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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 27, 2019 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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mom had a hand in his death and saudi authorities have stifled her investigation bar reports from new york. she spent months investigating the killing of saudi journalists. and concluded it was deliberate premeditated and extrajudicial un special rapporteur. also found credible evidence linking death to crown prince mohammed bin. almost a year after the killing of the saudi consulate in turkey the crown prince also known by his initials. american network p.b.s. he bears responsibility in the murder but denies personal involvement easer crown prince of saudi arabia so clearly everything at printing in saudi arabia or related to saudi arabia is happening under his watch i you know i i haven't found the
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statement as riveting as maybe some people may find it. a global approach strain saudi arabia has relations with many countries turkey blames officials of stalling the investigation into what happened on october the 2nd this is the moment mr into the saudi consulate to retrieve documents for his upcoming wedding to his turkish fiance how these are doing is seen here waiting for him outside of the consulate but never showed up again he was killed and his body dismembered by a death squad. the whereabouts of his remains still shrouded in mystery you know kind of way to how many missileers crown prince bears responsibility he must tell us who gave the order to kill jamal where is the body and why did they kill him so brutally over the last few years saudi authorities have. understand
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a blasting activists here were wise defend and clerics the murder. solved saudi arabia's ties with this. and many became alarmed by involvement in the war in yemen and european countries suspended arms sales to the oil which kingdom the murder of damage the reputation of m.b.'s was described by his hours as a reformer a liberal and committed to radically changing his religiously conservative country he was accused of being personally involved in his murder a year on it appears he's trying to rebuild his image. new york. time for short break here al-jazeera when we come back why it's about to get harder for people to seek refuge in the united states. and a massive detention center take shape in eastern india we'll tell you who it's meant for more on that stay with us.
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hello there it is a mostly clear picture across much of the middle east now we've seen quite a bit of cloud just pushing into northern sections of pakistan that might just be a few showers over the next couple of days and you will see all this further to the north streaming from the eastern end of the black sea right there cross is the caspian sea and certainly by saturday expect to see the rain really pushing through georgia on towards azerbaijan but staying dry and back you either 23 degrees celsius meanwhile baghdad city where of course we have the particularly high temperatures well no so as hot over the next couple of days still in the low forty's there and then further to the south as well temperatures beginning just to be pegged back a little bit but still way feeling quite humid save 37 celsius in doha on friday sunny humid into santa we have some more rain showers there quite chaotic
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conditions along those coastal areas of oman that pushes further inland as we head into saturday 33 celsius the high in moscow then down into southern africa cloud just skirting by cape town but it's a warm day on friday 25 degrees celsius not too bad and been pretty pretty nice at 23 where we have got the rain is a cross the mozambique channel pushing cross into madagascar that fairly widespread as we head through the next couple of days meanwhile durban very woman 25 and even warmer in johannesburg with a high of 26. with a sponsor down. the $950.00 s. a clash of politics and a challenge to french colonial. in the 2. it seems al-jazeera was tells the dramatic story of how modern chinese ian was born to give us back our land in cedar point. with a rare eye witness testimony from the man who fought the french on the ground to
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newseum the battle for independence episode one rebel announces iraq. welcome back a quick reminder of our top stories here on al-jazeera for some breaking news the british flag tanker which was detained by iran appears to be on the move a ship tracking website shows a stomach in peril as left about sport to bring you more on this story as we get it here about. u.s. democrats are accusing president trump of a cover up after a sense a version of a whistle blower's complaint was made public the memo details how trump tried to persuade his ukrainian counterpart to investigate his rival joe biden. and the
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pentagon is deploying a battery of patriot missiles 4 radar systems and $200.00 troops to saudi arabia to bolster the kingdom's defenses all of them attacked out of this month alone or in a fight. now the u.s. is proposing to cut the number of refugees to its lowest level ever if the plan is adopted the number allowed in of the next 12 months will be limited 218000 that's down from 30000. so let's take a closer look now at how this proposal would actually work officials say 5000 people fleeing religious persecution would be resettled there also be a large number from iraq and central america the balance of them would be people from other countries the new limit would apply from tuesday which is the beginning of the new financial year when you have a senior us advocate at refugees international she outlined the implications of a lower refugee limit. the reason that the trump administration has given for reducing this is they favor that because the united states expects to process about
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350000 phylum applicants this year it's necessary for them to limit the number of refugees resettled the same officers who process the phylum application also screen refugees overseas the problem with that argument is that most because of policy that been put in place over the last year on the top administration has really limited the number of people who get asylum and whether or not you can get asylum so very few of those people who are going to be processed are actually going to get asylum what we're going to actually have is very many many fewer refugees being resettled overseas and very few people getting asylum we're basically just not going to be having a lot of people gaining refuge in the united states at all a u.s. democratic senator has criticized the egyptian government's crackdown after last week's protests chris murphy has called on the government in cairo to allow demonstrations egyptian rights groups say security forces in the rest of delhi 2000 people will protest a plan for friday. president trump has been you know an absolute disaster for
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global democracy causes he is empowered autocrats all over the world at the top of that list is president i'll see see the congress is going to be watching what happens is these protests some fold tomorrow we have seen what sisi has done over the past week or so walking up hundreds of dissidents disappearing many we're going to be watching we expect these protests have be able to be held we are going to hold the egyptians to account if they once again respond with force and indiscriminate detention the syrian government did use chlorine as a chemical weapon then it's battle for it live and that's the finding of a u.s. investigation secretary of state mike pump aoe has condemned damascus saying the white house has been working on preventing such attacks against civilians president bashar al assad's regime has been accused of several chemical weapons attacks against the syrian people during the country's 8 year civil war. britain's prime
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minister has been dealt another blow in his push for an early election the house of commons speaker says under current rules it wouldn't be possible to go to the polls before october 31st that's when britain essential to leave the e.u. charlie angela has more now from london. following one of the most furious debate in british parliamentary history an attempt by the speaker of the house to restore some dignity to politics. yesterday. the house did extol no credit. there was. an atmosphere in the chamber. worse than any i've known in my 22 years in the house on both sides passions were inflamed angry words were uttered.
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for culture. was toxic grail of the promised to unite the contrary calls for boris johnson to apologize are dismissed pleas from lawmakers to tone down his divisive language and said the best way to honor the memory of murdered m.p. joe cox was to get bricks it cox who backed remain in the e.u. referendum was killed by a far right sympathizer but there was no apology fueling concern that this is part of the prime minister's plan to pit the people against parliament address it the use of language yesterday i am going over the past few weeks such as the surrender bill such as invoking the war so just talking about the trial and treachery it has clearly been tested and work shocked and worked and it is entirely designed to inflame hatred to. only hours after her statement the offices of m.p.
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jess phillips were attacked by a man calling her a fascist meanwhile in brussels the european parliament steering group met to discuss the current state of play insisting they're still waiting for the u.k. to put forward a workable alternative deal. because a solution would mean 1st finding compromise with european union then. building compromise in westminster to pass an agreement so maybe strategies and also one and i believe it has been all along is to provoke. on friday the u.k. minister to join the table for more talk so the now does have it. back in parliament lawmakers voted down the government's request for a recess during next week's conservative party conference schedule into disarray which. this is now a parliament of point scoring but trust has broken down and any consensus can bring
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it back but there's no indication that is the prime minister's plan with just 5 weeks to go before the u.k. is due to crash out with no deal unless an extension is secured or deal passed charlie and. protest sever the disappearance of dozens of students 5 years ago have turned violent in mexico. is believe the 43 students were abducted by gang members with the help of corrupt security forces nobody has yet been convicted demonstrators marched through mexico city demanding justice. now a landslide out on legal gold mine in the central african country of chad has killed about 30 people the defense minister says the incident happened in the north west near the border with libya and legal mining in the area has grown rapidly in recent years as feared more victims are still buried under the rubble. for the hong kong protests now in the 16th week the city's leader has opened talks with the
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public for the very 1st time for many involving the so-called dialogue session it was a chance to voice their anger at the government scott hartnell reports. they were the 150 people selected by a lottery to go face to face with hong kong chief executive kerry lamb in a so-called townhall meeting her 1st direct interaction with the people of this divided city she controls after nearly 4 months of protests that were sparked when a bill allowing extraditions to mainland china was presented lamb later shelled the legislation permanently but it was too late for the protesters they expanded their demands focusing on alleged police mistreatment of protesters and less control from the g.m. . and i'm a white male and no matter how difficult it is my colleagues and i think that it's time to start a direct dialogue because in the last 3 months i'm sure no matter what political stance one holds they must be feeling very sad and worried or angry but empathy was
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met with blunt to statements from some participants a young lawyer like i will say that you know younger it is you because you're useless at governing i say listen you're responsible for what has happened in the protests you must step down. as the to our dialogue continued inside the hundreds of protesters out front continued with their chanting and their demands for kerry land and her government. they listened on their phones as they swarmed the street in front of the meeting venue. this political observer sees the dialogue as too little too late i think it's more akin to a show and it all looks rather to be fosco these days because she talks about engaging in dialogue and since august 18th the massive variety of $1700000.00 people in half the rain but after more than one monteux what people see land made one announcement during the meeting the authorities will end the controversy
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a practice of taking arrested protesters to a detention center near the border with mainland china but the concession appeared to have little impact on the focus of the protest movement with many events planned for the next few days it's got harder al-jazeera hong kong. flash flooding in western india has killed at least 11 people 6 more a missing and 28000 evacuated from pune and surrounding areas the city has seen significantly more rain than usual in this year's monsoon season that runs from june to september the indian government's building the 1st mass detention center the people in the northeastern state of asylum who deems illegal immigrants in the 2000000 people many of the muslim were left off the government's national registry of citizens published last month how many reports it's a detention camp in the making aimed at housing some of the 1900000 people considered illegal immigrants in india about 450 laborers working on its
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construction since december. among them. who might very well end up living here once it's completed. very warded because my name didn't come up in the final list of the national registry of citizens my family is on the list i am not even if i submitted all the paperwork i don't know what will happen next i walk here during the day and think about my future at night. the new material detention center is in the state of assam in northeast india near the border with bangladesh is being built after an anti migration campaign targeted the big galley speaking residents of the state the government carried out a census of 33000000 people to determine who had the indian nationality by birth out of those nearly 2000000 hindus and muslims were not included in the national registry of citizens they are considered foreigners even though hindus were
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publicly assured they'd be granted citizenship even if they weren't of indian origin that leaves the muslims out they have $120.00 days to appeal to foreigners tribunal critics say the campaign was ultimately aimed at muslims go home. they will face a lot of problems because members of the tribunal are known for not being impartial and there is favoritism in their promotion an appointment depends on the number of people they declare as foreigners i know this from past experience. has not been declared a foreigner yet but fears it's imminent she's also the only member of her family refused citizenship. i gave them all the documents but i'm scared now i want to stay with my husband and children approaching a court will require money and resources and we don't have any. it's a problem facing many born in poverty and like memphis surviving on daily earnings
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now also facing a future of shattered families and detention if not exile for the for me a loser. before a french leader has died his lengthy career at the pinnacle of french public life included 2 terms as president and prime minister during that time he became a champion of the european single currency and a vocal opponent of the u.s. led war in iraq where people queued in the courtyard of the alleys a palace in paris to pay their respects my son in a book of condolences france will hold a national day of mourning on monday. time for a quick check of the top stories here this hour the british flag tanker that was detained by iran appears to be on the move a ship tracking website shows a stolen pair o. has left banda about sport a tanker was seized in the strait of hormuz in july shortly after one of iran's tankers was held in gibraltar as
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a big has more now from terror. the british flags in power was seized by iran's revolutionary guard back in july iran says the seized the tanker in the strait of hormuz for alleged maritime violations including turning off its tracking devices to avoid iranian forces and colliding with a fishing boat now many people saw it as a retaliation for the seizure of the rain tanker off the coast of gibraltar by british royal marines that taken place 2 weeks earlier the 3rd to the job role to how you used iraq of violating e.u. sanctions and said that that tanker was on its way to deliver oil to the syrian regime that iranian tank was released back in august for has since been seen on the coast of syria at the time of the seizure of the state in peril it had increased tensions between the united kingdom and iran and included didn't like to state both sides accusing each other of acting illegally and the united kingdom has since joined the u.s. naval coalition that the united states says is to protect freedom of navigation in the gulf earlier this month iran released 7 of the $23.00 crew members of the
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sterner in peril u.s. democrats are accusing president trump of a cover up after a sense of version of a whistle blower's complaint was made public the memo details out from trying to persuade his ukrainian counterpart to investigate his rival joe biden the whistleblower says white house officials tried to conceal politically sensitive information about trump's phone call with a lot of me as the landscape the pentagon is deploying about trio of patriot missiles for radar systems and 200 troops to saudi arabia to boost the kingdom's defenses follows an attack earlier this month on a saudi oil processing facility yemen's who the rebels have trained responsibility but washington and riyadh blame iran iran denies this and also speaking on the sidelines of the un general assembly iran's president said his country will of course engage in talks with the u.s. but only if sanctions are lifted on rouhani reiterated that the trumpet ministrations tactics aren't working. so those were the headlines
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the news continues here on al-jazeera after the stream structure of thanks for watching i think. been accused by several women of being detained you've been talking to confinement all the while you were framed from speaking to the media why are you trying to talk about islamic studies professor tonic. to al-jazeera about the ongoing. why is the united states government probing a middle east studies course i am funny ok this is the street i really could be allowed to discuss the trumpet ministrations threat to cut university funding over alleged pro islam bias so be sure to share your opinion you can tweet us your thoughts or leave a comment in our live chat and then you too can be in the stream. and
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inquiry by the trumpet ministration into a middle east studies program is raising concerns about academic freedom the u.s. department of education argues that the joint curriculum run by the university of north carolina and duke university is misusing federal funds to advance ideological priorities by focusing on the positive aspects of islam but not out of christianity or judaism higher education advocates are now warning that the government could be setting a dangerous precedent by injecting politics into academic funding decisions joining us to discuss this in chapel hill north carolina i should say. at university of north carolina and also co-president of students for justice in palestine and raleigh north carolina jay shalen he's the director of policy at the james martin center and right here in our studio sarah brown senior reporter at the chronicle of higher education she's also a graduate of the university of north carolina good to have you here everybody
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welcome this is an intriguing conversation sarah if you could. break it down what would you say simply is going on between the department of education and 2 universities in the united states so quickly to explain the 2 perspectives the department of education says we're just being a good steward of our federal funding that we dispense and from our perspective the middle east studies center it too can you can see it's not fulfilling the obligations of the great we gave you in duke's a that's not true at all we are complying with the script and scholars nationwide are saying this is an attack on academic freedom and on our ability to do research and teach freely especially on controversial topics in the middle east right that's a fight right that i show you a protesting just recently what are you protesting about how does this impact you go to the investing of north carolina right so students are outraged after reading the statement released by the department of education the statement was charge of
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some of the big races decentralizing and orientals narratives that we wanted to fight back against and all of those all together we collectively as me said no we're not going to say yes to an as some of the education. middle easterners and muslims as terrorists and the national security are so jay i want to break this further down for our audience because this is been really big on twitter but if you're just tuning in as a casual viewer you may not quite understand what's going on so christopher rose on twitter broke it down for a lot of people this is something that got a lot of shares and got people talking he writes in sunday morning i have my 1st cup of coffee and i'm about to wade into the curfuffle over the duke u.n.c. middle east studies consortium so let's get started shall we all to delve into that further he sent us a video comment with his thoughts have a listen. one of the most troubling aspects of the duke u.n.c. inquiry is that it's so public normally if there was
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a question from the department of education about what we were doing with grant money if they want to clarification on how something fit into grand objectives they would simply call us or e-mail us and we would have an exchange send information and usually that was that the fact that this is a public letter that was published in the federal register that it was not written by the staff of the office that administers the title 6 grants but instead came from the assistant secretary of education all raises very interesting questions about why this this particular inquiry is so public and about whether this is the new normal for doing business with the u.s. department of education keisha what do you make of his comment there what did you think when you saw the letter. well i don't see it not is a question of academic freedom but is a question of donor intent. university. of north carolina duke signed on to
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a certain set of criteria and is just. not like you just missed their agreement you're just simply saying hey we want things done a certain way and i think what we have is 2 very different cultures that don't quite understand each other completely. i'll jump in if that's helpful and just explain what title 6 grants even are so there are these grants that the federal government the u.s. department of education dispenses to international education and language education programs and universities nationwide and one of the conditions of getting this funding is that the. resource centers like the middle east studies center must present a quote unquote full understanding of the region or area in which they're focused so one of the core concerns of the department is that they are that the u.n.c. duke center is not promoting a full understanding of the middle east region by not presenting enough positive
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aspects of religious minorities so i just want to be clear about where that what the grants are and because you're clearing things up to christopher's point in that video comment do inquiries like this usually happen and public do we know about them so typically my understanding is that this is somewhat unprecedented in terms of the federal government's. interest in the very minute details of a college course in college program and so i think yes it's true that the federal government does run investigations of universities when they have questions about the funding that they are dispensing but i think a lot of people see this as unprecedented in a number of ways so we'll just a little bit just to the logistics of title 6 funding title 6 clearly states that nothing in title 6 should be consumed to authorize the secretary. ticket to control the program curriculum or contact so going back to the talking point that you know
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this is an issue of donor intent it's more than that because that the title sex doesn't get in the state the power to actually control the curriculum this is a larger structural issue of the senate races and embedded in our government and its effect on the sun dial i think that there were some expectations from the government that they were going to get certain things it said they were there all over their document is we're concerned about national security economic stability 'd and things like that and what they see is many there was there was a situation where you had the. money used for an event with a rapper who made anti-semitic comments and i'm still not that's that's the bit of it's kind of an incredible and of a controversy right now just incredible and so i don't think it's fair to say that
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it was anti-semitic but i also took a look at a list of events for 2018 and there were $200.00 pages i was unable to look at all think but of the 1st 40 or so there were none that dealt with directly with judaism or christianity there were some that were kind of a mixture a few like 2 or 3 that dealt with. all of the religions it wants but it was so overwhelmingly focused on islam and not a particularly. look at. various aspects of modern culture many of them. not suffice for what. she was expecting so it was expected so what you would see and do think that they run many programs courses activities the whole gamut and through those more than
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$100.00 activities through the many courses through the teacher training programs they offer they present a wide range of views of the region and also through their through professors scholarship through research through graduate education that's the argument that you and you do have made in response so i wouldn't know if i did i just lost is no challenge when you can go ahead would it be reasonable for public education to say we provide this funding and we want these kind of cool sites and they say we want to do these kind of course if we don't like the courses where you take away our funding i think that's what scholars across america are most concerned about great because there is an understanding that yes of the department of education gives you federal funding they have a right to ask what is being done with that funding the question is what is it acceptable for the department of education to have such interest in the minute details of particular courses and programs it's long been understood in the united
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states that there is academic freedom to be protected where scholars students have the freedom to teach research debate about controversial issues that's really core and important to the mission of a university and so that's really the issue at play here so you wonder how tight this is because i was going to go. yes so see i think that this is this is a dangerous conversation to engage in because what's being said here is that it's not. too much into paul to we when we live in a political area and that is clearly targeting muslims and people who aren't even muslim but we just. looking at all eastern in chapel hill we need. last 3 muslim people. who we murdered. and yes so to say about chapel hill to change. positively is just totally insensitive when an entire community of muslims and arabs people and middle eastern people and students here carry that is
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somehow real with us every single day i hear what you're saying there and i want to bring in another point of view and jail get this to you this is from an academic a historian. and she says there are 3 points to start with i'm going to only going to share one with you today she writes the government is exploiting the chronic underfunding of vulnerable language and area studies programs at universities to pursue its security and economic interests but reference to the higher education act of $1065.00 and of course has a whole thread there that we can tweet out and so those who are interested can check that out on the streams twitter feed but put very simply it's kind of this summary from gordon who says it is not the job of a collegiate program to present quote positive imagery the education department needs to go back to school so jay i'd like your take on gordon's view there that positive imagery is not really what this is about but that of course that is what the department of education is asking for well that we're going to be education is
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asking for balanced opinions here or at least a balanced view. i've looked at the. 3 main people in the consortium that oversees the these programs all of them have a very particular view of islam that i'm not too sure is shared by most of the people in the country and certainly not by our security. so it's not what i mean there are. one charles kurtzman wrote a book in which he said that he actually asked why are there so few islamic terrorists now something like that is not a mainstream view in this country so he had to read it should be because there is no basis to the claiming that the majority of terrorists are muslim or middle eastern this is literally a son of a phobia at its finest and the fact that we have scholars here like charles
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christman one of my professors actually they d. bungle stereotypes and actively producing responsible and scholarship that should look at it it should not be attacked i'm not so sure that that is the case when you look at the small percentage of people who are islamic and we've had a long series of incidents of islamic terrorism whether it's the boston marathon the disco in we're lindo 9 alleged in fort hood there has been a long series of islamic but there's also been a long series of white supremacist terror every i would say it's as well and wouldn't a college campus be the best place for those ideas to be debated so i'll posit that what you think about that but i want to bring in another viewpoint laurie freedman here on twitter she says a lot of the coverage seems to miss the fact that the catalyst for this department of education letter was an attack on the gaza conference and i think that you reference out a little bit earlier she says it claimed anti-semitism the fact that the department
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of education didn't take it up that claim she's referencing demonstrates how thin this is so this is a point that a lot of people are raising in our community and i want to share a video comment from someone who elucidates out a little bit more this is ohashi is a staff attorney at palestine legal here's what she told a stream. the government's letter really seems to be unprecedented in terms of the level of overreach in trying to dictate what's being taught at these schools the context is that the u.s. government launched a federal investigation into an academic conference on the. bus a conference isn't mentioned in the letter but it's clear to anyone who's following the story like other middle eastern studies departments that depend on federal funding that that's what sparked this investigation the government's trying to send a message that if you talk about palestine there will be consequences supporters of the israeli government are really afraid that as americans learn more about the middle east we're going to start to question our government as to why it's turning a blind eye to the experience of the palestinians and why it's providing such
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unconditional support to the israeli government so i shall give that to you because you of course are the co-president of students for justice in palestine when you're a campus what do you make of this point that there is a perceived anti israel bias and so really that's at the heart of this yes so his point is on point i couldn't have said it better myself and i think the other thing to be highlighted here is that his point that if people start realizing injustice that israel is perpetuating we're going to drop connections to other it's cases of injustice in our own country this country has a history of systematic racism of systematic oppression of colored people we are continuously oppressing and targeting innocent people people color there are so many struggles here that need to be connected and i think that's what people are afraid of their creative sling is that all these struggles have been left unaddressed for so long and palestine is the missing piece because it is really an intersection of struggle that people are trying to suppress so that the rest of us are not liberated in terms of the conversation about anti israel and pro israel
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i'll add that there's there is somewhat of a history of sort of questions and criticism of middle east studies as a discipline so during the bush administration after the $911.00 terror attacks there were some attacks on middle east studies that scholars have told me about some of these middle east studies. centers did lose their funding and scholars told me there was a suspicion that politics and their bias against israel had something to do with it during the obama administration it was less about politics scholars told me and more about there was just less funding to go around and so some of these middle east studies that are so lost their funding but there have also been more recent criticisms right so actually a top department of education official wrote an opinion piece 5 years ago arguing that middle east studies centers should lose should be scrutinized more potentially because of their view their lack of viewpoint diversity and should potentially lose federal funding for their bias against israel and so that person was not in the
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department at the time now he is people suggest that there is a connection that clearly someone came into the department with an agenda to take on these centers and to strip them of their federal funding and some people say this is an example this threat to strip federal funding from the u.s. egypt center is an example of that jay i want to go to you but i just want to share with our audience just a little snippet of the letter that was sent to you and the u.n. saying as part of education there is a considerable emphasis placed on the understanding that the positive aspects of islam where there is an absolute absence of any similar focus on the positive aspects of christianity judaism or any of the regional police system in the middle east the slot of balance of perspectives is troubling it feels like what is being said quite explicitly is that these courses should have a role to play in us society on my overstating that do you see that j. . is far is playing
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a role in society. i mean education is fundamentally. the ideas that are produced in akademi are spread throughout the country so certainly they have a role of play now the question is what is that role and. there has to be it leap somebody has to sort of plate umpire when they see something becoming a bit unbalanced and that seems to be the case as i said. there are other total focus of the middle eastern the middle east studies program is. islam where not minorities there's very little on the table just awesome just off you're starting to look at us a little idea of what you are actually studying not the entire curriculum we don't have time for that this guy was a highlight what he what he said and right now i mean i don't even want to be apologetic and so i'm also studying christianity and judaism because we live in
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a world where we want a country where christians are not directly targeted where they're not going already but of course i'm learning about and get and receive a comprehensive education from professors who have been taught i've heard at talking as i sense you know what are you studying right now to tell our audience what i am a student of global studies will hans international the middle east and my minor is a sonic and middle eastern studies. so i want to bring in this is from campus watching this is an account that some people take issue with but they're raising a point that's not represented very much in our community so i want to share it campus watch as all universities are free to design any curricula they wish but they're not free to use taxpayer dollars and violation of federal policies we believe americans deserve to know their dollars aren't being wasted or used to promote biased scholarship and they go on to say that that by a scholarship is being represented by duke and u.n.c. . i'll give this one to you could these universities just give the money back.
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great that's a great question because actually there are examples so the requirements around title 6 grant funding have come more stringent recent years and there's a really prominent example harvard university's middle east studies center no longer accept federal funding because it decided we don't want to comply with the more stringent federal requirements so is there do they have to receive this federal funding note this is a $235000.00 annual grant for u.n.c. and duke's middle east studies center they could choose to raise that money from private sources or to seek other funding opportunities i think the question is also they so the department of education in its letter raised a couple of events points that it found problematic about the middle east in the center and can you can see universities have said actually the things that you found problematic we don't even use federal funding for those particular activities or programs and so you can see and you will use federal funding for some things and not for other things the 3rd thing i'll mention is that when you and see him do
1:42 pm
just wrist which they just received another approval for grant funding under title 6 last year they submitted a lengthy grant proposal to the department of education explaining exactly the courses programs activities conferences they would be offering and so they did explain in detail what they would be doing just a year ago jay and i should we show this to you because it is the response by gene and un c to the department of education and they say they value that this is part of education and then in keeping with the spirit of this partnership the consortium is committed to working with the department to provide more information about the programs that will say we just explained is that a good resolution do you think. i think that things can be worked out but i also feel that. good a candidate education is going to have to keep a close watch on things i would actually like to see them insist on course syllabub
1:43 pm
i noticed in the response by the by u.n.c. chapel hill and duke that they have courses one of them was genealogies in the middle east i might not have that exactly right but you know they do catalogue it was critical genealogies in the middle east usually when you use the word critical it in academic setting today it tends to mean a cultural marxist look and looking at the course description it seems to be rather a far left who or i came i think is really on the trail reading into the titles my ice and he will say that you want more scrutiny and oversight ashleigh is your university saying that you know we're going to explain more about the programs is that while the problem self or here and other students absolutely not this response is where we insufficient and it actually raises a whole lot of other issues this is scary this is genuinely scary as
1:44 pm
a muslim arab student on this campus i'm disappointed i don't kill protected by admit when a station i don't feel like my administration is going to actively stand up against some horrible and racism and one of my professors people i look up to people who mentor i meet people who are going to help when i go into the field of middle east studies and hopefully become a scholar in this field are not protecting them and they're not protecting students they're being apologetic to a government that clearly does not have the interests of black and brown and large once people in mind so there are 15 middle east studies centers that receive federal funding across the country and i've talked to a few of the directors of these centers and there is broad concern across the field of middle east studies that there is a tribe. ministration may just be getting started that there may be more targeting of middle east studies centers for investigations more approving into whether there was a pro by a certain anti israel bias there is a concern that this is not the end of the story in terms of the trepan
1:45 pm
ministrations interest in academic courses and programs so if i can just add a point there are things that we need to acknowledge this is certainly not the end of the story and this isn't the beginning of the story this has been going on for decades muslims have been targeted for a very very long time this is something i've had to deal with my entire life this is something my friends my family people i know have dealt with for their entire life but it's just coming to mean stream attention now and i think that's a very important a new wants to this discussion that it's not just a trumpet ministration issue this is a structural issue. i think broadway the question is will this chill academic speech on college campuses about the israeli palestinian conflict about what's happening on the gaza strip i couldn't say the opposite it could make people even more passionate about the causes that they believe it could i'm and it certainly sounds like there's some galvanizing of activism around this and certainly there's
1:46 pm
been a lot of campus activism about it in the past few years sara thank you so much and adelson i really appreciate your time today and thank you for this for watching and following on and i look and i will see him next time on the street. there was a lot of there in this community and that is what he lived in there with in the open to look for to get all the women he want up with this is own man she worked with local women to solve the main problem plaguing their community was not always a key problem auction that had been a priority and led the way in transforming a difficulty into a success so empowering a woman to me is standing economy. and women make change on al-jazeera. and this law is the most incredible much to reach out to truth.
1:47 pm
and surely no one experiences. makes the on from new york for me or. in this long diversity make sure difference understanding to the importance of being part of something much greater so in this story what i want to use is freedom of expression. growing toward. the march to the top. because you dislike the design to understand. make sure she. and the human condition is universal. some just. others rallied to the cause.
1:48 pm
but were all complicit in creating a world of terror and oppression. now living in fear and denial they reveal their motivations and the shocking truths from the inside. witness the women of ice else on al-jazeera. the british flag all the time that held by iran is now on the move having left the port where it was being detected. flowing down jordan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up the u.s. announces it's deploying a patriot missile battery to saudi arabia often accused iran of attacking the
1:49 pm
world's biggest oil refinery. and never thought we would see a president take the actions that he had. outrages the white house is accused of trying to cover up president trump's phone call to ukraine's leader asking him to dig up dirt on job plus. so those words don't mean much for me the u.n. investigator who probes of his murder dismisses the saudi crown prince as common saying he's blamed for the killing. a british flag seized by iran that triggered tensions in the gulf in july has now left the port where it was held according to reuters ship tracking website shows the pair o. has now moved on from about sport iran's foreign ministry announced on wednesday that attention or debt would be lifted the tanker was seized in the strait of hormuz in july shortly after one of the rounds tankers was held in gibraltar said
1:50 pm
big has more now from. the british empire was seized by iran's revolutionary guard back in july iran says the seized a tanker in the strait of hormuz for alleged maritime violations including turning off destructive devices to avoid iranian forces and colliding with a fishing boat now many people saw it as a retaliation for the seizure of the iranian tanker off the coast of gibraltar by british royal marines that taken place 2 weeks earlier today in job role to how you used iraq of violating e.u. sanctions and said that that tanker was on its way to deliver oil to the syrian regime that ring intent was released back in august but has since been seen on the coast of syria at the time of the seizure of the state in peril it had increased tensions between the united kingdom and iran and included states both sides accusing each other of acting illegally and the united kingdom has since joined the u.s. naval coalition that the united states says is to protect freedom of navigation in
1:51 pm
the gulf earlier this month iran released 7 of the $23.00 crew members of the standing in peril. the pentagon has unveiled new measures to protect saudi arabia's oil facilities the us will send a battery of patriot missiles 4 radar systems and $200.00 troops to boost the kingdom's defenses announcement comes off the top of this month on the world's biggest crude oil processing facility yemen's who the rebels have claimed responsibility but washington blames iran they don't rush is an associate professor at the middle east institute he says in reality the u.s. isn't sending many troops to saudi arabia at all. it's a relatively small deployment $200.00 is roughly a battery so this would be. a fair the sort of thing that we do routinely to protect their fields or things of that nature these sorts of units have been deployed to trouble spots frequently and you know honestly about 6 months ago we moved about the same number of troops out of the gulf to other regions so
1:52 pm
you could argue there's just we're returning the same capability that was there 6 months ago the patriot is designed to defect against protect against ballistic missiles which operate in very high up and come very high down the attacks were by drones and cruise missiles which operate at a low level if you defend against one then they have to attack the other but if they're using one method that means you can't drop it so the patriot will help ballistic missile defense it'll help increase confidence it may allow the saudis to move other weapon systems that have been searching up high to search for cruise missiles and drones but it won't by itself completely stop the possibility that sort of attack we just saw. saudi arabia's foreign minister has urged the international community to balance together to combat iran ibrahim bin abdulaziz allisat was addressing the un general assembly. in a 30 here today we bere historic responsibility the credibility of this
1:53 pm
organization and the entire world is at stake the iranian regime is left with one of 2 options either become a normal state that respects international laws and norms or face an internationally unified position that uses all instruments of pressure into tyrannous rosen jordan has more now from the united nations. the saudi foreign minister's remarks could have been delivered by the israeli foreign minister or indeed by the us president donald trump that's because mr assad was very very critical of what he said has been iran's deliberately provocative and violent behavior across the middle east most notably with the attack on a saudi oil process a facility in the east of that country back on september 14th mr us often called on the international community to unify and to try to make it very clear to terror that this sort of behavior is an act of war and is not going to be tolerated he
1:54 pm
used language which the americans have been putting forward in recent months regarding iran using maximum pressure to try to get the government in terre haute to change its behavior and to ultimately return to negotiations with the u.s. on its nuclear program however it's worth pointing out that even though this attack happened nearly 2 weeks ago there is yet to have been a security council meeting to discuss what happened and to try to figure out what should be the diplomatic way forward which is of course something that ambassador sitting on the security council really prefer to pursue that said it's very clear that the saudis are not thinking that they're going to be making any friends with terror on any time soon and that although this automatic process of continuing their political rivalry will continue but only a iran's president demanded proof from those blaming terror arms for the attack on saudi arabia some rouhani said talks with the u.s.
1:55 pm
but only if sanctions are lifted it also said the trumpet ministrations tactics of maximum pressure are not working diplomatic and it's a james base as more from the u.n. . they spoke at the same podium in the un general assembly hall they were in the same city for 4 days but all high hopes of a breakthrough following a flurry of diplomatic activity led by the french president emanuel came to nothing no progress no meeting between president trump and president rouhani the dangerous deadlock continues. trump perhaps was preoccupied by the impeachment allegations against him that would being formed while he was in new york developments the iranians were clearly following closely mr president while you've been here in the u.s. how closely are you following political developments here and is iran's best hope now president trump either being impeached or being defeated in next year's
1:56 pm
election. with regard to what's happening here in america we hear the news of what's happening but it doesn't matter for us because it's an internal matter for america what's very important for us is that the american government restores the damaged trust back to the world. for now the u.s. is focusing on the drone attack in saudi arabia and it clearly wants to use its assertion that iran was behind that to add to its maximum pressure campaign on terror on what i expect to see happen is when saudi arabia concludes its investigation and is done with the site exploitation where the attacks took place and make that they will then refer this matter to the u.n. security council for appropriate action i think that's the right thing to do because this was an attack on the world and it requires a response from the world un officials agree that this is coming back here to the security council the u.n.
1:57 pm
have had 2 separate experts in saudi arabia and they're mandated to formally report their findings james spader's al-jazeera of the united nations explosive allegations against donald trump of been revealed in a whistleblower as complaint that's now been made public and details how the u.s. president tried to persuade his ukrainian counterpart to investigate his rival joe biden the whistleblower says white house officials then tried to conceal politically sensitive information about the phone call with a lot of ms and john hendren imports from washington d.c. . democrats have a new word for the white house response to a whistleblower it is a cover up the accusation follows a newly released whistleblowers report that says the white house trying to lock down the transcript of a phone call in that july call president donald trump pressed ukraine's president to find dirt on a rival presidential candidate in this case former u.s. vice president joe biden reads like a classic organized crime shakedown the report says u.s.
1:58 pm
officials told the unnamed whistleblower that they were directed by white house lawyers to transfer the transcript of a conversation to a separate electronic system that is otherwise used to store and handle classified information even though the call did not contain anything remotely sensitive that left trump's new acting director of nash. intelligence explaining on capitol hill why he withheld that mid august report from congress until thursday we consulted with the white house counsel's office and we were advised that much of the information the complaint was in fact subject to executive privilege a privilege that i do not have the authority to waive so a white house transcript of that call shows that trump repeatedly urged ukraine's volodymyr zelinsky to investigate whether joe biden sought to interfere in a conflict of interest probe of the ukrainian gas company for which his son hunter biden worked at the time trump was with holding nearly $400000000.00 in aid without
1:59 pm
explanation under fire trump denies using any pressure what these guys are doing democrats are doing to this country is it great but they're going to tie up our country because frankly this so tied up this so it's good up as the director of national intelligence testified here on capitol hill president trump was at the united nations talking to staff he told them he wanted to know who told the whistleblower about his phone call adding that they were close to a spy and then he said something that sounded menacing. according to the whistleblower several senior u.s. officials were concerned by the president's call now exhibit number one in hearings to decide whether to impeach donald trump john hendren al-jazeera washington well steve clemons is editor at large of the hill he says it's likely the on sense of memo could be damaging to others in trump's office. right now we're still trying to
2:00 pm
understand the various dimensions in the pieces in this puzzle we've seen a bit of the transcript but not the entire transcript we've heard some of the circumstances about the exchange and call there has been the allegation that president trump's attempts to hold up aid to ukraine were tied to this but there's no it. spliffs statement to that fact and the whistleblower his alleges allegedly said that there were other pieces to the interaction that we haven't been made aware of yet so we don't have the entire picture at this moment but what we do see is potentially explosive and it shows an american president asking a foreign government to investigate a u.s. national and that is unprecedented we've not seen something like that before and remember this happened this call happened one day after the moeller report was released and the moeller report was in part investigating.


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