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such conversations can be made public as it was in this case. certainly it does not add to ukraine's credibility in the west and in the european union that ukrainian president is disparaging. the european confederation the european union a body that has given close to 16000000000 euros to ukrainian military and humanitarian assistance over the last 5 years this is just coming across as sheer gratitude now in terms of how this is going to play out with the people who elected him he conceded when quite a staggering bounty came from nowhere really and how is this going to end pacts. cranium public think. well you have to understand that ukraine has a very vibrant free media and you know most of the media is actually in opposition
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to mr selenski mr selenski himself does not appear to control media t.v. channels so of course you can safely assume that most of these have already jumped on this as a case of the new president's ineptitude there will be using it against it especially in light of the new law draft that mr president president has proposed about presidential impeachment already we hear voices here in ukraine that this is perfect fodder to initiate an impeachment against him. we will have to wait and see how this all plays out fascinating which ever way you look at it thank you so much peter is a my of joining us there live from the training capital thank you. the indian government is building the 1st mass detention center for people in the northeastern state of us some who are deemed to be illegal immigrants nearly 2000000 people many of them muslim were left off the government's national registry of citizens which
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was published last month when the hamid reports it's a detention camp in the making aimed at housing some of the 1900000 people considered illegal immigrants in india about 450 laborers working on its construction since december. among them. who might very well end up living here once it's completed. having i'm very worried because my name didn't come up in the final list of national registry of citizens my family is on the list i am not even if i submitted all the paperwork i don't know what will happen next i won't care during the day and think about my future at night. the new material detention center is in the state of assam in northeast india near the border with bangladesh is being built after an anti migration campaign targeted the big galley speaking residents of the state the government
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carried out a census of 33000000 people to determine who had the indian nationality by birth out of those nearly 2000000 hindus and muslims were not included in the national registry of citizens they are considered foreigners even though hindus were publicly assured they'd be granted citizenship even if they weren't of indian origin that leaves the muslims out they have $120.00 days to appeal to foreigners tribunal critics say the campaign was ultimately aimed at muslims. go home. he will face a lot of problems because members of the tribunal are known for not being impartial there is favoritism in their promotion an appointment depends on the number of people they declare as foreigners i know this from past experience. has not been declared a foreigner yet but fears it's imminent she is also the only member of her family refused indian citizenship. i gave them all the documents but i'm scared now
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i want to stay with my husband and children approaching a court will require money and resources and we don't have any. it's a problem facing men born in poverty like memphis surviving on daily earnings now also facing a future of shattered families and detention if not exiled heard of the hamid elders or. around 300 malaysian students are to university in indonesia being flown home because of concerns for their health the university in sumatra has shut down because of the toxic haze affecting millions both in indonesia and neighboring malaysia forest fires of calls a major fall in the air quality close to 2000000 students were affected last week and thousands of schools were closed. a fire at a speciality chemical factory in northern france has forced schools to close and
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people to stay at home the blaze broke out in the early hours in the port city of hong $200.00 firefighters doused storage tanks with water there are concerns that the far could pools of pollution risk for the send river the factory makes industrial lubricants and fuel additives. at least one person has died in more violent process in haiti days of unrest paralyze the capital port au prince protesters are calling for president chavez says resignation he's accused of corruption and failing to tackle worsening fuel and food shortages while all here mere by i'm extending my hand to all the national actors so we can sit down together to form a worthy national government that has the capacity and legitimacy to address the urgent problems of the country that's version of all i promise not to answer political violence with violence but to answer with dialogue but after many attempts we've seen that the house or senate isn't able to complete its
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constitutional duties. still to come on al-jazeera sun i will be here with the sports star live. as the sports spotlight shines on the world championships.
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for the sport now let's go live to doha stadium to join. thank you very much hallo welcome back to our studio as we get ready for the wall
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of athletics championships which starts on friday was the 1st time of this event has been held in the middle east a big test for cut up before hosting the football world cup in 20220 will be live here at the rondo half of the next 11 days to bring you the biggest stories of the best action and we'll be speaking to the world's biggest stars as well the defending world and the limpid triple jump champion christian taylor has just been in the studio speaking to our correspondent rather past that with temperatures approaching 40 degrees and humidity over 50 percent the american explained how he plans to deal with the conditions. there's been a lot of talk about me erin and how maybe some of the long distance runners are going to struggle in these kind of conditions so someone in your event is the heat actually quite good for you in terms of competing in training absolutely he does actually had advantages from southeast georgia florida so i'm used to the humidity i'm used to the heat and i'm surprised when i heard that there would be air
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conditioned in the stadium you know i thought we would use that to our advantage this was actually the 1st place 80 meters because i was in my element you know it was easy to to move easy to despond that flow so i'm really interested to see how it will be qualifications kind of get a feel for going through the call rooms and seeing how much they are pumping that ac it would be nice for the spectators and i'm sure the distance runners but hopefully it's not too cool for us are you talking about sort of jumping on your part of that exclusive club i mean do you think with the conditions such they are in for a very strong feel that you're competing against that jonathan had with world records which has been there since like 9095 yeah that's what you think you have being 5 years old and the record go down you know no notice for me but yes i believe the elements are there you know this is really the best package this was my 1st 18 metre so. it's a special city for me. but the competition is there's a lot of debt there would be very you know the competitors to top shape this way
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was prepared for but we need to surpass i don't want to think about even tying you know the measurement 2015 i was a bit short you know a centimeter short but now the goal is to go well beyond it's funny to look at what a record is one of those iconic world record because you had before jonathan it was before i was with the banks it's always taken a while for that recklessly broke it once it's broken it seems to stay there for a while so yes if you do get that will be huge absolutely i said you know i'm not greedy i don't want it i don't even need to be the 1st person to break it i just want to be the last you know that it's really outstanding 50 plus years i don't want to see my record be broken i know they're meant to be but you know i'd like this one to stand as. the other one is to no more than 20 years. well the whole is here with me now and this to follow that was an interesting interview with kristin thinking he doesn't seem to be bothered by the heat but i hear it's still challenging for other athletes i han't they have come up with them new technology
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that they're trying here and tell us more about bases it's a pill for moment and it's exactly how it sounds it's a pill that you swallow and it measures you're core temperature this is something i was developed by nasa and it's been used in other sports like for me the one about the drivers and in football i think the 1st time it's been used in athletics some some of the athletes all of them will be able to take in this pill i just met your coach temperature and they will collect data and to see how the athletes are conditioning 'd in these very so humid temperatures i will come in very handy actually the data that i collect had of those tokyo lympics next year because the temperatures that you'll find in japan in the summer were very similar to what was funny. little who let's talk about these i think championships they had the 1st competition post use involved. who are the athletes so who do we need to watch on that or that's what i mean it he still looms large after that it's not just because of his performances because of the personality that he was but it offers a great opportunity for some new knights or some new superstars that's
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a come out of these world championships and in that lead up to those. lympics but again picked out a few names for you to watch out for deena after smith from the u.k. she's a young british sprinter she's already the european champion in the 10200 meters should be going for 3 golds here in doha and she's one of the names to watch out for she is very very very good television she's very pop in the u.k. i don't think she's going to be one of the big stars. in the men's events the u.s. sprint to noah lyles a lot of people say he could be the new you sign both as much for his personality as again for his performance on the track he's great in the 200 meters he's won the 4th fastest 200 meters this year all time. michael johnson a very quick of his back in the 100 meters that could be a real blockbuster a very very large role in that this question call the number one sprint in the world this year but our think young african sprinter from large area would adore he could become one of the 1st was the 1st sprinter from africa to in gold out these
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charges are amazed that no african sprinter has ever won gold in 100 meters are very excited to see if it could happen here and out i thank you very much for that we'll talk about this more later on now moving on to other sports as the rugby world cup in japan italy has thrust to canada $48.00 italians run and 7 tries all together to claim their 2nd straight bonus point victory it puts them at heart. but they're still likely to finish 3rd behind defending tampa's new zealand and 2nd favorite south africa this is the 2nd day between england and usa has just kicked off. and as it has bought for me for now i do back. thank you very much santa now it's only ans living near him else english here in the out so blaming global warming for threatening disaster scientists are warning thousands of tons of ice could collapse on mon blong if it does it will take less than 2 minutes to reach the bottom of the highest mountain in western europe the mayor of the nearby
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turn of my year has ordered the closure of roads and mountain what's popular some hikers and winter skiers about sent for me just now i do stay with us here on al-jazeera back with more in just a few moments time. margaret
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. look i show she mudda conspiracy lies in justice special coverage on al-jazeera. every year 50000000 tons of electronic waste is thrown away the majority is indeed going to be done in developing countries right now electronic waste is the most traded as of this with retracing the tech through the criminal organizations making the big profits and asking why the west is turning
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a blind. man made on the waste trail on al jazeera. i mean this is different whether someone is going for some of this video rants but that's not a winning streak i think it's how you approach individual and i think it is a subtle way of doing it to qantas bods and it's a story in fly out. chasing the facts in the case against donald trump an intelligence order to explain why he didn't act on a complaint against the u.s. president. hello and welcome director paul and you're watching auxerre live from also coming up. one of france's most famous politicians the former president jacques chirac
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dies at the age of $86.00. in the form of a human chain of hong kong's chief executive hold her 1st meeting with the public she hopes to end a month long political crisis. and fears of a crackdown on foreigners in the indian state of azam as a huge new detention center is built. the u.s. intelligence chief accused of protecting donald trump will have to explain himself in just a few hours as the clamor to impeach the president grows acting director of national intelligence just of macor has been called before a house committee the u.s. justice department said a white house counsel had decided a complaint about trump's call with ukraine wasn't a urgent concern but details of the call released by the white house revealed
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donald trump as the ukrainian president to investigate his political rival joe biden our correspondent john hendren begins our coverage from washington. as the 4th u.s. president to face an impeachment threat donald trump is scrambling to elude history it's a joke no president yet has been removed from office through impeachment on wednesday the united states' 45th president sounding unusually said dude seem to feel history's wait it's very sad what the democrats are doing to this country they're dividing they're belittling they're demeaning a country so many leaders came up to me today and they said. what you go through no president has ever gotten through the white house's own account of a july phone call between president trump and ukrainian president villota mirror's alinsky was released wednesday it revealed that is trump was withholding 2 $150000000.00 in aid from ukraine he repeatedly asked vilinsky for in his words
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a favor investigate former vice president joe biden for trump's potential presidential rival trump asked selenski to coordinate the probe with u.s. attorney general bill barr and trump's personal lawyer rudy giuliani trump without offering evidence accuses biden of ending a conflict of interest probe into his son hunter biden took a lucrative position on the board of ukraine's biggest gas company in 2014 while his father was directing u.s. policy there in the summary of the phone calls alinsky promised his top prosecutor in his words will look into the situation but with trump at his side ukraine's leader says he did not pursue it i'm sorry but i don't want to be involved to do a critic all. elections and i think. anyone you know that that had a question and that is the answer a whistleblower in the u.s. intelligence community alarmed by trump's apparent use of state power for political
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gain reported the president's call to an inspector general however the complaint was not passed on to congress under instruction from the white house and the justice department amid the fear it has now been passed to lawmakers i found the legations a deeply disturbing i also found them very credible i can understand why the inspector general found them credible the house intelligence committee received the whistleblower report on wednesday on thursday acting director of national intelligence joseph mcguire testifies before congress that session is now part of a formal impeachment inquiry into the president. asked about the call trump repeatedly turned the focus on biden i fully support transparency on the so-called whistleblower information even though it was supposedly secondhand information which is sort of interesting but also insist on transparency from joe biden and his
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son hunter on the millions of dollars that have been quickly and easily taken out of ukraine and china now trumps efforts to prompt an investigation into his rival have instead helped to prompt another historic probe when intended to decide whether he is fit to remain in office john hendren al jazeera washington. and mike hanna joins us now from washington d.c. ahead of that hearing mike what's expected to happen today. well it could be explosive on a number of levels the acting director of national intelligence joseph maguire reportedly threatened to resign unless he was allowed to present that complaint to congress these whole process that occurred here was that he received the complaint he then took advice from the justice department which went to the white house counsel decided initially that this report would not be released to congress now this was against the law theoretically the d.n.c.
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has got one week to release that report to congress hence the subpoena the d.n.c. the acting d.n.c. appearing before the house intelligence committee in the course of the day he's not only going to be asked about the contents of that report but also about the white house process in terms of dealing with that now we do know from the specter general of the intelligence department that there's more to these could this complaint than just the single phone call and certainly that is something that the intelligence committee will be exploring in the course of the morning. right we've heard you know what's going on in congress but what's the wider reaction to this so what do the american public think about this. well there's a degree of confusion a degree of apprehension and of course there is a degree to which reaction is split along party lines this country deeply divided on a number of issues and certainly on this particular issue it is largely along party
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lines democrats welcoming the move to impeachment republicans deeply concerned about it and many opposing it but there has been a difference in this particular case with there has been a slightly more muted reaction from republicans we saw for example and precedent it in a way you know misspoke in the senate demanding that the whistleblower complaint be brought to congress so certainly there may be a shift in terms of the regular reaction on a partisan basis thank you very much mike hanna in washington for us france is mourning the death of the former president jacques chirac his son in law says the 86 year old died peacefully surrounded by his family that talks about takes a look back at his life. he forged his own path through a political career spanning 5 decades mayor of paris prime minister twice and president for 12 years jacques chirac held almost all the top jobs he was one of the most to prominent politicians in post-war frog's chirac was born in paris in
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1032 after receiving a privilege education his political prowess was clearly evident he spent the night 150 s. working in the civil service before becoming a protege of prime minister george pompidou after that his climb was steep and fast within 12 years he was prime minister a role where he would push for welfare reform his march to the lease a palace began after he left the cabinet becoming mayor of paris in 1977 where he set his eyes on the presidency it would be almost 20 years before he would gain his seat in the elisei he was elected promising tax cuts and more jobs but within months there was a general strike bringing millions into the streets during his time in office he championed the single currency but the budget of the lease a sword in 2003 the us president george bush failed to persuade chirac to join the invasion of iraq winning the french leader praise from some quarters 2 years later
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chirac failed to persuade his own people to vote for a new european constitution memories of his leadership will be sullied by the corruption during his 18 years as paris may 2011 he was convicted of embezzlement jacques chirac though was a consummate french politician a survivor but his legacy is uncertain and damaged by his personal failures and joins me now from paris he is our girl arguably one of france's longest serving politicians are there what do you think people will remember him the most for. well i think jacques chirac is probably a politician that people remember because so many people know him generations of people really young and old because his career lasted so long spanning decades you saw their twice president twice prime minister the mayor of paris a major job of course and he was in that position for 18 years as well as serving
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as a minister of various times so he is someone who has been in public life for so long and in terms of reputation many people have always said that he was above you know man you really seem to enjoy life enjoyed food enjoyed the finer things in life but he was also somebody who could be quite blunt politically he could sometimes change his opinions if he thought it would make him more popular but he was certainly popular with extremely popular with his supporters who many of them who are very close to him indeed in staged by his side throughout his whole career including even during that corruption trial you saw there 2011 he was accused of corruption in relation to his time as the mayor in paris or just so you know we've also heard that the in the assembly m.p.'s and senators are actually held a minute of silence and as you can imagine here in france many people who knew him in the past to work to the politicians are in fact reacting to the news that one of
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france's well most famous political figures has died indeed and what was the fear of him in the international community particularly he was very much against the iraq war he and he made a lot of controversial decisions to. yes it was someone who was very keen on pushing from the international stage she had multi-polar view of the world if you like in in many respects it's very similar to emmanuel montreal today that has a multilateral vision of the world seeing fronts as the center as a country that can talk to all sides this was also jacques chirac and of course he became quite famous around the world if you like in 2003 for a poet opposing the u.s. led invasion on iraq he thought that that would just lead to more anti western sentiment and it wouldn't be in anyone's benefit indeed that said he was always
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very close to the u.s. he was somebody who spoke english fluently for example and after the attacks on new york in 2001 on september 11th it was actually rock in fact he was the 1st foreign leader to visit the united states and there thank you very much. chief executive is holding her 1st community dialogue session but protesters are chanting outside the venue this is live these are live pictures from inside the venue where kerry will hear the concerns of 12050 citizens some people outside the venue have formed a human chain and are holding signs accusing the chief executive of not meeting their demands under pressure to step down is hoping that these sessions will end the protests in hong kong have been running for about 16 weeks it's got harder now i can join us for more on the scott you're just outside the venue and there seems to be somewhat something of a protest there can you tell us more about the atom.


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