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with one of the key campaign. paid for breaks it people in power. the u.s. house speaker nancy pelosi launched an impeachment inquiry into president trump amid allegations he asked ukraine's leader to dig up dirt on joe biden. follow him down jordan this is our 0 live from doha coming up the french president meets the iranian leader for a 2nd time at the u.n. and not just him to begin talks with president trump. heading home to a political storm but his johnson cut short his visit to new york after the u.k.'s highest court ruled his suspension of parliament was unlawful. and family members of some thick terms of the 2737 backsplashes it's not boeing's compensation offer
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calling it a publicist stopped. us democrats are opening a formal impeachment inquiry into president trump of a claim he sought political help from ukraine house speaker nancy pelosi made the announcement after trump acknowledged a phone call with ukraine's president in which he discussed democratic presidential hopeful joe biden trump admitted to withholding aid to ukraine ahead of that call but denied using it as political leverage. the actions of the trump presidency reveal its dishonorable fact of the president's betrayal of his oath of office betrayal of our national security and fix the integrity of our elections therefore today announcing the house of representatives moving forward with an official impeachment inquiry and directing our 6 committees to proceed with their
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investigations under that umbrella of impeachment inquiry the president must be held accountable no one is a part of the law trump reportedly wanted ukraine's president to investigate joe biden and his son for corruption he says he's authorized the release of a transcript of the phone call with not a ms lewinsky and denied any impropriety and reacting to policies announcement trump fired back on twitter calling the impeachment inquiry presidential harassment he lashed out at the democrats for quote ruining the united nations general assembly with witch hunt garbage shabba tansey as the latest now from washington d.c. almost as soon as nancy pelosi had stopped talking the republican party including donald trump himself were circulating a video that was ready to go putting forward the argument that because the democrats called defeat donald trump at the ballot box they feel their only alternative is to impeach it was a montage of sorts selectively edited suggesting that the democrats were being
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rather on the hand of that's one of the reasons why nancy pelosi has long been against impeachment she has all along felt this would be too divisive and could give a real boost to the old base at a time when perhaps some of them were wavering about donald trump as ever gave the the opportunity for the republican party to talk about what chance once again and certainly that was the message that was received from the house minority leader the republican leader nancy pelosi is counterpart in the house an hour after pelosi spoke. our job is to legislate not to continue to investigate something in the back when you cannot find any reason to impeach this president this election is over i realize 2016 did not turn out the way speaker pelosi wanted it to happen but she cannot change the laws of this congress she cannot unilaterally decide when a pietschmann inquiry what she said today made no difference of what's been going
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on it's no different than what natalie has been trying to do it's time to put the public before politics it's not entirely clear how the impeachment inquiry process will work nancy pelosi mentioned that there already 6 committees on the way investigating dog trump for alleged malfeasance those will now be on movie umbrella of an impeachment inquiry but the detail is also a bit murky but at the very least it would seem that by introducing the idea of a formal impeachment inquiry at least some of these committees will get some of the information that they want and which the white house has so far refused to give over so let's take a look at how impeachment works when the lengthy process begins in the house which debate some votes on whether to bring charges against the president if that vote is successful a trial of sorts just presided by the chief justice of the u.s. supreme court is then held in the senate a 2 thirds majority vote is needed in the 100 member senate to convict and remove the president this has never happened the girl schneider is
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a professor of public policy at george mason university he says public opinion the way the term pitch the president is changing. well there almost certainly be an impeachment inquiry what we don't know is whether they'll be a vote whether it will end up in a vote for impeachment you need a majority of the house to vote for impeachment now that's what happened of course with bill clinton democrats have a majority but not all democrats have come on board yet but you could have a majority by just democrats so far no republicans have supported even an impeachment inquiry much less actually impeaching the president think the public is a law and by why president trumpeters doing he appears to have defied the constitution and then his standard procedure is defiance he defies congress he defies the press he defies common decency sometimes in his handling of immigration and now he's defied the constitution and that's something that has to be taken very
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very seriously until now there was not a majority public support for impeachment but that is changing very very rapidly the french president among your macro has again met iranian president hassan rouhani on the sidelines of the u.n. general assembly urging him to meet donald trump. we believe. we know we think it's pretty tough to get the start of. going on if you don't miss it is a look at the relations between the u.s. and iran became even more tense following attacks on 2 major oil facilities in saudi arabia this month washington says iran was behind the attack tehran denies the claims mako is urging the countries to pursue negotiation efforts in while the pakistani prime minister in one concept as he was asked by donald trump to help diffuse tensions with iran met rouhani but did not elaborate on what was discussed he did say efforts to mediate a seems a good. image of just both president rouhani yesterday off to off to the
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meeting with the president trump. but i don't see anything right now more than this except that we are trying and mediating john hall has been following developments at the united nations. there has been a flurry of activity involving a number of leaders meeting separately here in new york with her son rouhani the iranian president and also with donald trump france germany japan pakistan and the united kingdom all pushing a separate piece of trying to broker what would be a historic meeting between 2 countries whose leaders haven't met for 40 years emmanuel macron the french president particularly engaged in this effort he's known to want to set up negotiations more broadly at some point to take in a 4 point program and get a new nuclear file of course also ending the war in yemen coming up with a regional security plan and lifting sanctions he said that conditions he believes
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are right now for a rapid resumption of negotiations it's now up to iran and the united states to seize the opportunity well that hasn't happened yet iran wants a lifting of sanctions now as a precondition for talks to donald trump he is not willing to do that at the moment but he has left the door open the u.s. president saying we are here we do have time they'd like to meet and certainly it makes sense to meet but nothing has been agreed yet well only on tuesday donald trump address the general assembly i'm reminded the u.n. the potentials of peace but he also lashed out at china iran and venezuela while laying out his strategy of america 1st diplomatic editor james bays reports. as he arrived at the general assembly the world was watching for president trump's next move on iran the u.s. has been joined by the u.k. france and germany in holding iran responsible for the drone attacks on saudi oil
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facilities but the president who launched a policy of maximum pressure on to ron is still for now talking about possible diplomacy on iran i think we're doing very well let's see what happens with iran but we are a very strong position on iran and i think they'd like to do something and i think would be a smart thing for them if they did and of course when he took to the podium inside the general assembly whole there was plenty of criticism of iranian policy but also another all the branch america is ready to embrace friendship with all who genuinely and seek. peace and respect. many of america's closest friends today were once our great his foes the united states has never believed in permanent enemies we want hard news not adversaries
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america knows that while anyone can make war. only the most courageous can choose peace in the speech they were old so tough words for china an effort perhaps to increase the pressure on beijing ahead of forthcoming trade talks the american people are absolutely committed to restoring balance to our relationship with china hopefully we can reach an agreement that would be beneficial for both countries. but as i have made very clear i will not accept a bad deal for the american people. when he spoke the u.n. secretary general raised concerns that the war of words between china and the us could develop into something much more serious i hear the possibility of a great fracture the world splitting into we did 2 largest economies on hers could be a thing to separate and competing worlds which we then own dominant currency trade
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and financial rules their own internet and artificial intelligence capacities and their own 0 sum geo political and military strategies what he attended the official luncheon with other world leaders and the secretary general president trump praised the united nations that was in contrast to a typical trump speech which promoted national sovereignty ahead of multilateralism and slammed globalists james pays out of the united nations. prime minister bars johnson has cut short his time at the united nations he's heading home after the supreme court declared he acted unlawfully by suspending parliament the house of commons will resume on wednesday morning his portrait of. outside the supreme court the anti bracks it demonstrators were in optimistic mood
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inside the judges delivered their devastating ruling with calm deliberation and issue where the prime minister boris johnson suspended parliament lawfully or simply to prevent parliament from holding his government to account the effect on the fundamentals of our democracy was extreme no justification for taking action with such an extreme effect has been put before the court the court is bound to conclude that. the decision to advise her majesty to purab parliament was unlawful. because it had the effect of frustrating or preventing the ability of parliament to carry out its constitutional functions without reasonable justification this case went to the fundamental issue of the very nature of democracy here in the united kingdom and it was a stress test if you like of the separation of powers between the 3 branches of government but this conflict is far from over the outcome is
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a vindication for gina miller the campaigner who has fought the government for the past 3 years to uphold the law or on breaks it. today it's not to win any individual cause it's a win for parliamentary servant the separation of powers and the independence of a british court. news of the court's decision prompted a standing ovation from delegates at the opposition labor party conference where the party leader was on his feet at the time the supreme court has just announced its decision. and it shows that the prime minister has acted wrongly in shutting down. his demand for parliament to be recalled gathered pace a speaker of the lower house stepped in. i have instructed the house all thought it is to prepare not for the recall. the purgation was unlawful and these void
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to prepare for the resumption of the business of the house of commons. are you talking about our promise to johnson received the news in new york where he's attending the u.n. general assembly he said he disagreed with the ruling but with respect to his the main thing is that we're going to get home and deliberative to the 31st yes of course that will have to come back but. you know we'll respect that and get on with back in london that his position is now in question parliament will resume on wednesday morning it promises to be a tumultuous return paul brennan al-jazeera the supreme court under simmons has more now from london. boris johnson is flying back from the united nations general assembly in new york to face the music here in palm and emboldened by this supreme court decision expect coals of resign and expect from boris johnson the
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bricks it has been set back again and he wants an election to decide it all and the labor leader will be present to resist those calls now boris johnson has spoken to the queen has been confirmation of that but not of the content of the phone conversation between new york and the queen herself furthermore the cabinet ministers have briefed him and also the attorney general geoffrey caulks has confirmed through his office that he did advise johnson that it was legal to go ahead and suspend parliament and address the queen along those lines that is expected to be his main defense line in this situation but what next well probably he'll attempt another election and the arithmetic suggests that there is
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the prospect that he will try to basically bring parliament to a room into a recess and if that's resisted because of the numbers then the tory conference is threatened by that because parliament could be sitting while the conservatives are at their conference time for a short break here not just when we come back more than 25 dead in roads ripped apart as an earthquake strikes pakistan we'll have a live update. profoundly disturbing condemnation from a key u.n. official after assad in that coalition air strike kills women and children in yemen stay with us. hello welcome to another look at the international focus but they're not looking too bad across the eastern side of the u.s. of the medicine show is down towards the southwest though and indeed in félix hours
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we have seen some flooding a live you downpours but in place here on and off for the last couple of days and warnings have been issues right across the state for the risk of flooding and that's going to continue as we go on through the next few days actually want to see showers you can see down towards southern posit california just easing out of mexico at the moment for wednesday the west of weather looks a lot need to be just around dark and so more than positive texas for this chain of cloud right of course the lakes up towards hudson by this some very heavy rain coming into central parts of canada around ontario grassy pushing further east as we go on into thursday is that what the weather will tend to peter out over the appalachians and wet weather through the plains and the sea kentucky says wet weather and again down tools northern parts of texas and by that stage again you could see some wet weather towards the southwestern coast just notice up towards the northeast into western parts of canada calgary 12 degrees celsius to charles of
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some snow coming through here say while the stormy stormy tour across parts of the caribbean on rainy nature that right said dick cheney. there was a lot of the area in this community and that is where we live to and believe in the moment and look forward to it all the women who want to win this is now a man she worked with local women to solve the main problem plaguing communities was not always a key problem auction plan had worked as a priority and led the way in transforming a difficulty into a success so imparting no one to me is standing in a corner only. women make change on al-jazeera.
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welcome back a quick reminder the top stories here on al-jazeera u.s. democrats are opening a formal impeachment inquiry into president trump of the trains he saw political help from the ukraine house speaker nancy pelosi made the announcement of the trump knowledge he discussed joe biden with his ukrainian counterpart french president emanuel says he believes conditions are right for talks between iran and the u.s. it follows michael 2nd meeting with the rain in president asked on rouhani on the sidelines of the un general assembly in just 2 days on the u.k.'s prime minister boris johnson is falling brags it will go ahead on 31st october despite the supreme court ruling to unlawfully when he suspended parliament this month speaker john bercow has ordered resumption of parliamentary proceedings from wednesday. an earthquake has hit eastern pakistan the killing at least 22 people and injuring hundreds more the 5.8 magnitude quake epicenter was close to the city of poor in
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pakistan administered kashmir dozens of homes and cars were damaged when roads collapsed in many areas will come on high to joins us live now from the close to the epicenter of the earthquake come on it's early morning then now just talk us through what you were seeing on the ground and what's the latest with a casualty figures. were just to give you an idea. at night most of the people and made food and. were sleeping outside because they were afraid they were. and this morning. we've been able to do great damage to infrastructure and also. have been damaged some bridges have been damaged the military of god has sent in reinforcements to try and head to fit your age and age really an administration and
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a dead end now extending it print to 5 and over 300 wounded some of them i said to be in serious condition show me the dead. the united nation study the united states your logic of. that budget on one of the most active regions for david d. and quakes and although this. was head and buggy. made. shallow quake and the. 100. 1 bordered on the one. which borders. to cross the country and it has caused damage by. people who hate are saying that if the longer they. would've been much heavier now as you can see behind me. caved in and it did all the more creative to 14 feet deep right now. that
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quick and a faggot it. made it even more dangerous. pakistan's military says aviation and medical teams have been dispatched to the designs does and what sort of challenges then do they face when they get there on the ground. where the military defeats. under control and they. be able to read days by day evening because right now it is. going to try to draw dirt roads and of course. so did traffic unable to move so that situation very much under control but did a mind that budget on its prone wake back in 2005 there were major major which claimed tens of thousands of lives so did. much law and i
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mentioned 5.8 magnitude i did being stronger and had to do nation being stronger. every. mention ward indeed a stronger. even if some people were shaken out of their home last night we saw all across this region that people would not really go back to their homes because of the infrastructure damage cracks in the walls and some plates in their roof. so indeed people are not digging any john say right at that time goes by the military had been able to come to a good situation and the people of course coming out and trying to help each other dad in the right to come out of the poor come all thank you. yemen's who the rebels say a saudi led coalition air strike in the country's south has killed at least 17 people
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including women and children the strikes hit 2 residential buildings and an ambulance in al dallaire province a saudi led coalition which backs the un recognized government in yemen as neither confirm nor deny the attack the un humanitarian coordinator for yemen said the timing of the attack during the u.n. general assembly is profoundly disturbing well on monday another airstrike killed 7 people all members of the same family they were hiding in a mosque as mama della todd has this exclusive report from a scene in the heart of sofia. people who are internally displaced have taken refuge inside this mosque they believe that they are in a safe place but suddenly unfortunately they have been attacked 7 members of one family were killed. and 30 displaced people were living here it was one family who were originally bedouin after nearly 3 attacks on the 10s they fled to the mosque believing it would be
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a safer place for them in this war raged by saudi arabia already lines have been violated. this deep hole which has been created by the missile attack has targeted the mosque where the internally displaced people have taken refuse they have brought with them their blankets and everything that they could use during the bath the have found themselves one of the. targets. and this in time of night yesterday the saudi fighter jets targeted this mosque we can see here stroh's of the mosque. where i'm also words that used to be the ceiling of the mosque people here can do such at. the convention of geneva can them. they have on places of worship being asks fuel shortages are feeling on rest in haiti for the 2nd time this year port au
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prince is in days of protests demanding the resignation of the president john l. murray's he's accused of corruption and of failing to solve worsening fuel and food shortages most of haiti's fuel had come from venezuela but supply has now dried up . a humanitarian ship carrying more than 180 people who were rescued in the mediterranean as docked in italy the migrants are picked up a week ago by the charity vessel ocean viking when they were attempting to make the dangerous crossing from libya to europe france germany italy malta and finland all agreed on monday to share the responsibility of taking them in boeing's compensation offer to families of those killed in 2 air crashes has been described by some of lawyers as a publicist a stunt about $140000.00 is to be paid to each claimant $346.00 passengers and crew were killed in the 737 match disasters in the me and ethiopia some were from kenya and their relatives were spoken to al-jazeera as malcolm webb this joy of life was
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cut short for george. his sister esther says she didn't even know he traveled from his home in march here in kenya's capital nairobi. until she heard the ethiopian airlines plane had crashed and that george was among the 157 people on board nose dived into the ground near addus about the 6 minutes after takeoff investigations are ongoing that boeing's anti stall software known as m cas has been widely blamed negli. that. distills 2 of them used allegedly but you're focusing on this that's how he died. and it's not the 1st time boeing's m caste system has been blamed for a crash 6 months earlier a lion air plane crashed into the java sea minutes after takeoff from indonesia's
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capital jakarta. all 189 people on board died the aircraft in both crashes were boeing 737 max regulators around the world since grounded it. airlines often face lifts a geisha an off the air disasters manufacturers often try and blame the pilots and the airlines often try and blame the manufacturers for a technical fault following the european airlines crash the 2nd of 2 similar accidents lawyers representing the families of those on board say they have a strong precedented case against boeing boeing did wrong no one hussein's representing 12 families including esther's there among many more who filed suit against boeing in the u.s. in the 20 years i've been working on airline litigation cases i've never seen a case like this and in this particular case it's clear that boeing put profit over
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safety and decided to ignore all of the red flags all of the warnings that were occurring that it had and continued to market sell and deliver this dangerous product. boeing says it supporting investigations but doesn't comment on the lawsuit is the world's largest aircraft manufacturer and one of america's largest companies industry experts say it's likely to pay dearly for to survive for boeing of course being on the receiving end of legal action from the families is just part of a wider picture of a lot of legal action that is either being taken or set to be taken by the industry including by leasing companies who operate these and while this will be a very significant hit in the manufacture as lifetime. want to fly. investigations and court cases are expected to last months victims' families say they want to see boeing held to account. as to knows it won't bring george back but she says the planes need to be made safe so nobody else suffers the same fate.
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malcolm webb al-jazeera nairobi kenya now a court has ruled that google does not have to apply the so-called right to be forgotten rule outside of europe on the e.u. regulations the search engine must on a request to remove links relating to sensitive personal information the european court of justice agreed with google's argument that this rule should only apply to websites within europe. or top a quick check of the headlines here in al-jazeera u.s. democrats are opening a formal impeachment inquiry into president trump about claims he sought political help from ukraine house speaker nancy pelosi made the announcement of the trumpet knowledge he discussed joe biden with his ukrainian counterpart the actions of the trump presidency revealed dishonorable fact of the president's betrayal of his oath
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of office betrayal of our national security and the male of the integrity of our elections therefore today i'm announcing the house of representatives moving forward with an official impeachment inquiry and directing our 6 committees to proceed with their investigations under that umbrella of impeachment inquiry the president must be held accountable no one is above the law for this president to manual macro has again met a rainy and president hassan rouhani on the sidelines of the un general assembly urging him to meet donald trump. we believe. we know we think the president turned against the start of. the relations between the u.s. and iran became even more tense following attacks on 2 major all facilities in saudi arabia this month washington says iran was behind the attack turnaround denies the claims an earthquake has hit eastern pakistan killing at least 25 people and
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injuring hundreds more but 5.8 magnitude quakes epicenter was close to the city of mira poor in pakistan administered kashmir dozens of homes and cars were damaged when roads collapsed in many areas yemen's who the rebels say a saudi led coalition last strike in the country's south has killed at least 17 people including women and children the strikes hit 2 residential buildings in an ambulance in the elderly or province the saudi led coalition which backs the u.n. recognize government in yemen as neither confirmed nor denied the attack the un's humanitarian coordinator for yemen so the timing of the attack during the u.n. general assembly is profoundly disturbing. well the headlines the news continues on al-jazeera woman makes. the story generate thousands of headlines it seems that much the media is still struggling with how to deal with it with different angles from different perspectives and you. can't separate the spin
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from the facts. the misinformation from the journalism how to care for. your words but some tough stuff has to be said some critics have to be listening post on al-jazeera. and i'm not done. yet. but i let me show you something this is a $1.25 a well i mean if it were by a very small cup of coffee millions of people are around the world.


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