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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 2, 2019 3:00am-3:33am +03

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every. student protesters shot by police violence in hong kong overshadows communist china 70th anniversary celebrations. baka this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up leading democrats who in the u.s. secretary of state against restricting access to witnesses in the trump impeachment inquiry. ukraine signs a deal with russia back separatists to hold local elections in the east. and close to collapse of glass it was melting at alarming rates and scientists say climate change is to blame.
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for the 1st time in the months of unrest in hong kong police have shot a protester with a live round leaving him in a critical condition the incident and the large scale protest in the city overshadow the 70th anniversary of the people's republic of china a day when the communist leadership wanted to present its best face to the world adrian brown reports from hong kong. the police had warned the choose day would be very dangerous it was the pitch battles carried on into the night with protesters defying repeated police warnings for people to stay off the streets even diners ignored the cool though this clash spread from one side of hong kong island to the other and then back again police a day earlier banned all marches but people still took to the streets not to celebrate 70 years of chinese communism but to mourn it don't come up to them when
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they have. this is an illegal notch designer of the oh oh oh no there were more than 100 arrests some of the most intense violence was on the other side of the harbor in cow lou. a much watched video on social media appears to show a policeman shooting a young protester in the chest with a pistol the hong kong police force say it was in self-defense but this was the 1st time someone had been wounded from a police bullet since the protests began almost 4 months ago today i'm set our national day is supposed to be a day to celebrate and be happy but unfortunately some riotous choose to. do all these all these sorts of criminal damages assonance woundings assaulting police officer and their ers.
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behavior which more or less equal to a riot offense. the anger of recent weeks had been building up to this day the most important date in china's political calendar this year many train stations and shopping malls were closed in the security clampdown just a few months ago hong kong was regarded as one of asia's most law abiding cities a model of good governance now all of that has been turned on its head with the police left to solve what is effectively a political problem these pro-choice in a protest is also see themselves as defenders of hong kong. days to 70 per day of our model and our model and to have prosperity to have peace people to be happy national day celebrations here were low key this year the annual flag
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raising ceremony was held in a secure area well away from the protests which marred what was never going to be a day of celebration adrian brown al-jazeera hong kong. well scott hi-lo is live at the queen elizabeth hospital in hong kong where the protester who was shot is being treated to a custom by asking you whether off to this upsurge of violence you think that this is something of a tipping point in the protests where do we stand up to this critical much. needed could very well be a tipping point because as we heard in agents report there this is the 1st time that a protester has been shot wounded by a police bullet we know that live rounds had been fired in the past as warning rounds this is the 1st time a protester was actually hit a teenager in the hospital behind me he was initially brought to a hospital the other part of and then brought here to queen elizabeth for specialty services especially treatment we know that he no major organs were hit but he is
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still in critical condition he underwent surgery when he arrived here late on tuesday we know that his lung collapsed and he was hit in the chest earlier police said that identified it more as lay in the shoulder but no it was squarely in the chest because there was a collapsed lung as a result and he's still in critical condition so is this a tipping point it has to be no there's really no other way to look at it because you know the protesters have been on the streets as you mentioned you know for nearly 4 months this is new territory we're in now and police say they did it in self-defense they actually shot one of the protesters so this brings it to a new level to what degree and to what angle that's going to be we don't know just yet but yes there's no other way to look at me. if this is a juncture in the demonstrations and is it even possible to say where we go from here. what we know at least you know let's look at the near future we know that there are some people starting to gather at this teenager who was shot at his
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school we know that the protester kind of had body if you will of all the different groups in this protest movement they're going to be holding a press conference later today on wednesday so that's that's kind of what's officially. and planned that came out over the last couple of hours but also on these chat groups and through social media the way that the protestors communicate with each other we are starting to see some advance being planned around the city nothing very specific kind of vague but there are events that are going to be planned look to be planned for today if they come come to fruition we're not sure just yet but yes there are still movements actions that they are plotting out on wednesday but then let's look at you know beyond the near future these are the protests that really kind of sprout up over the weekends that's kind of the traditional cycle if you will obviously yesterday because of a national holiday national day and the protests try to counter those images coming out of beijing that was a special day but you know are we going to be back into the next cycle coming weekend and are we going to see things intensify because of what happened on
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tuesday but right now we know today a couple of events planned and in a press conference at the teenager who was shot at his school later on today neve specifically talking about that school we're actually looking at life pitches from outside the college where the students attended vital numbers of people gathered there already they are sitting silently one can only assume what they are planning what they are thinking next but as you mentioned a critical moment in weeks and weeks of demonstrations in hong kong thank you very much for that update. very different picture in mainland china where there was all the pomp and ceremony in beijing to model the 70th anniversary but as old matheson reports the celebrations were held at a sensitive time for chinese democracy and as economy. aircraft funded through the skies above beijing for armored vehicles rumble through chan and
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square a display of china's military strength as president xi jinping calls for economic and political confidence and sends a message to hong kong. we have to maintain their peaceful united one country to assist them. to keep hong kong and macau is a long term prosperity at the state realty 70 years ago when john and square communist party chairman mao zedong announced the founding of the people's republic of china. in the following 27 years most so-called great leap forward plan to boost farming and industrial production led to famine and the deaths of an estimated 30000000 people has cultural revolution clamped down dissent a year after mao's death in 1986 new leader dench helping declared china would open up internally and to the outside world the china of today bears little resemblance to the china of chairman mao the new middle class is getting wealthier and the
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country's transformed itself into an economic global power but one of the central messages of things celebrations today seems to be a cautionary one yes we should acknowledge what china has achieved so far but there could be tough times ahead. for president xi as centralizing and strengthening control in beijing some of the president's political rivals have been swept up in his crackdown on corruption as well as the ongoing protests in hong kong and allegations linked to human rights the trade war with the us is forcing china's economy to slow and this is a not a adversity of high expectations that is going to be very glorious in the near future it's an anniversary in which we look back on what china has been able to attain and we talk about a new era of sacrifices and struggle. in $18910.00 a month square saw bloodshed and pro-democracy demonstrators stood up against time in $29.00 china is determined to show that its military is stronger than ever but
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the success of president xi jinping whose leadership may depend on how he handles china's newfound prospectivity right matters. beijing. a war of words between u.s. house democrats and a key member of president trump's cabinet has erupted in washington as more witnesses are being called to testify in an impeachment inquiry secretary of state mike pompei has pushed back against an order for 5 of his officials to appear before congress he says is an attempt to intimidate and bully state department staff well the chairman of the 3 house committees says any attempt by pompei to prevent officials from speaking to them is illegal and will be seen as obstructing the inquiry democrats are investigating whether president trump pressured ukraine's leader for personal gain in a phone call but a lot of lenski has dismissed the allegations saying he can't be influenced.
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i've never felt any influence on me and there are a lot of people in russia in the west standard ukraine who would like to influence me but i love the president of ukraine of independent ukraine and it seems to me that my state so far shows that it is impossible to influence me well how to judge castro jones us now live from washington d.c. looks like tweeting again referring to the inquiry as a coup what more do we know. that's right he was just on twitter in the last few minutes saying that as he finds out more about this he believes this is not just an impeachment but in his words a coup and that is startling language coming from a seated u.s. president there has never been a coup in u.s. history and the fallout there were action to this will certainly be swift as it comes in perhaps the president is reacting to the latest headline here in the u.s. with new this media reporting that yet another player has entered in this intrigue
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if you will and that is the inspector general of the state department and just a reminder to our viewers inspector generals are not political posts they are hired and appointed by the president to keep their agencies honest and the reports are that the inspector general of the state department has now requested an urgent briefing with senior congressional staff that will occur tomorrow what is this all about well the only order of business in congress happening at the moment is this trump ukraine investigation most of congress on recess the only ones who stayed behind are looking into that issue and of course that investigation originated from a whistleblower complaint that was vetted by yet another inspector general the inspector general for the intelligence community which alerted congress to a phone call when which trump pushed the ukrainian president to begin an investigation into trump's political rivals here in the united states all of this
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is happening as those the congress people who are staid staying in d.c. are preparing to interview 5 former and current state department employees one of them is marie vonnegut she is the former u.s. ambassador to ukraine she was suddenly recalled without much reasoning given back in may and her name came up in that phone call between trump and zelinsky as. who trump said was bad news sure reportedly wasn't buying into the president's efforts to jump start an investigation with ukraine's help into his political adversaries she has agreed to testify before congress on october 11th and there's another name kurt volker he is the former ukrainian envoy who is mentioned in the whistleblower report as having gone to ukraine immediately after the phone call to try to contain the damage that was inflicted by trump asking the ukrainian president to intervene
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in the 2020 elections volcker resigned from his post last week just as the story was breaking and he is scheduled to speak with congress on thursday if the nobody a very very strong pushback from the. that's right he is accusing democrats of intimidating these witnesses who he says are still his employees volcker notably is no longer a state department employee after his resignation but really this is a volley of accusations of witness intimidation democrats saying pompei 0 is bullying his employees not to appear before congress and pale saying that democrats are doing the same thing in compelling his former and current state officials to testify so quickly democrats meanwhile are charging forward on this impeachment inquiry that is why they are moving with haste however they have agreed to work
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with the counsel of the former u.s. ambassador to ukraine and that is why her testimony will occur next week instead of tomorrow as had been previously scheduled. thank you very much for the update. still ahead on al-jazeera justice in texas an off duty white police officer found guilty of murdering her black on arms neighbor. and protests in baghdad at least 2 people diaster straight shooter rocks government falls over. head are there some good clearing conditions across much of central and eastern china and i can see on the satellite this massive cloud that is a typhoon me tag that is pushing away from china of course it's heading further to
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the north but it's a carrying picture here as we head through wednesday so while listen drive is still warm south coast 32 in hong kong on thursday 30 celsius in shanghai and a much better day as that system clears out of the picture that we had to the south we've got widespread rains here fairly extensive across much of borneo and out towards the west as well northern sumatra the a peninsula will see some fairly hazy conditions with these showers and thunderstorms and you can see is generally a blanket of tried really across much of the region and then into india now we've been talking about the monsoon rains over city for months and again we've seen flooding rains over the last several days there's a bit of a less activity on the satellite in the last few hours but this is patent in bihar state now the last 4 days 100 $39.00 people have died because of the floods and there is more rain in the 4 calls however you will notice it is lot less widespread still they need to be whole stay pushing up to the north east towards assam but
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really we could be beginning now to see the retreat of that monsoon. sponsor in town. every year 50000000 tons of electronic waste. is thrown away the majority is indeed going to be done in developing countries right now electronic ways is the most traded out of this with retracing the tech through the criminal organizations making big profits and asking why the west is turning a blind eye. on the trail on al-jazeera.
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you're watching out is there a reminder for our top stories this hour a teenager is in a critical condition in hospital after being shot by police at close range during violent protests in hong kong. these are live pictures from outside the school where the students studied people have gathered there to hold asylum process. as i said a life pitches protests coincided with celebrations marking 70 years since the communist party took power. u.s. secretary of state mike pompei or has called an order for 5 of his officials to appear before congress the chairman of 3 of the house committees investigating donald trump's dealings with ukraine say any attempt by pompei to obstruct access to information will be illegal. elections are to be held in separatist controlled eastern ukraine paving the way for peace talks with moscow is the latest move on the ukraine's new government led by president selenski after last month's mass
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prisoner exchange with russia victoria gates and the reports. protestors outside the ukrainian president's office in the capital kiev they're angry about an agreement with kremlin backed separatists in eastern ukraine which allows for elections territory they say it amounts to capitulation to russia to get their work in the war has been going on in ukraine say for almost 5 years ukrainian soldiers die should be a blood and volunteers provide the community cares about ukrainian independence and the in one day all of these if it's a broken by a statement of capitulation by. the presidential office the agreement between the ukrainian government kremlin backed separatists russia and european monitors was signed in the bella russian capital minsk separatist negotiators say it's an important 1st step to end the fighting between separatists and ukrainian government
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forces the began after russian forces seized an annex the crimean peninsula from ukraine in 2014. it's a starting point where we begin the process of creating the conditions for political resettlement 1st of all it means a change in the ukrainian constitution and the adoption of a special law about the election. at least 13000 people have been killed in fighting over the last 5 years ukraine's with a day elected president polygamy is a lengthy wants to revive peace negotiations with russia but analysts say this stalemate consolidate demands by separatists the greater autonomy so you really can't. green arrow election. under current conditions and that no one that wants this process with what it considers a weak ukrainian president has grown more and more isolated from international partners in the last part managed at a very decisive moment and solidify the ground then it's cases elections will be
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held only when ukraine regains control of all its borders with russia sale. well this means to journalists and members of the audience that there will be no election under the gun and they can't be any more simple but these protesters fears the lenski has made too many concessions already and a warning that russia will be a tough negotiating partner in any future tools to end fighting in eastern ukraine victoria gates and be. a white woman who shot an unarmed black man in his own home in texas has been found guilty of murder the woman was an off duty police officer the time of the killing and she now faces between 5 and 99 years in prison the verdict has been hailed as a significant milestone in the battle to hold police accountable she had her tons of reports misconduct in your team would you please stay and even for those hoping for accountability the verdict was
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a chandeliers lee find the defendant amber geiger guilty of murder as charged. in the one of the attorneys for the family explain why there were sharp intake of breath when the verdict was announced it's a sad reality that this community waited on pins and needles to decide whether or not someone could be held guilty for killing another man black man in his home while eating ice cream this should have been automatic this should have been anticipated expected but it is extremely rare in september of 2018 and we're going to return to her apartment building off to her shift on the dallas police force she says she was tired or mistakenly into the wrong a pump and be along to pull. of 26 year old accountant both the middle who has been eating vanilla ice cream on his couch watching t.v. gaga said she feared an intruder was in her apartment she drew her weapon and shot both him twice she admitted she intended to kill him she says she soon realized her mistake and was distraught which he. killed me.
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i want to get it. controversially the judge allowed her lawyers to introduce the costal doctrine the idea that a person's home is a person's counsel and therefore someone has a right to use lethal force in its defense a wonderful human being has lost his life. the evidence shows a shift in tragedy all pull back for the prosecution dismissed that argument as for. most of what she said was part prosecutors allege geiger made a conscious decision to use deadly force against both him quote commando style and question why she didn't simply follow police procedure and stay in the car door if he thought an intruder was in her apartment and radio her colleagues on the police force for backup well and he that they allege gaga didn't give both him any medical help after he was hit and the jury appears to have accepted the prosecution's
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argument that the use of the consul doctrine was inappropriate given the draw was the homeowner and guy got the person trespassing. over the last several years there's been many high profile cases of police officers killing on them to black people in the us in most the police of escape punishment by arguing that they feared for their lives the same argument used by geiger that did not work this time it took us losing someone like both of. dallas this entire state and the whole world to finally hear what we've been saying all along there are serious issues within the dallas police department and training issues the sentence for murder in texas is between 5 and 99 years in prison she al-jazeera. iraq's prime minister says an inquiry will be opened up to 2 people. in one. of the. injured as police fired rubber bullets and tear gas on demonstrators the protests were against unemployment and poor basic services rallies took place in
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several cities including the nasiriyah and the capital baghdad. reports now from the iraqi capital. events started beginning around about lunch time here in baghdad when there was a very small protest that took place in tucker square it was very quickly dispersed by iraq's security forces however there was then a call made on social media for more people to come to the square around 6 o'clock people started gathering and the numbers became bigger and bigger what we're hearing is there were thousands of people out on the street there's no official figures actually to say how many people there were but what we did see was very quickly an escalation of violence the police pushed back the protesters as they tried to march on a bridge to go into the former green zone which is where still a lot of the foreign embassies based there were pushed back and then what was happening is they were moved into different parts of central baghdad and they were
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pitched battles between the police and the protesters the police used life they used rubber coated steel bullets they used water tank cannons to come in to try to disperse the crowd and it was only going for a while now it's got a lot of people in the government very worried about it one of the most influential shia clerics tweeted saying the government must look into exactly what went on them how these events unfolded and he he's also very interesting because his party is a crucial part of the government so he's effectively asking the government to investigate itself now we are hearing that there is concern about these protests spreading it wasn't just in baghdad it was in no sorry i mean it was in not just as well in the south so what people are very concerned about to be in the government is that these protests may develop into a nationwide movement now on the social media people have been sharing the videos
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from the scene itself it's clear that the violence was significantly more significant than we've seen in a few years here in baghdad what happens next remains to be seen but they're all calls already well more people to come out on the streets in the coming days. experts say a section of a rapidly melting glass on the italian side of mom blong could break off in the coming days italian authorities have closed the road and banned hikers from the area fearing the collapse of a much bigger chunk the glasses instability has been blamed on climate change and high temperatures over the summer months from pump and certainly among blong natasha butler reports. the more prominent in range is the highest in europe jutting dramatically into the sky on its southern slopes in italy is the plot of past year glazier for as long as anyone here can remember the vast expanse of slow moving ice has been part of the landscape but that could soon change scientists say the glacier is melting at an alarming rate because of climate change and could
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collapse the feeling that is happening is that the movement of the of part of the front of the glacier is much faster than the rest of the glacier and this means that we have a sector of the glacier that could train. collapse or part of it the section at risk is the equivalent in volume of $100.00 lympics swimming pools below it a valley popular with tourists if part of the glazier was to break away would cause a huge avalanche of snow ice and rock that wouldn't danger anyone using this road that is why the local mayor is taking no chances he has closed this road and walkers and hikers are not allowed to access any of the mountain huts in this area the mayor says the shrinking glazier shows how climate change is transforming the region. this is evidence of global warming we have higher temperatures
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in the summer and winter now our mountains are in crisis our glass is a diminishing we must take responsibility and stop this as we're increasingly losing parts of our glasses with some tories staying away livelihoods are also it risk. burkle immutable. and i really hope the outbreaks will soon so it's over because it's hard for me to work i make cheese but there's no want to buy it. how long the plan passed your place you can remain intact is unclear but scientists say its case is far from unique nearly all of the more blah ranges glaciers are shrinking faster because of climate change what once seemed able to withstand the pressures of time is now very visibly fragile natascha butler al-jazeera plant italy. russia might be known for its volcker but it seems fewer and fewer of its people are drinking it a new study by the world health organization has recorded
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a 43 percent drop in alcohol consumption in 2003 to 2016 is being attributed to a big government push to change drinking habits over the same period russia's life expectancy has also increased dramatically. this is al jazeera and these are the top stories a teenager is in a critical condition in hospital after being shot by police at close range during violent protests in hong kong people have gathered at the victim's school to hold a silent protest choose those protests coincided with celebrations in china marking 70 years since the communist party took power. is in hong kong with more no major organs were hit but he's still in critical condition he underwent surgery when he arrived here late on tuesday we know that his lung collapsed and he was hit in the chest earlier police identified it more easily in the shoulder but no it was
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squarely in the chest because there was a collapsed lung as a result and he's still in critical condition so is this a tipping point it has to be you know there's really no other way to look at it because you know the protesters have been on the streets as you mentioned you for nearly 4 months this is a new new territory we're in now police say they did self-defense they actually shot one of the protesters so this brings it to a new level u.s. secretary of state might bump a 0 has called an order for 5 of his officials to if it paid before congress bullying the chairman of 3 of the house committees investigating donald trump's dealings with ukraine say any attempt by pump to obstruct access to information will be illegal they are now in his latest tweet the president denounced the impeachment inquiry as a coup. peace could soon be within reach in eastern ukraine leaders have agreed an election can be held in the region controlled by russia back separatists a deal involving ukraine russia separatist groups and international monitors was
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signed after a meeting in belarus is seen as a major move by ukraine to resolve a conflict that's killed more than 13000 people since 2014. several members of congress in peru have refused to vacate the building even after the president's decision to dissolve the body on monday police of being guarding the area and preventing other politicians from reentering military and police chiefs the supporting most infamous car as president despite the opposition controlled congress voting to suspend him from office. well those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera of the inside story stay with us.
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it's 17 years since the founding of communist china about protests in hong kong overshadowed breakings message of national unity and power along with trade wars and territorial disputes how will china i'm not a season assistant challenges this is insight story. hello and welcome to the program. the founder of modern china once said i think spock ok.


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