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tv   Tariq Ramadan  Al Jazeera  September 30, 2019 5:33pm-6:01pm +03

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well this is the world. that number it that they have what they have the outcomes that it out now. nurses waste a lot of time tracking down patients in the bush there are no signs indicating the names of roads all villages. were going to you know call them because i don't really know where my. book come to but i'm afraid i don't know the other one about. 2 hours later and they still haven't located the pregnant woman. turn to go i think that for the parking lot of her that was not going. to make things worse the old ambulance breaks down. the man come up and do it now there are folks that have it but did anybody but think you did. have to shift out of court of course having
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a gun will not. be thought about if you don't. know madonna worry about how much money. i got for her and that's of no. no no no this is not a thought this woman. i she waits for makeshift repairs mariyam bumps into the pregnant woman's father in law worried he'd set out on foot looking for help we're going to call for we're there through medicare. medicaid usually do event i do this is some day and i'm not the one after 4 days of agony both mother and baby are in serious danger but that this with a bit of medical center if you wrote your stuff up that this is. not that. bad but given. that caught my. eye.
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3 hours off to leaving the hospital mariyam can finally attend to the patient. the baby is poorly position and the 18 year old girl is in urgent need of a says area the best at 1st and. it was the best. in rural villages grandmothers act as midwives assisting women with childbirth. c up to their. first at the box help or get out of pocket back out while the backup that was but still not get the fuck out what was what was so hot that my husband tries to comfort her as best he can there's no stretcher and she lies on the telephone on a little bit about that no i don't think i could do what we're going to talk about
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the court a lot of this is. that one thing i know my now. i'm. not. on my side i thought i was about to take up the pick up the full brunt 8. of. the hospital has no running water and the operating room has only one set of surgical clamps but there is an unease to just a month is soon asleep. this is airy and goes well but the baby isn't breathing. without the aid of respiratory machines the nurses do their best to save the baby by. but. now fred this is.
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a. secret. list for you that. in fact it may have been fund of you. but i'm out there. i don't want my system in the months. for days of contractions have paralyzed the mother's legs the hospital has no suitable medicines. your best examples if i must. do better than. what we're doing. and shop. without free public health care many families here are unable to cover basic
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medical needs the hospital pharmacy sells medicines for a 10th the price of the private sector but even these prices can be an affordable. i'm still concerned but if i i i were. in guinea $5.00 can change a life. maybe it's the camera or genuine sympathy but in the end the pharmacist pays for the medicine himself but there's enough to treat his wife for a week. any longer and it'll be up to the husband to come up with more money. according to unicef $15300.00 babies and $3800.00 women die in childbirth each year in guinea.
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getting medicines to where they're needed is a real problem. these medicines are on their way to a dispensary in the middle of the jungle. this won't be the 1st risky journey has taken. to get it when i was. going to tell you about it and if you want to have you know what. i don't think you know yeah be able to. round up. for you sometimes the food bank or. the money to somebody because we.
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get to monday so who knows what it would be so we're going to get it. right here. to give you. the meal track is actually a regional road it connects kissa dugu and 45 kilometers away. on your flight from apollo days to it on the order of a. going back up in
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a few days maybe even. at each ball the rhythm of the spades receives and it's always the same team. is encouraged. and like his truck stops its engine lacks power that it will get to be that wasn't about it but then somebody else people. see the minute bradish i get to see that i feel no better to a bond on the build up as i go these are the more important i meant to work upon it
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wanting it only when i pulled it off and i bought it when i got it that's what i meant. and guinea everything has multiple uses. to put us all what i said judy on the bus comment from the community that i said that's. something i would like. to make. by nightfall they'd been driving for 10 hours.
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my. the nurse at the dispensary collects the packages of meds and. he's been expecting them for 3 months on the books is a quite small. he hopes they'll be enough to replenish his stuff. if. you will say it is your baby yeah them a lot of give yet you don't belong to the on another sample of live. among the medicine benjamin has received of vaccines against measles diptheria tetanus and polio he'll start vaccinating children 1st thing in the morning as he has no means of conserving the precious vaccines. by the electricity.
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if. free will so far hasn't it. gotten into. the will of. this 2 year old is too weak to be vaccinated. designed to dili. you know i've yet to. ramble you mad.
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and i want to. make. us i mean if. there's a. point. in guinea one in 10 children dies before reaching the age of falling. don't scarcely ever visit these remote villages. benjamin tries to fill the void he's only a nurse but an experienced one skilled nurses like him are invaluable.
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the village is always grateful. sub 0 temperatures the stream altitudes. this is where the hard part because of the extraordinary journey from polish to touch it you start braved ordinary joy to avoid what we do high out of that there's no oxygen. just to experience life simple pleasures. risking it all or kurdistan on al-jazeera. every year 50000000 tonnes of electronic
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waste is thrown away the majority is illegally dumped in developing countries right now electronic waste is the most traded out of this with retracing the tech through the criminal organizations making big profits and asking why the west is turning a blind eye. manmade on the waste trail on al-jazeera. they say to really know someone he must walk a mile in their shoes. follow in their footsteps as they forge their way in the world. al-jazeera shares these personal journeys. inspiring stories of people perseverance on their chosen path. witnessed documentaries on al-jazeera. planet is feeling the heat of the climate
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an ecological emergency the world's leading scientists are warning of an existential crisis in the face of it reversible changes to the climate all be with you throughout as well on violent correspondent nick clark reports from the front lines of the crisis and showcase new solutions to help called by al-jazeera brings you a new weekly planet s.o.s. was set up the facts on the science behind the issues affecting our planet's. saudi arabia's crown prince denies ordering the murder of jamal khashoggi it says he takes full responsibility for the journalists killing. fellow are not seen any show of al-jazeera live from doha also coming out yemen's
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to the rebels say they're releasing hundreds of prisoners as a gesture of goodwill. and a warning donald trump tweets out civil war rhetoric because he battles efforts to remove him from office. thousands of students during anti beijing protests in hong kong as the city's stock exchange lists the 2nd biggest stock offer this year. saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin salamanders again spoken publicly about the murder of journalist. he told an american network that he takes responsibility for the killing because it happened on days leadership but he denies any personal involvement this week marks a year since she was murdered inside the saudi consulate in istanbul here's some of that 60 minutes interview. did you order the murder.
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absolutely not this was a heinous crime. but i take full responsibility as a leader in saudi arabia especially since it was committed by individuals working for the saudi government when you heard that people close to you and your government carried out such a grisly murder and that the american government thinks that you ordered it. i believe what you mentioned is not correct that there isn't an official statement announced by the american government in this regard while there isn't clear information or evidence that someone close to me did something to that effect there are charges and they're being investigated but again you cannot imagine the pain that we suffered that i especially as the saudi government from a crime such as this one. the cia has concluded with medium to high confidence
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that you personally targeted. and you probably ordered his death. i hope this information to be brought forward if there is any such information the charges me i hope it is brought forward publicly. as executive director of the arab center washington d c he says the interview raises more questions than answers. it's not just the personal responsibility you know i mean that would be probably very difficult to expect from him to do that but at least you know going beyond this morro responsibility for p.r. purposes i mean there are legal issues here you know who ordered ok fine he admits that some saudi citizens they are officials within his government that betrayed at this what he called you know as a crime but who had no order if it weren't khemu else and so then it has absolutely
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no legal recognition and he absolve himself of the responsibility with regards to the legal process. the judiciary stokely independent in saudi arabia and this is up to the prosecutors to pursue the facts including the admission with regards to the torture and that's not the case anyone who knows anything about saudi arabia knows that this was a simplification oversimplification of the facts will take its president right to pay a bedouin has written an article for the washington post saying his country will continue to investigate the meadow jamal khashoggi he says that because judges killing is not a me a tragedy but also a blatant abuse of diplomatic immunity noting that the matter is traveled on diplomatic parcels and turned a diplomatic building into a crime scene and were assisted in the attempted cover up by saudi arabia's top
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diplomat in istanbul which set a very dangerous precedent he goes on it's in al best interest and of humanity to ensure that such a crime is not committed anywhere again let's go live that i think is fun and in istanbul see them cause you lou and president ed on there making his feelings absolutely clear likening the murder of jamal khashoggi to the significance and the influence of the 911 attacks. well yes martin prisons are gone is eager about for why the justice in his opinion piece in the washington post today he mentions that turkey will pursue justice we see that there is no different in turkey's position in terms of political position or where his stand and where turkey stands in terms of justice but what we notice is a change in the tone of the turkish government because last year after this brutal attack after this brutal murder happened to a key was turkey had harsh statements against saudi arabia but in this opinion
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piece presents add-on made it clear that he never thought king solomon ordered the killing and he never mentioned the crown prince mohamed bin soundman by the way this is interesting but just a few days ago turkey's foreign minister made chili sure sad that it was a good step that the crown prince to christian responsibility of the killing as a statesman but there should be some solid steps so that's why prisons are drawn continues to criticize the court proceedings the justice system in saudi arabia saying that it's lax transparency it lacks public access to the trials but he ses we don't take this issue as a by later relation between ancora and riyadh that's why now we believe that national courts are international course can so it can solve the problem can provide justice but prisons are done sais is justice must be ensured otherwise
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the murder case will not be shed light on bet's why he stays took you will be still after this case but it is interesting to see a change of tone in in turkish politicians statements especially after the crown prince interview on peut on p.b.s. but of course turkey wants to wait and see what's going to happen especially in the cell the of course at the end of the day there are some international legal tools. turkey can't process it can't proceed with like taking this case to the united nations because turkey is because there are some other countries who supported who supported this case should be a should have been taken to the united nations but of course it's seems they are giving some time to riyadh to see how the court proceedings the justice system will continue in terms of punishing those perpetrators add-on states that those
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perpetrators should be punished as the law requires them to but the political position is the same it seems turkey is taking this issue more a justice wise. rather than a political wise sim i'm frank you for that simcoe here lou live from istanbul. now yemen's hoofing military commanders say they are preparing to release 350 prisoners as a gesture of goodwill to the saudi u.a.e. coalition and they are expecting the same gesture from the other side. about going to a salon not with one woman to tell them we reiterate our commitment to a prisoner swap deal that has not changed it is today as it was and we are prepared and willing to execute an all inclusive deal whether they are yemenis or other nationalities to prove our veracity we have initiated an unconditional release of 350 prisoners from the other side we have called on the united nations to pressure
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the coalition to reciprocate this initiative falls within this we disagreement and today we are going to execute and honor this agreement under the plans of the knowledge of the united nations and the swedish agreement. that's in the us where president trump has once again waded into the impeachment inquiry re tweeting comments from the leader of a mega church pastor robert jeffress he warned that if democrats were to remove president trump from office above calls a civil war like front from which the us would never hear oh well the tweet followed comments from 2 days ago that's when the president said the democrats are trying to stop him because he's fighting for the american people what's going on now is the single greatest scam in the history of american politics the democrats want to take away your guns they want to take away your health care they want to take away your vote they want to take away your freedom they want to take away your judges they want to take away everything we can never let this happen we're
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fighting to drain the swamp and that's exactly what i'm doing and you see why we have to do it because our country is at stake like never before it's all very simple they're trying to stop b. because i'm fighting for you and i'll never let that happen. so as a president fights back against the impeachment inquiry he says he wants to meet the whistleblower who filed the complaint about his phone call to the ukrainian president and it gallagher has more from washington. it was an announcement that changed the political landscape in washington the trail of his oath of office because of our national security house speaker nancy pelosi wants reluctant to stanton pietschmann proceedings change her mind after a transcript of a call between president donald trump and president volodymyr selenski of ukraine was released president trump now stands accused of abusing his power undermining national security and inviting a foreign power to interfere in u.s.
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elections senior democrats on the intelligence committee say the trumpet ministration won't be doing itself any favors if it doesn't cooperate with the white house fight us on this i have to imagine they're going to fight this tooth and nail and yet even as they do with the more that they fight to try to prevent an obstruct the lawful functions of congress the more they're going to make a case for impeachment on obstruction of justice of congress republicans and now rallying behind their embattled president saying donald trump was duty bound to press the ukrainians to look into allegations about joe biden's son hunter and his dealings with the ukrainian energy company trumps personal lawyer rudy giuliani himself an important player in the scandal is likely to be called before house democrats if he decides that he wants him to testify course not testify even though i think adam schiff is an illegitimate chairman this year is already prejudged the case if you want fairness here we've got to put somebody in charge of that
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committee who has an open mind impeachment proceedings are now moving at a pace that now that the republican party nor president from can control at all of all this is a report from a so-called whistleblower deemed credible by the acting director of national intelligence it's thought he or she may have. behind closed doors soon going to ask who went today for both parties the stakes couldn't be higher republican senator lindsey graham one of the president's closest allies says the accusations a 2nd time law yes it's all hearsay you can't get a parking ticket conviction based on hearsay don't whistle blower didn't hear the phone call right who told which is that lower about the phone call and everything else he says donal tried does that still in the mess get every american deserves to confront their accuser so this is a sham what's going on now is the single greatest scam president trump is now in the fight of his political career and says the proceedings are a hoax.


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