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for tat terrorist because come the new year that is when the e.u. will be authorized to levy its own tariffs as well and the e.u. is very opposed to the idea for now saying that in between allies there should be a negotiated truce lauren what about to go back to the airline industry with us will seem to start howley tariffs affect the airline industry do you think well airbus has issued a statement saying that this would severely impact the aircraft industry that airplanes will be more expensive on both sides of the atlantic and in fact for passengers that price could be passed on in the form of airfare tickets as far as the greater trade picture though is the concern is it's much wider because this would essentially open up yet another front in the global trade war the u.s. and the e.u. has been at a tentative truce in that trade war since may of 2018 that's when the white house agreed to end the for tat tariffs that it had started back when trump announced
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that he wanted to tear of e.u. steel and aluminum imports so if the u.s. plows forward with these tariffs as it has announced it will do then the european union may respond back in just a few months time doing the same lauren how does your customers thank you very much . bridges have been ordered to inspect boeing 737 and planes after a structural cracks were found in a small number of aircraft boeing alerted aviation officials from cracking on planes undergoing modifications in china the us federal aviation administration then found similar cracks or a small number of additional planes is fictional to come as almost 2000 craft registered in the u.s. alone $165.00 of them must be examined within 7 days. live from london still ahead on the news hour boris johnson delivers
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a new bricks and offer to the e.u. including proposals to resolve the irish border problem. and you're an attorney who is fighting to save his political career as his lawyers argue against the looming corruption charges. and in sport we'll hear from the head of world athletics sebastian coe about how they've dealt with the don't have any challenges so far. security forces in iraq have again used tear gas and live ammunition ship to break up anti government demonstrations at least 4 people have been killed and 100 injured during a 2nd day of violent protests as well as the capital baghdad have been large protests in jeff and syria whether reports of police losing control of the situation a curfew has now been imposed in dekalb province and other southern cities and
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internet access has been blocked in several areas of the country iran khan reports in the iraqi capital. gunfire in central baghdad as a rock the security forces confront protesters for a 2nd day. throughout wednesday iraqi security forces placed a ring of around to korea square the focal point of the protests. but they weren't deterred by the show of force they came in large numbers and full running battles and they buy streets and in other neighborhoods their message to government leaders is simple. our demands we won't work we won't work if they do not want to treat us as iraqis then tell us we are not iraqi and we'll find other nationalities and migrate to other countries that we are demanding the change we want the doctrine of the whole government that message of bringing down the government will concern prime minister other loved his office says he will meet the protests. as well as set up a commission to investigate events including the deaths of demonstrators quite who
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the prime minister will meet is unclear analysts suggest this is not a movement that seems to be led by any political party or religious movement but is born of frustration you know there is no one coming behind that's of real to stick about because you saw that you see that from the. still complain their eyes if nothing's going to go in this. religion the government has cut off internet services nationwide a sign of how seriously the leadership sees the power of social media used by the protesters and it's not just the capital baghdad we're hearing that protests have been taking place and at least 5 other cities and that's going to be concerning to the government now what sources close to the iraqi government have told out as they are is that they're very worried about opposition political parties and religious parties joining the protesters because that could swell numbers and make this a major nationwide movement now right now seemingly this protest movement is
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actually leaderless what most analysts are suggesting that it may will become bigger and bigger in the coming days but quite how effective it will be remains to be seen in ronkonkoma which is their baggage. he is a former iraqi ambassador to the u.n. he joins us live from bloomington in the u.s. state of indiana thanks for being with us i just want to get your take on why these protests are fed up in this way and just now. well there's a very deep frustration amongst the youth in iraq youth unemployment according to un statistics is somewhere around 20 percent. and it includes college graduates including yesterday there were reports of of medical graduates demonstrating because they were on able to find jobs so the frustration level is extremely high these problems have been percolating really since 2003 if not even earlier.
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successive iraqi governments have failed to address the issues and unfortunately it falls to the current government which has been in power for only one year to deal with problems that have been festering over 6000 years. but this is a very serious and something that i think the government of iraq has to take very seriously so i mean of that the government has promised an investigation to quote learn the reasons behind the pages but it sounds as though you are suggesting these reason a pretty well established. i think so i mean the. there's a perception which is correct that there is widespread corruption in the iraqi political class. the sort of benefits of having the sanctions which had been imposed on iraq in 1991 and then lifted. over over years in 2003 the benefits of that have not to the parlance of the american
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politics have not trickled down to ordinary iraqis basic services continue to be a real problem electricity were in the 7 were just coming out of the 17th summer that iraqis have faced without reliable electricity which means no reliable air conditioning and water supplies and i think that the use in particular of fed up. i don't think that there is money. nobel laureates in economics to figure it out on the response of the government say father care fusion shutting down the internet what effect is that going to have to. i fear that it's going to inflame rather than rather than solve the problems this is not iraq as a nascent democracy it is made strides democratic strides over the last 1516 years but this is not how a democratic state responds to what started out certainly as peaceable
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demonstrations to its credit the president has said that has reminded the security services that it isn't fact their duty to protect the right of citizens to peaceably assemble. but i think more than words are needed now some at least symbolic gesture look nobody expects the prime minister to solve the problems that have fester for 16 years overnight but he needs to make some symbolic gesture that helps to quell the anger of the demonstrators and hopefully he can do that quickly for mr bradley thank you very much indeed for your thoughts thank you my pleasure thank you to hong kong now a protest is of find petrol bombs at a police station in retaliation for the police shooting of a teenager is now a stable condition the authorities responded by firing rounds of tear gas into crowds outside the new territories south regional police headquarters if we're
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going to day of peaceful protests in the city hundreds rallied in a local shopping mall where they placed origami birds on the floor and sang glory to hong kong and i'm from now associated with the protest movement as agent brown reports the increasing violence as divided opinion in the semi autonomous territory . the violence was intense and lasted until early wednesday morning i think to areas across hong kong leaving some neighborhoods eerily quiet but few cities in the world clean up crews quickly is home comb in a street that had been a battleground until just a few hours earlier they were wiping away graffiti before getting back to work. food vendor supports the protest movement but worries about the escalating violence buying and he said may i blame not only the protesters but also the police for affecting our livelihoods others like this rubbish collector say the protesters are pushing hong kong to the brink. by the ordinary people are being victimized the
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most we will end up losing our jobs the young protesters are having fun with it we are suffering the police say more than 100 people were injured in the latest clashes among them an 18 year old student who was shot in the chest with a live bullet he's in a stable condition outside his school students staged a peaceful protest on wednesday shocked by what happened he simply it's hard to meet him let me fall into place like i don't know why he was nice things i don't like the situation hong kong police say the shooting of a teenager was legal and reasonable because the officer concerned was acting in self-defense i got i don't know if our body at all you see you can see that at the time his life was hanging on a thin line and then there was no other choice to use other types of force or other types of weapons yeah to use the quickest way to remove the threat to his life and
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the lives of his other colleagues to get something away since the protest began almost 4 months ago more than 1500 people have been arrested straining hong kong's legal system almost 100 appeared in court on wednesday the head of hong kong police said the choose date was the most chaotic and violent day in recent hong kong history his words raise a serious question mark as to whether local elections due to be held in just a few weeks' time will in fact go ahead after all mainland visitors are still coming here mused by the posters insulting their leaders and political system impressions they'll take home with them adrian. al-jazeera home. in is fortini formerly known as the land a rally by teachers and government workers demanding better pay and no living costs has turned violent the crowds threw stones at police used water cannon rubber bullets and tear gas to disperse the protesters in the city. if i was
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a series of strikes last month by civil servants who tears king in the swati surge of squandering public money just as also demanding democratic reforms in what is africa's last absolute monarchy. thousands of french police are rallied in paris to protest against poor working conditions and hostility towards offices is the 1st time the police have gone on strike since 2001 they say there's no morale over anti police sentiments linked to the yellow vest protests which is led to an increase in suicides among offices as also anger over proposed government reforms present a 1000000 michael was preparing to overhaul the pension scheme which police say they will lose out from. the british prime minister boris johnson has delivered what he says is the u.k.'s final offer to the european union this just 4 weeks before the u.k. is due to leave the e.u. his plan includes proposals on how to replace the irish backstop its solution is
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the creation of an all ireland regulatory zone this would mean northern ireland would have to follow e.u. rules for all manufactured goods including agra foods but northern ireland will leave the e.u. customs union with the rest of the u.k. at the end of the brics a transition period is proposed that physical customs checks on goods traded between the u.k. and e.u. could be done electronically and away from the border. the northern ireland assembly would have to agree to all the proposals and would be given a vote on them every 4 years after that reports on how it's been received. it's going down well with the party faithful but in the end the message from the british prime minister to brussels wasn't take it or leave it but rather can we talk about it today in brussels we are taping what i believe are constructive and reasonable proposals which provide a compromise for both sides we will under no circumstances have checks at
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or near the border in northern out as boris johnson addressed the conservative party conference his envoy was on his way to belgium with the actual breaks it down to the city getting the full force of the proposals with the 1st the new text is supposed to replace the so-called backstop the insurance policy to prevent a post breaks it hard border between northern ireland and the republic of ireland crucially northern ireland would not be in the e.u.'s customs union boris johnson accepts goods going between an island in northern ireland would be subject to customs checks but insists physical checks could happen well away from the border. in brussels the reaction has been less than enthusiastic there is progress. but to be frank a lot of work still needs to be done to reach into feeling this republic people to backstop no border or are not economies and project industry go to
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markets. first assessment of nearly every member of the axis steering group was not positively do you think it's a serious effort or is is just trying to put the blame on you. i think that last point was not so bad that in britain there have been suggestions johnson's plan was drafted specifically to be unacceptable to island and hence the e.u. paving goodbye. for a no deal or crash out right sits at the end of this mother if it is not an outcome we seek a tall but let me tell you my friends it is not come for which we are reading. some spoken on the phone with germany's chancellor angela merkel his irish counterpart leo veronica and the president of the european commission. he's due to hold more talks this week. he's also seeking to suspend the current session of parliament next tuesday before a queen's speech a week later his new legislative agenda when the steel fails because trust to some
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free will choices. passed last month after to see to break that extinction if he doesn't have a deal by the 19th of october just after the next 2 years summits. so expect to push back and possibly illegal action as not deadline approaches. al-jazeera. has been to most ahead this news hour including friends and colleagues of the journalist. the 1st anniversary of his mad in the saudi consulate in his time goals . i'm wayne hay with a rare look inside the demilitarized zone that separates north and south korea will tell you how the latest technology is helping those who live in this isolated village. and sport the old lax run rat against canada and the rugby world cup.
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had some very unsettled weather across areas of europe loss of consciousness they had on the light streaming in from the west and this is out again see the particularly heavy rain however we have also seen some flooding rains a further to the west of the u.k. in particular the i live man look at this this is a lack seen a river burst its banks and just look at this torrent of water coming down this residential streets so strong the power of this water is actually forcing at this truck all the way backwards and you can just see how deep and how dirty of course this floodwater is not that it's all rain in the forecast as well more rain across the sections of the u.k. the next system coming through some very strong winds in there as well and through thursday a very cloudy picture really from the u.k. right there down through central france right there down into southern as. meanwhile that rain very heavy across the central regions and the southeast pushing on tools the balkans on the units of the north since knowing the full well that snow is coming across into the mountains over norway and as that system works its
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way eastwards much cooler as 18 degrees in bucharest on friday but 30 celsius was the high on thursday 'd so feeling much much cooler and exhibit those clear skies in between these 2 systems and then on friday again another very wet and windy day across the u.k. and again into the low countries. has gotten stale to cut emissions scientists are proposing drastic measures to save the planet. people and power ways technological endeavors to counter humanity's pollutants against the risks of further meddling with the environment 2 women feel like this is playing god it's actually quite unsettling and quite frankly makes me quite sure. klein attack on al-jazeera. when the news breaks it looks like if your job in order to get someone you can get
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this country out of the crisis when people need to be. good little cost this pool area without much pressure al-jazeera has teams on the ground for the last few months these cover because of. this whole call because back to when the legal team in trees. and on line. are going are among the top stories how much is there a us president donald trump has been accused of intimidating witnesses and inciting violence as he comes under increasing pressure from the democrats impeachment
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inquiry into his july phone call with ukraine's president. the u.s. says it will impose tariffs on 7 and a half $1000000000.00 worth of exports from the e.u. after getting the go ahead from the w c o 4 as a ruling that the european aircraft manufacturer air bus received illegal stage age . and at least 4 people have been killed and more than 100 have been injured after a 2nd day of violent protests across iraq a curfew has been closed in several cities after large anti government demonstrations over unemployment and corruption. mourners in las vegas of on of the 58 people killed in the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history a candlelit vigil has been held to mark 2 years since gunman stephen paddick project rounds from the mandalay bay hotel into a crowd as a country music festival he killed himself before police stormed his room city officials read aloud the names of each of the victims at the memorial service. a
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moment of silence has been held in istanbul on the 1st anniversary the murder of saudi journalist. family friends and members of the united nations investigation team were at the ceremony in turkey ashaji went into the saudi consulate to collect documents to get married and was never seen again tomorrow shares more from istanbul. because they called it a moment of unsealing. a service to mark one year since dramatic she was murdered inside the saudi arabian consulate in istanbul and silence because his friends loved ones human rights activists and journalists alike insist that even though jamal was killed his voice lives on his fiancee teacher think is the last person to see him before he entered the consulate on october 2nd addressed the audience with mixed emotions after their words here in my life i stand here
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broken but brought. for good to see you all here and all i still seek justice i want to know what's. so he's got the i once he's friends to be released from jail i want those. held accountable for their actions among the other speakers jeff bezos amazon founder and owner of the washington post the newspaper official she wrote for and you need to know. that you are in our hearts. we are here. and you are not alone many believe killing was carried out on the order of crown prince mohammed bin said something the saudi royal has always denied but in recent days he has said as a leader he does bear ultimate responsibility those addressing the memorial say
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it's not enough insisting that justice must be served not just in the case of casualties killing but also other crimes committed by the saudi government money in the world in yemen and love. to be simmering issue of the little business. of the you know behind most at risk. justice trying. to now to our special she for more than 20 years just months before the murder the 2 of them founded an organization aimed at encouraging democracy in the arab world those who will murder general social have i failed miserably killed his body but the amplified his message and that's why today the issues he advocated for throughout his life and the past 3 or 4 years are known to the world and there are actions on for example the war in yemen there is more
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awareness about the political prisoners in saudi arabia and in. social and political reform there are awareness about what's going on in the arab world once the speech is ended is that the crowd to the unveiling of a memorial stone in a small park just meters from the consulate door a reminder of jamal special please life in the absence of a gravestone saudi official still refused to disclose what's happened with his body the remains of jamal may never be found that is if they still exist yet his legacy lives on through his death he's inspired people from around the world and this memorial stone which like jamal is modest in its appearance yet formidable will serve as a place for them to come and pay their respects. israel's prime minister has begun his final attempt to fight off a corruption indictment against him as pretrial hearings get under way benjamin
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netanyahu is facing bribery fraud and breach of trust charges and indictment will make it harder to negotiate a power sharing deal after last month's inconclusive election very fortunate reports from west jerusalem. one main theme emerges from the charges facing benjamin netanyahu both in their content and in his response the israeli prime minister's concern for what his critics call his obsession with his media coverage vision of solution after a 3 year flood of systematic and partial leaks that is about time that the public hears everything also my side in a complete whole manner without mediators without think the ship and distortion that was his reasoning he said for requesting that his pretty indictment hearings in front of israel's attorney general should be televised have a high mandelbrot rejected that his office suggesting netanyahu is lawyers concentrate on their case not public opinion he is recommending charges against netanyahu in 3 separate cases each with its own code number in case 1000 not in you
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know who and his wife sarah or ledge who received in some cases requested gifts from billionaire associates totaling more than 200000 dollars case 2000 refers to what the attorney general calls an offer of a bribe by the israeli media magnate on moses that he knew i was accused of discussing a plan to disrupt a competitor to moses daily newspaper if moses reporters covered netanyahu more favorably charges under consideration in both cases fraud and breach of trust but it's in case $4000.00 where the greatest paralyzed for netanyahu he faces possible charges of bribery a much more serious crime then you know who is alleged to have used his then power as communications minister as well as prime minister to change regulations favoring the owner of israel's main telecom company the alleged payoff not just positive coverage on the new site but what the a.g. calls an extraordinary intense relationship with the prime minister and his wife
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dictating details of content and presentation and the prosecution has a valuable asset in the shape of shlomo fielder a longtime close confidant of the netanyahu family who turned state's witness last year it's going to be very very difficult to attack that we're. some of the over who was so close to it and you know pointing the finger at him again that is what this thing worse case 4000 from the other cases the other cases there isn't necessarily a insider netanyahu person who's pointing the finger. one option for self-preservation has eluded netanyahu last month stalemate election preventing any new legislation that could have granted him immunity his main rival benny gantz maintains that he won't share the premiership in a unity government with someone facing indictment with those talks failing netanyahu is likely to return the mandate he received from the president just last week to try to form a government he knows time is against him if he's indicted but tries to stay in office he'd be likely to face a supreme court judgement on whether that would even be legal as well as increasing
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political pressure to step aside ari forces al-jazeera west twosome peru's political power struggle has taken another unexpected twist with vice president mehsud as arose renouncing her claim of the presidency after just 24 hours the opposition controlled congress nominated her as interim president on monday they had voted to suspend president martin this current officially dissolved congress earlier in the day his car is in dispute with the opposition over his anticorruption measures but still has the backing of the military and much of the public the death toll from the most destructive long soon season to hit india in 25 years has risen to more than 1600 people northern into pradesh and bihar states are the worst hit with continuous flooding submerging homes and farmland since june the monsoon typically ends in september but this year the heavy rains are continuing into october large areas of bihar's capital without electricity and there's
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a shortage of clean drinking water with or she's been criticized for not doing enough to help those stranded. north korea says it successfully tested a new type of submarine launched ballistic missile on wednesday morning one projectile was fired into the sea towards japan the 1st such test in 3 years came hours after the north said it would resume denuclearization talks with the u.s. on saturday and the u.s. is urging restraint from pyongyang so communications companies around the world race traduced 5 g. technology a tiny south korean villages among the 1st to receive it was more of a remarkable is that the village is in the demilitarized zone separating north and south korea as when he reports on either side of the border a 2 villages that were built as symbols of peace but stand as reminders of country still technically at war here in the middle of the demilitarized zone
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a line of trees is all that separates north and south korea days on dong is the only civilian south korean settlement inside the buffer zone which was created when the korean war ended with an armistice in 1953. we live so close by and we see the soldiers all the time we can feel any change of atmosphere directly as we live with the soldiers and the north koreans right across from us access to this isolated village of less than 200 people is strictly controlled by soldiers under the united nations command it's a unique place in many ways and now has something most of the world doesn't are 5 g. cellular network it's being touted as a smart village with firestarter giving the 30 schoolchildren the latest technology and helping to reduce that feeling of isolation and better security for farmers who need military escorts when going to fields close to the border but can now stay in town more often and use their phones to chick and water crops. the introduction of
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this technology is clearly beneficial for the people who live in this village and obviously it's a good marketing ploy by the company that introduced it but undoubtedly there is also a message in it for north korea which lies just beyond these fields it's a message that says look at the technology right on your doorstep and consider the economic opportunities that could come with denuclearize ation. they don't know and when there is a peace movement around the world i hope for an opportunity in the future to show our technology to north korea but that move towards peace stalled after the last meeting in june between u.s. president donald trump and north korean leader kim jong il and since that meeting which was held just a few 100 meters from days in the demilitarized zone there have been no further talks worrying many observers yes i am a little bit concerned but it's up to the north koreans they need to firmly commit to denuclearization and i'm hoping the north korea will do so in the near future
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the south koreans say they have scrambling technology in place so those across the border can access the new 5 g. network but as the high stakes diplomacy starters high tech innovation is being taken as close to north korea as possible wayne hay al jazeera in the demilitarized zone south korea cyprus and turkey have argued for years over the ownership of fossil fuels in the eastern mediterranean and an energy summit in athens has highlighted ongoing tensions between the 2 countries cyprus says it will continue drilling for gas in waters where it has exclusive economic rights but turkey says some of the gas fields of theirs and warned cyprus against any further exploration press has more from athens. the eastern mediterranean energy leadership summit in athens on tuesday was dominated by cyprus 2 years from now the mediterranean island is aiming to join neighbors israel and egypt in being energy independent and an
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export or of natural gas that's not going down well in turkey it wants an agreement with the island's turkish cypriot community on how the energy wealth will be shared turkish ships are exploring for oil and gas within the area cyprus has demarcated as its exclusive economic zone some experts predict the political insecurity will hamper development using he got bored diplomacy in the raising the 3rd of his colleagues one and wore. it make it impossible for anyone after another. like competence to make long term investment turkish troops invaded cyprus in 1974 in response to a great coup attempt on the island turkey controls more than a 3rd.


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