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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 29, 2019 3:00am-3:34am +03

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norman oklahoma what's your assessment of this constitutional committee that is james has pointed out. it's been 150 members that's a lot of people and it's divided equally but trying to find consensus. very difficult you know that the united states puts great store by this process and we've seen a special envoy to syria james jeffrey has said that he expects to war is not over and he expects to settle be turned out by these elections and after this committee process is is terminated and you know it's hard to believe that that can actually happen but obviously there are many people who believe it will it and keep on saying reiterating that it will happen the onsite regime though has won a war in the last 8 years and continues to reiterate that it's not going to give up authority over syria through economic pressure diplomatic pressure or undoubtedly
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this constitutional process so it's hard to imagine that this will actually be completed and i think that the people who are hesitant and who are doubtful about his successors of its possibilities for success are probably you know have a lots of reasons to be doubtful so then what could make it work what could be done differently. within this framework that that that we see set up already. i can't do you know the world is exhausted by civil war in syria they're not going to go back to war the world made it a choice president obama made a choice trump is making a choice which is day they don't want to see this government overturned through military force they got spooked by the rise of isis which is still powerful and it led province and they allowed the regime to endure despite this terrible civil war
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and bloodletting and i don't see where that dynamic is going to change in the near future we've seen dictatorship reassert itself across the middle east and the west has really thrown up its arms and doesn't really know what to do in places like libya in afghanistan it's a hard it's a hard sell to try to see how democracy is going to come to syria in the immediate future and yet and what they've made this point quite clearly in his general assembly speech that the u.s. and turkey still influential they're up in the north and still as the way he put it fighting over again and making decisions without syria's input up there and so there is this still interested but maybe it's more self-serving. it perhaps is self-serving you know both claim that they're getting leverage and that's what americans want to do american homes 30 percent through this syrian democratic forces if they stay have named it and and turkey has taken this big hunk
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of territory now syria and russia are termonde that that's not going to stand forever and if we see in afghanistan america is beginning to think twice after 20 years of presence close 20 years about staying in that country so i think assad is making a calculation that with time. the united states will get tired of supporting a small vaguely independent country in the north and standing up this kurdish led coalition because it'll be expensive over time and it's hard to see how a small country in the north northeastern syria can defend itself because it doesn't have an air force and america is unlikely to supply it with an air force and therefore it will become a sitting duck in the in the distant future if the united states doesn't remain there and that's you know that's the dilemma that people can see down the future
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but perhaps america will stay there for the next 456 years we don't really know and neither do the kurds not to the people in northern syria so if this is you know this is a work that's not finished yet joshua landis always interesting talking to you thanks for your time. there is plenty more ahead few on this news hour zimbabwe's founding leader is laid to rest problem the gobby buried in his home village after his family's wishes prevailed. 5 years after hong kong's umbrella movement and the resistance carries on. and in sport with far action from the stunning upset rugby world cup. but yemen's hooty rebels say thousands of enemy troops have surrounded have surrendered i'm sorry during a month long military campaign who things have been targeting the southern region
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of. a spokesman says they've captured several saudi army officers along with weapons and military vehicles but coalition in yemen has been fighting for more than 4 years well go all out. thousands of the enemy forces have been captured as prisoners others were killed from among the prisoners is a large number of high ranking officers and soldiers of saudi citizenship more than 72 hours from the launch of the operation they destroyed imprisoned and captured more on this with mohammad. mohammed if this is confirmed then this really does show. quite a strong move by the who to use if they are saying that indeed thousands of people have have surrendered. yes according to the whole of these military spokes person who has said he mentioned during his press that they have captured those thousands
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of saudi backed forces who have been recruited from areas from yemen and also just saudi regiments were. saudis officers have been also arrested among these thousands so it's a wide scale operations according to them the whole of these spokespersons the they will reveal tomorrow on the the all the details about this operation that they will show to the to the media also the followers of those who have been arrested in their thousands also that we will show some of the operations that are being being carried out by the whole of these inside saudi territories and specially in iran they have been carrying out these operations for over nearly 5 months they have been trying to put sage on these brigades of that have been. captured by the whole of these. just within the 72 hours they have for the
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tightened their sage on the. brigades and to these around to the whole of the fighters this is according to the military spokesperson despite of the saudi and intensive air strikes on these positions of the whole of these also some of the. war of prisoners have been also killed in the saudi attacks along with the whole of the fighters in these operations so more details will be revealed tomorrow afternoon to get more of these operations how the how these have been able to to to take over 3 brigades along with the saudi regiment thank you mohammed atta in fanaa we also spoke to not be a hootie about this he's a former united states diplomat and deputy chief of mission to yemen this is the who is a more than capable of capturing enemy forces. they. are strong on the ground
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and they have done this before in 2009 in november where the saudis 1st struck against them they went inside saudi border is near the niger on area and they capture about 100 warder guards then they use them for a bargain so i imagine after the solid b. this big not unconditionally accept their piece off them that they once again want to show. they're not capable of inflicting harm. and then again invite their prisoner swap and be stopped while i mean they occupied some of the capital of yemen and so they describe themselves as has no official government of yemen right now in competition with or swith president the was in
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solidarity again militarily they have close to 100000. men to the heart of the soldiers and they have demonstrated their followers elsewhere. some former president robert mugabe has been buried in his home village of. a dispute over where he should be laid to rest the government had wanted the 95 year old buried at a national cemetery but then backtracked after complaints from the recovered family more on this from heart of. relevant obvious family had a private burial but before that it was a church service a child so people to come and say goodbye we heard from several family members his sister in norton say that he was adamant he did not want to be buried in the national heroes like a cemetery in the capital because he was angry at the way the army removed him from power in $27000.00 he said the way he was treated by the army and the current government was demeaning some traditional leaders don't agree with the fact that he
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was buried in the rural villages in by they says the founding fathers and why we should invade at the hero's epicenter there are reports that some of those leaders those chiefs were told not to attend the burial what does involving think of all this well usually in this country when someone dies it takes about a week before someone is buried in a garden has kept mainly at his residence at his house in the capital harare of the proof for more than that some people had time to wonder what is going on and to speculate one period was maybe grace mugabe is why i didn't write some buried at the here is a case. where his 1st wife sally in a theory is as grace in theory will never be considered a hero because she never 40 in white minority rule so bearing. the means when she one day dies she will be buried next to her son it will also save perhaps a family trying to hold out for as long as possible so they can make sure certain guarantees are in place the speculation that some of them want guarantees that they can keep their welfare must over the years and if they are dragged to court one day
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for whatever reason they only protected by the state they have some people them were concerned that if his body was not buried with they could keep a close eye on the gravesite some of his body parts. for which rituals of his enemies or this isn't playing out in florida what people know now is that he has finally the day perhaps in a couple of days a couple of weeks when the family starts talking so obviously get a sense of the back story what happened in the controversy and the delay in the airing robert. protests have been taking place outside the egyptian embassy in tomb to demand the release of a sudanese student detained in cairo were laid her son is accused of taking part in the recent anti-government demonstrations and of belonging to the muslim brotherhood which is an outlaw group in egypt his family says he was tortured and forced to make a false confession on state television the 22 year old moved to the egyptian capital in august to study german. guy to 2014 and the umbrella
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movement that brought central hong kong to a near standstill for 79 days it was fronted by students who went on to form a political party but now we've got the current protests with as with the umbrella movement our report back on increasing control from china scott hardly has a look now at how the movements compare. born and raised in hong kong helen chen looks at the recreate of a main symbol of the territory's umbrella movement a so-called lenin wall this is the site of the 1st that went up in 2014. 5 years on protesters are again building them to post messages and themes that have brought millions out to the streets while helen agrees with the focus of what's happening now she did not back then she believes freedoms are being stripped away in the situation now is more urgent in the amber and a movement to me i think it's only me it just the yanks this matter and they that
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it's pricing full it's almost a believes and i'm already out more than 60 is 00000 women and i just asked for the the piece and there are. no more life of hong kong over to mark the 5th anniversary of the umbrella movement a rally was held next to hong kong's seat of government hundreds of thousands gathered in tomorrow's park. as with most of the larger protest events there was anger directed at police they've been accused of using excessive force against demonstrators. a surveillance helicopter hovering over the rally a target of the protestors lasers pro-democracy leaders say that the success and passion with this protest compared to the umbrella movement 5 years ago is rooted in how it's organized. isaac chang was only 14 when he was out on the streets during the umbrella movement now he's one of the leaders of a pro-democracy political party born out of the umbrella movement of the defenses
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of the previous before that they will fight for a sense of peace the previous will have one single authorization while leaving the ok. he also says there are many people driving the protests now in their 17th weekend as the range of issues is much larger than 5 years ago bringing up. full of all ages. as with many of the recent large protests riot police are called in to clear out the remaining protesters the steps of the original lennon wall now were claimed by police scholar al jazeera hong kong. sports coming up in this hour which means more from the world athletics championships here in doha as far as smile with a look ahead. yes thanks very much can always seen our 1st world record on the track and big finals are ahead on the 2nd day of competition coming up in our bulletin at 1845 g.m.t.
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the man is 100 meters final is the highlight in the stadium tonight who will be crowned that's branching out of the championships and feeling the heat the action returns to the roads in doha how will the 50 kilometer walkers cope with the midnight humidity. but there's been a huge shock to the right people caught up with japan beating ireland all that's coming up in our sports bulletin at around $1045.00 g.m.t. and in the news ahead running from tear gas and live ammunition police in haiti responds to growing protests also find out what millions of somalis are being forced to leave they are expecting a moment. hello there most secure picture across much of the middle east you have got some rain showers to the north working their way through the eastern end of the black sea on
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tools the caspian sea and we have had some torrential downpours across into southern pakistan look at this in karachi it was the one day international between pakistan and sri lanka on friday this is the result of those rains the match was completely rain not one single ball was bowled it can see why with that amount of rain on the ground as we go through sunday it should be mostly dry again those showers actually caring out of the way across sections to the north and time which is a little bit cooler as that into back with the high there are 21 of monday meanwhile warm state in baghdad with a high of 42 and very warm across much of the arabian peninsula want to see more showers into the south and the southwest of you. but carrying away that cloud along that says south coast of oman and how much is in the i 30 s. for muscat and we've got 39 celsius in doha on monday but it's still really feeling quite humid and then down into southern africa we've got some high temperatures here as well rain showers not really way we need them we've got some indicate time
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which is good news a few showers across madagascar a bit dry and hot and johannesburg over the next couple of days 26 and john is back on monday. growing up in harsh and unforgiving circumstances children learn to play dangerous games they say if i throw stones that destroy the house and take me worn down by frustration and broken promises young men living under the constant threat of imprisonment think took me to the jeep and blindfolded me the time for them to regain control of their lives is when the boys returned. at this time on al-jazeera feels like one of our biggest strengths is that we talk to normal everyday people we get them to tell their stories and doing that really reveals the truth people are still gathered outside these gates waiting for any information most of them don't know whether that loved ones are alive or dead or miami really
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is a place where 2 worlds meet we can get to washington d.c. 2 hours to get it on joyce and the rest of central bankers about the same time but more importantly is why those 2 cultures north and south america beat us to teach it like it's a very important place felt it was a big. deal the news on. here at al-jazeera on these around top stories vote counting is under way in afghanistan's 4th presidential election one in 5 polling stations didn't open because of security concerns several explosions also occurred the taliban have vowed to stop people from voting. syria's foreign minister has used his address to the u.n. to demand the immediate withdrawal of all foreign forces while he says the u.s.
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and turkish presence in syria violates international law and yemen's hooty rebels say thousands of enemy forces have surrendered after a cross border military campaign as they targeted the sudden sandy region of and captured several. offices and weapons. the u.s. special envoy to ukraine has become the 1st casualty in a widening impeachment inquiry quit after being named in a whistleblower complaint they accuse the white house of trying to cover up a phone call between president onil trump and ukraine's leader the support from patty. a few subpoenas landed at the u.s. state department late friday evening congress demanding documents and testimony from 5 of their officials in the coming days including the u.s. special envoy to ukraine ambassador kurt volker soon after volcker quit his state department job this comes just after he and other top administration officials were
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named by a whistleblower in the complaint he alleges the president cut off foreign aid to ukraine and days later in a phone call asked the ukrainian president for a favor a promise to investigate trump's potential rival former vice president joe biden and his son hunter who once had a seat on the ukrainian company board now the u.s. president is trying to turn the tables releasing this ad accusing biden of being in the wrong the prosecutor not fired. trump is accusing biden of getting a ukrainian prosecutor fired for investigating his son when in fact the prosecutor was fired for not going after corruption cases look in the weeks and the months to come is to congress's job to pursue the facts and. donald trump accountable in the meantime my job. our job to make sure we beat. what does seem clear is that after so many months of trying to investigate not
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getting very far in this investigation is moving very fast so far the administration is simply tried to ignore congress but now that impeachment has been invoked if they take this case to the courts president says they'll likely force the president to comply to let aides testify to turn over all the documents i mean it's possible a lot more of what the president said privately to many other world leaders could become public and then the congress will have to decide if his words rise to the level of impeachment. l. just here in washington just a quick look now at the man who has resigned as special envoy to ukraine cote focus we say veteran diplomat he served as u.s. ambassador to nato under george w. bush he became a special envoy to ukraine on a volunteer basis to help the country result its conflict with russian backed separatists vocal was among several officials named by the whistle for trying to
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contain the damage from donald trump's phone call with the ukrainian leader but without a gala in washington d.c. is this a case of his position just becoming untenable given the circumstances. well it's basically a bit more complicated than not i mean there's also accusations now that phone calls between president trump and vladimir putin and phone calls between president trump and saudi royals were also siphoned off into this super secure server where it's not supposed to go but i think what we're seeing here certainly if you listen to speaker pelosi talk about how they want to proceed they really want to focus on this phone call with the selenski because it's a simple matter for the american public to understand they don't want this to become one of the muller inquiry 2 years very amorphous very complicated this is far more simple than that did president trump by withdrawing funds and then asking
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for a favor a dirt on a political rival and then potentially releasing those funds is that impeachable if we start to get into all these of the phone calls and other accusations that could get complicated for the democrats because they are moving at lightning speed they're staying here during the recess to keep on going with this and they want to move on it quickly so it is perhaps the biggest challenge for president trump's tenure in office so far it's a dangerous situation for him but it's dragging all sorts of other people in as well what was rudy giuliani at trump's personal lawyers role in all of this he's already saying the state department told him to do it people throwing each other under the bus already it definitely doesn't look good for the president especially with a general election very rapidly approaching next year so in the near term andy what are we looking at as far as the inquiry goes more hearings on capitol hill. yeah more hearings on capitol hill where we're working through the recess as
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i said my pompei o the secretary of state has been subpoenaed 3 times at least already he's not been . responding to those subpoenas he needs to do that bill bob the attorney general's also been implicated in all this because president trump mentioned his name several times during the call and of course then there's the whistleblower the man no woman whose identity will remain secret but wants to give evidence to the various committees looking into this that all perhaps be done behind closed doors but they are not wasting any time here many democrats say this is not a political move but one which protects the very founding principles of this country they say the president what he's doing is definitely impeachable but the white house is saying look we kept some of these conversations locked away because there have been so many leaks from the white ass if you think about conversations with the president of mexico the prime minister of australia they say that's why
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they've been doing that but for the american public this is a simple question did don't trump ask for a favor in return for dirt on a political opponent it's pretty clear cut in terms of understanding what's going on ultimately maybe the american public to decide whether don trump is being honest or not in the general election next november that extraordinary terms and economic effect for that. now at least 4 people have been killed off days of violent protests in haiti demonstrators are accusing president of corruption and blame him for a food and fuel shortage they say they will continue protesting until he resigns with us now from port au prince. chaos has taken over the streets of port au prince. what started as demonstrations over an ongoing fuel shortage has grown into a nationwide protest calling on haitian president just now to resign no diplomat
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the president promised the haitian people to lift them from poverty to pull them out of the dirt and when he became president he made everything work. on friday thousands took to the streets authorities in the haitian capital tried to control the crowd but with little effect mobs of angry demonstrators broke into buildings and looted businesses god. several people have died. one police station was vandalized by looters and nearly set on fire people could be seen running off with police skiers things like riot shields body armor and anything else they can perry thank you but those years if the president really loves haiti he should resign he should wait for there to be more looting in the streets for him to resign. with nightfall the streets of the haitian capital have quieted down and the city is now under a sort of self-imposed lockdown haitian president of the always continues to call for a national dialogue but opposition leaders haven't said as demonstrators to continue
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to protest and continue to pressure the president to resign meaning the unrest in the country is likely to continue madrid up port au prince has now an economist and professor at university joining us on skype from port au prince. how strong are these protests i mean we see these pictures there they're you know they're on our screens and they're very strong i want to know about the actual strength of the movement the numbers and the and how how long they could keep going . the vote those are getting stronger and stronger it's been like a human are sins people actually take industry at the street to protest against the government and the president. and then more and more who are sions candle and more insults fiction. when when days old what can promise is from the president and
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people getting more angry and more excited about that and more and more 'd of them ization more private sector more civic society people actually are in the side demanding the president to to step down so that's why yesterday he was reduced form not only going to capital but also in other cities individual does he the president actually can say that there is a problem that there are high costs of living that there's corruption that there are all these issues and if the at least say yes i'll try to do something about it . it's everything at the same time it's not corruption it's a living and also the president it is. time to really put a government in place since march so does it does for the congress anymore doesn't have a strong political support anymore so the opposition getting morse stronger every
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day so everything combined at the same time corruption corso cleaving i can also inequality and bad management and also the president yes so many promises it been giving for years now and he can't actually realize those promises do you think it's just a matter of time then till he does step down or is even thrown out because what you've just described there is basically he's in charge of a country where no one supports him it's very difficult to put this article violent and then like everyone is fed up now and maybe i mean i don't know what's going to happen next but the president seems like he's so weak it doesn't have the capacity to really bones back and take control now we are facing. a failed government
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a failed state was not able to really take control of the streets that's what i mean thank you so much for joining us today from port au prince we do appreciate it my pleasure. climate change is being blamed for more frequent drops in somalia severe droughts used to occur every 10 to 15 years now we're looking at every 2 years on average and the u.n. says more than 2 and a half 1000000 somalis have been displaced muhammad has the support now from the region of by della. dry dusty and parched desert sand is slowly taking over one's full time field since somalia. just 2 years of to the last drought and the country's again facing one of the driest thrain assistance in more than 3 decades. the victims of visible almost everywhere makeshift camps like this one for those affected by drought can be found in almost every city. this is by
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door in southwest somalia these people have just arrived from the countryside. however builds a heart for her family from old clothes she says it took them a month to get here but on the name brand i don't know what our cattle died 1st and then the crops failed and we fled hanging out here but it is team follows as we have had no help. the people of somalia have always name drop outs and use the buses total milestones but that was $1.00 what 10 or 15 years up now they've become the new norm and scientists say that the country has dried up mark foster in the 20th century than at any other time in the past 2000 years. these bought in plains of sundin's 2 and have always known long dry spells but they've always been followed by. enough at least to rebuild huts so that's can be repaid and many provided for the children. that's changed 91 year old
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a loose ace he has never seen shifting weather patterns the some for giving. me 'd here and i don't remember around how it's not having food until recently this droughts are quite different from what we used to see there's no time for recovery they just keep coming back. just a few months ago the shop that i'm on had 25 goats now she has just 5 the rest with it and died in the current drought. the my welcome my high survive on donations from well wishers is no pasture for the goats and i'm forced to look for grass for them in fountains and at times i even have to share my food with them. modoc animal hunting is not just an economic activity for the people of somalia it is who they are. and as the climate changes they too being forced change.
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by door in south west somali sports still ahead for you on this news hour with so far on the run i was back on the roads and as the hate takes its toll. october on al-jazeera. this month marks a year since the merger of the journalism ashaji committee has signed most a new series of interviews are going to tackling the big issues of the time. world leaders experts and environmentalists will assemble in iceland to discuss the future of the arctic. brand new episodes of. examining us israel. and we'll bring you coverage of the announcement of the 2019 nobel peace prize. october on al-jazeera.


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