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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 27, 2019 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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awful giancana is a partner at dryer global maritime security risk consultancy he says that interfering with shipping would make around more isolated and 1st you have to remember this is good news for shipping overall so having the tanker released after 70 days with its crew on board will no doubt be relieved to be heading to a more friendly environment where they'll no doubt change a crew out before the russell goes on to continue as normal operations we have to consider the fact that this would never likely have happened had the u.k. not attained the grace one in the 1st place the iran's meddling with international shipping doesn't serve its overall case it brings potentially on the ire of the world because of the nature of shipping these are international ships with international interests international cargoes doesn't necessarily serve its bigger agenda so does it in a what's the implication an indication is effectively iran would want to release this vessel to take the are i on the pressure off having detained them for 70 days
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. also still to come on the news hour including calls for an uprising in cambodia leads to the arrest of 9 members of a band's opposition party. heightened security across afghanistan on the eve of presidential elections and in the sports with some of the tackle that seem very serious rugby player sat at home in the front big world cup. with. thousands of protesters are in hong kong central business district in support of activists attains near the border with mainland china many are in the hold and center were later treated in hospital some with broken bones on thursday the embattled chief executive kerry lamb said part of a community dialogue session with members of the public was the 1st time she sat down with her critics since the protests began 16 weeks ago well as cross to hong
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kong then get the latest live from sarah clarke sorry you're up that process what are people there saying. well this protest it's been building over the last hour and a half or so i would go thousands of people gathering in edinburgh place which is right in the heart of central hong kong hong kong island at this particular point as you mentioned the key concern of the key platform is accusations of police abuse on those people who've been arrested and detained at the detention center was it which is in not change choice which is on the border of hong kong and mainland china and these accusations are that they have these protesters who have been arrested and it's been 1560 so the protests. the police have been abusing them on a scale that these people very angry we've had a number of people who are hopping up on the platform of the stage behind us we've been sharing their personal stories of what's happened to them now i should say this is one rally that's pretty much kick start it's kick starting 4 days of
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protests across hong kong we have a major assembly tomorrow night which is saturday night here in hong kong. let's go to the capital building and on sunday night we have another one in the square for the lead up to october 1 which is the anniversary of the founding of the people's republic of china well this of course are all comes after kerry town hall appearance where she was in listening mode surge trying to meet some of the persistency hard criticisms do any of these attempts to appease the protesters seems to be working. we'll see last night it was the 1st public meeting with the people about 120 people who were hand chosen to talk to carol of about these demands which include greater democracy freedom of expression freedom of speech and universal suffrage but the talk last night we had
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a mixed reaction so it was lots of emotional talking from the commentary from those people who attended that particular meeting but these protests are continuing despite caroline. would have to say what is next for the exchange. but as i mentioned in the lead up to october 1 we're expecting a number of rallies including global rallies i think about 54 cities in 20 countries who also take part in the calls for greater freedoms 401 k. sarah clarke there live in hong kong thank you. and of course in cambodia has charged 9 members of a band opposition party living in exile with attempting to stage a coup the group's leader has called for an uprising to coincide with their planned return in the when he has more from bangkok. these are just the latest charges to be laid against some senior members of the band cambodian national rescue party these members are in exile most of them left cambodia in 2017 after the party was
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dissolved by the courts for allegedly plotting to overthrow the government the leader of the party at that time ken said carr was arrested on treason charges and he is still being held under house arrest in phnom penh the opposition say that this is the straightest campaign by the government led by prime minister who in saying who's been in power for 34 years and with the opposition out of the way his ruling cambodian people's party went on to win all seats in last year's election so the opposition and now are saying that these latest charges against the senior members of the party are just the latest attempt by the government to try to scare them away from returning to cambodia on the 9th of november when they've called for an uprising from the people of cambodia and for members of the military to quit their jobs and to join the uprising so they've now also being charged as well as
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attempting to stage a coup with intention to commit armed rebellion so if they are found guilty of these latest charges they could be jailed for up to 30 years they say they are not afraid of these latest charges and they still plan to return to cambodia on the 9th of november a former british prime minister from boris johnson's own party has attacked the government's position on bricks it's john major fears prime minister johnson kiki's what he called political chicanery to force britain to leave the european union on october 31st without a deal in also accuses johnson of deliberately whipping up public anger. is outside westminster for life from london so good just what is former prime minister john major concern with boris johnson strategy. well it really is quite reflective of the lack of trust that certainly some of the
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conservative party grandees have in the current prime minister as well this political chicanery as he calls it is just one of the things that they feel they have to examine every single little tiny loophole that is possible in this to try and see if they can stop mr johnson from trying to circumvent the law he and his chief of staff dominic cummings who was also one of the brains behind the vote leave campaign known for trying to see if they can push as far as they possibly can and this is something that they are all deeply aware of what they thinking that that could possibly happen is that they could be an order of council which could delay or suspend that piece of of legislature which then could push it past the departure date and therefore insuring an exit from the european union without a deal and with that in mind as well john major also took the prime minister to
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task for engaging in what he says is deeply divisive rhetoric the government seems intent on. using emotional and evocative. only provoke fear and anger and fueled grievances against parliament. the law consider. what this. means this government wishes to real. opposition to the most important state and its freedom. so new prime minister joins the house reacts. well promise that johnson has rejected that accusation and says that while he has found all those accusations from the other members of parliament to
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say that they received death threats and other kinds of threats finds it absolutely appalling he still doubles down on this rhetoric of of the so-called surrender act as he calls it which is the name he gives for the european union withdrawal act number 2 which is that device which is which is meant to prevent the u.k. from departing without a deal and thereby ensuring an extension so while he's there slightly modifying his language he still is not backing down from it. we will debate a lot. but we're hopeful that we can come out of the 31st and the best way to do that is to to get a deal and so that's why the surrender out is so damaging because it. has had the effect with our european friends making them think you know maybe maybe poland can block this thing maybe maybe they maybe they will be forced to extend and that if you're in a negotiation that obviously makes it makes it more difficult so you don't we are
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going to we are still cautiously optimistic that we can do it i mean meanwhile we have still those negotiations taking place between the u.k. and the european union on friday the brics it sex christine buckley met with the chief negotiator michel barnier definitely not a sense of optimism in brussels on the e.u. side they are less and less hopeful that a deal can be struck given that the u.k. still in their eyes has not provided a sufficient framework for them to try and ensure an alternative to the back stuff which is to maintain an open border between the republic of ireland and northern ireland with that him without that in place they say it looks less likely that a deal could be struck before the end of october hala case are you going to go live for 7 months and thank you nigerian police say they freed more than 300 male
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students held captive in a building in the northern city of. summer phones of metal chains around their ankles celebs some of the students as young as 9 are sexually abused and tortured 7 people have been arrested. afghanistan is on high alert ahead of saturday's presidential election 100000 extra security personnel will be guarding polling stations across the country after threats of more attacks from the taliban and as rob mcbride reports few voters believe the election will make a difference. compared to previous elections most afghans are going into this ballot more with a sense of trepidation than hope international forces have been reduced and the security situation has worsened. the front runner remains the incumbent president gunning but in both of the 2 pre-election t.v. debates he failed to show up giving his main rival abdullah abdullah free rein to
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attack him if the current president has failed he should have made a consensus on the peace process with political allies and started negotiations with the taliban the taliban has repeated its threat to carry out attacks against polling stations in the cities there's a heavy security presence to prevent that but the taliban has made large gains in much of a role afghanistan which could result in a low turnout that being a bari works as a journalist in northern conduce province which is changed hands between government and taliban control several times and. that people are getting ready to move to other places we saw the same situation at the last election and therefore we have skied only about a 3rd of people will vote she is one of only a few women working in media in this part of afghanistan and as the manager of a local radio station has faced death threats from the taliban still she is
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determined to go on with her work and with her right to vote after the people today even if the taliban gets control of congress i will still use my right to vote because my one virus can determine our future i want to be a role model for my afghan sisters. still exerting a considerable influence is the former president hamid karzai he holds out hope of long term peace with the taliban in spite of the recent decision by the us to cancel the deal. i call upon my taliban brothers to come and sit with afghans if you want to talk to foreigners talk to them but you should be making actual peace with your own people but he's warned that any violent disruption because of this election would make peace as elusive as ever bright al-jazeera couple. well it's time for the rather weather night with rob and wrote the month since both spirit cheating this time of year but it seems it's likely
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vicious as it is usually on the onset it gives the real downpours but you're right . and magic pradesh have been hit again in fact over the last 3 days i think we've seen 21 reported deaths to cause of the sudden downpour that produced this sort of scene is obviously an overflowed river of course as a very heavily populated part of india so with the river overflowing cars washed away obviously there's a result from that now things are a little bit quieter now where the rain has not stopped which is not normal to get this amount of rain when a monsoon trough is retreating we've got $280.00 millimeters just wind from june for example and that is about where least twice what you expect for the whole of the month that's higher out of kilter it is where it should be in the last 24 hours the rain is still in the same sort of areas where it's been for the last few days stretching all us from good euro up towards the poor and right up to the northwest these are not huge figures but you see very much
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a toll to be honest and the news isn't particularly good for the future for the rest of today and for tomorrow the line is much the same the forward edge of this supposedly retreating monsoon there will be more flash floods and over the next 3 days this is the sort of accumulation we expect and where it's going to be the yellow which is blooming there that's $300.00 millimeters or more well of over it should be there will be yet more worsening flooding in these areas. ok thank you rob well thousands of students have walked out of school and it's late to take part in a climate strike demanding government action on global warming record numbers attended the march in rome thanks to misha to buy into these education ministry allowing students to take the day off. there were similar demonstrations in the netherlands thousands of students like climate protests in the dutch city of the hague the marches come one week after millions of people turned out for global climate
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demonstrations inspired by 16 year old activist president burg. something like tonight not long to go until the world athletics championships start in doha let's go live to our sports studio at how the for stadium enjoying a summer home to set the scene. yes hello the world's best track and field athletes will be competing in the stadium behind me and it all gets underway in a round of 5 minutes time coming up in our sports bulletin later this hour these friends and many people are tipping it to a place you assemble to will hear from america's 200 meter favorite no lyall's and defending the title we hear from law it's 400 metres hurdles that champion looking to beat his rivals to gold again in doha and 800 meter champion caster semenya is missing from these championships instead she's focusing on a new sport that's all coming up in our bulletin please join us at around 1345
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g.m.t. . also still to come on the program rwanda welcomes its 1st group of african refugees from libya but there's questions over for happens next. family breakdowns and fear of the 10 should we look at the impacts of the security crackdown and indeed administered kashmir. some wilco or just. others rallied to the cause. but were all complicit in creating the world of terror and depression. now living in fear and denial they reveal their motivations and the shocking truth from the inside. witness the women advice. on how to 0. rewind returns with a new series. is to count to 3 documentaries. on your
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own. the onion the box the hot. rewind continues to children with a. person in 10000000 children wouldn't want it either victims of trafficking and one of the large numbers written up on al-jazeera. this is al jazeera a quick reminder all the headlines this hour say a process has begun in egypt with demonstrators again calling for president sisi to
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step down cantor demonstrations are also seeking place cafes and shops of insurance and security is heightened across the country iran has released a british tanker that had been detained in the strait of hormuz since july the senate imperial has departed from the port of banda up bandar abas and there's no in international waters and thousands of protesters are in hong kong central business district in support of activists attains near the border with mainland china they're in a holding center that has been the subject of controversy. now hundreds of former u.s. national security and foreign policy officials of signs of statements condo drops phone call with his ukrainian counterparts a pro finds a national security concern u.s. democrats are appealing for witnesses to come forward with any evidence trump asked ukraine's leader to investigate his political rival joe biden of whistle blower house also accused of white house officials of trying to conceal politically
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sensitive information about trump's call with floods amir selenski. well our correspondents. there is on capitol hill to you've been following this for us 1st of all just give us more of a sense of this article that has 300 former officials their parents a paper on this one. that's right and these are some top former this shows they include former u.s. ambassadors officials from the department of justice the department of defense national intelligence members of that community who serve not only under president obama but also under previous republican administrations and athletes sign their names to this letter they noted that in the past they have publicly held their tongues despite ongoing concerns of president trump's dealing with national cannily of national security but that now in their words the revelations of recent days demand
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a response president trump appears to have leverage the authority and resources of the highest office in the land to invite additional foreign interference into our democratic process is now president trump has been on twitter this morning not responding directly to that letter but defending his call with a lot of noise alinsky as being not possibly more all mobile or better he attacked the media accusing it of being in cahoots with democrats who trump says continues on what he calls a witch hunt against well let's let's talk about the democrats then what are their next steps are are they planning to take this forward are they going to go for impeachment of the president. that's right democrats are saying this is a terrible day for the country but in reality what trump has done after this call was really a gift horse the democrats have won said they needed something to move the public
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opinion more supportive of impeachment before taking action and we saw that play out in dramatic fashion over the last few days democratic leader speaker of the house nancy pelosi again spoke this morning and particular condemning other statements that were made by trump yesterday he jokingly said that the members of the white house who are still anonymous who released this information to the whistleblower were in his words close to spies and that they would be he suggested they would be guilty of treason which is punishable by death palosi said that was no joke at all she was very condemning of those statements this morning and she said this is a time when the entire country needs to put country before party her strategy now going forward after a meeting with top democrats behind closed doors last night is to focus the remainder of this impeachment inquiry on this ukraine question her thought is that
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public anger is building behind this issue alone and she doesn't want to muddle the argument for impeachment by other investigations that democrats have already started so the idea now is to quickly wrap up those other investigations focusing on the ukrainian question and perhaps have articles of impeachment ready to be voted on on the floor within 2 months time ok heidi there live on capitol hill thank you very much indeed. african refugees from libya these are the 1st of up to 30000 refugees being relocated from facilities in libya country who many people who've gone to north africa to try and reach europe only see one to offer to take them enough to media reports. showed some terrible conditions well bob barr is the spokesman for the united nations high commissioner for refugees and joins us now from geneva good to have you with us on the program just 1st of all
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just want to have the capacity to take that many refugees 1st a great sigh of relief for the 66 that we were able to fly from libya to the one last night i mean refugees are trapped in hellish in the polish can of polling conditions inside libya there are at least 5000 who are in detention centers unity are has been trying to rescue them and then to take them out of libya inside the rwanda we have been working with the rwandan authorities in terms of establishing the centers that we have outside kid gully the capital so at least those who are arrived last night 66 included 24 children 22 of them alone the youngest was a 2 month baby who was born in detention and there was one person who had spent 4 years in detention not knowing if they will be able to see or breed fresh here or
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there of freedom anyway this is this is clearly good news for these 66 but if we're talking about tens of thousands is the capacity there in countries like rwanda to be able to. welcome these refugees on our apartment as a semi permanent basis. rolonda is the 2nd country after. years unity our have been able to fly out at least 3000 refugees to nigeria in 2000 have been resettled from egypt to still have 1000 in the wonder at any point we'll be able to accommodate around $500.00 refugees but we will need to find more solutions for refugees who will arrive in rwanda so we are looking to other countries in the world let's not forget that the wars 85 percent
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of refugees are hosted by the least developed or don't the pink countries so we are making a call for others to step forward and follow the example of generous and solidarity that. has set and in terms of the refugees themselves many have been trying to get countries in europe countries that have not been hit in the cold war might argue to take in refugees and persecuted migrants do you think these refugees response or resettled in rwanda or leisure to think they're likely to stay there or they'll keep trying to move on to countries in europe for example. let's not forget thousands have died in the mediterranean many more have been return to libya through appalling detention conditions we're asking for those detention centers in libya to be closed refugees and other people to be freed but
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also those who are trapped in libya are refugees they need to find a way out and rwanda has stepped forward with an example and it has shown this solidarity others have to follow this example because there are still thousands of refugees who are trapped inside libya not only resettlement but there must be other option for these responsible for these refugees for inside draw wonder they have a war we will try to find resettlement options for them but they will also have the lights as other refugees inside to wander to services education and work and some of them will have an option to stay in rwanda some may want to return back to their home countries where literally if they want to do so. from the u.n. h.c.r. thanks very much indeed for giving us your thoughts. well the u.s.
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is proposing to cut the number of refugees it's a low sense of the country if the plan is approved the number will be limited 218000 than from $30000.00 a year ago that's an all time low human rights groups have criticized the move let's bring you more on our breaking news story pro and anti government demonstrations are taking place in egypt's well these are the latest pictures we can bring you know for more a mess that spring and sarah leah whitson in new york she's the director of middle east north africa at human rights watch good to have you on the program what do you think these protests are saying on the streets before and against president. clearly protests against. well being inspired by the revelations of corruption and mismanagement by her person exiled government contractor mohammed ali
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as well as obviously 1 when some very tense up frustration about the poor economic situation the increasing and poverty in the country the lack of any freedom opportunity for citizens to participate meaningfully in the political process as pro-government protests we understand from several sources that the government is calling all the stops to 1 encourage those who do support sisi to come out in force of course i don't think pro-government protesters are really seeing the arrests and prosecutions that the anti-government protesters are facing so certainly the government will have to explain why protesters are being treated differently are based on their point of view and what will tell us more about those arrests because there are different figures here the government has said about a 1000 your organization. has claimed round 2000 people have
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been swept up in this cracked what's what's behind it what's the reasoning behind these arrests. well 1st of all in terms of discrepancy in the numbers as you noted the government is acknowledged that 1000 arrests and human rights organizations have documented up to 2000 arrests but we believe the reason for the discrepancy is that there are going to figures about $170.00 people who are going to change without charge who are being held incommunicado i have not even seen prosecutors to bring charges against them and so the government does not count as it doesn't count those it disappears without any process whatsoever in terms of the arrests. from what we've documented these include people who are suspected of having participating in anti-government protests as well as people who've been randomly arbitrarily stopped and searched. searched and any indication critical
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government perspective has been asked to leave the government to charge them prosecutors to charge him with terrorist activities and participating in protests for example that someone who was merely a thought a graphic. of the protests including some foreign journalists have also been arrested so from the government's perspective any documentation any sharing of information about the protests and the expression of critical views about the government isn't enough to who are you going to pull the terrorists and land you in jail and in terms of this this crackdown itself i mean what can we reach into it because this is it's quite significant that the crackdown in terms of a people arrested controls that have been placed on disseminating information and so on what can you read since that the government or the feeling threatened by these protests. obviously feeling right now they're hysterical over the 1 reaction
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of shutting down the b.b.c. shutting down major sorts of news in addition to the 100 websites including human rights watch is that it's shut down and you know putting out troops all over the streets of cairo and alexandria to do random checks all of the city is a very clear reflection of this government's insecurity. the fact that the thing that threatens this government more than anything else is the voice of its own people a government that secure any standing that security which it ima see and it's more among the egyptian public wouldn't be so frightened or terrified by hundreds of protesters in the streets of cairo i think what's far more significant than really the predictable hysterical excessive brutal reaction of the egyptian government is the fact that egypt sions are daring to voice their concerns to daring to voice their opposition to this government knowing full well that what they are going to face is arbitrary and unjust attention and grassroots in targeting not only of them
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selves but of their family members this is what's significant what's significant is the bravery of these dictions who are determined to express their views and opinions notwithstanding the personal sacrifice they are likely to face ok live what's in there from a human rights watch thanks very much for joining us from new york. saudi arabia's foreign minister has urged the international community to band together to combat iran after attacks and see major saudi oil facilities this month the kingdom says iran was behind the attacks but teheran just denies that it brahim been. told the u.n. general assembly that cutting off financial resources was the best way to control iran. in a 30 here today we be a historic responsibility the credibility of this organization and the entire world is its stake.


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