trudeau has taken every domestic international opportunity to kind of show how progressive and well he is and that is in tatters now over these past 24 hours so now he has 31 days to kind of rebuild his reputation and credibility in light of these recent images thank you so much shows for speaking to us yet ma'am is what they have post canada joining us and from ottawa i thank you for your time. al jazeera journalist model cena spent a 1000 days imprisoned in an egyptian jail he's accused of defaming the state and spreading false news but has yet to be charged or face
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a trial nor barn manny has more. formal charges no trial and conviction. mahmoud hussein has been locked up in an egyptian jail for 1000 days egyptian government prosecutors accuse him of broadcasting what's described as false news and receiving foreign funds to defame state institutions hussein strongly denies the allegations and soldiers al-jazeera the journalist base in qatar flew from doha to cairo for a holiday almost 3 years ago after he landed he was stopped questioned and detained hussein has been helpful long periods in solitary confinement in the notorious tora prison in cairo and refused medical treatment when he broke his arm echoing international outrage the u.n. has been calling for his release saying he's been exposed to cruel inhumane and
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degrading treatment according to egyptian law he should have been freed within 24 hours but he was kept in prison. amnesty international says detainees are trapped in the revolving door of egypt's arbitrary detention system it says they gyptian authorities practice of reordering the detention of detainees and blatantly fabricated charges just as are about to be released is an alarming trend that illustrates extent of egypt a cage justice system over the past few years gyptian police have arrested several al jazeera employees former director of news at al-jazeera arabic. and a law. was sentenced in absentia to the death penalty for endangering national security. for me and peter greste they were all imprisoned for over 400 days while 7 other colleagues were sentenced to 10 years or
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denied accusations of spreading egypt pools false news. egypt is ranked one of the lowest in the world for press freedom freedom which mahmoud hussein and dozens of other journalists continue to be tonight. the man the al-jazeera. and the daughter of mahmoud hussein has also been speaking out she says her family has been living in a nightmare father's arrests. my dad psychological health is very bad when he sits with us he does not speak he feels powerless we all feel
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powerless i have been in touch with many human rights organizations but i'm not getting any help and i'm not sure what to do 1000 days is a shocking number to our family every day gets worse than the previous one it's been like a nightmare during the 1000 days many things happen in our family and we were in dire need for our father i got married and he was not next to me i am his eldest all my brothers needed him at different times we don't know when he's coming back and it feels terrifying. as long as we're taking you live to canada winnipeg where the prime minister of canada justin trudeau is making an appearance and speaking since the scandal over the pictures of him in black face appeared let's take a listen to what he has aziz intolerance and discrimination because of their identity this is something that i deeply deeply regret darkening your face. regardless of the context of the circumstances.


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