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now in place until january legislative elections analysts say many peruvians hope that the new congress will help brainier corrupt politicians escape i think the new congress should pass constitutional reforms that will take away munity rights from lawmakers and will not cover up corrupt legislators among other issues nothing to scuttle remained inside the presidential palace on wednesday security continued to be reinforced to do we slowly coming out of its worst political crisis in decades during his year and a half in office. and to graft reforms blocked by the congressional opposition majority now he has a chance to move forward the president he's got i said to appoint a new cabinet on thursday but without congress sitting until january he will have to govern by presidential decrease analysts say without a political party but i think he's got to have serious challenges ahead especially
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over how to deal with brazilian construction giant on the bridge paid millions in bribes and so well that to the truth from the bargain is that will allow peruvians to know who for decades have systematically stolen from the state through bribes that is very valuable information that will affect former presidents ministers public servants law makers and all the state for many peruvians this crisis has brought about a new start. mustering. i feel relaxed we need new proposals that favor the people and not to have congressmen who fight all the time his car is decision was good. many peruvian say they feel confident that the fight against corruption will now be at the top of the government's agenda in the months ahead but he and a scientist i just. still ahead on our desire to find out why there's growing concern about a possible transatlantic trade war between the u.s.
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and europe. we'll have the latest from hong kong where a student shops and engine piper elise could face charges. we got some of these storms violent storms just around the mediterranean at the moment that is that southeastern corner if you see this area cloud maybe across italy through the adriatic that will run on into grace and then coming in behind but it's really making way for the next weather system which are just running its way across the british isles and this is x. hurrican 30 with some windy day to come as we go through with so many crossed ali that it will eventually push in across the rest of the british isles speak a little quiet weather because if it was that east side if you moscow 19 celsius
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quite a keen southerly wind ahead of that weather system you see this long a lot of cloud of right into that western side of russia right down across rumania and back down across the balkans and a little slot a little further east which is because through friday those storms pushing into greece there will be some heavy downpours possibility some localized flooding quater weather in between and hopefully by friday things a little quieter up across the british isles but you see that cloud of rain make its way into denmark and on into germany further south $27.00 in madrid 5 and disturbed weather that we do have just around central parts of the med will also bring a few showers into northern there was a bounty area possibly to tunisia risk well and the game is making its way east. whether sponsored by countdown and. 2 planes came from studio 15 man check in now to tell us. your mom after the fire it is possible to fully clean the premises all forensic evidence but what you then leave is evidence that you
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have fully cleaned. wanted to give them some of the stuff to speak. before even the saudi government just a german. murderer in a saudi consulate on al-jazeera. and again you're watching i just did a reminder of our top stories this protesters have defied a curfew restricting the movement of people and vehicles in the iraqi capital baghdad sporadic gunfire was heard on thursday morning at least 13 people were killed in 2 days of protests across the country. u.s. presidential hopeful joe biden says president trump is desperate and defensive
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that's up to trump called him stone cold crooked democrats are accusing trump of intimidating witnesses after they launched an impeachment inquiry against the president. north korea has confirmed it successfully tested a new type of ballistic missile that can be launched from a submarine came hours after north korea said it would resume denuclearization talks with the u.s. on saturday. protests sharpton injured by police in hong kong on tuesday is due to be charged for his involvement in violent demonstrations students held a rally outside the chinese university of hong kong to protest the shooting police say the 18 year old will face charges for assaulting 2 offices thursday's demonstration follows a night of violence in which a police state. petrol bombs. as protesters in hong kong fight against what they see as growing control from beijing
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a new set of front lines is being drawn in their homes it's got hardly with a look at families divided by several months of protests like many of the young protesters in hong kong redmond's involvement has caused tension at home after a particularly violent protest in august his emotions boiled over when his parents said the protesters were paid. they were shouting at me saying that i had been brainwashed i told them it was they who are brainwashed starting when they were young were the communist party that not a pedo my things and went to my friend's house to stay redmond's difficult situation is not new nor unique i would lam began protesting 5 years ago during the umbrella movement he served jail time for his actions back then now 25 he's the chairman of a pro-democracy political party but still has a tense relationship with his father who used to work for the police department i
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thing it's a fairy personal issue for different people they have. different ways to face it so for me i'm trying to afford it. and the and the conversation that will. trigger the conflicts and some off. i think braver than me they may have directly face parents of people who support the hong kong government in police are referred to as blue and those who support the protest movement are identified as yellow now while as most of this internal family tension are between blue and yellow members there's also yellow on yellow tension. atr coat is part of a volunteer group that counsels protesters she spoke with a mother and a son who both support the protestors the mother believes in the movement but does not want her son facing danger on the streets the son says he's doing it for the
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next generation x. ray the dollars he really doesn't want his young cousin. living in hong kong like him very about what color need to be rare and to a law as well as in the future for 20 year old redwings future he hopes that he can find common ground with his parents he just returned home after being gone for a month haunted. maybe one day i can find a different approach to try and change their point of view but in the meantime he'll continue to go out to the streets and protest he's just not going to talk about it at home he's got hardly al-jazeera hong kong. the u.s. says it will slap 7 and a half $1000000000.00 worth of tariffs on imports from the e.u. on oct 18th it's a retaliation for substance subsidies given to european airplane manufacturer air bus while trade organization says those subsidies are illegal taxes will range from
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10 to 25 percent on items including cheese whiskey and aircraft scott is with the economic policy institute he says the impact of the taps will be negligible and they won't have the effect the u.s. desires. they've been imposing tariffs on goods some from around the world for more than 2 years now we've got tariffs on over $200000000000.00 in goods from china approaching $300000000000.00 bet tariffs on approximately. $100000000000.00 in steel and aluminum imports and yet the u.s. trade deficit keeps growing it went up 10 percent last year much faster than overall g.d.p. so tariffs are not effective strategy for bringing down our trade deficit with the regrets of the world the impact is going to be quite tiny you're talking about to set $7000000000.00 in tariffs that meant authorized perhaps 10 percent on new
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e.u. aircraft sold to the u.s. 25 percent on some of these products as you mentioned cheese and wine and cashmere sweaters. we don't even know if the final prices to consumers will go up by that search by the anything close to this a mouse certainly is not going to have anything like that impact on for example airline tickets which reflect from marilee the cost of fuel and landing rights and so forth the cost of new airplanes is a small small part of the aircraft again. now the trade war between the u.s. and china is causing steel prices in bangladesh to soar that's having a knock on effect on the rest of the economy with house prices skyrocketing and construction taking a hit it's only a cherry has more now from the town of tongue in bangladesh. small home builders are the hardest hit the shop owner lives with his extended family next door to where his future home should be taking shape been done. building a roof needs
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a lot of rods if the prices were like before it would be done by now but with steel prices shooting up work on building our home a lifelong dream has stalled now we wait for the prices to go down. bangladesh relies on importing scrap metal from the us to make steel wrought which are the backbone of the new buildings but they have become more expensive to build because they import costs have risen. president trans trade war with china is impacting bangladesh just silly industry which imports a significant amount of scrap iron from the united states protectionist measures taken by the us administration is reducing supply and increasing prices and so the cost of constructions have gone up in bangladesh. the capital dhaka is the heart of the still drug market still traders say business is bad and on accomplished i'm
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a little bit. yes there's an impact with cells almost coming to a halt people who are planning to build a home a very cautious now as i have to borrow money while the market is volatile. some still traders are stockpiling stocks betting prices will rise when or if the trade war eventually ends yes the prices changed. our writing more on speculation and when it went up sharply president trams tariffs are costing poorer countries as well as rome and. china there's been a construction boom in bangladesh over the past 20 years or so but the higher price of construction materials such as steel are threatening to start a recent economic growth tender child really i'll just turn the bangladesh britain's prime minister barak's johnson is expected to appear in parliament later on thursday that's after he unveiled what he is calling his final break that offer
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to the european union the u.k. supposed to leave the e.u. on october 31st and then bubba has. it's gone down well with the party faithful but in the end the message from the british prime minister to brussels wasn't take it or leave it but rather can we talk about it today in brussels we are taping what i believe are constructive and reasonable proposals which provide a compromise for both sides we will under no circumstances have checks at or near the border in northern ireland as chorus johnson addressed the conservative party conference his envoy was on his way to belgium with the actual brics it documents given the full width of the proposals with the 1st the new text is supposed to replace the so-called backstop the insurance policy to prevent a post breaks it hard border between northern ireland and the republic of ireland crucially northern ireland would not be in the e.u.'s customs union boris johnson
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except goods going between an island in northern ireland would be subject to customs checks but insists physical checks could happen well away from the border. in brussels the reaction has been less than enthusiastic dairies progress. but to be frank a lot of work still needs to be done to reach into feeling this 3 fold pick people to backstop no border or arnold economy and project industry go to market. first assessment of nearly every member in texas teaching group was not positive what do you think is a serious effort or is is just trying to put the blame on you. i think that last point was not so bad that in britain there have been suggestions johnson's plan was drafted specifically to be unacceptable to ireland and hence the e.u. paving the way for a no deal or crush outbreak sits at the end of this month it is not an outcome we
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seek a tall but let me tell you my friends it is not come for which we are already told some spoken on the phone with germany's chancellor angela merkel his irish counterpart leo veronica and the president of the european commission john claude young he's due to hold more talks this week. he's also seeking to suspend the current session of parliament next tuesday before a queen's speech a week later launching his new legislative agenda when a list deal feels his opponents don't trust him some fear he'll try to bypass a law passed last month obliging him to seek a break that extension if he doesn't have a deal by the 19th of october that's just after the next e.u. summit so expect to push back and possibly more legal action as that deadline approaches the al-jazeera. demonstrators in mexico city took to the streets to mark the 51st anniversary of the massacre of hundreds of student protesters the march
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was mostly peaceful but some protesters damaged property the 968 killings took place as the government tried to stamp out weeks of demonstrations just ahead of the olympic games mexico was to host a team of divers has been descending into the unknown off the coast of south america they're part of a unique expedition charting the recently discovered amazon reef nick clark went along for the ride. here on the northeastern edge of south america lies an outpost of france where in the cooler tropical evenings they relax as they might do in paris or not but this is cayenne in french guyana and the launch point of a unique expedition to explore and dive a whole new world we jump on the expedition rib and head out to see the ship with the joint is lying 20 kilometers off shore the esperanza is one of greenpeace's campaign vessels and right now a dive ship and
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a flotilla poetry combined. so the amazon river and the amazon mouth is here the amazon reef presence was 1st revealed. years ago off the coast of brazil here with the 1st greenpeace expedition in the area and a 2nd when this expedition in the area last year identified the reef presence also into fresh rianna watchers we head off to find it no one has died the seas before this expedition almost immediately were accompanied at the bow by a school of dolphins just joining for the ride these waters brimming full of life. a sign a device they call the fish is launched and scans the sea bed it images anxiously observed on deck we scanning the bottom of the ocean between 81 and one in 20 meter to find you there is a rock star reef this expedition is not alone with an interest in what lies below now 500 kilometers in that direction lies the mount of the amazon and the brazilian
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waters where it's estimated up to 14000000000 barrels of oil lies and companies like b.p. and the brazilian government for that matter they want to get at it and the fear is that should there be an oil spill the great outpouring of the amazon river which is the world's largest. spill in this direction destroying a pristine ecosystem is give much more argument to the global call for marine conservation and creating my. in protected areas this is one of the kind of player we need to protect in the world because it. probably causes them so that's a way to cool us to probe our leaders for marine protection and. meanwhile the sane all team have found a section of reef suitable for diving. you can see some heel we got up to 67 metres high reef on the bottom so clearly some interesting some interesting areas you have indicted to. say time to prepare the dive for an early morning mission to
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the deep. with a new day will bring. al-jazeera off the coast a french guy on the. right that's going to round up now of our top stories iraqi protesters have defied a curfew staking people and vehicles in baghdad sporadic gunfire was heard on thursday morning of least 13 people killed in 2 days of protests across iraq while for magazine is a man khan who is in the iraqi capital. there are no cars out on the street all of the security forces are not out to kilometers away from zachary square which was the focal point of the protest i am hearing and i have heard from the morning sporadic gunfire so clearly there are still people from local neighborhoods on the
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streets you know the iraqi government hasn't actually americans when this curfew will come to an end clearly they're very worried about these protests getting bigger and bigger and they are u.s. presidential hopeful joe biden says donald trump is desperate and defensive that's after the u.s. president called him stone cold crooked democrats are accusing trump of intimidating witnesses off the politicians launched an impeachment inquiry. north korea has confirmed it successfully tested a new type of ballistic missile that can be launched from a submarine it was fired into the sea towards japan and came hours after north korea said it would resume denuclearization talks with the u.s. a protest a shot and injured by police in hong kong on choose day will be charged for his involvement in violent demonstrations students held a rally outside the chinese university in hong kong to protest the shooting police say the 18 year old will face charges for assaulting 2 offices as days
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demonstration follows a night of violence. those are the headlines europe today we're back in half an hour right now it's the stream. recently relocated for a 2nd 5 year term. we asked the president of malawi about alleged election fraud and corruption there's been allegations made against you even how corrupt is the president of malawi peter. talks to al-jazeera. massive protests in indonesia over a move to curb freedoms as a new parliament was sworn in just weeks before starting his final term popular present djoko weirdo faces an angry electorate i thought me ok you're on the street you can join us live on twitter or in.
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tens of thousands of demonstrators have taken to the streets across indonesia over the past few weeks they are protesting a new draft criminal law that would curtail civil liberties if passed it would be illegal to have premarital sex before black magic and insult the president among many other things that legislation has been postponed for now but thousands continue to rally demanding that officials repeal a new law that cripples indonesia's anticorruption body protesters are also concerned about human rights abuses in west palm and raging forest fires around the country police are responding aggressively to the mostly student led rallies firing tear gas and water cannons hundreds have been arrested and injured at least 2 people have died since protests began in september with no end to the unrest in sight all eyes are now on window to see how he tackles this crisis joining us to
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discuss this is an india address the vianney from jakarta she had lived there she is a friend hello good morning the co director col about our hearts which seeks to end harassing. and in public spaces and we also have a nori. also joining us from jakarta he is a research in for the center for strategic and international studies we also invited several government officials to join us on our program but they were not available but it is really good to have you at india and noory i'm going to start with a map which sort of breaks down why people many people are so unhappy in indonesia right now however look at the map you will see the big blue icons here these are some where some of the main protests have been happening on the island of sumatra in the west see protests happening there people also unhappy about forest fires again some much and of the big islands kalimantan and then
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across the west papuan people also upset about the continued action there and some human rights abuses so much going on right now in indonesia and india how do you explain this this moment where people protested what about one thing but multiple things. i think it's very interesting on how the staff allowed i think this is like a lot of accolades from whatever there's a lot of stuff that has been going on for so many years that nobody like me have been protesting we have been doing a lot of advocacy of sports and you know like when people say like you know peace advocacy efforts we've been doing that for example when we're talking about human rights activist like a phylicia of human rights since 965-9098 we have this protest that is called the sun are we do it every turn a stake on mr estate so we do it every day but been doing that for 600 times more than 600 times and nobody late and the government never respond to that kind of
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issue and we also do a lot of advocacy in terms of a lot of bills like my organization is focusing on the antisexual phylum slot and also the penal code law and we have been like i myself i've been involved with. advocating it sort of the past 3 years and we've been doing a lot of stuff it seems like the government just never less than a like it is not do the things these bills right now which are trying to be pushed through but there have been some resistance particularly from protesters like and what is it about the bills that people are unhappy about is there a change now in the politics into louisiana right just as you contact. the plant is this happening actually because you know they were growing this fashions and the. president and the parliament so it's not only the parliament who really didn't care what you needed. from the president as well so that you.
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were highly regarded but there were really no cool bill or not. the new bill on the anti-corruption commission or what we call a new. coffee and president and these 2 meals there were no such thing as you know public consultancies there was no public discussion. whatsoever and that's why you know people get angry because of that and there were provisions for instance in the criminal sorry indeed in the end type rajan a commission below that will limit sort of the in the band of the seat of the body in investigating corruption cases and also it will you know limit the spatial write off wiretap be odd about even basically getting more action cases and i'll say it will make it far cordie for the commission in recruiting its private investigators so you know get real good and only on the police or authority it is
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a source of our investigators an artifact that knowing they are just out something that i want to bring in some of accuracy as well because they don't want to weigh in on what is happening so we have a commercial rituals an independent body so this is being threatened by new bills on legislation being pushed for an adult who has a protest of right to have some flaws on happening with the. collapse and have a listen to. corruption is serious problem here. but look at our country now. i want government is making you loaded quibbled you for the combating the corruption . that is the company the reasons why we are here what interests you didn't the protester is coming down to the street oh he's imposing dude we are going to correction if the government is actually does something like these distortions where people have to let go of tours to the public institutions. corruptions are
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indications commission is like a hope for us they're trying to bring the only hope left and of course you will let it happen. no i think we have we understand why you were to do something as legislators that might calm your own and to corruption can mess and why would you do that yeah you know because you know why people really support a the anti-corruption body because it's simply the most trusted probably you know institutions in indonesia it's a high you're you know even one hired and. then the president and also of the military so. the power man has to be under an accident a proof you know to be our own account that i read any public consultations whatsoever people get that confused because corruption remains rampant in the region and the fact that when we democratized 20 years ago was you know simply because we believe that corruptions has been deeply entrenched in our
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own people systems and that's why we. knew independent and strong anti-corruption body and that's why you know we remain. i mean we we still need to do to be misleading or to be eradicating corruption in our country sort of that our men and president of the bill that you know well we can debilitate be up against just acceptable for many of us i think that's what i think people are protesting. at this is something as this is a question that we have been asking al jazeera for a little while have a look here my let's help ask them why are there protesting intervals over been covering the story for the last couple of days and then even further than that on saying that question you had to say as well let's be clear the main cause of this process is the dissatisfaction of people especially university students towards recent happenings in indonesia such as i'm writing populist force fighter montana
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and samantha summit there and then also but the straw that broke the camel's back was the approval of 2 controversial. doors noises helped us understand that a little bit more and then from gladys thank you god is for this the protests are covering wide range national problems and it is then summarized to 7 points of protests as people call it the 7 best i can. yes thank you all right boil it down for us 7 points that you want your. government to pay attention to what you listen to. everything is important all of all 7 star us important as any under you know like the points that is in those 7 demons so add in what must be said you know like when we were talking about like the topic be anti-corruption commission bills the new one and then also the penal code what makes people for street it especially myself i am frustrated because it seems like
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the government passed bills and like passed bills that is you know beneficial for them but it's actually not something that the society needs for example the penal code of course we need a new penal code but the efficient itself somehow. a little. bit about the new penal code of course we need a new pinnacle if you know internees or than you would know that it was a dutch colony and so a lot of the reason why this this is a major discussion of your legislation right now is because you want to replace the old clothes in the north and bring in contemporary laws for the relevant into these in society so that is why the it says well we've got to replace the laws that we only have yeah. yeah but somehow the efficiency. there's a lot of articles that for me as of women's activists and like dealing with a lot of issues on sexual harassment somehow there's a lot of articles at some point will criminalize
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a victim of rape and some and then you know in a very contrary ways we are trying to advocate to pass the anti sexual violence bill and it has been sitting on the legislative for the past 3 years so it is something that we urgently need but the government seems to reluctant to pass this bill but like other bills that somehow not been officially for the society and beneficial for the government pass the bill so we cannot see wait we cannot comprehend like what is. actually the urgency of passing all of this you know light non-beneficial. i guess it does seem a little strange that some of the articles of this new legislation that's been put on hold and now is to do with people's personal lives whether they are allowed to be intimate before they get married al they allowed to live together perhaps should they be maybe not the way as
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a whole list of these articles that all shaping society and maybe making society a little bit more conservative jeremy men shake said this comment and he framed it in this way he thinks is the slice presidents influence have a listen have a look one of the most prominent backers legislation is. various presidents modify i mean supporters of human rights minority religions and international were really worried when modifier mean became vice president because of his connection with conservative islamic organizations as well as his ability to co-opt islamic civil society those worries have turned out to be valid with motto i mean in the vice presidential palace we have good reason to worry about the future of democracy in indonesia and india are you way in fest
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no you go 2nd. i totally agree with that because before the protests i think i mean. on behalf of his organization.


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