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the borders of other people in the same way that we will not allow others to why later our territories. undoubtedly. this. great economic war that has been imposed upon us and the pleasures that have been imposed upon our people. to an hour late hour. they were lucian in the same way that it was to annoy to lead the revolution when they can embark upon the water against us to partition our nation did which was their aim at that time today it's the same they have the same goal to partition us 2 through psychological war 2 or 3 economic war. through threatening. of military attack these pressures.
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but this is not going to we. are going to be replied we're going to be answered the same way that during the 8 years of the sacred defense we managed to answer them. in the same way which was not only against through asia but the broad global powers today also we have the power to stand up against these i do against global powers. wherever the americans or our enemies. go or come. to way with our sic security wherever they have gone they have done away with the security there whether afghanistan or iraq or syria or the persian gulf. wherever they have gone. has been and security.
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after wards. wherever out our forces have gone. as players. of security creation. wherever you don't go it's whatever our security forces go or our armed forces go we take security with us for those people. who are if it has been in iraq if it has been syria. if it has been. teeny and lebanese people. we have brought them security. we managed to. drive away and to root out the savage terrorists this is the difference between us and the enemy when it comes to the
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region we have all with wanted the good. solidarity brotherhood. for the people of that and the nations of the region but there are again powers led by the united states have always wanted and security poverty problems. on. plundering. of the resources of the region. this sensitive junction of history. we declare we are now nce to our neighbors. with all neighbors we. the friendship. and brotherhood to them. and we are ready. to forget the previous mistakes. our neighbors in the region because.
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today the enemies of islam and the enemies of the region e-zine is a distaste arrogance they want to take advantage of the gaps amongst us and to abuse that. our logic is a logic of a persian gulf. whose security issue will be ensured from inside. the security of the persian gulf and this state of formals on the sea or from on should be from inside. their foreign forces. will bring problems and insecurity this year. the united nations. says logan of the coalition for hope. all or more as. peace for
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everybody. initiative this initiative of peace for. the so many of which the summit of which is hope. we have. will present our initiative our plan to the united nations in the coming weeks this stomach republic of iran. cooperation of the regional countries can. declares that the security of the region in the persian gulf from the sea or from on under the settle for most who can be assured to the help of the regional countries. you know in order to live speech by the iranian president hassan rouhani who speaking in the iranian capital tehran this is a day commemorating the iran iraq war but also he's been turning his attention to the accusations that iran has faced from the united states and from saudi arabia
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that it was behind attacks on saudi oil facilities last week let's bring in our correspondent in terror on bag assad with the results of the u.n. investigation into the saudi oil refinery attack pending how is iran able to continue fending off accusations that it is to blame. well iran has always maintained that they were not responsible for these attacks and they've also been paying very close attention to what's been coming out of saudi arabia and they know that the saudis as of yet are able to pinpoint the source and origin those launch sites for those drones and missiles so iran is saying look this is not the who claimed responsibility and even if those weapons those drones and missiles are iranian it doesn't mean that iran was behind them they will say look we. are our allies so they can use iranian weapons it
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doesn't mean that they were responsible for it but president rouhani has taken this opportunity to kind of rally the people to target to talk about the sanctions he called it an economic war economic terrorism against iran and he said that the business people of this country are like the soldiers and commanders on the front line because essentially that they are fighting a war and that shows how much just sanctions you know that the sanctions that the united states has imposed on iran since they pulled out 2015 nuclear deal affecting the economy and the people here the sanctions against the banking sector and the oil sector and yesterday it was announced that the central bank here and iran sever as a sovereign wealth fund will also be targeted so important rallying call the iranian president clearly all of this is being watched from the sidelines by ordinary
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iranians people people at the end of the day who bear the brunt of punitive measures include of course a new raft of sanctions how are they responding to what's going on. absolutely it's the norm of the ring and people are feeling the brunt of these sanctions but let's let's see what's been happening over the last few decades because iran has been under sanctions people are resilient here and when you go out onto the streets people say well what's left to sanction sanctions the oil the sanction the banking sector we're just going to get on with everyday life and people are struggling but at the same time they recognize that this is actually these actions taken by the united states against their country and actually what it does is create a sense of unity in the country because because everyone is suffering you go out into the streets the currency is being affected the prices have increased there is
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a sense of resistance among the people here and that's who rouhani is really talking to many of his speeches and especially this one is a rallying call is a call for unity within iran and he that's what he said he said that we can face down these hard times as long as we have unity within the country. thank you very much. and other news one day after leading the biggest protests in history young activists have taken their cause for action to the u.n. these climate summit was opened by teenage campaign aggressor totenberg who inspired friday's demonstrations are diplomatic editor james bays reports from the united nations headquarters. the day after people around the world led by the youth took to the streets here young people taking over one of the global halls of power this is the u.n. youth summit but the most powerful person was not here to speak u.n.
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secretary general antonio good terrorists was billed as the keynote this snow and these are among the speeches he heard these negotiations and climate change policy started in 1902 even before most of my generation was fine for over 25 years and the emissions have only reson. we appreciate that you there are no other table we had the discussions are being held but our voices and our imports must be allowed to influence this disease yesterday millions of people across the globe. marched and amanda's real climate action especially young people. we showed that we we are united and that we young people are unstoppable the u.n. is hoping to leverage the people power we've seen in recent days led by the youth
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and gratitude ahead of a climate summit of world leaders on monday among those who'll be there at the launch chancellor merkel of germany president macron of france and prime minister modi of india but what about the 2 biggest emitters or china will be represented by state councilor and foreign minister wang ye and the u.s. will president trump is in town but he won't be attending the meeting in the us system the longer your title the more junior you are and we're told the u.s. delegation will be headed by the principal deputy assistant secretary of state for oceans and international environmental and scientific affairs marsha byrne a cat i'd never heard of her before a clear snub james 0 at the united nations. volunteers around the world have been tidying streets and shores for world cleanup day in india thousands collected rubbish along beach fronts ocean serve long been used as
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a dumping ground for various types of waste posing a threat to marine life for more on the environment you can watch a new show planet s.o.s. here on al-jazeera on sunday at 730 g.m.t. . now ukraine is denying reports president a lot of me and selenski was pressured by the u.s. president this year to investigate democratic presidential hopeful joe biden and his son ukraine's foreign minister says a phone call in july between donald trump and zelinsky was long and friendly u.s. media of supporting that during the cold trump repeatedly asked his ukrainian counterpart to investigate the business dealings of hunter biden the former vice president is seeking to rival trump in the 2020 presidential election. i know what i'm up again i don't know but you know it's a serial abuser not just this guy who is the abuse of power every word he really sees anything he sees any right to his daemon power to do whatever you have to do
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this process. this was. the president least the transcript of the call that everybody here wouldn't there's not the house here and see what he did. the u.k. opposition leader jeremy corbyn has been forced to diffuse internal fighting over the party stance on breaks it a day before labour's annual conference call when intervene to stop motion to oust his deputy tom watson has clashed repeatedly with parts of the labor left wing on several issues including calling on the party to reject bracks it corbett is she to address members on sunday well phillip a senior lecturer in politics at kiel university he says moves to try and get rid of tom watson will only lead to more disunity. labor party just needs to start showing its guts and units a very 17 election campaign one of the successes that the labor m.p.'s did not
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undermine jeremy called with a date keep pretty much discreet. i think it's very ill advised that meant to try and try this gesture at some speculate and the reason this is being done now is because even they think that jericho sounds very little chance the next election and it's a way of trying to get rid of his opponents before that or he wins and they want to sure position. conspiracy theory goes well yes but it is incredibly badly time when labor is trying to project a united front in trying to get agreement in conference on next but it also reflects divisions inside party more broadly the trade union movement len mccluskey who's a big call to jamie corbett is progress 6 others and you're in the trade union movement aren't in favor rex and so this is threatening to create the kind of visions you seem to be sent. on display in labor party does not help your election hong kong is bracing for another day or protests as demonstrators threaten to disrupt public
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transport and traffic near the airport. was at least 4 other rallies are also planned on sunday one of them at this shopping mall in the sharpton district protesters want the government to launch an independent investigation into alleged police brutality. new delhi revoked the autonomy of indian administered kashmir nearly 2 months ago and the process of splitting the territory into 2 federally administered regions will begin next month but as priyanka gupta reports from the lay district that decisions be met with both optimism and concern. lead duck a cold himalayan desert in northern india. here put this monasteries in the district a flurry happen standing tall for centuries. winters are harsh for 6 months a year this remote region is mostly cutoff people are late depend mostly on tourism
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local petition say the regional government of jammu and kashmir has long neglected them we were under represented in the indian parliament when the state assembly and it was completely really centric. administration. in place in the state secretary in srinagar and. there's hardly any. the people of li have long demanded a union territory full of lead dog is home to around 46 percent but this and a majority of more than 250000 people who live here are muslims the decision to put their region under the direct rule of new delhi has had a mixed response from the communities determined to preserve the unique ethnic and religious identity as well as the land in august prime minister nuri through modi said he wants to open the region to investments and development it's really all the
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people of laid off from tribal communities and many are concerned about the changes outside vestments my 3 to the local economy and culture reason. to resume is our backbone 2nd is agriculture we will not say no to outside investments but we have so many travel agents of own in many hotels are running empty so when our own people are suffering how will outsiders benefit. more than 200 kilometers away many muslims in cargo district are also anxious be include far muslim. mohammad the bus has got the. we are scared because genuine kashmir was earlier under protection and now that protection is gone you're scared that outsiders can come and buy our land outsiders who have a lot of money. most of the people living in cargill are shia muslims the oppose splitting of indian administered kashmir and see they want safe guards becomes
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a union territory for you. today we're in a no man's land we didn't demand a uti status no one asked as it was imposed on us earlier we had land protection job security and we could make our own laws. the government is also working on several investment and infrastructure projects in the region how all these changes will affect people's lives here we can only wait and find out. i'll just hear. this is al jazeera and these are the top stories being protests in egypt for a 2nd day on saturday demanding the resignation of president abdel fattah el-sisi security forces fired tear gas of protesters in the streets of suez rallies were also held in colorado dozens of people were arrested in friday's rallies president
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sisi is in new york ahead of the u.n. general assembly he's also expected to meet the u.s. president mike hanna has more president trump invited to. to the white house shortly after he was made president he's met with him now on a fairly regular occasion he describes him as a strong leader who's done a fantastic job in egypt is what president trump says he also a strangely enough at a meeting of the g. 7 last month said at one stage where is my favorite dictator. so the arabia says it will wait until it finishes investigating last week's drone strikes on 2 of its oil facilities before it takes action the un is investigating and the kingdom says it believes it will confirm iran was behind the strikes on iran co meanwhile iran's president has denounced un sanctions on tehran saying washington is engaging in psychological warfare that fish are all your. body at me so i was.
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the ultimate goal in the course of the imposed war was to destroy the revolution and to destroy iran to disintegrate iran and today they are pursuing the same goals through economic they are engaging in psychological warfare against us and the opposing the 3 to have a military conflict but iran similar to the time of the imposed war will emerge victorious ukraine's denying reports president volodymyr the lenski was pressured by the us president this year to investigate democratic presidential candidate joe biden and his son ukraine's foreign minister says a phone call in july between donald trump and selenski was long and friendly hong kong is bracing for another day of protests as demonstrators threaten to disrupt public transport and traffic near the airport at least 4 other valleys were also planned on sunday one of them at this shopping mall in the sharpton district. the
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headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after people power. the biological and chemical agent hard to deal with that not just throughout history a large swath of our spirits had with me and started fighting developed by nation state so there could be enough to affect every. now within reach of those seeking of sometimes the most toxic substances the food all over the internet and many invisible threats on al jazeera. africa is rich with natural resources yet all too often the benefits of that abundance end up with international finance the consequence of a post-colonial globalized economy in which the rich get richer and the poorest
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a country over to get some africans who don't push back determined to find the holes in the scraps the developed world leaves on the table since one such struggle now comes covered in chocolate. togo west africa. and something very unusual is going on and. this is a groundbreaking project by a local entrepreneur out. to produce homegrown chocolate commercially. produced
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goods or else an employee that the public does show the. book initial news all but for now for some ok the. there's olsen to say good news joe default. is a doctor and has a bit off the couch you know by day old to. adults for me the producer wants the liberal police to rid the world for a bus to disappear project to the got it all up going through water got the award is going to go yeah. you need to get tolls for the procedure to go. up to lemmings crofter it's in the commie a group who the chocolate ted has returned to his country but on a special mission of only 3 months to fight for its beauty stricken because of
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hama's. the global truckload market is now worth in excess of $100000000000.00 a year and is only goes back to to rise and as demand increases they'll all who bought it will develop that money comes down to togo to where the majority of the promises still live below the poverty line we get a quality in computer then over the radio pretty bad news from london to deploy the international highs for cocoa has dropped by almost a thud it was if you get people put you do deal he says will do should you be sued for the illness what about the cool one to construct a coke at the shoe belittle fits all conformity to the field just. who would usually do in the state apple strudel for the role of the presumably. but up result to secure. as does israel sit does it say the. decision to bring some. bus to sydney good to to see did you preach the pretty
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dread the dissident. key. for a good self claims you don't is wrong but. is this good news up at all the more. liberal judges i'm afraid put it into. all known for feeder to. although the majority every tell childhood products consumed in the developed world made with west african grown cocoa the continent's produces receive only a 3 to 6 percent chat but the entire cocoa value chain. european and u.s. truck manufacturers and retailers on the other hand control around 80 percent of that chain. after 4 years of getting the corporative up and running komi and his team have decided to tour the country with a message for their fellow citizens that they and their land are worth far more than the west has been giving them. it's time to put that right that trip takes
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them to places like this stuff of investment for years and where those who harvest cocoa for a living have never even tasted the chocolate that makes healing go it's . because the event of exhaust does not go there. doesn't. tempt you to say nothing else so if it is a. cut. out of it i'll follow. it as a show that all its. the over the grizzle. said was a. joke well. i'm a guy. with well these go.
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over. the girls a lot good is a blow to. this all is off. as difficult as it is a. little bit. in the. overall a. role that brought out the global view of a. good.
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home a good old way. to get if you know you. going to get is. going to go out then you've got to give you a little. they're. going to do that it. called wadi you let it through. let it go off. and look at it going to avoid any of this is. you know that's good then good that. a guy who did it says it what it will never know they're going to they're all like many of the other villages conlon is a coke obama. he has 11 mouths to feed. he's modest plantation is a few kilometers away in the forest. in tokyo cocoa
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farming is the main source of income for some 20000 families. but 6 out of 10 of those vomits live in die of poverty. the. open is the one where. they think of. the things school and then a job without it. and what employers must show according again one of the. cocoa farms in tokyo a typically small and family run. each covering an average of about 5 acres of land many mumblin nua gave out. to the few a week they were negligent. in that use of the thing and. you know little by little go home. no it was only when it was what.
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will. come around and his wife sell that cocoa beans through the village co-operative from. foreign companies then buy up the entire regions halted and then the courts exported to europe model the us or china. now and then i am wiring them to believe that most of the tiny budget minded enough to keep what they cannot meet with. in the last few years small scale produces have been powerless in the face of fluctuating prices. from 13. 100 west african francs or 2 euros per kilo to less than half of that as the spill was being made that had consequences unhappiness with the government was bound to grow. in august 27th team people took their frustration to the streets the 18th among long protests that
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followed aimed at ending the rule of the nia single identity it has ruled the country to hop a century and many togolese believe that political change is vital to unlock years of of the tea but the demonstrations were unsuccessful and meanwhile the instability only found on phantom of the country's cocoa industry i don't know one year. old they did you feel. good i'm not modulus i'm not good for them all to you is wide a double manual imagine what you will do that we have. done you know once when you on our door. in the nick in the. morning once i realized. that god will allow small remember to get there. when the for don't. know what up although. now going to win over
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a lot i'm glowing. with a welcome he will need we're going to do when you're. togo's cocoa production is concentrated and it's southwestern whole region. compared to much larger west african producers like gone and ivory coast cocoa production here might be relatively modest but in local tons it's still a vital cash crop. to stay competitive with its bigger rivals. believes the token these industries. prioritize quality over quantity. i'm. a man that matters a mile. a . lot then said the phil.
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keener. on to put. the key to getting that premium price says it's by emphasizing toko coco's organic credentials. he might some of his supplies from this co-operative. which is still struggling to find its markets. this year only commies chucko toko paid a good price the rest went to a swiss company for the usual market rate grow as agreed to the low a price to ensure that stock would be sold but comey is adamant it doesn't always have to be that way didn't some busy. guy.


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