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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 28, 2019 10:00am-10:33am +03

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and that which was cool broke already ceasing. police come from possibly only from one person from one of these asian company to the other those that are very difficult to be one who is acting to block them when . my name is mike and i mean i'm trying to reach to him with a 2nd issues and you have to do your own. good for surgery be take over they. are married for now going in your mate. there are fire in your head. but you know i have nothing ignited. i'm very much support and i have been to several places and the usual excuses has been 20 is all we give
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them to charity and i find these a skewes rather funny. you know because it doesn't take away the problems it doesn't take away the complicity and it doesn't take away the. blatant. today because it's on the fischel perception plan for he was in spain. this is. generated by developed countries should go forsaking. the should it is done using proper equipment with a hill specialized machine. which
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is protected. you don't have to use the bit like the children in dumb side enough for a. lot . of to 90 percent of the materials i reuse of tools. let me ask you this question you have this wonderful recycling facility and so why do we still hope the little literally quizzed illegally being dumped in gone off for instance. they don't. go to the black market to look. i don't know but really it is that we are safe 25 percent no mater what i consider
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wrist what does it go i don't know. become to my country ready ready ready ready ready. this is a tracker for money during each wastes so in this way we can control what are the movement from difficult extreme point to their treatment plans. so it means that once it is installed in the us you can full of the movements into location and possibly to final destination so yeah that's it for him and. i think this is very important so we can get to know who symbolised wired is centered on the way these things up or in this go.
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now we have to guess is the fact that a computer we can follow this ng now from days that allows. we can see down the street where we are going to be. taking the discarded computer with a tracking device to the public collection point. i wonder words and. this old you know we control all the money in the races this is the battle of the small elite because an indication of this leave where we have a place so we can go that isn't in this to field so we have a rio to be sure of the players we have this in this one it is possible to track
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all the way to god yet when we see this thing not all we can say is sing gonna. get us money and in the cowboys have to program up on this fancy globus he. doesn't but i was he was in the look at us open. door. policy center field to. the underside it disappear then don't we decided it was us going to give up little . one everywhere the fast. let the builders the get out i thought i'd been done behind we got the dog had been done in the other another enough i wanted to get out to get another just because what us is really about on are not a mother this assumes the beagle
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a lot of the glad i. don't believe your silly idea about the wild ass the guy is on the eve of. the bill but i've had people yes i've got to be up. thank you. we've actually been to most of us had a lot that we see on time and they're looking at you know a lot of that building stock is bullish fundamentals personality the masses will tell you about the. last police units being in or not will be now they. are used
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and will be in battle. with your projects trucking the movements and flying locations of you with whatever findings can you share that with me i think it's the by cisco so if you're in a story in some cases it was all the less than half of the devices they are rife authorize is leaned a little nyquist yes what happens is that used there is a bird in the market is it is your story insulting is because it is value so if you have and you can take these waste to an illegal market where you can sell these devices do out of attaining a benefit to. responsible
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for that you need all shipments and dumping of the offical. bottom of this equation sinews and you we tried to rewrite history expose and combine form is a crime. where does it all go wrong. for research who found it is leakage of virtually every stage of the process here in the u.k. at least half of the other channel waste and is the black market. or even china it's for exactly how it actually gets diverted. because that are a fake company based in hong kong and we then put together some of the vehicle hit list of countries we thought was suspicious and we contacted those companies to see
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what they're offering and not lead to a few meetings with these companies. our story was there one of our customers from the other goods in china that asked us to secure some supplies of c. azziz catherine choose from from europe and so we were just presenting us i was going to middleman if you like yourself because it's your field and we will. just call the guy when it was a phone call is something in these than europe and here was a you know we can get your 1000 pretty quickly we get them from a major recycling firm he said yeah a lot of $1000.00 are in the slow medicine so it was a computer that was a result of income or something so we have really it's not a wall thing it's huge is that on a small council or it's he she said on the person it's tough for you know the.
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whole staged does that he was good i bet it members of the public to you know hold the choice agreement to civic i mean seaside you know council dumpsite at that point these sites are run by a by companies a subcontracted by the local authority local council to miners the waste but often in these locations as we found there's fergus of constructing 2 small companies there deal specifically with the electronic waste and instead of this material being recycled it's is simply put in containers and shipped out to places. like west africa the farthest. president. for that i must do was sell people to. the stuff resort producer. or live by. what is the motivation why is there so much he was been sent to got the most recent strain is just pure money pure profit if you can receive a payment from
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a local council and the subcontractor 200 this waste and then instead of recycling it simply put in a container and ship it out you're basically getting paid twice or because you're avoiding the cost of recycling and you maybe give us some money to pay for the far east. sky good idea that it's a bag beyond story in fun land and big golson heaven and i wouldn't feel nuts muncy contain a list between we have full of electronic shots of all bond does i owned at stake
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see illegal. we do want to close the loop hole which is leading to so many electrical goods ending up in developing nations being taken apart by by children bonfires and jumps. at least kenya he had to hope miss for us in god's own fucking elect was shot into the tibetan and it was an awfully kikes but cute one is just my number i don't know misha to top it. in the fridge or my view does this he does they are marked into a name as i suppose lima. elect to live in an age say about egan must convey as i say this to me and.
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this is a very toxic waste stream pouring out of europe we are wasting what could be and should be used again mom it would know she would up a ski vanya soon off to the productive it up with alectryon us next to 3 years since cousins tot mom in the suit off to the top that. i would assume. with or without the 3. yeah bro i. should know i'm best is. to elect. mia illegal to be an athlete conscious linda x. put it on us d. you needn't be x. partyin just alice beleaguered listen to him and to run with snuff eyes and was innocent was off watch that.
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it was interesting seeing the port in scotland and having a feel for what is actually done why we pulling these ship limbs of we would. be actually open a container in my presence in that for me was so important. and historic lesbian west africa play model in nigeria over the last few years we have noticed and increased the ghana or the usual tricks but these illegal exporters use is an example changing that contain a drop off point last month so as we can't be there to check our potentially have and material in the 1st real fear of that contain all the work in order for itself until something behind us is not working or done. a lot of money to be made and
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explanation to them that we estimate the number that exports are organizing it could potentially make up to 5000 pounds in a container. of the container and inspect the material to see if it's waste them off. as waste fridge equipment not would be private to them and be illegal so due to the breeze thing you could move full functionality not of this angle of covering the amount of exports that is placed in the us or someone because the fact of the use of resources a fact of life. can come a spike to check from the back of the container from material. goods regular $44.00 the pool table but the camera was no longer there just the endless as little as another and occasion that's why the majority of effort goes into that. is of intelligence and the use of inspections on analyst day. we've already out information from my exposure to the sure that each of the french's had been tested when i was
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a small object in children and people of the governess marched up. for me i would say that the control that i saw on the port in scotland was not good enough every single item would have to be checked for functionality particularly on the continence it was refrigerators a bit television several computers to talk to final the work they're working in good working order before they should go whether they just jump. an ethiopian moment determined to tell the world a new story about our country our source our humanity is the most beautiful we've got i wish we can just realize that i am just about despite the challenges
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she became c.e.o. of tourism and head of ethiopia's land development project my ethiopia on al-jazeera. the 1950 s. a clash of guns politics and a challenge to french colonial rule. any 2 part series al-jazeera one tells the dramatic story of how martin sheen is in a way to. give us back our land and sea level. with rare eyewitness testimony from the men who fought the french on the ground to museum the battle for independence episode one. on al-jazeera. culture a dance drives every day generations of tibet continue to brace a bit take their cultural heritage it's a reminder of who they are and whether. this is a suburb of the capital. so be refugees here since $964.00. have
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been defined as migrants are not refugees because india hasn't signed up to the 1951 un convention on refugees so tibetans here have been able to access the indian welfare system so they become self-sufficient such a better business is looking for work independently but for some it's not enough. and these are the top stories in al-jazeera hundreds of egyptians have defied the security clampdown for a 2nd successive friday and joined demonstrations demanding the president steps down they accused. of corruption and destroying the economy of the former government contractor whose videos help spark these protests as issued a new message on social media calling on president to resign. that is my how did.
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she see you sway that you will leave power if the people don't want you so please be a man if you would don't let your offices upset the people let them walk in the streets freely you promise the people freedom so please stop being a lion. pakistan's prime minister has used his speech at the un general assembly to deliver an extraordinary attack on india's crackdown on ended minister kashmir and on khan warns of a bloodbath in the disputed region last month india revoked the semi autonomous status of customary territory under its control. and president donald trump special envoy to ukraine has resigned as the controversy over his call with his ukrainian counterpart gathers steam during the conversation trump is reported to have asked him for help in investigating his rival joe biden's son who was working in ukraine political hay and has more on the special envoys resignation he was named
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specifically in the whistleblower claim it says he was trying to clean up rudy giuliani at the president's personal lawyer clean up his mess and the congress committees 3 of them so they want to know exactly what he has to say volcker so one of the things we're waiting for is now just a few hours ago these committees issued subpoenas for documents from the state department and they want to depose 5 different state department officials were waiting to see if u.s. president was going to do what he normally does in the situations when congress is trying to investigate him in the last year he basically claims executive privilege . protesters have looted shops and set fire to police cars in haiti's capital over food and fuel shortages at least 4 protesters have been killed in port au prince in recent days as haitians demand the resignation of president juvenal noise the demonstrators accuse moyes of failing to deal with deep rooted corruption. those
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are the headlines man made continuous. october on al-jazeera. this month marks a year since the murder of the journalist shot she made he has sound most a new series of interviews are granted she telling the big issues of our time. world leaders experts and environmentalists will assemble in iceland to discuss the future of the arctic. brand new episodes of front lines examining us is well in our land and we'll bring you coverage of the announcement of the 2019 nobel peace prize . october on al-jazeera.
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we don't have a law in this country forbidding that type of export right now electronic waste is the most traded hazardous waste it is recognized as being the most severe problem with respect to toxic trade and it still goes on every day from our ports here in the united states. this is the country that is the most wasteful country in the world and produce the most electronic waste for company.
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it was all different types of brokers and explorers out there so we're excited for all 3 of them all the time they cozy up charities he said would give the spirit really nice there helps them forward some make some money and keep 3 ways. but basically it's all about filling up a seagoing contain. one of the things we been able to do to demonstrate just how prevalent this type of exporting is we will just go around to these people calling themselves recyclers and you drive by them and the beauty is that you can't hide big old 40 foot
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container. they're all at loading dock so these buildings are designed so you can't drive them into the building. so it's very easy to photograph them and they have prominent numbers and we take pictures of those and we date them. or can type that number into a database called track trace and here we see the whole record of that particular container and it's last week's voyages it's gone from thailand to singapore now it's in new zealand. we've been starting to get this data which nobody else has a was really the flows look like. it comes through concord almost 65 percent of the time from us we didn't know that and we started tracking and tracking and tracking wow they're all going to hong kong.
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come from every way oh uncle from the united states of america from europe and even from africa. every day do about 80 ocean going wessels coming into hong kong and 63000 boxes in containers coming into one does it really is a huge number right. just look at us just one some places as other ways and see if they can find some loopholes they think i'm going to falsify the descriptions of the decoration. so as
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they try to. deceive their customs of officials but i can tell you that districts will get. a receipt back to high risk on janus or ships for processing. we have 2 types of x. ray scanners we can scan on to a truck in less than 2 minutes the whole truck on a toughie. his movies put a container under the scanner because season one is us. for you ways that we have a number of kazan apos failures and most of them are the credits posix scrap metal scrap. we intercept
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a container and not just face and process the container container is being repaired traced back to the ses and then to have a successful prosecution in hong kong hong kong company and the us company also. we do not process each and every container coming or going out of hong kong around a while there's no known one custom and ministration that can process 100 percent of them. always want to do something to make some change so i joined going peace in 2002.
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first can pat is watching only waste. missing these amazing and the really shocking we can fund of the united states you waste in hong kong. farmland. i heard about the waste from alyse coming to hong kong 1st store in rio. i checked my mobile phone that i found here of
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a big contents ariel we have here. in this region. you can see. the 2nd birth and not a whole. 3. coming from the even mental protection bureau in the united states you know one of
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the we would hope. united states government feel we still you would see united states not send that waste to out of country trying to. meet you if you use a real name spoke to us from here to manage on. the trucks and reload in new territories and drive across 3 clubs and they have to pay a bribe that's the only way they can get across or use a small coaster boat to go up the pearl river delta into areas like man high and there again you pay a bribe to unload it. when we went to look we don't see. any sign to say ok this is but we just it's mailed the some mail ok we know we arrived.
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every year. median us throw into the from overseas left the united states and europe in japan korea l l l l at least tom over 80 percent local people make life depends on you a city star. this is very typical local family will show. the world has recycled the past all c r t. the
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sky used to light to burn the plastic and curse 5 difference tat. the walk of don't have any protective mask to protect their health. this isn't a daily life they will. miss family looks out people used to pick up the. expensive metal from our cheeks. and the bad scene is the waste i see people using we were only going out into the river so local iran and has been able to raise. by the way.
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in the summer jump into the river a mystery of ice black is polluted. but always sealed ready signed. me us would be even mental friendly is good but people health well harmed and the local environment also well. really what's happening in your people are extremely wise in costs you don't want to solve the problem you'd leather let someone else deal with it and you'll never have to pay for it you don't ever get a bill from trying the thing you contaminated might land you have to pay.


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