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tv   One In Three  Al Jazeera  October 2, 2019 6:34am-7:01am +03

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i end up on the last 7 inches for the cape but i mean i'm one then flabby very thin from the 1000 room with thinking did they see if you can fit to get back on. your diamonds the field c.t.'s the one with the hands that.
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i would let me show you something this is a $1.25 a where i live it's a fire very small cup of coffee millions of people around the world exist on less than this amount a day of the numbers have gone down but there's still a lot of work to be done at a time when the world is looking at how to reduce extreme poverty the spotlight has been towed on the women wherever they have the opportunity to be actively involved in the local communities and economies the huge benefits to the people around them to local come amiss and researches know that investing in women. it's not just the right thing to do it's small it's economics because there's a ripple effect the sprites into the wider community so let's take a look at how this works out of the ground. today we had to brazil where one in 3
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women experiences domestic violence globally violence against women costs around $80.00 trillion u.s. dollars a year and that's when you take into account health costs and lost contributions to the economy in brazil the straw hat project teaches women about their rights and gives them the confidence to get out of abusive situations and into the economy. going to 2nd us and we can just let them vent to them only to sign on with things that from a. song by live with them in. self-pity. the
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mood of the guy are you the only one. you give them in the. food but isn't does. so specific. emotion nathan. but also size of the. week coming out right here at. the moment but we don't. know yet that there are now go you're going to go is not dumb but if you. ask yeah i do yeah and as you know i know every blue. book about up. hope i don't know. what. those all is all going to do is all of it is that i had a much better one mocked up this or that one of the navigator shop arrow was my own made all the law professor also tell me to mark for. me
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other than the fact that if i think if they want seriously we'll see if there's i mean to put up or you have seen us they don't need to switch from b. to b. c. going to z. but i got this one so neatly that those who seen it even got back to that party bus on there was a danish company who knows that no schools are the cost also there while for all that it is like there was all this all of the bonus of a distant novel which will sell saudi all kind of there's much to mean we you know lisa there's that is you know not the most potent it but as we go to the one we have all yes i mean we all must one more punch in thinking how maybe it took that out of you mustn't even the police will say call the police or say but. he didn't leave belisa you know this is a fun game family will certainly remember the from the 2nd time we shot an unarmed man named gary to create this thing quote i could blow menendez usually call this
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in they've been the there is. the boss of the police. in then. you know i don't know who but i founded the trust fund as my chemistry partner. mind. my.
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mole she calmly. said oh well. as if that they didn't visit them by then simply. that i was friends fun but. it was some of the most often thought of the it all the time of the song. a vibe is mallette as hell is that it's so song but i musta been bad. enough by sol also feasible in all the space so let's begin with the soulful thing if i was able to recite would say to the vulgar he did nothing. he would does these things level feasible getting in a shot. he's on the national debt is
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a little bit out of it don't talk about. even somebody that doesn't. call them well above double. though i'll say they i mean that's how he thought it was it doesn't get a little done on the left most of. the money you know like. myself we love listening. but winnipeg grant up during the real question enjoyable complera who simply. may. not come and i can understand the necessity. of reverse the back. to who we spoke that i. could fix on that.
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but it. but it. goes into the very. early. do they had only god only. goes on said a move to kill humans from blame absence of a. wandering. as we lead is a lead on moving too much that's the legacy for much of. the politicos for the good ones that are by like a stone. their lives so bush did a tuesday lesson that by local standards. by low then the lame idea that.
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for for me feel it. i am being no division made his her physical. nobody. they want. to cool. i who is an open border the she. yourself is just something. you. are in this movement. montalvo. we buy them after the fact that sand will get
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enough of this as a movement from a sort of a mess where us doesn't have that will move from being who have them back then i'm a comet i live on the show gossip and i memorize the phases says is that we will have our same time with those doors and know. most about the moons of our time but as much as. i will say this as a matter the statement was and also because of a father i was a sufferer my one man. sent by him isn't there while do visit with you but they know when i call this sebastian was annoyed by my 2nd. battle i'm ok i was now your seen here with this people i missed. one room
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and those mrs quantock who saw only maybe about. the most modern medicine to come with me but i saw many of those about the flat surface without the. physical impact on the last. fellow this about me musing but i was a moment i'm about to shake up battle she was a cook i knew it will then see. where the shelley matter that you have been on the use of ever so i got up there with them as. no you know yes i would agree but really how close are you going to get out of the problem america. is going to have a totally they have all muscles lost but it is going to want to hit the school day
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. on the 6th while the. head that was installed on one us all said that because i know a number that doesn't have that is that much goes on as i was going in there as another measure was not only that they're going to come back well doug said that motion was the most while but they were also months yes i think they did he said well i don't know stuff i'll tell you see there's nonstop and. then. so i don't want it at this but i use are not the most of us are. going on but more for more mental. in the if. they're getting the flu a couple. that's isn't there the so-called v. view of the as my view. but as a vessel to feel the support that i'm in as a civilian my view is that. that is i feel. there was some in the. old for this.
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process there but it's the olympic. values holders and something add up but i mean you had a council saw that that. it was just saw electrical says it was a consistent story. similar to dizzy. that i did to this insanity. but i just met is fuzzy so very fond of all 5 get them. that's what i buy the sand for has about the promise of a bone over the school's trust a number of years and there is. a lesson in conflicts. a mess sellers are. left for and there. are some big. mccomas enough to win this year by this i mean. you.
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talk a little selfish muscle. but i mean. i have been very gentle because i'm known with the days. that money. went. just off the cover of the 7 of us off our offices. in the city of people in default invariably us from how you say the because we thought the move for our land better than the school itself was i don't mean i don't go but what are you one up officeholders are. going. to see. who will be rooting for
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me the seeing what was a. dozen some losing their bidding. most of the way home big of the english is. my she
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still. say is simple in the way. the form of. a. horn on his face was. they also said the wall also said that middle east still morning and thank those.


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