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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 27, 2019 5:00pm-5:33pm +03

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till thursday we consulted with the white house counsel's office and we were advised that much of the information the complaint was in fact subject to executive privilege a privilege that i do not have the authority to waive so a white house transcript of that call shows that trump repeatedly urged ukraine's volodymyr zelinsky to investigate whether joe biden sought to interfere in a conflict of interest probe of the ukrainian gas company for which his son hunter biden worked at the time trump was with holding nearly $400000000.00 in aid without explanation under fire trump denies using any pressure what these guys are doing democrats are doing to this country is it straight but they're going to tie up our country because frankly this so tied up this so it's made up as the director of national intelligence testified here on capitol hill president trump was at the united nations talking to steph he told them he wanted to know who told the whistleblower about his phone call adding that they were close to
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a spy and then he said something that sounded menacing. according to the whistleblower several senior u.s. officials were concerned by the president's call now exhibit number one in hearings to decide whether to impeach donald trump john hendren al-jazeera washington still ahead on al-jazeera a large detention sent to take shape in eastern india we'll tell you who it's meant for. and why many afghans say they've lost faith even before saturday's presidential election.
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the sun is out on the south coast of turkey now all the action in the last 24 hours has been this curler clad in remaining stock 530-4050 millimeters of rain typically but the big swirl out west is more typical of what we're going to say now a regular basis for the next few months is autumn proper wind and rain the green being rain and temperatures hovering around the 20 and of course of study drop away now in spain and portugal were near the 30 rock and with that in the high twenty's and it's really eastwards in this swathe of central up to the northeast of europe is not pretty warm moscow's at up to 10 degrees again that you would expect a slow progression to the east and that's exactly what you've got so the picture for saturday is just a bit cloudy or wetter in the baltic states and in poland a little brighter in germany from the british isles but still breezy still around about the 20 mark. i don't see very much action recently in north africa nor will we in the next day or so so quite warm to nice at 29 current 34 that's not expect to change very much but it is still quite active in tropical africa in fact as far
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north once again hard as you get some big showers build here and moving slowly west was through nigeria eventually through the western side of africa into the atlantic . the weather sponsored by catalyst. an ethiopian woman determined to tell the world a new story about her country our own source our humanity is the most beautiful thing we've got i wish we can just realize that i am just one of the bombs despite the challenges she became c.e.o. of tourism and head of ethiopia's land development project my ethiopia on al-jazeera.
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you're watching al jazeera remind of our top stories this hour. a protest tanker that iran had detained in the strait of hormuz is leaving iranian waters the starter in pirro departed from the port where it was taken after being seized in july. iran's president is demanding proof from those who claim to run for the attack in saudi arabia has a new army says talks with the u.s. are possible but only if sanctions are lifted he also says donald trump's maximum pressure tactics working. u.s. democrats are appealing for witnesses to come forward with evidence on donald trump's july phone call with the ukrainian leader was accused of pressuring ukraine to investigate his political rival joe biden. are you an investigator has dismissed
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comments from the saudi crown prince it was spoken publicly for the 1st time on the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi mohamed bin simon says he takes responsibility for the killing but didn't know it was going to happen but agnes says saudi authorities have stifled her investigation reports from new york. she spent months investigating the killing of saudi journalist. and concluded it was deliberate primitive and extrajudicial un special rapporteur to agnes also found credible evidence linking cause death to crown prince mohammed bin. now almost a year after the killing of hostages in the saudi consulate in turkey the crown prince also. by his initials. american network p.b.s. he bears responsibility in the murder but denies personal involvement easer crown
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prince of saudi arabia so clearly everything at printing in saudi arabia related to saudi arabia is happening under his watch i you know i haven't found the statement as riveting as maybe some people may find it. a global strain saudi arabia has relations with many countries turkey blames officials of stalling the investigation into what happened on october the 2nd this is the moment mr into the saudi consulate to retrieve documents for his upcoming wedding to his turkish fiance how these are doing is seen here waiting for him outside of the consulate but never showed up again he was killed and his body dismembered by a death squad the whereabouts of his remains still shrouded in mystery you know
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kind of a way to humble missileers crown prince bears responsibility he must tell us who gave the order to kill jamal where is the body and why did they kill him so brutally over the last few years saudi authorities have a skill a to understand a busting activists here were wise defend and clerics the murder of a solid saudi arabia's ties with this. and many became alarmed by involvement in the war in yemen. european countries suspended arms sales to the oil rich kingdom the murder of a man has damaged the reputation of m.b.a.'s or disquiet by his hours as a reformer a liberal and committed to radically changing his religiously conservative country he was accused of being personally involved in his murder a year on it appears he's trying to rebuild his image. new york. a large security operation is underway across afghanistan for saturday's presidential
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election $100000.00 security personnel will guard polling stations after taliban threats the fear of attacks means many voters particularly in rural areas are likely to stay at home tony berkeley reports from kabul broken bodies and minds a familiar sight in any conflict zone but after 40 years of war many afghans have known only conflict and suffering at the international red cross center in kabul tens of thousands of afghan civilians disabled by fighting have been treated many come every day who myra was courting crossfire between government and taliban fighters in fallujah province a bullet lodged in her spine leaving her paralyzed and unable to care properly for her 2 year old son that over the there was a fight i was trying to flee from my street and this happened to me on the why i felt the shut up shock and found down i don't remember what happened after that nowhere is safe especially from suicide bombers the capital kabul has suffered
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hundreds of attacks in the last 18 years 38000 civilians have been killed in the war another 40000 have been wounded and those numbers are rising as fighting intensifies so far this year a record number 4000 afghan civilians have been killed because of the war that's almost 70 every single day and more and more afghans are saying that if they had the choice they would leave the country yet most european governments for example are refusing to give them sanctuary because they don't consider afghanistan to be dangerous enough. so people have to endure afghan affluent are able to survive the hardships but an estimated 54 percent of the population live below the poverty line while he mohammed and his wife and 4 children have just arrived in kabul after fleeing the fighting in helmand province he's having to build a shelter from mud and rebuild their lives but he's not expecting saturday's presidential election to bring any improvements and was with us when out of that little mix up we need shelter water plastic and food there are people in this camp
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that don't have food for tonight president danny has made promises in the past but nothing changed that's why many have lost belief in elections they say they only believe in food and survival abdulaziz fled to herat from his home in baggies province because of heavy fighting he and his wife and 6 children survive on handouts home is now a mud hut jam. elections are meaningless to us we need security we don't care if it's the taliban or the government or whoever we just need the fighting to stop so we can go home and start our lives again usually elections in afghanistan bring some kind of hope but for many there is now only fear and fatigue they say they are scared of the war tired of the hardships and no election will change that tony berkeley al jazeera kabul. the u.s. is for opposing to cut the number of refugees it allows into the country if the plan is approved the number will be limited 218000 down from $30000.00
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a year that's an all time low human rights groups have criticized the move particle hain has more from washington d.c. . the u.s. president donald trump has made this a key campaign issue he wants to send a message to his core supporters that he is cracking down on immigration this goes a step further this will be the lowest number of refugees allowed into the u.s. since the law passed in the refugee program in 1980 look in just 18000 refugees in really restricting where those come from to 3 different areas iraqis who helped the u.s. during the invasion about 1500 central american migrants and 5000 of people facing religious persecution so the president has sent this number he had to do it before october 1st the beginning of the fiscal year now under the law he has to consult with congress he hasn't done that in the past it doesn't appear he's done that now now congress could take steps to try and rein in the president on this issue we've
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seen in the democratically controlled house they've passed legislation that would increase this number but it's highly unlikely that it would get through the republican controlled senate controlled by the president's own party now we could see human rights groups try to file lawsuits try and block this very low number just to put in perspective barack obama had about 110000 refugees now going down 218000 the courts have been unwilling in most cases to take up these sorts of cases because the president is seen when it comes to this issue is having broad latitude protests in mexico against the disappearance of dozens of students 5 years ago have turned violent. it's believed the gang abducted the 43 students with the help of corrupt security forces nobody's been convicted demonstrators mopes 3 mexico city demanding justice the government says it will reopen the case. egypt's president has returned to cairo where more antigovernment protests are being planned for friday l.c.c. was in new york for the u.n.
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general assembly that's where amnesty international urge leaders to confront him about the crackdown against demonstrators egypt says they've arrested a 1000 people rights groups however say that the number is closer to 2000. flash flooding in western india has killed at least 17 people 6 more are missing and 28000 have been moved from the city of puna and surrounding areas the city has seen more rain the new usual during this year's monsoon season the indian government is building its 1st bus detention center for people in the northeastern state of assam and he considers illegal immigrants in the 2000 people many of the muslim were left off the government's national registry of citizens published last month or abdel-hamid has more is the detention camp in the making aimed at housing some of the 1900000 people considered illegal immigrants in india about 450
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laborers working on its construction since december. among them. who might very well end up living here once it's completed. have their own very ward because my name didn't come up in the final list of the national registry office that isn't my family is on the list i am not even if i submitted all the people i don't know what will happen next i won't hear during the day and think about my future at night. the new material detention center is in the state of assam in northeast india near the border with bangladesh is being built after an anti migration campaign targeted there being galli speaking to residents of the state. the government carried out a census of 33000000 people to determine who had the indian nationality by birth out of those nearly 2000000 hindus and muslims were not included in the national
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registry of citizens they are considered foreigners even though hindus were publicly assured they'd be granted citizenship even if they weren't of indian origin that leaves the muslims out they have $120.00 days to appeal to foreigners tribunal critics say the campaign was ultimately aimed at muslims. he will face a lot of problems because members of the tribunal are known for not being impartial there's favoritism in their promotion and appointment depends on the number of people they declare as foreigners i know this from past experience. has not been declared a foreigner yet but fears it's imminent she's also the only member of her family refused indian citizenship. i gave them all the documents but i'm scared now i want to stay with my husband and children approaching a court will require money and resources and we don't have any. it's a problem facing many born in poverty and like memphis surviving on daily earnings
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now also facing a future of shattered families and detention if not exile for the to meet. the world's top athletes are here in cuts off of the world championships which gets underway later on friday but while individual way will be notable by his absence for the 1st time since 2003 the event won't involve arguably its greatest star and which it soon has more from. the stage where the hopes and ambitions of the world's best athletes will soon be played out. and for the 1st time in more than a decade the sport's biggest star won't be the center of attention. this will be a world championships without you sign bolt on the start line an individual whose appeal went far beyond the running track. time then for a new generation to step up. he's a he's the go you know but the sport has to continue it's like when michael jordan
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was in one basket. they had to move on to other players you know i mean and that's what we have to do in this sport now you got lebron james you guys different heard you have other athletes and you have competition that you have that's invested but i think trying to do the same thing. it's just a matter of creating the narrative bolts brilliance as a sprinter and is equally sparkling performances in front of a camera in short events like bass and athletics more generally captured a global audience what this sport now desperately requires is a new breakout star both on and off the track. in south africa's caster semenya looked to have the performance and profile levels to rival bolt but she's been banned from competition due to new rules which attempt to restrict to star in female run as russia suspension due to state sponsored doping has brought off letting more unwelcome headlines it's been
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a tough 4 years as there is no point in being naive about that we have to grow the sport we know that we have to reach out beyond the beltway of of athletics fans we need to form partnerships at pretty much every level co will be hoping bolt's example can help clear the path to a better future then drive to be like him to me. i'm a lot better words just to inspire on his level. so what not to let him know that not only can you. get it done that we can see when we can perceive and. see. the world will know soon enough if lightning really can strike weiss and he richardson al jazeera. this is al jazeera and these are the top stories
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a british tanker that iran had detained in the strait of hormuz is on the move and is leaving iranian waters the stoner impera left the band port where it was taken after being seized in july. there were $23.00 crewmembers in total on board 7 non-essential staff were released earlier in weeks previous as a humanitarian on humanitarian grounds we know that now the remaining members of the staff which included the crew included filipinos russians as well as indian nationals they are waiting on their way as you said to the united arab emirates now what this accusation against the stern apparel was that it turned off its tracking devices in iranian waters that it hit a fishing vessel but at the time that it was seized of course it did happen as you said just weeks after an iranian oil vessel was seized off the coast of japan alter it was seen very much as a retaliation iran's president is demanding proof from those who blame to iran for
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the attack in saudi arabia. he says talks with the u.s. a possible but only if sanctions are lifted he also says donald trump's much pressure tactics aren't working the pentagon is boosting the defenses of saudi arabia after attacks there on the world's largest oil refinery is supplying reinforcements including patriot missiles and $200.00 personnel yemen's hooty rebels have claimed responsibility for those ass strikes but riyadh and washington blame iran iran says it wasn't involved u.s. democrats are appealing for any witnesses to donald trump's phone call with the ukrainian president followed him as a landscape to come forward a whistleblower has accused trump of asking zelinsky to investigate his political rival joe biden the allegations are now at the center of an impeachment inquiry and the u.s. is proposing to cut the number of refugees that allows into the country if the plan is approved the number will be limited 218000 down from $30000.00 a year 3rd those are the headlines the news continues here on how just after the
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stream. bodies on the. biggest. industry stunt performers. and one of the main streets and women risking it all for the bright lights of hollywood. why is the united states government probing a middle east studies course i'm femi oke a this is the street i really could be allowed to discuss the trumpet ministrations threat to cut university funding over alleged pro islam bias so be sure to share your opinion you can tweet us your thoughts or leave a comment in our live chat and then you too can be in the stream. an inquiry by the trumpet ministration into a middle east studies program is raising concerns about academic freedom the u.s.
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department of education argues that the joint curriculum run by the university of north carolina and duke university is misusing federal funds to advance ideological priorities by focusing on the positive aspects of islam but not out of christianity or judaism higher education advocates are now warning that the government could be setting a dangerous precedent by injecting politics into academic funding decisions joining us to discuss this in chapel hill north carolina i should retire and she's a student at university of north carolina and also co-president of students for justice in palestine and raleigh north carolina jay shalen he's the director of policy at the james martin center and right here in our studio sarah brown senior reporter at the quality of higher education she's also a graduate of the university of north carolina good to have you here everybody welcome this is an intriguing conversation sara if you could break it down what
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would you say simply going on between the department of education. 2 universities in the united states so quickly to explain the 2 perspectives the department of education says we're just being a good steward of our federal funding that we dispense and from our perspective the middle east studies center it you can you can see it's not fulfilling the obligations of the great we gave you and duke say that's not true at all we are complying with the script and scholars nationwide are saying this is an attack on academic freedom and on our ability to do research and teach freely especially on controversial topics in the middle east right that's a fight right that i say you have protesting just recently what are you protesting about how does this impact you go to the investing of north carolina right so students are outraged after reading the statement released by the department of education the statement was charge of some of the big races decentralizing and orientals narratives that we wanted to fight back against and
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all of those all together we collectively as a nice said no we're not going to say yes to an as some of the education that assumption middle easterners and muslims as terrorists and the national security are so jay i want to break this further down for our audience because this is been really big on twitter but if you're just tuning in as a casual viewer you may not quite understand what's going on so christopher rose on twitter broke it down for a lot of people this is something that got a lot of shares and got people talking he writes in sunday morning i had my 1st cup of coffee and i'm about to wade into the curfuffle over the duke u.n.c. middle east studies consortium so let's get started shall we want to delve into that further he sent us a video comment with his thoughts have a listen. one of the most troubling aspects of the duke u.n.c. inquiry is that it's so public normally if there was a question from the department of education about what we were doing with grant money if they want to clarification on how something fit into grand objectives they
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would simply call us or e-mail us and we would have an exchange send information and usually that was that the fact that this is a public letter that was published in the federal register that it was not written by the staff of the office that administers the title 6 grants but instead came from the assistant secretary of education all raises very interesting questions about why this this particular inquiry is so public and about whether this is the new normal for doing business with the u.s. department of education keisha what do you make of his comment there what did you think when you saw the letter. well i don't see it not is a question of academic freedom but is a question of donor intent. university. of north carolina duke signed on to a certain set of criteria and is just simply. not
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well you just missed their agreement you're just simply saying hey we want things done a certain way and i think what we have is 2 very different cultures that don't quite understand each other completely. i'll jump in if that's helpful and just explain what title 6 grants even are so there are these grants that the federal government the u.s. department of education dispenses to international education and language education programs and universities nationwide and one of the conditions of getting this funding is that the. resource centers like the middle east studies center must present a quote unquote full understanding of the region or area in which they're focused so one of the core concerns of the department is that they are that the u.n.c. duke center is not promoting a full understanding of the middle east region by not presenting enough positive aspects of religious minorities so i just want to be clear about where that what the grants are and because you're clearing things up to christopher's point in that
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video comment do inquiries like this usually happen and public do we know about them so typically my understanding is that this is somewhat unprecedented in terms of the federal government's. interest in the very minute details of a college course in college program and so i think yes it's true that the federal government does run investigations of universities when they have questions about the funding that they are dispensing but i think a lot of people see this as unprecedented in a number of ways so what we're just a little bit just to the logistics of title 6 funding title 6 clearly states that nothing in title 6 should be consumed to authorize the secretary. ticket to control the program curriculum or contact so going back to the talking point that you know this is an issue of her intent it's more than that because that the title 6 doesn't convey state the power to actually control the curriculum this is
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a larger structural issue of the senate races and embedded in our government and its effect of all the something wrong i think that there were some expectations from the government that they were going to get certain things it said they were there all over their document is we're concerned about national security economic stability and things like that and what they see is many there was there was a situation where you had. money used for an event with a rapper who made anti-semitic comments and i'm still not that's that's the bit of it's kind of an and credible and of a controversy right now just an unqualified so i don't think it's fair to say that it was anti-semitic but i also took a look at a list of events from 2018 and there were $200.00 pages i was unable to look at all
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think but of the 1st 40 or so there were none that dealt with directly with judaism or christianity there were some that were kind of a mixture a few like 2 or 3 that dealt with. all of the religions it wants but it was so overwhelmingly focused on islam and not a particularly. various aspects of modern culture many of them. not suffice for what. she was expecting so it was expected so what you would see and do they run many programs courses activities the whole gamut and through those more than $100.00 activities through the many courses through the teacher training programs they
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offer they present a wide range of views of the region and also through their through professors scholarship through research through graduate education that's the argument that you and you do have made in response so. if i just i just lost it's no challenge thing you can go have would it be reasonable for public education to say we provide this funding and we want these kind of courses and they say we want to do these kind of course if we don't like the courses where you take away our funding i think that's what scholars across america are most concerned about great because there is an understanding that yes of the department of education gives you federal funding they have a right to ask what is being done with that funding the question is what is it acceptable for the department of education to have such interest in the minute details of a particular courses and programs it's long been understood in the united states that there is academic freedom to be protected where scholars students have the
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freedom to teach research debate about controversial issues that's really core and important to the mission of a university and so that's really the issue at play here so you wonder how tight this is because i was going to go. yes so see i think that this is this is a dangerous conversation to engage in because what's being said here is that it's not. too much into paul to we when we live in a political area and that is clearly targeting muslims and people who aren't even muslim but we just let them be looking at eastern and chapel hill we need. last 3 muslim people will be brutally murdered. and yes so to say about chapel hill to change. positively is just what we insensitive when an entire community of muslims and arabs people and middle eastern people and students here are carrying that is someone for real with us every single day i hear what you're saying there and i want to bring in another point of view and jail get this to you this is from
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an academic a historian. and she says there are 3 points to start with i'm going to only going to share one with you today she writes the government is exploiting the chronic underfunding of vulnerable language and area studies programs at universities to pursue its security and economic interests with reference to the higher education act of $1065.00 and of course the whole thread there that we can tweet out and so those who are interested can check it out on the streams twitter feed but put very simply it's kind of this summary from gordon who says it is not the job of a collegiate program to present quote positive imagery the education department needs to go back to school so jay i'd like your take on gordon's view there that positive imagery is not really what this is about but that of course that is what the department of education is asking for well that we're going to do education is asking for balanced opinions here or at least a balanced view. i've looked at the. 3 main people in the
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consortium that oversees the these programs all of them have a very particular view of islam that i'm not too sure is shared by most of the people in the country and certainly not by our security. so it's not what i mean there are. one charles kurtzman wrote a book in which he said that he actually asked why are there so few islamic terrorists now something like that is not a mean stream view in this country so he had to read it it's had to be because there is no basis to the claim that the majority of terrorists are muslim or a middle eastern this is literally a son of a phobia and it's linus and the fact that we have scholars here like charles court present one of my professors actually but i do bungle stereotypes an hour.


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